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    1. 22 Apr: Golf with Trump, flying car, all-I-can-eat and dog killers

      by , 04-22-2019 at 10:05 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      At some place, playing with someone's toys and I see a gorgeous realistic doll. The owner says it is for sale and not very expensive, still it's 39€. For this type of collectible it is cheap, but still is 39€ for a doll, so I get really divided and can't decide to buy it.
      Meanwhile, Riverstone comes along and he asks me for some money and I go to my wallet and have packs of money. I start taking all the bills out for counting and ask Riverstone to help. He starts counting and I need to go do something else but I more or less evaluate how much money that was from my week sales and it is quite a lot. I feel glad.

      Dad invited for some event with VIPs. He takes me along. He joins a bunch of old white people who are down in the garden playing a kind of mini golf and Trump is among them. When it's Trump's turn, he does some weird trick and my dad is under the impression he cheated. But from my viewpoint I don't think so, so I tell him that. My dad gets upset that Trump might actually be a good player. Anyway, as I watch closely this group of old pathetic weirdos, all sucking up to trump, I just feel compassion for the poor fucks, including the Donald himself who simply looks like a clown unaware of his own ridiculousness.
      Meanwhile they are being watched from afar by a group of younger people and I notice some dude staring at me and quite a few others also looking like wondering who am I and why I am among the old geezers. Then I get a big smack in the face. It's a girlfriend that just saw me there and is totally surprised to see me there. I wonder the same. She confesses she is around for something else and spotted me with that group and had to come and check.

      Back home (childhood home), I am with my dad and my three cats. My mom has a friend and some family coming over for a dinner and she got drunk on some liquor. I ask the name of it, because I also try it and it is really tasty. When the family members leave, my mom goes out with her friend. My dad is at the bathroom and when he comes out he gets really scared at something. I heard a noise, but I see nothing strange. Then I see the front door completely open and ask if that's why he got scared. He says no, but also doesn't explain, just goes to get some tools to fix something. I close the door and immediately go check on my cats. One by one I find them deeply asleep in different rooms. I feel relieved.

      Parking one of my cars at home (the farm), I notice something weird: my van is not a van, but a second small car. I go check and it is a flying car. I take it for a ride through the country. People walking below get scared but I am high enough not to be a danger. Then I slow down at the next village and an old neighbor who is walking his dogs makes several complaints. We discuss back and forth, but I tell him not to worry. If we conclude the car or my driving are dangerous, I will stop it. So the grumpy old man and I depart in good terms. Then his son comes along, arrogant, no respect for anyone and he wants to sue me. He carries on bragging about his properties and his rich inheritance as if it had anything to do with this situation.

      Doing a Buddhist retreat, staying at some big hostel, several floors high. I find my room, I am tired and just wanna go to my bunk bed. I start dressing my pajama pants, but my neighbor from the bed below invites me to go to the cafeteria for a while. I have very little money that I can spend but I am definitely hungry., so I accept. She actually needed someone to talk to. She says she gave an interview to some media and she is afraid she might have said too much about our retreat. I tell her I always share just the basic and other things I refer to my teachers and if they need, they can ask them. She orders something to drink, I order some kind of yellow thin pancake, the cheapest thing in the menu and then some generous folks come buy with plates full of food, leftovers they want to share, toasts, pasta, sponge cake... I am so happy and don't want to look greedy but I immediately dive on these plates and eat from all of it.

      Some guy who's into booze comes to find his drinking bottle grew and stretched into the sky like the bean stalk from the fairytale.

      Some graphic news on tv about a lady haidresser and her boyfriend who became dogs serial killers, because supposedly she was going through difficulties and started eating dog meat and cooking it to sell to others. They show graphic footage of her cooking live puppies in a barbecue and cutting the neck of a grand danois.
    2. #215 - Hunted by a friend?

      by , 03-22-2016 at 08:02 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      It was day time on a school trip, there was a group of us and something about a killer on the loose. He was apparently after us and more specifically, me. We were on a bus at one point and I remember seeing other kids on another bus, they were in the same group or something as the killer and are his accomplices. Wait, so the killer is a kid?
      I'm in a building now, it's the hotel or whatever that the class is staying at. I'm sitting at a desk and I'm Malcolm from Malcolm in the Middle. I had earned money from doing something (I think selling notes for class) and bought a gun for self protection. It's night time here and the gun is in front of me on the desk under the light of a small lamp, then the killer shows up. I can't remember how but I shot at the killer which was lucky because he had a gun too. But it's surprising because the killer is actually Aaron, a childhood best friend. I remember getting a scolding from the teacher (I mean after all, I'm like 10 in this dream and I have a gun..), later on I end up with my gun again but this time there's modifications. Oh sweet modern technology for being so damn cool. This part was really vivid and awesome, I added heaps of attachments to the gun I had, turning it into a full on rifle. There's a firing range which I shoot at twice, jesus that's powerful. I fiddle around with the rifle and dismantle bits and pieces before reassembling it, there are lots of details here that I can't write up. I'm in my room again and I have the gun... Wait, what was that? I swear that I heard something but it was just so faint.. I raise my gun slightly and then as if he was just going to peek around the corner, I see the killed (Aaron) poke his head through my door.
      *BOOM* I have a sort of panic moment where I let loose a couple bullets in his direction, he's stunned that he didn't get the jump on me and that I have a huge ****ing gun. He ends up getting apprehended in the end..

      I also remember something about a killer except this time he has a square upper arm scabbard which has a dagger sheathed in it. He jumped out in a comic-book fashion with lines of effect whizzing past him while he drew his weapon and prepared to stabby stab..
      non-lucid , nightmare
    3. #119 - Killer / How long does it take to make a hot chocolate

      by , 10-02-2015 at 12:20 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)

      Dream 1 - Killer
      It seems to be night time in an urban area with large business buildings towering around. I think I killed a couple people on the streets, I have no memory as to why but I think I was doing to serve justice. Things get a little panicky, I mean... I apparently just killed someone. So naturally I seem to try run away, I run into one of the business buildings and take an elevator. I feel like someone is chasing me. I make it back out on to the streets somehow and catch my breath a bit.

