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    1. 18 Feb: Have a pet cougar and scenes from school and childhood

      by , 02-18-2019 at 09:01 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      At a house with a long corridor, like my grandparents' home in Moita. I'm going around locking up the windows. My dad is there. I also have my cats and a cougar. The cougar was raised by us but seems not to like us or the cats, and picks up fights. The cats are afraid and bite me several times. The cougar then bites a cat but lets him go, clearly not with the intention to kill. Still I yell at him and throw him out in the street. A couple of twin old rich ladies, my neighbors, see it and come to rescue the "poor thing". I try to warn then that he is behaving badly, but they don't care as they always loved the cougar.

      Staying at a hostel, changing the sheets in the bed. Someone caught a mouse in a jar.

      Go to school and I am looking for my classroom. I am late, Ana Sofia and others also are just arriving. Not many places or chairs available. I sit in the back, can't hear the teacher. A girl in front row is an ass kisser to the teacher.
      Then in the middle of the students, I spot my guru as a young boy, he is being teased by a indian kid pretending to be fishing.

      A guy who's been stalking me disappears, but I think he faked his own death and will come back to haunt me again

      Start dating my childhood crush Marco. We've been flirting for a while, I sit in the back of the classroom and so does he. One day he sits at a piano to serenade me and I sit by his side, feeling warmhearted.
    2. Rusty DVD Player with Mouse Inside

      by , 10-16-2018 at 09:22 AM
      Morning of October 16, 2018. Tuesday.

      Dream #: 18,929-01. Reading time (optimized): 3 min. Readability score: 71.

      I am in the front room of our present address. It seems to be early evening. On my desk is an unrealistically big DVD player rather than my computer (as in real life). It is about as tall as my real monitor. I am having difficulty opening the drawer and eventually find a DVD stuck at an angle inside. I am also looking for other DVDs but am uncertain where they are.

      I look inside the DVD player and look up from an orientation that would not be possible in real life (as there is no way my head would fit inside the drawer space of the DVD player). I see the underside of the laser mechanism that reads DVDs. (My dream is erroneous because this would imply that DVDs are played upside-down in this player.) The area around the lens is rusty and eroded. There are other areas of a similar appearance. (This is dream self confusion with the tape oxide build up that occurs with cassette decks and has no connection with DVD player associations in real life.)

      Eventually, I see something moving in a space atop the DVD player. This section resembles a transparent turntable cover. On the left side, there is a small animal covered with lint and dust, so much so, that I can not identify what it is at first. However, I soon see a mouse tail sticking out from one end.

      I pick up the lump of lint and dust and hold the mouse in my hand. It is now about three times bigger than it had just been and there is no more dust or lint on it. I decide to take it outside and let it go. I vividly feel its movement on my hand.

      As I walk through the house, I am now in a fictitious alteration of the Stadcor Street house (where we have not lived for years). At the front of the house is a fictitious porch. (This feature has occurred in other dreams that include the Stadcor Street house. In real life, the entrance was perpendicular to the front of the house, not directly at the front as in this dream.)

      The mostly featureless porch has no low-set wall or railing (and is more like a balcony). I absentmindedly let the big mouse fall to the floor, but it seems fine. It runs off the edge of the porch, at the front, into the darkness. The ground is at least four feet down. (That is erroneous as well, as the house did not have this elevation until years after we moved.) I do not walk over to see its status, as I start to wake at this point. I am aware that Zsuzsanna and our oldest daughter are in the lounge room (still the Stadcor Street house).

      [key descriptors]

      This dream has minor telepathic threads, which is often the basis for what people (including me) mistakenly call precognition. I will eventually clarify where it can “explain” what seems to be precognition, such as inexplicable communication with Zsuzsanna long before we made contact in waking life. (In this case, one thread was from Zsuzsanna thinking about finding misplaced library DVDs, of which I had no prior awareness.)

      [key ERRORS]

      I confuse cassette tape oxide build up with a DVD player association. Additionally, I confuse our old audio deck that includes a turntable as having a modern DVD player as one of the units. It also replaces where my computer is set up in reality.

