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    1. October 1, 2018 Non-Lucid

      by , 10-01-2018 at 06:39 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      I'm with my class in school but we're traveling. My teacher is very innocent, I'm not sure who she is possibly my fourth grade teacher. I'm walking in my elementary school now and there's a bunch of the teachers from back when I went there walking around. I can hear people talking about how they used to be bad or good. A teacher I used to have specifically for math walked out of her classroom and I thought "ms. so-and-so's fourth grade math was the best." I did enjoy it IRL. We're in the classroom now but it's really strange. Everything else is the same except the floor is gone and in it's place is this giant open expanse of outer space. Hanging between the walls are these rickety wood bridges. On the far side of mine is a large piece of the bridge missing and a few of us are squeezing onto the remaining panels of wood. I accidentally drop my phone into the galaxy. I'm not really freaking out I'm just laughing and a little embarrassed. There's a stereo there with a screen in the class that I somehow am hooking my music up to. I start shuffling through songs and hearing different ones until I hear one I think everyone will like. I turn around and ask "does anyone like Tame Impala?" and people started nodding and one person was freaking out. I played "Past Life" for a little bit speaking along with the speaking part of the song. I started shuffling through again and played songs I didn't think people would like but no one was really saying anything. The dream faded away.

      I'm in another country, possibly Italy. Kolby is there with Eva and I believe JP. We're in a hotel and it's early morning. They are woken up and talking about going to drink somewhere. I'm still technically asleep. The dream opens up into a video game world in another country. Tyler R. comes up to me and hands me a christmas present which I open to find a few different video games. One of them is a racing video game featuring these cute little characters. It reminded me of that Sonic the Hedgehog racing game. Anyways we're in the middle of a race track and the game starts to play so I'm now racing around the track. There are little blue mushrooms similar to Mario Kart mushrooms that boost you along. One part of the course goes under water a little bit and you have to find a bubble to bring you back up to the surface. Another part has giant brick walls like a maze you have to get through. I randomly meet this guy along the track and he invites me to join his party of 10 or so people playing the game. Randomly Arttu shows up and we're racing to the finish. At the last moment I get 3 blue mushrooms and speed to the finish. He its me with an item but I barely pass over the finish line to win. Another track starts to load up and I'm thinking there's no way I do as well in this one since I've never played it.
    2. Distant Galaxy

      by , 08-05-2017 at 03:44 AM (Dream)
      Side Notes (Side Notes)
      Distant Galaxy

      On the balcony, outside was Infinite blackness.
      I'm talking to a family member, in the corner of my eye, I see a galaxy with planets. I want to take a picture of that!
      I don't want to get too close or I'll drift off into Outer Space.
      I step near the ledge, it's hard to breathe over here.
      Later, I was talking to my Mom, there was a giant tank of water, there was a Shark eating another Shark and I didn't want to see that.

      Black Box with Medicine

      I was at a hospital, I picked up my medicine box.
      There was another belonging to someone else, I hesitated but grabbed it. I gave my medicine box to a woman who
      accompanied me. I have to get this box to this guy.
      The medicine box said "Floor 9", can't get up there fast with stairs, so i'll have to go on an elevator.
      I dash to the hallway where there is 3 or 4 elevators. The first one on my right looks suspicious.
      I feel like the elevator will collapse....so I decided to pick the next one, on the left.
      I push the 'up' button and the elevator opens, I walk inside.
      There's 9 floors, 9 buttons, I found it!
      The 9 button is glowing and I push it.
      This floor is different from the other floors...it's like a mix between a cafeteria from school and a church.
      I am greeted by this priest, who insists I go on stage, I do.
      'I don't have time for this' I think.
      I am nervous, the spectators are waiting and worse of all the priest is stroking my hair.

      I woke up creeped out, I really have nothing much to say except: how does my Mind come up with this?
      August 4th, 2017

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    3. Jogging / Portable Hole / Space (DILD)

      by , 04-14-2015 at 07:06 AM
      Ritual: WTB 2am, woke 9am with dream. Recall: 9/10. April had so far been a dryspell, but after my hot streak in early March I hadn't worried too much about it. I've noticed that my streaks and dryspells often seem to operate cyclically. I was distressed in early April when even my dream recall was inexplicably poor, but for the past week that had been improving. I had been continuing daytime RCs but to no discernible effect, and hadn't made any serious LD attempts all month.

