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    1. 4 Apr: Underground fascist world, elevator and mountain adventures

      by , 04-04-2021 at 11:34 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

      People live in underground tunnels and different communities occupy different zones and compete among themselves. There isn't an open war, but there is a feeling of war. No one enters the other community's space but when outside there are no rules. I had to be outside for some reason and was chased by some dudes. I escaped in time to the tunnels and once I crossed the entrance they respect the limit and just stay outside, taunting me to come out.
      We are run by nazi like leaders and everybody lives in fear and we can't trust no one. I have a girl friend who just recently fell in love with a guy and vice versa. He is staying at her place and he found some really old stuff she had forgotten under some bed sheets in a chest. She wasn't hiding them or anything, just forgot of their existence and they are now considered forbidden items. She tells me she fears for her life, because there is a chance he denounced her for it.
      There is an Ikea like factory, which is the sole source of income for much of the people of my community. Without it, they'd starve, but the workplace is a constant climate of terror. I do not work there, but I am passing by at one of their workshops, for some reason and they make me line up with the workers, who are terrified. One of the big nazi bosses is there today and he claims someone did something wrong and asks for a certain number of people to come forward and admit to the wrong doing or they'll have to fire random people until someone admits to the error. People are hesitant. No one wants to admit guilt and they know they might even die if they piss off the bosses, but losing the job also means an almost certain slow death. Still, a couple of people move forward, but not enough to reach the quota of people they say they were looking for. But today they are feeling generous, so they fire those people and just demand the rest of the employees to watch some extremely boring brainwashing film for hours.
      I try to sneak out with the ones that were fired, but a supervisor who found some pencil that is supposed to be over some furniture in the expo area, asks me to put it back and he is extremely detailed that it has to be put in a certain way on a certain piece of mahogany furniture and nowhere else. He'll now if I put it somewhere else and threatens me with severe punishment. So I need to go in and cross the workshop where the workers are watching the stupid film. But I cannot, in any way, disrupt it or bring attention to me, as I risk being killed for doing so. So I find myself stuck in the middle of it, moving one baby step at a time, trying to blend in, so that I can put back the stupid pencil in its designated place.

      Me and Riverstone live in an apartment building. Our apartment has a balcony that is falling apart. It has cracks that are getting bigger every day and one day as I am outside watching the cracks on a pillar underneath it, the whole thing breaks down and drags a whole wall with it down a hill on the back of the building, into a parking lot. No persons get hurt and it seems like it didn't even hit cars, but actually it scraped a van a little bit. The kid who owns the van comes by and is very upset, not angry just shaken. He is imagining how he could be there a second earlier and be hit by the debris. He wants me to hug him. I feel weird about it but I do and he cries on my arms. Meanwhile the whole neighborhood is assessing the damages. The building seems stable.
      Later, inside, I pick up my cat Cuscus which appeared on the hallway for some reason. and take him to the elevator with me, alongside some neighbor. I push the button to 4th floor and while riding the elevator I remember the recurring nightmares I used to have with the elevator never stopping and I see it about to happen again as we reach 5th floor instead of stopping at the 4th. But I reject the nightmare and the elevator stops at the 5th floor. Then I take the stairs down to the 4th. I am surprised by small beautiful golden statues of different Buddhas placed in the handrail down the stairs. I am sure Riverstone put them there but I wonder what the neighbors will say. Also feel like they'll end up being stolen, so I take one with me to go ask him what was he thinking.

