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    1. Five dreams: The flirty little brother, huge dead mice, convention, almost car accident.

      by , 02-08-2016 at 08:54 PM
      Dream 1:

      In this dream I was dating a black guy. But he never shows up in the entire dream. Instead, I am hanging out with his younger brother. In the dream I was supposed to be about 19 or 20. The younger brother is about 16. I can tell he likes me. He is flirting and being cute and super funny. I am laughing and having a good time. But then I realize that I shouldn't be doing this, so I try to remind him that I am dating his brother and that we probably shouldn't be hanging out as much. But he doesn't seem to care at all and doesn't stop flirting. And I am left torn, knowing that I should leave, but having a good time and not really wanting to.

      Dream 2:

      There is some sort of convention that is going to start the following week. I'm currently staying in the hotel where the convention will happen. And I can hear the lady who is taking reservations say that they are almost all booked for that week. I knew I needed to act fast and book my room. I reach for my purse and can't find it. So the rest of the dream I am running around to all the places that I had been where I could have left it.

      Dream 3 (Fragment):

      I'm at this big house/mansion. I walk all around it exploring. I find a basement room that actually open up to a harbor with a dock and everything. I walk towards the dock. I suddenly see what I think are killer whales. I carefully walk closer. But I can now see that they are something dead floating at the bottom of the clear water by the dock. I look down and see that they are huge black and white mice about the size of a large dog....just dead and laying on the bottom.

      Dream 4:

      I'm in a car with Roger driving. I'm in the backseat with my mom. We aren't wearing seatbelts and are kind of laying sideways (the way I was laying in real life). Suddenly I see Roger start to head off the road towards a ditch. I call out and he straightens out just in time. He admits that he was going to sleep. He said he was fine to drive again. I said sternly, "No, you are not! You need to go home and take a nap!" [This is the dream I think I had right as I was drifting back to sleep after waking up in the night.]

      Dream 5:

      Seems like I had another dream where I was at my mom's house. The details are right there on the edge of my memory.
    2. [07-02-2016]

      by , 02-07-2016 at 09:49 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream, short WILD

      I appeared in a dark room, with a female standing in front of me. I could recall only her legs and torso, her face was hidden in the darkness. She was wearing a gray blouse and jeans trousers. I decided to have some fun with her this time, and opened slit of her trousers. Then I proceeded to lick her up, but trousers were an obstacle for a bit. I turned my head back and again at her. Her trousers were gone, so I could assume a better position, and lick some more. She was kinda like dummy, standing still. It was going really intensive, and when it was right time, I managed to stay in the dream, though everything turned black for a moment. I appeared somewhere behind some storages. I woke up.

      Second dream

      I was in my home. It was Sunday. My phone broke and I used an older one. I was eating a lunch. Then I was fiddling with that phone. Everything was weird, every member of my family seemed distorted, strange.

      Next day I was in school. It was afternoon. I was going to cloakroom, to take my stuff from locker. The main hall was crowded. Suddenly I felt weak and fallen on the floor. I crawled to the nearest wall, and sat. I heard someone talking about a heart disorder I might have. After a while I regained strength and got up. I looked at my shoes, they were untied. I had some trouble tidying it up, but I managed to do it and went out of school.
    3. 1/30/16

      by , 02-03-2016 at 02:24 AM (My Dream Journal)
      My family and I have moved to a new house. My sister and is still share a bunk bed, batt for some reason the too bunk isn't even high off the ground. I open the shades in the room to make it lighter, and turn on a lamp. The lamp then breaks.
      I am in Spanish class and we are making models of different places and events such as the colloseum and men in the revolutionary war. The bell rings when we are still working on the models and I am annoyed at the teacher for not giving us time to clean up.
      Me and my dad are walking down a street. My dad walks up to a person and tells him that we are going to save a baby today. The man is let down by this.
      I am looking at my betta in her tank, noticing how there are no sides to he tank, and wondering how the water stays in. I pour some water into the tank, and it stays in.
      I leave my house to catch a plane two minute before it takes off.
      I am in my school gym and I see someone that looks like Annie from Bratayley. I tell my friend about the girl, and follow the girl around a bit mor. I notice that her hair is too light to be Annie.
    4. [29-01-2016]

      by , 01-29-2016 at 10:36 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      My family got forced to move out of our house. I wanted to find out reasons of it, or for someone who can help us. We went to out house to look for some clues. Someone stopped us, but a blonde woman appeared and tried to talk with the guard. HR told her that he knows everything. She mad at him, but in the end he granted us access. I searches the cluttered room and found a few coins.
      Tags: coins, house, woman
    5. Focusing on Problems

      by , 01-28-2016 at 06:00 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in a room, in a house/apartment I was renting along with a couple of people. I was talking with someone, a classmate from high school. I tried to give him suggestions and solutions but he seems intent on just focusing on the problem. I got annoyed at him. I was moving about fixing or arranging things in the apartment while we were talking. There was a (birthday?) party. There were balloons and some food on the table.