      The mouse grows in size without dream state recognition. Its coloring is otherwise the same as one of our oldest daughter’s pet mice, but I do not have this recall while in my dream.

      Our present home transforms into a house we have not lived at in years, and in turn, that house has a fictitious porch. That house also now has a higher elevation than when we lived there, though has that property in my dream.

      Despite my dream self having a few viable threads of my conscious identity, the creation of the porch to replace enigmatic space (to aid in lucidity if the potential is present) did not work, but only resulted in passively projected vestibular system correlation. That is, I subliminally transform the process as the mouse running off the edge of the elevated porch rather than the vestibular system correlation where I might fly or “fall” out of the dream state. (There are thousands of examples of this process, but always slightly different.)

    3. Lollipops

      by , 02-14-2017 at 08:14 AM
      Morning of February 14, 2017. Tuesday.

      I had been sleeping in the semidarkness of the Cubitis living room on a couch that is aligned to the west wall with my head north. (This is the first time this setup has occurred in a dream. I have not been in Cubitis for about forty years. A couch had never been in this location in reality.)

      As I am lying on my left side, facing outwards from the back of the couch, I feel something moving near my hip. Later, I feel it again and I am thinking that there is a mouse crawling on my right side.

      I reach around and grab what I think is a mouse and fling it into the center of the living room. When I look up, I see at least six or seven disk-shaped lollipops of a few different colors strewn across the floor. This is what I had thrown. They are individually wrapped in transparent plastic. I notice a yellow one, a red one, and a green one as I decide to pick them all up.

      My brother Dennis is standing near the hallway entrance. He had apparently given them to me but I absentmindedly grabbed them and threw them. I do not want him to think I am unappreciative, which is why I make sure I pick all of them up from the floor. No one speaks.

      My dream is rendered as already being in the emergent consciousness stage but in a random dream sign setting. Dennis is the emergent consciousness factor (having soon transmuted from the inducer). I have not seen him in real life since February 1994. His nickname is Muskrat. Although he could be very annoying and mean-spirited, he was charitable at times, which this dream seems to reflect. The association with Valentine’s Day also seems inherent (though my father died in real life on Valentine’s Day in 1979).

    4. Mirror Teleportation and Incendiary Mouse

      by , 09-08-2016 at 08:31 PM (My Dream World)
      This was a pretty good night. Despite waking up in the early morning and having trouble falling asleep after the WBTB, I eventually did and had some dreams. I'm a bit confused about the two first dreams as they happen in the same place and I don't recall the order of events, but I know I became lucid after one of those fragments. I also suspect that I dreamed about my grandmother's apartment because I visualized myself getting lucid in there during my WBTB (I had two, one in which I didn't become lucid, perphaps because the wbtb was too short and another one in the early morning which is when I had these dreams).

      Birthday Party:

      In this fragment, I was in my grandmother's appartment and some guests arrived. I think they were supposed to be my brother's friends, tough I've never seen them before. After that there was a birthday party (I think my brother's) and it was pretty grand. They showed a video on a huge TV of a bunch of people that were there on the party with slow, emotional music. Then it started showing people that were outside the appartment. The first one was a couple (one of my friends and some girl I don't know) having a romantic time on the roof at night, smiling at the camera. At this time I was kinda confused, asking myself if my grandparents set up cameras everywhere on the building. It showed even people that were outside the building, on the streets! At this time I started thinking it was a bit creepy and perhaps illegal and was hoping they hadn't filmed me when I was in the bedroom wearing only shorts (before I got ready for the party). Something else might have happened, but I can't remember much aside from small fuzzy details about this fragment.

      Incendiary Mouse:

      I am unsure if this is the same dream, it might have happened after or before the above one. I was again in my grandma's apartment, but this time theere weren't any guests, just the usual people. I was in the living room, I remember my uncle being there doing something and maybe my grandma. I made my way to the kitchen, which is connected to the living room and when I got there I saw a mouse and began to freak out, thinking if I should kill it or call someone. I decided to run back and tell my uncle about it, but the mouse ran past me into the living room. It then ran outside the appartment (there's a door that goes out of the living room into a tiny space usually used for storing stuff, there is a grate there that leads outside the appartment and into a hall which is usually closed). My uncle followed it and tried to stomp it. While he was trying to kill it, I closed the door to make sure it didn't get back in.

