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    1. Tormenting a Disney Employee, Fighting an Invasion with Star Trek, and Superheroes

      by , 10-28-2012 at 06:14 PM
      10-28-2012 -- [Darn it! Some dreams with great possibilities from last night, but I can remember almost nothing of them! Guess I have to post them as fragments again, and lump two or three together, rather than do them separately. Meanwhile, I have been having dreams to write down for the last week, but haven't had the time to post them, and won't for a couple more days. Will eventually be able to catch up again.]

      Fragment 1 -- I'm kind of in a sort of nature area, and I am kind of being forced to do something, but I have no idea what. I get the feeling it was all sort of Harry Potter related, and also had something to do with cats, which makes me suspect it also had to do with Mcgonagall, but I can't remember almost anything, which is very annoying.

      Anyway, I soon find myself in a ride queue at Disney, and one of the people who works on the ride turns out to be the person who was forcing me to do something I didn't want to do in the last bit, and I get my revenge by coming through their line and doing something every week to annoy them. These are long, detailed things, but I can remember almost nothing of them.

      I think one time through, I was talking spoilers about the ride, telling everybody what was coming, which had them mad at the staff for not stopping me. In another trip through, I was somehow firing stickers out of a sort of air cannon and onto peoples foreheads, often blocking their eyes and/or glasses and making it much harder for them to see. I took the end of a long strip of stickers on a roll from the souvenir stand, pulled it out into the line of people, and told them they were getting free stickers, which led to them wanting those stickers on their foreheads.

      The whole thing was driving the female cast member nuts as she tried to catch me and throw me out, while fighting with all these people. The straw that broke the camel's back was when I came walking in with a leather belt tied around my head, the tail of the belt stuck down my throat, which somehow caused me to projectile vomit non-stop. I vomited on everybody and everything else in line, but when I tried to vomit on the cast member, she tried to duck into a sort of stairwell, and found herself trapped there. I vomited a huge amount down on top of her, and somehow it caused an explosion and vomit suddenly spewed back out of the stairwell, flying everywhere, even hitting me. Yuck. But it drove the cast member nuts.

      Somehow this led to me kind of getting together romantically with another cast member, an attractive blonde. There was a ton more detail than I can remember, and instead of being gross the whole thing was actually quite funny, but I just can't remember it well enough to do it justice.


      Fragment 2 (right before waking for the day) First bit I can remember is walking back on forth on Crescent past the nursery, kicking a little sand, worrying about red ants, and a vague memory of somebody stuck up, snotty, demanding, and perhaps alien arguing with me.

      I'm pretty sure I kind of tell them off, and start walking toward Buena Park. There's detail here, but nothing I can remember. The tiniest hint of kicking something metal as I walk along. By the time I am ready to turn on Hickory, I glance across at Tom's house, and somehow I can see a reflection from the pool of an attractive blond swimming in a white, semi-transparent suit. [Think Leslie Easterbrook in the swimming pool scene in the Police Academy movies] I think it is Tom's mom, even though I seem to remember her being a brunette.

      Somehow I suddenly find myself in a sort of meeting in a room that I kind of feel is at Fullerton College. It still has something to do with aliens, and in fact as we are discussing them, Hawkeye Pierce (from MASH) starts saying what he thinks, and a hanging red light bulb starts to swing toward him, somehow drawn to him. Its hard to explain, except it is some sort of alien tech that is drawn to the aliens almost magnetically, and in what we've been dealing with, we're worried he is somehow becoming alien. So the light that is kind of pulsing hypnotically also keeps swinging toward him when he speaks, but not toward anyone else.

      Soon we're all walking across the campus, spreading out and heading in different directions, spreading information or something, then I find myself in another group meeting, though this time more out in the open. Oddly enough, we're now Starfleet personnel, and I am not sure, but I may be Riker. We're trying to figure out what we're going to do in regards to the aliens, and reactions have been spread in two directions, either for or against the aliens. The 'against' group, my group, has won, so we get to decide the response.

      There is a lot of argument along the lines that we should take command of them or something, but Picard is here, and reminds us that would be against our oaths to the Federation, so if we went that route we would be forced out of our commissions. I start on an impassioned speech about how we won't go that route, as I, for one, am not willing to give up my position over this. But my voice is very limited, and nobody seems to hear me.

      One of the opposition is starting to argue about my position and our decision, and he is overly tall, thin, and bald. I think he is probably from Mr. Homn's race. He is making an objection to what I am saying, until Picard starts walking toward him, poking him in the chest, and saying something about how actors are wonderful people, but since he is just acting, and not being honest about what he thinks, he should shut up.