      Last night was no exception, but since I was stressed and annoyed over work obligations, I let myself drink rather heavily with dinner. The consequence of this was that I slept poorly, having to cycle lots of water and wake up even more frequently than usual. This didn't bother me either, as I'd slept plenty in the last few days and didn't feel especially tired. I also enjoyed that I was dreaming heavily all night, with decent recall, though the dreams themselves were not interesting enough to sacrifice more sleep to record them. As morning approached, the line between sleeping and waking started to blur, to the point where I found myself in a long dream where I seemed to be lying half-awake in my bed, but talking and interacting with DCs who were in the room with me. Even before the dream ended it occurred to me that it had involved some semi-lucid intervals, so I realized I should get up and take some notes. I was in the process of doing so when I began to suspect I was still dreaming. My first instinct was to wake myself up so I could record the dream properly, but then I realized that I shouldn't squander this unexpected opportunity!

      DILD: In my living room. Don't think I'm awake yet. Could wake myself up, of course. Hang on—that would be a waste. Must be at least an hour before I have to get up. What were those tasks again?

      Jogging will be easy enough. I start running even before I leave the house. Suddenly my feet feel heavy and I notice I am wearing my old black leather combat boots. Grin—if there was any doubt I was dreaming it has cleared up now. [For the record, I was never in the military, I just had a distinctive fashion sense in my youth.] Go outside the door and jog away. Immediately nothing like my backyard, though it does still resemble the region I live in. Look around: in the distance see a woman pushing a stroller. "Woman pushing a stroller," I say to myself, to fix the details. I'm running across a parking lot, and where it ends I pass an unusual tree whose thick branches are armed with long thorns. "Thorn tree," I state for the record. Find myself at the edge of a steep hill and run straight down. Gravity isn't a problem, I stay perpendicular to the ground I am covering, which means I am pitched forward at a 45 degree angle and would fall flat onto my stomach if gravity were operative, but it isn't. I can feel my body being gently buoyed up into this position, and my speed doesn't become too great. Say, "Steep hill." As I'm running down the hill, looking around, I see something stranger. The earth is almost barren, with dry scrubby vegetation in patches, but looking to my left, I see razors sticking up out of the ground as if someone has planted them there, dozens of them, several inches apart, covering a large patch of ground. "Razors planted in the ground," I say, adding, "Disposable razors." And they're not just any brand, but I recognize them: distinctive yellow handles, white heads... "Bic razors," I think.

      At the bottom of the hill the ground levels out. I notice that the act of jogging doesn't feel at all realistic, which is interesting because I actually do jog in WL on a semi-regular basis, so it is not that my dreaming mind lacks sensations to draw upon. In what respect is it unrealistic? Well, there's no need for real effort, no sense of real weight. And now, unbidden, my arms are dangling and dragging through the dry dirt of the ground, I can feel it sifting through my fingers. My arms do not feel any longer than normal, and my legs do not feel any shorter than normal, yet my fingers are trailing the ground alongside me as I run. I notice a small mushroom lying on the dirt and pick it up, saying "Mushroom." It is a fleshy beige tube-shaped stem without a distinct cap, and I recognize the type from the grocery store—it is a small eryngii mushroom.

      Previously I had passed highways at the base of the hill, but now I'm approaching a smaller local street, buildings tightly packed together on the side of the street across from me. I decide to move on to another task. When the April TOTMs were posted I had worked out a plan whereby I would use the portable hole to portal myself into space and do the bonus task. I note an ideal location in the street—there's a manhole cover there or some other kind of circular mark that seems the ideal place to set down the hole. I notice three guys on this side of the road are getting into a parked car and feel instinctive momentary caution about running in front of it, but remind myself that this is a dream, there's no way to be harmed if the car hits me, and anyway I should use it as motivation to succeed quickly in the hole task. In retrospect, I note that the direction they're about to drive suggests either that this must be a one-way street, or else that the traffic flow is the opposite of what it normally is in the US.

      I had planned my strategy as I was jogging up, so once I got to the spot I had designated, I promptly used my right hand to reach into my "pocket" (to avoid overcomplicating things I deliberately didn't bother to take notice of what I was wearing or make sure it had a pocket, I just let assumption carry the day), pulled out my portable hole and dropped it. Nothing happened, but the problem was easily diagnosed: my hand had come up empty from my pocket, so I had only been pretending to drop the hole. Apparently, in dreams, there can somehow still be a distinction (however nuanced) between "pretending" to do something and "actually" doing it.

