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    1. 24 Apr: Kidnapped by aliens(?) and stopping a robbery at a shop

      by , 04-24-2019 at 09:21 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Kidnapped with a bunch of other people by some unknown entity we never see. We wake up in a kind of well or shaft, hanging dangerously from the wall. It seems that at the slightest movement this well might start to break and fall apart, so we are all very still, except one guy who seems determined to break it. The entity assumes human forms and we are removed one by one in an elimination process that seems like a contest looking for the winner. And the winner is me and another person, who apparently have something they look for or want. They examine us, I see now I have needles still in my arm that they remove and big bruises.

      I am with a friend (maybe Riverstone) and we go to a shopping mall. Although I feel heat and I think it's summer, the decorations are all about winter, snow and Xmas.

      At the mall with some friends, some weird situation with someone stealing my jacket and then leaving it hanged in a place I pass by and it has something in a pocket, that sends a video message to a screen nearby when we walk past it. In the video, there is a warning, a bit cryptic, about some girls robbing something and we conclude it is the Mango store. We go there to warn but actually the robbery is happening right as we enter. First we pretend we didn't notice, then they threaten us, but I signal to my friends to attack. I take down the one with the gun and they help take down the rest, but I am the one that knocks them unconscious. We then look for materials we can use to tie their hands and feet and wait for the cops. The cops bring us bread.
    2. 3/20/18 | Rain

      by , 03-20-2018 at 07:36 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      I saw a video with a Falcon 9 and the Saturn V. My precalculus instructor wasn't happy about seeing a Falcon 9. In the same scene, a sudden downpour hit when I was crawling under power lines. I made it to a small tree. After the 30-second downpour was over, the power lines were instantly restored, and the downstairs part of my old house gained a hardwood floor.
      Tags: rain, video
    3. January 3rd 2018

      by , 01-03-2018 at 01:02 PM
      The program director for the program I am in called me, said my doctor wouldn't be in today and asked if I wouldn't mind doing a video call with him instead.
    4. Sonic Boom but It Has 2D Animation

      by , 08-06-2017 at 02:51 PM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      I think I can officially call myself a fanboy.

      Fell asleep at: 2:00 AM

      Woke up at: 8:00 AM


      Alright so last night I had a dream that I was just on Youtube and I came across a video that went over the subject of "What if Sonic Boom was a 2D animated show?". I watched it and MAN did it look good.

      The animation was smooth, the characters looked top notch, and body movements were a sight to behold. But due to the negative association that goes towards the Boom cartoon, there were (Of course) some hate comments.

      +1 for realism I guess.


      1. This isn't the first time I've had a dream where I was using the internet (And especially Youtube).

      2. The video in question was not even close to finished. The animation was there but it looked like they still needed to clean it up a bit and add some color to it.
    5. Dream - A Beautiful Adventure

      by , 04-25-2017 at 04:09 AM
      Thought I'd start posting one of the most spectacular dreams I've ever had... It's the highest degree of lucidity I've had too!

      Date of Dream: THU 6 APR - 2017

      Dream No. 93 – A Beautiful Adventure
      (Lucid Dream 3)

      Part 1
      Although I'm no longer at Killester (my high school) in real life, I went to attend one of the assemblies and was sitting in the students area. There was this special needs boy beside me (Killester is an all girls school in real life) and he would always come really close to me and try to hug me. At the same time, there was this strict teacher behind me that was constantly telling students to move to their correct year level area. Then I was talking to Mr H (male) about something but I forgot what it was... I do know that it was something about music though. Then apparently the vocal group were going to perform but there only 6 members on the stage and they were all wearing fluro green vests. And then my attention turned to the back of the hall to see where the rest of the vocal group members were... I managed to catch sight of EO (female) and WB (female). I went with WB outside to one of the balconies linked onto the hall and there I saw the most beautiful tree ever. It was literally glowing a very bright green and the flowers on it were these vivid, light purple tulips. WB didn't do anything except stand there and gaze at the tree with me... That's when I all of a sudden became aware I was dreaming!! The dream tried to fade out on me but I asked it to stay... It worked the first time. But then a few seconds later, the dream tries fading out me and my request for stability does not work.