      Dream 2 - How long does it take to make a hot chocolate
      I'm at a school or something, I can remember vaguely the layout of everything but it's impossible to describe. I'm hanging out with a couple guys and girls. I remember making a hot chocolate, I had the powder in it and poured hot water in and stirred... Then I drank it and felt powder. Looking down I realized I hadn't managed to get all the powder to dissolve. So I tried adding more water.This went on for an outrageous amount of time. Doing stuff like reheating water... I think one of the guys was dressed wrong, he was actually a girl in disguise which she kept a secret. We were handing out fliers and this song was playing.. For some reason it's a 'Fun Girls Power' theme song playing in the background O_O my god it was quirky. Also entirely original . While the song was playing a montage started happening which was completely irrelevant, there was a picture of a girl with silver hair which was another friend of ours too. The montage seemed to resemble school life if I think about.
    4. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 08-21-2015 at 05:37 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Inspired by Samael's return and a slight nudge from Dreamer, I bring you something totally lame! No color coding, no fanciness, no pictures! It's everything you could want from the first...



      I catch wind through the Internet that a bald, psycho, murderface, nut-job is coming to kill me in awful and terrible ways. Acting immediately, I move through my parents' house checking all doors and windows are properly locked. Fortunately, I manage to lock the one unlocked door--leading into the garage--right as I hear the tell-tale grinding of the garage door opening. As the killer on the other side begins grinding away at the handle with some sort of angle grinder, my parents calmly remark "That must be him," and continue watching television. Deciding I'll have none of that, I hurry my fiance downstairs, out the back entrance and into the snow--bare feet and all. I propel us over the fence, and we're off.

      Running for our lives.

      In the police station, one of the officers goes over my name and remarks I've been making the rounds on the news lately. I tell him, "Yeah, I've noticed." There's a line to get help, but that seems boring, so I leave with my fiance, deciding I'll come back later.

      I check my phone and find a subreddit created by the guy trying to kill me. As you'd expect, it's creepy as all fuck, and I'm horrified by some of his past "work" and detailed designs for what he planned for me. As it turns out, my death wasn't part of those designs. Just horrible body "upgrade" procedures straight out of a proper nightmare. Stuff like mechanical tetrachromatic eyes, replaceable intestines, metal plating in place of skin--all installed while I'm conscious mind you.

      I decide to go back into the police station.

      As I'm rounding the corner, a bunch of bald guys who look just the killer begin walking towards me. Shit. I call out, "Help! Officer!" But no one comes as they swarm around me and...just pass me by?


      Watching some mid-level players duke it out in a Super Smash Bros Melee mod I'm unfamiliar with. Lacking my glasses and a controller, I step into the convention-room's hallway. I outstretch my hand, and pull my glasses to me. They shoot from my hotel room and are in my hand in less than a second. Then I do the same for my Gamecube Controller. A few rounds of play later I head out into the convention. Wandering around the hotel, I find myself in a totally separate convention--this one dedicated to board games. Oddly, both conventions are sorely lacking in attendance.


      Time to explore Vegas...

      I fly (hover, really) around Vegas for a bit. There's some gross celebrities getting doted on by hotel staff. Unrelated to that mess is some nonsense about avoiding the pool because I don't actually have a bathing suit because reasons.

      Alternate Dimensions

      One moment I'm at my parent's place, the next I'm still at my parent's house...but it's moved to the end of the cul-de-sac . I had felt the shift as reality folded in on itself, maybe that's why I'm the only one who seems to know anything is amiss...

      Outside now, I check the garage, and there's a canoe in it. We never had a canoe before. A neighbor walks up and nods to the boat, "Perks of alternate dimensions," he says with an approving tone.

      I shrug; I don't even like boating that much.

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    5. Trying to kill a serial killer who used mystical circles on the ground

      by , 06-01-2015 at 06:42 PM
      The dreams started in the middle of an old town.. it reminded me of some Italian city. Many people were on the streets this day.. the weather was nice, and a lot of tourists were walking around. And then I have noticed 3 colorful circles on the street. They were really colorful.. somehow dreamy.. in shapes of a hypnotizing spinning circle.. every circle really caught your attention because they were really mystical. And i have watched the circles and the people around. 3 little boys came to play on these circles.. every child picked its own circle.. and i have noticed a strange person nearby.. it was a street performer.. but his eyes were constantly looking in the direction of these circles.. And then I have figured out.. what is going on.. This guy is a serial killer. And actually the victim decides its own fate.. which depends on the circle they are standing in. So this innocent little boys had no clue that one of them is going to be killed very soon. And when i figured this out.. i went to a nearby stand.. and took a knife from the table.. i hid it into my sleeve, so i can approach this maniac without being spotted. I was so angry.. in berserk mode.. i was walking towards him.. but something strange has happened. All the people on the street stopped walking.. and all of them were looking at me. It was strange but still.. i didn´t change my mind about killing this guy. And then.. the voices came.. People said.. one after another.. "dont do it".. "we know you have a knife in your sleeve".. "everyone knows it is you" .. "dont kill him, you will never get away" And i stopped..
    6. A Case Unexplored