      I feel like a tourist in some Portuguese village in the mountains. I am walking up towards the village center and I am being harassed by two African men. I think one is trying to rob my bag by having the other one distracting me, but I may be wrong. Anyway, I feel uncomfortable so I fly up and land on the church terrace that oversees the village center. Lots of tourists, including a dutch couple who is sunbathing fully naked, lying down in the church terrace, with something covering their genitals, like their hats or so. There is a restaurant and snack-bar and I go in looking for a snack, but food is really expensive, their signature dish is some mix of seafood that costs a fortune, like hundred euros a person. And the snack bar on the other hand is at the very back of the place and looks pitiful, dark and unwelcoming, So I decide to give up on this one and instead I find a very cute place run by Koreans. An old Korean lady sells beverages and snacks at her own porch, which has a beautiful view to the mountains. Her daughter introduces herself, her name sounded like Jane Over, which I find amusing. She is a lawyer or something, and apparently rich as she is picked up by an helicopter. I continue my adventure by not going back to the village but hiking down a hill leading me to a river valley. At a point, the helicopter passes by, really low and hovers and turns around without them noticing I am on the hill and I am almost cut by the blades on its tail. I escape into an excavated rock, where I stay until they are gone. From there I look up to the higher mountain around and I see something that I'd like to try. There is an hanger inside the mountain from where comes a kind of tobogan slide that goes downhill. From inside the hangar come large transparent spheres, like zorbs, for people to go downhill. But the zorbs are not of the kind that send people tumbling down uncontrollably, but more like the vehicles from the Jurassic World. I find a dirt road leading upwards and I take it. Then it spreads out in 3 paths and I am not sure which to take, but go for one that is sided by fences. It is getting darker and the wind starts blowing heavily with icy air that freezes my bones, so I just want to go back to the village. I spot a black dog ahead on the road looking at me and then he runs away. I keep going and find a couple gates, a bunch of dogs behind them and a small path leading to a house. I am cautious about getting on that road between all those dogs, not sure if they can get lose or not, so I just wait there observing if the dogs are friendly. They are, but still I keep my distances. Two old ladies come out, they look alike, probably sisters. They ask if I need help, but not very happy to see me. I say I am a bit lost and looking for a way to go back to the village. They reply with a bit of contempt that I won't get there this way and there is no way from here that would eventually take me there except all the way down from I came from. I say that's a pity but thank them for the help. They ask me where I am from and I tell them. One of them seems to be thinking for a while and then asks me how is my dog and I am surprised by that. I say I don't have one but 5 and also 4 cats, but she hints that she recognized me from years ago and that then I had only one dog. I don't remember her at all but she is right about the dog.

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    2. ccxliii. Another possible FA, Serving in a Queen's army

      by , 03-28-2021 at 12:43 PM
      28th March 2021


      Some kind of false awakening, dream reality feels accurate to waking life. I get up and then am answering the door? It's early morning and it's sunny outside; the sun's position in the sky would make it late afternoon but in the dream I don't realise this, the light looks morning-like. There's a courier stood by a van on the left or something and I go to him, shielding my eyes from the sun's glare with my right hand. My eyes feel exactly as if I had indeed just gotten up and are taking long to adjust to the bright light and I squint. I take a package from the courier? There are other people around in the street but rest of details not recalled.


      I'm in a building. A hall or palace, unsure. I'm part of a faction and I have some kind of battle equipment but little detail recalled and I go on some kind of patrols on my own in a city or town area. Then back at the palace place, one item I recall clearly on a table is an Axis-like medal with a skull at its centre. It's a pendant and it's mine. I take it and it has some kind of interface overlay saying it grants me "+2 fortune". There's some other pendant which I also take and it grants +1.

      In the room I'm in, there are two large palace windows to a courtyard. A Nazi officer with some bodyguards or soldiers approach a door next to the windows. He knocks or something and waits patiently, I believe someone answers the door and the officer speaks. "I have been sent to speak to the queen", he says, or something to that effect. The door is shut and the man waits patiently outside, looking somewhat stiff in posture.

      It is either dawn or night but it doesn't look so dark outside. Someone goes to get the queen; eventually she appears to my left in a dark corridor. She's in her night clothing and looks rather exposed or vulnerable as far as royalty goes. This is some ancient English queen, but I'm not sure who; possibly queen Victoria, I get a feel of. She stands a distance away from the door and it is opened now; she engages in some dialogue with the Nazi officer. Her face suggests mistrust, disgust and apprehension, possibly more so for having been woken in the night like this.

      - The second fragment was very long but I cannot recall enough of it to put into words; a lot of it seemed to take place in WH40k-like locations. There was a general feel of futuristic Warhammer mixed with WWII themes to the whole thing.

      - The pendant I had also gave that feeling; as far as I can tell, it was like a medal awarded to me for valour in combat; I do not remember what the second pendant looked like. They were both on leather strings.
    3. clxvii.

      by , 09-20-2020 at 07:34 PM
      Been pretty busy lately and too tired as a result, but still been able to make note of some loose fragments.

      17th September 2020


      In a town or city. Doing some climbing with my old school friend C, in some old part of a town.

      Something about a "debug" viewmode of a landscape set used as a backdrop like in Freelancer (I think I meant like a skysphere).

      Something about a physically encoded (computer) memory that could be transmitted by light. A prize?

      19th September 2020


      From a fairly long dream. In this part, the dream plot was about WW2. I was in Nazi Germany and I was coming out of a building just when I and someone I'm with suddenly receive word that America has declared war on Germany.

      The two German soldiers (with their contextual Nazi outfits) standing guard by the doors just outside the building overheard this as we were coming down some steps and commenting or something. They turned their heads ever so slightly toward us, seeming surprised about the news but not moving an inch from their post. They turned their heads straight forward again as we continued walking and then we walked past them, into an open street, I think.

