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    1. Exploring Haunted Secret Passage House, Cross of HP/DW/BtVS

      by , 06-13-2017 at 07:22 PM
      03-25-2017 -- An ever-morphing cross between HP, BtVS, and DW. A group of us (an odd mixture of regular people, Harry Potter and Buffy characters) are exploring a large old house that I've explored before in many dreams. Sometimes things remain normal, sometimes they get a little strange, but this one got odder than usual. I'm sort of a Xander-like character, just the normal guy that stuff kind of happens to/around.

      The house seems to be morphing into a kind of a cross between Grimmauld Place, the house from the Classic Who episode Ghostlight, and the hotel from the Shining. There is a very evil, corrupting feel to the place, and an odd variety of ... creatures ... are popping out at us, trying to scare us and frighten us, yet over time you almost get the kind of feeling that they are past victims, themselves, now trapped in the place.

      At one point, we're exploring one room, and Tonks steps on an area where the floor is weak, and it collapses under her, dropping her into a room in a lower level of the house. The problem is, it is not only a lower level, but also is somehow located in another time, so while we can see her, and are trying to rescue her, we're having a really hard time reaching her. Thankfully the Doctor (the 10th Doctor) arrives, and manages to bridge the gap, so to speak, and rescues her from the evil cat-girl who was after her. So now we're wandering the halls of the horrible place together.

      The corrupting influence is still there, but now it is kind of muted, and not as strong, and we realize the TARDIS's telepathic circuits are kind of holding the evil influence at bay. Because of this, the Doctor has got it on a sort of old-fashioned looking pallet jack, and is wheeling it around with us. One of our members is being referred to as 'Dog-Boy,' and I can't help but wonder if it might be Xander, with a hint of the Hyena possession coming out, due to the evil spirit of the place.

      Soon we find ourselves in a large room, perhaps a kitchen or a living room, I'm not sure which. One of the beings we're fighting against seems to be a slightly sweet, slightly sassy girl with a sort of a Victorian appearance, who is actually rather cute, and I am sort of falling for her. In the house, only seen under the low lighting of flickering candles, she looks almost completely normal, but then I catch her in direct sunlight pouring in from an uncovered window, and suddenly the makeup on her face shows a completely different image, of a very evil looking clown with razor-sharp, long, demonic teeth.

      Doesn't stop me or change how I feel, though. I look her in the face, and explain I am a sometimes clown, too. She doesn't believe me, and I start explaining about the face I designed for my clown. In real life it was a classic white face appearance, with small purple highlights around the eyes and the lips, but in the dream I was explaining it as a rich, violet purple face with white highlights around the eyes, which would probably look rather frightening, itself.

      I am explaining how I did a lot of work with balloons, while she is playing with a yellow balloon poodle (sans head), when somebody randomly asks "Hey, where's Dog-Boy?" One of the other enemies, a bit of a mean one, just starts laughing, and says he was killed three days ago, and we never even noticed until now. Personally, to me it only feels like we have been here a few hours, so I'm figuring it was much more recent, but it is still a terrible thing, and as he's still laughing like a loon, I decide to take my revenge on him. I grab a pink bee-body (a kind of twisting balloon) and try to inflate it to pop it at him, but my balloon is full of holes, and won't inflate. So I ask the evil clown girl if I can borrow one of her red ones, and she lets me. The problem is, no matter how big I blow the thing up, it just will not pop! I'm getting more and more frustrated with the thing.

      Others are discussing what might have happened to Dog-Boy, and I take the opportunity to spent a little time kissing my evil clown, while also trying to think of a way to save her. Somebody makes an odd mention that kind of indicates that Cat-Girl and Dog-Boy got together for a short time in another time, and had a kid. While others are trying to figure out the logistics of that, I suddenly grasp on an idea of time travel, and saving even the earlier victims of the place, by maybe traveling back in time, saving them and taking them all to another time to safely live out a good life, then bringing them all back to this time for the ending of it all, letting them all have most of a good life.

      I start to search out the Doctor, wanting to explain my plan to him, and find him right outside the front door of Draynor Manor, somehow managing to exit the door that is usually entrance, only, and approach him with my idea, but as I run the idea through my mind, trying to figure out the best way to explain it, I can just picture him, ever-more-clearly, muttering about fixed points in time, and how it can't be done, and by the time I reach him, I just kind of glare at him, reproachfully.

      "What?!?" he demands, at the way I'm looking at him. "Never mind," I mutter, and start to walk away. But he demands to know why I'm looking at him like that, and I explain the whole idea, and as I expect, he starts muttering about fixed points, and impossibilities, and starts to get angry at me, and accuses me of either being possessed by the evil spirit, or perhaps not even being myself at all, but a replacement that has been foisted on us, and I just re-enter the manor, to see what little I can do for the poor past victims.

      As I get back to the kitchen or wherever it is that most of us are now at, a strange cross between Rory and Angel is in the process of hanging a huge pack of firecrackers on the wall of the place, while an equally odd cross of Amy and Buffy is wielding a crossbow and trying to shoot the firecrackers to light the fuse. The idea is to set them all off, which will start a large fire on the wall, which will quickly spread to the entire evil house, burning it to the ground, and destroying all the evil victims within it. I am trying to block the shot, keep it from happening, and figure another way out of things, but I'm just not having any luck.

      Just before they manage to send the place up like a roman candle, an earlier version of the 10th Doctor bursts through the back wall, accompanied by Rose and Jack, all three carrying big, shiny, advanced sci-fi weapons, as the Doctor confronts the smallest, meekest, shyest member of our party, and exposes -them- as the one who has been replaces and is working against us (instead of me, as he accused earlier) and says he managed to take my plan and make it work, so now everybody has managed to be saved. Which is when I woke up.
    2. Buffy and the Time-Shifted Life Debts

      by , 02-24-2015 at 08:03 PM
      07-18-2014 -- Am in a sort of high school or college setting, there is an attractive teacher around, one of the students is rather weird, and strange things happen around him. Things fall apart, stuff doesn't work, windows collapse shut (or open) when they shouldn't. I have a pole that is a cross between the old poles to open the real windows at grade school, and the poles with the two prongs used to hang up the banners that block off the stained glass windows at church for productions. I am trying to close the windows, but the strange things that keep happening include something weakening part of the pole, and the teacher thinks things won't work. But I kind of manually fix the loose ends into the places they need to be, and they strengthen up again.

      Slowly things are changing, and the class setting somehow leads to staying with Buffy (BtVS) and her friends in her two story home in Snohomish, WA, on the hill on 62nd Place, along with the creepy guy who things always go weird around him. He is allowed to be here because somehow Buffy's car had driven into the garage-like pond a couple of years ago, and she couldn't get out because she was drowning. He drove in with another car and half pushed, half pulled her car out, saving her life. He wants to be here because he is creepy, and has an improper interest in all the female Scoobies. All of us males dislike him, but what can we say ... he saved Buffy's life.

      But then there is a scene, and some screaming and noise, and it turns out this creepy dude got drunk and drove his truck into the same pond along the side/under the house, and this time it was Buffy who took another vehicle and half pushed/half pulled him out, saving his life and balancing the books. And I point out that things still stay very weird around this guy, because somehow there is some weird sort of time dilation in effect, and even though both events took place two or three years apart, within the pool, itself, they both took place at the same exact time. It is really weird, and the creep may actually be responsible for Buffy needing rescuing in the first place.

      The creepy guy is embarrassed about needing to be saved, and leaves, hopefully never to be seen again, and we all head inside to find our rooms and go to sleep, meanwhile, Buffy's mother, Joyce, is standing there in a skimpy robe wanting to know what has happened, and we're all explaining it to her, while I can't help but enjoy the view.
    3. Games with Dru, Ravenscar, Lilith's song

      by , 01-14-2015 at 10:08 PM
      From Buffy, I/Spike am meeting Dru for the first time. Found her lying in an alley, looking unfocused. In this version of the story, the William the Bloody nickname doesn't come from poetry. Scene changes to present-day, transitioning with Dru describing that last scene, clearly fond of the memory; she says she liked seeing that sort of initiative in the living. She's putting it in terms that are disturbing the woman she's talking to.

      Nearby, I'm also reminiscing about Dru to someone else. We used to play this game with the people who'd hunt us. Scene changes to show the game - I'm running into a churchyard, holding a cross or something like it in one hand and some weapon in the other, run up to the hunter all wide-eyed. Make like I'm volunteering to join his hunt, country kid all full of admiration, or like the monster's right behind me - either way, the point's just to get in close. Not challenging enough to be called a game maybe, but we still thought it was fun.