      "You actually have to pull something out," I murmured to myself reprovingly, and reached into my pocket again. This time my hand closed around a folded piece of very thin black cloth. I recall the texture of the cloth made it feel like a synthetic fiber, smooth and slightly shiny. I unfolded it and dropped it on the pavement. It was circular, perfectly sized to fit over the manhole-cover spot in the street, but I had thrown it so casually that it had fallen in a bunched up and wrinkled way, so I kneeled down to gently smooth it flat. Then I stood back up and stepped on the cloth, intending to sink through it and find myself in space. Of course the first time, it felt no different than stepping onto a layer of cloth that had been set onto the pavement, and I didn't go anywhere. This didn't surprise me, since I knew my expectations might have been conditioned by some of the early TOTM reports I had read in this month's thread. So I patiently tried again, knowing I could make this work. I hopped in place and focused on the sensation of sinking. The second try was still a dud. I hopped again, maintaining my focus and emphasizing the idea of falling through the hole. It worked, though instead of falling suddenly, as one might through a real hole, I was sinking slowly and gently downward. I used this extra time to build my image of where I wanted to end up: space.

      After I sank beneath the surface of the pavement, I was floating in a pitch black, unconstructed space. This was more promising than disorienting—after all, outer space has very similar qualities. However, I knew I should be seeing stars, so I firmed my resolve to be in space, specifically "outer space," not just unconstructed space. The dream complied, and filling my field of view to the front and right was a sudden glimpse of a great starry disk, fully round as if I was looking at it head on. "Galaxy," I murmured, impressed by how beautiful it was, how awe-inspiring, even if it had been generated entirely by my own mind. But the task required me to observe a sunrise over Earth, so I focused my intention using keywords: "Space. Sunrise."

      The beautiful galaxy disappeared, replaced with a vision much less inspiring. From photographs I have the impression that seeing the actual Earth from space is visually stunning, but despite the loveliness of my galaxy, my model of Earth was rather dull and unconvincing. What made it so underwhelming was that I didn't feel like the distances were right: even though I was still floating in "space," I felt like I was only a few feet away from the planet, which resembled a large globe about six feet in diameter. It was dark, because I was looking at the night side, and as I willed the "sunrise" to occur, the light creeping around the edge of the planet illuminated something unexpected: the whole planet seemed fenced in by structures built over and around it, and they were covered with corporate logos! Actually it seemed very appropriate metaphor for the current state of affairs. The structures definitely didn't look like the sorts of things that could exist in space, though, since they consisted of large interlocking beams that crowded and dwarfed the planet itself. As I examined this structure, the "space" in which I was floating stabilized into the interior of a large, dimly lit room, the earth and the structures around it becoming mere models. It resembled the lobby of a planetarium or space museum.

      "Space. Sunrise." I said again firmly, trying to restore the scene to the one I had intended. I temporarily succeeded in making the room fade away so that I was again floating in darkness in front of the Earth, but when I tried to re-do the sunrise, the growing light illuminated the walls of the same room that I had just banished, and now the light was almost aggressively bright. This, I figured, was actual light from WL—during my earlier wakings I had noticed that it was a very bright morning, and my curtains can only do so much to keep light out of the bedroom. I managed to ignore the light and hold onto the dream a little bit longer, but I was still wrestling to turn the room's interior back into outer space when I woke up.

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    4. LD #101, The moon gets destroyed. More Planets

      by , 07-31-2014 at 12:18 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I am in my school's courtyard, but it feels different, like everything is facing the wrong way. S and A are there, along with a huge crowd of students. I think that my grandparents were there as well.
      I've gotten sick of dreaming up these scenes and not becoming lucid, so I began preparing specifically for them. And this time I actually wound up
      S, A and I are waiting for someone else. (C?) Upon becoming lucid I forget the plot of the dream and decide to manifest my dream guide. I think I saw her somewhere in the crowd for like a second. I decide to try and text her for some reason. I take out my phone and open up my contacts. Sure enough she is in there.
      I look in our text messages, and most of them are messages that she has sent to me. Some of them are written in an illegible language. She messages me something.
      I don't know why but I want to reply 'lol' to it. Now comes the hard part. Text messaging in a lucid dream.
      So sure enough I try several times to write a message, but it always changes. Eventually I just commit. I just look at the keyboard, type 'lol' and hit send before the words can change. Woot! Text messaged in a dream!
      I wake up moments after sending the text.

      Me and some friends are traveling on an escape pod from a much larger vessel in space. We had gone far out below the plane of the galaxy. Apparently we had been in cryo-sleep for hundreds of years, that being the reason for our desolate location.
      Upon awakening I took to the controls and tried to correct our course to return us to the galaxy. Took some doing given the fact that I couldn't tell what direction our ship was facing and only had some sort of galactic compass to help me.
      We went back into cryo for another few hundred years and when we came out we found we had returned to the galaxy. We began flying past a solar system and the dream changed. The plot about the escape pod was lost. I was taken out and the presence appeared.

