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    1. 15 Sep: New Bond movie and bad guys kidnap me

      by , 09-15-2019 at 09:43 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      There is a new Bond movie, within the Daniel Craig 007 universe, but only with secondary characters. Judi Dench is M again which I love but I am so disappointed that Daniel Craig is not in the movie that I curse it.

      With Zilla in some deserted place that looks like under a bridge with hideouts. We are supposedly passing by quickly and discreetly, trying to stay safe in an unsafe area, but we spot a couple of bad looking fellas taking an interest in us. She decides we go around them instead of heading straight, to confuse them. But in the meantime we lose sight of them and she says in panic that they are after us. She locks herself in one of a couple little rooms or compartments that exist under this bridge. She didn't say a word but I think she expects me to hide in the next one. But the other one's door is stuck and I just entrap myself there. The two men just appear behind me and they make dirty comments and look at me with bad intentions. I tell them they have to fight me first. Only one fights me, as they think he alone can take me down, but soon I am kicking him hard on the ground. I have steel reinforced boots so he is in deep pain. Then the other guy threatens me with death and he calls out for a whole bunch of guys as back ups. They manage to restrain me and make me their prisoner to torture me a bit psychologically before killing me. One of them is actually a nice guy but kinda stupid and the others take advantage of them. I am trying to bond with him to see if he helps me. One day there is a big kerfuffle between them and I have one chance to run away, but a Chinese dude spots me reaching for the door and tries to kill me with darts. I defend myself with something I use as shield, but I still get hit by a few and feel the pain. I jump a window and realize I was on a train. I find myself at a railroad passage where lots of cops and locals are gathered because people are protesting a construction company destroying some riverbed nearby. They are wrecking a natural protected ecosystem with the support of the municipality and people are outraged. I mingle with them but anyway, the train with the bad guys is long gone.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    2. 28 May: Kidnapped friend's kid, puppies in Mexico and meeting a god

      by , 05-28-2019 at 03:33 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I meet Laura, think she is in some kind of trouble and needs to hide. One of her kids is in the hands of some bad individuals, which we we manage to locate and bring to our place with the kid (an office at a university). We fight and the baby ends up falling down a window. Luckily there is a mattress below and he is projected onto a cradle that happens to be in the middle of the street, in a perfect safe landing. We want to go get her immediately but there are lots of passer byes who call the police and we are unable to retrieve the baby, because for some reason, despite the kid being hers, Laura is not exactly in good terms with the law and they can't know that she is trying to get her baby. Then the police comes knock at our door and start an absurd interrogation. The office is quite messy, because we fought there with the bad dudes and they find a book about birds on the floor and start asking us scientific names of birds to prove a point. But I know quite a few bird names and say I have them in my land, hence my interest in the book. I don't understand where they are going with that. They leave and can't connect us with the kidnappers or the flying baby.

      In Mexico with mom and another girl. We attend some expo in the outskirts of Mexico City. On return we find some people providing care to street puppies. One has a horrible thing in the eye but they remove instantly. It's painful to see because they don't use any sedative, but then we see the puppies after care and they are all fine, cleaned and healed. They are all black and with white spots, a bit scruffy. My mom holds and kisses one that is totally black. They will be returned back to the street and we feel so sad but we can't take them with us. We hope for the best for the puppies.

      As we walk down the street, a very poor area, we feel a bit uneasy, but I focus on the beauty of their simple way of life and how nobody is disturbing us, so the fear goes away. I feel the presence of my guru and I become lucid.
      I open a tear in the sky, just trying to get out of the dream, but from it comes out a god, a very hunky guy, who throws green energy blasts at me, apparently challenging me. It doesn't affect me, I fly towards him and kick him on the side. He is projected and although he laughs at me he stays on the ground. And then hold I his hand and I kiss it, saying I love him.
    3. 24 Apr: Kidnapped by aliens(?) and stopping a robbery at a shop

      by , 04-24-2019 at 09:21 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Kidnapped with a bunch of other people by some unknown entity we never see. We wake up in a kind of well or shaft, hanging dangerously from the wall. It seems that at the slightest movement this well might start to break and fall apart, so we are all very still, except one guy who seems determined to break it. The entity assumes human forms and we are removed one by one in an elimination process that seems like a contest looking for the winner. And the winner is me and another person, who apparently have something they look for or want. They examine us, I see now I have needles still in my arm that they remove and big bruises.

