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    1. I love you BBQ/ blue light

      by , 06-17-2019 at 09:45 AM
      I had10 LD this week maybe 11. One earlier in the week and 9 today. Will write down stuff from today to note what I did. And maybe add dreams from earlier in the week later.

      Practices :
      A nap earlier on Sat afternoon was tired sleep dep, 2-6pm ish.

      Did Mild here before sleep

      Then again from 1130-3am, 8 ld

      Slept one more sometimes in the morning maybe 9-10am one ld

      **I also remembered visualizing myself meditating in sleep

      For mild I just said mantra in 3 languages first, then asked my subconscious if it thought we could do it. Then addressed any feelings or doubts with past examples. Repeated in other language. Then repeated mantra with excitement.

      Night dreams : maybe missed one more bbq themed ld

      Nld: I was reading a book of sorts that could transform into comic book and stuff. As I flipped pages it had touchscreens each page and you could play games and stuff pretty cool.

      Wake: wake up a bit and hear sounds just lay still thought about ld maybe or just relaxed. Also took non ld related supplement and drank water.

      Ld: I was in my bedroom and I felt very scared or nervous. I walked towards the bathroom and an electric blue lightening like thing flashing in the room. I decide to sit down to the left to meditate.

      Ld: I think I was back in the bed rm with same fear. I decide to meditate again.

      Ld: I recalled I mediated in dreams twice already so I should keep having lds. I began rubbing my hands to clarify the environment.
      It becomes clearer and it was a BBQ scene with some ppl I knew.

      Ld: I was at home by the breakfast table. I just let the dream play. It was sped up progression of events of a life of I'd live in a certain way. I just observed the events. Mostly social media . I headed outside and climbed outside on roof. Then on neighbors roof. There were endless amounts of wooden planks and I kept climbing.

      Ld: I was back at the BBQ scene earlier I found my mom. I was parkouring around like last dream while ppl cooked BBQ.

      LD: It Das all darkness. Could not see anything. I began to pretend to swim and in a bit I swam on water, appeared at a shore. Either beach or lake. More likely a lake. Saw ppl on shore maybe we friends. Maybe bbqing again lol. Walked on shore I think .

      Ld: I was at a kind of a strange sex workshop or something. Wanted to get out of there. Bunch of ppl and symbolism regarding sperm.

      Ld: I was at kitchen, at breakfast table again. I saw my parents with nicely grilled chicken thighs on the table likely bbq, browned and liked crispy and moist. I ate some and it was delicious. I talk to my parents standing to the left and tell them.
      "I know this is a dream so I can tell you that I love you." they embrace and hug me with a pained bittersweet smile.

      I head out to the other kitchen where the garage was suppose to be. They're were chefs there cooking with tall pots. I wake up crying.

      Blue lightening was related to something I wanted to meet from a book.

      Went to 2 BBQ the 2 days prior. I was disappointed with the second one. Rude hosts. The ribs were hard as tree bark and the chicken wings tasted expired. I suppose it influenced dream theme. Ate the ideal chicken I wanted in dream.

      My friend talked about how she took sex workshop, likely the source of that dream.

      I also did not dream much last day or two, sleep dep.

      Morning dream :

      LD: I was on a paved road by a shore of a lake. lucid. I saw a beautiful tree and approached it. I observed its leaves and it was a pine tree. I decided to chew on some of the needles and try to taste its juices. It was too dry though and I couldn't taste the sour juices.

      -saw a couple of beautiful conifers during the day

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    2. 63rd Shared Dreaming Attempt- BiscuitHappyz's Dream

      by , 01-30-2012 at 07:55 PM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      BiscuitHappyz's Dream

      I was in a small car with some other people, driving on a straight highway, lined with pine trees. We were heading towards some hotel-looking buildings at the end of the road.

      I'm so sick, I thought, of pine trees. Especially in my dreams. It's really annoying, that for about one and a half decades my subconscious has been constantly analyzing the environment around me and simply concludes; 'Pine trees'. Pine trees take up nearly 90% of vegetation in my dreams, the remaining being grass. It would be nice to see an oak occasionally. [/pine tree rant]

      Anyway, as the car approached the buildings at the end of the road, I began to see the BB&T tower of a nearby city poke out between them. I had seen it many times in waking life, and I often noted it as the tallest building in the small city.

      http://static.panoramio.com/photos/o...l/16665800.jpg (Notice how there are little to no pine trees in this picture.)

      I the dream, however, I was nearly one hundred miles away from that city, and should not have been able to see it. But it had the sense of scale like that from the Citadel in Half-Life 2, and it seemed to be that my brain recognizes it as such a ridiculously huge building that one could constantly see it from any point in the state.

      (The Citadel)

      Then the car turned sharply right and headed off into a large a amount of pine trees, and thankfully, I woke up as that happened.
    3. Lucid in Which I Shenaniganize a Bus and Forest

      by , 10-24-2011 at 09:17 PM (Lyrics to Lunacy)
      Lucid dream, wewt.