      Then at some point, I and other dream characters thought it was "high time" that we returned to our original time, in the "future". We had to get back to some sort of time machine pod.

      I remember being in the room with the pod and it could only take one person at a time. This place was hidden somewhere in town? It was a concrete room and was very well lit, with large white fluorescent tube lights.

      20th September 2020


      Something about plain old items being an example of how a new storage unit thing could store multiple types of items. Recall faded quickly for some reason. Some lingering feeling of being related to games I've played recently (BL, Fact).
    4. 28 Jul: Part of nazi resistance, wasp attack and drugged by dirty cops

      by , 07-28-2019 at 08:58 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Were occupied by nazis. I am part of the resistance. I am staying at my hometown and we set headquarters at the school just by the side of my mom's house. I am supposedly a teacher, but it's just the cover. The school is at one of the highest points at the village and we can see every movement from there but are not seen easily from below. So I meet there some fellow freedom fighters and we exchange info and make plans there. Someone brings us the info that a resistance lady escaping the nazis is sleeping at the cemetery and apparently about to be found by a nazy patrol going there. We organize a group of three and we exit through the back to go on a rescue mission. I kiss goodbye one cat I own and is sleeping on a shelf on a wall. I fear not coming back but know that some of my friends would look after my baby. We get there and we eliminate the patrol and want to bring her along but she is actually complaining, saying she could totally handle them alone. We're upset and we leave.

      Going to my room, find it infested with wasps. Don't want to kill them, so start working on a strategy to take them away but can't make it work, so I just close the door. Later, Zilla and someone else comes to sleep there unaware of it and they go to bed without noticing there are wasps between the sheets. They get attacked and amidst the panic, Riverstone comes to help and starts killing them, says we can't save the wasps, we must protect ourselves first. I join in killing them with a shoe but hurts doing so. Then notice another little animal like a crab going into the bed. It is a strange creature because it seems origami, not real. But it moves and seems intelligent. I drop it outside my house and immediately it goes back inside, finds the room and goes to the bed again. I wonder if it is a robot.

      Walking a street with a frjend. Stop in front of a historic building to admire it. Then some silly guy passing by, kisses my hand. At first I ignore, but then decide to scold him and grab him by his arm and head for a police car nearby. Unfortunately no cops inside. So I drag the guy to the nearest police station. Unexpectedly the police tells me and my friend that a killer is looking for us. Then it's revealed that is someone in the police. They drug us, I stay awake but very sleepy. Someone laughs. I try to resist, I manage to keep conscious until someone comes in with a big dog.
    5. 16-07-22 Return to LA, Nazi Holocaust

      by , 07-22-2016 at 07:53 PM
      I was back in Los Angeles. I've been there on holiday a few months ago. My brother was there was well. For a moment, I thought how weird it was that I could afford this. I have lost my job since then. Anyway, I was playing a console game in my room. My brother was going out to meet someone, and I think have dinner as well. He suggested I come with him. I didn't feel like it. We squabbled over this, he said I was a lazy bum and stuff like that. He eventually left by himself. He told me the street address of the place, something something Avenue. Left alone, I started to feel regret for not coming with him. I considering going after him, but his car was already out of view.

      I was in a room with a bunch of other people. The Nazi's were going around and killing people everywhere. I remember seeing a pile of people, stacked up and then shot dead. Blood everywhere. It was gruesome. I hid, hoping the SS guys wouldn't see me. At some point they did find me. I ran outside, bashing past the Nazi's outside and fleeing through the city streets. I reached the "city gates", where I saw a strange monument. I heard the voice of the Führer, saying that if "he did not appreciate his new world, he should leave and never return", or something like that. Clearly referring to me.

      I think the next scene was at a gas station (I think) outside the city (continuing the previous dream). I saw two older women, driving a bizarre kind of buggy. They were seated one in front of the other, like on a motorcycle, but almost laying down instead of seated. Weird. They were pretty oddly dressed, too. I almost suspected them of being trannies. The one in the rear had this weird "mutation" coming out of her chest. A small appendage, almost like a tiny arm. She was very self-conscious about this, but we nervously laughed it off. I asked for a ride, and they motioned that I had to sit on the rear one's lap. We drove back to the city. I remember the car having some kind of pole (?) sticking out (straight up) of the vehicle, and struggling to drive through a tunner or door (!). For a moment, I wondered why on Earth I wanted to go back to the city. It was Nazi-infested after all.

      A half-dream, half-hallucination right before waking. I saw Nazi's violently forcing people (Mexicans?) into concrete rooms - gas showers.

      I saw Jupiter, Mars, and Earth in one shot - obviously not to scale. Only Mars wasn't the barren red planet we know - it looked terraformed. I think I saw a continent on Mars, that looked like the Americas.