      The first run-through of the scene, I 'won' the game easily, but then I'm remembering a second one with this weathered old woman who was suspicious of me right from the start, didn't buy the act. Circling around her, I wound up climbing further into the hills covered in graves, and as I climb I transition partially out of the Spike character. I'm hearing voices up here among the graves, not from the graves themselves but still tied to this place - three men who were here a long time ago and moved on, people I've been looking for traces of for a long time. I can't hold on to what they're saying.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      From Hellblazer, I/Constantine am walking out a back door into a narrow courtyard and out a large gate, then turn back to look at the building I've just left. Ravenscar. The image is distorted - I'm looking at a long wall with a gate in the center, one tower visible over it, and a few windows opening onto that courtyard, letting you see a little more of the building, and that's all fine enough; except it looks impossibly tall, and at strange slanted angles, and the views through those windows are showing me more than should be possible as I look up and up and up. I catch glimpses of the moon through those windows sometimes. In a stunning lack of lucidity, I think of this as "the place that haunts my dreams."

      Scene changes. I'm still looking up at that extreme angle, but I'm looking at a different place, focusing on this life-sized stone statue of a woman high above me in the moonlight. I have a sense of something religious about it, like she's meant to be praying, though there's nothing about her position to suggest it, or like she's meant to be an angel, though there's no wings. I think something along the lines of, "Of course, it would be her," with a sense of resignation.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      There's a man begging me for something, and I'm tired of this, bored. I tell him, life, death, pick one, plead your case, make it convincing, you've got one minute, go. It takes him a moment to process this, but then he starts singing.

      I recognize the song from a theatre show I enjoy about Lucifer, but can't place the scene immediately - at first I think it's Lilith's song. I'm amused - you think reminding me of her will make me more sympathetic to you too? I like the inspired emotional manipulation, but that's not going to work - she moved me, he didn't. But then I recognize the actual song. It's from the story of a woman who had to choose between love and advancing her career as a dancer - she chose dance. The song is about her calling herself foolish for causing pain to them both, her and the boy she loves, but ultimately defending her choice as a valid one.
    4. Scarecrows and warnings

      by , 09-03-2014 at 08:51 PM
      A dream ends with my mother's death by self-inflicted head wound, in a scene comparing her to a woman who'd shot others in order to protect the family; this is followed by several false awakenings in which my IRL sisters and I realize we've all had that same dream and argue over whether to go check on her - S. was against waking her. (There was also a room behind S. that I recognized as out of place, though I rationalized it away.) In the last false awakening we finally do check on her, and the head wound turns out to have been a metaphor for a stroke she experienced in the night; I go to call 911, only to have her stop me and explain that the stroke is also a metaphor - she removed something from her mouth which had been distorting her speech and features.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      I'm in a field looking at scarecrows tied in place with gold that shines in the sunlight. I've just been hearing a story about how they got here - they were people once. Dead now. There's a mist starting to come down from between the mountains at the far end of the field, as it always does at this time of day though I've never been here to see it before, and I'm watching it make spiraling patterns in the sky. It's very beautiful.

      As Spike, I'm sitting in a classroom that Buffy's gang is using to talk about an apocalyptic threat - something involving a demon from another dimension - I'm annoyed at how blasť they are about it. I'm aware this is normal for them, but it's something that shouldn't be normal for anyone. It's as if they're not taking a warning seriously.
    5. An angel at a college, and keeping up appearances

      by , 02-04-2014 at 12:16 AM
      I'm flying down the center of a stairwell.

      At the bottom of the stairs, I switch to 3rd person. This is a college, and classes are letting out. There's this incredibly beautiful androgynous person who stops a guy in the hall and talks to him, then s/he gives him this piece of paper with a small square smear of something dark green on it. This color will alter the guy's personality. The guy takes it, and he refers to them as boss and generally acts friendly and cheerful, but he's careful not to actually touch the color. S/he tells him to find a place without any people.

      The guy heads up the stairs to the second floor, and I switch to his POV. Most of the classrooms have a few people in them even though they're between classes, but I find one where the chairs have been stacked up on the tables, I figure no one's going to be using this classroom for the rest of the night, and I call the boss over. S/he gives me some more of those papers, with different colors on them and labels giving an idea of their effects, and tells me to distribute them to some of the other students here. I go to do so, but then realize I've mixed up the one s/he gave me with the others. It was clear when s/he was talking to me in the empty classroom that s/he expected me to have already taken it, and now I'm worried about making them mad. When I can't find it again, I wind up taking a different one instead, a slightly lighter colored green, the closest match I could find. Immediately after, I find the one I was looking for, and I wonder whether it's safe to take two. I take it anyway.

      I'm talking to someone against the boss's wishes. I consider myself loyal to the boss, but s/he's got a self-destructive streak that I have no problem acting against. Those papers would have prevented me from doing so, but taking two of them sort of cancelled each other out, the changes they caused didn't stick. This guy I'm talking to is a detective or something similar, and I'm telling him a woman's name. He has others working for him and he has them ask after the woman.

      I'm a different character in that same college setting. There are police or military or something surrounding an angel - which looks nothing at all like a human, I mostly have an impression of a vast white face like a mask or a doll, twice the height of a man, alien and hostile. I'm thinking to myself that I can't die, it's impossible, like I'm trying to convince myself, but seeing that angel shook me - something about seeing something that old, something that existed before I was created. The disembodied observer side of me is thinking that although the character side of me isn't aware of it, there's some connection between me-the-character and that angel.

      As the same character, I'm talking to a woman, and ask her to lend me some money. I don't need a lot, just something to get me into a game, I'm confident as long as I have some money to start with I can easily multiply it. She's disgusted, says it's always the same with me. She gave me a business (I have some mental association here with both religion and gambling) and she expected me to run it, so why am I still doing this? I find this ridiculous of her. I had absolutely no interest in the business she gave me.

      I'm talking to someone about characters from Buffy - but all but one of us here are aware that I'm just using them as metaphors to talk about us. The one who isn't aware, who thinks I'm just talking about fictional characters, gets bored and leaves, but I keep using the metaphor. I'm saying, no, Giles's problem was that he knew exactly what his - and more importantly, Buffy's - destiny was supposed to be, and he knew it wasn't going to happen. Hence his downward spiral; he knew what they should be doing, and yet there was nothing he could do. I'm looking at a woman who I equate with Buffy as I say this.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      I've just driven to my IRL mother's house from a lake, and decided I'm too tired to drive back to the lake tonight, I'll spend the night. Mom gets me a coffee, there's chunks of chocolate floating on the top, I'm thinking about how much I appreciate her thinking to provide comfort food like that. The coffee's too bitter for my taste. I'm thinking that's odd, since I usually drink black coffee. We talk about how tired I've been, and she says it's due to the work I've been doing. I think that's strange, since the job I've been doing is easy, but she says anything you're not used to will tire you out, and relates it to her own similar experience.

      Regina is surrounded by people she resents and is saying "Get me my advisor. Now!" As a disembodied observer, I'm pleased to hear this - the advisor she's referring to is Rumpelstiltskin, and earlier someone used a similar phrasing and tone to ask for their father, so I take this parallel as an indication that she's viewing Rumpelstiltskin as a father figure, which was something I wanted.

      As Rumpelstiltskin, I've been recently de-cursed but have made sure no one else realizes that. I'm looking through a cabinet for an object related to the situation Regina's currently in. I find it: a small statue of a man in armor standing beside a stone pillar with what looks like Chinese characters on it. I pick up the pillar, removing it from the rest of the statue. I'm talking to myself as I do this, saying "You're here, but are-" I hear Regina's soldiers arriving outside, come to fetch me. I've been expecting them. I immediately pocket the pillar and statue and adopt a pose appropriate for my old cursed self, irritating my bad knee for a moment but making sure no one else will be able to tell it's bothering me, adopting a mindset and mannerisms as if I were putting on a costume and mask, though it takes effort to mimic what used to come naturally - that manic delight and curiosity and energy and attention focused in a million different directions at once. I'm getting used to faking this, though, and am more worried about whether that trinket I'm carrying will work.

