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    1. 17-12-27 Marrying Führer's Daughter, Gravity Jumps

      by , 01-01-2018 at 04:36 PM
      I was sitting at a table with four other people. Two of them were my friends, one old man (70+) and a younger guy my age. The others was the current Führer of the Third Reich, which was a middle-aged woman (I guess this was some kind of alternate 2017 in which Germany won the war), and her daughter who was my age. The daughter was pure evil. I think me and my friends were taken prisoner. The daughter was interrogating us. She was really, really evil. And crazy. Like one of those stereotypical comic book villainesses. She was hiding a gun under her clothes, and because I didn't answer one of her questions, she shot the older man in the head. Obviously killing him instantly. She aimed her gun at me, and I could pretty much look into the barrel. It took a lot of nerve to keep my composure, knowing one wrong word and she'd shoot me. She suggested I had inferior blood. I conviced her my grandmother was born in Germany and served in the Hitlerjügend (she did). I think she was satisfied I'd given her what she wanted. She became really seductive at some point, and appeared to be coming onto me (but all in a really 'acted' and insane way). Suddenly, she kissed me. I didn't resist, as quite frankly she was really attractive (and my life depended on it). She 'asked' me to marry her. It wasn't a question. I think she just wanted me as her pet. I said yes, knowing I'd stay alive at least, and I'd be really close to someone who would one day inherit control of the Reich. In a later scene, I could see myself sitting in a leather couch in the family mansion. I was wearing my black shirt with white stripes.

      Notes of this dream say "kind of massage", but not entirely sure what it means. I think it happened in a really strange place. A large open space covered in perfectly still water (no waves), and with floating "platforms" in it. I was doing "gravity jumps" between them, using the reduced gravity of the dream to do backflips and sideflips and stuff. Trying to impress my former classmates who were sitting on other platforms nearby. At some point we jokingly jumped into each other for laughs.

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    2. Journey to Master Gravity RC - Day/Night 2

      by , 04-08-2016 at 07:25 AM
      Day 2

      Attentiveness: 3/100
      Quality: 45/100

      OK, so today was certainly a bit more challenging. There were LONG gaps of me not focusing on the RC at all, and as usual I'm forcibly having to remind myself to concentrate on the task at hand. I did recognize however that my concentration tends to break when I'm doing something else, such as talking to another person. Multi-tasking real-life events and maintaining the level of awareness needed for this RC will certainly be a challenge, but the rewards will be worth it! After all, there won't be many times in a dream where I'll just be standing around...

      The quality of the RC is down a bit from yesterday. I tried to focus on the feeling of my feet more, while at the same time maintaining some king of awareness of my arms, but this is quite the task. I'll try and focus on the weight on my legs more tomorrow.

      Now that I've pinpointed some obstacles, I'll work to tear them down!

      Night 2

      Well, I don't know if I can contribute this to the boosted awareness that comes with the gravity RC or not, but my recall has spiked just within two days. I know I had at least 5-6 dreams last night, and I only formally recorded 1 in my voice recorder. I find it odd though...it seems that I had two major dreams last night, and the rest of my dreams more-or-less were a subplot of the two remaining dreams. Not complaining though, I love that kind of thing!

      Tonight's dreams also made me realize I have a LOOOONG way to go in terms of recall. I can barely recall dialogue between dream characters, and I have holes in my plot everywhere.


      Dream 1 - "The Old University and a Challenge"

      I was at a modeling show where a bunch of ladies trying on jewelry. I got the feeling I was in Paris. There was like a fast-forward time lapse of this event, repeating over and over. I didn't see the actual faces of the ladies, and I got the impression that this repeated event lasted approximately 50 seconds. Afterwards, I got a longer timelapse of the entire event, in which the ladies were going around doing different things. They were in fancy business casual, it almost seemed like a commercial. At different parts of the event, a transparent clock showed up overlayed on top of my visual, kind of indicating that time was passing. President of my university (Nido) appeared and time lapse thing kind of stopped.
      He was in a cave I didn't have a body, I was more like a distant spotlight shining on him. He was talking about various things (probably promoting the university) and was walking very deliberately across the cave. I got the impression that this was still following the previous commercial theme.

      I was now outside with Nido and my father. Got the feeling that I was in the past in the 90s, due to the student's mannerisms and their clothes. The campus was very underdeveloped. As we were going along, we were reassuring Nido he was going to do great things with the campus (rerouting montlieue, which is a street in High Point). We were driving with Nido...we tell him to keep driving along Montlieue until a point where we tell him the modern campus ends. He was surprised by this development, but he keeps driving.
      He keeps going, until "the end of montlieue" we almost ran into a wooden stub in the road. He informs us he has indeed try to petition the city for this change, but there's a private land in the way. He shows us a nearby dirt road that goes uphill, and it was blocked up by a fence. He tried to convince the company that owned it, but they wanted a bigger profit or something, so they wouldn't hand him the rights to build.