      Part 1 Exit (Transition)
      I am now so fully aware that I am in a dream rather than something I know completely nothing about. I find that the dream has taken me to “the void” which was mentioned on a video I watched in real life a few days ago. When I was in that void of blackness and emptiness, my head was reciting the exact words that the guy said on the YouTube video. But the dream was forcing me to open my eyes so I would wake up. I was fighting with the dream to try and keep my eyes closed but in the end, I lost the battle and ended up becoming awake.

      Waking State (Transition) – Non-Dream
      I have opened my eyes and am aware that I'm in the waking world... But I say to myself, “Don't even look at the clock” and I closed my eyes again instantly.

      Part 2 Entrance (Transition)
      Although I was awake for about a second or two, I found that I was actually still completely, consciously aware of my dream surroundings when I came back into them. The first thing I did was a reality check where straight away, I noticed that I had six noodle-like fingers on each hand. The sight was terrifying but at the same time, this actually confirmed that I was in a dream.

      Part 2
      I don't remember what I was doing in my house but I ran outside due to the excitement of my dream awareness. At the top of the court, I consciously started calling out for WB and continued to call for her while walking up and down the court. Then these cars started coming the court and so I decided to see if any one of them would possibly be WB. There were two shiny looking cars that passed by and didn't stop... But then there was third car, a small dull black one that pulled up in front of me. Out of the car came WB wearing a white shirt and black trousers, with her hair straight and tied up into a bun... WB had a very strong masculine look about her. Then WB said to me that she brought LB (WB's younger sister) along with her to keep me safe. She hinted to me that someone was out to get me and my mind depicted that WB was talking about my real life parents. So out LB hopped from the car. She was wearing a light blue police uniform and she had an extremely feminine look about her, even more so than in this world. At this stage, I was really excited and so went and hugged WB, who really tightly hugged me back. I then went up to LB, gave her a small hug and kissed her on the forehead. She didn't pull back but she didn't return anything either. WB then explained to me that LB wasn't really good with affection.

      After that, WB told me to get into the back seat of the car. I asked her if anyone was going to be sitting in the back with me but she said they were both going to be in the front. I did question WB but then she said to think of them like my second parents... Supposedly with LB being the mum and WB being the dad. She said then something about sitting diagonally from the one I favour more. When I got into the car, I found myself sitting behind WB and diagonally to LB but then I didn't find that the “diagonal” reasoning agreed with me. I consciously chose that position in the car because that was the side next to the nature strip and also, I take that side of the car in waking life. WB then drove off and we ended up at a video rental store, Video Ezy! They don't exist anymore in waking life! We didn't get out but rather remained in the car, this random video just suddenly appeared in LB's hands. I asked LB why they got that video and she told me that I was coming home with them.

      That's when I got to about the most excited I would ever be the dream. I got so excited that the I noticed this dream was trying to fade out on me too. So as we're driving though the area of Dandenong South, I'm looking out at the opposite window, at the blue sky above the buildings. I'm constantly on fast repeat, going “stability, stability, stability, stability” like a broken record. As I do this, I notice that WB and LB are giving me strange looks, maybe thinking to themselves “are you okay?”. I sadly can't fight the dream fade and wake up.

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    6. Sensei's DJ nld

      by , 05-19-2015 at 04:29 PM
      There is a scene change and I am now looking at Sensei's dream journal, which is quite a large book, which when opened reveals that for this lucid dream that was 1.10 hrs or 110 mins long Sensei has decided go draw the entire dream. I browse through several large fully illustrated pages. On the first page is Sensei himself like on a large poster, it looks like a mix between a very good drawing and a computer manipulated picture with really cool colors. He is wearing a sort of anime style/futuristic adventure outfit. The whole journal entry comes to life and now looks like a youtube video. In the meantime, the real Sensei comes in the room and starts to voice synch the journal entry that now's playing.
    7. Like toy soldiers

      by , 03-07-2015 at 03:51 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      There was a video about child soldiers. They fought and murdered people but they were only children. Many of the older kids would lead the youngest ones around the battlefield by the hand.

      A program is started to save them. Me and mom have some of them in the van with us, we’re either fostering them or taking them somewhere to be helped.