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    6. Harry Potter, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and the Church Balcony

      by , 12-24-2013 at 09:33 AM
      11-24-2013 -- [First lengthy, detailed dream I have had in several days.] Am in a church which is a cross between Pine Castle UMC (the balcony above the narthex) and Buena Park First Church of the Nazarene (the physical location and the rest of the building layout.) I seem to be Harry Potter, and it is dark and quite late at night. There are no lights, but I am sitting on the floor of the balcony watching a small television that seems to somehow be showing one of the later Harry Potter movies or something, and I am learning secrets that will eventually let me beat Voldemort. Problem is, I hear angry muttering, and when I peer over the balcony, I can see Voldemort down by the pulpit. He is watching the same thing on a much larger screen, and is getting more and more angry about what he is seeing.

      At this point I am a very young Harry Potter, and I know Voldemort could probably destroy me easily, and he can see the flickering light of the television I am watching from where he is, even if he can't see me. I somehow know that as he gets angrier, he will end up destroying me and the balcony. But then I realize, he can't see me, he can't hear me, and there are no lights anywhere except the slight flicker from the tv screens, if I am slow and quiet, I can open up one of the doors to the stairs, climb down into the narthex, then exit out one of the double glass doors on the side, and I should be able to run away without being seen. Perhaps I can put enough distance between us that I should be able to hide for a while.

      I follow my plan, and make it out the doors, expecting an explosion all the while, but I manage to get outside before anything happens. I run along the side of Shamlin Hall, then reach the brick fence and start to climb it. Oddly, unlike all the past dreams I have had about climbing these fences, and into these yards, there are no big dogs chasing at me. As soon as I think this, a gray dog comes running up, but it is a little smaller than usual, and isn't barking nearly so much. I hold out a hand for it to sniff, then pick it up, and seem to have made a friend of it, which is a nice change. [I have dreamed about climbing fences in the area and cutting through or hiding in yards through here many times, but this time is a lot smoother than usual.]

      I am cutting across to reach Orangethorpe as usual, but I soon find myself in the middle of a sort of park with a couple of softball fields, and some people are playing. I have no intention of joining in, but I do pass through the area, avoiding both the kids and adults who are playing. Oddly, I run into Captain Jack (character from Doctor Who), dressed as a ball player, and flirting with everyone around him, whether male, female, or child.

      I continue on, and soon find myself standing on Orangethorpe, at a cross between a sort of bus stop and a food truck, and I run into some of the Scoobie Gang. Giles is here, though he almost immediately takes off looking for help. I think Buffy is on patrol. But Willow is here, and is seriously injured. She has a badly mangled arm that will probably never be whole again, unless I do something. I pick her up in my arms, and twist her bad arm in a way that it really shouldn't bend, but then I start pouring healing magic into it, and it starts to heal and straighten in a remarkable way. With some time to rest, she is going to end up being just fine. I leave her with her friends, and wander off into the night, worn and exhausted.

      I am weak and tired, I have exhausted all my magic in healing Willow, and I am just stumbling through the parking lot of a somewhat worn apartment complex. There is a dirty blonde, probably in her mid-30s, sleeping in her car in the parking lot. She is poor, dirty, not in the best shape, and she is kind of propositioning me. I guess in this dream the power Voldemort knows not is probably sex, rather than love, because I decide to have sex with her, knowing that will recharge my core. I climb into the car, and have sex with her, though the dream kind of skips past that. I am feeling a bit better, and have kind of partly recharged, when I get the odd feeling we are being watched.

      We are parked next to a sort of a repair truck ... the kind that might be a real repair truck, or might be something that the FBI is using to spy on people. I am trying to stare into this truck, somehow thinking it is where they are spying on us from, when I hear someone opening up the passenger side door of the car, and I am not able to react fast enough as the door is torn open, I am pulled out, and am beaten and knocked unconscious. When I come to, I am being dragged through a parking lot by a guy in fatigues, as he also pulls along the dirty blonde I was with. Problem is, though he knocked me out, and my head hurts, I did finish 'recharging' my core, first. He doesn't even know what is happening at first, as I morph my body to look like his, then morph his to look like me. After that, I hit him with a kind of an imperious, so he won't be able to say anything. I am still dizzy from being knocked out, and he is dizzy from the mind control, so we're kind of stumbling along keeping each other upright.

      We're in a sort of large junk yard, with scrap all around us, and I am guessing he and his people have made their base here. Another soldier dressed in fatigues comes up, and seems to think he has the right to beat up on the other guy (since he looks like me and I him) and he starts to attack him, but I turn around and kill him, then stick him through a narrow hole in the fence that leads to a sort of truck yard, and I hope he won't be found until after I find my way out of here. We keep staggering through the junk yard, and we eventually find our way back to Orangethorpe. By this time I am nearly back to 100%. I let the girl go, then I knock out the soldier who had originally knocked me out, and finally I morph into an entirely new disguise so hopefully nobody can recognize me.

      I make my way back to the food truck (which is slowly changing into a couple of tents containing some sort of buffet at what is seeming to be turning into a college campus) looking for any of the Scoobies, as well as anybody who may be spying on them for Voldemort (how I figure I must have been captured), and ready to thrash any soldiers I might find watching them, while I hope my disguise is good enough if Voldy himself should come by.
    7. Fragments: Security, 10 Cent Bookstore, Rithmatist, Buffy on Hickory, GHR Performing and more

      by , 12-24-2013 at 09:20 AM
      [Old dream from somewhere in October or early November, for some reason forgotten when it was dreamed, and remembered in fair detail a month or two later.] I find myself driving around a very new gated community, have no idea how I have gotten here for the moment, but I can remember working security here a few months (or perhaps couple of years) previous, controlling access in and out while the various construction trucks were building the place. Now I am back, and I seem to be driving around in a car that is kind of turning into a golf cart (and eventually into a go kart) as I putter around the area, admiring how nice the grounds and things have been landscaped since I was last here.

      Unfortunately I eventually run into the security guard who now is monitoring the area, and he doesn't know how I have gotten in, but is very mad at me, and has no interest in extending any professional courtesy, or cutting me any slack because I used to work in his position. In fact, he seems to be afraid of me, or jealous of me, and he decides to hassle me and start chasing me around. Since he refuses to open up the gate and let me out, I end up driving my golf cart over a small landscaped berm (think of the planter Greg Jones drove his car over at the Buena Park Little Caesar's many years ago) to escape the complex.

      It feels like I am somewhere up around Lake Mary, perhaps in or right by the Heathrow development, and I end up driving south, heading down toward Orlando on my golf cart, but unfortunately the security guard has decided to challenge me, and is now racing me in his own golf cart, but since he has the finances of the entire development company behind him, he has a faster, newer, more built up kart, and also has people driving diesel trucks and trying to run me off the road to ensure he wins. On the other hand, I am a better driver, and know the area better, so I am holding my own as we race back to Orlando.


      11-19-2013 -- I am at a house which is a cross between the Pageant house and Rosemary's place, and there have been some issues with having rent. Oddly, however, I seem to be the person who collects rent from everybody in the house and pays it to Rosemary, and since I haven't been here in a while, everybody is behind, and trying to collect it all means that my not having my part is somewhat hidden, and doesn't seem to be all that big of a deal.

      Somehow Keith and Melody are here, and they are chatting with me, and the place also feels like the three story apartment complex that I frequently have visited in my dreams. We are chatting away, and one of them mentions something that makes me flash back to a visit to Walt Disney World last week where I ran into Graham Murphy doing some streetmosphere, and somehow I find myself sitting in my car on my cell phone, having called him up to tell him how good the schtick that he'd been doing was. Problem is, I had only been passing by, and he didn't even know I was there, and now calling him to mention it, he is afraid I am stalking him or something, so it just feels weird, and I regret making the phone call.

      But I find myself missing Disney, and thinking how long it has been since I've been there (never mind that I was there just last week), and I end up hinting at Melody and Keith that if they need a good idea for Christmas gifts, tickets or an annual pass to Disney would be a great idea! Soon the dream shifts, and I find myself walking into a bookstore that is half Waldenbooks, and half the bookstore from the 10 cent sale dream that was posted here. It is pitch black, and late in the evening, but as I walk in the light comes on like I triggered a motion sensor. There are two or three employees at the register area, and I kind of say hello as I start to wander to the places in the store where I found the new 3 Investigator books and was looking for the comic strip books. As I approach the back of the store (where in the other dream the store grew into several different buildings) things shift to where I am in a library with Giles, finding myself one aisle over from where I want to be, while talking with Giles about a fantasy novel for Buffy or Willow, like out of another recent dream.

