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    1. A bunch of slightly feverish fragments

      by , 12-30-2017 at 07:06 PM (BahamutZERO's dreams)
      I've got the flu atm, and I dreamt a whole bunch of short, disconnected dream fragments over a cycle of falling asleep and waking again. I remembered 4 of them. I remembered a 5th at some point, but alas I forgot it after falling asleep again.

      In the first, I was heading towards an airport because I had to catch a plane. There was an apparently short route on the left and an apparently long route on the right. I took the short route, but that led to the back side of the airport. I talked to some people to ask for directions, and they sent me on some way which I discovered I would've ended up on much quicker if I just took the "long" route. I'm not sure what made me think the right route was the long one. I did catch my plane just in time! Inside of plane it looked more like the interior of a submarine, however.

      In the second, I was working on my software project with my colleague. He turned around to talk to me, and pointed to the sky. In the sky I saw the structure of my project, and he pointed to a problematic part in it. He asked if our project was supposed to support smart contracts or not (even though in real life it has nothing to do with cryptocurrency or smart contracts). I told him that my original designs of the system was supposed to support smart contracts, but it's not terrible if we ended up going for a simpler and more limited solution. He said "good, let's go for the simple solution then. we're running short on time, and if we don't finish the project, we'll fail the exam". (Somehow, the whole thing switched from working on a project for my job to working on a project for a college exam.) I suddenly started to feel stressed because I remembered that I had exams to do, and I hadn't studied anything, I only focused on the project, and I'm barely even managing to finish that. I tried to enumerate all the subjects I had to study for in my head. For each subject I remembered, I got stressier, because I wasn't prepared for any exams at all. Luckily the dream was over before the exams started.

      In the third dream, I was sitting in the living room of another family as a guest. They had 2 tvs. One tv was on the "MTV" channel, where the highest bidder can promote their music to popularize it. Next to that tv was another channel, called "Payback TV". This channel took all the music and programs that were cancelled from MTV, and rebroadcasted them there. I was interested in neither channel, so I went to check out the garage. In the garage there was a bunch of trash, and in the pile was a 3rd functional tv that was on another channel called "Trash TV". It turns out that if a program stayed on Payback TV for more than 6 months, it got cancelled from Payback TV too, and continued on to looping on Trash TV forever. The Trash TV screen was black-and-white. It was playing music videos from a very obscure band that I'm a fan of. I was more interested in that, so I watched Trash TV in the garage instead. At some point I felt like I needed to pee and took a piss in the trash pile. Then I awoke, feeling that I need to pee in real life, glad that I didn't accidentally wet my bed!

      After the toilet break I fell asleep one more time. In this dream I was looking for a solution to a caching problem in my project for work. A solution had been proposed to archive every page as a static html, rather than rendering it anew every time it's visited. However, there was a problem that the application I'm making is a very context-sensitive - the system behind the user permissions is very complex. So each user basically gets to see a different view of the page. I imagined every possible variable in the context as a dimension in a multidimensional grid. I imaged a process running constantly in the background, trying to fill all the cells in the grid with caches, evaluating a priority function to decide the next cell to cache. I imagined cache invalidation as the clearing of a whole row in either dimension. The background process tried to catch up with the cache invalidation as fast as it could. As I imagined this visually, it turned from an idea into a video game. The player is the cache and tries to fill all the cells, while the difficulty lies in the computer frequently clearing rows of the grid. Since it was simply a grid of coloured squares, the game looked like an Atari 2600 game. It was a very annoying game to play.
    2. Dream - Sneaking Out & The Terrible Storm & Movie Theatre Denial

      by , 09-15-2017 at 01:18 PM
      Date of Dream: WED 30 AUG - 2017

      Dream No. 188 - Separated Sections

      Dream 188 A - Sneaking Out
      The dream took place at my old house. I don't remember what happened at the start of the dream. From where I do remember, it was Friday and AV was coming to take my mum out to Dandenong. I said that I wanted to come with them and the accepted my request. In my head, I thought Yes! I'll finally get to see NN!. Mum and AV were waiting for me as I went into my bedroom to pick an outfit to wear.