      Not sure exactly what happened here, I think I went into another room and when I came back into the living room my uncle was holding a cat and then put it down. I guessed he was going to try to use the cat to hunt the mouse, and eventually the mouse appeared and the cat caught it and killed it. Instead of blood, some transparent liquid with a very slight red color to it dripped from it and started forming a pool. The cat walked on the liquid and started spreading it everywhere, making a mess (meanwhile I was kinda freaking out because I found the scene disgusting). For some reason... the cat's pawns started catching on fire and I started freaking out even more. I figured this liquid could heat up things and start fires. Small fires appeared in other places where the liquid touched, but they didn't last long. I remember there was a child crying (no idea who that child was) because she got some of that liquid in her face. While trying to help her, she got some on me and my skin started to burn. I told her to go to the bathroom wash her face. Again, the details are a bit fuzzy but this is the last I remember of this dream.

      Mirror Teleportation (Lucid)

      Eventually after the events of one of those dreams (at least I think this lucid is connected to one of them), I found myself wandering to my grandfather's bedroom and thinking about something that confused me. I don't remember exactly what it was, just that it was kinda bothering me. After thinking for a bit and mumbling to myself, I remember thinking "... the only explanation to that would be... oh, of course.". As I realized I was dreaming, I smiled while I tought about how my RCs during the day and MILD during the WBTBs helped me carry my awareness into the dream. I felt pretty smart at that time too for realizing I was dreaming.

      I tought about what to do, saw a big mirror and tought "Ah, why not?". By the way, I have always struggled with entering mirrors in dreams. I have tried a few times and failed. However, this time I was feeling pretty confident for some reason and just did it. At first, there was resistance, but I kinda felt it giving away and eventually went through it. The best way I can describe the feeling is like this: try to imagine yourself pushing your finger into some plastic wrap. Eventually your finger will tear it apart, but in this case I went through the mirror without tearing it, as if I was entering some liquid with a high density. When I got through, I found myself in a mirrored version of the same room, except with some furniture missing. I quickly realised I went through the mirror without a destination in mind, so I tried coming up with something. The first thing I tought about, for some reason, was meeting a cartoon character called Star. With that in mind, I went through the same mirror I came in through and ended in some kind of office.

      I was walking around, looking for Star and asking people about her. Apparently she had a pretty important position in the office, like a boss or something (which is pretty off-character for her) and people were trying to get a hold of her. Eventually I met her, altough I don't remember anything that we talked about. I remember some witch chasing us through a hall (which looked like the school I went to) and I was trying to find her wand, by sticking my hand inside bags (not opening them up, just straight-up phasing my hand inside then, apparently that's a good way to conjure stuff up) but none of the wands that I found were right. We managed to escape eventually and I remembered another goal that I had, which was to visit a place I created in waking life and I told Star I had to go because I had some stuff to do. I woke up when I entered a mirror.

      I tried my best not to move and to calm down as I woke up (I don't think this was an FA, but it might have been). I felt some weird sensations similar to numbness and eventually found myself in my dream again, this time in a huge shopping mall. The first thing that came to me was... looking for porn. I wasn't particularly horny, I think I was just curious to see what I would find. I began looking around for the porn section (kinda like some rental stores have adult sections) and started asking some employees. The first one was a woman who grabbed my hand and yelled "Teleport!", teleporting me to someone else (I don't know how to describe the feeling of being teleported... but the way she teleported was kinda like the "instant transmission" from Dragon Ball) who could help me find it. The other employee grabbed me by my hand and started leading me around, altough to be honest he didn't seem so sure about where it was. I yelled "Teleport!" and he teleported just like that woman. After walking around for a bit I realized that I was wasting time looking at porn while I could be going to the place I created. I entered a small shop which had some mirrors and entered one of them. The place I wanted to go was a big, sorta japanese-oriented house that almost looked like a big japanese shrine, which a big frontyard, so as I entered the mirror I tought about the frontyard's grass.