      The presence showed the orbital arcs of the planets in a solar system. There were dozens of planets in this system, far more than our own solar system. Most of them were orbiting in the same line as the galaxy, but maybe five or six were orbiting 'vertically', going up over the poles of the star.
      The presence began explaining that this solar system (It was called the Var system) was the result of two solar systems colliding. We fly in close to the star and see that this in fact a triple star system. There is a large blue star, a medium sized yellow star, also orbiting vertically and a small red star farther out.
      The presence explains to me that this was the result of two solar systems colliding with one another. Their centers of gravity merged. It also explains that it is very dangerous because the planets in polar orbits could collide with the planets in regular orbits.

      And then, I'm back at my house. I look outside, and rising in the east is the moon, but it looks different... Holy @#$%...
      New cool experience for me!!!-oblivion157.jpg
      Something like that only the moon looks as though it's actively being destroyed. The entire moon is 'smoking' and explosions are erupting out of the surface. It was by far some of the most vivid imagery I have ever seen in a dream. About half the moon was gone when I saw it.
      Everybody is outside, watching in awe at the destruction. Then, what was left of it exploded in a massive blast, as if the death star had just done a test run there.
      I waited 10...15...20...25...seconds. After about a minute a wall of high-speed meteors slammed into the earth's atmosphere. Debris of all sizes impacted. One was even close enough to cause a sonic boom and take out the windows in everyone's houses.
      I run inside. My parents say to get my things, we are evacuating. I run upstairs and get my computer. I think to check the news and see why the moon exploded. No, no time. I get my computer, a '25' dollar bill and my crystal that I use for meditation. For some reason it looks like I wrote all over it with a black magic marker.

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    5. 6/7/13 Day 2 of Habit Forming Period -

      by , 06-08-2013 at 08:02 AM (Scrawlings of a Mad Man)
      Sleep Pattern:

      Time Awake - 08:30 to ~03:00
      Lights Out - 02:30
      Sleep - ~3:00
      No attempts or methods, just trying to fall asleep.
      1st Recalled Awakening - ~11:00
      I think that I woke up earlier in the morning but I did not check the time or record anything.
      Last Recalled Awakening - ~11:15
      Woke up from a dream to my alarm.
      Up - 12:00

      Modifiers the Day Before:
      -Halo 3 with friends.

      Modifiers Going to Sleep:
      -Still sick.
      -Computer and phone.

      Modifiers Getting Up:
      -Class at 13:00

      Tried to solidify dreams I recalled while laying in bed after first recalled awakening, remembering some 3 or 4 dreams or fragments. Forgot a portion of them since then... Not in chronological order, just in what I remember.

      1) Some brief dream after 1st Awakening. Recall a reddish or greenish (or both) galaxy when I was woken up by my alarm.

      2) Working backstage at or watching a show at a school. Mix of my middle school and high school. Walked through the halls and outside, found a friend and a former classmate. Semi-lucid / lucid.
    6. Falling through space and time

      by , 02-16-2013 at 07:50 PM
      I became lucid in total darkness, so I'm not sure what made me realize that I was dreaming. I was plummetting through the pitch black. It frightened me a little, even though I knew it was a dream. I reassured myself that I was safe and that I could change the setting if I wanted to, but I decided to continue the free fall anyway.
      Suddenly I broke through the darkness to a million points of light. I was falling past a vast, beautiful galaxy. Now the falling sensation felt more like flying, because I knew gravity had no claim to me here. It was breathtaking.
      Eventually it all faded and I found myself in a normal dream, where I lost my lucidity.
    7. Dad; Repairing my Truck / Vacation / Pond

      by , 01-10-2013 at 10:06 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)

      My dad was sitting up in Bed. We was at the end of his life, but when he was able to talk and eat normally.

      I told him I'd been wanting to tell him so many things, and now that he was back I could finally tell him.


      Repairing my Truck / Vacation / The Pond

      I was with M. S. and we were having a good time. I needed to fix my truck. It needed a red tailgate. I got the job done, but wasn't sure it was good quality so I gave the tailgate away.

      Then I came back to get the job done again. I was embarrassed because I was coming back after the job had been done already.

      The mechanic cranks up the car. The radio is blasting, so I told him I could turn the radio down if he wanted. He starts to sing the song that was on to let me know that he knows music and doesn't mind loud music just because he's old.

      I started talking to Mike about going to someone's sister's beach. I imagined a scene of a nice white beach. I asked someone for a cigarette. They gave me a whole pack. I ran it back to the guy because I didn't need a whole pack.

      When I opened it, there was only one cigarette, but I really only saw a bunch of tobacco at the bottom of the box.