      There were all these fancy necklaces hanging at the back of the bedroom door... I chose an orange one to wear with my outfit. I then went through a selection of many clothes. The first concern was the base top that I was going to wear, it ended being navy blue. I then went to another shelf to look for skirts. There were three skirts I tried on... I picked a black skirt with white lines and yellow flowers. I then put a yellow cardigan on top and the outfit was complete.

      I came out of my room to find out that mum and AV had snuck off without me. I reassessed what I was doing in the bedroom. Apparently I went in there at 2:30 PM and didn't come out until 5:00 PM, meaning I took two and a half hours. I don't remember what else happened in the dream.

      Dream 188 B - The Terrible Storm
      I don't remember what happened at the start of this dream. From where I do remember, I was at the so called Killester, coming to support the Class of 2017 for their final exams. The place did look like a school but it looked nothing like Killester. I was walking around one of the buildings and that's when I saw NN and spoke to him for a while. I then continued to walk and that's when these really dark clouds started to come in... Even black ones.

      Some of these clouds were coming down really fast, down to the ground on where I was standing... It also started raining. The sight of the really dark clouds and heavy rain terrified me and it was supposed to be day time but the sky was as black as night. I was wandering around aimlessly, having the intention of Dreamy WB's assistance but only seemed to call out WB. Additionally, I almost had no voice, almost like I had a throat infection of some sort. It felt like I was speaking her name over 50 times but even after that, there wasn't a response. I eventually gave up and I don't remember what else happened in the dream.

      Dream 188 C - Movie Theatre Denial
      Once again, I don't remember the start of the dream. From where I do remember, there was this movie watching venue I was at, which was mostly outdoors. There were some complications for my family but I forgot what they specifically were. The theatre manager said that we weren't allowed into one of the auditoriums. The reactions of my family are also a blurry memory. I do remember I became really upset at one point. My mum had told me that I lost my water bottle.

      I walked out of the complex and just stood on the nature strip of the street. All these Mario characters started appearing but I said I didn't need their help. Mario himself was the last to appear and that's when I went running up to him, begging for his help. He picked me up and ended up hugging me really hard. He then carried me around the movie place, where we eventually came across my water bottle in a garden bed... He lowered me so I could pick up the bottle.

      I looked around the bottle and discovered that it wasn't mine because there was graffiti of a stranger's name on it. Mario then carried me to a quiet corner and gave me some affection before putting me down. Then dream scene was then my mum talking to one of the staff members, a woman. The woman said that we could go into this other auditorium at 2:00 PM. The time came and the door was still locked. I subconsciously noticed Mario standing nearby, having a look of pity on his face. I then woke up.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:

      - None
    3. [17-09-2016]

      by , 09-17-2016 at 08:37 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was coming back home from school. I invited some classmates earlier to create a group that'd prepare better for final exams. I reached my house, but nobody came for preparations. I went to my room and took a pen and paper sheet. I started writing down some calculations. I written something like 2*2(1-2), and when I looked at it again the equation resolved itself into -2. I thought that it's impossible and left the sheet with calculations on a desk, then went to kitchen. Mother talked about preparations with me.
    4. [08-07-2016]

      by , 07-08-2016 at 08:05 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I left my house and found myself at a huge parking. It was just a plain field with mowed grass and loads of cars parked there. I entered a huge, white van and took a passenger's seat. One of my classmates was driving - a huge and fat dude. We drove to school to find out if we passed our vocation exams. I met with rest of classmates and then teacher appeared. She told me that I haven't passed.
    5. #36 & #37 - Studying at the Table/Bathrooms Everywhere. Dream Fragments

      by , 10-23-2014 at 05:29 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: Non-dream
      Blue: Non-lucid
      Red: Lucid

      Going to re-write this out because I couldn't seem to find it on my DJ history. Going to do a slack job compared to the last time since I'm tired.