      I am with a friend (maybe Riverstone) and we go to a shopping mall. Although I feel heat and I think it's summer, the decorations are all about winter, snow and Xmas.

      At the mall with some friends, some weird situation with someone stealing my jacket and then leaving it hanged in a place I pass by and it has something in a pocket, that sends a video message to a screen nearby when we walk past it. In the video, there is a warning, a bit cryptic, about some girls robbing something and we conclude it is the Mango store. We go there to warn but actually the robbery is happening right as we enter. First we pretend we didn't notice, then they threaten us, but I signal to my friends to attack. I take down the one with the gun and they help take down the rest, but I am the one that knocks them unconscious. We then look for materials we can use to tie their hands and feet and wait for the cops. The cops bring us bread.
    4. 4 Feb: I am a persecuted android, train station and skipping classes

      by , 02-04-2019 at 02:05 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      It's the future. I am a sentient android. Some bad dudes are kidnapping androids of my type and reeducating or damaging us to become obedient and enslave us. They test us afterwards with a simple reaction test but I fail, so they want to eliminate me because I can't be trusted to obey. Then Evangelion is there, but he is one of the bad guys. He provokes me with abuses to see if I react. I know I have to endure or I am dead, but they can tell I am faking and the procedure didn't go well. I beg for my life, I promise to be good and obedient, but a guy keeps saying I will probably turn against them. So while I am being rounded up by them, I spot a chance to escape through some window and I run, get into some garden. Then enter some door into a building, don't know what it is.
      People react naturally to my presence. So I follow some people and end up in some auction place. To blend in, I look at the pieces with interest, an android would not buy, but could be at the service of an owner. I spot a couple antique Buddha figures and it reminds me something of past lives. I pay homage to the Buddha, feel familiar with it. The walls of the front of this place are glass and I see my chasers looking for me outside across the hallway. I also see some stairs leading to an exit and lots of people going up, so I run to disappear in the crowd and reach the surface exit. I notice I am surrounded by university students. A lady engages with me, asks me what I am studying there. I make up something, she believes. I guess androids also can go to school. Once out, there is a bit more garden and some gates to a road. The road seems to lead to either nowhere or to the city and I choose the city but it is far away still. I go back when I realize everybody is actually going the other way to a subway station. Meanwhile I notice a big dog tied up in the garden and he barks at me in a very familiar way. It is my Hachi and I just have to go get him, but he is in a part of the park that is being locked down for the night. I jump the wall cause there is no way I am leaving my dog there.

      Taking a train in Lisboa at Santa Apolonia station with my dad, but all is so different. He can't find our train, the old line we used to take is no longer there. Instead there are some stairs that bring people in from the houses on the hill. And there are lots of people coming through there so companies have some marketing stands in the way. Today there is a table with offers from some cosmetic and accessories companies. Basically they have boxes and people can take what they want. First nobody touches anything, feeling suspicious or not wanting to look greedy, so I start hoarding it, that's when they decide I have to share and start taking things to. But many ladies basically start ruining some items instead of taking them, like notebooks, on which they write messages and leave it there anyway.
      Some ladies are gossiping and say that Michael Fassbender lives nearby and sometimes they see him crossing the station.

      Studying at a university abroad with friends: Zilla, Licas and some others. Our math teacher is horrible, so we decide to skip his class and meet at the movies. We discuss how stupid it is that those classes are mandatory. We arrange ways to escape classes multiple times without being noticed but we have an enemy that does his best to expose us. Once he finds me on the street, he is on a car, he films me with the phone, but I film him back. If I am exposed so is he. The campus is totally high tech, with hologram concert shows in the hallway of new upcoming bands and other dazzling tech stuff.