      Now we are really pressed for time. I ran back to the truck but now it was a boat, and it had sunk into a holding pool where it was parked.

      There was a bunch of stuff in the boat. I wanted to bring it up without everything falling out. I tried to crank the boat while it was under water. I pulled the string like a lawn mower to crank it. The guy I was with told me, "No, get one of them" or something, pointing at some monkeys. There were some monkeys that had been trained to do this in some movie. He thought a monkey could do a better job cranking it because they were stronger.

      Dream skip

      We made it to our destination. I approach the side of a yard where there are bird nests stacked about 5 high, one on top of each other. I saw some of the birds dart into their nest holes.

      I approached wanting to see the birds. The lady who owned them came out. I hoped she wouldn't be mad that I was looking / disturbing them.

      Dream Skip

      Then I was at a pond. There were small looking galaxies in the pond. Then they were 3 different kinds of fish. One was like a leach. I think it was called a Cutter. There was a little round thing, and there was some other type of fish/organism. I wanted to catch them, but they would all bite, so I left them alone.
    8. OBE/Lucid: Seeing Myself Asleep, Flying With Brett, and a Fragment

      by , 09-18-2012 at 02:54 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I felt myself falling asleep. I sat up out of my body, and went over to the other side of the bed. I looked around my dark bedroom, and then, decided to look at myself. My body was there, on its back (I fell asleep on my back), peacefully asleep, much different from the last time I had one of these experiences (last time my body was tense and afraid, eyes wide open and terrified). My body wasn't under the covers.

      I went up to my body and stroked its hair, and said
      "You are beautiful."

      Then, I was in a room with Brett, my first long-term boyfriend that I dated in high school. I wanted to fly with him, since he was there with me. I grabbed his hand, and he said something, though I can't remember what; something along the lines of "what's going on?" or "where are we going?" I said back to him, trying to carefully choose my words,
      "This is a lucid dream!"
      He responded
      "Oh right, a lucid dream," like he was agreeing with me that it was, indeed, a lucid dream.
      I thought about whether or not he was a DC or an entity, since most of my DCs give me a blank, stupid stare or just outright deny that it's a dream when I call attention to the fact that I'm dreaming.

      We then flew up into the sky, where either the sun was setting or the sky just had those sunsetty colors in it. I remember vividly feeling Brett's hand inside mine. We talked as we flew, but I can't remember what about. I then looked up and saw a starlit night sky and a beautiful, vivid red galaxy. I pointed it out to Brett. I thought about how this was the first time I had been able to fly with anyone hand-in-hand. I've tried before, but the person "weighed" me down, or someone else took me up to fly, and while we were ascending, I'd wake up.


      I was in some mountain river or stream or something. This dream occurred during both the night and the day. This guy I went to high school with, Jason L., kept pushing me down into the flowing body of water, onto the rocks, etc., saying things to me as he did so. I don't remember what it had to do with, but it had some sort of purpose. I then remember seeing a body, not sure if it was mine, his, or someone else's altogether, but he/she busted their head on a rock, and bright red blood started to pour out. I started to freak out.

      I remember talking to Jason L. civilly in this dream, and I remember trying to get out from under some rock and my vision kept shaking, like I was trying to get out from being stuck underneath a block in Minecraft.

      There was a point where I became lucid again during this dream, but I quickly lost it.

      There was more to this dream, but that's all I can really recall.

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    9. 15 Apr: a star's core + meteorites shower

      by , 04-16-2012 at 06:22 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I was at the top of a super huge canyon with the clouds below me. I could see a green valley and a river below the clouds. I felt no fear for being on the edge. I realized I was dreaming and jumped into the void. Instead of going down, I decided to go a bit higher and then I was pulled higher and higher, faster and faster. I left the atmosphere, I saw the Earth below, I kept moving faster and faster and I saw the solar system, the galaxy, more and more galaxies in the distance and ended up at (another?) solar system, face to face with a star.
      I decided I wanted to see the interior of a star and I plunged into it. Its core looked like green magnetized ferrofluid.