      Dream 1 - Studying at the table
      Me and my flatmate O are sitting at the kitchen table studying. We find that we have an assignment due soon in 2 parts, 600 words and 300 words. O lends me his work so I can use it as a reference, I open it up on my laptop using a program called 'Note Taker Pretender v9.0'. There are coloured tabs (red, yellow, etc) that separate the various sections of his assignment.

      Dream 2 - Bathrooms everywhere
      So there is a large room where there is a bunch of people in. It's quite gray and dull, there's a lot of doors that I know lead to various bathrooms. I decide to use one, and the one I go to has 3 people sitting on a bench in it. One of these people is J, a girl I knew from my residential hall. I ask them to leave so I can use the room and they comply. I close the door behind them and lock it.

      Dream Fragments.

      Didn't remember anything except EXAMS, and that manifested into my dreams last night somehow. Super stressful, had a knot in my stomach the whole night.
    6. Exams

      by , 05-05-2014 at 07:27 AM
      Yesterday I could again not recall my dream. But today, I could recall a lot.

      Fragment 1:
      IRL the ink of my printer has to be replaced, I am the only one that knows, because I keep forgetting to tell my dad to get ink. But I dreamed that I was on my laptop watching Youtube video's and my father printed something and the paper came out white, but with a purple square on it (IRL only the black ink has to be replaced, the colored ink is still full). My father showed me the papers he just printed and said 'Yes, ink has to be replaced.'. Which is weird because I hadn't told him in my dream (or IRL) that the ink had to be replaced.

      Dream/nightmare:This dream shows my exam stress
      I was in the classroom were I have to take my exams IRL next week. I was given my English exam and already started making it, but when I looked up the teacher was still talking and nobody was writing. I slowly closed my test and listen to the teacher explaining I couldn't write on my test, only on my answers-paper. I panicked because I wrote on my test and I didn't have a answers-paper. Than everybody started and I asked for the answers-paper. For some reason I was sitting in a different seat right now. First I was sitting front row in the middle, now I was front row next to the windows. The woman gave me a paper, but it wasn't the answer-paper, it was just a paper to take notes. I had a notepad with me (IRL you can't have that with you when you are making your exams), and started making the test. I turned around to look at the clock and it was huge and I still had enough time left. Than there was something wrong with my calculator (why I needed a calculator for my English exam, I don't know). So I raised my hand and a teacher (a tall small, dress wearing, grey short 'curly' haired) came and I asked her for another calculator and a answers-paper. She gave me a calculator, but not a answers-paper. Than I was hot, because I was wearing a thick scarf and a winter coat. Than all of the sudden it was okay, I was wearing a thin scarf and just a T-shirt. I got passed a note, almost like a homemade greeting card, from the gray haired teacher. It said I was to loud and I wasn't going to finish the test and I should stop asking for paper and stuff and I was awful kid. I was so shocked and so panicked I didn't react. I looked on the clock and thought I still had an hour, but the other male teacher stood up and said that we just had ten minutes. I panicked again. I raised my hand and the gray haired teacher gave me the answers-paper without talking.
      As a mad men I started to take over my answers from my note pad to my answers-paper. But I found out that the test had to parts and I only made the second part, but both assignments started counting at number 1. So I had only made the second part. In five minutes or so I made the first part.
      Then my dream ended.

      Fragment 2:
      I was on the stage with two other classmates in front of all my classmates and their (and mine) parents and grandpa's and grandma's and uncles and aunts. It was graduation day and I was getting my diploma and now a teacher was going to say something about me and my other classmates that were on stage.

      Fragment 3: followup of my dream
      I handed in the paper and collected my writing stuff and walked out of the classroom.

      So this dream clearly shows my anxiety's, but when I woke up I felt really confident t that I would make my exams well and that I would graduate.
    7. Music.

      by , 03-30-2014 at 12:11 AM
      Final exams are already here. I do the designing test and go out to breathe some fresh air. It went just fine, but I forgot to do some things. It's okay. A friend of mine stands still there, just looking at an invisible horizon. He didn't even enter to do the exams. He asks me if I want to take a walk and I say yes, forgetting to do the three remaining exams. We start walking but I can't remember what were we talking about.