      As I went through the mirror I found myself at a huge, grassy frontyard and became excited, until I realized I was in front of some manor/mansion at night (in retrospect, it looked a lot like the white house, maybe a bit bigger). I turned back and saw two people on a table (I think they Barney and Ted from "How I Met Your Mother") talking about something. I ignored them and welp up some stairs leading to a big glass door which ressembles the one at the entrance of the building where my grandparents live. I went into the glass door as I did with the mirrors (I guess anything with a reflection will do) and ended up in another backyard, altough this one looked unkept and was behind an old wooden house I could see in the distance. I tought "Alright, I'll try one more time..." and went back into the mirror, maybe going to one more place which I can't remember and eventually the dream faded away. I tried getting back into the dream but I felt that I was too awake to go back.

      This was a pretty cool night and I feel like I'm getting more and more lucid dreams! The MILD method has really been helping a lot when I do it right, altough I think I should start doing longer WBTB's because these days, whenever I go back to bad during a WBTB, I'm still really sleepy, like at the point where I can barely keep my eyes open. However, I have no idea how to keep myself occupied during the WBTB and fear that I won't be able to sleep if I stay up too long (which in turn will result in me laying in bed, tossing around until morning trying to sleep, which I REALLY don't want). Guess I'll start measuring how much time I stay up and trying to increment it a little by little. I also learned how to use mirrors and another way to summon objects, which is pretty cool.

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    5. [22-03-2016]

      by , 03-22-2016 at 09:29 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)

      I was in school, inside a classroom. It was late afternoon. I was arguing with someone.

      I was a captain at a pirate ship, fighting with other captains. I just thrown an enemy overboard and taken over the ship.

      I went out of my house, I had to do something outside. On the way I though about modifying a game.

      It was a side scrolling platformer. I was a mouse that had to collect gold and reach end of stage. It was really hard, as there were many traps and ghosts flying around. I thrown knives at these ghosts and this dispersed them for a while. I tried to reach a platform, but there were really strong winds pushing me back. I've fallen down.
    6. 290915: Eat a mouse, squash some berries, enter a memory?

      by , 09-29-2015 at 05:11 PM (The Dream Journal)
      I see my sister, she is coming back home on a plane with her girlfriend. Back at my mom's house, I see a friend who recently had a kid, asks me if I want to come over.

      At a pizzeria, try to eat a pizza. It tastes so bad I can only eat one slice, unlike me to leave even bad food uneaten. I see a person I haven't seen in a long while there, she got really fat.

      Outside, I see a white mouse running through the courtyard. I grab it and eat it. Can't really swallow it, its carcass is between my gums, stuck and it tastes really bad. I try to spit it out but its stuck in there good. I try to do it inconspicuously, I'm spitting up a dead mouse after all. It comes out in pieces, some more recognizable than others.

      I see a library/ welding hall. Inside there is a place where you can smash your berries into juice, it's like a giant wooden vice. I squash my berries, but it gets messy, get juice everywhere.

      At a friend's house, it's a grey evening, he has a Playstation 3. I ask if he's ever played Child of Eden. He hasn't, says he'll try it out sometime.

      It's as if I enter a memory, I see a group of my friends but they are much younger, before I ever even knew them. One of them still has his distinctive beard, even though he's just a kid. We are at the top of a giant waterslide, they tell me to look down. I feel excited that they are letting me into their group.
    7. The monster under the bed

      by , 05-17-2015 at 07:31 PM
      Date: 16 May


      I fall asleep and have a brief non-ld where I am with family members in this unfamiliar house. It's dark in the room and I am trying to fall asleep but they keep on talking so loud. At some point everybody leaves and I find myself in a large movie room with big screen TV and loud bass systems. I think to myself that I find it really weird people are so obsessed with these things. A large TV, so what? Now, it would be much cooler if actually you were making this whole TV into existence, if you were the cause of all the music - ie. if you are dreaming all this. Then this will give a whole new meaning to the experience. I take a moment to imagine how it would feel.