      I live in an improvised room at an attic, a really cozy place, which has basically a mattress on the floor and where I can't even stand up. It has a skylight as only window and I have the company of pigeons.
    5. escape

      by , 10-18-2016 at 05:29 PM
      D1 - In office, virus on computer. Technician tries to track via Keypresses on computer being traced.

      D2 - In a room in an abandoned house, hiding. Make a break for it down the road. It is a normal suburban area and the roads go on everywhere in every direction. Where to run? There is a large white triangular wall in one direction, I head towards it.

      D3 - Stuck in a museum with a girl. We use a cloaking device to hide. I can see its semi transparent from the inside. I am lose contact with her but I have her number and try her at work.
      The phone has a camera so I can see her work solleague pick up the phone. There is a bright blue neon light.

      D4 - I am driving along a rough country road through a shanty town. The road is all baked mud and rutted.
      The car can only make it so far. So I get out and walk.
      I walk past a large temple and off the road to under a tree lined path overlooking a grassy area. Two people from the temple offer me shelter for the night. I accept but find it hard sleeping on black leather chairs and keep slipping off.
    6. 03 June: how in a future life I'll come to live in Mars

      by , 06-03-2014 at 02:36 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      The time is a near future and I am a poor orphan girl, living in a slum. The largest chunk of the population lives below poverty line, only an elite gets access to a good life, with all comforts and technologies.
      One day a couple of scientists from this elite is kidnapped with their daughter by a group of boys who take them to their headquarters in the woods. I happen to watch everything and I follow them secretely. They reach a kind of pyramidal fortress and their leader is a cute blonde girl protected by her own elite female warriors. The boys bow to her, the ladies are clearly the rulers of this gang.
      I stick around hidden and I manage to help the couple and their daughter escape and go back to their protected world. I become friend of their daughter and we keep in touch. She learns that the gang found out I released their prisoners and they are now bullying me and my life is at risk. One day I inform her that I am in danger and have to run and hide. That's when she comes to help me and takes me to her parents presence.
      They felt in debt towards me, but I had never accepted anything from them, so now they offer that I stay with them, with no deadline to go away. As long as I want, I can stay with them. I get used to the good life. Soon after they go on vacation to a beach resort and take me with them. We travel by tele-transportation. We basically enter what I thought to be an elevator, but when the door opens, we're at this beach. On the beach, the elevator is cloacked to be invisible against the landscape. I am amazed with all this technology and they are surprised to know about how low tech the life of the rest of us is. We're basically stuck with the gadgets from the beginnings of the XXI century and haven't had access to anything more high tech than that.
      The couple of scientists has been working on some big study of some space objects that seem potential threats to our planet.
      One day there's a meteor shower and a large meteorite hits the ground somewhere on the planet and they start making observations and calculations and moving towards an ever more likely scenario of a nearby asteroid or something coming to hit us. Then I see like an aurora in the sky and they panic. I don't know what it means to them, but they start preparing to leave and try desperately to reach another family with whom they are friends with. Apparently there's an evacuation plan for an elite of the elite and both those families were allowed to embark on a ship heading out of the planet. I am feeling lost in the middle of this chaos and certain that they'll leave me behind, but since they can't reach the other family and they owe me their lives, they take me along in their places. That's how I escape an E.L.E. on Earth and from being and orphan on the slum I go to become one of the very few Earth's refugees in a colony on Mars, where I am raised and educated as one of their own.
    7. 24 Mar: karma and the time of my death

      by , 03-24-2014 at 10:55 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      (...) An incredible coincidence happens in Riverstone's life, which makes him aware of a mistake he was about to make and puts him on a path that is extremely favourable to him. He makes a comment like he is thankful for the path correction but wondering how many sentient beings will suffer in consequence. I don't understand wht he means and he explains his view that karma balance is in pyramidal hierarchy. The more merits you accumulate the better karma you have but the universe has to balance it by distributing equal ammount of bad karma to those with no merits. "I find that hard to accept. Is karma like entrophy? So what happens when you accumulate endless merits and you tend towards budhahood? The rest of the world plunges into darkness, so you can get enlightened. And then what? Big bang happens?" He just points out that I should see how the beings who are close to enlightnement, magically don't need to worry anymore about providing for themselves, there's always people attending to their needs and that gives them more freedom to meditate and pursue liberation, like in a positive feedback loop.(...)

