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    1. Assassi'nation'

      by , 03-05-2017 at 08:24 AM
      Its not a lucid dream, but this dream was too vivid to be a dream, i even remember a lot of the details from this dream, but i'll just write the major situation

      The dream was started with im standing in front of a huge building. and i dont know why, in that dream, i already knew that my father would held a birthday party, and... he is a president of the country on my dream.

      When im still standing outside and stare at the building, i suddenly remember that i should enter that building in a disguise, set a backdoor (escape point), then kill my own father.

      im beginning to enter that building, and try to avoid detection of my disguise. so i dress up like another royal guard, wear long white shirt, long black pants, a half black-and-blue kevlar, bring the m15 rifle, put on black hat and black military boots, then i proceed to face the entrance.

      when the first time i want to walk away and enter the door, a dream figure ask me, "Hey, where is your parameter assignment? i thought there are no zebras reservist that guard inside", well, seems he isn't recognize me as the son of the president, so i just thinking for awhile, and start to hack his psychology to convince him that im part of the royal guard force (although this is a dream, im good at social engineering in waking life, its just naturally happened even im not lucid in this dream). its not an easy thing because i realize they are trained person, so i should hack them perfectly. after some chat, i succeed to convince them that i might assigned to guard inside, but im not informed to wear a shell jacket because everyone inside should formally dressed.

      after im entering the entrance, a receptionist ask me "Morning sir, it seem like you forgot the dress code for the royal guards", still, she also didnt recognize me as the president son, then i should perform another mind hack on this girl, so i just gave her a bitter-smile and concoct her about my family problem, the girl bite the bait, she start to a bit sentimental and just tell me where the dressing room, so i hurry to change my clothes and seek the back door. the next time i passing again in front of the receptionist, she tell me "wow, you look awesome now. wait, are you the president son? you look so alike with him". i just reply "Thanks, i wish i was a president son too, have a lot of money and power, and you cant refuse my invitation to drink together tonight, right?. but unfortunately im not, so i cant do that and just do my mission as a guard", she reply "hey, you dont have to be a president son to drink with me, just ask me, and we can drink together, and of course i willing to hear another problem of yours if you want me to do", i reply again "got it, dont go anywhere till i finish my job okay" then i smiled to, and continue looking for my back door.

      i found a balcony that not guarded, i call my assistant to send me my personal modified m1911, even its a bit odd that the drone failed multipe times and respawned, i still doesnt realize im dreaming. after im gearing up with my own weapon, i left and set the m15 in there to hold the door, so theres nobody can open the balcony except me.

      i moved to the main hall, seeking my father, but cant found him anywhere, i ask his secretary, but she has no idea where is my father now (on this time, i reveal my identity to all the people in the hall). but she said that my father already on the building. so im go to the ceiling, set my position, put the silencer and the scope on my m1911, then waiting for my father show up.

      when im waiting in the ceiling, my phone just vibrated, i check it out, and there a msg said "save me" came from my father number. BOOM, i suddenly change my position, switch the thermal on my scope on, and located the another 3 person on the ceiling. i shot them down, and they're all dead. soon after im check the dead body, my father showed up on the stage, all the clapping sound was so peal, and my father look at me, he smile, and start to greet another guest that already in the hall.

      im go to get the m15 back, turn and meet the receptionist, ask her to drink with me on the party, but she refuse it because it still her work time, i said "its okay, i've tell your manager to give you a break for today", the the manager walk in front of us and smiled to me, she said "seriously? how can you do that?", i reply "its simple, im a president son, i have the power to do that". she said and do nothing but just a bit surprised, then i grab her hand to the hall, and start to dance with her stiff move.

      the end, i wake up slowly, recall the dream, write it on my DJ book, and smiled. I dont expect a plot twist dream like this, and the dream was so vivid.
      non-lucid , memorable
    2. Smoke weed; Kill People

      by , 09-22-2015 at 02:10 PM
      I was in my dorm, when one of my hallmates A came in. We talked a bit, and eventually, he invited me to his room to smoke weed with him and a few other people. I went with him, and there were a ton of people there already. There were a few other people I knew from my dorm. Together, we all passed around a joint, and had fun. Eventually, I blacked out from the amount of weed I smoked, as if it were alcohol. (?) I remember stuff up to that point. I remember cops might have come, and we could have run for our freedom. I also remember we could've just sat there all night. It felt like the lazy kind of weed.