      by , 04-06-2015 at 10:49 PM (Exploring My Mind)
      Great start to the morning. It's been a while, but I finally had...another lucid!
      After going the weekend with no recall whatsoever, having a lucid this morning was a nice surprise. While the dream was short, and I couldn't recall much from before I went lucid, it's a success nonetheless.
      Somebody (don't remember who) gave me enough money to take my girlfriend out on a date to go eat somewhere. Love was in the air, surely it'll be a wonderful date...wait. Ah, there's my girlfriend's mom (are you noticing the recurrences here?). Turns out, she needs me to investigate a case before I can take my girlfriend out on a date. This case involves a serial killer who has been active around the area recently. (colored serial killer a light purple, as killers seem to be a frequent occurrence in my dreams lately.
      I partnered up with a man whom I've never met before, and just as we started planning what to do about the case... I woke up. My alarm went off at 4:30, and I had to go to work in about an hour and a half. Luckily, I knew I had set an alarm for 5:00, so I decided to drift back to sleep. And wouldn't you know it, I returned to the exact same dream, right where I left off.
      Only this time, something was amiss. None of this seemed real. Something (I'm not sure what) gave me the feeling that I should do a reality check. I pinched my nose and tried to breathe, and I was able to. "I'm dreaming!!" I shouted. My partner looked at me with an odd expression, but just dismissed my apparent insanity with a "Yeah, whatever..."
      He immediately wanted to get back to looking into this serial killer. "Won't be a problem. Let's use this," I said matter-of-factly. It was here that I imagined a filing cabinet full of info about the killer to appear in front of us. I expected it to be there, and POOF, there it was, as if it had been there all along. I pulled the drawer open, satisfied with my successful attempt at dream control. And then...

      I woke up for the last time, my alarm for 5:00 blaring in my ears. So, needless to say, that left me feeling pretty good! I've never created something with dream control before. Before this, I've flown, did acrobatics, and threw a fridge across a room, but creating something is a new one for me. It was effortless too, no problem making it appear whatsoever. A good milestone, I think.

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      lucid , non-lucid
    7. A Gathering

      by , 04-04-2015 at 01:38 AM (Exploring My Mind)
      Lots of recall from this morning (or rather, last night)! Remembered two separate dreams. The first one was one I recalled upon waking up in the middle of the night, so the details didn't come back to me as clearly as they did the second one.

      I went about my daily business at a new company for work. Only, this wasn't just your average job. The workplace was also a school. I frequently went with my coworker from real life, and we went about our daily grind. At some point this part is just a fragment for me I ended up playing a hyper-advanced version of a PS2. After doing some more work, it then occurred to me that somebody was behind me. Somebody with sinister intentions. They ended up holding a cloth to my mouth and wrapping their arms around me so that I couldn't escape. I had been drugged.
      And with THAT really unnerving ending, that's all I can remember from the first dream. Not a whole lot, but something nonetheless.
      Now for the SECOND dream, which I remembered upon waking up for good. This one was quite longer, and more vivid.
      I had bought a fancy new apartment for myself, and was looking after my dog Jesse one bright morning. Jesse ended up peeing all over the place (which is what he does in real life). :canislucidus:
      I tried bringing him downstairs to a safer area to pee, but my girlfriend and her mom disapproved of it, and scolded me extremely badly, almost to the point of insulting. I felt extremely bad, and for some silly reason that I assume only goes by dream logic, Stephen Hawking was nearby while they scolded me, and he was smiling a big smile and ramming into me with his wheelchair. ...make of that what you guys will.
      But I digress, after they scolded me, I screamed really loudly out of frustration.
      Soon after, all of us went to a concert hall, where the DJ and producer was none other than my Japanese teacher! This brought up my mood quite a bit, and we caught up for a while. He then let me take control of the stage, as a play was going on (though I don't remember what it was). I messed around with the lights, and background music, amusing myself for a while.
      And finally, after THAT was done, my teacher, girlfriend, and her mom all went with me to this little girl's house for her birthday party. Oddly, I didn't recognize this girl from anybody I know IRL, yet I treated her like a little sister.
      My girlfriend's uncle was at the party too, scoffing at people getting references wrong. Scarily enough, just like the ending of the last dream, this one ended with a bit of an unsettling note, as news got around about a killer on the loose while we were singing happy birthday, of all things.
    8. Blood Hungry

      by , 01-15-2015 at 06:40 AM
      It dream started off somewhere an abandoned suburban neighborhood I've been to before in one of my previous dreams. I went walking down a two-way street towards a corner and around there there were more homes. I walked down that street and found a small factory building ahead.

      I walked in to the property and passed a barricading fence that led inside the facility, or at least that's what it looked like. There was a narrow passageway just besides this houses that surrounded a few other homes just along the way. This area was also dirty and old. Many of the walls on the buildings were torn up and intensely damaged.

      I walked in to the narrow passageway just along these homes and right before I passed the small factories' door fence, a man opened the gate with a set of zombies running through the fence. I helped the man and quickly shoved the zombies away as he was trying to close the door. What happened next, I couldn't recall, but the next area I walked in to was relevant to the scene that happened here.

      Me and a couple of other guys were teaming off and fighting against the zombies. We left that big suburban neighborhood and ran off in to one of the old abandoned factory/vacant and tried to find a way to get out of that mess. On our way there, I lost track of my two other friends. I was stopped by these two cops. They tried and get me to raise my hands so they could detain them. I don't remember exactly what happened but as one of the cops came walking towards me, I was somehow able to run out of the area I was in and appeared to be hovering above one of the abandoned buildings where I found two interesting people roaming the building. It was Sydney and Madison.

      Neither one of them knew I was hovering above the empty roof on top of this small building. Both of them were wearing their uniforms and didn't seem to care that the city was being torn down by flesh eating beasts. I didn't try and get in front of them for them to notice, instead I was in the mood for something different. I slowly flew above them. Madison went off deeper in to the building faster than Sydney where as she was left behind, a perfect time for me to get her.

      I slowly landed my feet back on the ground. I grabbed a big rock laying on the ground and slowly leaned towards Sydney. I held the rock up high and slammed it against her head. I slammed her head a few times until I finally realized the only way for her to go unconscious was to imagine it. I hit her head one last time and saw her collapse to the floor. No one in the scene noticed. I left her body lying there and left Madison walking off.