      (...) A lost man appears at my front door, asking for a place to spend the night. I let him in, he seems harmless. But later on I think he kidnaps me, because there's a gap in my memory and I end up at some place where they seem to be making experiments with humans andhibridation with something else. I watch a baby being born and starting to talk soon after and growing up in one day the equivalent to at least 5 years.
      I wake up and start writing down this dream, just to realize I'm still dreaming.
      Next thing I am trying to escape this place, it's a complex labyrinthic building. They don't lock me up, they just keep me in some living area where others like me are kept to do a seemingly normal life until whatever.
      I find Zilla and some other girl I know among them. I tell them I found a small hatch under some stairs in a discrete place where few people go and invite them to try to escape with me through there. They accept to take a peak. I go inside and find a tunnel that opens up like a funnel and seems like a promising getaway route. But when it's their turn, someone else passes by and they just run away. I decide to go alone and see where it leads.
      I find myself in a different area, where other people are confined, most of them of african descent. I am welcomed by a group of Angolans and one big lady shows surprise when I tell her my name. She says she has a notebook, where she rights down information she gets in her dreams and that recently she dreamt of a girl with my name.
      I get half lucid, not entirely aware I'm dreaming, but very much focused and I can clearly read from her notebook and even when I look at different times, the information on it does not change.
      She shows me the page and it adds up. She wrote my name, my approx. weight in kgs (60), my height in feet (5.4) - and I just had to check online how much that is in meters, cause I use metric system - my day and month of birth and... the date of my death! I was shocked, because it is 14 June 2014. I turn to her "That's just a little more than a couple of months away! It can't be!". She says " I don't make the rules, I just get the information". "So, I do I die?". And she touches me and I have a vision of an accident, some heavy metal piece falling from a scaffold over my head. There is only one thing that does not add up, the year of birth: she wrote 1964 and that is more than 15 years before I was born. I tell her that maybe it's not me, but someone else with my name and older than me. She says, her visions are not always 100% spot on and some numbers might get confused, but if every other number is right, there's good chance it is me.

      So, obviously, I'll avoid any construction site and scaffolds around that day!

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      lucid , false awakening
    8. No title will fit this

      by , 02-05-2014 at 03:54 PM (My smashed up joy ride of dreaming)
      Something interesting. Okay, so two people are talking for a little bit. The “owner” (became a god of the nearby town or something I don’t really know) of this giant white palace I can only describe as a square coliseum with no bottom says she needs to go shopping. After she leaves, the other guy, who is joined by two other people now, breaks some breakable terrain that kind of looks like the stone blocks from ssb Brawl. I am going to start to call this guy Patrick of P for the sake of having a name. I don’t remember much of one partner he had, but the other one wore all black. And had a concealing hood that made him/her (I am going to go with her) look like a black blob. She complains that we are going up against bottomless drops and she doesn’t want to go back. Not like I have any idea of how she left hell the first time, but whatever. P wears a really badly made shirt.

      At about 9:30 last night I read a mad lib from the internet I filled out, and whenever they asked for a body part, I submitted either cracked anus or red bull wings (like at the end of those commercials. I could always remember this YouTube video; search sse abridged and the first video it is really funny you should watch it. Anyways “[while flying with wings] Oh, no I am going to, oh wait, I had a Red Bull this morning
      "). The point is Patrick had both qualities, [dont ask me how I knew about the cracked anus part] and despite having just sprouted wings literally, the shirt wasn’t even remotely there; no tear was created. Oh, and that shirt was so unevenly made it went half the way up his ribcage on one side, and went down halfway on his thigh or just his waist I don't remember. Oh, and he wore really generic black sweatpants shorts. As Patrick used this ridiculous machine to slowly float down, (red bull is inconsistent; don’t chance it if you find yourself sprouting wings from Red Bull in your dreams, or do, It’s not my call but it fits this story I guess), he proclaimed that “All want to get back at [the owner] now. This means everything will go my way.” Indeed it did, until that same owner came back. I am thinking "he's messed this up"

      “That’s it, you come by, give me your usual talk, and then this happens.”