      I was at home in our hometown with sis and mom. It was night. When the scene transitioned, the classmate "moved" to the outside of our fence. We went to our small store. Mom mixed Emperador rum, Coke, and Mentos. I told her that seems dangerous.

      I was on a train. Keyword: racist.
    6. 02/01/2016 | "First" LD

      by , 01-17-2016 at 10:46 AM
      Technically it's not the first one but others were just too short or limited to count them (and I don't even wrote down every). So I think that this is the first one which is worth anything. Also I need numbers so here we go:

      Non-lucid parts
      Lucid parts

      #1 LD
      I was on the meadow close to my house. There were some animals: bisons (?) and black fox. As usually in my dreams I didn't have my camera so I went back for it to my house. I was there very quickly, like with teleport. Then I started to realise that something's odd. I was on the ground floor and again - teleport to my room (maybe with a very little lucidity). I was still going through the dream way. I get my camera. Again - feeling that this can be a dream. So I did RCs. My camera was working fine (vivid, display was on, I took a photo of the church with flash - it was night outside, I checked it on gallery). I switched on and off the light - it worked. I went to the kitchen where my mom was watching TV. I looked on my hands. I had brown gloves and my two fingers was close to each other but it wasn't that odd for me then. I asked my mom if this is a dream and she told me that I'm talking rubbish and I should eat a cucumber. Well, that's my mom. Nothing odd. I was looking so badly for the sign because I wanted to jump through the window and if it wouldn't be a dream - well, not so good RC then. So finally I tried to levitate and it worked! I was flapping my hands for it. It was hard to control the flight. I flight/went to my room, jump through the window and crashed. Fortunately that didn't wake me up, also I didn't feel any discomfort. I flied a little to a different part of the yard. It was day, grass was green, there were many flowers (i.a. red poppies). Everything was beautiful. If I was focusing on some detail then it was more sharp and vivid but also a little 'shaking'. I didn't have many ideas what to do because of excitement. I tried to summon my boyfriend then. I imagined that he comes from behind the tree. It was easy. But he did strange faces, didn't talk anything. Anyway I started to lose control, emotions and stuff. I hugged him. I saw in my mind (still in dream) his dog. Then I woke up. It was maybe 5 minutes between alarms on the morning.

      So it was short and I didn't do anything special but I liked it. Also I think it was a sign to start putting more interest in dreams, maybe to help myself with some things. I wasn't thinking then about LD or anything, I didn't even wrote down my dreams (last ones are from October).
    7. Two Houses

      by , 01-17-2016 at 05:07 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in my hometown. I was going to ride a plane. I was packing my things and thought I was late. I hurried out to the airport, which turned out to be right beside our home, where the municipal building was supposed to be. The plane is no longer there. I was told that it's near the market area, and it turned the roads to a runway. I walked to the market. There's a fair. It was a sunny day. When I reached where I thought the plane was supposed to be, it was dark, night, and flooding. I think it was raining. I was on top of some sort post. I looked down at some of the debris being swept away by the flood. I didn't feel fear. A bit of fascination.

      I was walking along the road with mom and sis in a subdivision. Sis mentioned about renting a place. The one she's currently in is horrible. The space is small, the light is dim yellow, security is awful. It also looks cheaply made. I led them down the road. There's a bit of flood on the road. It was raining. There were cars passing by. I was impressed by one car that looks expensive but was able to go through the flood without sputtering. We reached the place, a house I was renting (all on my own or sharing?). I pointed out how the setting is perfect. Sunlight does not go inside too often, only on the east where it rises, and on the west, there's a building that will block it. The house looks decent. Mom wanted to hurry back home. I thought sis was supposed to back home with mom but apparently she's staying. She was in the living room working on her laptop.

      I was in my hometown. I was going to ride a plane.



      - I woke up pre-dawn and wrote keywords for the first paragraph. I slept and woke up around 10am and wrote keywords for the second paragraph.
      - Had a hard time sleeping. I went to bed around 2am.
      - I tried going to gamma through alpha but I keep getting distracted.
      - I will have to go back to basic meditation.
    8. [16-01-2016] Short WILD

      by , 01-16-2016 at 09:55 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I found myself in my kitchen, it was dark. I knew it was a lucid dream. I wanted to summon an object of immense power, so I moved closer to open doors to hallway, put my hand behind a wall and grabbed something. It was a plate, but it was unusual. It could spawn any food you'd wish. I have summoned a Plate of Endless Dishes. I placed it on a table becuase I had no use for it right now.

