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    1. 18 Feb: Have a pet cougar and scenes from school and childhood

      by , 02-18-2019 at 09:01 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      At a house with a long corridor, like my grandparents' home in Moita. I'm going around locking up the windows. My dad is there. I also have my cats and a cougar. The cougar was raised by us but seems not to like us or the cats, and picks up fights. The cats are afraid and bite me several times. The cougar then bites a cat but lets him go, clearly not with the intention to kill. Still I yell at him and throw him out in the street. A couple of twin old rich ladies, my neighbors, see it and come to rescue the "poor thing". I try to warn then that he is behaving badly, but they don't care as they always loved the cougar.

      Staying at a hostel, changing the sheets in the bed. Someone caught a mouse in a jar.

      Go to school and I am looking for my classroom. I am late, Ana Sofia and others also are just arriving. Not many places or chairs available. I sit in the back, can't hear the teacher. A girl in front row is an ass kisser to the teacher.
      Then in the middle of the students, I spot my guru as a young boy, he is being teased by a indian kid pretending to be fishing.

      A guy who's been stalking me disappears, but I think he faked his own death and will come back to haunt me again

      Start dating my childhood crush Marco. We've been flirting for a while, I sit in the back of the classroom and so does he. One day he sits at a piano to serenade me and I sit by his side, feeling warmhearted.
    2. Entry 12

      by , 09-29-2014 at 10:00 PM
      Yard Dream
      I had a dream I missed the bus so my dad wanted to go out into the woods so I packed some stuff like food for the journey. I took the last stick of string cheese and started eating that on the way out. When we were outside in my yard, time skips and this cougar comes out of the woods, in the dream we call it a cougar but looking back it was actually a dingo. It starts circling me and my dad tells me to kill it so I take this branch to defend myself from it and we just walk in circles, every time it jumps at me I bonk it on the head with the thick stick, and after a long while my dad takes a long makeshift spear and stabs it in the head, and then my dream ends.

    3. Deer Hunting With Bow and Arrow

      by , 11-28-2013 at 05:28 PM
      Morning of November 28, 2013. Thursday.

      In the first part of my dream, I am in the shed on Loomis Street, but it seems much bigger and aligned in a different direction (perpendicular to its actual location). Apparently, I had just successfully shot two large male deer with little effort with a bow and arrow. I vaguely remember the details as a supposed backstory, but it becomes clearer when my brother-in-law Bob and I are talking about brand names involved in two different methods of hunting as we are walking from the shed (apparently having dressed and stored the deer in his freezer). There seems to be a continuous mix-up of which company makes the best bows and arrows and which makes the best rifles. It is almost like a comedy routine in knowing which is which. There are also a couple sarcastic remarks about some of the hunters using BB guns. (In real life years ago, I had told a factory foreman as I was working on an assembly line, who had asked about what kind of rifle my brother-in-law used, that Bob got his biggest deer with a Daisy, which is mostly known for BB guns. He looked at me strangely. I guess he did not appreciate my deadpan humor.)

      Bob and I are going back out, mostly for me to only watch his attempts and perhaps to help as I walk behind him to his right. We walk the entire way. We have regular bows and arrows, not crossbows, and I sort of wonder about this for some time. (My brother Earl and his wife - in fact he met her there - worked at a place that made bows and arrows - Outers Laboratories, Inc.)

      We reach an area going uphill. We are walking up a long pathway that has seemingly been used for vehicles only rarely. To our left is a thicker, almost impenetrable forest, with sparse rock features. To the right is mostly an open plain with a row of larger trees along the pathway and only minor rock features. In the distance are large hills, perhaps mountains. I am not sure where we are, but there is a heightened feeling of clarity and joy, almost a sense of love and boundless freedom.

      Near each tree is a very large male deer facing the pathway, with their head and neck and front legs visible. I am wondering if my brother-in-law will be able to get them (though he is apparently allowed only two), but I soon feel confident about his success. Farther to the right, in the more open area, is a large mountain lion (cougar) that neither seems to be a threat nor even seems to notice us (and is only casually glancing at the many deer). I focus on how the deer may or may not move away upon approach, depending partly on the mountain lion’s activity and which direction he goes. I slowly wake as we are walking along, feeling very at ease and relaxed.

      This dream was at least partly influenced by a foundational scripting, “I unfold my map of my best future”. Still, it has been twenty years since I went anywhere with Bob. I take it to mean something positive, that is, possible abundance, potential success (at least in surviving in a decent way, more than many I know of), and only potential danger if willfully approaching something of that nature (the mountain lion).

      The deer could not escape across to the other side (the forest seemingly being too dense) and they did not want to go in the direction of the mountain lion, and they were there closest to us (available nourishment or power), and I had considered if they were somehow “stuck”. This part of my dream seemed partly prescient due to the fact that a poster on the main dream journal site told me of an event where a deer had become entangled (though she referred to it as synchronicity, which I have otherwise experienced continuously throughout my life since early childhood).