      Either way, I woke up the next morning in my room in my bed. It was fun trying to remember what happened the previous night.

      Dream 2

      I remember a bungalow in the woods in the night. There were people inside it, who included my family, and possibly a few other people. We were having some kind of gathering. There were four people who I saw. They all carried guns, and started shooting at us. I found a sniper rifle with a laser pointer on it and started aiming. I started killing them all, trying to save my family.
      This may or may not have happened. I can't remember this one very well.
    3. 07/07/15 - Modern Assassin

      by , 07-07-2015 at 08:30 AM

      Note: It seems I am having more problems lately recalling much in the way of dreams. My recall has gone down a lot since I signed up here, which seems backwards to me... but I finally remembered one! An Assassin's Creed based dream:

      Modern Assassin

      I am wandering around what I recognize as a place I used to live when I was a kid. The place doesn't look like it did when I used to live there. All of the homes are on large lots with lots of oak trees, but the area behind the houses is now filled with tightly packed model homes where there used to be open forest. I find it to be very disappointing that the beautiful forest where I used to play as a kid has been destroyed. I remember the patch of wild raspberry bushes growing behind the house I used to live in. There's a long driveway leading up to the house, so I will most likely be seen if I try to approach the house. But since I really want to see if the raspberry bushes are still there, I go towards the house.

      I don't even try to hide as I approach the house. I figure it would be easier to think of an excuse for approaching the house than for sneaking around. No one says anything as I approach the house. I turn right and go around to the back of the house where the bushes used to be. To my relief they're still there. I look closer and I see there are ripe berries on the bushes. As I pick and eat some of the berries, a man wearing Assassin's Creed style robes. I notice I am also in Assassin style robes. The man with the Assassin robes looks like he is annoyed by me stuffing my face with raspberries. When I pause, he asks if I am done. I nod.

      The man gets right to the point. He says the man staying in the guest room of the house I used to live in is a Templar spy and must be eliminated. The people who own the house are friends of the Assassins and must not be harmed. He seems impatient, so I go around the back of the house. There is an entrance directly to the basement there, a sliding door which isn't even locked. I go in and enter the large recreation room that I spent so much time playing in as a kid. I pause for a bit as memories of the past flood through my mind. I don't wait long. I figure the guest room is the room in the basement where my brother used to sleep. As I pass the basement bathroom, I get more memories of my brother and grief because my brother is dead. I continue into the bedroom that my brother used to use. I see a man in the far corner finishing doing something I can't see, but somehow I know he is planting a bomb.

      The man jumps when he looks up and sees me. It seems he knows why I have come, but that doesn't seem
      To bother him. He smiles and says I'm too late. Nothing will stop the plan now. He laughs and seems more than a little crazy. He says nothing can stop him. There is a large decorative disc hanging on the wall. It looks like an oversized shield. The man says we will now die together. I hear the bomb beeping. It's about to explode! I grab the shield and use it to push the surprised man back on top of the bomb he'd just planted. He barely has time to yell out "NO!" before the bomb goes off with a loud bang. I feel the force of the blast push up on the shield but it doesn't penetrate the shield. The blast has been somehow contained. I don't have time to wonder about that before I wake.
    4. Nuclear Crisis Averted

      by , 07-05-2014 at 06:25 PM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      I am some sort of god-like entity, an awareness with power, lacking physical form, helping a large group of people and animals live their lives. I become aware that there is a hostile ship, going to another land to bring back nuclear weapons to use against everyone on the island I am familiar with. Going over to it, I attempt to stop it with lightning strikes. Despite several direct hits on the ship, it continues on and reaches the distant shore to pick up the nuclear weapons.

      I take human form, and go to speak with the leader of this operation, but he kills me before I can do or say anything right as I enter a wooden lodge he is in. Still having an awareness of what's going on in the lodge, a large group of women enter, all dressed the same, all with their hands in their identical bags. They surround him and say something to the effect of, "You had this coming for a long time, now the time has come" He tries to run, but a group of women hold him as he is assassinated. All the women had guns in their bags.