      More fragments/forgotten dream.
    6. 16-07-01 Creepy girl, Nazi's and Flying/Phasing

      by , 07-01-2016 at 02:59 PM
      This dream partially overlapped with reality, as if I was in the early stages of a WILD - but I wasn't lucid. I saw a town. I recall some kind of device around my arm, and an application that reminded me of Facebook, or a dating app, telling me it suggested a nearby café for some reason. Only vague flashes remain of this bit. Then, I was in my bed (overlap with reality part starts here) and looked to my left through the open door of my bedroom. I saw a very creepy little girl dressed in red approach. I couldn't see her face. She looked a lot like Alma from the game FEAR. I was almost frozen in fear. At some point I decided I couldn't just lie there and let whatever happen, so I conquered my fear and jumped out of bed. I thought about getting one of my guns, and closing and locking the door. Sadly she was already in my room, walking by the bed to the other side. The rush of adrenaline I felt when I got out of the bed woke me up.

      This dream featured gameplay of the game Fury³, a very old Microsoft game from 1995. My view was the camera of the ship. I flew around Terran, the first planet. My objective was to blow up some kind of tower. I fired on it, but it wouldn't blow up yet. I flew up, then dived down for another volley. Another target (or the same one?) also flailed to blow up. It took off (it was a big ship) and flew off. Having failed to destroy it, I expected to fail the game, but I think I got assigned a new target instead.

      It started in a small room. It was a long time ago, possible early 20th century, or even late 19th century. A couple of men were showing their refrigerators (I know, random). They said it ran on 500 Watts of power. I had my refrigerator with me, a modern one (their was ancient, they were from the late 1800's after all), and said it ran on 2000 Watts. They got suspicious as mine looked way too "futuristic" to them. I was from the future, so their suspicion was justified. At some point I was apprehended by a Nazi. Gestapo, or SS. *Racism warning*. He called me a "nigger" and ordered me to come with him. I tried to reason with the creep, saying I was clearly white, but he would not listen. Some other guy, also a Nazi (except I had known this guy for longer, apparently) had to take me in. We walked through a large, crowded corridor. I begged him to look the other way for a moment so I could get away. He used to be a friend, I think. I managed to escape onto a small town square, then flee between two houses. The place looked pretty old and Mediterranean. I heard a Nazi scream something, and felt a whole horde of the bastards chasing me. I was running on the street, when I felt myself being lifted up from the ground. I started to fly. I wasn't freaked out by this, even though it was my first time (in this dream's continuity). I didn't mind, I knew they would never catch me at that speed. I wasn't very good at steering yet, and I felt I couldn't avoid hitting the houses on the other side of the street. I plunged right through the window of a café, past two people who were trying to enjoy their coffee. Despite not *really* remembering my previous flying experiences, I remembered I had always had trouble NOT flying into buildings and decided a different approach. I would *let it* happen, and see what happens. By ignoring the buildings and not worrying about what would happen, I phased right through them. I could "become solid" mid-flight and burst through walls/glass/whatever, which was cool. When I was out of the houses again, I gained altitude again and looked out over the town. I felt invincible. I wanted revenge on the Nazi's. I didn't care about their puny bullets anymore. I'd rip 'em apart with my bare hands, or use TK. I knew the school (the place I escaped from was a school, apparently) was to my left, so I tried to turn left while imagining the place to create it. I think I was lucid at this point. I probably gained lucidity at around the point I started flying. Sadly, I instantly woke up the moment I tried this.

      Final flash before I called it a night: someone was doing some kind of job (on a large wall?), and I was scratching rust off of my car.

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    7. 17 Nov: forced labor farm under Nazi rule

