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    1. 21 Feb: German crush from yesteryears, werewolfs in fortress and labyrinth hospital

      by , 02-21-2019 at 09:24 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      With Zilla and other people. Her German cousins are visiting. She tells me her cousin, for whom I had a crush, is this fat guy with a squeaky voice. He already has a daughter, he is very friendly, but it is a disappointment for me.
      We are at a fortified town and at night people go indoors and warn tourists about a werewolf, but tourists either don't believe or are excited with it. I am hiding at a high view point of the fortress, I notice some movement, some people are outside and sound the alarm and the creature climbs to rooftops and terraces and tries to escape. I follow it. Goes inside the castle where there is an event happening and people are still there. He attacks and a couple of persons are bitten, adding to the chaos, as at least one starts turning. I hide at a locker room where some ladies are changing, unaware of it, and then a few more people hide and lock doors. I don't want to stay put, as I find an exit leading to an old hospital. It is not empty, it is just quiet, cause it's night and some hallways are closed to the general public, but I dress as a doctor and wander around and no one suspects. Then I can't find a way out and becomes surreal. I hide from some female doctors in an area with rooms or apartments for doctors to rest. They sense my presence but I sneak out from room to room and they don't see me or just have glimpses of me and think are hallucinating. Then I find a secret door leading to a chamber and then another door to a toilet and god knows why, I have to climb inside the toilet and flush to open up a passageway to exit this place. But I hesitate, I am afraid of doing it and look for some normal exit. End up by the side of a bed where one doctor wakes up and sees me again but assumes I am in a dream, so I just lay down by her bed and pretend I am a character of her imagination and wait for her to fall asleep. I finally exit this place. Go to airport where the security stops me and I lose my plane.
    2. 2/9/16 - Familiar Beach/World Beyond the Wall (SLD/FA-DILD)

      by , 02-09-2016 at 10:20 PM
      Ritual: I had time to sleep in this morning so I was motivated to get lucid. Went to bed at midnight and woke at 6am to feed the cat. Didn't do a full WBTB, but took a few supplements (alpha-g, choline, l-theanine) plus a tiny amount (between 1-2mg) of very old galantamine. I lay down on my back to delay sleep onset and practiced progressive relaxation, a few SSILD cycles, and counting. Couldn't count very high (usually not past six, my focus is terrible these days) but clearly noticed onset of hypnogogic imagery and managed to put in a number of rotations before falling into dreamless sleep. When I awoke after a few minutes (guaranteed if I fall asleep on my back), I turned on my right side and let myself fall asleep normally, feeling adequately primed and hoping for the best. This "kitchen sink" approach has pretty much become my standard and despite being really haphazard has a decent success rate, often resulting in WILDs. This time I had an NLD or two that I don't remember well, then the following semi-lucid that turned into a DILD.

      SLD: I am on a beach. All is not well: there are what look like tiny floating islands approaching from across the sea, and on each one stands a little stone tower and a menacing-looking figure in black armor with a horned helmet. The armored figures to be using the islands as transportation. Though not quite lucid, I remember that I have certain broad powers in this place, so I walk along the beach until I spot a couple empty islands, and try to summon one toward me. It turns into a little white sailboat and promptly sinks. I try to summon the second one, and the same thing happens. So much for island hopping. I turn right and continue to walk along the waterfront.

      Something seems oddly familiar about this place—I've been here before, haven't I? I note the urban architecture up ahead, the sprawl of a city just past the beach and I'm distinctly reminded of a particular dream I had once, years ago now. It was here, I am sure of it, though this corresponds to no earthly place. I don't remember much about that earlier dream, except that it started in one of the apartment buildings a few blocks from the beach and then I went down to the parking lot, but saw the beach in the distance. [I think I actually found it, an entry from 12/29/13, but I misremembered the order of events: I was in the parking lot initially, then dropped by the beach before going up to the apartment.]

      Various people are wandering around the beach, and a distinctive figure approaches. He is a thin old man with stringy, longish grey hair, carrying three lidded boxes in different colors, each about eighteen inches square. "What do they call this bay?" I ask him. "Sigismund?" he suggests, then modifies it. "Or Sigisroot?" He seems uncertain. I am about to ask the name of the city, but we are interrupted by the approach of a huge wave. We try to scramble up the beach but don't make it in time, and the wave crashes over us. I have to struggle against the pull of its wake, meanwhile trying to reach around to find the old man, to help him if possible. I grab someone's hand in the water, but it turns out to be a short, dark-haired woman. After helping her to shore, I come across the old man again on the beach. He has made it to safety, but lost two of his boxes. I feel partly responsible for the loss of his boxes, so I go back to the water to look for them. I locate the boxes but their contents have spilled. Apparently they contained cassette tapes, so I dredge as many as possible out of the water and wet sand, restoring them to one of the boxes. After I've grabbed as many as I can find, I return the boxes to the old man.

      FA-DILD: The dream resets, perhaps a half-waking, and I am in my house again. I start reviewing what just happened, and write down the name of the bay, both variations—not sure I realized at the time I was writing in a dream notebook. As I think over the events of the dream, I realize I must have been semi-lucid at the point where I was trying to summon the islands and then recognized the setting from prior dream. I reason that if I was semi-lucid then, I must be actually lucid now. Dream logic is terrible, but this time it did the trick—thinking about lucidity made me recognize that I was still dreaming. Since I was back in my house, I decided to do the TOTM of walking through the wall. I had interpreted "my room" to mean the bedroom, so I head in there and immediately turn left to look at the wall. I'm pleased and surprised to find an ample stretch of wall between the door and bookcase (surprised because in WL there is no free wall space in the room at all, to the point where I thought I would have to do the task by going into the closet!) Instead, the dream has obligingly provided sufficient room for me to stand in front of the wall, so I press both hands flat against it and concentrate. The wall resists the pressure at first, so I increase it, then watch as my right hand starts to sink into the surface. The wall crumbles under my hand like weak plaster with an impressively realistic texture and sensation. As I continue to push, a whole section about two feet wide dislodges and falls inward under my right hand, and then I push my whole body forward and break through the rest.