      Now a young boy just on the outskirts of the town, holding hands with a young girl, we watch the town mill about. People going here and there. Boats coming and going. The large ship from earlier has turned into a smaller ship with no where to go. Very peaceful, a dam slowly raises out of the nearby river, filling a large reservoir.
    5. Failed Assassination

      by , 05-22-2014 at 12:31 PM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      I am supposed to kill a woman who is with me, but before I can even think about that, I am attacked by each type of Halo alien from the game. Luckily I have a rocket launcher, a rail gun, and a machine gun with me, and manage to fight them off. Nearly out of ammo, a large machine that fires a rail gun comes in, and starts shooting at me.

      I see that I had 2 team mates, but they didn't survive the first waves. Now out of ammo for all but the rail gun, I shoot this machine so many times with it, until it finally collapses.

      A second one comes in, and I use the rest of the rail gun ammo, as I dodge its shots to finish it off. I am now completely out of ammo.

      The woman shows me to some bricks I could use to smash her head, but I don't want to kill her. I then find a large knife in my pocket, and she tells me to cut her throat. She then grabs me and we start dancing in a dark room, filled with strangers. She puts the my hand with the knife to her neck, and tells me to do it, but I decline.

      Some people pull at the knife I am holding, trying to get it away from me, but I hold onto it, and continue to dance with this woman. I put the knife in its sheath, and pull a paper out of my pocket.

      I am now back in the room with Halo monster corpses all around, and a greenish blue lighting coming from somewhere. A friend of mine takes the paper from my hand and stabs at a woman's face on it, telling me to do the same to this woman. I poke a few holes in the paper, and then notice that I don't see the woman anywhere on the page.

      I flip the paper over, and it has the Starcraft tech tree on the back, showing all the units and buildings for each of the 3 races, including a video of the Protoss destroying a Terran base. I explain to someone which race each of the units belongs to, and they are confused by the Zerg operated Terran units. I start to explain how the queen can infect a command center.
    6. Old Dreams: Mission Impossible X

      by , 04-28-2014 at 10:00 PM
      I was in a luxurious hotel/building of some kind, with wood paneled walls and red/purple carpets. I am with a rag tag group of friends, old and new, from completely different places and times.
      We were surrounded by a lot of military leaders and important people both from films/TV shows I had watched and from real life, such as Obama and other people who I knew were important.
      Suddenly the dream is chaos as a number of assassinations start to take place; I see a group of these high ranking officials step into an elevator to plummet to their deaths, purple smoke fills the room and there are bodyguards and spies pulling out guns and starting a shoot out.

      Me and my friends also pull out firearms and join in, covering behind a sort of lobby like desk. One of my friends shouted "Why can't we all be friends" then a man in a grey suit who I know is my ally, grabs another guy and jumps out the window, I grab a grey cushioned, steel frame chair and jump out after him (hoping to use the chair to break my fall I guess) we plummet a huge distance before landing, the chair crumples under me and I survive, but I feel like i have broken my ribs.

      Looking around I have landed in a sunny park with people riding bikes/relaxing, I look back and see the building I jumped from, a huge grey tower block, with small windows. I can see the window from which I jumped.
      Somehow I end up in a doctors office at a high tech lab called "Black Villain", probably for my ribs. I remember seeing a pale blue poster on the wall, advertising "Carbonatate" Headphones. I also see the doctors clipboard, which has a drawing of a ball, with a line across to a man who seems to be fist pumping, I can tell this is supposed to represent him in good health.
    7. Night of Short Lucids

      by , 12-22-2013 at 09:03 PM
      First Dreams - Very Weird:

      Dream 1:
      I was hanging out at some carnival, it was a very gloomy day. It also had enormous lecture halls beneath the ground in several buildings. After wandering around for awhile and eating some gross carnival food, I went down into one of these lecture halls and sat next to a couple friends from high school. President of the United States (PotUS) came to give a speech about something, except he wasn't Barack Obama, he was some young punk that looked like a young Barack Obama (Maybe 16 years old) and he was extremely cocky. He got up in front of this mostly empty lecture hall that could probably fit about 600-700 people. This guy pulled out a gun and my mom came out of nowhere and jumped in front of the bullet. She got shot and lay there bleeding while the young PotUS just watched with an emotionless look on his face. I wondered, why the hell would she do that? He must really mean a lot to her. Dream fades to black.

