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    1. January 5, 2015 - (L) | Facility, Britain, Smash, Forest Trail, Ice, TARDIS

      by , 12-27-2017 at 04:35 AM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -(L)-Caught a FA. I noticed the fan was running and the display was on even though the actual thing (outside the dream) was off. I got out of bed, and looked N, and then a gray and white cat got my attention. I walked over to pet it, and it purred. Suddenly, both it and Snickers were sleeping on my bed. (Also, this new cat was about the same size as Snickers)
      -I was inside a cool underground facility in a room with tables full of unrecognized junk. I walked into an adjacent room that was smaller, the last, and the ceiling was a skylight. It was during the night, and I saw some parking lot lights, and the wall of a building. Suddenly, the dream let me know of a person that was walking closer to me with Satan. They were one the floor above me. I can’t remember the whole conversation, but I replied, “Is there a way that can leave without pain or death?” The guy said, “You’ll just look from your window!” I replied, “No, I can’t, this place is underground.” [Skip] Back in the bigger, first room, Alan was sitting in a random, comfy chair. The chair was also 2-sided. Next, we set up some unstable stairs (which consisted of one wooden chair, and the brown rocking chair (comfy) to try to reach the floor above us.
      -Liberty Ridge had a road that came in from the northeast. There happened to be a gas station in the north corner, and another gas station in the east corner. So, we got out of the car, walked into the east gas station shop, and bought some cereal.
      [New Scene]
      I found myself in England with Jeremy Clarkson. I said, “Britain needs more mountains. [Talking a little about Washington mountains and hikes.]” He was like, “Yeah.” It didn’t matter where I was, whether I was standing there, driving somewhere else; all I saw was slightly rolling, green landscape.
      [New Scene]
      So I was playing Smash 4 with an acquaintance. I was Mario, and he was Greninja. He had the tag “Mew2King.” I beat him, of course. The killing blow was a reverse Ore Club hit. The stage was Kalos Pokemon League. Earlier, I saw some notes that M2K himself apparently made. It contained a list of everybody that we was going to play against that day.
      -I spawned (I think) in a forest on a trail, with a backpack. The stuff in the backpack included a huge bucket of pencils, a 5-subject notebook, some scraps of foil, and maybe some food. Along the trail, I dropped the foil, and decided that seeing what was ahead was more important than retrieving the foil. I soon came to a river (deep, fast-flowing) that I needed to cross. There was ice cover up to 15ft from some rocks over the river. I looked around for a couple of sticks that were big enough to help me cross. I found one that was satisfactory, and one that was not. By now, the ice and snow were almost gone, so I started to walk across. Two steps in, and I find a very suitable stick, just standing in the river. A couple more steps in, and I come to a dual-floored deck. (I was now 15ft above the river) I carefully climbed down to the second level, and jumped from there onto a 45° deck slope. Now on the other side of the river, I decided to set up a beacon pillar, since it was getting dark. The light itself looked exactly like a thermal discouragement beam. The dream camera then switched and panned down the river for a while before coming to stop, where a few people were coming. Also I noticed two other beacons from that camera angle.
      [New Scene]
      I found myself in some kind of school, still with my backpack. I had no clue of what I was supposed to be doing. There was one point where I had gotten a writing utensil out, and put it back. Another scene happened, where a young female asked me if she knew me. I was like, “You look familiar…..did you go to KLE?” “No.” “Then nope.” [Skip] The TARDIS appeared in the floor around the TARDIS. They acted similar to black holes, except the compressions lasted for about 3 seconds each. Everyone (all 4 of us) rushed into the TARDIS to avoid the random compressions, but before we got there, compressions tried to kill us. We eventually got in one by one until all of us were protected from the gravitational forces inside the TARDIS.
      Lucid Time: 30-60 seconds

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    2. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 08-21-2015 at 05:37 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Inspired by Samael's return and a slight nudge from Dreamer, I bring you something totally lame! No color coding, no fanciness, no pictures! It's everything you could want from the first...



      I catch wind through the Internet that a bald, psycho, murderface, nut-job is coming to kill me in awful and terrible ways. Acting immediately, I move through my parents' house checking all doors and windows are properly locked. Fortunately, I manage to lock the one unlocked door--leading into the garage--right as I hear the tell-tale grinding of the garage door opening. As the killer on the other side begins grinding away at the handle with some sort of angle grinder, my parents calmly remark "That must be him," and continue watching television. Deciding I'll have none of that, I hurry my fiance downstairs, out the back entrance and into the snow--bare feet and all. I propel us over the fence, and we're off.