      “Yeah, I’ve guessed I’ve really fucked myself now”

      “Listen, I know we are of the same, we both are adventuring, wanting to venture wherever possible to feel all cozy inside, so I’ll pretend this never happened on three conditions; you walk slowly and take loud steps [so he stops trying to break in places, I don’t’ know but I don’t think she says the other two things or I forgot them.]” After climbing out Patrick did actually walk slowly in his nearly-knee-high boots and even comments on how everybody is so worked up about organizing workflow these days even when walking home, they still try to get there as fast as possible, and not even make an attempt to buy groceries or whatever or just enjoy nature on the way. I now take control, and the red bull wears off, I think. Now I help the townsfolk have some fun with my magic tiny dome shooting clawshot. Wth happened here. Cut to a failing family business claiming this week they will run out of spare cash.

      I was thinking about this story all day (or so I think) and on the bus home, to which everybody is surprised at me even though I am not doing anything. I think “I can’t wait to write this story” *wakes up*. “wow” Also one other dream I was in school but everybody always takes caution around me. It was because the school was getting paranoid and they noticed I am really good at playing Payday. Third game I dont own that shows up dammit

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      non-lucid , false awakening
    9. Kidnappings and discoveries

      by , 01-25-2014 at 08:43 PM (My smashed up joy ride of dreaming)
      Some blue mad scientists are trying to keep me in one place against my will. Some thugs steal me again where I overhear about how I am genetically modified. (im thinking it is closest to the second level to prototype) A couple of days later .my next dild involves a voice telling me that the settings my dreams take place in are finite. I, in rebellios nature immediately go over nothingness for my brain to generate more world like a laggy Minecraft game.Okay when I dEILD the sp makes my arm feel like it goes through my bed, nothing else. I do some stuff in a blue room. also, racing. I am training for something but am terrible at it.
    10. lucid living day #42: continued city WBTB sleep issues, exercise

      by , 10-02-2013 at 03:21 PM
      I don't want to psych myself out here, but I definitely see a pattern now: wake around 4th/5th hour after bed, quick keyword journal, bathroom, BTB, MILD reps....and lie there awake for a few hours . Get up, eat breakfast, read some, back to bed about 2 hours later, feel sleepy, almost fall asleep a few times, eventually I do sleep, and get some dreams. Go for a fast walk/slow jog in the park for about an hour, work up a good sweat and get my heart rate up to a good aerobic range. Knees are a bit tired. Hopefully the outside air and exercise will kick in and help me get back to sleep after MILD reps tonight. If not I may keep some Valerian extract on hand by the bed in case getting back to sleep is taking too long. I don't want to take it every night so that my body develops a resistance to it.

      1) I'm in a building on a fairly high floor, I know my loved one is being kidnapped, she's outside and the bad guys are going to take her away. I jump down about 3 floors in a stairwell, and am surprised for a moment that my legs don't hurt. I look out a window to the ground at the bad guys in the car preparing to get away, and they're too far down to jump. I'm suddenly outside by the car, a large black Hummer-like vehicle with no top. The bad-guys are dressed in black suits like secret service agents, there are a handful of them standing in the car. I get in as well, the car takes off. I make some demands and one of them threatens to push me backwards out the door. I'm half in/half out of the car, with a leg hanging outside, and the driver is swerving close to other cars and the wall to get me out of the car. Another car drives comes up along by me and I call out to the driver to help me, the driver is a young dark-skinned woman who immediately consents, and I (quite effortlessly) dive through the driver side window into the front passenger's seat.