      Mom starts talking to them about pop culture references that they know nothing about. She says that ‘Christina Aguilera is in a band called Looper’, and I was like ‘??? I didn’t think Christina was in a band…’

      Inspirations: Thinking about Kony yesterday. Christina from watching The Voice. Looper maybe from seeing the movie was coming on a while back, but I’d already watched it before.

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    8. Facebook, The Legend of Korra, and Jack's Diddy From 1589

      by , 01-14-2015 at 09:41 PM (My Dream Goals)
      Notes Dream Semilucid
      Dream shift: ####################

      I attempted a WILD, but gave up since I was too tired. I went to sleep and had this semilucid dream:
      I began by doing something I don't remember (Woke up late, no time to write) When I asked myself: Am I dreaming?
      I was no longer lucid, and was in front of a frameless computer monitor. The full screen was taken up by Jacksepticeye, with the exception of a Facebook chat menu in the bottom right corner with a black box where the chatbox should be. I feel that I want to leave the page to watch some of season 2 of "The Legend of Korra", and in my mind I see a FM of an episode of it; this was an episode generated by my mind in a previous dream. Before I can do this, a video of a teenage girl (about 15) appears in the black box. She and Jacksepticeye are talking with a conversation I cannot recall, before the box goes black again and Jack seems extremely overly-happy, exclaiming that the chat is "so fun" and the people on it are "really nice". 2 identical kids, about 12 or 13, appear in the box. Jack suddenly exclaims "Let me sing a little diddy i know from the year'of 15 of 8 9. At this point, I get up out of my seat, but still try to listen to the "diddy" (which is more of a sort of classical love song) when I suddenly think: wasn't I dreaming?

      I wake up.
    9. A meeting with Carol

      by , 01-12-2015 at 11:40 PM
      There's a secret meeting going on in the basement of a whorehouse; the woman who runs this place and her girls give us shelter on a regular basis. One long table, only two actual chairs which are taken by the leader of one of the larger camps and myself (which seems like a waste since I wind up spending most of this scene on my feet), everyone else makes do without. The last of us has just arrived, and I've started to show a video I recorded earlier, a conversation between me and another man - one of my own kind, unlike the humans at this meeting. I walk around the room as the video plays, narrating here and there but for the most part it speaks for itself. I'm using this video as evidence to convince them to take some action against the other man in the video. When the video's done, the meeting breaks up for a bit. People talk privately.

      As I walk around the room, I come across someone sitting against the wall who becomes very agitated as I approach. I remember him - I'd once done something thoughtlessly cruel to someone or something he cared about. I apologize to him now, and I genuinely mean it - I tell him I don't expect him to forgive me, but for whatever it's worth, I want him to know that I am sorry I did it. I'm not at all sure he understands what I'm saying. There's someone with him who's very protective of him - I leave them alone.

      On the other side of the room, as I'm taking down the video equipment and thinking about the convenient access to electricity here, a woman named Carol approaches me. She's one of the camp leaders, I admire her greatly - we'd been part of the same territory once, but she and her people broke away from me. To my surprise, she's come to call a truce. She doesn't want the personal grudge between us to influence her people, since we're on the same side for the moment. But she reminds me that she's keeping an eye on me, she has people planted in my territory, she doesn't trust me. I remind her that I could say the same to her - I have eyes in her camp, and she's not exactly universally loved by her people, they could easily be convinced to remove her. I say to her, amused, "It's not exactly one-sided."

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    10. Hello, Random Helpful Guide Character...