      Then I thought that an object to control some aspects of my dreams easier, so I thought about a dream controller and put hand inside my pocket. I immediately grabbed something and took a tv controller out of it. It had basic functions like menu, pause, play and stuff. It might come in handy later so I put it back inside my pocket.

      When I was just about to go, I was stopped by my maths teacher - a woman in her early thirties. She had arms-lenght brown hair and she was wearing a gray blouse and black trousers. She caught my hand and took me to another room. She tried to persuade me to stay with her. I knew what she wanted to do and felt arousal, but I wanted to go out and explore this time. To scare her out, I altered gravity in the room. Everything was floating gently in the air - she didn't noticed. I thought that maybe it's because she is floating with it as well, so I brought back normal gravity and made that only I was levitating. Still no effect, she was insisting that I should stay with her. I got a better idea, took out dream controller and used pause.

      Everything except me stopped, so I moved back to kitchen. I thought that I should get some way of escaping the house. I looked at a ceiling and a rectangular hole straight to the sky (forget about attic!) opened. I used play function on the controller and jumped. I tried to fly away, but as always I had problems with it and hit the ground.

      It was dusk time and it was getting brighter. I saw that there was someone walking in my backyard, so I went there. It was one of my classmates - a dude wearing gray hoodie and jeans trousers. He had dark hair and somewhat square-like head (as in reality). I thought why should I need him in my dream, and tried throwing a fireball or lightning at him. It never worked for me, so nothing happened. He went closer and said "I know a beter trick!" He pointed his finger at one of the objects and a small spark slowly started fire.

      I could've blown him off with a fire hurricane, ignite him whole with much more effective gesture of Scorpion from Mortal Kombat or strike him with a meteorite (all of these I used in previous lucid dreams), but I haven't thought about that, and his finger pointing gave me an idea.

      I wanted to see what would happen when I'd point my fingers. Index finger worked same as his - starting small fires. Might be useful for lighting candles. Middle finger was a flashlight. Could be useful when I'd be too lazy to summon a better source of light. Suddenly fireworks started somewhere on the street and sky above my house exploded with many colours. I thought that it was effect of my little finger, but it had no effect. I haven't checked what ring finger would do.
      I looked some more at the sky, and then the dream faded away. I woke up.

      [EDIT] It seems that I finished an advanced ToTM task with gravity. It was unintended though.

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    9. I Live To Serve Her & Flirting With a Girl | Shaking Hands to Break Gregarious Tension

      by , 01-12-2016 at 02:34 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      I Live To Serve Her & Flirting With a Girl (DILD)


      Iím on my way to open at work, and the parking lot, if itís even considered one, is so grandiose that getting from point A to B would seem to take a long time, but it didnít. I see a large gray stoned wall that looks like stone doors of some sort. Iím wearing some gray dress pants, and a gray shirt as well, though, before the encounter with a certain dream character, it felt as if I was wearing a green shirt instead.

      Iím in a fairly active mood, and feel so energetic that it slowly bleeds into how I interact with people. The first entity within my peripheral vision was an Asian male thatís probably in his early 20s as me that looks like a parking lot attendant I know. Iím not fixated so much on him other than the fact that heís wearing a bright, lime shirt, and black shorts.

      Heís just strolling around, I guess, and as Iím moving forward, I encounter a blonde female with a heavy foreign accent. Sheís wearing a white vest, and some black pants/shorts. She has her hair tied up in a ponytail, and as I get closer to her, she professes to me, in a manner of jest:

      ďYou should live to serve me,Ē and smiles. As Iím trying to process the words, I was looking at her reaction to really see if sheís just joking around

      But I couldnít shake off the feeling that there was something between the lines of said profession.

      I basically shrug it off while retaining a transient smile, and go inside the doors that start to open up. Itís this spacious garage with all sorts of stuff that I didnít bother paying attention to. The two main colors that came to mind were brown mixed with a bit of dark violet, and this light turquoise color that has this chalky overtone to it.

      I see two girls that Iíll nickname Bail and ArtGirl10; the former of darker skin complexion, and the other thatís lighter. I fixate on the latter, and she says I look different physically. For some odd reason, I get a surge of motivation to start flirting with her physically. I go up to her, smile, and take my finger to rub her nose.

