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    1. 7-19-14 Russians, lollypops, senior citizens and a poke fight.

      by , 07-23-2014 at 04:49 PM
      There was a ship stranded out on a stormy sea at night. The wind blew incredibly hard, and it seemed as if the ship would fall apart. A strange tentacled seaman fell overboard with his pet squid. They began to sink. Suddenly, a bright light shone down on them from above the water. They began to float upwards. They broke the surface of the water and looked up in astonishment. A huge spaceship was floating over the wreck of the ship, beaming them up. The spaceship was owned by these crazy Russian dudes.

      Then I had driven into a small town on a stormy night to pick up something at the grocery store. I picked out what I needed and went up to the cash registers. I saw one staffed by two giggly girls, so I went over there. At the checkout, I decided I wanted a lollypop. I selected one and bought it. The girls told me that buying it made me elligible for a prize if I drew something from a hat. An old hillbilly came up behind me and watched. I drew the winning thing from the hat and won a prize. Then there was a grand prize and I won it too! It was a picture of a tick really really close up. It was framed and everything. It was disgusting.

      Then I was driving the car with grandfather and some other people through a neighborhood. Suddenly he really freaked out because someone was getting out of a parked van next to the road. I put on the brakes and watched. A lady opened a door on the side of the van, and all these really weird and disgusting-looking nursing home inmates walked out and across the road. Man, but they were spritely! They jumped and leaped across the road.

      Then we arrived at our destination. It was like a weird fancy underground place with nice lights, polished woodwork and chandaliers. There were small babbling streams running through it sometimes, and there were fancy bridges over them. We wanted to see an underground church that branched off from there. We got to a huge ornate door that would lead into it. The senior citizens were already there, and out of kindness we told them to go in first. But they insisted WE go in first. It suddenly turned into a fight. To my astonishment, a man I know walked up to me and started to fight me. I poked him.

      Somehow we all got into the church. It was very nice, but sort of modest. There were balconies all around the room, so I went up there and sat down. A bunch of children I didnt know were there.
    2. 18sep13

      by , 09-18-2013 at 05:33 PM
      Dream Frag 1:
      It's stormy outside, which it was IRL, and I'm with a little girl in a large mansion or a lavious hotel building. She is watching the movie Princess Mononoke.

      Dream 2:
      I'm in a small studio room. Theres a ton of "magic cards" on the floor. I get the idea in going to steal a stack of them for w/e reason. Guy walks back in and I dismiss the notion.

      Dream 3:
      I'm outside in a snowy region, we just finished fighting some russians. I started flying and the other people in my group flew up beside me. I fly even higher, and strike a superman pose and everyone else is laughing.

      I'm happy I was able to recall and remember to write down 3 entries last night!
    3. WWII Danger

      by , 11-23-2011 at 04:45 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I should have journaled this earlier, but I have to at least note this dream.

      I was looking at a Nazi. I didn't want to become his prisoner. I realized it was a little odd to be looking at a Nazi, and while I didn't like it, it wasn't as big of a deal as it obviously would have been if it were real.

      I was also near Russian soldiers. They were a much better option if I had to be taken prisoner.

      In waking life, I have a book of personally written poetry. Some soldiers from one of the two sides were looking for my poetry as though it were illegal propaganda or something. I think I started looking for the book so I could hide it.
    4. Lucid Dreams 232, 233, 234

      by , 06-18-2011 at 01:57 PM (KingYoshi's Dream Journal...My World is Different)
      May 12, 2011
      Lucid Dream 232: Disappearances
      Series: Sexcapades, Episode 9

      I was walking around Virginia Tech's campus with a girl I know, "NC." I can't remember what we were doing, but I started to suspect I was dreaming for no apparent reason. I didn't bother performing a RC, after a few moments thought, I knew I was dreaming. I told her to, "Watch this!" I took two momentum boosting steps and dove into flight. I flew across the drill field and spotted a target. It was some asian guy with glasses and a backpack. I leaned my body forward and gained some speed just before I slammed my shoulder into him. After spearing him, I turned to find my next victim. I noticed a couple was walking and holding hands. I took flight again and slammed into the back of them. They both toppled over and their books scattered across the sidewalk. I flew back over to NC and she looked angry. She said, "Why are you such an asshole?" I laughed and said, "This is my dream. I'll do whatever I want."