      Soon things shift again, and I find I am in the middle of a security shift at a cross between the House of Imports and Orlando Paving. Oddly, I have been here since 9 pm and it is now 3 am, and the staff has only just left. I am hungry, and plan to run down the block to 7-Eleven to get some food, but first figure I ought to make a call-in to the office. Problem is, the line that would usually be a machine, where I leave a message that all is well, is answered by a person who instantly assumes I am calling to say I am done with the shift, and is marking me off, when that is not what I am doing!


      11-22-2013 -- In a strange, kind of dark feeling house, walking around with my laptop computer. Several people are here, and they are doing Rithmatist-like drawings that they bring to life ala Sanderson's books, and they can use a kind of code to set commands for the chalklings. I have a sort of breakthrough, and have chalked out a few simple commands that are so powerful that I don't have to actually draw out detailed chalklings, I just kind of stutter my chalk on the ground ......... and I have created 10 or 20 chalk bullets that fire off at all of my opponents. They can't defend against them or oppose them, it is just too quick and too powerful.

      Since I've just reached the point of being able to do this, and I have no desire to kill people or anything, I just keep firing off 'bullets' long enough to tear through their chalklings and tear down their shields and expose them, then I stop so that they lose, but are unharmed. Though I can't point to anything in particular, there is a sort of an English feel to the whole thing, though whether in location or accents or what, I can't say. Anyway, as this is going on, I am in my underwear, and am walking around trying to find my clothes. I step into the bathroom long enough to get dressed, but am really trying to hurry because I need to get out of the bathroom so that my mentor can use it.


      11-23-2013 -- [Very short, but quite clear and detailed scene, which made it kind of interesting to dream, even if not exciting.] I am walking through the Buena Park Mall parking lot, right by the auto repair place. I am kind of in a group of a bunch of people, and we are all getting ready to jaywalk across Dale, but many of them are in a hurry, and just run into the road while there is all kinds of traffic, causing people to slam on brakes and swerve and stuff like that, while I wait, walking along the street until all the current cars have passed, and there is a significant gap in the traffic, then I jog across in complete safety.

      Once I have crossed the street, I continue walking down Dale to Greenleaf, then cut across to Hickory, heading home. There is a lot of water in the gutter, and yet you can only see it from certain angles, and I detour a couple of extra feet into the street so that I can splash through water that is only about a half an inch deep, rather than having to get soaked in the stuff that is three or four inches deep, then I make my way onto the sidewalk, and continue walking home. I give a wave to a couple of neighbors, including Marie, and perhaps the house next to Ted, walking down the block. When I reach the Goodwins, they don't seem to have anything to say to me, but I think they may be gossiping about me, so I may have ticked them off somehow.

      When I reach the Hickory house and step inside, I find several people there, including a bunch of people from two or three television shows, though I can't now remember all of them. The only male (beside me) is Angel, and there are two others from Buffy, perhaps Cordy and Willow, and several attractive women from other shows, though not any of the Charmed ones. Somehow a coffee machine has been possessed, and has started sliding around the table, and then slowly other inanimate things start sliding around as well, and it is kind of spooky. Angel is revealing that it is probably because of him, he thinks he is losing control of his vampire nature, and is really, really down about it, and the others are starting to get mad at him. I remind them that if he is starting to lose control, then he hasn't lost control yet, and there is no reason to be mad at him yet, though we should be watching him to make sure we can keep people safe if he does lose control.


      11-24-2013 -- Can't remember almost anything of details, and only remembered even that the dream happened right before I went to sleep, but suddenly recalled a dream where I was back at the Golden Horseshoe Revue, performing again. Got the job performing there here. Can't remember any details, but was wandering around on stage or in the audience, singing and dancing, while making my way around the servers. Though there are no details, I still enjoyed the return to the dream.


      11-25-2013 -- Somehow Dave D. and I are sitting somewhere listening to BC, who is going on and on to a girlfriend of hers about how Keith T. was a dirty old man going through a mid-life crisis and trying to hit on her, but she wanted nothing to do with him because he was so ridiculously old, and we are cringing each time she says this, as all four of us (Dave, myself, BC, and KT) are just about the same age, but she is making us feel old and worthless. Anyway, BC is turning into my sister, Melody, for some reason, and is driving me around. Not quite sure why, but she eventually decides it is time to stop. We are parked across the street from a hotel that is several stories tall, and that I have dreamed about before. For some reason we are going into this hotel and getting a meal at a restaurant inside.

      I start to cross the street to reach the hotel, but Melody just turns around and walks into a hotel across the street. I am confused, until I look up. They seem to be sister hotels, and every three or four floors, they have bridges running between the two hotels, so you can go up in either hotel and cross to the other. The bridges seem to cross at a bit of an angle, though, connecting floor four of one to five of the other. Eight on one to nine on the other, and then another connecting maybe floor 14 to 15. I get into one of the elevators, which is huge (like the elevators in the Haunted Mansion, except they actually move, instead of just the ceiling stretching.) Eventually I am getting to the place that I want (I think floor 17), but oddly enough, the floors skip a bunch, and it is like floor 18 is the only upper floor the elevator goes to, and I want floor 17. It's doubly weird, because there literally aren't any floors between about 9 and 17, and it is just a really strange pair of buildings.

      I get out of the elevator, and make my way to the restaurant, and Melody isn't here yet. I wander around looking for her, and catch no sign of her, but I do find a lot of people who work in the restaurant, and who are just standing around gossiping with each other. Then I turn a corner, and my eyes pass over a redhead before snapping back. Wait a minute, I know her. It is the female cop from Kindergarten Cop who is supposed to be the teacher until she gets sick, and Arnold S. has to take over as the teacher. I have dreamed of her in this hotel before (though whether I really have or not I can't really say, it might just be within this dream) and we seem to have hit it off and been on the edge of a relationship, until my vacation ended. So I casually walk up to her (knowing she could be on a stakeout and not wanting to give her away) and say I just got back in town and thought I would say hello. Before she can reply, I wake up again.


      11-25-2013 -- I am in a police station, reporting that I had a car stolen (instead of it breaking down) about 15 months ago, and how I have been unemployed since then, because nobody was willing to hire me. I am almost ready to start my CDL class, except I need to have records showing how the car was stolen, keeping me from working for over a year, and I am having to explain how I have a vehicle to drive, but it isn't in good enough shape to use for mystery shopping or courier work, and the cops seem to be accusing me of things until I can explain enough of what happened that they decide to believe me, and to start looking for my stolen car, though after this much time they will almost certainly never find it. [Very close to real life, except in real life it broke down, and there were never any police involved. But my cars are always being stolen in my dreams.]


      11-25-2013 -- [A bad night for sleeping. Waking constantly, and my dreams are short and disjointed, and I think I am only talking in my sleep, not even realizing I was dreaming until I wake again and realize I can't do that stuff in my bed. Very disjointed, and not worth much as dreams. A whole night of almost nothing but fragments.] I am working a mystery shop at one of the Chevrons hidden behind another gas station or two, a place I have often dreamed of before. This time through, it is a family owned place, kept clean and managed well, and everybody recognizes me and knows I am there to mystery shop them. They are asking me how everything is, and if everything is OK, and I am saying it all looks great, before remembering this is one of the places that always has more than four signs in the windows. I glance at the windows, and neon signs galore.

      I start to backpeddle, commenting on the signs, "but you don't care about that, do you?" knowing I will have to report it as I do every time I do this location, but nobody seems to let it worry them. I spot them unwrapping several brand new pumps, and though they are not ready to actually put them out and hook them up, I have to ask them to roll one of them out by the others and set it next to one of the old ones so I can get a required picture to send back to the company. Nice people, they don't have any problems with this.
    8. Shot Up by Mark Henry

      by , 11-16-2013 at 08:13 AM
      11-02-2013 -- Out visiting a friend or a relative somewhere, and sitting in a room petting a cat which may or may not be one of my cats from somewhere in the past. The mother in the place decides to make me something to eat, and is cooking a couple of 'hamburgers' made of sausage for me. Since she is cooking, anyway, she decides to make a few more, both regular burgers and sausage burgers. Soon I am preparing a couple of buns, and am thinking about preparing a couple more, and asking if I can take a couple more burgers with me when I leave.

      Soon I am standing in front of the Hickory house with Dave D., and we get news somehow that there is somebody bad wandering through the neighborhood. I decide to walk Dave home (two doors down) to let Don and Rachel know about the problem. Thing is, as we're just entering the door, we hear someone behind us and turn to see someone walking up behind us that looks like one of the 'Gentlemen' from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. We slam the door, and he eventually goes away.