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    4. Dino Crisis

      by , 12-11-2011 at 05:02 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      So I'm talking to these Dominican chicks about music, and they bring up some artist...that sings a song, and I decide to look up who sings it. After several minutes of searching, the groups name turns out to be "Dominican Republic". Obvious laughing and teasing ensued.

      I had a pet cougar, and it had to be maybe a few months old, and I was trying to teach it how to be more passive. Around me, it would be okay, but sometimes whenever it did things, it would let those claws out. Around other people, it was pretty aggressive. Anyways, I was missing my pet dinosaur, and D was asking me about it. I told him that it was still small, and I had it for a while. I think we discussed moralities of having one.

      Finally we found it in my front yard, and he was asking about how big it gets when it's old. I told him i had no idea, but I'm assuming they used some sort of growth regulation for them. It's been a while since I've been around it, so it's totally feral at the moment and things just seem too quiet.

      All of a sudden a 20 foot tall Dilophosaurus walks up to the drive way, expands it's hood (and obviously I'm running at another direction while tons of dc's are just standing there looking) and spits at the crow. Most of the crowd starts screaming and runs in the exact opposite direction I was running, and they get eaten off by another Dilo that was ready to flank them. They have excellent foot speed, and I know that it's either they're going get to me, so I decide to give them one hell of a fight before I died.

      When I got to the back yard, I saw a couple of huge boomerangs that I quickly picked up. I stopped running because my back yard leads to a big open field, and I know that it's going to be game over when I get there. I turn around and there's a smaller dinosaur about might height coming at me. I quickly threw the boomerang at him and it staggered him a bit. It returned on the ground next to me, and I ran and picked it up and threw it again. This time it was too high. The boomerang twirled above it's head for a few seconds and returned. Just then the dinosaur kept creeping up and all of a sudden, it caught about three arrows to the chest.

      I looked over, and there was this guy in a cosplay Link outfit. Amused and relieved, we headed back towards the area where the crowd went. Completely owning anything in our path. I was using the boomerang as more of a sickle if anything, and I saw a bow and arrow on the ground, but I told Link to ammo up. I just had a feeling we'd come across a sword or pole I could use against them.

      The dream ended there, but I woke up wondering what happened to my pet cougar.
    5. Cougars and Blops

      by , 01-18-2011 at 08:48 PM
      I recall the dream as starting at my friends house, we were playing black ops. We were having a discussion about something that was no doubt very important. We then realized that it was time for me and my brother to go home. As we went outside mark said don't forget our pet, I looked over and saw a mountain lion standing there with a rope leash tied to the house. This somehow did not surprise and I told him to put it in the back seat of my car. The Cougar was acting very friendly but slightly skidish. I instantly loved it and I petted it for a minute.

      Getting it into my car was slightly difficult but the cougar was cooperative. We got in my car and started driving home. "we were talking about whether or not we thoght my parents would let us keep it." I said "I didn't have a pet so they should let is keep it."

      When we got back to my house it was very different from normal. I recall asking my parents whether we could keep her or not.

      The end
    6. Along the Wayside (Cougar Frozen in Midleap)

      by , 07-02-1972 at 01:02 PM
      Morning of July 2, 1972. Sunday.

      This dream was very vivid and the scene repeated at least once on the same morning.

      I am riding in the back seat of a car that my father is driving and my mother is in the front seat to his right in the most vivid version. We seem to be going north through a more isolated area of Highway Seventeen (now called Cubitis Avenue) in Florida, past Brownville. I continuously look out the window to my right.

      On the wayside of the highway (which does not seem well-maintained and does not seem wide enough for two lanes of traffic unless one drives on the wayside when passing or coming from the other direction), is a cougar in mid-leap, remaining motionless in the air as if time had somehow stopped (for the cougar only). It is facing south, in the opposite direction of where we are headed, never moving. There appears to be some sort of time barrier, where, when it leaped, it got stuck in an area where time moves much more slowly (or does not flow at all). Later, time seems to pass between this and the next scene where we are again going north in presumably the same car yet I am supposedly a year or two older. The cougar is still there in a similar position but now a front paw is lightly touching the ground.

      Dreams obviously have meaning, but the meaning is primarily relevant to the real-time biological symbolism of sleeping, dreaming, and achieving consciousness. In this case, despite the mystical, or if one prefers, science-fiction theme of this dream, the motionless cougar is simply an incidental but unique dream state indicator that my physical body is unmoving as I sleep. The leaping cougar as being an emergent consciousness precursor relates to both coalescence (as a cougar can capture or even eat the dream self “back into whole consciousness”) and liminal space. This becomes far more obvious when one studies tens of thousands of dreams over fifty years as I have.

      Unlike most other dreams where there is the presence of a cougar, there is no fear here. I only feel puzzled by the animal’s fate.

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