      by , 11-17-2014 at 01:48 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I live and work at a farm, possibly in Germany. The owner is a nazi sympathizer or at least that's my impression of him, since he seems to be well integrated in the nazi society. Most of the farm workers are jews, men, women and children, forced to labor like slaves. Their life conditions are miserable and I do my best to help them. I am also a worker, not jew, but of a lower class than my boss. He is in love with me and I am his mistress, but he can't have a serious and socially accepted relationship with me due to my humble origins. Also, I don't love him, I just tolerate his sexual advances because he provides me some privileges and I also use it to manipulate him, for instance, to better the conditions of the forced workers. I feel a lot of empathy for these people and I am particularly fond of the children, especially a little orphan 2-year old girl, whom I love like my own child.
      The boss is a bit obsessed with dressing me up with pretty lingerie and sometimes I feel sick with how he shows me off in underwear and analyzes me in front of his best friend while they are having lunch, for example. He treats me like a sex toy. But when he is pleased, I can get him to agree on certain things, like providing hot baths for the jews, when previously they only had cold showers, even in the winter. He allows the german house workers to heat up large pots of water to fill in the bathtub for the jews to take a bath if they wish. But when I tell them the news, only a couple of them accepts happily the offer. The others are suspicious, as if afraid that if they take it, something bad will happen to them later as punishment. I don't understand and feel disappointed.
      One day some nazi guys come for a visit and insist on taking a picture of the farm workers all lined up. As usual, I serve as intermediary, because they like me and they trust me. I sense much nervousness in them and the children feel the tension and start crying. I tell them it's just a photo, no reason to be afraid and with somber faces they line up. But the 2-year old baby is restless and the lady who is holding her can't keep her quiet, so I step in the line up and hold the baby in my arms, as only I can quiet her down. Her eyes are full of fear as if she can sense something that I can't. I feel so much love and compassion for this baby. I hold her in my arms with unconditional love as they take the picture with me included.
      Life goes back to normal, until one day my boss gives me some money to go buy some pretty clothes in the village or town nearby. When I return at the end of the day, I find all the jewish workers screaming and crying inside a truck, being taken like cattle to the slaughterhouse. I freak out, I try to stop the truck, I plead to my boss, but he is also upset, it is not in his hands. I didn't think he cared much for the jews, but he didn't hate them either and found useful to have them as a free work force. But then I realized that deep down, he had started to apprecciate the idea that they were in a safe environment at his farm and that he could save their lives. But there were superior orders that they'd be taken somewhere else and I learned the ugly truth of what was going on with the jews.
      Much later, we left the farm and the country. My boss and a couple of his friends, who no longer could take part of what was going on in their country, flew to Havana and he took me with him. I could feel a difference in him and I started being treated more like equal. We started a new life, leaving the suffering behind. I took refuge in the experience of an exotic country and other life realities to try to forget the unfortunate people I had left behind.
    8. Nazi freak offering treats

      by , 09-20-2014 at 09:56 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Nazi freak offering treats (Non-lucid)


      I was at a hotel with my wife and we were watching a soccer match. For some reason, there was another lady with us and I could sense empathically that she was attracted to me. She was laying down in a different bad and I could see that she was not watching the match, but looking at me the whole time.

      My wife got mad because she was too interested in me.

      From here, I went with this lady to her house for some reason and she told me that she hopped her dad did not bother me and asked me to be open minded. As soon as I entered the house, I saw the living room. It had the colors of the German Flag. The couch was on the back of the room and right above it, there was a huge Nazi flag. I was shocked, and I realized that the energy there was very bad. There was a small table in front of the couch and it had various treats. I could see a bowl on the left end of the table that had chocolate treats with the shape of the svastica Nazi cross. In the middle of the table there were some pink donuts and some other odd candies.

      I am not including pics here due the sensitiveness of the topic.

      This girl told me she would check what I would eat because I could not like it at all. I grabbed a big cookie that was wrapped in a green plastic bag. The ingredients where wassabi, green peppers and chocolate. I did not feel like eating it.

      I kind of felt uncomfortable and I told him that I liked some Spanish dictator. But then I got afraid because I thought that maybe he could hate me or kill me because Spain also fought against the Nazi. I left the place before getting in trouble.

      From here, I went online to teach LDing to some of my students, followed by a few FAs where I wrote down this dream.
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    9. 21 Mar: nazi themed party

      by , 03-21-2014 at 09:49 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      (...) I encounter Nighthawk, he looks a bit bizarre, dressed all white with a small red tie and red pullover over the shoulders. We talk, he invites me out. It's early morning, so we go out for breakfast. We find this posh place where I expect to be served a lush meal, but there's something strange about the place. It's a large ballroom, the stage is set, music is playing. We are taken to a table and they say there's little beer left. I say "who drinks beer for breakfast?" but these people were probably there all night. A show starts. I see dancers coming on stage dressed with uniforms that seem familiar. The waitress brings me a frapuccino. I try to remember "Did I ask this? I don't recall having made an order.". I call her back, I want to know if it has cow milk, 'cause then I'm not drinking it. Meanwhile the dancers dance and I realize, their uniforms are from the SS. WTF? More dancers come on stage, with nazi german uniforms and flags. The public shouts "Hitler, Hitler!" and I say "oh my god, what the fuck is this?". Someone says, "It's a nazy themed party, but it is purely satirical". "Satirical, my ass! Anybody entering through that door right now, would say this is celebratory". I want to get of there as soon as possible. But then I recall, no, I didn't ask for the frapuccino, this is just a fucked up dream.
      I get lucid and fly away from there. I cross over town and just enjoy the beauty of the details of the place.