      Dream 2:
      I was back at the carnival, it was raining this time. I wandered around again until I eventually found my way down to the lecture hall. I sat in a different place this time, farther in back. Exact same thing happened otherwise.

      Dream 3:
      Back at the carnival, this time there were a couple of cops as well. They gave me a hard time and ignored me when I tried to tell them that someone was going to try and shoot the president. I eventually went down to one of the lecture halls, as though I had no choice in the matter. This time, the PotUS was coming out of the lecture hall right when I got to it, some guy came out of nowhere and tried to shoot him. My mother jumped in front of the bullet again. Same stuff.

      Dream 4:
      After fading to black this time, I became lucid in the darkness. I guess this would be a true DEILD. I tried to create a different scene because I was tired of watching my mother get shot over and over again. Didn't work, I was back at the rainy carnival, this time one of the cops was holding me down and....spanking me? It was a horrible, helpless feeling. I told him that he was a nice guy and that he didn't want to hurt me. Didn't work, so I told him the same thing again while I transformed him into another person that looked like a stereotypical hippie. He let me go and I teleported to another world. I was at a beautiful house on the second floor. I started in a tiny bed that might be appropriate for a little 6 year old. Being that I am 6'3, it was a little too small for me. I was feeling tired all of a sudden and I wanted to take a nap, so I looked around, expecting to see some giant beds to lay in. Two, giant super king-sized beds appeared behind me with small rays of light shining down on them from some skylights. This room reminded me of what my parents' bedroom looked like in the early morning when I was a small child (a recurring place of safety for me in dreams). I moved curtains over the skylights so that I could take a nice nap without light. I then realized that if I took a nap in a dream, I would probably either wake up or go to a different place. I didn't want that so I decided to look around instead. The house was quite an interesting design, I thought. The entire building was in the shape of a '+'. Outside of the room I was in there was a balcony that led to the other wings of the home. I looked over the edge and saw an indoor river, surrounded by plants that led to the front door. Outside of the house, there was a zen garden and an old-school, large, wooden gate that led to a busy street (there were no cars, just people walking). I went down into the garden and noticed the edges of the dream starting to blur. I stabilized. These bugs started attacking me. First it was mosquitoes, then spiders started jumping at me. I didn't like that so I ran away. My heart was pumping super fast and I woke up.

      Dream 5:
      I was at my parents house and there was a giant snake that was slithering around like a lil' creep. The cats tried to kill it but it escaped into hiding. Soon there were baby snakes everywhere. One bit me, ouch, nothing bad happened so I assumed they weren't poisonous. I decided that it was time to catch that sneaky little snake. My sister and I picked up some giant butterfly nets. This snake was extra tricky though, it would take the shape of one of the cats and then there would be three cats and we would have to figure out which one was just the shape-shifting snake. After going through this process of the snake taking cat form, us discovering it, then it running away a couple of times, my sister eventually caught it with a net. During this process a couple random, nameless DC's got brutally torn apart by the snake. It didn't seem like a big deal in the dream but now it seems kind of messed up. I put my net over hers and we welded it shut with torches coming out of our fingers. I woke up.

      I was only semi-lucid during this dream, so I won't count it as lucid. I remember that there was some dream guy that was talking to me. He told me that he could tell me a grand secret of lucid dreaming if I went to this magical pool of water. I went there and my body turned into water. I blended with the water and became the water. Then I woke up. Super short dream.