      She giggles for a bit and asks where I got the shirt, because apparently, it costs like $70 bucks online. I have an ďuhhĒ moment, and we part ways after that. Meanwhile, Bail says, ď3 XXX,Ē and I feel Iím shifted into another dream.


      Shaking Hands to Break Gregarious Tension (DILD)


      Iím inside of a house that is dark brown mostly pertaining to the walls and ceiling, and golden for the flooring; a little nuances of brown blotched in as well. I can see that thereís this indirect gregarious tension with my presence in here, but the individuals remain quiet while trying to find something to distract themselves from making it explicitly awkward.

      To dissipate the tension, I took the decency to start shaking hands with everyone, and they all naturally complied. I reached to the point where I interacted with an obese female thatís wearing this black dress with some dark pink flowers surrounding it along with a fancy black hat as if it was 1930s style, or something.

      I started to hug her for a bit, and as Iím trying to release my grasp, I awkwardly touched the gap towards her armpit, and eventually to the muscles that would connect to the top left region of her breasts. I try to pretend that I didnít notice this, and see seems fairly nonchalant in this being done. I turn around immediately, and proceeded to move forward, and then to the right to go into another room.

      The entrance to the room that I have to turn to the right once more involves this dark red drapery that hangs to the sides like ďY Y.Ē I see there are some chairs that are dark red for the base and back rest, and bordered with golden colors. I go inside to immediately sit, and just reveled in being alone while feeling Iím waiting for someone, or some event to take place.
    10. Internet

      by , 01-11-2016 at 10:48 AM
      I was in my room in the house I used to live in with my parents. I was surfing the web on my laptop and I had the tv from the apartment in my room.
      Tags: house, television
    11. Neb the Lion Heart NOT

      by , 01-04-2016 at 07:58 PM
      D1 - It is very dark I am on an icy lake, I can just make out the shoreline, it is very eerie. A large lion's head appears, just the head no body. It is spirit like leaving a vapour trail behind it. Its coming for me and very big, I leg it, skidding on the ice. I just manage to get away.

      D2 - I am a knight with red armour, weird kind of red, rusted red? My sword is normal silver steel. I am in a encampment after a battle. A baron is on trial. I vote against them, then standing in the dark tent, notice everyone is gone, except him looking non to pleased, again I leg it.

      D3 - I am in a new house, it had a whole lot of glass inside. One part is hexgonal with sliding parts. i see some people coming to visit. So I go to hide but, I have over looked the fact that their is no where to hide due to all the glass.

      D1 - Afraid of becoming a leo persona, don't like being in the centre of attention
      D2 - Being fiery red Aires won't magic away my fears
      D3 - glass, I can't hide from myself

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    12. 030116: A Vague Mess

      by , 01-03-2016 at 01:19 PM (The Dream Journal)
      Only disjointed elements in memory.

      A vague memory of wondering if I'm asleep or not. (!) As to what I did afterward, nothing remains.

      I see an old friend from school, he is by a large house at night in the yard. Candles in lanterns light the yard. We go inside, there are some of his friends in there, young women. He mentions that he can show his back if it really is something people want to see, as if someone asked him to show it. I think he just made it up to be able to have an excuse to show off a tattoo. He takes his shirt off. I see a disgusting, long wart protrude from his side. I think I get a glimpse of a light green tattoo but it is really small.

      Waking up on a mattress on a floor, I'm with a female friend of mine and her brother. We are all waking up, the light in the kitchen has an orange-sepia tone to it. Her brother complains that someone was drilling in the night and it woke him up. He says he was the only one to wake up to it. I don't remember waking up. I am a very sound sleeper.
    13. 30/12/2015 From 1AM to 10AM

      by , 12-30-2015 at 05:31 PM
      I slept at 1 AM, and did a WBTB at 5:30, this time with no alarm but naturally. At the moment i was falling asleep i thought i was already asleep, that i was dreaming so i did a reality check and it didn't work, i was just awake and aware but it felt like i was in a dream, i was about to fall asleep.

      I kept a journal by my side but i wrote some dream fragments, not complete dreams, so i will try to post them as full as i remember them:

      In my first dream i accorded with my ex-uncle to eat an Asado (a thing which i don't do anymore). He was going to come home but i don't know why like 10 minutes before he came i went out the street to go around in my bike. It results im in front of his house and his door was open, so i honked and he came outside. He told me he was coming. So i went again to my house which probably was 5 blocks away.