      Memory gap. I end up in another room where I feel my awareness come into focus and I realize that I made it to the dream. My mom is also here for a bit. I remember a few goals and also the advanced task of doing an in-dream wild and briefly consider trying it. However, this is not among the goals I reviewed during the wbtb and now I can't remember (also irl at the time of journalling) whether this is still the current month's task or already last month's. I decide I don't want to end up doing an old task and drop it altogether. There is a large earth globe in the completely empty now narrow room and I do a mix of telekinesis and wind blowing it around wondering if that would count towards air bending. After I have enough fun with levitating it around, I recall the other basic task - become friends with the monster under your bed.

      I move forward and cautiously open the door to the next room, hoping this will work to reveal something handy. It opens into a dark room, which I disregard and continue forward. There is a bed just ahead of me and I lean down and look to see what's below. There is a ton of junk piled up. While I try to think of a monster being there I get a flash of disappearing transparent eyes. I decide to stare in the stuff below in the hopes that something will show up. After a while, I begin to see a movement under some rags and follow it. It stops and then starts at another place. I dig a bit to finally find the monster - a grey mouse! The little beast is so hyperactive it is hard to keep it in one place and as I try to hold it and make friends it even bites me! I think about the task again taking mental notes of what is going on. Ok, it has to calm down so I start caressing it. I do so for a bit until it finally calms down, I make another mental note about this and conclude that we are now friends.

      The dream seems to end but it's actually an FA. I find myself journalling a page and a half worth of dreams with a lot of details and also noting my goals for the next dream. The tablet then malfunctions and keeps giving me a gaming radar with the bad guys as red dots coming near. I'm getting really confused about this since I think I have solved all my problems for the moment. It then switches to a cool 16 bit game with characters unknown to me. I decide to play it for a bit and it actually works like a normal game - very complex and thoroughly thought out. Yet I can't comprehend how this game self installed on my tablet. Why do I have this game? And then it hits me! This is an FA and I just wrote a ton of dreams for nothing. But the game - well that was pretty awesome, I think to myself, I played quite a bit of a dream game. I'm super amazed at this. The dream soon ends.
    8. 10-29-14 Bird bender

      by , 10-30-2014 at 06:12 PM
      My friend's mother could control the flight patterns of birds using hand gestures. She used flocks of crows as her personal messengers. She was standing out in a field, moving her hands around, and this huge flock of birds was swarming around and making these insanely complex maneuvers. It was very neat.

      I was standing at an intersection in a small town, and a couple of my friends and I were throwing walnuts at passing cars.

      I made a movie about a mouse.
    9. Chicken Man and a Mouse? (Non-Lucid)

      by , 07-25-2014 at 08:04 AM
      In the dream I was looking for a mouse that had gone missing (can't remember from where/what/who). I then went searching for it and someone told me to go talk to the chicken guy, who was a man with a chicken wing a head (but sometimes it was just part of his head, but that alternated during the dream). I then found him behind this fence and he dropped the mouse I was looking for that kind of floated to the ground like a leaf before scurrying off. I caught it and the chicken guy let me have it (even though it was originally his) and I ended up becoming friends with him.

      I was then searching through tubs, containers - anything I could keep the mouse in. He wa really tame and didn't run away if I set him on the ground. I then turned around and the chicken guy from before was running off with the mouse. I was angry at him stealing the mouse like that, soon I was in a bus and he was in one too, falling to the ground 'battling' next I was in a plane flying over the ocean.

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    10. Fighting,Bad dreams.

      by , 08-20-2013 at 02:51 PM
      Dream 1(Fragment) : [COLOR="#800080"]I was at the entrance of my high-school with a lot of people and there was this guy from my class who was trying to draw a pink flower.[/COLOR]