      A short one from yesterday: Somehow I am Spider-Man, and I find I have to tear my way through a sort of a strong, thick plastic wall surrounding a ball pit in a play area. There is a little kid watching me, and hoping I can fix everything. Problem is, the flexible plastic shield is very strong, and I have to really exert myself to finally manage to tear it, and find myself falling face first into the ball pit.

      Soon I find myself staring up through the colorful balls, catching glimpses of my surroundings in the gaps between balls. Somehow I seem to be fighting my way through a corridor to reach a sort of female ogre who I have to fight. As we're fighting, she is slowly kind of turning into Wonder Woman. And I am slowly turning from Spider-Man into Harry Potter.

      Wonder Woman has an equally attractive teen age daughter who is kind of rebelling against her (teens, go figure) and since as Harry Potter, I am also a teen, we are kind of close. Somehow it seems Wonder Woman has kind of adopted me, at least unofficially. As things heat up between WW and her daughter, she somehow starts singing something about how it is only because she loves her, and "that's the way it should be." Its nice, but kind of dorky. Then everybody goes to take a nap or something.

      Soon it seems that my Godfather, Sirius, decides he wants to check on me. He has somehow broken into the house, and is trying to sneak around silently without being seen. I am watching him silently from around a corner. He doesn't know the layout, and he ends up outside Wonder Woman's bedroom door, and her boyfriend (who may be Batman) comes out the door, and is upset to find him there.

      Sirius tries to pull his wand, and the boyfriend kicks it out of his hand, then gives him a big kick and sends him flying. He turns around, and finds himself picked up and tossed to the ground by Wonder Woman before they realize who it is they are fighting, and let him go.

      Sirius is on the ground, looking up at Wonder Woman. She is not wearing her hero garb, but street clothes, and seems to be in a gray skirt down nearly to her knees. He grabs on to her to try and pull himself up, not meaning anything by it, but what looks like a gray skirt turns out to be made of dozens of thin strips that part under his hands, leaving him pulling himself up by more or less grasping her (admittedly very attractive) butt, in a pair of semi-small (but not quite thong) pair of panties.

      Sirius falls back to the ground in shock, turning crimson from embarrassment, while I just stand there laughing my head off at the whole situation!
    2. Dream Bits: Nude Alien Invaders, Harry Potter, and Femme Fatales

      by , 10-02-2012 at 07:49 PM
      10-02-2012 -- [Am out of work, broke, and have no money to buy bananas or apple juice or anything else that sometimes helps with recall, so for several days I haven't remembered much from my dreams. But last night I remembered lots of fragments. Most of the stuff is gone, but the bits that still remain a little in my mind are fun, and worth writing down. The first bit is actually from a couple of weeks ago, but hasn't been entered yet, and since I again couldn't remember most of it, just decided to add it to the bits here.]

      Am out fishing in streams outside a nice apartment complex. Inside the complex itself, I run into a friend (Joel K.?) who is being seduced by some sort of Femme Fatale. I manage to grab his attention, and we rush off by car to some sort of parking warehouse where I can pick up my own car. As I am getting my car, the femme fatale has again found Joel, and is giving him her car. It has key-less entry, and for some reason she is really enjoying telling him the code is 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... KABOOM! For some reason I find this very funny.

      Anyway, Joel has taken to the road in her car, and we're trying to catch his attention. I soon find myself driving down a damaged and under construction freeway on the wrong side of the road with traffic flooding towards me. I manage to drive onto the shoulder and turn around, just to find there is a sports stadium on the other side of the freeway, and somebody is shooting at me from the top of the stands. I manage to escape that, but now have cops chasing me, until I drive to a police station to talk to them about all that has been going on.


      Incredibly little from this one. Something about watching a police chase on TV that spreads to three screens (ala Impressions de France at EPCOT) before somehow turning live, and I'm the one being chased by cops. Not sure, but think I was in a dark green, big, powerful, older car.


      Again, mostly missing. At some sort of event taking place at some sort of grade school with little kids, except the physical campus is Brookhurst Junior High. Parts of this refer back to, and directly connect to a dream I once had that involved a job feeding a dog in a mobile home park while the owners were on vacation (or simply working further back in the area). While it was a real dream, I do not know if I ever wrote it down or posted it, and since it was possibly three or four years ago, too many dreams to go through to try and find it.

      There are hints of Christmas decorations and perhaps Knott's Berry farm, and I think there is some dancing in the quad. Strange stuff. At one point, I walk into an office. Am thinking about speaking to somebody about something, but it is crowded, busy, and I have forgotten what I want to speak about, anyway. So I just stand around for a couple minutes, then leave.