      Then i find myself in the night at my mother's house. I was alone at first, but then my mother appeared. She went to talk to a neighbour of the house of the corner to ask if the house nearby was her house, because my mother didn't recognize it. It was probably like 5 years since she's been there. I didn't wait the reply and i entered the house. The house was located on Cabrera and Paunero of Rio Cuarto, Cordoba but i think it was more north east than that. Anyways i enter and i saw one room with the door open, and a bathroom. To my right i saw another door, and i tried to open it with a key but it looked like a wall, so i couldn't open it. I met 2 girls that were living in the other room, so i thought that actually the house wasn't ours alone, or perhaps that other room was big enough as a house.

      Then i wrote some non-sense, probably hallucinating between being asleep and awake. Subjects were Argentinean economy and Game of Thrones.

      Then i had a short dream. I was in a bus with a professor called Girafale, and i was with a notebook or something similar renting pieces of land to dump garbage. There was a lot of garbage in the city and citizens couldn't throw everything away in their space, they would have to wait for the next day's service, but i had like 5 pieces of land where i didn't have any garbage, so i rented those spaces so those citizens could throw away their garbage. I actually was making good profits out of this.

      Then i wrote some other nonsense.

      And my last dream was about 10 AM. I dreamt i was learning how to play the song "I used to love her" again on guitar, so i went inside the house. I saw that my family was leaving somewhere for the night. There was a houselady that was cleaning the plant pots. I saw my younger sister getting prepared and she rode a bicycle to the taxi, a purple one. Then all left and i was standing in the backyard alone with the plant pot with earth. So i think i planted something in there. Not weed, but some other cool stuff, probably Coleus Blumei.

      Then i got up.
    14. carousel horse

      by , 12-27-2015 at 09:29 PM (Here be dragons)
      I'm in the dark, feeling both my real body and my dream body. I roll over and push myself out. For some strange reason I can't move forward and I have to go through my window by walking backward. Once I'm outside, I can move normally. I'm still in the dark, still feeling my closed eyelids, but I keep walking until I start seeing and stop feeling my eyelids. It's sunny but a little chilly; I'm in front of the house, but the car parked here is different that usual and take up most of the allyway, making it difficult for me to leave the garden. My lucidity is very low, and my head feels muddy. Over the top of the car I can see my neighbour's garden, there is a couple of blck horses eating grass next to the house, long tails swishing in the bright light. There is a white and pink mesh on the letterbox, and I start thinking about using it to climb oven the fence and get out when a very tall man walks on the road in from of the house. I recognize Eli and call him. He smiles and picks me up. I wrap my arms and legs around him like a monkey and give him a quick kiss, making him laugh. I crane my neck to see the horses and Eli walks into the neighbour garden. By the time we reach the horses, they have disappear, and there's nothing more that a couple of discared woods on the floor. I grumble and we look for the horses again, my low lucidity plummeting. I get off Eli arms and walk barefooted on the damp grass, single minded in my goal of riding a horse. I find a crudely shaped, wooden toy of one, and put in on the floor, willing it to grow. I hop on his back when it start to inflate, but it stay all crooked and strangely shaped ans I wake up.

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    15. 291115: The Party Crashed

      by , 11-29-2015 at 02:08 PM (The Dream Journal)
      I am at a friend's party, lots of successful and fancy, hipstery people are there in her large, wooden house, we are in the attic room, it is wooden and shadowy. I don' really have much in common with all the jocks and women dressed in very nice clothes. I ask if I can have some of my friends come over as well, they are geekier but I'd have someone to talk to. I vouch for them and she lets them come. I also see my sister there and I feel a bit more relaxed.

      I'm talking to one of my geeky friends. He mentions how mean and horrible the people in the party have been to him over the years. Although everyone is an adult now, the direct harassment has now turned into a cold condescension, I feel for my friend. A big event is about to happen, people get into a circle as some kind of speech is going to be given. Right as one of the mean, good looking and condescending jocks is going to speak my geeky friend tackles him to the floor and pandemonium breaks out, people are all over the place tearing things apart.

      My hipstery friend who knows the host says this is horrible, really bad, the jock was being interviewed on live TV, now it is ruined, there is no way to fix this. He doesn't right out blame me for vouching for him, but I sense the tension. Secretly I don't feel bad at all for what happened. The jock got what was coming to him. This is karma.

      A new scene, we are in a school gym hall, a new party, the lights are very dim and atmospheric. My hipstery friend's girlfriend comes up to me by a table, I ask what's up. She says things are well. My hipstery friend is collecting money for the damages that happened in the party before, the house was wrecked. I feel a pang of guilt and panic. Why did I even go to that stupid party in the first place? I wake up relieved.
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