      Running for our lives.

      In the police station, one of the officers goes over my name and remarks I've been making the rounds on the news lately. I tell him, "Yeah, I've noticed." There's a line to get help, but that seems boring, so I leave with my fiance, deciding I'll come back later.

      I check my phone and find a subreddit created by the guy trying to kill me. As you'd expect, it's creepy as all fuck, and I'm horrified by some of his past "work" and detailed designs for what he planned for me. As it turns out, my death wasn't part of those designs. Just horrible body "upgrade" procedures straight out of a proper nightmare. Stuff like mechanical tetrachromatic eyes, replaceable intestines, metal plating in place of skin--all installed while I'm conscious mind you.

      I decide to go back into the police station.

      As I'm rounding the corner, a bunch of bald guys who look just the killer begin walking towards me. Shit. I call out, "Help! Officer!" But no one comes as they swarm around me and...just pass me by?


      Watching some mid-level players duke it out in a Super Smash Bros Melee mod I'm unfamiliar with. Lacking my glasses and a controller, I step into the convention-room's hallway. I outstretch my hand, and pull my glasses to me. They shoot from my hotel room and are in my hand in less than a second. Then I do the same for my Gamecube Controller. A few rounds of play later I head out into the convention. Wandering around the hotel, I find myself in a totally separate convention--this one dedicated to board games. Oddly, both conventions are sorely lacking in attendance.


      Time to explore Vegas...

      I fly (hover, really) around Vegas for a bit. There's some gross celebrities getting doted on by hotel staff. Unrelated to that mess is some nonsense about avoiding the pool because I don't actually have a bathing suit because reasons.

      Alternate Dimensions

      One moment I'm at my parent's place, the next I'm still at my parent's house...but it's moved to the end of the cul-de-sac . I had felt the shift as reality folded in on itself, maybe that's why I'm the only one who seems to know anything is amiss...

      Outside now, I check the garage, and there's a canoe in it. We never had a canoe before. A neighbor walks up and nods to the boat, "Perks of alternate dimensions," he says with an approving tone.

      I shrug; I don't even like boating that much.

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    3. Teams, Bad Teachers, Prisons and Hulks

      by , 07-03-2012 at 08:08 PM (The D-Log)
      Never got lucid tonight which sucks because I really want to contact my dream guide.


      All I can remember from the earlier parts of my dream is two teams fighting each other, docks and a park. I had to go bathroom too and the only toilet was out in the open, completely exposed. I used it though.

      Anyways, I wake up to do WBTB. Takes forever to go back to sleep. No dreams. Wake up again. Go back to sleep. Start dreaming.
      I'm in a classroom. Sitting in the left side of the class. Who is the teacher you ask? Dan.
      Dan assigns us to write an essay about anything. He gets bored after a while and berates the class a little. Then makes a kid come up to the whiteboard and do a bunch of math problems. He does them incredibly quickly. After the kid is finished, Dan sends him out the classroom and says sucks for him. I start to focus on my essay which is about The Elder Scrolls series. In particular Elsweyr and how far Khajiits often have to travel to get to other lands. I even had a map of Tamriel. Unfortunately, I had only wrote down a sentence or two before Dan came around and looked at my work. He insulted me and my work. I got all upset and walked out of the classroom.

      That was a mistake though! The dream scene changed and I ended up in a prison. The part of the dream is a little hazy but I do remember that the guards were very unkind. Eventually, I got hauled to a torture room. I wasn't the one being tortured though. It was Dan! Me and 2 other prisoners were given the opportunity to through Christmas tree ornaments at him. The other two prisons started right away but I refused to. Dan timidly asked, "Aren't you going to start throwing those things at me too?" I said of course not and he thanked me.

      After that, we got to go get food. I remember spilling milk on some food the warden was cooking. He was visibly irritated but didn't really do anything about it. Went back to my cell, ate and then the dream scene shifted again.