      We go under a stone bridge and I start hearing a quite beautiful, calming music. I woke up singing it. It makes me feel so good, like there can't be any problems, that everything's just fine the way it is and that happiness is so easy to reach. We continue walking as the music stays in the background, following us. The day couldn't be any better. We end up in a park, which is full of other people just smiling and having a good time. We take a sit and stare at the light blue sky. Another guy appears and takes a sit just next to him. I know him, he's an asshole from my school. I stare at him, looking at his eyes, thinking that I know what he is thinking and that I know how much hatred he contains within him and that I don't give a fuck about his stupid life. I wake up.

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      non-lucid , memorable , dream fragment
    8. An unforgotten earthquake in time

      by , 06-09-2012 at 03:55 PM
      It's been four months since I last posted. Everything's been busy lately but this morning's dream (June 9) was vivid enough that it pushed me to post now.

      Usually when I have a dream, I'd write it down and hopefully remember enough details to post when the time comes. Much has changed over the last few months. Often the dream would reflect something that goes on in real life, either before or after the dream takes place.

      I still have recollections of 1/3 of my dreams, but about 2/3 are just paper notes now and I have no recall of them. Yet I'll be posting as much as I can, and hopefully in a few weeks the flashbacks to past dreams will join up with current dreams again.

      Before we continue, I should explain what I mean in my use of the word "facade": basically, it's a word, another memory or previous dream, or a false recollection that triggers faint memories of the actual dream as they slip away. Sometimes the memories fade within 10 seconds of waking up.

      You have to be careful sometimes - often the blog will log you out while you're trying to do a journal, and even today I had to change my password, after a Russian hacking incident months ago here.

      It's a real challenge to get this thing started. Let's begin at this morning's dream, when I fell asleep on my sofa around 12:30 am.

      I'm in a room somewhere. There are these orange vitamin B-12 pills in my hand, and it looks like there are several dozen of them. Should I put these in my mouth, or moreover report just what happened?

      A tropical weather website comes up, dicussing a low pressure system that was bound to give us a big heat wave in the early part. Not much else was going on, except for that jet stream.

      I'm sitting somewhere with an old student-teacher friend of mine, who talked about her memory of living in northeastern Ontario, where there are now some wildfires. Not sure if I ever join in on this conversation.

      Hearing some words being said now, remembering a few.

      "So when I was up at Algoma University, the weather would really stay pretty much the same. One day, it would be 7C. The next day, 7C and the same the day after that."

      "It would take 35 minutes to drive up to Timmins, and 65 minutes when there was a big snowstorm and the traffic got heavy".

      Wait a minute, I thought, looking over at a map. Wouldn't that mean North Bay takes only 25 or 30 minutes? I live in the Greater Toronto Area at this time.

      Funny thing is, my friend never even went to Algoma. She went to U of T.

      Now, I'm remembering something about a conversation I had with the principal, or maybe I was having one. I wasn't in trouble or anything; in fact my principal thinks of me as someone who is more mature and responsible than most.

      There's a lot I didn't get to say to her, though.

      I wake up with this strange pain in my left leg. Had I been bitten by a spider while I took my midnight nap? It seemed like I'd been asleep for maybe one or two hours, but as I look at my radio clock, it's 3:50 a.m. Without even going to brush my teeth, I return to my room, turn off my computer, and go to sleep. I consider taking my chemical experiment into my room before it gets stolen, but leave it there and doze off anyway.

      There were these "fake vegetable" pills in a jar, that had both the shape and the taste of real vegetables: carrots, peppers and broccoli, at least two of the above three. Should I eat them?

      I was asked whether I wanted an ionizing treatment, producing an isotope on my body that might have been radioactive. The isotope had an atomic mass of 188.

      Of course that's going to be radioactive, I thought, when I woke up much later. Yet doing a bit of research, it turns out the element is probably non-radioactive osmium-188, which is naturally more dense than lead, and maybe a few traces of radioactive iridium-188.

      Sitting there, I'm looking at a screen off the wall of my classroom, where my geography teacher was giving a lesson using a weather website that I routinely used. Next, we pointed out a small earthquake that had occurred a few days before off the northwestern coast of Ireland.

