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    1. Zombie Apocalypse - Desert Mall

      by , 01-29-2014 at 01:36 PM
      What I recall in this dream is me waking up in some sort of institutional-type building. However, the setup is very strange to me. The floor beneath me is ceramic tiling, and the walls behind me and to my front and right are solid white. However, to my left the wall seems to actually be made from link fence material, so that I can see through it. Getting up and peering through the 'wall', I notice that the building appears almost like a spiral staircase so that I can see the levels both below me and above me, and I also see that on the other side of my current level is a door, presumably leading to the stairwell. I run over and exit where I'm at through this door.

      I'm shocked, however, when I enter to smell something rancid and to see a half-decomposed body resting on the stairwell leading up to the upper level. Upon hearing the noise of the door clambering shut behind me, the corpse actually rouses and groans before attempting to crawl in my direction. I immediately recognize it to be a zombie and sprint down the stairs. I try exiting through a lower door about three or four levels down, but this floor is slam packed full of zombies and I barely manage to bring the door back to a close before they can stick a limb through the opening. It has to be pulled for the door to open, so I appear to be relatively safe.

      Still, I can hear moans all throughout the stairwell, so I know I have to get out. Suddenly a pole seems to be directly in the center of the also spiraling staircase (much like a firefighter's pole) so I hop the stair railing and take the metal pole all the way down to the bottom. I pass many zombies along the way, but seem to come out lucky as there aren't any on the bottom floor when I reach it. Now there is actually another door set off to the left that doesn't appear to re-enter the building and I go through it.

      Where I appear next seems like the food court setup of a mall, though nothing is running and no people are there. It's also devoid of any tables, chairs, or things of that nature, and is mostly an empty expanse of concrete flooring other than the long-empty food vendors. On the far side I notice a still-running escalator leading down to a bottom floor and I get on it. It takes me to another door, but before I go through I look to my right to see a long, vertical window to the actual outside. It seems the building I've been in is located in a desert-area, as there are many sand dunes and cacti throughout the orange land. There seem to be zombie sparsely located, but not enough to concern me at that moment. So I ignore them and finally go through the door.

      When I enter the feel to me to seemed to be set up much like a GameStop (or your typical more high-end gaming store). Instead of having a ton of games on sell, however, they had a bunch of older arcade games set up along the middle of the store, and the edges were actually stands of comics, manga, and other video game or television related items. On my right wall are four highly tinted doors leading to the outside. This time there are actually people inhabiting the store. There are some my age, but mostly some older than me. I actually recognize one of the people my age as my friend, Chris, and we're very happy to see each other. He explains that no one had known where I'd gone when everything went down, but that he and the people there had been living off food from the food court up until that point. However, he said everyone knew they were getting low on resources, so they actually had a plan on the roof of the part of the building they were in (apparently the door was out located near the food court to this machine) so that they could go search for more food.

      About that time, everything begins to go even more downhill. Somehow zombies have managed to venture their way into the area I'm in from the outside, and the scene quickly becomes bloody and gruesome. People are being shred apart by the monsters as Chris grabs my hand and takes me back through the door and up the escalators to the food court.

      [On a side note here, my dream randomly jumps to these two teenage boys running through a hospital room being chased by zombies. One of them has a sword and stops to start attacking their chasers and ultimately ends up sacrificing himself for the younger boy. Just as he's being overwhelmed, however, he gets to see the other boy open the door leading out and still be consumed by zombies residing just outside. Neither of them live through it.]

      Chris and I make it to the building's roof, where it turns out the machine is actually a helicopter, not a plane. Neither of us have driven it before, but Chris designates me to try driving it. We hastily hop inside and I start pressing buttons in an attempt to make it work. Somehow I actually get the thing started and us lifted off, but just as we're leaving the building and screams behind us in exchange for hundreds of sand dunes, a problem quickly surfaces. The helicopter has actually been low on gas and the console urgently starts beeping at me. In my dream it almost immediately shuts down, sending us crashing back down to the ground. It all goes a bit blurry from here as I black out, and the next time I wake up is to Chris screaming. In our landing I managed to rip off the door from his side and crashed so that we were laying sideways with my side at the bottom and his at the top, and zombies are clawing inside and attacking Chris, though not quite able to drag him out. However, I know that they are still tearing at him and dread fills me at the oncoming change of my friend, but this is the point at which I wake up.
    2. Woah.... ADA?!? warn: sexual situation

      by , 06-16-2012 at 07:20 PM
      So, past 2 days have been thinking on the ADA, all day awareness.