      I soon find myself at home in the Hickory house, where I am heading to my second bedroom to maybe get some sleep. The door is missing to the front hall, but the space is partly blocked by a bookcase so there is no access, but also no privacy. The kitchen door is the one used to access the room. I go in and am going to try to take a nap, but Percy Weasley comes in and says they are worried about me, and he is going to take my blood pressure.

      Cheryl (daughter of my landlord) comes in after that, and it turns out Percy is her son. The blood pressure cuff they have seems small and frail, and I think it isn't going to fit on my arm, but it does. Percy gives the bulb very weak squeezes, and there is almost no pressure, and they get a reading of about 140/xx, which isn't too bad for me. But I don't trust it because they pumped it up so little. So I take the thing, and am holding the pump in the hand of the arm which I'm taking the reading from, while trying to hold the stethoscope in the other hand, and start to pump myself up. It is very uncomfortable, and the pressure on my arm is really bad, and it is kind of cramping up.

      [Woke to find I had somehow gotten into a position where my arm was jammed between the headboard of my bed and my head in a very tight position, and it had gone completely to sleep in such a way that it was quite painful, and took me about two minutes to get the blood flowing properly again ... likely causing the entire last bit of the dream.]


      [I wish most of this wasn't gone ... it was great stuff, but I can remember almost none of it.] I am Harry Potter, and I am involved in some sort of war, but it is not a magical war. It seems to be a muggle war, but against alien invaders. Many of the women in this dream are not aliens, but were just kidnapped by them, or affected by them. Though one was certainly an alien, a very light green tint to her skin, and very light fur all over her body, though still attractive.

      As we're wandering around the barracks, these women are just appearing, either on the ground, or in mid-air a few feet above the ground, and just dropping. They're all nude, and very horny, and the kinds of things you would kind of expect to happen in such a dream are happening. Frequently.

      Thing is, this leads to a very relaxed, happy, and determined unit. We've got a bunch of bright, sexy women supporting us, and we have no desire to lose them, so we become a very productive group of soldiers who are accomplishing a heck of a lot. And who follow none of the regular protocols or procedures. So the higher-ups hate us, but can't get rid of us. It doesn't hurt that the Weasley twins spend a lot of time developing both pranks and weapons for us, the pranks of which they frequently test out on us, to our combined amusement and annoyance.

      I'm not sure, but I am pretty sure a lot of this involved chases through mazes of dark, foreboding buildings and collapsing ruins based on the Darkmeyer quests I have been doing in Runescape over the last couple of days.


      Another dream after a brief awakening, taking place in the same universe as the last one, though now I am just myself, not Harry Potter. It is now several years later, the war is over, and a lot of us involved are just thinking about writing, both fiction and non-fiction about the war.

      I run across Radar O'Reilly, who is one of the upper ranks, but still one of the guys. He is nowhere near in charge, of course, but he is pretty high up by this point. He is writing fond reminiscence about attractive alien ladies running around in outfits that *gasp* actually let their belly buttons show. I don't know if he is just ignoring the nudity, or his mind just refused to show him more than belly buttons, but it comes across kind of sweet.

      I wander into Kevin B's living room to try and speak to him about a couple of plot ideas, but he is trying to chat up two lovely (no longer nude) aliens, trying to get some action, and tries to distract me by handing me a couple of TV series script treatments he has written up. I just sit them on a stack of such that he is getting ready to send off to try and interest people, and wander off to try and find my own sweet alien ladies.
    3. Began Affirmations & Astral Dynamics

      by , 04-12-2012 at 12:45 PM
      April 12, 2012

      Wrote affirmation in my dream journal: I am open to exploring new worlds and remember my dreams upon waking.


      Fragment: Something about MASH the TV show. I remembered it after I'd already woken up this morning and fallen back to sleep only then to realize I needed to get up immediately. So, I sort of forced myself awake. Nonetheless I still only recalled the 'theme'.

      Side Note: I began perusing through my old Astral Dynamics book and noticed a section on activating the chakras. Apparently, it is very common to have the Heart center go all spastic right before exiting the body. The last time I consistently meditated (year or more ago) I was doing energy work and activating/opening my chakras. My heart center had become so strong that I thought something was wrong. I even stopped my meditation and checked my pulse only to find it was not elevated. (which is what the book said would occur) It seems that if one can ignore this pounding and let go the next thing to occur is an OBE. I, obviously, was not able to let go. Bruce said it was very hard to ignore and the man was certainly right. Only mention this because I think that is what's occurring during my most recent meditation but in the base or abdomen chakra - which causes one to focus on sexual energy and distracts you. You're supposed to also ignore it and move on to the next center. Being completely out of practice, I focused on it and whammo - orgasm.