      Dream 2 :[COLOR="#800080"]I remember It was night and my mom wasn't home so I called her to come home because tomorrow I have school. She said she won't come home and that I should probably not go to school tomorrow. I said to myself : Oh god,But It's the 3rd day of school. I also said to myself that I should probably not learn at that Romanian language test that I'll have the next day.(My sister was in the house too) I go to sleep and think that if my mom is not home nobody can wake me up now (wat).I wake up at exactly 4:35 am and I say to myself : Whew,I wonder how I woke up that early,Maybe I should go to school,but I didn't learned for that test!(I was like...fighting with myself to go or not to go to school)(Then I get some of my notebooks and start learning biology from them.) I wake up my sister,and in the end I go to school.I get in the class and it was apparently a break.I laugh and have fun with my classmates and then I go outside the class and my guy classmate comes to me with 2 other girls and asks me if I remember that time when I saw him getting punched in the face with the door(Suddenly I see a memory of me looking at him getting punched in a face by a door) I say yeah and then a girl comes and says that my sister has a mouse,I'm like : Yeah she has a mouse,So? then that girl suddenly slaps me and she says that the mouse is the reason why he got punched in the face by that door. (-_-)' .Then a lot of people from all the classes comes and stares. I do nothing and listen to her while she's yelling at me then I get angry and I started a fight with her and I grabbed her by the leg and then throw her away while saying: You freaking skeleton! (I think by that I meant that she was reaaaally slim). I then go in the class and try to learn for that test.Suddenly the teacher comes and then the biology class starts.I go to the blackboard and I look at this guy and suddenly I start to laugh then he starts to laugh too. It rings and the teacher leaves and I ask my classmate if she can help me with the test (Like cheating) She says yes and I get really happy and that's pretty much all I remember. [/COLOR]

      Dream 3 : [COLOR="#800080"]I remember running out of school with a girl I don't know and there are 2 guys with snowballs in their hands (It wasn't even snowing,It was a sunny day) and then they say: Hurry! (They looked really impatient) I run with that girl hoping they won't throw the snowball at us.Then the guy from the right(Had a black shirt and kinda looked like the DC) throws the snowball at my butt and I stop running and look back with a what the fuck face.[/COLOR]

      Dream 4 : [COLOR="#800080"]I was in my high-school yard playing basketball with my ex-bestfriend and my old friend and then suddenly my ex-bestfriend throws the ball far away while I do something with my old friend(I don't remember what) and we suddenly hear a loud BOOM.I wonder what that sound was so I go to the gate and realize there's a big hole in it so I look around and see a car without it's door.I hope that there is no dog around and I try to walk through the hole when suddenly I see a black dog that is barking at me and I try to run but I end up climbing on a rock and calming the dog down. I remember I went back to the yard and told my ex-bestfriend about it and she says it wasn't her fault but it was mine.I start to argue with her and then the dream suddenly skips in my house and I am in my bed when I suddenly hear the intercom and I try to wake up my grandmother that was in a bed near me and then she walks to the intercom(She couldn't walk well so me and my mom helped her) I somehow believed she was the one who threw the ball at the car but then I go to the intercom too and there was a guy at the end of it and he keeps yelling and saying it was my fault.I try to explain that It's not my fault and that it was my ex-bestfriend's fault. [/COLOR]

      Dream 5 (Fragment) : [COLOR="#800080"]I was outside my school yard with 2 boys and one of the guy was on the school's fence and one of them was near me and it suddenly starts to rain and I tell the guys to run because it starts to rain.They don't agree and then it started to hail with big balls of ice.I yell at them to get inside and they don't want to.I have the feeling I stayed there only because I liked one of the guy and I didn't wanted to leave him(He also had a black shirt and kinda looked like the DC).[/COLOR]

      Dream 6 (Fragment I guess) :[COLOR="#800080"]It's night outside and I'm in my bed with DC and we snuggle.I suddenly turn my back at him and he tries to rest his arm on my waist but I grabbed his hand and said no then he got really angry and walked to the kitchen. He comes back and asks me if I'm ready to get warm :| .[/COLOR]

      Another fragment: [COLOR="#800080"]I remember running in the school yard for some reason.[/COLOR]

      And other fragment <.< : [COLOR="#800080"]I remember doing a dance(Troublemaker) with DC[/COLOR]

      And another one : [COLOR="#800080"]I dreamt I was cleaning my parrot's cage.[/COLOR]

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    11. mouse

      by , 07-11-2012 at 04:47 AM
      (lol hand in garbage disposal)

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    12. Shapeshifting Animal

      by , 09-20-2011 at 02:35 AM
      I dreamed caught a mouse in a trap. I was going to let the dog play with the dead mouse but then I noticed the poor thing wasnt dead. So I took the trap and all outside and punched it hard a couple of times to crush the mouse. As I was trying to open the trap I noticed it still wasnt completely dead, it was twitching some. So I got a rock and crushed its head. Its blood was green. Then I opened the trap and dropped it out for the dog to play with.