      First dream
      Started with me n my bf just chilling in our room, n.... he started fapping me XD with the door wide open as usual. I told him to stop because i got paranoid his parents might walk back.... n just after I told him to stop, his dad calls him, n steps infront of the door. I guess he got some huge dog or something... XD I just remember (well among a few other things I won't mention XD).... the dog was standing up like the whole time.

      This dream went to one of this city or something.... one from aprevious dream. This kind of town on the ocean with waterways inbetween houses/buildings. I remember once I got to the start of the area (area i remember from before) I started floating n started flying around the town. I came upon this black guy (dun rarely see people, let alone of other races :/ ) , n started asking him about these crazy murlock lookin things. He told me how they fought one another n stuff. I can remember looking down n seeing a large fish floating in the water, dead. After he was done talking I took to my floating again for a moment until, I stopped at one end of the city, there was this big tower with a monorail going across the sea. As I got in, my mind reminded me of this hate article on the dangers of rollar coasters... cause when I went to sit in the thing... there was this huge woman sitting in the back.... which made me wonder if I was gonna get crushed when the ride slowed n what not XD.

      That ende dup not being the case, on top it was train like, riding on a rail, with a platform undereath the rail, so it felt somewhat safe despite the height. All I can remember is it picked up speed, and was just heading in a downward slope faster and faster.....

      Then I was at some recreational center, with polls n stuff, I remember that I was there trying to get my medical card. When the elderly woman was done doing some shit with me I cannot recall, some kind of evaluation, she told me the charge for that day (200$ O.o wtf? for an evaluation n day at the center?) I asked for the year n she said 7000$.... I pretty much said that wasn't gonna be possible to which I looked off to the side disappointed, she then pretty much said i wasn't going to be able to get my card. Need-less to say, I got upset, I was to pay 200$ for the day and wasn't gonna get my card.... I pretty much blew up on her in tears, pretty much explained my week n then said "ya know... fuck you, you don't give a fuck, you just want my money yadda yadda yadda" n went outside... I eventually thought fuck it.... n went inside n sat down just being my sad tear-stained face self ya know.... hoping she'd come to me n tell me that she was sorry and would take care of me.

      This dream faded like my dreams generally do. I was with my cousin at my grandma's house and I guess some place we'd burgled in some dream i'm trying to recall, the people were on to us from. I just remember a few moments of being outside in the snow with him talking about it (he strangely had shoulder-length hair), we were back inside n I was dreading about it n such. At one point I was back where we were talking outside.

      It wasn't a snowy field anymore, now it was hill, to which I started riding down.... not on a snowboard, but in a snowboard like fasion, i remember hoping up, n using one of they fly-suits like they have in SSX n landing at the bottom. At the bottom there was a bunch of people waiting, some having already finished, that dream became the next with me at a gamestop, same people in the same positions, just the environment having changed.... I looked at a few games.... like this one with marvel super heroes on it, with like Goku and Vegito in the backround smiling, like it was a mix up bash kind of game. After that.... I woke up n just had to get up.

      Having finally had plenty of time to rest I was able to get some major dreaming in, and i'm rather impressed by the general intensity it kept and for how long.

      Of all of it, I liked going back to that town, gonna try to think on it some more.... it was rather beautiful.
    3. A Trip to Gamestop

      by , 04-04-2012 at 12:36 AM (The Realm of the Child)
      (Trying out a new format. Hooray!)
      Dream Type: Non-Lucid
      Mood: Awkward, Angering, Somewhat Eerie
      Settings: Gamestop... Somewhere.
      Characters: My friend Anthony.

      During the start of the dream, not much comes to mind besides me driving on a strange freeway, which is strange. I usually never take the freeway, much less have to. Still, I was in a car that I did not know very well, though I was driving with my friend Anthony who has made our friendly relationship very awkward because of his advances to try to 'get with me', even though I am not gay. So in this dream, things were much the same. We were quiet in the car. We barely said a word to each other, until we got to our destination; Gamestop, which is also strange, because I don't see why I'd go on a freeway to get to Gamestop, when they have a store right up the street from where I live. Whatever, still, we poofed into the shop. I was apparently looking for a game (dunno what else I would be doing there...) and so I looked around. He suggested a few games, all of which seemed uninteresting or just dumb. I then found a game, which I thought was Fable II, but in reality was not. Still, I waited in line with the game, while he awkwardly waited next to me in a submissive stance that made me feel embarrassed. Not much after that thought. A very static dream.