      Updated 04-12-2012 at 01:36 PM by 54103 (*corrected a spelling error (to should have been go all spastic))

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    4. M.A.S.H. camp

      by , 10-24-2010 at 02:16 PM (Images In The Night)

      I'm in a M.A.S.H. camp. If you don't know what that is, its from a show i watched called mash. It was a korean war field clinic. Anyway, i'm looking down at my gun. I pull the slider on the side. I shoot a couple of bullets for fun.
      I realize i'm dreaming out of nothing. I find a woman. skipping the details. Afterwords i start just walking around enjoying the dream. I try to remember some dream goals, but all i can remember is going to the moon. I try to remember the task of the month, but realize i wouldn't have the title for very long anyway. I head ouside. Outside is the coolest thing, and i'll try to describe it my best. Its pretty dark out. I walked onto a porch with screened in windows. In the distance are flying little white dots that are circling around. I walk onto the ground now. The air feels cold and rejuvenating. I always love feeling senses in dreams. I look up looking for the moon, and am going to try to fly their. I look around and realize that i can't see a moon. The stars look amazing, and comets are flying around in space. I look another direction and see what looks like another galaxy. It was purple,blue,and black. It was just plain beautiful. Then unfortunately...
      My brother woke me up in the M.A.S.H. tent. I get angry at him and throw a stapler i think at him. He gets angry and says he didn't do anything wrong. I tell him he woke me up and i'm really tired. My mom is their also and tells my brother that i'm right, and it was wrong to wake me up.

      That was my dreams. I had more F.A. in this one but i just can't remember all of them. Most of the dreams were slightly earlier than when i actually got out of bed. So instead of forgetting them i made my own way to remember dreams. I put a keyword in my head that relates to the dream so i would remember it. For my first it was "zombie". For the second it was M.A.S.H.
      Tags: galaxy, gun, mash, sex, stars
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    5. Me and Kaomea

      by , 10-18-2010 at 01:42 AM
      Our last 2 dreams are not exactly shared but we both encounter a woman who says "this is the past, present and future"

      My dreams.

      The Fight.

      I am battling Kaomea hand to hand. We are basically punching and blocking but at super speed. I begin my Hyryu Sheten Ha. I begin backing up, she asses me and then comes at fuller force, almost in a rage. I begin backing into a spiral. Everytime I back up she gets more aggressive and mad, and it's getting me harder to feign off her attacks. however this only speeds up the spiral. I can hear her thinking, "Is he stupid? he's doing exactly what i told him NOT to do, he didn't listen to me,,, gah this makes me mad" at the middle point of the spiral I have captured enough of her aggressive energy and form it into a beam of fire and plazma. I almost hesitate because i don't want to hurt her, but then i realize she must learn this lesson, so it's nothing personal. i throw it at her and she's now all crispy like a piece of toast.

      I go up to her and say, "your agressiveness is strong and powerfull, but because you can't control it and don't know how to use it properly it can be used against you. I lured you into a false sense of security and you underestimated me because of that. This was your first lesson."

      Waking up

      I wake up in bed. I'm in a large white bedroom with a large window overlooking the sea. It's bright in the dream but there seems to be no definable source of it. Next to me is a woman. She seems really familiar, she's also waking up and smiles at me.
      I go, "huh. what? what is this place where am I?" or something. The woman shushes me. She smiles. I say "I thought weren't going to..." She cuts me off and tells me it's not time to get up yet. She says something about this place we are in exists out of space time. This is the past present and future she tells me. I'm confused. She tells me to just sleep, and that it's going to be ok. i lay my head back down to sleep. The woman is fiddling with a piece of my hair and humming softly as I fall asleep.

      Kaomea's dreams:

      Night Club

      I remember wanting to find a night club so that I could party (LOL). I was thinking, Oh! Ill go to the one Paris Hilton goes to. So I open up a portal and BAM Im at a pretty hippy club in Las Vegas I think, haha. I walk in, go straight to the bar area and I see my man! (sorry, thats what I thought in the dream). I walk over and have a seat at the bar, I dont think he notices me cuz he hasnt said hi. For some reason he looks like Danny McCoy from Las Vegas (see picture below if youve been living underground for ages ) So I just have a seat, soak in the energy from the club, and reeeeeelax. Then a blonde bartender walks up, starts talking to the guy Im sitting near, she is fully coming onto him, I get mildly annoyed and try to ignore it but she continues in this manner until I cant ignore it. I put on my sunglasses (in a dark nightclub) and try to think of other things to push through my mind. I even take sips of my Vodka/juice drink that appears in front of me. That doesnt work either.