      I find myself in a cramped, closet like space, empty yet messy somehow, like it was poorly constructed—for instance, there are exposed 2x4s at odd diagonals. There is no visible way out, and I remember back to a time I was exploring the use of mirrors as portals and got stuck in a labyrinth of empty rooms that became ever smaller and more claustrophobic. [The dream I was thinking of occurred on 4/17/14, and the earliest experience of this kind I recorded on 12/18/10]. Simply recognizing the dream's tricks gives me the confidence not to be waylaid by them again, so I turn left and push through that wall too. Unsurprisingly, I am in an even smaller, darker, and more cramped space. I remind myself to remain optimistic and keep pushing forward with the expectation of getting out. I push through a couple more dark, tiny, empty spaces and then find myself in one that is different. It feels like an actual closet, with coats. What catches my eye is the style of those coats: they remind me of the cheap winter coats we wore in the 1970s, made of smooth synthetic cloth in drab colors and augmented with wide fake-fleece collars. I push through the coats and finally tumble free into an outdoor space.

      It's one of those transitions that are so striking in dream. I had been struggling in narrow claustrophobic space with poor visibility, and suddenly everything has changed: I'm in open space, the air is clear and fresh, the light is bright, colors are vivid, my vision is sharp, and I feel a surge of ebullience. I remind myself that it is worth it, all the trouble I go to over dreaming, even if dream isn't always cooperative, because of experiences like this. I even notice that little flutter in my solar plexus that I associate with deep dream.

      I move forward, on my hands and knees at first. I am at the base of a steep hill, and there are a number of animals sitting on the hillside, placidly watching me, including several ape-like creatures. As I crawl through the grass, I note the distinct texture of it: it might not be grass at all, actually, but some kind of ground cover with stiff, spiny stalks that flatten rather than bend under my hands. When I get to my feet, I see that a number of these stalks have actually adhered to my palms. They look like black tubes about three inches long and only a couple millimeters across, hollow, with a longer thin hair sticking another inch out the end. I try to pluck one out and it won't come off. I have the impression that even if I manage to pull off the outer tube, the hair will be left behind. It occurs to me to wonder if this explains the ape-like creatures, which seem unusually intelligent and anthropomorphic: did other people come here before me, and end up with so many of these hairs attached to their skin that they became furry?

      I consider flying, but decide not to: I'm really interested in this place, and flying would destabilize me from this particular scenario, if not the dream itself. So I continue walking forward on foot, reminding myself both literally and figuratively to stay grounded. As I reach the end of the flat terrain at the bottom of the steep hill, I look up at the animals arrayed on the upper terraces, who are still quietly watching me. What should I ask them? I never seem to get anywhere asking the names of things, so I decide to be clever, and call up to them: "What would be a really interesting question for a newcomer to ask?" No answer. I repeat myself, but still no reply, so I start climbing up toward them.

      When I reach the upper terrace, things get complex. I can't remember what passes between me and one of the creatures, who is more man-like now, before he pulls a knife on me—though it is unclear if he he is using the knife to threaten me or the grizzled, older-looking apeman creature who is sitting to his left. I wrest the knife from his grasp, which knocks him off balance. He nearly falls off the cliff (which suddenly seems a lot steeper now, almost vertical, than when I climbed up it a moment before) and grabs on to my waist to save himself. I check my moral compass and find that I feel no compulsion to save him—something about his attitude puts me off—so I peel his arms away and he falls to the base of the cliff, presumably to his death. The elder creature has retrieved the knife, which is now lying at his feet, and I go over to look at it.

      When I pick up the knife, I find it to be a wide, cleaver-like implement made of thin cardboard with silver foil stuck to it. There is writing on the cardboard side, and I read through a whole confession, apparently by the creature I just sent to his death. The text describes an elaborate scheme that involved getting me pregnant and then killing me after the child was born, because it concludes, "I won't regret killing you when I see your features in the face of our infant." I find this repulsive and it resolves my lingering doubts about whether letting him fall was the right thing to do. I ask the elder creature if I can keep the knife, and he doesn't speak, but I take his silence as assent. I notice that there is a second knife on the ground, made of roughly-forged steel or iron and elegantly curved like a viking blade (the handle a loop of the same metal), that resembles like the one I wrested away initially, so I swap out the mock-up I'm holding for the real blade, and walk forward on the hilltop.

      I encounter another man, this one entirely human in appearance except for a strange feature: his face is completely wrapped in grimy white bandages, leaving only a bit of forehead and his hair explosed. The bandages are thicker over his left eye, but seem to adhere closely to his right—I can see the shape of the eye bulging under them—so I conclude that must be the one he somehow sees out of. Despite his odd appearance I feel an immediate affinity for him, in contrast to the last guy. He leads me into a building, where a girl approaches us and asks me, "Who made that knife?" I look at the blade in my hand. It doesn't bear a long text like the mock-up, but there is a row of runes along the top edge that I can't read. "He's dead now," I reply laconically.

      In the entryway of the building, we immediately go through a door to the right, into what looks like a machine shop. The machines are in the center of the room, and two people are operating them, but I can't tell what they're making. The machines have some kind of spinning disk that either cuts or polishes. The bandaged guy is telling me about a hardware store somewhere. "That's where the first ship came from." I have the impression he is talking about a spaceship, and gather that there is a whole complicated plot behind all of this, but I don't know the details. By the time we finish walking through the room, I am waking up.

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    3. The Castle

      by , 12-06-2015 at 12:13 PM
      sometime in 2014

      The Castle

      I woke up in an old castle where i would attend classes that were focused on me finding out what I wanted to do in life. The overall consensus was that I was not happy because I didn't know what I wanted to spend my whole life doing. But I think I began to question whether I really wanted to pick one thing. The monotony of spending the rest of my whole life doing one thing sounded like a hellish existence of repetition. I didn't even want to think about things before doing them at all at that point.