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    4. Where are we going to?....Tommo?, Bed needs an Oil change, Calling my Mother, Just Get Out Already..

      by , 03-23-2012 at 01:59 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Where are we going to?....Tommo?, Bed needs an Oil change, Calling my Mother, Just Get Out Already


      Dream 1: Where are we going to?....Tommo?

      I remember the dream starting out where I'm sitting in the passenger seat, and someone is giving me a ride to somewhere.

      It seems they stopped near a few stores are that linked together, and I asked them, "Where are we going to?"

      I can't remember if they responded to me or not, but we both get off, and I still have no clear image of this person who gave me the ride. I thought we were headed for Gamestop, seeing as we're parked close to it.

      I try to open the door to Gamestop, but I'm having difficulty opening it, the door is opening, but not even all the way.

      It seems the game store isn't even opened as yet, in fact, it looks abandoned and empty because it's dark and there are white walls that are not filled with anything. I decided I should just give up since I'm struggling to open the door, but the person that I'm not even paying attention too opens it for me with ease.

      I follow this person through this dark and empty area, and there's another door in front of us, and I just follow the other person's footsteps, and suddenly we're in another dark area, but it looks more like someone's house.

      In this area, there seems to be another door in front of us, but I think it was just a house bathroom this time, and the person goes in. After I'm waiting and staring at the partial darkness, I see a cockroach on the floor, and it is really huge.

      If you spread your index finger and thumb all the way, that's how huge it was (size may vary ).

      I didn't really panic seeing this cockroach, I was just looking at it and making sure I didn't make sudden movements because I wanted to kill this thing. It was moving its antennas freely, and it probably didn't even notice that I was there.

      What I said after seeing the cockroach is what really confuses me, I'm not sure if I really said this, but from what I remember, this is what I asked the person in the bathroom or whatever room they're in.

      I asked, "Tommo?" in a quiet voice to make sure the cockroach wouldn't try to move quickly. The person, who apparently is supposed to take the role of Tommo now opens the door quietly.

      He asks me, "What's going on?" and I tell him that there's a huge cockroach on the floor near us. I think he gets a blue broom, and slowly creeps behind the cockroach and slams the broom on it.

      I can't remember what else happened after that.

      Dream 2: Bed needs an Oil change

      I'm with my mother, and we're near some bed. For some odd reason, we treat this bed like it's a car or something, because apparently things like the oil gauge needs a new change, and the fuel ran out as well.

      I first checked the oil gauge of the bed, and I pour some random liquify contents from a container I didn't even pay attention to, I just assume it's going to help will filling up the oil gauge.

      I see my mother trying to pump air into what seems to be an empty lotion bottle,
      (now that I'm awake, what she's doing is clearly freaking stupid, especially using a mini air pump to fill air into it). She's trying hard to pump air into it, and I ignore her stupid interaction with this lotion and air pump, and I find the gasoline levels of the bed is empty.

      At first it didn't seem like it, but after fiddling with it for a while, it was clearly empty.
      I can't remember much after that.

      Dream 3: Calling my Mother

      I'm on the phone because I see my mother is trying to call me, and I pick up my Blackberry and started to ask my mother what is she calling me for in an annoyed tone.

      I can't remember what she asked me, but I responded in a raspy voice, and I tried gaining my normal voice, but I just can't. So I hang up the phone, and tried to call her again, and I'm still have a some trouble speaking normally, but eventually I get my voice back.

      (This was a slight improvement compared to the lucid yesterday where I completely failed in speaking to the a Ginger lady overall).

      My mother made fun of my raspy voice, which only made me more pissed off at her, and I told her something in a raging manner, and then hanged up the phone again.

      Dream 4: Just Get Out Already (DILD)
      (I did a mantra before this as I started to do a WILD attempt after doing a WBTB time for 30-45 minutes) I said a number as I'm inhaling, and "I am dreaming" as I'm exhaling all the way to 150, and then did the same thing from 151 to around 300, but this time, I said, "I will meet Alyzarin" as I exhaled.