      Don comes around and sees I am shaking and starts to comment that I probably have my gun locked away in a filing cabinet, and never even touch it. [I have dreamed that I own one or more guns several times over the last couple of years. In this particular dream, Don probably helped my mom pick it out for me.] I explain to him that it is actually in my desk drawer, and I take it out every couple of months and take a shot at the tree across the street, just to make sure it still works. For some odd reason, I then start lecturing him on every detail I think I know about carry laws and how I am and am not allowed to carry it [almost certainly based on a discussion in a Harry Potter Yahoo group I read recently]. When I run down, he suggests some sort of clip which would prevent a crook from grabbing the gun and using it, and I am trying to figure out how it would work, until I figure out that it is an odd cross between a rubber band and a paper clip that would somehow fit on a file folder and make it more difficult to open.

      I fiddle with the thing for a bit, then decide it is time to go home. I rush down two doors and get inside, then go hunting for my gun. I hope it is here, because I have been moving around so much, a lot of my stuff is in storage. [Since the Hickory house and mom being alive predates my moving around a lot, this doesn't make a lot of sense.] I don't find my gun in the desk where I expect it, but then I decide to check in the filing cabinet, and lo and behold, there it is, right where Don suggested it would be. I also manage to find two bullets and load them. Unfortunately the rest of my ammunition is in storage, along with my other guns. The one I do have is a decent sized hand gun, but I know I also have a smaller hand gun and a rifle somewhere.

      Meanwhile, I hear my sister yelling at my mom. It turns out I have an older half brother (even older than Ron) that I had never heard of, and the fellow was violent. He has a habit of attacking family members, and Melody has heard that he has some kind of marriage contract on me. (Say what?!?) She's mad at mom, because mom has invited him to come by for a visit. I hear the door bell ring, and glance out the window, and he is here. He looks like Mark Henry (huge black professional wrestler), and just in case, I have him in my gun-sight. Mom and Melody are at the door, and he either kills them, or somehow knocks them out, and knocks the door down and storms in. He has a machine gun in his hands, and is hunting me.

      I dodge around the two doors in my second bedroom, trying to stay out of sight until I can manage to get a good shot at him, but he's firing that machine gun all over the place. Eventually I pop out at just the right moment, and manage to get him with two shots right in the chest, but he manages to catch me with 20 or 30 shots all over my body. He falls to the ground, while I stagger toward the back of the house. I hear him get to his feet and stomp out the front door, and I call out to ask him why he has done this. He doesn't seem to have an answer for me. I lock the door, to try and keep him out, and then stagger to the telephone in mom's room to try and call Don for help. Problem is, I can't manage to remember his phone number. [Oddly enough, I think the places I got shot in the dream match up with the couple dozen mosquito bites I got on Halloween at my balloon gig.]
    9. Three in a Night: Water Parks, Computer Games, and Lumbridge Rebuildathon

      by , 11-13-2013 at 07:48 PM
      11-09-2013 -- [This one ties in with a dream from a few months ago that I am referring to as the Downtown Orlando Spy and Gun Event, which I know I dreamed, and wrote down, but I guess I never got posted because I can't find it anywhere. Hopefully that dream will also be online at some point. Meanwhile, this was the first dream of the night, and only barely remembered, so we'll see how much of it I can pull out of my mind now.]

      I think this starts out as a typical being chased around a hotel by thugs or management dream, with a hint of Dale vacationing in Florida, as well. Think it goes on for a while, but not in any sort of detail that I can describe. Then it switches to where I find myself in a water park that is a sort of cross between the one just outside the entrance to the Magic Kingdom in more than one of my dreams, and the one that I sort of find after I make it back through the building in the gun and spy dream mentioned above. I am climbing up hillsides, then sliding down long, enjoyable water slides a few times, before I realize I have to go and pack or something.

      It turns out we are staying in an odd Disney hotel complex where the hotels are kind of connected by water slides as one of the ways to get around. Somehow I have ended up passing through one of the hotels on the way back to the one where Dale and I are staying, and in the process, I have kind of half-stolen a couple of water bottles, and am hiding them in my pockets, like the gun in the previous dream. Am trying to to be seen with them, and not to be searched, and am kind of ducking into a sort of side canyon that reminds me of where you can pick the tail-feather off of the fire phoenix in Runescape, and am hoping to avoid problems. Meanwhile, I also find myself right at the mall entrance to May Company at some point, which just doesn't seem to fit in anywhere.

      Anyway, it was a cool dream, and long and detailed, but I can't remember anything, so I guess it will have to go down as a fragment.


      11-09-2013 -- We are is a sort of a courtyard which seems at times to be somewhere new, and at times to be the Church of the Nazarene parking lot area in Buena Park, or right by Carolyn's house in Orlando. There is a creature or force here that is kind of making us do things, though it isn't anything that we can actually see. One of the things I am being pushed to do is to build a tall block wall, which kind of makes me think of the Lumbridge rebuildathon. Anyway, whatever this thing is, it watches us and kind of spies on us (eventually with cameras) but the wall that it is making me build is at the edge of it's view or range, so it can barely see me, and I can take it slightly easier, and am considering climbing over the fence and going away.

      I continue working on the wall, and at some point dad and some others are also here working on it. I find myself worrying about bills and wondering how to pay them while I am unemployed, and thinking that dad might give me some money to help out, but I don't really want to go that route. It's a bit of a quandary. I think there is a small bit about helping dad retrieve a bill that was dropped in some sort of underground sprinkler system or something, but it was a really brief bit. Somehow dad is soon taking me out for a McDonald's-style sundae at a fast food restaurant while Carolyn is calling me on my cell phone and trying to arrange to meet me to give me something.

      I explain where I am, which is either across the street from the new wall at the church, or perhaps across the street from her house (with even hints of BAMs house), and she says she'll be there in a minute, but she never shows. I meant across the street from PCUMC, but I find myself wondering if she might have thought I meant her church, and may have gone there. She was on a lunch break from the school, so she may not have had much time. Meanwhile, I am now outside the wall, sitting in the street, eating my ice cream, but still worrying and wondering about whether the camera on the building can still see me.

      Somehow things shift to finding myself entering a kind of battered class room and preparing to take a seat. There is a cute kitten that will approach me, which surprises me, because it won't let anybody else near it, since one of the students went kind of wild and started attacking the various animals. There is also a wild monkey here, and several other animals. The student who went kind of wild seems to be Riley from BtVS season 4. There is also a kind of pushy, weird version of Xander who seems to be trying to keep and hide either gems, or perhaps fruit in a box of candy. Xander wants it, and wants to keep it away from us, but it isn't his. Meanwhile, I seem to be pouring a sort of peanut butter drink into a tall, narrow bottle. Very strange.


      11-09-2013 -- Starts on a sort of jungle island, where there are a few snakes slithering around, but not as many (and not as dangerous) as the usual dream. These are kind of calm and peaceful. This seems to be a sort of live action computer game cross between Risk and Pirates, and has tie-ins to many of my other dreams. We are kind of moving from the east to the west in a large chain of islands in the ocean. One island is two half circles connected by a small land bridge something like this (|=|) and even though we are approaching from the east, we land on the west side and make our way across the island and the land bridge to the east side. Reminds me of one of the islands in Warlords:Battlecry 2.

      We continue further west and come to a long, slim sand covered island where we spend some time, and find that we're having some car problems. Somehow we are driving cars through the water between these various islands, and we have some issues. We're pirates, and we have to have kind of old vehicles, but one of the cars is a very new yellow sports car which just doesn't fit right. Another is a pick-up truck, which works well enough. The third is an old, beat up car that fits well enough. Problem is, it is seriously breaking down, and while we don't need to use all three vehicles, we certainly need two. The one car is really beyond fixing, but they are arguing about the sports car.

      Finally I put on a sort of pirate t-shirt, and decide that shows I am a pirate enough, and just grab the sports car and start to drive it off, people diving for it to try and get in, or maybe stop me. Somebody flags me down and explains we have been invited to eat before we continue on, and they are leading us to a large buffet-style dining room with many lines that reminds me of the cafeteria at the Indiana Wesleyan University at the FCM conventions. Somehow I am a little leery, and refuse to eat immediately, though I do go through the line. The food is incredible, with some fabulous looking steaks, thick and juicy and cooked to perfection. There is also lots of other great food. Problem is, now there is a long line of people waiting, and since I didn't take food when I had the chance, I either have to stand in the line, or wait. So I take a seat outside and wait for the line to shorten again.