      I was back in the classroom. This time we had a female teacher. We were told to draw a prison cell full of prisoners. I start drawing. (Way better then I could in real life. As I drew the prison cell it came off the paper and became a fully functioning replica of the cell I was in. As I drew the prisoners, they started to come alive. Finally, I drew the Hulk. He started bashing around the cell. The teacher told me to be more careful because those cells are expensive. Then the Hulk busted the cell and started bleeding on one of the other prisoners. The other prisoner turned into A grey-hulk-bug thing that could shoot lasers. It tore Banner out of Hulk. Hulk tried smashing the Bug-Hulk with the prison cell but the Bug-Hulk evaded. It flew out of the classroom and Hulk followed. At this point, I became Dr. Banner. I started talking to some chick about what we could possibly do. Suddenly, I freaked out and was in pain. The chick asked what was wrong. I said, "You know how chemicals bond? Well me and Hulk and Chemicals." Then I flew out of the classroom and into the night sky and merged with Hulk. Who was flying. So now I was Hulk.

      I screamed, "We stop bug, banner!" And swung around a skyscraper and grabbed the Bug-Hulk. (Who was now a spaceship) Smashed him into a building. Threw him. Shoot some missiles at him.(?) Grabbed him again. Tore him apart. Wake up.
    4. Hulking Out

      by , 05-13-2012 at 09:58 AM
      I was in a department store in a mall, although it was modified somehow into a type of factory. There were robotic machinery installed in a certain section of the mall. I know I was talking to a few of my DCs, though I forget the conversations. The guy I was currently talking to was showing me what they did to him. They had cut off half of his lower left leg and given him a metal cybernetic one instead. He didn't like it, and there was no reason to do this, his leg was healthy. I don't know if "they" were the machines, or someone who was operating the machines to do this to people. After he told me this, the eyeball machine spotted me, that I was normal yet without modification. It hovered directly over me looking down, and asked me what I wanted replaced. It had a sharp curved knife like attachment on its robotic arm to do the procedure. It was like, "we can cut off your arms, legs, or your nads. Choose which one." I'm thinking hell no, I choose none! I start getting really angry, and I turn into the Hulk!

      Of course you can imagine what happens next, "Hulk Smash!" I rip down the machine hanging from the ceiling and smash it. Then I start smashing a major portion of the department store, looking for more machines to destroy. My DCs are all cheering me on, because I am defying the machines and paying the machines back for what they did to my DCs. It was so cool to be the Hulk, and I'm roaring alot while enraged, trying to find the evil machines. I'm not sure exactly, but I think one of my DCs also turns into a hulk as well, and we team up to do battle against the machines. As we get closer to the main factory area, "they" send forth their mutants as well. Their mutants are all green monsters too, but not Hulks. The biggest mutant was shaped like a giant egg, with a mouth stretching almost the whole width of its body, sharp teeth, and had many tentacles for arms. The mutants rushed us. I grabed each one as it approached, and threw each mutant back at Mr mouth as ammo. All it did was open its mouth and swallowed each mutant I threw at it. I think it ate 10 mutants this way, that was all of them. It grew bigger, trying to hold all them in its stomach. I got closer to the mouth mutant and grabbed many of its tentacles while struggling with it. It resisted long enough to get close to me and swallowed me too, well mostly. I went to 3rd person view and seen my hulk hands still reaching out from inside the creature grasping its jaws.

      I must have became my normal self again, standing in front of the creature. I wanted to help my Hulk that was still trapped inside the creature, and struggling against it from the inside now. I don't think the creature had "room" to swallow me, because it didn't try. As I contemplated the creature, I learned something profound about its stomach, that it wasn't what it seemed to be. The other hulk was still circling the creature, I guess it was trying to figure out how to attack the creature without being eaten as well. My dream was about to end but I remember starting to force its jaws open with my hands in order to release my hulk again. Then I awoke.

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    5. Jan 19

      by , 01-19-2012 at 11:25 PM (Doctor's Dreams)
      Self Esteem

      We were skating around some strange place with my friends. There has been a giant recent loss in self esteem for some reason in the whole world. Me and the guys decide to hang out in someone's house which I remember as being pretty well furnished. Since I was the most confident in the group, I had to go get the snacks. Everything is kinda dirty on the way out, I arrive at this guys store. He's a fat middle euro guy behind a glass kind of shield. Asks me what I want and the first thing that I ask for doesn't need to be paid for so then he spends a long time complaining about how I never pay for anything but then I remember that I have to get snacks so I get a shit ton of candy bars and two giant bags of mini resee's and then I poke fun at him "I never buy anything?" we joke and laugh and on the tv a news story comes on about the crisis in the world's loss of self esteem. I found it upon myself that I had to be a hero for the world and have more self esteem than everyone else and somehow save the day.