      Don't know what happened next because my mind became all fuzzy. Maybe I woke up. I don't remember at all.
      I was on earth, at some large white and squarish architecture condominium with terraces on the first floor connecting all rooms/apartments and stairs from each one going down to the street. It was an arid place but there was a lake right in font of the building. I was surprised that I had just woken up with the sun rising and it seemed like the sun was setting already. I went outside on the terrace and other people where looking at the sky, also surprised with the extremely short day we just had. When the sun set, there was a bright full moon in the sky, which looked almost like a second sun and there was another really bright object near it in the sky. So, it didn't become entirely dark night. The sky was grey and there was a dim light. We didn't know if it was day or night anymore.
      I decided to walk around when all of a sudden a meteor shower hit the earth. People were running in all directions to take cover. I was zigzagging to avoid the meteors falling everywhere and I felt a strange radiation "in the air" which I felt was making me sick. The condominium was too distant already so I decided to keep going in the direction of a mountain nearby. There as a village and I had hopes that there were caves on the rocky hill where I could be safer. But the villagers, who were also running in all directions and also being hit by the meteors, told me there were no caves I could reach on time, so I was invited by some to hid on a cave, below a storehouse. I accepted. We were maybe 10 people and the place was spacious and it even had some food stored in the cool, dry environment. It was carved on the rocky bed of the mountain, so it was quite safe. There was only a slit near the ground level (and ceiling of the cave), through which I could see the outside. There was also a heavy wooden door opening to a very small chapel with a shrine to a saint. I waited there.

      In a community rebuilding its way of life. I was assigned to partner with a guy whom I found very attractive and I considered him to be my companion, although he seemed awfully distant. Someone brought us a girl who looked very sick with cancer (maybe victim of the meteor radiation?) so we could introduce her to the tasks that were our responsibility, so she could help us as much as she could. She looked at him with lusty eyes and although I felt sorry for her condition, I felt angry that she would even consider seducing him - I mean, she looked really bad, like an old wrinkled bald lady... But he was very nice to her and I decided to give her a break. She could be dying any day, she had the right to feel hopeful about something. He was guiding her and I followed them around, just listening. I had a box with figs and I was eating them with pleasure. Then I lost them from sight and for some time I looked around for them. I found them by the river. She was bent over and he was f*cking her from behind. I was shocked and disgusted! I felt like going there and make a scandal, but good sense won and I decided to pretend I hadn't seen anything. I didn't understand and I didn't care. I left them alone and went back into the village.
      On my arrival, I saw everybody running away, saying I had forgotten to lock the corral and a bull was on the loose. The bull was enormous and was pissed off.
      I saw him coming in my direction and followed some people into a garage. I just had time to shut the metal doors behind me, but the bull invested against it with all its strength and the doors didn't hold on for too long. Just enough time for people to get inside the cars and jeeps that were on the garage. When the bull finally broke in, the driver of our jeep drove fast throught the door. We were packed like tuna inside the jeep.
    10. The Sneezy Kid and an Awesome Atlantis Portal...

      by , 01-14-2012 at 06:28 AM (My brain and I)
      dream : comments : lucid

      12th of January, 2012

      Two big, vivid dreams this night. The second one kicked ass, as well.

      I was waiting in a classroom of some sort. I knew Nooks had gone somewhere and I was alone for the week so I asked Mel if she knew anything fun to do around here...

      ...I was walking through the snow and we went into a shopping centre that had all these arcade machines and stores. To play the games, you had to swipe a card through a little slot, but ours didn't work (I think they were pirated cards or something) so the cashiers took our photos and we bailed. Out the front, some kid intentionally sneezed on my face so I beat him and his two friends up and threw him off the balcony and into a fountain below. I walked off feeling all badass.

      Suddenly I had a bike and was walking with Acka down a wide lane. Some German kids were doing graffiti and being menacing towards us. Acka got spooked and went home and I walked into a hostel at the end of the alley. Mel was there again and was really drunk. I wandered around and suddenly it was supposedly Naomi's house, so for some reason I took a whizz in her bin and then wanted to go home. I didn't have any car keys, so I asked Tim to take me. I went outside again and it was daytime. Opposite the laneway was an Aussie pub and I remembered that Jimmy Barnes wanted me to order some drinks, so I went in and bought three different types but didn't have enough money to pay. I hid two of the bottles amongst some lettuce.


      With Caz, Nooks and some other people playing a Pilot Wings type game.
      We went outside and found ourselves in Atlantis. It was pretty beautiful, I must say. I climbed up the lovely buildings and onto a mezzanine level where I found a drainpipe that was dispensing fresh water but Caz only wanted to brush her teeth with hot water.

      At that point, the city began to collapse and sink into the ocean so we ran to this giant stone circle that was broken in half and hanging above the city square. As it collapsed, we just managed to join the pieces back together and fell into the water while riding it. As it sank, the disc began to spin and the interior filled with a Stargate like material except it was divided into segments, each with a different image on it. Later we discovered that they were each a portal into a different era- specifically a bad day in the life of a person from one particular bloodline.
      We jumped into the first segment and found ourselves in an old galleon that was sinking. The captain was the person in the bloodline but was also Hugh Laurie and we decided that this was an excellent time to hang out in the on board hot tub, which we did. As the ship sank we jumped back into the disc and emerged in a WWII junkyard that was filled with derelict buses and plane carcasses. I drew a goatee on this fat, jovial soldier (I think it was meant to be a Hitler moustache, but they got the joke anyway) who was the person we were visiting this time.