      After killing her, I appeared to be be inside a safe house mechanic shop where Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon were helping me fight off this zombie apocalypse. We were all inside the mechanic shop where Rick helped sort out an escape out of this place. He sent me and Daryl off towards the back of the shop where we had to clear out an area of zombies lurking just around the building. Unfortunately, we were stopped by an enemy, someone big. It looked a lot like that auctioneer from Storage Wars.

      This unknown individual had a pistol pointed towards me and Daryl. He was talking to us about something, but I'm not sure what he was going on about. His talking did make the scene a lot more dramatic, though. After he went on about whatever it was he was talking about, I quickly grabbed his gun and pointed it up straight towards the ceiling. He fired off a few shots until Daryl shot him a few times. It still didn't seem to stop him from letting go of the gun. That's when I grabbed a screw driver behind me and stabbed him in the stomach. That didn't seem to bother him either. That's when I tried again, but this time I aimed for his head.

      He finally went down judging by the lack of strength he was using against me, and then died. I woke up seconds later.
    9. Decapitation

      by , 11-26-2014 at 01:23 AM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      I notice I am seeing myself from the 3rd person now, I am tied to a lawn chair on the beach, next to someone else who is also tied to a lawn chair. My head is strapped to a palm tree behind me, and I have a cut in my neck. It doesn't look good. I appear to be having my neck slowly cut open. I don't want to scream because of the hole in my neck, but it seems like I only have one chance to get help. I let out a huge yell (still watching in 3rd person as I do this), and blood spurts out of my airway that has been cut open, not making much noise. The man behind the tree then swings his heavy knife, and in a few whacks, severs my head from my body. I feel sick to my stomach. As soon as my head is severed, my body starts pissing freely into the sand, no longer under conscious control. A guy nearby laughs at me because I'm peeing myself. My killer sneaks up to him, and shoves my head right in front of his face. Scared greatly, he now realizes why my body was peeing.
    10. I'm a Super Detective

      by , 10-11-2014 at 03:51 PM (Sharpshoey's Lucid Journey)
      OK so it doesn't matter if my dreams are up to date anymore. I ma just going to be posting dreams and some of them will have happened the night before and some of them a while ago. Mostly only my Lucids will have happened a while ago because I've been too lazy to type them out.


      #1 - I'm A Super Detective
      I am in my school, except it isn't the school I am currently attending, it was my elementary school. My dad texts me and tells me that I have to leave school and come eat lunch with him. I go to my next class which was some foreign language, I think Spanish. About five minutes into it, I went up to the teacher. I went to the guy teacher because I remembered that I had asked the girl teacher something similar before, and she didn't understand what I was asking. I told the guy, "I know I don't have a pass but can I leave? My dad told me to." The teacher shook his head and said no, but I can't remember the reason for it. I figured out then that he was evil in some way, though I can't remember that reason now. All I remember then is standing outside the front doors of the school and the teacher standing there yelling at me.

      Then I was downtown. There had been a murder and I was a detective on the case. There was a bus over a grate heading down to the sewers and I said that we had to get that open. My theory was that the killer had everyone fall into those holes because at every scene there was an opening into the ground. We started opening it and everyone around started looking at us. Then I was at school again running up the hallway. It was slowly inclining towards a door, which was my Spanish class (I can't remember if that happened before or after the crime scene). I am then at a track meet. My Spanish teacher is there and we seem to have made amends. I see the Central team and I walk towards them. My old friend sees me and comes over. I tell him that I had gotten this one girls number, and he says that I have to stay away from her. "Why?" I asked. "First, because I'm going after her. And second, everybody fricking wants her." He replied. I thought this was a little weird because I thought he was currently dating someone but before I could ask he got called back over to his camp. (If I would've asked I probably would've become lucid.

      I walk back over to the track and my coach is waiting. Right when the race is about to start, the killer shows up and takes away a girl. Then all of a sudden, I figure it out. My mind has flashbacks to all the crime scenes, even ones I hadn't visited in the dream (like in Psych). I then realized that each murder took place at a construction site, and that each person killed was a worker. Using this info we are able to stop the girl from being killed. I didn't understand why the killer took the girl, my best guess was that she was a worker's daughter.

      #2 - Half-Dream in the Morning
      I woke up and realized it was still early so I tried to go back to sleep. I was half asleep and I drifted off to a little dream. I was in my school's lunch room. Me and a few others were getting a drink out of a Gatorade container. It said it was Gatorade so we all took that instead of water. Some people got water from that container and were angry because the thing had lied. I got Gatorade though. Then a lady was there and said, water tastes weird after drinking a base liquid. I took the base liquid to mean Gatorade. (I had an even shorter mini dream before this one but I can't remember what it is.

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    11. Delinquents rise above & repentant son

      by , 03-18-2014 at 02:18 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      Dream 2. I’m on a bus and say ‘this is why this character was written, for people like you’. I’m looking at a part of the Eyeshield 21 manga with Habashira Rui in it. The ‘people’ I’m talking about are to the right of me. They’re supposed to be delinquent types, or those without a purpose. When I look at them, they’re the Oujou White Knights, with Sakuraba in front.

      Must Plug Site...-55377.jpg Must Plug Site...-43339338_p.jpg

      People around the bus start chiming in their agreement, and the person to the right of me is holding up a paper. It pretty much felt like they (and the paper) were all saying “This!”. I asked if I could hold onto the paper too, and held up the right side.

      There’s an announcement about some death.


      I’m in a classroom, and there’s a dire discussion going on about how my old classmate, Ron’s, dad ‘Jack’ was found out to be a killer. There was something about a dead raccoon. Ron is up front talking about how he should have known, and how he let his sister(?) ‘Amanda’ blind him. He is seeking forgiveness from us.