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    10. Oct. 19 Dream Journal: The Führer will not be pleased

      by , 10-19-2013 at 09:41 PM
      I dream of a sci-fi desert landscape, though the vibe of it has a grainy feel like I'm in the movie Dune. I'm in the role of a distant visitor, where I bring with me knowledge of a distant world to the kindly people of this planet which I'm calling Space Eden. They are dressed in robes, kind of like a futuristic-medieval society that, again, resembles Dune. I'm walking along their city, overseeing the defenses they are building. I am at a sloped pass, and two 20-feet tall Golems that move Claymation style guard the top of the pass on each side. They resemble muscular humanoids, except their feet are platform blocks starting at the ankle, so they are more defense towers than wandering sentries. I know I inspect more of their defenses, but I don't think I actually ever "view" it before the scene changes.

      I'm now hanging out with my friend J, who is moping around the couch while I play video games. At one point, I discover something in the game that piques his interest, like a new option or setting or something, but he loses focus because I'm playing a basketball game, a sport I think 95% of the population of planet Earth have no interest in. My other friend Girl-J, who is also Boy-J's ex, comes in, and we all hang out with some slight awkwardness. Then Boy-J suddenly announces he has to visit his mother... in-law! And we all laugh like this is a funny joke in a sitcom. Don't ask me why my sub-conscious thinks I'd laugh at this.

      The scene changes again, and I'm in a vibe that resembles The Great Escape, where it's sunny and hot and my vision again has the "grain" feel from movies in that era. I'm planning to enter a race as an opportunity to escape from... wait for it... Space Nazis.

      The race itself is, somehow, a Go-Kart race for children, and I blend in by racing in a Formula 1 race car. During the race, I jump over a train a la Fonzie jumping over sharks, and I guide my jump so that the car hits the plume of black smoke coming out of this old-timey steam-engine train that happens to pass by. By Dream Science logic, the velocity of which I hit the plume of smoke causes it to produce even more smoke, allowing me to hide from the Space Nazis. I get a brief view change of an American SWAT team sniper -- who looks like the sniper from The Negotiator who couldn't shoot Sammy J, complete with backwards cap and wispy mustache -- reporting that he lost me. I don't know why he is working for the Nazis, nor do I know how anyone was able to lose me in the black smoke because it was a sunny day, and where else could I have possibly been?!

      ANYWAYS, the Nazis also confirm I'm off their radar, and that inspires the child racers to run away. Their Go-Karts are now Hoverbikes, and they are also dressed in Star Wars outfits. They circle some Nazi officers like a biker gang on a little hill before taking off. The last child even does a wheelie, and he's dressed as Darth Vader, complete with a tiny, functional lightsaber that he waves around like he's on horseback. I think he will grow up to be a great leader of men.

      The scene cut backs to Space Eden! Of course Space Nazis have begun invading Space Eden, and I'm back at the ridge with the Golems where my dream started. It is a very grisly battle, and I'm with the Edeners (thank God my subconscious sided me against the Nazis!), grimly overseeing the defense. The Golems kick plenty of ass, stealing laser rifles from the Nazis hands and shooting down the invaders. But the carnage is simply too much: The Golems take too much damage, and the one on the right crumbles first. The Space-Edeners fight with cool-looking plasma swords, but every time they kill a Space Nazi, they get ambushed and stabbed through the chest from behind and die a horrific death. That scene plays over and over again. The defenses we set up do their job, but we eventually retreat to the Great Hall.

      The Great Hall resembles a very upscale restaurant in the modern age, kind of like the restaurant in The Six Sense. This part is where my brain really got deep with its story, filling out background details on the fly:

      There's a love triangle being resolved in the Great Hall battle, and it is between a high-ranking Nazi General; his beautiful but distant wife (who is dressed in a flowing red gown); and the young Nazi Officer that loves her, and is now fighting for the Edeners. The vibe is kind of like the love triangle in The Titanic. The General and the Officer duel (with rapiers), and the General is clearly the superior swordsman. He overpowers the Officer and trips him down while knocking his sword away. Holding the rapier to the Officer's throat, the General sneers and stands over his opponent, says something dark (though I don't know what, exactly) as he is about to deliver the finishing blow. But the wife overhears that, says something like "Thank you for reminding me of Maurice (which Dream Knowledge fills out the story of Maurice as the Wife's abusive first husband)." She then grabs the General, suplexes(!) the General into a nearby soup cart, and kills him by dunking his head into the boiling-lava-hot soup that melts his face, Raiders-style. I don't know why this restaurant is serving soup that fucking hot. I approach the Officer to help him up, and I quip some smart-ass line like "your girlfriend is going to kick your ass," though I don't remember the exact words.