      The dream began to slowly lose focus shortly after that. There were several other portals we didn’t go through; I remember one being a Roman farm/countryside and one was an expansive image of a beautiful purple spiral galaxy. I wish I’d gone to that one and seen who the relative was.

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    11. Dream gets... Physical

      by , 10-18-2011 at 09:48 PM (Ultra-Rad Dreamage Supreme)
      This dream started out in the void. No landscape, no characters, nothing; just my dream-self and the absence of everything else. At first I didn’t know where I was or if I was dreaming, having sleep paralysis, or something similar. I tried touching my hands and spinning myself around to gain control, but to no avail. At last I yelled as loud as possibly could. Absolute silence. Fortunately, this confirmed that I was indeed dreaming and lucidity was achieved!

      So there I was floating out in the void. It's like my dreamscape was waiting for me to manifest it! So I decided to have some fun with physics/geometry. I had always wondered what a tesseract (4 dimensional cube) actually looked like, and now that I wasn't in dumb old 3D reality, I decided it'd be a prime time to conjure one up. It was easy to create the tesseract shape we all love and know from images and videos, though I can't recall what color it was. Next, I tried transforming it into a true 4D structure, which is where I started to run into problems. Every time I tried "folding" the object, it seemed to crumple up. The more I tried to manifest it, the more I began to feel an upward pull on my body and become panicked, like I was going to get launched out into oblivion like in that really dumb movie "The Forgotten." I decided it wasn't worth losing control of the dream, so I settled for doing something a little more feasible.

      I ended up conjuring forth two blue orbs and placing them opposite each other at either end of the void (if it can even have an end). I then accelerated them to tremendous speeds and crashed them into each other dead on. They exploded into billions of tiny particles in a fantastic bloom effect that was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Further observing the collision, the particles, all orbiting their common center of mass, started to coalesce into a sphere, which eventually settled into a swirling disk. Regardless of whether it was entirely accurate to real world physics or not, it was insanely radical, and that's what counts! I collided orbs several more times, making them hit each other at skewed angles. This produced structures that resembled spiral galaxies. dead on collisions between a small orb and a large orb produced structures with protruded rings. Collisions between fast objects and slow objects painted comet-like smears across the void. I went on colliding orbs until the dream faded out and eventually I woke up.

      All in all, it was the coolest dream I've ever had. Prior to this dream, I had reinitiated my practice of daily mediation as well as multiple ADA sessions every day. I think both of those had a lot to do with this dream’s success.
    12. Space Ship Mission

      by , 09-20-2011 at 08:45 AM (The first foothold of Arch.)
      Ill just jot these down before going to college.
      I attempted to do a wake back to bed last night, at 5.15, I went to bed a 0.45. When I woke up I couldn't sleep again! When I do a mantra I just cant pass off.
      This is a possible lucid, I can't really remember it though.

      I am sitting in some sort of living room, being briefed about going into space. Technology has clearly advanced because they are telling me that it is a mission to reduce Space Travel Costs. I distinctly remember Simon Pegg being the leader of the mission, not too sure why.
      We head off into the ship, it looks awesome in side, small blue lights casting a awesome glow across the room.

      Possible Lucid.
      We are flying across the universe, watching galaxy after galaxy go by.
      We head either into a problem, or just complete blackness.
      I begin to try and pull galaxies and move them near by, I do, I remember moving one in the shape of a wheel near by.
    13. Universes Collide

      by , 12-05-2010 at 07:04 AM
      Meant to write this down earlier today but totally forgot. Luckily I still remember everything from the dream.

      So it starts out with me in a car. For some odd reason, I'm sitting in the passenger's seat driving. I'm sitting there reaching over to the driver's side where the wheel and gas pedals are. I wasn't sure why I was doing this, but something triggered my brain and I was like "Hey this isn't right! I need to get over before a cop sees me."
      So I go up to the next stop sign where I plan on bailing out and switching sides as fast as I can, because there are other cars behind me. As I pull up to the stop sign, I see a cop car coming from the side (my left). I don't bother moving or anything (because I'm a good person) and the cop gets out and we talk. So for some reason he gets in my car instead of putting me in his cop car. He tells me I'm in trouble or something.
      We drive around for a bit and end up out in the country. We pull up to a stop sign and I ask, "Am I still in trouble?" The cop says something like, "I don't think so..." and gets out of the car. I see him looking up at something so I get out of the car and look to where he's looking.