      I liked the idea of free choice and pondering all the options and directions to go so I left the class and went downstairs. I heard the door up stairs open as this other classmate came down trying to get me to go back to class. I resisted and went around back the stairs where i saw these glowing shimmering lights. I went underneath into the shadow cast underside of the staircase and reached for these glowing objects but when I was about to grab them they shot out like streamers all around the room. I turned a corner and the classmate kept following me. I knew he was trying to get me back; at this point it seemed like by force. I was getting bad vibes, like the whole thing was controlled and I was in a prison like loony bin where the caretakers where to ones who had actually lost their minds. I ran into a dead end, turned around and the classmate was blocking the way saying I had to go back to class. I told him I had free choice and ran passed him toward the glass doors to the outside. I started to pick the lock looking out through the frosted glass into the green hue overtones of the outdoors, but gave this up and smashed the glass with my fist to save time being that I was being chased at this point.

      I ran out across the grass and took an immediate left around the building where people were playing football as my classmate and a few others are chasing me yelling to catch me. The players are alerted and join the chase. I pick up speed and jump a fence into a hedge-maze where I take a few rights and a few lefts until i lose them. Then I realize that I'm lost myself and this feeling of being trapped for eternity sweeps in as I slowly loose consciousness...

      I wake up in a bed in a small stuffy room with my mother sitting above me reading off a list of the symptoms that I have like "paranoia, anxiety, depression, deranged thoughts, loss of will, short-term memory loss" She's trying to help but it made me feel like the very act of a assuming these problems projected them on me. I felt like I was being diagnosed to the point that the diagnosis was creating the very symptoms they were focused on treating. The forced help mentality of projected mental health issues was what was in-sighting my paranoia that thereby drove me to jump straight out of the bed and run downstairs, back out through the glass door I had broke. I ran straight this time across into a huge field of old recycled cans. I was literally wading through aluminum cans where my feet wouldn't even touch the ground any more. The cans formed a hill and as I waded on the light became visible as I could see that the cans were piled against a wall. On top of the wall I looked out across a bay with a lighthouse in the distance. I jumped down onto the beach and sat in the lotus position looking at the waves. It was at this point that my body felt weird like I was electrically charged and I knew I was dreaming. I looked at my hands and they started to melt like I was on mushrooms, the overexposed high detail of my finger prints shifting and changing sizes. I looked up and my friend Sarah was here and she wanted to go swimming. I wanted to fly so I began to float upwards over the water as she swam. As I looked down I slowly began to sink further and further down into the water where I sank and woke up in real life to my fellow dreaming black cat Phantom sleeping on my chest.

      This is just one of my lucid dreams that I've had that involves my main reoccurring dream-signs:

      Getting Lost (Normally underground in tunnels)
      Flying/ Falling (enjoy both when falling I like to land on my feet)
      Being swept away by water beyond my control
      A castle
    4. Escaping the White Dragon In Ancient Sewer Labyrinth

      by , 11-10-2015 at 05:48 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Escaping the White Dragon In Ancient Sewer Labyrinth (DILD)


      Surprisingly, I had little interest in recalling this dream, but if I keep doing that in general, I probably wouldn't bother to recall dreams that could be really awesome to depict visually in the future. I should continue doing more image streaming sessions during my days off from work, or at least a few minutes, or so for whatever day. I seem to undermine the ease of recalling things, especially ones that I try to capture immediately after experiencing them.

      I’m watching myself play a game, or at least that’s what it seemed at first, where you’re presumed to have to escape from a white dragon that’s hell-bent in killing you with its fangs. There’s a lot of quick time events that entail having to go left and right along with a third person perspective when you reach certain areas that allow this.

      The quick time events mostly involve you being in a first person perspective being capable of crawling through the sewers with ease, but with ominous music playing, and hearing the subtle nuances of the dragon’s breathing, and mode of action as well, it makes the experience horrifying. The white dragon would even declare sardonic statements of how one would be close to his death very soon, and such.

      The overall color scheme within the sewer labyrinth involves green, black, and a swamp-murky gray color, mostly for any water that’s streaming, or standing still. The transitioning from choosing left or right was very fluid, and had the dream-esque quality of weightlessness to it. It almost seemed as if the sewer dungeon itself was tilting, albeit very subtly. Or, it could just be the harsh movements of going left or right, and feeling as if my body is tilting to accommodate for the implication of fluid transitions.

      There were several moments where I was in close contact with the white dragon, but mostly due to me being a bit clever into tricking it into thinking I was at a certain location. I was completely oblivious to the general layout of the sewer labyrinth, and chose left and right in a non-sequential matter.

      Whenever I would partake in events where I visualized myself in a third person perspective with the camera being behind my shoulders, I noticed a sense of urgency to augment my pace in running, as I knew the white dragon would be less restricted in movement as well. I even had the audacity to visually scroll around behind me to see this dragon coming after me, and it was only 20 feet or so away from me.

      For some reason, I felt the environment itself with its ominous setting may have skewed my perception of the white dragon as I would imagine it being just as dark and tyrannical. Though, with a previous quick time event situation where it clamped my body in half, I beg to differ. There’s one event with the third person perspective where I’m inching my way towards the next hole, or entrance to randomly partake in. I’m wearing a shirt/sweater/jacket hybrid of some sort, and the sleeves are rolled up a bit. I’m wearing black pants as we well with some dark shoes; not sure of the exact color, though.

      The space around me seemed more natural than polluted for some reason, and I started to realize that the general layout of what seemed like an ancient sewer was merely the ancient aesthetics being seen as slightly vulgar to me. There was this large green base for the ground that was surrounded by a stream of water going in a circular motion, or being still for some circumstances. The walls were made of a rocky composition, and for some areas, there would be a faint white stream of light above me. But, because of what I felt were my limitations at the time, and the dragon being able to fly as well, I figured having to muster willpower to escape via flying would be futile at best.