      by , 09-29-2014 at 11:56 AM (Lucid Time!)
      There was some nightmare about the military who had shot a kid riding a dirtbike. I didn't want to look at the scene. My friend's parents were involved somehow.
      I am in a classroom, but it feels like I am also in K's house. Everyone is turning in essays but one student just turns in a paper with sharpie written on it that says something like 'I will turn in my essay tomorrow.' Everyone in the class thinks it is funny, even the professor. But he says he is still going to give that student a bad grade.
      The professor then rolls down a screen, and says that we are not doing class and simply having a movie day. The movie: some alien invasion movie where giant human body parts fall to earth. The movie is supposed to be really scary and I 'remember' not liking it. But I have to watch it for a grade, it has something to do with what we are learning in class. I might as well at least try to enjoy it. The professor says we can move anywhere in the room, so I decide to sit on the floor in the back of the room.
      I sit down, and the opening credits roll. They show the alien invasion that happens through a bunch of severed human body parts. Legs, Arms, Hands, Heads, etc. They are all orbiting in a big vortex above earth. The professor asks some question about how this relates to some kind of art or something.
      Then, who I could only assume was Manei entered the dream. After seeing her (my dream guide) for three years, I can sort of sense her energy, so to speak. But her energy felt off. I couldn't pinpoint what. This didn't feel like Manei.
      Regardless, the dream went partially lucid.
      This character said that she too thought the movie was scary and wanted to be with someone. She put her arm around me. Then hugged me.
      While this was happening, I started to feel her energy. A lot of warmth and love. I was actually trying to figure it out. Was I dreaming? Who was this? If this wasn't my regular guide it was somebody who felt very similar. Whoever it was, it was a very good feeling. I wished that she would hold onto me for the entire movie. She fell asleep. Then I started to feel sleepy.
      We then both fell over onto the floor, and the dream went wonky.
      Everything went blue, and I was in a void filled with a blue cloudy energy. I was OOB, of course.
      "Hello. I am p4qRo8y5 (something or other, not Manei). I am here to ask you permission to have spiritual intercourse (sex) with you."
      A blue and white hologram of certain sexy things appears in front of me during this question. It fades afterwards. I feel no need to describe them, I don't feel like using a spoiler tag today. Just let your imagination run wild.
      "What... NO! I don't know who you are!"
      She doesn't seem to care that I said 'no'. I don't even know why I said 'no'. I guess I just thought of the last time I had sex with a dream guide and things got very, very weird.
      Anyways, this character, probably a guide, starts talking very fast. She is partially speaking in a language of thoughts and ideas, rather than spoken words. I've talked to Manei and some other DCs before. It's supposed to be faster than talking.
      This object appears as a hologram in front of me. It was supposed to be some kind of visual aid for what this guide was saying, but it makes no sense to me.
      How did you find your way to this forum?-strange-visual-aid.jpg
      "...Recently there was a spiritual rise in consciousness that caused many people around you to become more aware and awake. You, to some extent, but not the full extent did this as well ..."
      The waveforms coming from the side of the shape increase. The circles begin to glow in small clusters.
      She carried on about a bunch of other stuff I really couldn't care about. I don't remember anything else of what she said, but she talked for a solid minute at light speed while I looked at the diamond thing.
      "... I am aware you are involved in dreaming, perhaps having some troubles with it. The problem is that you try to resolve everything with logic and reasoning, when in reality the secret to dreaming is creativity and happiness, the exact opposite. Don't feel bad for it, it is the way the human mind and society is structured. Now, tell me winch one of these jokes you find funniest."

      Two jokes are presented to me as what I can only describe as very poorly animated flash movies. In the first movie, a couple of teenagers are sitting around the table. Then, a large anthropomorphic rooster shows up. But it's like not a typical rooster. It has this large cerraded beak and big buggy eyes. He then says "I've got alottt of math homework!", emphasizing the word 'Alot' in a strange way. The scene cuts back to everyone sitting at the table and they all have rooster heads.

      In the second joke a boy is standing by a window. There is a city moving by outside so I can only assume he was in a mobile home. There is an Ipod on a speaker rack, and a girl walks by and turns it on. Rock-Metal instrumentals start playing. The window flies open and a flowerpot flies into the boy's face, then out the window. Some dirt is left on the boys face. "Lisa! What did I tell you about playing metal music in the house?!" The boy has a rooster head when he says this.

      How did you find your way to this forum?-amazing-rooster-head.png

      I then remember seeing a view, something like a you tube page with a whole bunch of these 'jokes' playing at once. Many of them have the rooster head involved in some way. One of them has this woman with these very ugly, scary looking lips. Oh god, please don't play that one.
      "Um... Neither of them. Those were not even jokes. Just random visions. ._. "
      I get a dream glitch and go backwards very quickly through the scenes in the dream. I am back at the hologram of sexy things. I am then back in the classroom and the movie is still playing. I am then back outside and the military is stopped and looking at a turned over dirtbike.