      Eventually it is really short, and I go back in, but now almost all the food is gone. I am still able to fill a plate, but there are no steaks, none of the great food, just sides and stuff like mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese. The best thing still available is a fairly bland pulled pork mix. I am hunting around the various tables looking for a clean plate, clean plasticware, and a clean plastic cup to get milk in, and wishing I'd served myself the first time through. Idiot!
    10. The Orphanage and the Fire Hose

      by , 11-13-2013 at 07:37 PM
      11-04-2013 -- Earliest bit I can remember seems to involve playing some kind of live action computer game, perhaps on a sort of college campus somewhere ... but that is all I can remember. Eventually I find myself at a sort of supermarket or something, doing some shopping. I seem to have a coupon for a free package of premium hot dogs or some such. I see another person in another line with the same coupon, and they honor it, but when they ring me up, and I hand them the coupon, they tell me it is too late, and maybe I should come back tomorrow and try to use it. So I come back the next day and get in line with my shopping again, but the coupon doesn't want to ring up, and when I try to get out of the line to talk to a manager, I find myself trapped in an odd sort of turnstile, which I have to break to manage to get out.

      When I speak to the manager, he tells me they have decided not to honor the coupon, so they are going to be charging me for the premium hot dogs. Oh, and by the way, they are also going to charge me for the turnstile I broke. They ask me to step aside and wait, and then they call the cops, who are going to arrest me ... how dare I try to purchase premium hot dogs with food stamps! I am getting rather mad at this point, and point out that with the coupon they would have been free, and even without, the price is the same as several other brands, just better quality. I also point out that they accepted the same coupon from somebody else five minutes before I presented one, and say I am going to sue them for discrimination. I'm really getting ticked.

      It turns out I work for an orphanage, and am helping to buy food to feed all the kids, and as the cops are trying to arrest me, and checking into the whole case, they start to interview some of the kids to find out how and what they have been eating. They discover the kids have been eating well-balanced meals, and the orphanage has either 20 days worth of food stored up, or maybe 200 days (whichever, in the dream it seems a very reasonable amount). Somehow (no idea how), this leads to me visiting the kindergarten building at Walt Disney Elementary, late at night. Then I suddenly find myself at Peter Marshall's kindergarten area, meeting Ms. Yamamoto and talking about Ms. Onstott, all only possible because of a very late class.

      Giles and the Scoobie gang are around as I run into Steve K at a bus stop. He's just left college to go start a job in Iowa, and he doesn't seem to be happy. I say it must either be his dream job (he shakes his head no) or a death in the family, and he is being forced to take whatever he can get (sad nod.) I understand. Steve goes to drink from a water fountain, and I reach for another one, turn it on, but plug the end, to increase the water pressure for him. Water suddenly starts to spray from my hand. At first I think it is too much pressure in the fountain, but as I move away from it I find the water is spraying out of my hand, itself.

      The scene is changing to the dream cave system from many past dreams that seems to be a cross between Tom Sawyer's Island, hints of the Brookhurst Moon Park, and Mammoth Cave, with hidden passages, and collapsing passages that may be too dangerous to explore. Meanwhile I am still trying to figure out why I have water coming out of my hand. A very angry Penn Gillette shows up, stomping around and explaining it is our anger that causes water to shoot out of our arms, spraying his own high-pressure stream about, and pointing out to me a slight stairway into a small crevice that is supposed to turn it off. Problem is, I climb down into the crevice, but I am still spraying water out of my arms. So I decide to turn a negative into a positive, and am trying to figure out how to use the water to put out a fire, generate steam, and convert it into energy to sell for a large profit, all while directing my water spray to soak the Scoobies (who are still wandering around) and Mister T, who seems to be driving a taxi. Funny.
    11. Non-Powered Slayer Working in England

      by , 09-18-2013 at 02:31 PM
      09-18-2013 -- Running around in England, half with a local girl, half with my friend BC, who has decided she wants to be a sort of slayer, running patrols and trying to protect the people in the area, except that she has no super strength, no powers, and really not much to defend herself with.

      So it is kind of late in the evening, and we're running around some dark, cramped, and dirty streets, some bad sections of town, and we've heard some sort of prophecy about some dangerous rocks or something, and we're running up and down these streets, looking for any trouble. But as we make our way up one street, checking the shops on both sides of the street as we move along, we reach the end, and start back down the same street.

      We get maybe two or three shops down before I realize that we checked both sides of the street on the way up ... it is wasteful for us to be checking the same street on the way down again, so I lead us through an alley to the next street over, and we start looking through it.

      There is a small sort of statuary here, and it feels like it might tie in with the rocks a little bit, but we find no sign of any bad guys. But as we keep making our way through, we start to notice some of the Adventurers Club performers around, and they are doing some sort of craft thing. I think Graham is leading it, but Philip and Joe are also here, and though Graham is kind of friendly, the other two seem a little more stuck up, like they really don't think we can do much with these crafts. Unfortunately, they may be right.

      It seems to involve taking logs (that are very quickly turning into very small twigs) and twisting and bending them into interesting shapes. We have no supplies because we didn't know we were going to be here, but I grab a small log out of a trash dumpster, and start peeling off spare branches and the like. Problem is, as things are shrinking, they are also becoming more and more brittle, and soon instead of a nicely bent up little creation, I simply have a handful of inch long twigs. I toss them aside, and get back to hunting trouble-makers.

      We run down another street, where BC kind of warns off a couple of her girlfriends, and finds some guy who is hitting on her and wanting to date her. Since it is late at night and a bad area, and all the rest, even if this guy isn't too bad, I can't help but feel that her parents are not going to be too happy about this, and as they kind of start to materialize next to me as I think about them, I'm right. They aren't happy.

      But it turns out the guy is bad, and one of the problems we expected. He pulls a knife on BC, and she knocks it out of his hand with a kick. So instead he grabs a gun, and starts to try and aim it at her, and I start running for the scene. He's rather incompetent, and his first couple of shots miss, but he is getting closer and closer, making dodging more and more difficult. Meanwhile, the gun is getting bigger and bigger. What started out as a pistol or revolver first grows into more of a rifle or shotgun, then some sort of very large mounted gun, perhaps about 12 feet long, with about a 90 mm diameter gun barrel that the thug is only aiming ... his partner on the other end has to 'pull the trigger' so to speak.

      BC is trying to throw herself in front of this thing, to protect others, not realizing she is the one who needs protection, and I am trying desperately to get there first. I know she has no powers, but I just have this feeling that if I focus on it correctly, I can sort of adapt my bad luck to turn it into bad luck for others. I manage to shove BC out of the way, and throw myself in front of the barrel, and there is a loud sort of crack as the guy shoots. The huge shell explodes through the barrel and reaches me at the end, and ... nothing happens for a few seconds.

      The crook aiming the gun sort of looks at me like 'Huh?' but his partner realizes that all that energy is going to have to go somewhere, and turns around and starts to bolt! Seems like a good idea to me, and I throw myself at BC, trying to cover her from the explosion as the large gun blows to bits, taking the thug who was aiming it with him.

      BC's parents are there almost immediately, laying into their daughter and having it out with her about this foolish idea, while I can't help but think that just because we took out one or two thugs doesn't mean that there is no more trouble around here. I start to look around and find indications of more problems, but as I try to get BC's attention, she doesn't seem to be interested, anymore.

      So I wander over to a small shop where I hear voices raised, and find four elderly American tourists laying into a Middle Eastern looking fellow, about the evil thing that he was just doing. Somehow they don't seem to realize that he could do evil things to them. Meanwhile, he is crouching over a large barrel of water, and as he works with it, the swarthy coloring seems to be washing off of him, and he turns out to be a pasty white Englishman who has been disguising himself as a Middle Eastern guy to hide his identity. And since they know this, they are in trouble.

      He is reaching for the first of them, seemingly about to strange him, when I jump in and grab him. His three partners are also approaching. I start to wrestle with the guy, and the four old tourists keep telling him off, and I stare at them in amazement before telling them to shut up and run, before one or more of them get hurt. They finally seem to realize they are in danger, and start to scatter. Three of their fellows follow, as I wrestle with the fourth, but it takes me a couple of minutes for me to put him down, and I only succeed when I break off one of his hands and leave him in a crumpled heap on the ground.