      So finally I just get annoyed enough that I tell the bartender in a very smooth manner, You are a beautiful girl, attractive, intelligent, good with people, (I continue giving her compliments until..) However, you are a little shallow and it shows. Then I gesture to the man to make my final point, You see this man here? He and I may look like were just friends, but it goes deeper than that. Then I say really flattering things about him and I then repeat that she is shallow. (She wants him for his money and looks, I could feel it). (LOL! Oops). For some reason this hurts her greatly and she walks away from me to the other side of the bar. Shes crying (awwwww) and I start feeling kinda bad now. She starts leaving the bar area, walks past where Im sitting and heads for the door.

      I feel really bad at this point and I turn in my chair (LOL I didnt even bother to stand up?!) and I start giving her a very sincere apology. She doesnt really believe me, but I finally persuade her to come over to me and we chat for a bit. Im explaining why I told her what I did and shes slowly coming around and I feel her energy has stabilized and shes feeling almost back to normal. Somewhere in this scene a weird chick walks up. (see picture). The chick says absolutely nothing, shes wearing a long flowy white cotton skirt, a long sleeved Stevenson Middle School shirt with blue text, and she kinda looks like her head is empty (maybe a DC?) During the conversation with the bartender she keeps referring back to this silent chick and getting answers from her about ME. What it looks like to me is the bartender just is staring at the silent chick, then gets answers from her about me, and Im left standing there like wtf am I missing? I hear squat. Its like the bartender is referencing what Im telling her and matching it up with the silent chick. Like seeing if Im lying to her or not. Im thinking, I dont lie, I have no reason to lie.

      We make our way to the door, were both just about ready to leave (I assume Mosh has just popped out at some point). We get to the front of the club and I turn around and the silent chick is freaking following me. I get kinda annoyed/curious as to who she is and why shes like attached to me with an invisible leash. As soon as I think that the bartender chick explains it to me. She informs me the chick is me. It is everything that was, the past, present, and future. WTF does THAT mean. That is not a valid explanation in my mind. All I could gather from that odd statement was that the chick was me and its either my subconscious, a double, twinner, extra, I dont freaking know. So then once I learn that its me, I take a closer look at the silent chick. All I can think is, if thats me, why do I look like that? Thats not me, how is that me? Why do I look like that? It would seem that I miss entire concepts and all I care is how she looks different from me (facepalms at my own stupidity).

      Next thing I know, its obvious an idea hits the bartender upside her head as she blurts out a question to the silent me (yeah, and then I wondered why the hell the silent me was dressed like that at a night club, or anywhere for that matter). Something odd happens and the bartender is now staring at the wall (wtf). Shes like half a foot away from the wall and just staring at the thing. Im left feeling like what did I miss again? Then two red glowing dots start to appear on the wall, I was getting a bad feeling about whatever was happening and the bartender is still not moving. Next thing I know, my double appears to have unleashed herself from me (remember the invisible leash I mentioned earlier?) yeah, so now shes walking briskly away from me and the bartender. At some point the bartender snaps out of it and the both of us try to chase after the silent me. Silent me turns a corner, were trailing behind her and finally turn the corner too and it seems the silent me has poofed. All I can gather is the silent me has information which wasnt meant to be shared with whatever question the bartender had asked. Oh well. So me and the bartender just sit down on some stairs, shes lying down in jeans with studded red accents on them.. Im wearing a red outfit myself, and were just hanging like two friends.

      At some point while Mosh was there, I kept looking at the receipt for my drink. I couldnt make sense of it. My shot of vodka with some sort of yellow juice was $7.78. I had no clue why it was so cheap. If we were really at a club in Las Vegas, one that Paris Hilton goes to, my mind kept fighting the $7.78 because drinks should be more expensive than that. I think I looked at the receipt about five times before I let the issue go.


      I know I met up with him, I know we fought, and I know .. I almost want to lie and say I kicked his butt, lol, just for the sake of it. Unfortunately that is not the case. He handed me my ass on a silver platter. Grumbles. Im sort of glad I dont remember the dream but at the same time, Id like to remember it so that I can adapt to whatever tactics he uses. Pffftness.

      I woke up and my entire body hurt. Shoulders, legs, especially my lower back. I dont know what the hell we did in the fight, but Mosh you owe me a massage damnit.