      I grabbed NC around the waste and flew straight up into the air. We hovered around the clouds for a moment and I started kissing her neck. She suddenly disappeared completely. I chalked this up to a stabilization issue. Even though my dream looked perfect, I stabilized a bit. I was now in a completely different area of VT's campus. I flew over to one of the dorm rooms and entered. I looked around until i found a group of females in one of the rooms. I walked in and said, "Am I late?" One of the girls shook her head no. I walked up to her and began kissing her. The girls started stripping and I said, "Ok, everyone get super pornstar material with this, so we can send it in and win the cash!"

      There were now more girls in the room than when I had first entered. A group of about five of them were doing their thing on the bed. I was tending to three over by the computer desk. I suddenly noticed some weird looking guy with glasses walking around the room. He had the butterball physique and was wearing glasses that made his eyes look huge. I just laughed and continued proceeded to place myself within one of the females. Suddenly, all of the girls disappeared instantly. The dream didn't fade or anything, but I found myself standing there with my pants down. The weird butterball guy was still in the room. He looked directly at my junk, started laughing, and then ran out of the room. I took off running after him, but he was nowhere to be found.

      I flew around campus for a bit and thought, "This is one of the few times I have actually dreamed about being on campus." I spotted an incredibly attractive asian chick and flew toward her. I just started kissing her and she began rubbing on my crotch. Suddenly, she disappeared as well. I heard laughing behind me and I turned around. The weird butterball guy was holding a TV remote and trying his best to suppress his hysterical laughter. I thought, "What is with this guy?" I took flight toward him as he attempted to run away. I grabbed the back of his shirt and flew high into the air. He was still laughing when I let go of him. He laughed hysterically the whole time he was falling and then he splattered on the pavement below. It was quite gruesome to be honest. I was flying around campus looking for some more hot females when I awoke from the dream.

      Series Details
      Class is thrown out the window in the dream series, "Sexcapades." Not unlike your favorite porn video, I unleash my inner "Ron Jeremy" and give those DCs what they are looking for ! Stay tuned for more entries to the series!

      May 15, 2011
      Lucid Dream 233: Theft of the Commander in Chief
      Series: 108 Stars of Destiny, Episode 9

      I was at a meeting with a group of very wealthy and important people. Everyone was wearing suites and smoking cigarettes from those long, thin, fancy holders. I was in some sort of secret group and these rich people were going to fund our mission. We were planning on abducting the President of the United States. Actress, Diane Kruger and Nicolas Cage were going with me. This fancy party/meeting was taking place on the roof of a building. The building that the president was currently in could be seen in the background. The dream skipped ahead.

      We were in a van and were pulling up to the back of this building. There had been some sort of important get together and the President was making his exit through the back. I became lucid as we were waiting for the president to come out of the building.

      I decided this plot was really cool, so I just kept going along with it. Soon, a group of people stepped out into the parking lot we were in. I said, "Time to move!" Diane stayed at the wheel of the van as me and Nicolas Cage opened the doors and took off running toward the president. I thought to myself, "I hope we get him before the soviets get here!" Suddenly, the large concrete wall that surrounded the parking lot and building cracked. There was a loud boom as several mech units (large robots) busted through the wall. I took flight and kicked the president's body guards in the face. The president was the same one from the movie "National Treasure." I grabbed the president's arm and pulled him along as we ran back toward the van.

      I looked back and noticed that the robots had one gun arm and the other arm was holding a light saber. One of the robots shot Nicolas Cage and then stomped him into the ground. I opened the door to the van and threw the president inside head first. I told Diane to get out of here and I'll fight off the robots. She took off and left the area. I turned back and saw that a new robot had joined the party. It was a robot in the form of a giant lizard.

      I jumped into the air and landed on one of the standing mech units. I ripped of his robot gun arm and began shooting the other robots as I walked backwards away from the scene. I was in a shootout with the mech units for a bit before taking all three of them out. The only thing left was the lizard robot. I shot it up, but the bullets just bounced off. I took off running around the corner of the building. I spotted a trash can laying on the ground and said out loud, "Nice! I forget she planted a bomb for me in here!" I opened the lid of the trashcan and pulled out this weird looking device. I tossed it around the corner of the building and waited. The lizard walked around the corner and the bomb-thing was in its mouth. I shot the bomb with the gun arm and it blew the lizard mech to pieces. Suddenly, about 20 more robots jumped over the wall and were running toward me. I shouted, "Back-up!" Not really knowing what would happen. About ten or so swat members came running around the corner and started shooting at the robots. One of them looked at me and said, "Do you know a way out of here?" I responded, "Yeah, there is a cave system around here somewhere!" The guy said, "I know where it is, follow me!" I noticed the guy looked familiar. I followed hima round the parking lot for a bit and we finally found the opening to the cave.