      And with this dragon chasing me while I tried to find an end route from this dungeon, I was predisposed into thinking that it was trying to hide something that I could tap into inwardly for whatever purpose to be cherished, I think. It wasn’t the dragon being able to chew, maul, or tear me into pieces that was the issue, but more so having to potentially repeat the whole experience of going through this seemingly grandiose labyrinth.

      It got to the point where I’m almost out of the area, however, the logic of the experience entailed that I had to distract the dragon into going into a large body of water while I would have to land to the left of a nearby cliff that would lead me to wherever. If the dragon comes along with me to the nearby cliff, it would profess that I failed in my escape.

      So, there were several dream equivocations going on with transitioning in and out from this. First, the experience was translated into one where people thought it was some virtual experiential reality that they could treat as a video game. I would even go so far into saying that people would be tempted into making a video game out of it, and I even imagined someone like Markiplier wanting to play it as well. It got to the point where one could acquire a map of the whole ancient labyrinth.

      However, it was more than just simply navigating through the multitude of paths as there were certain switches you had to activate to determine the path you would choose. A lot of the switches, doors, and such were color-coded while the actual paths were mostly a milky gray color. Looking at the map, I could barely find an exit, but I was eventually able to find out since whenever you pressed on the map for certain areas, it would emit an orange trail to one of the exits.

      The two main pairs of switches consisted of a blue and green color. They were outside of the entrance to the labyrinth, and the environment around them had a mélange of high-tech machinery, and the basic composition of nature. It seemed that this area had connotations of a lost technological community along with some stylizations akin to Aztec, Mayans, and what have you.

      People were navigating around this area, and they all varied in existence. Some were children, some were very old, and they all had varied body weights as well. I was fairly skeptical of some that seemed a bit more grandiose in size as it would probably be difficult for them to enter it in the first place. It bothered me that these individuals treated this experience like a video game of some sort, which may have been an autonomous process set out for me to synch with this treatment of the dream.

      But for me, there was something that the dragon wanted to protect militantly. Some people even tried to go at the dungeon only to be reset back to this location with the main switches being pressed or back to their original position. It felt a bit consoling that there was an imaginative collective effort to figure out all of the intricacies of this area because it seemed like a nightmare, especially without the map.

      For some reason, even with the map, I still felt skeptical of planning out my movements because I inferred that there would be some kind of surprise; difficulty wise, pace wise, and such that would make the seemingly pre-determined paths selected equal in mystery.

      There was a point in the dream, or maybe this is another dream altogether that was sequential to this one where I imagined myself near a region that consisted of bars, fast food chains, and a Starbucks. Apparently, one could access the labyrinth via the manholes set out on the roads. I didn’t pay too much attention into wanting to get there through the manholes, but for whatever reason, I guess I was out here for more answers about something that I couldn’t remember.

      I eventually transitioned back into the base of the entrance to the ancient labyrinth, and invested a lot of time looking at the map, and figuring out how I should assess myself should I ever want to go back. I would even visualize myself going through a virtual experiential reality within this virtual experiential reality, ironically, and figuring out when the dragon would appear, and what I would have to do. It made me wonder if I spent most of the dream visualizing this in my head without even going through the labyrinth. And that’s why bothered me the most because if this were the case, for all I know, the actual experience would be something completely different from what conjured up in my head even though this would be experienced within my own cognition.

      The inwardness of the dream diluted the nightmare-like disposition of the experience in general, and became something more like a competitive event even though said implication was in guise of wanting to make it as such to again distract myself from thinking it was a nightmare having to deal with the white dragon; kind of like a self-reflection of how my mind would conceptualize certain events, and utilizing whatever autonomous process to suppress, regress, repress, and such to skew the experience in general.

      Every time I felt tempted to have a go at the ancient labyrinth, I would go back to the same circular process of imagining myself doing so, and being dissatisfied at the end result.
    5. The Goblin King, Orpheus, and tracking down roses in China

      by , 12-09-2014 at 08:11 PM
      Speaking with Jareth, I end a sentence with "god!" A general exclamation, but that's not how he takes it. He replies, entirely serious, "Don't call me that." I didn't, but good to know your arrogance has some limits.

      I'm singing the title role of Don Giovanni, wearing a mask that covers my entire face, even my mouth. Reminds me of the McKittrick. While on stage, I switch places with someone else, identically dressed.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      I'm swimming in a pool with a woman who's offered to grant me a wish. To do so, she tells me I must go to Thailand and walk into the jungle in a certain place until I reach an abandoned building. Here, I must draw one of two specific symbols in the dirt. It doesn't matter which one I choose, what matters is the reasoning behind my choice. Whichever I choose, she'll draw the other. She'll stand at my back, using those two symbols in some way, during which time I must not turn to look at her or communicate with her in any way. Success depends on her understanding why I made the choice I did.

      A young man runs out of a house, pursued by several women wearing black and red. Shortly afterward, inside that building, I come across three young men, and I ask, "Which one of you sprinted out of here looking like Orpheus with the Bacchae on his heels?"

      I'm looking over some photos of the new cast at the McKittrick. (Side note - last time I dreamed of Orpheus, he was in the McKittrick-as-underworld.) A new storyline has been added in. The photo I'm looking at now shows the woman at the center of that new storyline, sitting on a stool at a diner counter - sad expression, short wavy blonde wig, purple dress, purple purse on the counter. The character's female but always played by a male actor. In the background behind her, there's a man in a suit slouched in one of the booths, watching her. He's a sort of sycophant character, sleazy, untrustworthy, but entirely loyal to her in his own way.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      Edwardian England, there's a heavyset, motherly woman gently pushing a sick young woman back down into her bed, over the young woman's protests - she's feeling much better but she's having a hard time thinking straight enough to make herself understood. At this point she's just saying, "No, no." The light from the window is hurting her head, it's much too bright. I'm sympathetic about that, but mostly I'm relieved to be able to see her like this at all, relieved that she's all right and that the connection that lets us see what the other's doing is now working. I haven't seen her in some time.