      Rock Fights and Boarding

      Was with my mom outside what kinda reminded me of a place near my house. she gets really mad at me so I have to follow her to figure it out. I get on my knees slowly and try to explain my recent anger. She silently brings me on this double decker coach bus which was the local transit in the dream the bus drive is mad at us fr talking forever but the new money system was hard to figure out. the door finally goes through and we go to the mall which is much more grandiose and modern looking than it already is. She walks me to rainforest cafe, all the time I was asking, with no reply what she as doing. So I guess we're gonna have a talk here. Some reason I leave, find the car and drive it back to another neighborhood. I go back to my house, which now i so a really steep hill. There is a strange knife fighting asian guy who wants to kill me. We fight for a while, swing our knives at each other, dealing out heavy blows. I have a "hunting rock" which I know with three good blows to the head will kill hi. Instead I keep aiming for his ribs...i don't want to kill him. I've hit him twice on the head and multiple times in the ribs. I hit him again in the ribs and can hear his ribs crack. He chokes up blood and goes limp. I back up a little and he jumps out. He was only pretending. He comes at me and something in my mind changes the dream is flickering and I was half waking up. I realized that I was dreaming and became lucid. Something about this lucidity was really weird though. The dream was still flickering and fading and I was still slightly waking up but I didn't try to stabilize the dream. He hit me over the head with something and I acknowledged the pain and then ignored it. I give him one more great hit in the ribs. he's done. I think his father was around to pick him up and go. I forget it's a dream...I get out of the house and the down hill looks really good as a long-boading thing. The hill is really traffic-y and cars are going down really fast in waves toward this tol booth thing. I see that my longboard is down there leaning on a tree, when I get back there I realize tha I left something up at the house, I start walking back tot he house but decide I don't need it, look back and my longboard is gone. I freak out for a long time but then my mom drives by and gives me a backpack with my longboard. its some move of reconciliation from an earlier fight. I go down the hill boarding


      . I'm with this one black girl that I've met, kinda chunky but I'm still diggin her. We back into an alley way get out of the car and into this door. We were in there for a long time and through a window I can see my car. While we're talking I see that a bunch of cars are trying to pass mine but they just stop. They're trying to pass it on both sides but my car is blocking them. I forget it and start making out with the girl in her room (which is a replica of my room). We really start going at it and were both shirtless and kissing all over. Before I take off her underwear I ask if she has herpes and she barely answers and I assume she does and I ask if she's having an outbreak, she says yes pulls down her pants and shows me it. I say I can't do it and go to get dressed. She's noticeably frustrated and angry as I walk around the room and pick up my clothes and put them on. She pulls up her pants while lying on the bed being all pissy. It was weird because there was one second where I looked at her and she was 10 times hotter than before, then it was back to normal. She wasn't ugly, just average. I go outside of the room and see that my car windows have been smashed and the whole car was stripped and pushed to the side so that people could get through. The car weakly starts on the second try but can't stay in park and the emergency break barely works. As I get back out of the car and then back into the house, I can hear her frustrated screams from inside "I get half way 3 times a week but I can't get fucked!!?" I cautiously go back inside telling her about my car and she's mad at me and tells me she can't deal with it now. I accidentally go into another room (which would've been my mom's room) but it was where her dad was sleeping. Also, I could hear one of her parents with the tv on the whole time before this but that was no big deal. The dad, with messy covers drawn over him in the dim room looks at me and says "oh its you, the [something wispy like smoke I think]" I say I am not one of those and try to head back to my car, I want to turn back and say that I lived here before they did but I don't...

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    6. Window

      by , 09-12-2011 at 10:56 AM
      I broke through a window with my head. I was then trying to climb through it without cutting myself on the edges. I lifted myself through using my arms alone, which was difficult because the gravity was messed up. My hands grinded against the sharp edges of the smashed glass as I attempted this. Finally I got through. I brushed some powdered glass off my hands, which were completely unharmed.