      "Belfast!", I exclaimed, literally shouting it out loud. Yet Belfast was in North(east)ern Ireland, and whether I knew this at the time, I'm not sure.

      The alarm woke me up again. It was just after 6 a.m., but I'd forgotten to turn off the alarm the previous night. I might wake up once more during the next bit, but whether this is recorded is unclear. Still have some assignments overdue for my geography teacher. The next part becomes rather academic.

      I'm swimming in a lake somewhere, and the water is very tolerable. Whether it's more like a pond or there's a castle in the distance, I do not know, but I keep thinking it's Elsinore, the Danish city on the extreme eastern big island where the Shakespearean play Hamlet is set.

      Some time is needed to practice my recipe. I had made bread before, but this was something quite different.

      I have to finish another assignment, I think for the same geography teacher, involving a sled or a toboggan, that would be tested on the snow. Yet the snow had all but melted, and the assignment was overdue. How was I to finish it, then?

      It's morning, and I'm on a trail with some of my friends. We'd all be university-bound next year, and to my left we see this grassy knoll that has a barn-like house positioned on top. A horse-drawn carriage was nearby, and I get the feeling that I'd seen this place before, but cannot remember where. Maybe I had been there. From where the Sun was positioned, we were walking southwest. There were some people on or near the carriage in costumes, the woman wearing some kind of shroud over her head, the whole family looking agrarian and traditional.

      "Mennonites", I said.

      "Yes", one of my friends continued, but...

      But what? We continued walking. Over to our right, we come across this forested ravine, that has a steep drop-off soil cliff face with some tree roots. One of us, I or a friend, tries to climb down, but seeing it was so steep and there were granitic rocks underneath, we give up. We continue walking.

      We were on a university campus now. I didn't know they had these types of trails here; maybe we don't.

      I had debated whether or not to include the names of specific towns or universities I dreamt about. After much thought, I'm deciding to mention these places by name, and will do so in most cases for journals of past dreams.

      On our right, it was the University of Guelph campus. There were still some tree branches as we approached the clearning. But I knew that none of us would be going here this year in September.

      Johnston Hall.

      Some say it's the most well-known landmark. Yet the rock climb had been difficult, and sometime later or earlier, I'm doing an exam for one of my classes.

      It's my philosophy teacher, and this time I'm struggling to do well in this second-semester class I'm taking. I had gotten 95% in the first class, but was struggling to maintain 83% in this one. Whatever it was, I knew I needed to do well on the exam.

      The room was beige, the desks far apart, the lighting dim yet incandescent. It somehow reminded me of my old elementary school. What in the world was I doing here?

      I wake up this time, and it's past 10 am. Time to get up; it was a weekend morning.

      OK, I know I haven't posted in ages. Yet some powerful recollections have been contained in the past dreams, and many of them go back to February. When I only have figments of dreams, then maybe I'll post as many as five in one entry, which gives overall a clearer picture of whatever that may be.

      The memories may be hazy, but the dreams provide a glimpse.
    9. The Usual But Etymologically Unsatisfactory

      by , 08-21-2011 at 09:06 AM
      This is my first entry, and my first time in any sense attempting to record a dream, having had one.

      It's only recently I began remembering my dreams, and only that because of a brief reading about lucid dreaming.

      I'll start backwards because it'll help me remember:

      The final segment was my mother revealing some information about the downfall of a friend of mine's family. In real life this friend of mine I saw last night at a party and he is headed off to the Cayman Islands to teach Cello - maybe that was why he was in my head.

      It was just an oblique about the success of this guy's older brother, who displayed great academic achievement, as opposed to some of the other siblings who were more along the lines of great musical achievement. He was already publishing articles as head boy at the private school he went to - before the family collapsed. I suppose all this provoked in me was an extra sense of sadness at all the potential some of these kids had, and the distruption their various life trajectories underwent, as they ended up having their home life and family taken out from underneath them, and the effects this has had on them. All this was being told me on the day before a set of exams I had to do, which stayed with to the point I was sitting on the dewed grass of a green that was familiar yet unfamiliar of a university which was similar yet different to the one I went to.