      I start down the alley that the tourists ran down, followed by the other three crooks, but I am a couple minutes behind, and am afraid I will lose them, so I leap into the air and try to fly, hoping I will move really fast and be able to catch up. Unfortunately, while I can kind of float, I have no speed, and it might be even a tad slower than running. I can't see any of them (the crooks or tourists), until I finally run into a sort of Arab laundry or something (or at least something pretending to be), and find one of the bad guys, who becomes no problem as I quickly break off his thumb. Then I wake up. Fun dream.
    12. Kid vampires, dead animals, music and rockslides

      by , 09-10-2013 at 06:41 PM
      Fragment: "So the little girl had a last (something) request."

      Buffy setting. Angel has a son (not Connor), and someone is threatening to turn that son into a vampire. The vampire's trying to convince Angel that this would be a good thing - not trying too hard, he intends to do this for Angel's own good whether Angel wants it or not - and Angel's trying to show him why it's a bad idea. He calls out a kid vampire he'd made himself, Angel's holding him by the shoulders and the kid says he died when he was 8, looks older but not by much, and then says "I'm good with math, but facial recognition..." The point is that the brain stops developing before its time.

      There were some earlier fragments in that same setting - talking about once-in-a-lifetime perfect happiness vs. just plain everyday happiness, and watching Buffy walking down a sidewalk past a brick wall.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      Reading about Josephine Baker, a sister who'd died and a mother she'd admired.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      Forever Knight setting. As Nicolas, I'm with some humans in a public place, in a hurry, when just for a moment I spot LaCroix and Janette in the crowd with someone else, a woman either I or Janette turned relatively recently, within the past century or so - I desperately want to be with them. I'd been cut off from them. I can't just abandon my humans here, but I have to at least get a message to them. I make my excuses and head back to where I saw them. (I'd seen them dressed as they did in the 1940s - symbolic for happier times together. Also a connection to a kid vampire, so this dream was probably partially inspired by the Angel one.)

      In a hallway. LaCroix was here a moment ago, sitting in a chair at the end of the hall, and I'm looking at a telegram that was on the table next to him. I wonder if that bit about text in dreams changing when you look away is true. I focus on an 8; I look again, and it's a 58; then 8 again, then a Cyrillic н. I guess it's true. (As I was expecting it to change, this seems a bit pointless.) I then resume looking for LaCroix.

      I'm riding in a truck with a man who spots a pair of coyotes and stops the truck to shoot them. I knock the gun off target.

      With that same man, I'm standing over a pair of bucks who are lying on the ground with several arrows in their sides, suffering because I knocked the killing shot off course.

      I'm with someone else, a guy from the city, and watching that man pull into his driveway with the body of a horse in the back of his truck. We're standing in front of his neighbor's house, a chubby, long-haired, middle-aged hippie who is burning something that looks like a sphere of hay the size of a beach ball. The fire spreads to the ground, and then to his neighbor's yard, burning in strange geometric shapes, circles and lines. I start clapping, seeing that man's property on fire. The hippie tells me about a protest he's about to go to, a bunch of people are going to jump off a clocktower, do we want to come? The guy standing with me isn't interested, but I'm up for it.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      A man and a woman with accordions warming up for a show in front of a mirror, the man comments on how beautiful the red of his accordion is.

      I'm playing a piano duet with that man, and while his part is beautiful to listen to, my part has so little to do that I lose track of where we are and come in late, I play slow and haltingly. I wonder why he doesn't just play the whole piece himself, he could easily play my part with his left hand.

      A machete being given to someone as a gift.

      My IRL sister S. calls me and describes a place she stopped at as "a Twin Peaks diner." The use of Twin Peaks as an adjective makes no sense to me - what, do they have great pie with a side of prophetic dreams?

      Twin Peaks setting, 3rd person, as a disembodied observer I'm looking at the trees along a mountain road, bare of leaves, small and spindly trees, so close together that none of them really had a chance to grow. A jeep comes down the road, driven by the sheriff, with Cooper in the passenger seat. Cooper's talking about how cold it's gotten, and he's pleasantly nervous about his date tonight.

      There's an accident of some kind, an earthquake or a landslide, and the jeep gets stuck; the sheriff gets out of the jeep to walk along a footpath into the mountains. Cooper wants to take care of something in the jeep before he follows, something to calm him down before his date. The landslide or whatever it was that trapped the jeep has opened up a second path next to the usual footpath, and as a disembodied observer I think 'You are obviously being invited on a personal quest. Take it.' The sheriff doesn't take it. However, the usual path crumbles beneath his feet, and he lands on the second path anyway. At the moment the footpath crumbles beneath him, so does the road holding up the jeep, and it falls into a crevice with Cooper still inside.
    13. Demonic visions and possession, vampires and sirens and gods

      by , 09-09-2013 at 09:04 PM
      A teenage girl who's recently begun to see strange things, people who look different to her than they do to everybody else, demonic, eyes in the wrong places or no mouths, and so on - she's thinking about one man in particular, a mentor or father figure, who now looks inhuman to her. She believes this is a delusion. But she's run across a woman who obliquely refers to herself as inhuman, clearly believing that they're both the same; and the woman goes on to talk about various creatures like them gathering, organized by that particular father figure, and about a 'sister' who that father figure favors, and weighing the pros and cons of killing that 'sister.' It's clear this girl is the 'sister' being talked about, though neither of them realize it.

      This conversation had been happening at a food court in an airport while they were both waiting to meet other people, and eventually the girl put her head down on the table, folded her arms for a pillow and took a nap; when she woke up, another person was sitting next to her, a black-haired woman, talking to the first one, and when she sees the girl's waking up she tries to startle her. The girl doesn't get startled. The black-haired woman then says hello in a very odd, drawn-out tone.

      (Woke up. That odd, drawn-out tone was the sound of a chainsaw next door. Back to sleep.)

      Walking through mountains at night, talking about chocolate, and being followed by Gollum.

      Going along with Buffy's friends on some scheme they've come up with, now that she's dead.

      A small model of an obelisk, made out of salt.

      I'm possessing a young man in college, and I'm doing a terrible job of mimicking his normal behavior, all his housemates suspect something's up with him.

      Still in that college setting, a horror movie called 'Mandeathering' is recommended to me - I see a scene involving several creatures in a graveyard, one of them looking like Nosferatu and holding a child in his arms, described as a family that 'feeds on death,' and 'the weak ones' giving in to sadness or despair (though now I can't remember if 'the weak ones' were among the family or the ones they were feeding on). I google the movie, but think the guy recommending it must have gotten the title wrong, because none of the results I'm getting are for a horror movie; the first result is for a dream journal.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      On a ship, looking down at a human-shaped siren standing on an island and the man from my crew who's standing there with her. I'm thinking about going down there myself, but I'm also thinking about past experiences with things that call to you from the water, asking you to leave your ship. Never goes well.

      Fragment of one person chasing another on horseback on that same island, something to do with a god.
    14. Fighting Demons and Meeting David Tennant and his Bat'leth Again

      by , 05-15-2013 at 03:10 PM
      Posted this many months ago, but through some sort of forum glitch, it was replaced with a different dream that was already listed. And since it was a good one, I wanted to make sure it was still available on here:

      11-25-2012 -- At a hotel somewhere like New York or something, and interacting with Xander Harris (Buffy the Vampire Slayer character). I think we're busting into different rooms and killing demons or something. Very fast, very violent, and a lot of dusting going on. We're on the top two floors of the hotel, the penthouse and just below, and going back and forth between floors a lot to be sure we get everybody.

      I guess we eventually finish, because I soon find myself exiting the hotel. Its still either New York or maybe downtown Orlando. Orlando would make more sense, since I run into Bonnie C waiting for a bus. We end up walking and talking for a bit, just chatting and hanging out, then I end up driving off. I'm not sure if I am in a car or maybe on a segway ... things keep shifting. I find myself driving along a wharf near a medium-sized ship.

      There are some cops nearby, and I am trying to stop, and really having problems with it, but they don't seem to care enough to go chasing after me, which is nice. Somehow I lose control of what is becoming more a segway all the time, and end up plowing right into the water and under the boat, right as it is starting to pull out. I'm being sucked under it, and having to avoid any damage from the propellers, or getting pulled into its wake, only to discover it is some kind of simulator, and not a real boat, so there really isn't too much danger.

      I soon exit, dripping wet, into a gift shop, where I drop a bunch of cheap trinkets while I try to talk to the cashier, and make sure I've avoided any trouble. Soon I walk out of the shop and find myself in downtown London, and it feels a lot like some of my older dreams shortly after my semester studying in England.