      Inspiration: So weird to dream about Ron and Eyeshield 21 out of nowhere! The killer part comes from me watching the new episode of The Walking Dead and thinking about it before bed.
    12. Detective/Horror Video Game

      by , 02-09-2013 at 12:16 PM (Wicked is back to dreamville baby!)
      I was playing a video game through some sort of advanced handheld console with a touch screen (similar to a smartphone, maybe it WAS a smartphone) and intermittently I was actually a character IN the game.

      The game was a horror game with a very dark atmosphere, definitely rated 18+ and featuring gruesome murder among other things. My main character and others in his group have moved into a house that appeared to be haunted. By gathering evidence and uncovering puzzles we discovered there was somebody else living with us in the house. We talked to him, and though we didn't trust him he wasn't really an enemy for us, just someone to beware of.

      I don't remember much else, except that near the end we managed to discover that this person was driving every night (or every once in a while) from this house to the pier, burning a dead human body he brought with him (from the house?) and disposing of the remains via a sailboat.

      The feeling was that he was crazy and dangerous and we shouldn't have trusted him, but he wasn't our main concern, he was doing it for reasons that might be very logical from his point of view and there was MUCH greater evil afoot there.

      I don't remember much else, I didn't manage to uncover the big secret, but I had a feeling I was extremely close. Part of our group have followed the man when he was driving to the pier, and after they returned I had to interview them to piece together all what they saw (in the darkness some were unsure what they saw themselves), and each member saw something a bit different. It was an incredible game.

      I remember a logo that came up when the game was activated. It was a small wooden fishing boat filled with about four people standing in a row on it. I think that rather than being the symbol of some company, it was an advertising symbol for a revolutionary dynamic character levelling and development system in video games, or something. Or maybe it was both that, and a company logo.

      This dream was awesome.
    13. First entry - improving recall

      by , 01-31-2013 at 10:04 AM (Wicked is back to dreamville baby!)
      Well, I'm back to trying out LDing after years of neglect, during which I experienced only natural LDs at a deteriorating rate. My recall is not as good as it was nowadays either.

      Unusual Factors

      -I've set up my laptop with notepad open and ready to rumble on the edge of my bed, so I can write in my dream the moment I open my eyes. That's how tonight I've recorded no less than FIVE dreams (woke up a lot and immediately typed it in every time). The entries I bring here are refined versions, since the writings themselves are very disjointed, I wrote them in a half-sleeping, very groggy state after all.

      -My dream quality might have been negatively affected by the beer I had a couple hours before going to bed

      -Through most of the night, there was a storm outside

      -I slept fully clothed.

      Dream #1

      It started with some sort of war, or apocalypse. It was night, there were police and ambulances around, and there was some prophecy or something like that about very strict and specific instructions on how to stop this apocalypse... The memory is very vague. I vaguely remember Christian undertones. There was a cocoon of some sort, made of cloth or metal, and a person meeting specific parametrs (possibly a specific individual?) needed to be abducted, put into it and brought to a certain place. I vaguely remember about some crazy dude tricking us (who are "us"? Who was there with me?) into putting him into the cocoon, even though he wasn't the right person. I think we eventually realized the prophecy isn't working, or is irrelevant, or something...

      At some point this dream flowed into a bit different vein... I was in a large house of some sort, with a pool, arguing with someone else (I think he was supposed to be my relative?) about something. A very heated argument, and I think there were some clues or something that we were angry with each other for reasons not wholly natural, like demonic possession? It's also entirely possible that we knew that we had some sort of super powers?

      I wasn't my real life self in that dream. We shouted and argued back and forth, and at some point he admitted he was a serial killer. I showed him a collection of knives stained with old dried blood, and so we've admitted to each other that we were killers without the other knowing it - he was a clean killer in call blood, I was a much messier slasher. The whole thing had VERY Dexter undertones.

      At that point we were afraid that something - our shouting? - has attracted the attention of the authorities or some other people. A third person, a friend of some sort that was suddenly present, told me to ditch the knives quickly, as they were obvious evidence against me. The house was a mess, furniture overturned etc, but I opened a drawer on some cabinet and temporarily shoved the knives into it, hoping nobody would find them by the time we get lost.

      The three of us got out of the house. It was still night. We needed to get to a certain place for some reason. There were security guards in blue uniforms and caps (didn't look like police though) on patrol outside. They authorized our going to wherever we intended to go (it was very close, possibly even across the street). Was there a curfew because of the apocalypse?

      While the two started walking, I climbed the wall of a nearby building. I wasn't lucid, but not far from that. Like I often get in dreams, I instinctively felt that I have powers. I also think me and the other killer's "powers" had been the reason we were shouting. Maybe. Dreams are annoyingly hard to remember even a second after waking from them.

      So, I climbed, spiderman style, to the top of a nearby building. It was only a few meters up, the building was a low one, most of all reminding me of a big shed I think. The other killer and the third guy were all hissing at me to get down, and asking what the hell am I doing. I think I did it to try to take a shortcut and reach our destination before them. I didn't fully trust them.

      Anyway, I couldn't get up on the roof because there was a lot of barbed wire on top of it. From my vantage point on the wall near the roof I could see the blue-uniformed guards on the roofs of neighbouring buildings (I don't remember if I saw them anywhere else, actually, like on the street. But they were definitely on the roofs).

      I got down from the wall to join my two companions (they said that I shouldn't use my powers in public), and... dream became blurry. I awoke.
    14. Tennis, Code Lyoko Krabs, Laundromat, Killer, Alyzarin, and much more........... (SDE Pt. 2 Day: 08)

      by , 10-13-2012 at 06:09 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Damn, this took a while to type. I had to shorten the second to last dream, since you know, I have to do human things in this humanistic planet we're on....like taking care of laundry, then studying for math midterm, and finishing up any Organic Chemistry Lab homework when I come back from the Laundromat.