      I wake up.

      Upon waking, I would say that the first animation was funnier.

      'The problem is that you try to resolve everything with logic and reasoning, when in reality the secret to dreaming is creativity and happiness, the exact opposite.'

      This is very quote-able. I should make this my signature.

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    11. 8/31/2014

      by , 09-17-2014 at 02:29 AM
      I was watching a video of a kid jump into some water with a GoPro. Once he made it into the water, I could see 2 big sharks or whales.
    12. Placebo Effect with Gun Shots?

      by , 08-26-2014 at 09:41 AM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      I upgrade my space ship to a faster one, but one with a smaller cargo bay. I can always just pack it tighter and fit just as much. The speed will help me get my job done quicker. I only make $900,000 a year right now. I have the day off, so I go visit some friends.

      Hanging out in a bedroom, the other guy leaves to go talk to the girl's parents about something. Before he does, he leaves two of his guns behind, forgetting the third in his belt. I hear their kid get really excited about the gun - exactly what he was trying to avoid. Then they go further from the door and I can't hear anything.

      Now I'm the girl, alone in the room. I decide to just get some rest. But feel more comfortable with the gun under my pillow, cocked back and dangerously ready to shoot. I get spooked a few times, and aim the gun at the door, but it's nothing. Laying my head back down, I hear someone at the door. They kick the door in really fast to surprise me. But the only reaction they get is a bullet to the face. It was my neighbor who had been stalking me for a long time. He had finally built up the courage to try and rape me now. Scary...

      My friend comes back into the room, really surprised that I had killed someone, because he only left plastic toy guns behind. Looking at the gun I used, it was indeed a toy gun. He tells me to follow him downstairs. We leave my room, go down the the main floor, and see my neighbor, with a definite scar where I had shot him in the head. Especially a big scar in the back of his head. He is acting quite stupid, and seems to be our servant now, taking laundry to the laundry room.

      We go to the bottom floor, and into another room where my friend plays a video that our neighbor filmed, sitting him in front of it as well to narrate it for us.

      In this video, he is in a small off-road go cart, with three of his friends, driving toward a massive building with huge double wooden doors. His mom is sitting in a chair watching them approach from outside, next to the building. They swerve and crash through the doors. Driving way too fast to safely navigate anything, they careen through the building, smash out through another set of doors, and go down the sidewalk as people and bicyclists dive out of their way. Skidding sideways just in time to stop before getting hit by traffic in the road, they turn around to come back the way they came.

      This time, they hit a bicyclist, who crashes trying to get out of their way. I assume the cyclist got out of the way in time. I don't see the cyclist in the video, but the mangled bike flies in front of the camera. Our neighbor comments to us, "Don't you see how covered in blood the bicycle is?" Looking at the footage, I actually see no blood at all.

      Apparently, this video is to explain to me and my neighbor (who doesn't seem to get it) that only what we believe appears to us. And that since we both believed I had a real gun, we both think I killed him, but since my friend knows its a fake gun, he's still alive.
    13. Strange Walk July 22, 2014

      by , 07-27-2014 at 06:47 AM
      I'm on my sunset walk with AJ, Cali, Izzy, and Charlie. We're at the last portion of the nature trail when I look where the woods should be, and there isn't a forest! Instead there was a hill.
      I crawl up it, and look down. At the bottom of the hill is a huge blue house with white trim. There's a big burly man around the side of it, clearing out brush. He faces towards me. I quickly duck down and scamper away.
      AJ was playing with the cats on the ridge opposite. "Hey AJ," I say, tablet appearing in my hand, "come watch this video." It's entitled "Stoppibility" and it's about a young girl who dresses up a witch and does bad things.
      There are nicely trimmed bushes lining the gully in two rows. A weed whacker appears in my hand. I try to cut the hedges but the weed whacker phases right through the bushes! I realize I have to destroy them, because there's a demon in Cali.
      AJ finishes the video, and we run to the playground with Charlie and Izzy in hand. I climb to the top of the playground to see the sunset, and see a woman with blonde hair stumbling down the hill after us. But on the horizon are gray fluffy clouds with an orange light pouring onto them from the setting sun. "I will make you patriots!" the clumsy woman yells.
      Then, I wake up.