      As I walk down the block, I run into David Tennant, who is dressed like the Doctor, but isn't playing him right now. We're standing next to a somewhat decrepit old building, and he is holding a large, double Klingon Bat'leth (kind of like the double pick from Stealing Creation in Runescape) which almost seems to be made out of plexiglass. He is using it almost like a pick-axe to sort of 'mine' the building.

      The first time he does this, he manages to pull out a very cool looking black cat figurine with emerald eyes. The second time he doesn't come up with anything, but the third time he manages to free a gorgeous half-nude blonde in an odd bikini-ish outfit. He just kind of dusts her off and sends her on her way, but she is very hot!

      I ask him if he is doing anything the next couple of months, then cringe and blush and say "That came out very, very wrong. Are you performing in a play anywhere over the next couple of months, since I'm in town and could get a ticket!" He isn't, but its still cool to get to hang out with him for a bit and shoot the breeze while he brings down buildings and finds treasure in his spare time.
    15. I almost forgot what it was like to have lucids like this; the dream world is incredible....

      by , 03-08-2013 at 03:38 PM
      So just for the record, I've gotten lucid three times in the past four days. >.> But I haven't felt like recording them because the one from Tuesday just totally disappeared from memory, and the one from yesterday I remember basically nothing of either, but I remember all of the non-lucid bits both before and after it. I guess I might add that one in here.... But the first one, I want to say that nothing important happened. But I might just want that to be the case. ._. There's really no way to say for sure. The second one... I'm pretty certain that the only thing I did was phasing, which is of course nothing new for me. I remember experiencing it and everything, I just don't really remember the experience itself. Oh well, the one from last night very much made up for it....

      Oh, and for the last few days I've been taking 400 mg of L-theanine a day, divided into two doses of 200 mg with one in the morning and one in the late afternoon or early evening, usually.


      #1 - But why are we in a skyscraper to begin with? [Non-Lucid]

      I was in some school class in a huge skyscraper in some downtown area, and there were random people I graduated from high school with, this girl who sits behind me in my speech class I'm taking this semester at college, and my parents, for some reason. There was a massive storm coming our way with tornadoes visible through the windows and everything, and I was holding my mom's hand as we were all scared. There's a flashforward and things get hazy, but I remember seeing people evacuate but thinking that it wasn't on the same day but it was the same "windy season"....

      #2 - Who would build a bathroom like this!? >_< [DILD]

      The details of this have gotten hazier since I didn't care to write it down at first, but there was some gigantic computer mouse whose cord stretched all the way across some city streets, and it got pulled away and I tried to chase it but lost track of it. I remember seeing my old high school friend AB's car, but then things get blurry.... This is around where I became lucid and phased but then my next memory picks again at the non-lucid point. :T I was spending the night somewhere with AB, M, and these guys J and Ma who I met through M. The next morning, I woke up and started blasting some really heavy club music and M got excited, and her boyfriend D, who's suddenly there, turns to me and says something like "We can catch up later." I then realized that I needed to go change my clothes so I went to the bathroom to do so, but there were big windows all over the door so it was very easy to see inside. Everyone was oriented in the direction of the windows, but just not looking directly into them, but of course it was making me very uncomfortable at the thought of starting to change. J was saying maybe they should turn in a different direction, but then I woke up.


      Last night, I took 250 mg of choline bitartrate immediately before going to bed. I'm fairly certain this had an effect, particularly on the lucid.

      #1 - This would have been great to become lucid for!! [Non-Lucid]

      I was playing some bizarre new PSP game the whole time, and there actually was something going on in the rest of the dream too but I pretty much missed it all because I was so focused on playing, so I don't really remember the plot anymore. What I remember about the game was that it had a setup where you had a team of playable characters that reminded me of the structure of NIS games, but it was mixed with a simulated life raising element like chao from the Sonic Adventure and Sonic Advance games, and the actual creature and level designs were sort of Pikmin-like. I really wish I could've played more of it because it seemed really interesting, but that's about all I can recall of it, and I remember walking up stairs or something maybe to see my speech professor... but no more solid details than that.

      I woke up from this dream with a very strong headache. I'm fairly certain that my head was smashed into this part of the backboard of my bed and that's what caused it, because the pain slowly went away in a way that I can only relate to when you wake up with a numb arm and it slowly returns to normal, but it was my first time having that type of thing happen so I can only guess. But I really hope that that's what happened because otherwise it would mean I woke up with a severe unexplained headache. >___>

      #2 - I could've told them this would happen... somehow. [Non-Lucid]

      I was in a high school PE class (though I think the setting might actually have been my elementary school, sort of?) with O and people kept trying to give him balls that corresponded to different sports, but I remember equating these to video game weapons in my mind and thinking that they were doing it wrong because they didn't realize that "his growth charts are unique". Eventually he decided to play what I think was registered as either baseball or golf... but it's really just a bunch of balls bouncing around and people chasing after them with no clear goals. He makes the "winning play" I believe when at least one of the teams is "frozen" at 23 seconds left on the timer, but it switches to this weird TV view for it that only shows symbols to represent the player. He was excited that they run, but due to the odd way I saw it play out I asked him for verification that he actually was the reason they won, claiming that "they only showed the overhead", or some such nonsense. Suddenly he got all depressed at the thought because he didn't realize that he had won it, he thought he was just a part of it, so we asked some other guy and he said that that was the case. Suddenly O sank into despair, and this guy PR who I've known since elementary school tries to ask him what's wrong and cheer him up or something, but he proclaims that he may never play that sport again, and then walks out of the gym all dejected as class ends. On the way out I was trying to think of a way to explain his reaction to PR, but I couldn't really think of a good way to phrase it before I woke up.

      #3 - I think it might have been inspired by Buffy? [DILD]

      This was an odd driving dream, and I'm fairly certain I've had something like this happen before.... Basically, I was driving home in the snow at night, and I was stuck driving from the back seat where there was an accelerator but no breaks. As a result, I was forced to drive very slowly and frequently take my foot off the gas so that I wouldn't gain too much momentum. I have no idea why I didn't think to just climb up to the front seat, but I know that there was a car driving behind me too, so maybe I just didn't want to mess with the situation and cause any trouble. We came over this bridge in my neighborhood, and then when I turned on to my street it was suddenly daytime. Somehow I managed to go too far beyond my house though, and then this car started coming down the street in the other direction right for me, and I perceived someone else as being in the car with me at this point too, but I don't recall ever seeing anyone.... I started thinking "shit shit shit" because I couldn't stop the car or change the direction it was going in very easily, and then we ended up headbutting the other car. This is all unbelievably vivid... perhaps a mix of the supplements and the adrenaline boost? I started trying to rationalize this situation because I didn't want to have to actually be in a car crash again, and then I thought to myself "Wait, could this be a dream? This whole thing is pretty odd...." I climbed into the front seat and by then I had a feel for my state of mind and was sure of it, so I became lucid.

      At this point I looked around at the street and the sky and just stared. This was one of those lucids that leaves you completely in awe from start to finish as you repeatedly tell yourself "There's no way a dream could be this real." As I looked over the neighborhood, there was no distribution of focus as in a regular dream, it was all fully rendered as a single image. It seemed exactly as if I was seeing it in waking life in every way, minus the snow. I ended up driving back down to where my house was (and I think it was using my first car which is long gone), and when I got there my house was pretty different. It was tall and thin, spanning multiple floors, whereas the real one has only one floor and is much more wide than tall. There were also large windows spanning most of the front face, and it had some kind of Greek-esque architectural design for what looked almost like a tomb on the ground floor, and it was covered in plant vines and everything. There was some large inscription at the top of this part, which was totally made out of stone, and I didn't get a good look at all of it but I do remember seeing the word "SOUL" in large print. Again, this was all extremely vivid. I wanted to go inside and check it out, as the front door was still right there where it should have been in the middle of that framework, but about that time I started feeling a headache again and
      woke up.

      *sigh* That would've been cool to explore. That headache, too... not the real one, but this one in the lucid. It felt like the ones I get when I smoke too much or the last few times I tripped. I'm really starting to wonder if it's hippocampal in origin, and if the choline brought it out.... I guess this break from smoking will probably help in more ways than I thought, because it's going to be annoying if that headache keeps making an appearance in lucids. :/ Hopefully it was just a one-time thing though, and overall I still consider this dream very successful.
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