      Heh, had a dream about Laundromats....and since that came up twice in one night, I figure I should search a general dream meaning...and found dreams with laundromats are associated with trying to change your overall character, rejuvenation, enlightenment.....well I guess that's 95% right, considering I'm trying to see my difficulties and negativity in life in a different way that isn't going to cause a breaking point for me...

      Ryoma Echizen and Kevin Smith (Non-lucid)


      I see Kevin Smith from "The Prince of Tennis" outside near a random house or apartment complex. The building itself consists of a very very VERY light sky blue color, and the window frames on the outside are bordered with white wood-like material. It seems Kevin Smith was doing something in order to get accepted into a team.

      What the heck, Kevin's hair isn't blonde!! Whatever, only picture I can find with both of them, since I'm too lazy to post two separate pics.

      I don't know for what purpose, but after he gets accepted ( I can't remember how), the dream shifts where Ryoma is trying to get into a team too outside. There's no one to try and prove anything to get int, it's just them alone. Ryoma gets accepted, but he doesn't seem too excited about the whole thing.

      Then after he's gone, I think I'm near the side yard of the house doing something, but I forgot.
      Code Lyoko Krabs (Non-lucid)


      This whole dream has that futuristic Sci-Fi theme to it, it's so apparent that it's a complete turn around from my waking life related random dreams. I can't recall too well on this, but I remember facing a Code Lyoko Krab (yes with a K), and I tore all four of its legs.

      I did so (or maybe it was someone else, but it felt like I did it) by getting behind it and grabbing its two back legs and forming them into a V-shape together, and then somehow got the front legs to to form a V two along with the back legs. Maybe there was someone else helping, but it's hard to recall. I finally ripped out their legs, and head of the Krab tilts over and falls.

      The Krab also seemed to be in the color range of violet or something of that nature. The dream shifts to where I feel like I'm a flight attendant, but like in the future. There's a simulation on a portable screen on the wall. It's essentially giving me a checklist of what I need to double check on to make sure the pilots are going to have a safe trip, and enough food to sustain themselves.

      I had a feeling my mother became one of those future sci-fi pilots, and I was assigned to occupy her safety and additional equipment. The list is followed by a computer generated voice, and it did basic checks like what kind of food do I have in front of me, and if I have milk or something else.

      I look down, and I see there' two candy bars, and I had the urge to just take them for myself. I think one bar was a Payday peanut caramel bar, and the other must've been a Twix that was half opened and contained in a silver wrapper material, and had warm colored font for the name "Twix," which I think was red.

      I can't remember much after that.
      Tactical Laundromat Shoot out! (Non-lucid)


      Will I turn the knob to Permanent Press? Or will I put in a few more quarters to dry my clothes faster?!?!?!? Should I mix the whites with the colors and set them all to Cold?!?!?

      FIND OUT below!!!!

      I'm inside a laundromat, and there's maybe 4-5 rows of washers in front of me, on each side. The last rows on the left and right had a lot of dryers stacked up and down, and even all the way back from the rows in one long column.

      There seemed to be some weird situation going on in the Laundromat, there were these mini-figures that were causing havoc on top of the Laundromat. I don't know why, but I just had the urge to pitch in and do some Tactical Laundromat Eradication of the Enemy....

      Yeah...it's THAT random. It felt like a turn-based RPG game, where I would set out certain mini-futuristic figures on top of the huge washers, and hope that they can kill whatever "enemy" is on top. It felt awkward not knowing what's going on the top, because the washers are still too tall for me. So I just place my faith in my random selection of people with shotguns, machine guns, etc.

      I think I'm doing this creation thing from my mind, and throwing them up on top of the washers. I hear some small shooting it seems I'm doing pretty well. In the mean time, it seems everyone but me is clueless on the whole matter, and I start to wonder if I'm schizo or something, because I'm hearing all these small sounds, and yet these people are moving like they're lifeless.

      After a while, I can't remember what happens next, the small little shootings and sounds of the futuristic battle dies down, and I end up having a piece of shit on my hand. I'm not really shocked by this, I'm just focused on getting it off my hand and cleaning my hand. I don't know why I'm carrying shit on my hand, literally, but I am power walking, or jogging lighting around the Laundromat for some Water source with soap on the side.

      The dream characters are still retarded and just have the weird facial expressions. I remember seeing a dark-skinned female who was about 6''5' and wore a pink vest. She was kind of overweight, but like in a good way. Because of her height, it seemed most of her weight was distributed properly, so it's hard to presume she really is overweight.

      She also looked like she's in her 50s or higher, and yet still has an amazing body for her age. I think she ends up showing off her stomach to someone at some point, and it was flat, like six-pack abs flat.

      I remember some huge Asian or Hawaiian guy wearing a Burnt Orange shirt near one of the washers. I don't know what I do with him, but I do know that I passed by him at one point where I had poop on my hand.
      Baseball Bat Killer (Non-lucid)


      I remember things feeling overly dramatic in this dream, I'm trying to run away from someone is trying to kill other people with some form of club, bat, stick, etc. I end up seeing the other people get knocked out, or die from severe head concussions from the killer giving them hard blows with objects in his hands. I can't recall the killer's visage too well, but I do know he was in the form of a child.

      I basically spend the dream running at random points, there's a lot of dream shifts, so I guess that there's a lot of gaps in my recall of this as well. Eventually the final part that I remember, someone, maybe me as well, ended up jumping these huge set of stairs and to the ground safely. The killer can't reach us, because he doesn't want to take that big of a jump.
      Alyzarin makes Sexual DJ entry about me (Non-lucid)


      I'm talking to Alyzarin on MSN Chat, I'm assuming, and then she states that she wrote a long sexual dj entry about me. She mentioned it involved her sitting on my face, and rubbing her ass back and forth on me.