      Super long fragment:
      I was hanging out at some strange building with my brother and one of my uncles. We all decided to smoke some weed outside, then they went down into a double secret basement that was three floors beneath the surface. I didn't want to go down there so i stayed at ground level. Eventually some weird stuff started happening and the dream turned into a kind of ghost murdering RPG. The house turned into a ranch out in the middle of a post-nuclear testing site in a desert somewhere. There was also a giant group of people with guns and swords now. We hacked and slashed our way through ghosts and possessed people that turned on us. After awhile, I had probably killed these ghosts a hundred times and I got tired of it and most of the group was dead so I ran towards the home and went down into the double secret basement where my uncle and brother were hanging out. My uncle had been possessed and my brother had to kill him. My brother and I got overrun by dozens of ghost-demons and he got pulled behind while I barely escaped. I went up to the top floor of the building and this strange light zoomed by at super speed and drove away all of the ghosts that attacked me. My mom and dad were hanging out up there, reading books as though nothing were wrong. I asked them what that light was, they told me it was their little dog. They said she was possessed by the guardians of the property. I asked them if the guardians protected my brother too, they said that the guardians refused and that he must have done something pretty naughty because they wanted nothing to do with him. I woke up.

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    8. Near-miss, and 'In the life of a 21st century Jew!'

      by , 06-07-2011 at 12:19 AM (Aeolar's Lucid Reveries and other Hoopla)
      I had a dream that there was a bird, that had the characteristics of a pigeon but it's feathers were colored like that of a seagull. This bird was stuck in my room, for god knows why. I tried many different ways to get it out, one including putting my laundry basket over it and throwing it out. None of them worked, and they simply ended up with me getting pecked by the bird. Eventually, I just opened up the door to my room and opened up the side door, and the bird flew away.

      I remember that I was having a dream, and I realized it and said 'I'm dreaming!' but this was the end of the regular dream, and the end of the lucid as well.

      I am a Jew, and Germans have taken over the modern world. I am wandering around, and I decide to take my chances and go to a Wal-mart. Instead of employees being present, there are SS guards everywhere. Me, with a shaved head and no shirt on, exposing my half-starved self, must have stuck out like a sore thumb. I am near the middle of the Wal-mart now, and an SS tried shooting at me with his MP40, but I simply push his gun to the side. As he tries to reload, I kick the magazine out of his hand. Then, 2 SS ladies come towards us, one of them with blonde hair. She challenges me to a duel. I set the rules down for the duel.

      We must stand at opposite ends of the aisle, and whoever gets the most hits onto the other person wins. We start, and I begin shooting single bullets at a time at her, and while I'm doing this, she is sprinting towards me. I'm out of bullets, and she is 20 feet away from me, with a full clip of ammo. I call bull shit on her, that she is cheating, because she was supposed to shoot from the other end of the aisle. The other girl was talking about different bullet calibers for MP40 magazines, and most of it was nonsense. I decided to leave, and it was a lot easier than I would've expected. I went outside to the right, and I remembered (Falsely, from a movie I had seen) that I had stashed a lot of money somewhere, when I saw Kym. She was going home, and her mom was waiting for her by the loading dock. I asked if I could come with, and she replied exuberantly "Of course!" The two of them were Jewish as well, and they said that if they didn't tithe to the synagogue with their names, addresses, etc..., that they would later be assassinated and half of their wealth would be taken away. Kym's mom remembered how her husband put some juice from a plant root into Kym's eyes as a baby so they the irises would turn blue and she would look Aryan. I woke up.

    9. April 20 2011: The assasination of a prince

      by , 04-27-2011 at 02:33 PM (The path to Lucid Mastery)

      Note: I havenít updated my DJ in quite some time so here are three entries at once. Enjoy!

      In this dream I was in some kind of pyramid-shaped palace (an Incan pyramid, not an Egyptian one). There was a guy there wearing expensive golden ornaments who called himself the prince. He was really rude and told me to go away. I walked outside and set up a plan to kill him to become the prince myself. I dug a hole in front of the door of his palace and when he came out he fell in.

      Now I was the prince, but I was sure someone would try to assassinate me too. My oldest little brother came into the palace and started working on my nerves, telling me to watch out and heavily implying he knew I was the one who killed the old prince. I ignored him but soon after he left and came back with two men who started asking me questions. I denied everything and acted really insulted, but my little brother didnít buy it and went away to investigate. Then he came back with one of my sandals that was in the bushes next to the hole I dug for the old prince. Then I woke up.

      The dream wasnít exactly fun but not a nightmare either. And even though my little brother appeared in it I failed to do a reality check and become lucid.