      The death of the General turns the tides, and the Space Nazi President (yes, in this scenario, the Nazis have a Democratic society) surrenders. President Nazi is not, sadly, Robo-Hitler, and in fact resembles Mel Brooks as President Skroob. I will let the irony of Mel Brooks Nazi sink in. President Nazi begs for forgiveness, but the Elder of the Space Edeners say something like "your money can't buy back the lives you took today," and President Nazi is taken away by two, human-sized Golems.

      The dream fades, though I know there was going to be a celebration. Too bad, I wanted to be awarded a Space Eden medal alongside with Han Solo and Chewie.

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    11. 2013, July 3 or 4?; Lake of Fire

      by , 09-06-2013 at 11:37 PM
      I had a dream similar to the Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb video game, After the Nazi was trying to kill Indiana; Mr. Jones was running around in a desert with the murder machine still after him, Running very fast (As if he was on ten bottles of Skooma, A drug from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion) on the crests of sand dunes. He then came up to a lake of fire and lava at the north end of the desert and I saw it from up high; There were towns all around and few had green in them. There was a false Jesus statue to the right near a lava river and later I ended up seeing in a building on the north side of the lake where someone may have been ambushed.

      This reminded me of the Nirvana cover of the Meat Puppets song "Lake Of Fire" at the time.
    12. Control of the masses and Fighting Nazis

      by , 08-01-2013 at 07:42 AM
      [2-3 sequences, non-lucid, 1-2: Getting shout at ; Controlling a group of people who had no contact with money, 3: Film-like Scene, where a secret agent kills a group of Nazi-officers]


      - You drive me nuts, you drive me nuts!

      A woman is shouting at me. I'm sitting in a room of my old apartment, it's dark outside, and it's unbearable hot inside. I'm sitting there half naked in my pajama pants.

      - You idiot, you idiot!

      The woman keeps shouting at me. She seems really angry, but I don't know why. I'm looking into the television. There is some reportage about a celebrity.

      - Isn't this Henry Fonda?, I asked the woman.

      - Fonda? Fonda? Is that all you can think of? It's 16:00 pm, you still have your pajama on, you slept until now and you are just preoccupied if this guy is Fonda or not!

      Silence. She keeps on repeating "you're driving me nuts". In the meantime I'm eating some pizza.

      - Besides, she says, it's not Fonda, it's Henry Ford.

      - Impossible! Are you sure you're not crazy or something?

      My view shifts to third person, I'm floating through the ceiling and stand before a gigantic warehouse or something

      There is a door in front of me, which opens. A good friend of mine opens the door. he's walking backwards and seems to hold a lecture to a group of people. He says:

      - Isn't it unthinkable. Some metal pieces that controlled the whole world!

      He stretches is hand out towards me, behind his back. I take my wallet and give him some paper money and some coins. He re-enters the ware house and closes the door. But I leave it a bit open, so that my friend can easily open it.

      I'm really preoccupied, I know that we are doing something wicked. I don't like it all. 2 other friends approach me. They came with another crowd of people. I have the feeling that they came to see the other people inside. I close the door again, so that no-one can lurk inside.

      - We should tell them, i said to the other friends. It's not cool withholding the truth about money.

      I was referring to the people inside. My two friends shake there heads.

      - Don't be that preoccupied! There's nothing wrong about that.

      The door opens again. My friend from inside comes out the same way as before.

      - And that's why all kind of money should be refuted!, he says to the crowed.

      - What do you want from me?, he asks me.
      - You know that you're doing wrong to them?, I say, you can't keep them shot off the real world

      He seemed a bit guilty. But than he said:

      - That's why we gathered all those other people outside, so that reality can hit them hard. really hard.

      - Yeah, we want to see the dummies!, someone yelled from the crowd.

      All the people suddenly open another door and enter the hall. I'm running after them to see what's coming next.

      Inside, it seems to me that I knew that the place isn't real. It seems to be a school, but not an ordinary one. I remember that I visit this school only in my dreams. At this moment I wake up.


      - This is going to be violent!

      A general is talking to me. We are in my home town in a narrow street, in front of a hotel.

      - Yossarian, you are going to infiltrate the room of those nazi-officers and prepare the terrain!

      Around me there is a group of youngsters, mostly girls, some of them between 14 and 16. I'm wondering how old they are, because I know that I am bad at guessing ages.

      So I walk into the hotel. I get past of 4 guards. It seems to me that they are mistaking me for a German lieutenant. I enter a room. There are a general, a captain and a colonel inside. There is also another guy. I know that he is, like me, an agent. But he seems really frightened and uneasy. The colonel talks to me in german

      - Hallo Kamarad! Was gibt es Neues von der Front? (Hello comrade, what's new on the front?
      - Das übliche (the same as always), I answer.