      We entered the cave and the guy took his helmet off. It was Wolverine (Hugh Jackman). I told him to show me his claws and he popped them out of his knuckles. I said, "I could definitely use those claws of yours in our army." He asked what my army did and I responded, "Well, all you would have to do is drink some beer and kick some ass." He smiled and held out his hand. I shook it and said, "Welcome aboard." He replied, "I can sing too." I told him that I heard him sing at the Oscars and he started talking about Broadway and about how magical it is to be on stage. I just ignored him as he rambled on about nonsense. I was having fun jumping over large pits and climbing around in the caves. We finally came to a ladder and I started climbing up out of the cave. Before I reached the top, the dream started to fade. I stopped and tried to stabilize. I managed to hold on for a few more moments, but it soon fizzled completely out.

      Series Details
      Welcome to the epic dream series known as, "The 108 Stars of Destiny." Follow me as I build the most powerful army the dream world has ever seen. Along with the help of 108 key recruits, I take on the dream world and elevate to god-like status! Will anyone stand in my way? Stay tuned for more entries to the series!

      108 Stars of Destiny
      NEW 14 - Wolverine - The Death Claw Star

      May 18, 2011
      Lucid Dream 234: The Choice
      Series: The End of Days, Episode 2

      I was with a group of people partying at a pond. There were several small wooden boats floating on the edges of the pond and it seemed to be evening time. Mike B and P was there with me, along with several other people. They started talking secretively about something and I overheard them. I asked what they were talking about and they tried to play it off. I said, "Look, I already know what its about, just tell me what you said." They started talking to me about having the "potential." The conversation suddenly felt very dark. Mike started talking about using certain powers to manipulate people and work our way to the top. He talked about us becoming the strongest and ruling the world. I suddenly became lucid.

      I looked at Mike and P and said, "I am dreaming right now." P said, "Of course you are. This is the only way to talk to you about this." I was interested in what was going on so I played along with everything. Mike said all we have to do is take in the powers of the Yokai. I looked at them and said, "You two already have...haven't you?" They shook their head and said they had. I looked at them and said, "If I do this, I am doing it big. I will become the most powerful being in existence. My goal WILL be the world at my hands." Mike said, "Yeah, I can imagine being the most powerful." I looked at him and said, "No, no, you won't be the most powerful. I will be the leader and grow the most powerful...but every King needs his entourage. I will take you guys with me to the top." I started thinking about it and said, "Man, this is such a dark, dark path to take."

      The sky began to get darker and darker and darker until it was pitch black. There were several fires around the pond, so i could still see around me. Mike said, "Yeah, and there is a lot of competition out there. Some class 5's even." I looked at them and said, "So what class are you guys?" They told me they were class 3's. I asked what class I would be and they said I would start out as a class 4. I would be the highest starting out of anyone in history. Mike started talking about how the world was ending soon and there were so many people who have already turned. Red lights that resembled stars starting showing up along the horizon. He said, "Each red light represents someone who has taken in the Yokai." I asked who the most powerful was and they pointed to the light. I said, "That is where we will go first." Suddenly, a set of stairs started to form on the nearby hill. Red neon lights began lighting the stairs. Two beautiful, but deadly looking women took each arm and started walking with me up the stairs.

      I had only took a few steps up when I thought of my family. I began to wonder if this was actually happening. I wondered if maybe I was actually about to cross over into darkness. I looked at the top of the stairs and I could see a large flaming archway. Suddenly I heard a country song start playing in the background. It was Rodney Atkins, "If your going through hell, keep on going. Don't slow down, if you're scared don't show it. You might get out before the devil even knows your name..." I pulled my arms free from the girls who know looked very demonic. I stepped back into the water and started slowly drifting away from the steps. P and Mike looked shocked and said, "What do you think you are doing?" I told them that I had to think about it. Mike looked at P and said fearfully, "We can't tell "him" what happened." P said, "Well, we can't tell him it happened like this." Some girl was also in the water as I drifted passed her. She said, "You understand this is evil don't you. We are evil." I said, "Yeah, of course I do." I drifted and swam slowly to the other end of the pond and got out. I seriously felt like I had just dodged a bullet. Mike called out, "Think about it." I suddenly found myself awake in my bed. It was weird because I didn't even notice I had woke up. I performed a nose pinch, but I was indeed awake.
      I thought, "Well, that was definitely a weird one."

      Series Details
      In the dream series, "The End of Days," the world is coming to a close. With the hype surrounding 2012, many of these doomsday dreams have been popping up. See the events of the apocalypse unfold with more entries to the series.