      I was like, lw43etuirwfode4er90dfowel45fowe9cvsdeioklr,edkfiw. @[email protected]?E#[email protected]

      I forget what happens next, and there were other things she mentioned that would be on the entry, but I rather not talk about them......

      Riding a Skateboard, Sudevi, Laundromat Dryer of Ajna Chakra, Tran-sexual Store, Richard Cheese & Dancing, and Someone has a Mini-Heart Attack? (Non-lucid)


      Yeah, it's one big clusterfuck of a dream! And wooohooo, I honestly thought I wasn't going to remember ANYTHING, but I guess the recall is coming naturally now. And I did a WBTB this time, and this dream occurs after the WBTB+WILD failed attempt. So GO me for recalling all this shit! WOOOHOOOO

      How is it going to help me for math midterm? I don't know! But at least my memory is improving!!! So I guess that's a plus! I don't even know what I'm trying to say here................ANYWAY, on to the dream!!!

      I'm at an area that looks like it's fairly busy, sort of like a mini-downtown New York, except that there's not a lot of apartments and houses apparent, just stores and restaurants that I didn't even take .000043 seconds to look at. The whole area is kind of dark, but the whole setting itself still portrays that it's at least morning or afternoon time.

      I believe I'm wearing my brown leather jacket, and regular blue jeans. I can't tell what shirt I'm wearing, and it's kind of hard to see my face when I go in 3rd person view. I know it has to be me, I don't how, I just know. There's a lot going on, and it's hard to recall them all, since there's a lot of events coming in at once in this dream.

      I end up going in first-person view, and I'm now riding a skateboard going on an uphill. I'm on a lane that seems to be of a different texture to the one left of me, like you know the extreme ends of a lane on a freeway have more abrasive texture to keep you aware that you're going off the lanes? Yeah it was like that, except, I didn't feel anything at all, I just knew this texture was different.

      There was someone else with a skateboard to my right as well, but I felt that this lane that I'm on is too narrow for two people to be close together laterally instead of in a line. However, it doesn't seem to be a problem, because my skateboarding skills are like over 9,000.

      There's a red car to the left of me that's getting close, and I think they're being careful not to get to close because they didn't want to risk getting any damages on their car or myself I presumed. It wasn't a problem for me at all, I felt as if I was going to get off the lane, but I managed to do some precise maneuvering.

      After a while, the uphill slope gets higher and higher, and I naturally, out of nowhere, jump off the skateboard, and was able to get it decelerated enough to where it stops completely for me to pick it up. I think I was doing a tail drag, but I'm not really experienced with skateboarding terms, and the only time I rode a skateboard was when I had a Digimon skateboard when I was like 10 or even younger.

      I pick up my skateboard, and I put it under my right arm. I have some difficulty doing this, since I tried to get the wheels from the front and back of the skateboard to not touch my brown leather jacket. It probably takes me 2-3 attempts to get the flat side under my arm, and I proceeded to go to the right at the peak of the uphill.

      I don't know what I'm doing, but I'm just observing where I'm going. It seems that there's a bus shuttle that is coming soon, and I'm wondering if I should go ahead and take it, but again, I don't know where I'm going in this dream. The bus opens up in a weird way.

      Instead of opening just one door, or an automated side door for those to exit from the back, the whole right side of the bus opens and lands on the ground. It doesn't touch the ground, so it's probably supported electronically. The bus stays there for a while, so I guess it has a 5 minute waiting period or something, just like for my University's bus loading zones.

      What I mean is final stop for the buses to wait for 5 minutes or so before doing another run.

      I look at the inside of this half opened bus, and I see a few familiar faces of people I've met in waking life. There's that one girl who dyed her hair red, and is still a but chunky near the stomach. She's wearing a really dark blue hoodie, and probably some type of denim dress skirt underneath.

      I decided that I'm not going to get on the bus, since I don't know where the hell I'm going at this point. I end up going inside anyway somehow, and then I realized....WHERE AM I GOING TO STOP AT???

      There's some random man in the bus to the left of me I believe that tells me that I should check for the bus stop numbers. I do so, since any kind of direction in this dream would help. I eventually find one bus stop sign that looks a lot like my University's sign. The number for the bus was "05" on the sign, and I presumed this is the same but I'm on.

      Then when I looked at the random stores and restaurants passing by, I saw a Laundromat, and something quickly triggers into my mind that...oooh, I have to go to the laundromat!

      But why? I have no bag of clothes to wash and dry....

      I just let myself go with it, and waited until the bus arrives near the stop at the laundromat. I get off, and there's a dream shift where I'm in a dark area. It seems some people are fixing up this random place. I see two females together preparing some kind of wood glue, and I carefully walk over these spots of glue, since I didn't want to waste their efforts of doing so in the first place.

      I try to find the near light, no matter how less dim it would be compared to the rest of this dark area. I go towards the exit, or outside actually, and I meet Sudevi, the mystic that has a YouTube channel.

      I get closer, and it really is her! In the most minimum value, a projection of her, but a vivid and nice one at least! I told her that I've seen some videos of her
      (I actually watched about 2 yesterday of her for the first time), and how cool it was to finally get to meet her her. I don't think I declared how excited I was to meet her in a dream, just her being "here," which is probably that biggest "piss me off moment" for not being able to do a reality check in this dream.

      She seems to be a bit shy towards me, probably shocked that I'm exerting so much effort into portraying my amazement of her personality on the videos I watched her on. I presumed she owned the Laundromat in here, or at least is a frequent customer.

      I asked her, stuttering for a little bit, maybe 3 seconds (paraphrasing here),

      "How much does it cost to use a washer and dryer?"