      2) I'm walking along a very nice path near a river, a wall is on my left the river is on my right. I reach a place where the wall moves farther away from the river creating a larger area, the area is filled with sand. There are a few men standing there also admiring the area. One of them wants to build an art studio there. I'm annoyed by this and say that this is a place available to everyone and no one has the right to make it into a commercial enterprise. I gesture to the river and say what a great place this is to fish. Walking farther down this path the wall grows very high. I become aware of a vehicle approaching, and I have the urge to hide from it. The wall stops and I turn around it, where the land climbs up in a steep sandy hill. The area is wide open and I want to get high enough to hide behind a column in the wall. The hill is sandy and climbing it quickly is hard. I make it up, and look down over the top of the wall to see a vehicle has stopped right below. I notice it is the princess/queen's vehicle and relax. I prepare myself for her arrival, she walks up the hill and meets me. I bow deeply to her, feeling self-conscious, and kiss the back of her hand. I know we are betrothed to be married. Later we are talking together, I try to spell the word "family" in a foreign language, she says that's not right and points out the "correct" word (which is a nonsense word in the FL) on a shampoo bottle. I see her finger repeatedly pointing out this word.
    11. 8-10-2013 Six Degrees of Inner Deception

      by , 08-11-2013 at 01:51 AM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      Fragment #1:

      I arrive at this house. I then become afraid because i know i left my pet snake and lizard out here somewhere. I'm scared because they pose a threat and i can't locate them.

      Our Thoughts are your Thoughts:
      I pull up to my house with some friends and see multiple cars parked around my house. A group of people must have broken into my house. I panic a little. The next scene i remember, i'm in my room with my friends and i located some of the intruders in the room next to mine. I get a blade out and hide behind the door. One of them walks in and i swing but he is too strong, the blade surprisingly doesn't do a thing. As two of the intruders come into my room, i back off in fear and they attack and capture my friends, as they do, i run to a different part of the house.

      I get to my computer room and log on to my pc. As i log on, i find everything has been corrupted, they have done something to my computer. Then i find a note, the note tells me to find a person, do anything for that person, and fall in love with that person. The note then directs me to walk to the living room. However, i head someone approaching so i hide under my desk, a Hedgehog/human girl with two sets of tits drags me to the living room. There, i meet a bunch of people. All of them looked very strange.

      I find out that this group of people are very angry about the government or something and they plan to use me and other people to accomplish whatever goals they may have. They then take me to a big open room. Once there, they attempt to overwrite my personal opinions and ideas with their own. I resists and eventually, they push me onto a cart which descends into a dark pit. As the hedgehog lady activates the cart, i grab onto a wire and climb back up, but she closes some doors at the top. The bottom also closes up, now i can't go down or get out, i'm trapped inside a dark tunnel.

      The next scene, i'm in the desert, this time, some other people are trapped in the tunnel and the entrance is somewhat open. A guard accidentally drops their phone, another person beside me then picks it up and calls 911. However, the phone then gets the message "Service unavailable"

      Six Degrees of Inner Deception:
      I'm in my room, there's some other people there. I then get a feeling that aliens have altered my sense of perception. I then try to get the other people to help me break this effect and fight back but they disappear. I then walk to the barn and see my dad. I then show him my super powers i've recently been working on. I lift at least 50 bees into the air and form a ball and sort of swing it around. My dad then laughs and instantly picks up like 500 bees out of nowhere, flings them up and makes them shower down, i hit the ground to a take cover. I then start walking back home, i notice i have goggles on, with special lenses inserted, i see odd things such as little kids running around by me, but when i take the lens out, my vision appears to return to normal.

      Back inside , i walk into my room, i see snakes but realize they aren't real. I then look out into the hallway, i see an outline of a group of people, about 4 of the 7 people have images filled inside the outlines. The people with the un-filled white outlines must be the people i need to kill in order to break the effect. Then, i see this dwarf man coming down the hallway. He was apparently forced to fight me, he attacks with an axe, i dodge, strike and win the fight. Only 2 more to kill.