      I thought this would be a useful anchor, but it seems when I'm getting closer to 300, I get irritated, because again, I wanted to get this WILD attempt done and over with so that I can find Alyzarin. I was listening to a few love songs before doing this just to relax myself.

      But I do admit that I was more relaxed, and by the time I quit counting, I turned to my right side and just focused on sleeping instead of trying to keep a small awareness)
      This dream was kind of weird, my eyes were closed, but I felt like I was standing. I heard my mother and father talking to each other about something, and it seems they're getting ready to go somewhere.

      I knew that I'm alone here at my University in waking life, so I knew something was wrong if I could see my father, or even my mother together. I didn't do a reality check or anything, I just knew I was dreaming.

      I didn't have the mindset to find Alyzarin in the moment, because I wanted to get rid of my parents first (but I know that if I could just get them out, it would come back immediately). I see my mother is wearing a black and white Nike sports jacket, and I advanced towards her to hug her because they're leaving.

      I told them that we're dreaming, but they don't really seem to pick up on what I'm telling them. Their faces are just neutral, but not blank to where they look like robots, but just being quiet for a while, and then resuming back to whatever role they serve in this dream.

      I tell the both of them they can go now. I think I'm pushing my mother a bit because she said she had to go back to get something, but she's clearly doing it to buy time or something, so I prevented her from doing that. My father is already headed out the door and to the vehicle, so I didn't have to worry about him.

      My mother is going inside the vehicle, and I believe the seating was obviously wrong in American standards. I believe my father was on the left side instead of the right side for the driver's seat, and my mother was sitting on the left side that was the passenger seat.

      (I didn't notice this until I woke up, but I don't think that's a really big issue, maybe the car was in different position to make me assume that).

      She is asking me to bring her something that she forgot, and I believe she wanted me to bring her a bag of chips. At first I tried to raise my left or right eyebrow because this seems like a random question for her to ask me, but I go back inside the house to check.

      What's funny about the arrangement of this house was that the kitchen resembled my apartment's model, while the living room resembled a completely different house. I check the mini doors on top of the fridge, exactly like my apartment's structure.

      And I also noticed that the blue trash can I have in waking life is a little bit too big than is needed, and it distracted me for a little while, but I eventually ignore it.

      The fridge wasn't even near where I was checking for the Potato Chips, it was probably behind me, so that's another alteration that was different from the actual model structure in waking life.

      I open the kitchen cabinet doors, and I find two bags of Lays Potato Chips. One is almost done, maybe half-way, and the other is an full one.

      I take the one that's half-full first to give to my mother, and decided I'll eat the other one for myself when I come back. I go out and I believe I give my mother the bag of potato chips.

      Then she wants something else.

      Are you freaking kidding me!?!?!? She asks me if I can get her some Ginger Ale for me and my father. I asked her, "Why do you need Ginger Ale if you don't have any extra cups or containers to store it in?"

      I couldn't really tell her facial expression after I asked her that, but I assume I went back to the house to get it.

      That's all I remember.

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    5. The Weird Restaurant in China

      by , 08-07-2011 at 08:42 PM (I Have a Problem)
      Date: 05-19-11
      Length: 1 Day
      Vividness: 6/10

      I was at some museum in China and when I came out of the exit, I hugged some random old lady. She looked at me weird and said "I don't even know you", then walked away.
      My mom, my sisters, and I drove back home and my mom was trying to be slutty with some clothes she bought 0.o
      We drove to some pizzeria place and ate some dinner, everyone but me left. Everything became a Zork style gameplay, where I had to type in commands. I picked up some cooking stuff and read something. It said there was a robber at GameStop. I knew it was close by, so I took a shortcut up through a back alley way.
      There was a pipe I couldn't walk up, so I climbed like a badass. I believe it was covered in ice as well.
      I got to one point and saw the robber coming the opposite direction. I knew he was going to try to rob the restaurant. I was going to use the command "fight ___ with ___".
      My dream slipped to this guy who looked exactly like Davis, and he was talking about video games. He was driving in a car, way too fast, and other people were in there too. The dream ended.

    6. Street fighter fragment

      by , 05-28-2011 at 04:36 PM (Taffy's Sweet Dreams)
      A fragment:
      I was in gamestop and the guy behind the counter gave me a free copy of street fighter for the 3DS (I haven't even played a street fighter game before).