      She responds by declaring in a questioning tone, and I mean that I couldn't tell if she was saying it in jest or being earnest about it,

      "The dryer isn't operable because of its Ajna chakra." I take a moment to absorb all of this, and I just stand there looking puzzled. She then puts on a smile, and I realized she's just joking around. She's probably one of the more lively dream characters with a sense of humor, which is why she kind of made me stumble a bit when she stated the joke.

      I look at some area in front of us, and I looked up to find a sign that stated, "Tranny Women" something something. I think it was like a hangout for Tran-sexual Women, but the derogatory term kind of turned me off a bit. Then out of the blue, I told Sudevi that I have a fetish for Transgenders and essentially Post-op Transsexual females (MTF).

      *cough* *cough* *cough* *COUGH* MOVING ALONG........No comment.

      The sign was in white rectangular form, and the font was dark blue for the name of the area, and there's an image of those pictures of silhouette women you see on a car front or something like that.

      For some weird reason, this area feels like Hawaii, or maybe it's related to the environment in a video I watched of Sudevi with tropical trees, gray clouds that are actually a beauty to see, and having a calm atmosphere.

      She then looks at me with a neutral facial expression of questioning, probably to see if I'm returning the favor with the humor, but I was actually being serious with her. So after that conversation killer, I just declared,

      "Ahh....I probably shouldn't have said that huh.........."

      I find something random to say to distract her, but can't remember what...
      there I go again, being serious...and then having to do something stupid to distract people...I swear this habit of mine in a dream is kind of scary.

      What if I said, "I love it when women put their ass cheeks on my face and rub it back and forth." And then try to change the obviously TMI awkward conversation with some random joke like, "Why is 8 afraid of 7?"


      She's wearing the outfit I put above, but I think it's mostly a green shirt or transparent dress with a red collar instead. After her little joke with the Dryer with a bad Ajna Chakra, she tells me the price for using a washer and dryer.

      "It's $2.00 for the washer and $1.00 for the dryer."

      For some odd reason, I thought that the pricing was outrageous, and asked her how much can the washer contain. She stated that it can take a big load, and the dryer the same, but just a bit smaller.

      Then I came back to my senses and stated,

      "Oh, it's just like the laundromat at my University....okay." and I tell her my thanks and left, probably to somehow magically find a bag of my laundry that I didn't have with me AT all in this dream.

      I wished I could've hanged around her a bit more. I know she's mostly likely just a projection of Sudevi, but she had the potential to be someone I could REALLY talk too...despite it essentially being a projection of myself in a vague way. Her sense of humor that shocked me is what entices me still when I'm recalling this dream. Okay enough of that slightly romantic attraction for a DC.

      The dream shifts, and it seems I'm either in the same laundromat, but with bright light sources, or a different one. There's a few Indian people coming in, and they all have Black trash bags stuffed with clothes or something like that.

      I remember that on my left, there's a fairly taller Indian man who is pretty skinny. He's wearing a dark blue sweater type of jacket, and regular long jeans. He seems to be taking out of his black trash bag some candy and other random stuff. I think the other people started doing the same, but I can't recall if they were taking out candy as well.

      The dream shifts again where my father comes into the laundromat, but here's the thing, he doesn't LOOK like my father at all, and yet I still had the conviction that he is my father.....

      He starts singing like Richard Cheese,
      here's a video below of his voice.

      I get attracted to this man's voice (not the guy mind you), and I didn't have any awareness of the name of the voice this supposed father of mine is doing an impression of until I texted Alyzarin this morning.

      He starts augmenting the tone of his voice, and I can't remember what the song was about, but it obviously altered the environment in the Laundromat from a white light atmosphere to one of a vibrant orange light.

      The dream shifts where I see Calvin from Tyler Perry's "House of Payne" wearing a brown leather jacket, and brown leather long pants. He's doing some weird dance moves with someone, and I'm not sure if that's even dancing.

      It's just sticking out his legs and arms in random positions....

      After a while, dream shifts again, and I see Ryoma Echizen from prince of tennis.

      At first, I see his legs, then it pans over to his torso and then his face. He's just standing there, and I think he's looking at me or someone else. Behind him, I see a blur of someone, and it looks like Nanjiro Echizen, his father.

      Nanjiro Echizen is wearing his default clothing in the series, which is just a simple black samurai type of robe (after all, he is referred to as a Samurai in Tennis in the series). Ryoma Echizen suddenly grabs the right side of his top torso, and is holding on to it very tightly.

      It seems he's having a heart attack, but he's grabbing on the wrong side....maybe just a reflex for him to touch the closest area on his chest?

      Anyway, he falls down slowly, and Nanjiro notices he is falling, and quickly comes over to him.

      After that, that's all I can remember. I think that same scene at the end of this long ass dream is an association when Nanjiro was trying to rescue his son from possibly drowning in the OVA episode 24 or 25 I believe.

      Runescape Waterbirth Island Dungeon Running (Non-lucid)


      I see a runescape character wearing a Proselyte torso and legs, along with some kind of Pope like hat with a layer that conceals his face. It was basically a white helm with gold linings on the side with a long point going upwards.

      He is also wielding an Arcane Spirit Shield, except the Arcane Sigil (white thing) isn't on it at all, and a Staff of Light as well.

      I don't know if it's me controlling him, but they're running inside the Waterbirth Island Dungeon.

      Heh, reminds me when I used to Tribrid solo Dagannoth Kings before....fun times....
    15. Do you like your new house? :) Oh by the way, someone's out to kill you.

      by , 08-08-2012 at 11:33 PM (Dimension X)
      I don't remember much from this dream other than I was in some random house that was in a trailer park... So yeah, not a trailer. I was in an actual house that was in a trailer park. What I remember is that some cops came up to my door and they said some guy was out to kill me So they actually gave me a gun for my own protection. But... Nothing happened. Throughout the dream, I kinda just walked around a bit outside my house, and it was nighttime. No killer ever showed up. That's all I remember. ._.
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