      Then the leader of the group and a man with a diamond column comes into my room. The leader swings at me with his sword but i knock it out of his hands. Then the leader and column man get into a fight, but eventually, they focus back on me. The leader knocks me to the ground with his metallic gauntlets and repeatedly punches me, i'm near death and see the column man swinging toward me, i then kick the leader, he flies back and intercepts the column mid swing. So instead of hitting me, the leader gets hit and shatters into pieces.

      Next thing i know, i wake up, look at my ipod on my alarm clock. The ipod has an album playing, the album has a similar name to "Six degrees of inner turbulence". The album cover has also switched to an alien walking down a hallway with a syringe sticking into the back of his head. I find this all very strange, and then i wake up for good.
    12. 4 Nov: Taken to an alien planet

      by , 11-05-2012 at 03:07 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      To get a bank account, or anything official, people are required to identify themselves with DNA fingerprinting. I'm applying to a job or something like that and they take a drop of blood for DNA sampling. I'm sitting in an uncomfortable chair for too long before I get any feedback and then without a warning the chair locks me in and I feel a needle on my back. I feel scared for a bit and then become aware I'm just dreaming and decide to play along and just memorize every detail of the story as it unravels.

      I am drugged and transported somewhere. When I get back to my senses I'm with some other persons, rounded up on some fenced place with red dirt floor. A guy who befriends me says we're on another planet, a red planet and we've been selected due to something in our DNA.

      He invites me to escape with him. He says we have to face some giant guy who protects the gates. At the end of a long open ceiling corridor, we meet him. We fight and I recall I can fly and do all my kung fu tricks, so we win.

      We escape and along our path we meet someone who offers help. Says we must go alongside the river until we find a bridge. We should not cross it. Just meet there some guys who will take us underground.

      But when we arrive, there's no one there. We admire the beautiful iron bridge. It leads to a gorgeous palace on the other side of the river.

      Then we see an abandoned boat and a floating body. We get in the boat and rush up to grab the body. It is a woman with dark straight hair. We bring her inside the boat and do CPR. She is alive! Then we see a chain pending from the boat and on the other end of it is a dog fighting for his life. we pull the chain, he offers some resistance because it chokes him a little bit, but soon he is also on the boat with us and looking very thankful.

      We seek help in the palace and we find that the woman and her dog live there. We are taken in as heroes. She had went for her usual boat promenade and the guys who we were supposed to meet with, had decided it was much more interesting to assault her and rob anything she might have of value. She didn't had much so they reacted with anger and decided to kill her and the dog. Luckily we appeared on time.

      We were given jobs in the palace and we stayed there.

      Now I start seeing life through the youngest girl in the family, a gorgeous teenager with a thing for art. Her father spoils her with everything she wants, as long as she doesn't get out of her golden cage. She surrounds herself with paintings, sculptures and all fine arts she can ask her father to put his hands on. But she is frustrated and unhappy. One day, the palace and the gardens are super busy with people preparing some big event, and she hids on one of her art galleries. Looking at those marble sculptures of naked bodies she feels so horny. She touches them as she masturbates furiously. She is going crazy that she can't reach an orgasm. I am her but I am also the guy who is now working in the palace, so I feel her horny despair and I also see her through his eyes and feel his lust.

      Then I realize again I am just dreaming and I wake up.
    13. 19 Apr: Mind control through dreams