      I see images representing all the other people I have those connections with, with an image representing this woman now added to the end of the line. There are maybe two dozen images here, older connections as I look back farther. The most recent image, aside from that Edwardian scene, represents someone I just saw recently in person, pleasant feelings. As I look farther back, there's one image that instantly brings up feelings of irritation - we don't keep in touch, we've never been able to understand each other, and just this brief visual reminder of her brings up that old frustration. There's a few places where an image should be there but isn't - the woman whose death I dreamed of recently, the roses that turned to ash. And at the other end of the line, the very first two: the first, a woman with a long red braid, a sword in her hand, standing in a snow-covered forest. The second, a more symbolic image - a variety of colorful butterflies hanging in the air against a dark background, two trees just barely visible in the darkness. And a little bit apart from the last of those images, a simple black image to represent me.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      I'm lying on my back in a field hospital in 20th century China. There's a young woman treating me, wearing a uniform, with her hair tied up in two braids. I've been enjoying speaking with her. I haven't been enjoying whatever's in that IV. I'm thinking about the woman mentioned in that previous scene, with the roses turning to ash.

      Still in China, I'm in a small boat that a middle-aged man is steering by pole. I've hired him to take me and an old woman back to her hometown, though it's been flooded and abandoned for a very long time. The old woman doesn't live in the present anymore. Her hometown is the place where I last saw that woman with the roses, though that was a long time ago and I don't know if I'll be able to find anything useful there. I haven't been back to this part of the world since before this area was flooded. I focus on the ruins of a building I recognize, as the boat passes underneath.
    6. 22 Dec: A quest to regain control of the underworld

      by , 12-22-2013 at 05:26 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I'm on a travel with a couple of girl friends, to a remote location where there is a labyrinthic underground like the one under our hometown. Ours was once a revered sacred place, protected by spirits and not for the weak of mind and heart, but accessible to the pure souls as a soul searching, spiritual growth journey. Unfortunately it is now haunted by all sorts of demons and dark creatures who started coming out of the undergrounds and attacking people in their own world. We want to meet the people in this twin town and see if they are going through the same problem and to seek alliances to fight evil. I carry precious gifts to offer to these people.
      We arrive at night and we don't see a soul. We head to the entrance of the underworld, looking for answers. As we go deeper, something happens, we hear sounds, see shadows, we're not sure what happens, but I fall on the ground and all the precious vases and statuettes I was carrying get broken. As I pick up the pieces from the floor, feeling hopeless about it, a man appears.
      He welcomes us and takes us to a larger open space, with a few doors on the rock walls. He asks what we're doing there and we explain. He says in this town they have indeed faced an increase in the dark energies and spirits, but they have found a way to control them, by moving themselves into the undergrounds and owning them. They have established dominance over the underworld and now share the space with the shadow creatures. The creatures tease them and sometimes are a bit dangerous, but they found a way to keep a balance, although it seems that people's lives over here are not easy or ever relaxed.
      Still, he gives us a plan on how to take back the power over our underground domains. The plan involves taking over a route that leads directly to the center of the labyrinth and take control of its main sacred room. He says two female guards should be at the door at all times. He also says our main concern should be the werewolves, sworn enemies of our female warrior guardians order.
      In fact, on our return home, we are attacked by a couple of werewolves, but they are not ugly fury beasts. During the day they take the form of handsome manly men. But I never let down my guard and we manage to fight back and scare them away. Still, there's a long fight ahead of us...

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    7. Fragments - fallen leaves and murder investigations

      by , 08-26-2013 at 09:46 PM
      A classic black and white movie called Death in the Rain, with Ingrid Bergman, and a reference to Rappaccini's Daughter.

      Labyrinth's Sarah falls into an oubliette, but it's a fairly large and well-lit spherical room built of pale brown stones, a few fallen leaves drifting around, and with a pale gold stylized metal sculpture in the form of a double helix rising in the center. She's just walked all the way around the circular room with one hand on the wall searching for openings, when Hoggle appears and she asks where he came from.

      Playing the role of a man who lives in a major city. Two detectives have just left my home after questioning my family and everyone else on the estate, and stressed out, I go to the park for a run. The tree branches are all bare.
    8. Underground labyrinth

      by , 02-13-2013 at 09:10 PM (Taffy's Sweet Dreams)
      I was in some kind of dungeon, and there were two doorways without doors so that you can see inside. One was blocked by a wizard who said that I needed a giant beast with me to enter. I looked inside and saw these huge animal-like creatures walking around inside. The dream changes to third person view and I see Harry potter going down there with Hagrid. He was holding a rope of some kind. The dream switches back to first person, but now I have a group of people with me, a party like an RPG. Some of the people were characters from Persona. We went down into the labyrinth even without a beast. After walking around for a while we met up with another party, but they were hostile. There were the leftover characters, the ones that weren't in my party but could be added instead in the game if you wait long enough and trigger certain actions. We ran and hid, but they found us. There was this spirit thing with them, which resembled some of the beasts in the labyrinth. You could see right through it. It came over and started to fuse with me, kind of like a possession. But nothing happened really, so we kept going. We entered a sort of open and large room. There was a man with silver hair there, who joined our party, but then the dream ended.
    9. My house, made weird by the dream state.

      by , 09-07-2012 at 01:44 AM (Zechariah's Dream Journal)
      So last night I had probably five different major things happen in my house, so the order of them is a little bit jumbled in my head. As far as I know, the first part went like this.