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    14. Work, and the Berol Pen video...

      by , 04-02-2014 at 06:20 PM
      I am at work, and for some reason Martie is there over my shoulder, watching my every move, making me feel very self conscious.

      After observing my work for a while, he then questions me about why i work the way i do, why i do the things i do, etc, and i answer with clarity and resolve, but he then pushes me further into why i work the way i do.

      The dream then shifts a tad, and for some reason we are watching a yootoobz vidyo, it reminded me of those dreadful H&S videos we are forced to watch now and then, and Martie seems fixated on something in this video, and he bangs on about a pen for some reason, i see no pen in the video but suddenly a red Berol pen does indeed pop up, as expected.

      I woke up right then thinking, i had one of those pens once!

      Not surprising i dreampt of pens, i was searching amazon for a good fountain pen before i went to bed, and i did indeed see a red Berol pen, as for Martie, well he is our new "agency rep". I work in a call centre for an agency and he is the go to man, the inbetweener. I do not always keep to the script and my calls do last a bit longer than most in our department, however my customer service skills are finely tuned now and i am yet to have anyone hang up the phone in frustration, or provide negative feedback, but Marties being here has caused a few ripples amoung other agency staff there.

      And there was me bragging that i have such pretty dreams, this one was pretty, pretty boring!
    15. Three vivid dreams in one night!

      by , 04-24-2013 at 03:37 PM (Raven's Roost)
      Hey guys! I managed to have three vivid dreams last night, and while they were all quite short I was proud that I can now remember three, when I could barely remember one just 6 days ago! None were lucid, however .

      Why am I wearing a Towel/ Dog-Llama

      In my first dream, I was with a cute girl from one of my friend groups, dressed in nothing but towels. We were walking outside on a bright winter day. I could't feel the cold, and this should have tipped me off that it was a dream, but alas it did not. As we came around a bend, my family stood on the snowy sidewalk, all letting their dogs play. I had never seen these dogs before, but it seemed to make sense that they all had at least two dogs. It was my father, step mother, two pairs of aunts and uncles, and my grand parents - all having a grand time. Upon closer inspection, I find that one of my grandmother's dogs are really strange looking. Upon waking I will realize that it looked like a strange dog because it was a llama. Come ON dream me! Get your shit together!

      The girl I was with played with the dogs for a while, then declared that we needed to get one. For some reason there was a Mac home PC on a pedastal outside, so I decided to show her how cute Husky-Lab mixes are. I remember her smiling, and her eyes being incredibly blue. Like really blue... And as I started to get certain feelings *cough* my dream faded out.


      When the dream fades back in I'm on my back in a high-school art room, laying on a table. The girl I was just with is standing near my knees, and we finally have clothes on, (though I'll come to find my fly down after a few minutes... sigh). There are a bunch of science projects set up, however I begin to sing Gnarles Barkley's "Crazy", and everyone joins in. I sing it REALLY well (I'm a singer IWL, but I was hitting crazy high notes), and it was a blast. Everyone knew their part and we threw down an incredible acapella (a full song with just voices) remix of it... Pretty sure this dream came from my girlfriend forcing me to watch Pitch Perfect.

      After its over we all go back to our stations, and some kid explains to me how there is enough grease in most human hair that you could condense it and turn it into edible spam. Vom.

      Fragment: Call of Duty

      Two little twelve-year-olds discuss Call of Duty, and it turns out that the blonde one that looks like a punky future Skin-Head is ranked 50 something-ith in the world. I grab a controller and as I stare at the TV I become the soldier I'm controlling. Evidently this is normal, as I don't panic. Right off the bat I start totally destroying the enemy, who are dressed in black combat gear with black gas masks. Its in a sunny, open area just outside of a modern, expensive house and a really nice modern garage with cool cars. I end up killing 15 of them before I slowly wake up.

      Quite a busy dream night, and really clear recall! I am dissapointed that I still haven't had a lucid, but I know that I first have to have lots of vivid dreams so I can find my dream signs. Not worried! I seem to come very close to realizing I'm dreaming every dream too, so I have hope. Tonight I will try a WILD around 4 AM.
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