      by , 04-20-2012 at 09:09 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      (...) I was dreaming I was in Africa and I ended up in a farm owned by some white folks where I asked if I could spend the night. They welcomed me and took me to the stables, where part of the space had been adapted into a dorm. A group of young people were already staying in there and they showed me around. When the night fell, everybody became a bit anxious and rushed to lock all the doors. I could feel something evil lurking in the darkness outside. They didn't know what it was, but they all could feel it everynight.
      Everybody went to sleep, except me and another girl who was talking on her cell phone with a friend. She got up from her bunkbed and fell down a hole that opened up on the floot beneath her feet. Then I could see everything she was going through as if I could see through her eyes. Down at the botton of the hole there was a kind of green plasma vortex and she was sucked in and transported to some other realm or dimension. There, two evil looking guys totally dominated her and said she was going to be the link to her friends on the other side and that they were going to use her to gain control of their minds through their dreams. She offered some resistance, but they did what they had envisaged.
      Then I was back into my own self and I watched all of them getting up of their beds, eyes completely white and moving around like zombies. They seemed to be going through some process, like downloading info or reprogramming their minds, but I interrupted it. I woke up every single one of them and they couldn't believe what just happened. They were aware of it all the time, they just couldn't snap out of it without my help. They thanked me and then we started thinking how to rescue the girl that had been kidnapped.
    14. First Lady

      by , 03-25-2012 at 04:12 PM
      March 18, 2012

      I was watching a tv news clip. I saw a tall, thin white man speaking. It was the President and my husband. He made a big political decision that his opponents did not like. At that very moment, I got word for the Secret Service that my daughter was at risk. The opposition had a plan to kidnap her and keep her hostage until the president changed his plan. I immediately drove to her school. (In waking life, I drove to my own school where I teach.) I spoke to Kristina, the administrative assistant and asked if my daughter *Jamie* had been picked up. (I changed the girls name because I actually gave the name of the only girl in my class.) She told me no, she was in class. So I asked her to please have her brought to me and we were going to hide in the school. I then told her that two men were going to come in here with offical papers stating that they could pick her up from school. I told her that this was not true and that it was an attempt to kidnap her. Kristina asked if I wanted to just take Jamie with me and leave but I told her I thought I may have been followed and that the two men were going to arrive any minute. As soon as Jamie was there we went and hid in an office. I piled pillows and blankets on top of her so that she wasn't seen through the window. I saw the men walk in to the school. I also saw them walk around the school and look for her. They looked inside my car and then left.

      Mood: Very fast paced, I drove so fast to the school that it took seconds. I spoke so fast that Kristina needed to ask me things twice. My heart was racing. I felt very determined.
    15. points for 31/12/11

      by , 12-31-2011 at 02:47 PM
      1 dream, 1 false awakening

      I was at college and it was my lunch break on a Tuesday, so I was wondering around the campus. Then I got picked up by an ambulance for some unknown reason, as we drove along we passed this huge tower of wood and straw/hay. It was then set alight as we drove past and I was told it acted as a signal/beacon. We drove around a corner and alongside a river, the river I recognised and it was then I realised I was in town. We continued to the end of the road which was a dead end, they asked if anybody knew the way out so I told them. After a bit more driving it dropped me off outside of a massive indoor play area and my family were waiting for me. Also stood at the door was my friend K.L and as I was about to walk in I remembered I needed to get back to college because I had a lesson that started in a few minutes. She grabbed my arm and pulled me close, she then whispered in my ear that somebody was trying to kidnap me. I looked behind me to see and old battered blue car where the ambulance had pulled up. The person inside was watching me very closely, so I whispered back that she be the distraction whilst I run away. I sneaked past the car while she popped her head up at the window, unfortunately I was spotted, grabbed and pulled inside the car. I was then driven off at high speed. We swerved around corners and across roads, it was almost like the driver couldn't control the car. We shot across a main road and the driver tried to turn but the car carried on going and smashed through the front of a bath store. When I came to everything was black, I couldn't see. It was like my eyes were closed, but I could feel the smashed bits of the baths around me and I think I cut myself on one of them. I got out of the store to the blinding daylight, the dream ended here. (Full dream- 1 point)

      The false awakening happened at some point before my alarm went off. I woke up and looked at my clock and it said 7.15am, for some reason I didn't question this and fell back to sleep. A few minutes later I was woken up by my alarm going off again but this time it said 3.00am so I did a reality check and it was real life. I then attempted a WBTB but just fell asleep. (WBTB attempt- 1 point)
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