      I told my wife goodnight, she went to bed. Shortly after that, I was alone in the house- but I got a visitor. My old friend Eric came over and we talked a while, and smoked a little bit(Which is a little off, because I quit smoking marijuana a short while back because it was giving me extreme anxiety attacks.). After we hung out for a while, he took off. Suddenly I remembered, "Wow, this is strange. I'm not panicking."
      So I called my sister and told her about it, kind of excited even though it made little sense. After I hung up I started to panic a bit(Haha, dreams). But at that point my wife woke up and got mad at me, because she had been trying to sleep in that room the whole time. I realize now that she hadn't, but it was a dream so I went with it. I said sorry, I had no idea why I didn't realize that. My mind made up the excuse that I just wasn't used to our new sleeping arrangements. Anyways, after that- she had to use the restroom. But for some reason, we had an ill feeling that something might be waiting in the bathroom.
      So I grabbed the knife off of my desk and walked in slowly to find a small, thin, wooden labyrinth going through my bathroom to the side with the toilet. Of course though, on the thin wooden panels going all the way through were mirrors. I could have sworn I saw something move other than myself when first entering the bathroom. Entering the mirror labyrinth*. Now that I remember my dream, I did see something move. But I attributed it to my mind playing tricks on me. I walked all the way through and found nothing, and walked back out. That whole scene made me pretty nervous for some reason, even after I found that nothing was there. Probably just my subconscious telling me that something in my bathroom looked wrong. lol. That was the end of that dream.

      But at one point later, I had a false awakening where I was telling my wife about my weird dreams of this night. She told me that she assumed I was having some weird dreams, because I was yelling "Fuck your mother!" in my sleep. This is funny to me, excuse my language.

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    10. [The Dried-Up Trench]

      by , 09-02-2012 at 01:25 PM (Searching For The Center of Everything)
      [Tuesday, August 21st, 2012]
      I was in a multiple faded dreams that were set in a labrynth metropolis city of stone and metal that was built into the side of a supercliff, an empty ocean trench. I could see the sky most of the time, and it was the deepest blue you could imagine. Me and a group of friends were exploring the city and trying to find treasure. The funny thing is, the city wasn't abandoned. One fragment I remember was being on a flat metal surface with patterns of criss-crossed steam lines that went on and off... they were dangerous so you either had to time it when you were to walk, or jump over them carefully. I tried timing my walk and burned myself... Frustrated at the rest of my group's ease of travel over the steam, I tried jumping and somehow managed to do it perfectly...

      The very last thing I remember, was crowding around an elevator that led to an off-limit room. We were debating whether or not to go in, since it was probably off-limits, but I pushed myself in without hesitation. Me, two girls, and two guys. On our way up, the guys vanished. Suddenly the elevator reversed directions and headed down... I said, "Well... we can just tell them we were looking for the bathroom." One of the girls agreed, knowing that it was a half-joke. Once out of the elevator, I sprinted ahead to the left saying, "I'll just use that bathroom over there! BE RIGHT BACK." I followed the open labrynth toward a bunch of rusty-white metal platforms, suspending high up against the rocky wall. There were ladders, but I jumped up and scrambled myself up the side of the platform. (I really had to pee...) The guy who had dissapeared earlier was sitting lifelessly to the right. He phased in and out and appeared as colored metal rings for a moment. I think he had stolen something... or hurt himself... Just then, the other guy appeared, and he was muscular and shirtless and resembled my WL friend, Nathan... he picked up the injured man and began walking the direction I was headed. "Hey, I'm gonna go to the bathroom real quick, when I get back, I'll carry him for awhile."
      My dreamscape faded to reality. (I was in an extremely uncomfortable position in WL and had to pee REALLY BAD. I emptied my bladder and here I am. I'm not skilled enough to jump back in my dream.)*

      *(I'd like to add, that around 7:00PM, me and my friend Nathan [the buff character from the dream] were sitting on a bench around town in WL, after smoking some weed stuff... I looked up at the sky and saw the EXACT blue sky as in the dream. It was impossibly blue, and was getting dark fast. Just as I mentioned all of this to Nathan, another friend of ours called and asked if we could give him a ride. Come to think of it, the lifeless guy from my dream looks strikingly similar to the one we were about to give a "ride" to, his name was Kyle. Kyle's a pretty weasley/stingy guy sometimes... Maybe he did steal something too!)
    11. Atheist Opera ? (07.04.12)

      by , 04-07-2012 at 04:15 PM
      So, last night I experienced my first MILD LD, YAY! anyway's.. I've almost forgotten everything about it but im still gonna tell you what I remember, okey ?

      Well, I was wondering around in some sort of a Dark House Labyrinth Thing Place when all of a sudden I realized that all of the exits were jammed(the doors looked like some sort of Giant Steel Safe Door's). I was alone at first.. but all of a sudden the urban labyrinth was crowded with people. There was a great panic and everyone was desperate to find a way out!

      I't was then that I realized that none of this was real!

      I escaped the labyrinth and headed outside to the titanic trash yard looking terrain only to find a dark figure asking me how I wanted to summon my subconscious. I thought about that for a moment.. I wanted it to appear in the form of a Talking White Raven, but then I thought it would be hilarious to spawn it as an Atheist Opera xD(it seemed hilarious at the time )

      I remember asking it a question which was however not granted with an answer.. I just stood there and did nothing.

      The thought didn't cross my mind to use any powers such as flying, teleporting or morphing. Talking to my subconscious seemed to be the most fascinating thing to experience in my dreams.

      Suddenly, I felt an immersive urge to talk to two of my friends about what had happened, when all of a sudden I had teleported to a place where my friends where at the time :O They where climbing a balcony of some sorts. The brick built apartment complex was in the color of of brown and grey and resembled a titanic version of the small apartment residence of Sienna Gardens, Edinburgh of where I had once lived.

      Before I could tell them anything, I was suddenly awoken by the dog...

      Sweet Dreams..
      Tags: dog, labyrinth, mild, opera
    12. One Thing After Another

      by , 12-04-2011 at 01:29 AM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      I've been slacking off on my lucid dreaming lately, so to get back into the swing of things I've decided to actually start using this dream journal instead of letting it sit around collecting metaphorical dust.