      Then interestingly came a focus to my own home. Which was unrecogniseable and yet familiar. It was labyrinthine, with loads of rooms I had never seen before and yet which seemed vaguely familiar. One which sticks in my head was a cored nursery which was the only room which looked unused but was being kept for that purpose for some peculiar reason. Maybe because my mother still hopes sooner or later a cousin on or somesuch will bring a child over.

      Then comes the basement, which seems to have been where I was. It seems to have been some kind of a workshop for me. It was full of wooden cutout figures that had painted faces; curiously grotesque and horrific yet comical and almost funny as well. It was darkly lit and mostly cement, with a cool, almost wet sense to the air. A backdoor to the basement opened out to a dry desert road going around the side of a mesa. On a layby slightly below this road I was building a very large gattling gun out of rather ineffectual materials. In some cases there was metal, bullets, cables, things which in themselves seemed to overheat and break far too quickly. Meanwhile some important structural parts of the machine were being done in cardboard, and I didn't see how strange that was.

      Anyway that's it in reverse order.
    10. 1/13/11 - 3

      by , 01-13-2011 at 04:50 PM (Somniloquent G)
      [SIZE="3"][COLOR="Black"]1/13/11[/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE="1"][COLOR="#808080"](Non-lucid)[/COLOR][/SIZE]


      [COLOR="#808080"][/COLOR][COLOR="#1E90FF"]1) I'm taking exams. I'm surprised to have a US History one, since I don't take US History this year. Also, I'm thrilled to see that in the Math one you don't have to do anything - just write your name and play a little mini-game!

      2) continuation of 1? It's nighttime when I go outside into the school parking lot. I get on my skateboard and am ready to go home, but I see my dad's car waiting for me. I enter the car, but tell him to stop because I forgot to take my French exam. I exit the car, but NBA stops me to tell me the class president, Ryan Macfarlane, has died. I know he means RM, because there is no Ryan Macfarlane in our grade. Also, I tell him that the class president is BM. NBA is wrong, so I go inside to take my French exam. The teacher (Mr. I????????) allows me to take it late, and Mrs. P confirms that I have permission to do so.

      3) I'm having sex with an attractive brunette. We change positions. We're in the threshold of a cave on a Minecraft map?[/COLOR][/INDENT]
      Tags: exams, sex
    11. Old Dream: Libraries and Alternate Dimensions

      by , 04-30-2003 at 04:08 AM
      April 22, 2003:
      I know I've been studying too much when I have a dream that I live in a library!

      April 27, 2003:
      Every time I close my eyes, I dream that I'm studying - or I'm in a library, or something. The insomnia's worse than the dreams.

      April 28, 2003:
      All night I had dreams about exams - that as I was going to take my exam, a huge tornado hit, and I had to go and hide in one of the offices. For some reason, my old Geography professor was doing paperwork there. I was supposed to fill out this form explaining that I couldn't take my exam because of a tornado. Then my brother got hit by a car with these 2 annoying prissy girls in it. They broke his leg and they kept trying to compensate us for it by giving us makeup... my mom was really pissed off, so was I, he didn't seem to give a damn, and Mom told them she'd see them in court. Then I found out that I'd been exempt from the exam to begin with - EXCEPT that I was supposed to have turned in ANOTHER form verifying that I was, indeed, exempt...

      April 29, 2003:
      I had a dream that there was some sort of alternate dimension, and we were on a film project to film it, or something. And it was just a huge movie, and all of the people in there were actors - they knew they were actors, and would go to other dimensions to "star" in them (like movies). So there was this one, and he had really long black hair, and he was supposed to be like the antihero/supervillain type, and he starred in this one dimension as a swordsman (a la Highlander) and then hopped to the next to become an evil sorcerer. But he didn't start out as one - just as a sort of twisted, misguided sorcerer. Then he got into a fight with this humongous hairy beast, and it killed his son, and he got all angsty/dangerously insane, and created a dimensional bubble where he screwed with reality. Then he turned into a woman.