      The three Germans open a door. There is a gigantic bathroom, which seems to be twice as large as the first floor. They tell me that they are dressing up, so that we can go to the opera.

      They walk inside. I take a look at the other agent who seems relieved.

      - It was getting unbearable inside here, he whispered to me. How could the general think that it is a good idea to infiltrate the squadron 2 weeks before. I don't speak any German at all! How was I going to survive to just say "Ja" and "Nein" all the time??

      I ignore him and lock the door of the bathroom. The German soldiers didn't seem to notice. In the meantime, I hear how the girls and the general knock out the guards outsides.

      The bathroom door opens again, they come out. One of the Germans tell me a joke, but I don't get it. I'm forcing a laugh.

      The general comes in with two of the prettiest girls (which definitely where 20).

      - Did you miss me? He says to the colonel in English. He seems not surprised at all.

      - We have 4 guards out there, the colonel answers in English. What are going to do about that?
      - We knocked them already out, what are you going to do about THAT?

      The general makes me sign I should leave the room, what I do. I'm standing for a moment in the floor, but I realize that I'm going to miss the epic showdown. So enter again.
      The tallest girl is pointing a gun in some sexy pose. all the Germans are shot.

      - And now to the opera!, the general says.

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    13. 2009, Dec. 13 (Sun), 22 (Tue) (Estimated), 23 (Wed); Nazi, Ring on groom's nose, Frodo Baggins

      by , 05-08-2013 at 04:32 AM
      Most of what I wrote below is what I wrote at the time.

      "Dec. 12th - Dec. 13th

      I've been playing "The Saboteur" A lot lately. But anyway, The part I distinctly remember is when a Nazi standing in a checkout lane at Walmart told me to stop doing something in my awake life. I was lucid dreaming at the time too and I actually told him that I knew I was dreaming. I asked him to keep talking and he did. I don't feel like sharing all of the details. "

      (Now I do feel like sharing; This was speaking of mas--------on, Fill in the blank.)

      Next entry:

      "Dec. 21st-22nd (I'm guessing...)

      I remember a wedding at one part that went weird. The best man put the ring (Which was like a hoop earring) On his nose, I think the bridge took it off his nose and then saw it wasn't a wedding ring and ran off."

      I also wrote this little note later:

      "(Bridge? Did I mean Bride?)"

      Note - "His nose" = The best man's nose.

      Third dream:

      "Dec. 22nd-23rd (If you count falling asleep after midnight the 22nd)

      At one part I was Frodo Baggins in the Prancing Pony. It was weird, It went similar to the lines of the movie - Pippin said "Sure I know a Baggins, He's over there" And I may have went over to him. I'm not sure exactly how it all went, Some parts may have repeated but when I got the ring on I couldn't get it off and the eye was rather far away.

      What the heck is it with golden rings in my dreams lately? "

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      lucid , non-lucid , side notes
    14. Accordion Duke Nukem/Doom style game.

      by , 05-03-2013 at 07:48 AM
      It starts off with me in this maze type thing, I can see the sky and the hedges and fences are really low two my right and left, I walk forwards and then right into this closed off room, I pick up an accordion and start trying to play it, I then leave to room and go straight down the corridor, to the left of where I started out.
      As I was walking, some blue, pixel art style, text came into view, saying "This truly is the best day ever."
      I then carried on through a building and was having a lot of fun trying to play this accordion.
      Then these 40's style Nazi soldiers in black/grey uniforms came and I had to run back to the start.
      My mum was in the dream and told me that I had to get rid of the accordion just in case they want me to play it but I can't or something along those lines, she then told me that after this I could learn it.
      The Nazi's then took me to play their version of the game, and it had really weird pixely/chip tune music and it was all black and white, the writing then came up saying "this is the best game ever" and this time in white, "posh", font.


      All in all, I actually really loved this dream, haha.

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    15. Holocaust Documentary

      by , 01-22-2012 at 04:36 AM (Second Reality Experiences)
      I was watching TV with Ray. There was a documentary about Hitler and the Holocaust showing on the History Channel. I turned to Ray and said "Isn't it odd that Hitler was able to do all of these bad things without a lot of protest from the German people?" He just nodded. I watched the screen and it was playing a scene from that time - silent and black and white. There were Nazi soldiers shooting at civilians who were walking by. A man fell down and at first I thought he was shot - but really he was sprayed in the face with some kind of molten metal. It spread from his forehead over his right eye and I could really sense the pain he was feeling.

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