      My last two lucid dreams:

      [Missing the Bus]
      Upon coming out of the school and realizing that I have missed the bus, I become lucid and decide to take a little walk down Main Street to see what might come up. It is a beautiful, overcast, rainy afternoon with no one in sight-- just as I like it. I talk to myself to say lucid while I make note of the similarities and differences of Dream Main Street from Real Main Street. Enjoying the peaceful walk, I am a bit dismayed when fear seeps through me from the very air itself and I notice I creepy girl standing ahead of me in the empty street. She is chanting in a sing-song voice, "Twilight! Sunshine! Twilight! Sunshine!" She approaches me and stops a few inches away, still chanting. Clearly, she's psychotic.

      I ignore the irrational fear and decide to have a bit of fun. "Hey, take it easy," I tell her soothingly, pulling her into an embrace. "It'll be alright." I see sanity return to her eyes,and I can't help myself: I press a gentle kiss to her lips. When she kisses me back, I push her against the wall of the store we're standing near, and we begin making out. After a few moments, however, she stops me. Apparently I have done something to anger her in the past, and she isn't yet ready to forgive me. In a rage, she nearly forces me to wake up.

      *darkness, but I manage to bring the dream back*

      It is sunny now, somewhat to my dismay, but despite the sudden scene change I am still lucid. Now I am walking with two companions along a grassy path, somewhere out in the country. The girl is still prevalent in my thoughts... I MUST find her again! Maybe if I hadn't been mooning over some non-existant person, I might have noticed the earth giant before he noticed us.

      His huge leafy head slowly rises from the hill where he was sleeping, his mean eyes narrowed right at us. Oh, crap. "Run!" I shout, doing my best not to trip over the unstable ground.

      Knowing I can't outrun him, I hide in some dense undergrowth and then sprint into the main forest as soon as the coast is clear.

      After I take interest in some strange little paths that stretch through the woods, a narrator begins saying some stuff that I'm not really paying attention to. Once more, I'm having fun just exploring. Then I catch the narrator saying something along the lines of, "But little did she know, she was about to encounter the dreaded Mask People." Wait, what? Mask people? That's when I see them: little hairy creatures dressed in brown robes and creepy masks, each carrying a staff with some kind of animal skull on it. I freeze in my tracks, doing my best not to make any noise, because I have an innate understanding that the Mask People are blind.

      I decide to mess with them. I let out a sudden bloodcurding scream, and a few of them are so startled that they fall to their butts on the forest floor. I laugh hysterically at my little prank, until they begin to get aggressive. "Wait, I'm not going to hurt you," I say. "I'm a friend." Somehow appeased, their leader gives me a skull like the ones on their staves. I follow them and eventually meet back up with my companions.

      It isn't long before I find that girl again, in some dream city, but she keeps running away from me. As I am searching for her again, I pass by a huge church that has a big electronic sign in which my name is scrolling by in big yellow letters. Maybe she's in there. I open the door and immediately see that this is no ordinary church. A service is taking place in which everyone is wearing some kind of disturbing mask-- not like the mask people, whose masks looked like tikis, but intricate masqurade masks resembling demons and evil creatures. I notice that the preacher, who is not wearing a mask, closely resembles Pan from Pan's Labyrinth.

      I'm intrigued, but I ignore all of this when I see the girl in a long procession on the staircase, headed to one of the lower rooms. I leap over the banister and stop her, holding on to her arm. Some of her sanity has left again; she is going off on a crazy rant that I am not really listening to because her eyes are changing color like a kaleidoscope. "Such beautiful eyes..." I think to myself.

      *there is a lapse in time, but somewhere along the line the girl has officially started trying to kill me*

      I run with my companions up the hill to some beautiful houses. But horror fills us--- we've arrived at HER house. Great.

      I confront her again, but suddenly realize that my friends have guns and are going to shoot her. "NOOO!" I yell and pounce on her, knocking us both to the ground. I end up taking all the bullets, which wakes me up.

      [Alice in Terrorland]
      I am with my mom and my brother to begin with, on a search for Alice Liddell, who is in some sort of trouble. We travel down a staircase into the basement of an old church where we come across a very formidable looking door. My mom tries to open it. "It's locked," she tells me.

      Suddenly I "remember" that I have had this dream before. (It was a false memory; I've definitely never dreamed anything like this). "This is the Door Master's door. You need his key to open it. It should be in your pocket," I inform her. Just as she finds the key, the Door Master appears behind us. He is basically a giant key with eyes, arms and legs, who is very alarmed when he sees what we are about to do. "HURRY UP AND OPEN IT," I yell as the Door Master sprints toward us. We go through the door and slam it behind us so he can't follow.

      Now we are in a long hallway with hundreds of different doors and passageways. I have been in this sort of place before; if we don't get proper directions, we'll be lost in here for ages. Shaking off my feelings of foreboding, I walk confidently onward, somehow aware of the general direction we should be traveling. After a while, I spot a familiar door. "What ever you do," I warn my companions (who are no longer my mom and brother; they are now an old friend of mine and a cat), "do NOT go through that door. I made that mistake last time." (Yet another false memory.)

      All of a sudden, the Door Master is sprinting in front of us, going off to alert someone of our presence. "Wait!" I shout and begin to chase after him. "We need you to help us find Alice!!!" I follow him for a while, but then I spot Alice just as she darts through one of the doors. A strange woman stops us as we approach.

      "You'll need to memorize this rhyme before you go any further," she tells us. "It will save your life." She then proceeds to recite a very ominous poem, which I have unfortunately forgotten. Something about "A terrible place called Wonderland." My friend memorizes it quickly, so we enter the house of Alice Liddell.