      What I saw was incredible and horrifying. It was another galaxy coming straight for us. The first thing that came to my mind was that it was a black hole, but something told me it wasn't. All the other cars behind us got out and looked at it in shock and awe.

      I'm not good at describing what things look like, but this picture is 95% accurate to what I was seeing.

      Because of the atmosphere and where we were standing, the galaxy was some-what transparent. You could see huge bolts of lightning shooting out from the sides. As it moved closer, it appeared to be going down, and as it went down it became invisible.

      Then something horrible happened. You could see a giant explosion off in the distance, in the direction that the galaxy was. The explosion looked like something that an atomic bomb would cause.

      I immediately jumped in the car and started to drive off when I noticed a good friend of mine standing there. I yelled at her to get in the car but she just refused to, and said it didn't matter. I kept telling her to get in, but she wouldn't. As I was yelling at her, I could see a wave of fire coming straight for us, like a shockwave. I closed the car door and drove off, leaving her behind. Which I do feel bad about. As I drove on, another explosion happened right infront of me, and the wave of fire was coming straight for me. There was nothing I could do.

      But, for some odd reason, the car was completely unharmed but the fire, and I was able to drive on. I saw another explosion and this time knew which way the fire was coming, so I went off road into some dirt and drove around the explosion (this one was on a much smaller scale. The explosion was probably the size of a 4 story building unlike the other two that happened).

      I drove around and as I was driving, my dream started to fade away.

      It was a very interesting dream. I was thinking that the cause of the explosion was from chemicals or something that the galaxy that was headed for us, well more like passing us but it was coming pretty close, collided with something on Earth.
    14. M.A.S.H. camp

      by , 10-24-2010 at 02:16 PM (Images In The Night)

      I'm in a M.A.S.H. camp. If you don't know what that is, its from a show i watched called mash. It was a korean war field clinic. Anyway, i'm looking down at my gun. I pull the slider on the side. I shoot a couple of bullets for fun.
      I realize i'm dreaming out of nothing. I find a woman. skipping the details. Afterwords i start just walking around enjoying the dream. I try to remember some dream goals, but all i can remember is going to the moon. I try to remember the task of the month, but realize i wouldn't have the title for very long anyway. I head ouside. Outside is the coolest thing, and i'll try to describe it my best. Its pretty dark out. I walked onto a porch with screened in windows. In the distance are flying little white dots that are circling around. I walk onto the ground now. The air feels cold and rejuvenating. I always love feeling senses in dreams. I look up looking for the moon, and am going to try to fly their. I look around and realize that i can't see a moon. The stars look amazing, and comets are flying around in space. I look another direction and see what looks like another galaxy. It was purple,blue,and black. It was just plain beautiful. Then unfortunately...
      My brother woke me up in the M.A.S.H. tent. I get angry at him and throw a stapler i think at him. He gets angry and says he didn't do anything wrong. I tell him he woke me up and i'm really tired. My mom is their also and tells my brother that i'm right, and it was wrong to wake me up.

      That was my dreams. I had more F.A. in this one but i just can't remember all of them. Most of the dreams were slightly earlier than when i actually got out of bed. So instead of forgetting them i made my own way to remember dreams. I put a keyword in my head that relates to the dream so i would remember it. For my first it was "zombie". For the second it was M.A.S.H.
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    15. *9/4/10 Old Portables

      by , 09-08-2010 at 04:06 AM
      Me, a friend and his drug dealer are in a small, Las Vegas type town. We head to the dealer's place, which is a one floor building with a tower with neon signs on it. As we head up the tower, it feels a bit creepy and it has a green hue from the neon lights outside. We use a ladder to go up, passing by a bunch of circular rooms. I see smoke swirls and get worried that I will get high if I breathe them in, only because it is late.
      We are then at a movie theatre in a white room that looks sort of like a small unviversity classroom. There is a door beside the screen that leads to the small office that controls the movies. We pick up the person who is running the movies and leave. On our way out I think about how the people will be pissed when the movie ends and no more are playing because the operator is with us.

      I had a few dream fragments I remembered that were vivid, but I could remember hardly anything from them.
      One takes place in a Galaxy movie theatre that seems more like a huge indoor amusement park. The other is a birds eye view off my old elementary school, where the portable classrooms used to be.

      All in all not a very good night for dream recall, wish I could have remembered a lot more, but I will make up for it when I post the ones I had the past two nights. They were pretty damn epic.

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