      A couple of minutes later I saw that it had turned into a cat and it was alive and walking around but hurt! Btw I think our dog might have been a cat in this dream but cant remember for sure. Then later in the same dream my dad had the cat in his arms and he brought it in the house to show me and put the cat near my face and I was scared it would claw me to pieces, but it didnt claw me, maybe swatted at me a time or two. I think it had a bandage wrapping around its neck but cant remember for sure.
    13. SAT grave; punch in the face; little white animal

      by , 03-28-2011 at 11:42 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I walked up something like a wooden ramp or a wooden deck that was in front of some kind of run-down beach house or shack made of wood. I may have been in a line with people.

      I was now in a classroom. The desks in the classroom seemed all crammed together. We were all preparing for some kind of test like the SATs. I looked up from my study material and saw JW, my old friend from high school, studying for the test.

      I made some kind of weird comment in a weird voice that I thought would remind him of our high school days. JW recognized me, but he only ackowledged me briefly and reluctantly. I was a little hurt.

      Some voice called from behind me. I turned around. Another friend of mine, who I didn't recognize, was trying to get my attention. This guy was from some more recent time in my life. He may have been overweight, with tan skin, black hair in a ponytail, a goatee, and glasses. I was kind of put out that JW wouldn't talk to me, while this guy would.

      Now the test was about to begin. The teacher was doing something. I made some kind of immature joke. The class' and teacher's attention were drawn to me. The teacher may have asked me something. I may have responded with a dumb answer that was a smart alecky way of saying I didn't know anything.

      The teacher said, "What a disappointment. I thought you were one of the bright ones. I was looking for someone to give a presentation on how to take this test. I thought it was going to be you. But I guess not, now."

      Apparently, we all had to go somewhere else to take the test. We were all walking through some area.

      Later, I think I had decided not to take the test after all. I was somewhere that was half outside and half inside. I stood on some barren soil. A pit as long as my body and a few feet deep was dug into the soil. I sat down into the pit. I began pulling the dirt down onto myself.

      I buried my legs pretty quickly. I started to wonder if I would suffocate if I managed to pull dirt all over my body, which was, I think, my objective. I may have gotten afraid. I may have pulled myself up out of the pit. As I looked down at the soil, the soil may have seemed disgusting to me, like it was feces.

      Dream #2

      I was in a high school, walking down the steps of a stairwell. A white kid kind of dressed like a gangster came up the steps and punched me in the face. I dropped my books. The kid kept attacking me, but I tried to ignore him. I picked up my books and walked the rest of the way down the stairs.

      I got around a corner, into some place like a classroom. For some reason I looked back out around the corner, into the stairwell. The kid punched me in the face again!

      Dream #3

      I was in my bedroom. A strange, white animal was crawling across the floor. It was moving somewhat quickly. I thought it might be a mouse. But it had such a strange look, like a slug.

      I was interested in the animal, but I didn't want it in my house. It seemed to be heading out the door of its own accord. I watched it as it approached the door. But just before it got to the door it turned back around.

      I now got on the floor and tried to scare the animal away. But I only seemed to make it curious about me. It came closer, so I figured I might as well try to learn what kind of animal it was. It turned out to be very much like a white mouse with grey ears. But something about it still looked not quite right. I wondered if I actually wasn't looking at a baby rat.
    14. No school for you!