      Her parents are standing in the kitchen when we walk in. "She's in her bedroom," Mrs. Liddell informs us, pointing to the far end of the house. As we head that way, I notice Alice's older sister. She is a tall, beautiful young woman with pale skin and reddish-blond hair, wearing an old-fashioned dress. She smiles at me when we pass.

      Just when we reach Alice's bedroom, I "remember" that her sister is insane. Whirling around, I manage to throw up my arm right as she stabs a knife at me. The blade sinks painfully into my arm. Suddenly in a sort of berserker mode, I grab the knife and psychotically stab it into her stomach again and again and again until she falls to the floor, dead. Then, I plunge the knife into her back "for good measure," before taking it and following my friends into the bedroom.

      Alice, an 8 or 9 year old girl with black hair and sullen looking eyes, is sitting on her bed, waiting for us. "You're not my friends anymore," she says in the creepy, monotonous voice of someone who is possessed. "You're not my friend and you're not my friend and you're not my friend," she points at each of us as she speaks. That creature has taken her soul, I realize, preparing for the worst. "But you know who IS my friend? HE is!!!!" The closet door bursts open------------

      Just as my alarm goes off and wakes me up.

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    13. Drug Dealers and Such

      by , 09-24-2011 at 04:09 PM (Just Dreaming)
      Drug Dealers and Such: (non-lucid)


      I'm walking out side of an apartment building that I own. The building is white, and generally small- but very tall at the same time. I walk inside of it and start to go up the stairs. I reach the top floor, and start to get very paranoid. I am a drug lord and plan on retiring today. I'm not that old, but my partner died last year on this very day, and I wanted to honor him by giving up my trade.

      The more I walk around, the more paranoid I get. I look out from a balcony that is in the middle of wall. I see two men in black rush across the street, then into the building. It would also appear that they are packing heat. I turn around and I can see that they are now on the same floor as I am, however, when I turned around a large labyrinth of walls has appeared and replaced all of furniture and other items that were once on the floor. The labyrinth is very long and tall, but it doesn't reach all the way up to the ceiling.

      The two men start to rush into the labyrinth looking for me. I'm now holding a pistol. I decided to try and kill them, so I start to fire at one of the men. He doesn't seem to even notice that he is being shot. After I keep shooting him I wondering why he doesn't die, then all of the sudden he falls onto the ground, then teleports next to me and stands up. I try to stab him- but he tells me that he is already dead and is just trying to help me. I accept his change in character, and move on to try and kill the other person. A menu opens up in front of my eyes, and it lets me pick which weapons I want. I notice a red LMG in the far left corner and decided to try and use it. It has a some kind of holographic scope on it, and is extremely large.

      I start to spray the weapon all over the labyrinth in an attempt to stop the other man, but I realize that he is now right next to me. He reaches out to try and stab me, but I jump backwards, look out of the balcony, then lunge at it and jump out. I start falling when I notice that the ocean is across the street. I try to fall into it, but I don't make it that far across the street. Right before I hit the pavement, I wake up.

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    14. Drug dealing passport stealers, Love hotel, Lost in the subway

      by , 01-31-2011 at 07:26 PM (Brainy Vapours)
      I have memories of three fragmented dreams, all rather random...

      Fragment 1

      All I can remember is I'm out in the middle of the woods, at some log cabin home where this hippy type man and woman live. They are drug dealers, apparently. The man takes my passport and makes a break for it in his station wagon (complete with wood panel!) I chase after him, crying, panicked.

      Fragment 2

      I'm in an Indian themed love hotel searching for someone

      Fragment 3

      I'm lost in a labyrinth of underground train and subway tunnels. I keep changing trains trying to find my way, but it just gets me more and more hopelessly lost. I ask for help but no one can help me or understand me. I eventually find my ex (he's wearing this strange crepe type white shirt that has a 'stylishly' ripped V neck. He's laughing and nervous because he's lost and confused too.

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    15. at least i had recall.

      by , 09-18-2010 at 06:35 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      Obama lol

      there was a metal concert hosted at the white house. There was a bunch of kids smoking weed. Obama was smoking a joint and then a cigarette. He looked around that the kids going crazy at the concert and then he was like "Oh shit... I forgot to set up my security team for this... I hope my presidential secrets aren't trashed and found out".

      a dangerous glass of water

      I was walking in a hallway of some apartment place. I ran into Bonnie lying in the hallway with an empty glass of water. She told me to put it back in the one apartment she was in... and she told me to be discreet about it because if they found out she snuck a glass of water, that they would kill her literally. Unwillingly i take the glass. I go to the aparment and put it in the door. Outside is a womanw ith red hair smiling at me. i feel like it's asuka merged with someone else i know. I am trying to be sneaky so I walk away.

      I wind up in my apartment and i start practicing Kung fu. In my mind it's because i was quickly in and out of the apartment, quick like kung fu. So i just continue the form iuntil the dream fades out.

      Dream labyrinth.

      I discovera a labyrinth of tunnels and hallways that exists in another dimension. I discover i can quickly get aroudn the dream map. Ever hallway leads to a different house. I can leave my house walking down this hallway and shortly wind up at a friends house. I come across a woman I know from waking life, she has a cast on one leg but seems to walk normally. I follow her to her place and she is always smiling.


      I walk into a room to look at pictures of married couples. I can see a list of peoples names with pictures of couples. I recognise Erik from the metal band and his wife. I go to my spot on the list but there is no picture. I remember there was a drawn picture of me and Asuka there before, but now it's removed, because now the list only must contain real pictures from couples in waking life. I am a bit sad that i don't have a picture to submit to the list because Asuka is not with me in waking life.

      Steve in the labyrinth

      i am walking through the labyrinth between dream houses again. I run into steve who i haven't seen for a couple years. He takes me to a few different houses of his. At one of the houses i ask him if he wants to go to a club or something. I say I don't really care to go to try to pick up girls or anything. i just wanna drink and talk with him there. He laughs and says that making friends at clubs is easy, and that many people make it seem harder than it actually is. The hardest part is just opening up and talking to people.