      I was in a tower that reminded me of a fancy hotel. It fit the image of the inside of most towers; made mostly of stairs. Not spiral staircase, though, surprisingly. The inside of the tower was all beige and lined with crimson, and had occasional windows, allowing much sunlight through. I was at the top of the staircase, battling a man, who looked like he would make a good movie star, seemingly for no reason.

      He had some sort of short, metal stick. Whenever I blocked it; I was surprised that the metal was room temperature instead of cold. I found myself jealous of the man, short sticks were really fun to swing around. He wasn't even using it, barely tapping me when he hit me. I had only my hands, and it was difficult to hit him when the surface was not level.

      I was driving him down the stairs, though, anyway. He couldn't do much but block with his stick; the stairs wouldn't let him kick and keep balance, but I could. I kept advancing and he had no chance but to move back.

      This will make for a neat DJ post, I thought, ignoring my awareness that this was a dream.

      We finally hit the level surface at the bottom of the tower, at which point I hooked my elbow around his neck, sidestepped behind his right foot, and twisted my hip. He fell to the floor and could not recover in time to follow me out the door.

      I ended up on a bus without much transition in between. I sat in the front, on the left side. I looked out the window. There were many big, white houses, separated from the road by a series hills with hedges on top.
      I looked down at the road, not thinking anything in particular.

      Then it hit me.
      Duh. Dream.

      The dream felt like it was destabilizing; but I caught it.

      "Anchor dream," I cheered, getting out of my seat and realizing I was now in the back of the bus. "anchor dream, anchor dream, dream anchor, anchor anchor dream anchor dream dream,"
      I was now skipping down the aisle.

      Before I could reach the door, the bus disintegrated. I hovered parallel to the ground, and decided to go for a walk.

      I saw a dream character to my right, in the forest. I still haven't talked to a DC yet. I crossed my fingers as I entered the forest.

      As usual where I live, the forest was not at all dense, but sunny, and made completely out of tall pine trees. The forest ground was covered with a thick layer of pine needles.

      I got within three meters of the DC and woke up.
      lucid , non-lucid , memorable
    4. 34th Shared Dreaming Attempt- BiscuitHappyz

      by , 09-20-2011 at 01:21 AM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      BiscuitHappyz's Dream

      More fragments last night. Sorry about that. But I do have a fun little extra...

      Fragment #1:

      I had a dream that about three of my middle school friends were in, and we were walking through the sunny and not very dense pine forest outside of my elementary school. One, let's call him Yarblarblar, was yanking on my hair, and it stung a bit.

      "Stop that, please," I say. Yarblarblar laughs and continues anyway.

      "Stop," I said after a while of him tugging, and more assertive this time. Yarblarblar thinks this is hysterical, but ceases for the time being. I could tell he was going to do it again, though.

      I saw a large stick wedged into the ground near a towering pine tree, and I got an idea. I walked slowly, waiting for Yarblarblar to resume pulling. Once he did, I pulled the stick out of the ground with my left hand, as though it was a lighter version of the Excaliber. I swung it at his ribcage, and it narrowly passed through his block. It smacked him within three seconds of when I withdrew the stick from the ground. And he hunched over, clutching his rib.

      "Owww," He moaned.

      "Whoops," I said, sincerely. "Didn't mean to hit that hard, mate. You okay?"

      Fragment #2:

      I was playing a Minecraft 1.8.2 patch, and was slaughtering a pack of pigs. I was in a bright green plain surrounded by rainforest. So yeah.

      Pirate version:

      I had a dream that about three o' me middle school buckos were in, and we were walkin' through t' sunny and not very dense pine forest outside o' me elementary school. One, let's call him Squid-Brained Scallywag, was yankin' on me hair, and it stung a bit.

      "Oi, stop that, matey, if ye will," Says I. Squid-Brained Scallywag laughs and continues anyway.

      "Avast! Ye should stop now, bucko, if ye know what's good for ye." I said after a while o' him tuggin', and more assertive this time. Yarblarblar thinks this be hysterical, but quits for t' time bein'. Avast, I could tell he was goin' t' do it again.

      I saw a big arse stick wedged into t' ground near a big arse pine, and I got an idea. I walked slowly, waitin' for Squid-Brained Scallywag t' go back a pullin'. Once he did, I pulled t' stick out o' t' ground with me port hand, like it were a lighter version o' Black beard's cutlass. I swung it at his middle, and it closely sailed through his arms. It smacked the fool in three seconds from o' when I withdrew t' stick from t' ground. And he hunched over, clutchin' his rib.

      "Owww," Says he.

      "Yarrr," I said, sincerely. "Get yerself out o' t' bung hole, mate. You okay?"

      Fragment #2:
      I be playing Minecraft 1.8.2 patch, and was escortin' a crew o' pig to Davy Jones' Locker. I was in a bright green flatland surrounded by rainforest. Aye.

      Arrr, happy yap like a man o' t' seas day to ye!