      by , 01-27-2011 at 09:57 AM
      *i was sick before having this dream

      I was lying in bed thinking "i don't want to go to school in the morning" so i got up and went to the bathroom, i look at myselfin the mirror and actually see that in my left eye i have 3 iris's then i go into my moms room, she said it was ok if i didn't go to school in the morning i think that's good and look outside and see it's already daytime, that's when it hits me that i'm in a dream.I have dark blotchs infront of my eyes and realise that my dream not very stable, i start touching things in the dream because i heard that helps, the blotchs reduce slightly, i rub my hands togehter spin around and shout "stablity", the blotchs dissaper, so i think to myself "hmmm, what can i do?" flying was out of the question since my dream was so fragile, then rememberd my lucid goal, to phase through a wall, i put my hand on the wall and press on it, nothing happens, i believe that my hand can go through the wall and then my fingers start going through it but then stop, i decided i would have to try another day, i also wanted to try and teleport using a portal, i walk up to a wall and click my fingers and a shiny grey metallic portal opens up. A little mouse comes out and says " are you comming back to the cave master? The troll wants all our metal ore! i don't understand that and am about to pass through the portal when my dream fades away
    15. Desert Rabbit

      by , 08-23-2010 at 05:42 PM
      I'm a rabbit. That's odd enough.

      Well, I'm an anthropomorphic rabbit - kind of like a furry, but more realistic; I'm actually a rabbit walking on two legs, just human-sized. I'm very light-colored and I'm somehow aware that I have a strip of dark orange fur down my back, though at no point in the dream do I look at my back. I am also a cowboy rabbit (cowgirl, really, though I wasn't really wearing the stereotypical cowgirl suit) and as such I am dressed up in desert cowboy gear. Two fox tails are hanging off of the back of my hat as a testament to my hunting skills.

      I am sitting in the wide open desert, on a rug outside of a tent, fiddling with my gear. Even though it is the desert, it isn't burning hot, oddly enough - the wind's blowing crisp and pleasantly cool, like on a nice Fall day. I look up and a yellow-furred mouse I recognize to be my elder and mentor is walking towards me. I wave, turn to back up my stuff into my satchel, and then begin to walk towards him. He tells me that this desert is different from others and he needs to teach me some of the dangers.

      We walk in a straight line, on a path that is edged by dunes. As we go along, chatting casually, I notice that the dunes are getting more and more detailed - I'm seeing wildlife and strange, colorful plants growing out of them. At one point, in between two dunes on my right, there's a long rectangular pond edged by stones with blooming cherry trees and grass surrounding it. Underneath the cherry trees, the sky is different - there are large, puffy clouds slowly moving across the blue, reflected in the water. It's a bit like a Japanese garden, and very vivid.

      We keep walking, however. One other landscape stands out in my memory. Between two dunes, there are several large leafed-out trees and colorful plants poking up from the sand. Eagerly, I step forward to walk through, curious to see what's on the other side - but my mentor pulls me back, and several seconds later a group of predatory venomous frogs between the sands. He reminds me to always look before you leap, and then says that that's enough for the day.

      There's a small timeskip and suddenly I'm at home, in the kitchen, near my mother - an older plain brown rabbit wearing a blue dress. I remember the kitchen being a very dingy, small version of my grandmother's, with much less color. The windows over the sink have a view of tree-covered mountains, surrounded by gray mist and an overcast sky. (Last time I looked out in a window in a dream, I saw this same view and it was also in a dark, dingy room, over a sink. Potential dreamsign, maybe?) There is a ladder behind me leading to the attic/my room, so I climb up it.

      The room is made of dark, slightly faded wood, and the ceiling seems like it was in a pattern like a wicker basket. I can still hear my mentor's voice in my head, though I didn't see him any more - he is telling me that it is almost Christmas. Indeed, as I look around the room, there are various shelves and my dresser topped Christmas ornaments, though they are scattered and disheveled. My mentor tells me to clean them up to make my mother happy, because she is sad for some reason, so I do - I go around the room and polish and arrange them. There is one set of chesslike pieces of Christmas figures that stand out in my mind for some reason; they are slightly worn and made of frosted blue glass.

      Eventually, I sit back down on my bed to observe my handiwork - the room is considerably brighter and cheerier. In fact, the color itself seems more vivid, and the lighting is as if someone turned off a harsh, sterile white light like one you would see in a doctor's office and turned on a yellowier, friendlier one. I feel happier and warmer on the inside, and I am aware that relatives are coming into the house downstairs. I head back to the kitchen, which is bright and happy once more.

      Then I wake up.
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