      There was a little field, with the private company playing soccer. Had the idea we could challenge them to the rights of the road. They started talking shit, and the challenge was set up. They had a team, and we had a team, but my team seemed to comprise of the characters from Haikyuu. The referees were cordial to each other, but the captains weren't for whatever reason. They had a girl mananger, and we did too (the younger one from Haikyuu). As soon as the game started, it paused, because the other team was getting water from the managers. However, our manager got the sense of inferiority because the time-outs lasted shorter with their manager than ours.
      Oddly enough, we started kicking like a green band-aid instead of a soccer ball. Our manager insisted the best way to score was the ball of up the band aid into a small ball, the "curve" it into the goal by blowing it into a straw. There was a scene of her doing just this (their goalie was now meta knight from Smash btw). I disagreed with her, claiming the best way to score was to kick the band-aid regularly.

      Dream 2 - "The Zombie Conspiracy"

      (I didn't formally record this one, so I'll do my best to try and remember it. I'm really not sure if it was one big ass dream or many dreams with continuing plot lines)

      There was a zombie apocalypse going on. I'm not exactly sure how it started, but by the time I can actually recall what was going on, I was in a familiar area, next to a fenced in baseball field. The entire team were zombies, wearing white striped uniforms. There was a DC accompanying me at the time - He had trimmed dirty blonde hair and sharp glasses, handsome. As we were sneaking behind the field, trying to stay out of the attention of the zombie team, the DC informed me that even though they were zombies, they could still undergo regular activities.

      The zombie virus was spreading exponentially. So little time had passed and there were already this many zombies. The DC and I snuck behind the field, where there was an area with a huge tarp set up. We had to navigate to brushes to get to this area. When we arrived, I felt safe. Something about this area said "not many people will think to go here." However, maybe we were being watch by other survivors, because one-by-one, other panicking humans arrived, seeking shelter from the Zombies.

      "Not good," said the DC, "at this rate...the zombies will come too!" Recognizing a bad situation, I felt up hill away from the tarp. I heard a certain noise...and the zombies came...


      I was inside a HUGE tower, that rose towards the clouds. Was I infected? I cannot recall. Some events occurred, and a female DC and I were atop the giant RPG-esque building. The top was like a balcony; from it, you could see everything below. A figure awaiting us at the top. He slowly turned around, facing us. He had an elongated head, with emerald eyes and his skin was colored green. I knew this man was responsible from the apocalypse.

      We had conversation, and he played a flute. By this melody, creatures around us turned to zombies, and sought out to find the nearest non-zombie entity to infect. I believe after more conversation, I knocked out his flute out of the balcony and fell after it.


      Somehow, the events prior were linked to gods/goddesses, in a very Harry Potty like manner. The last thing I can remember was playing 2-v-2 vollyball against one of the goddesses that I had A TON of conflict with Haikyuu style. I really wish I could remember how all of this tied together. I have the impression that the plot was long and exciting.

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    3. Journey to Master Gravity RC - Day/Night 1

      by , 04-07-2016 at 05:09 AM
      As the title suggests, I'm embarking on a journey to master the gravity RC posted by Hukif (Post Located Here). I've always been interested in this specific technique, as it logically makes sense how it would have a high success rate, despite the overwhelming initial learning curve. However, I'm going to try my best and work towards daily lucidity. For the RC, I am focusing on the feeling of weight on my shoulders/arms, and on my legs, specifically my calves. This way, I'm highly attentive whenever I'm walking, when I'm sitting (feeling of weight of arms on whatever surface), and when I pick something up. Specifically, I tell myself to RC whenever I pick something up, because that's an obvious indication of weight.

      I will report how attentive I was at the RC for a daytime recap, and do a nightly journal. The attentiveness scale ranges from 0 - 100, where 0 is me giving the RC no thought at all, and 100 indicates the RC was in the back of my mind for the entirety of the day, in all aspects of my goals and how it relates to lucidity. I will also give a quality indicator, which is my opinion on how mindful I was towards the RC when I was actually doing it. For example, was I just noticing the gravity, or was I subconsciously questing whether the gravity was appropriate to whatever action I was doing? 0 indicates no questioning (for example, something could be abnormally heavy and I wouldn't so much give it a second thought, and 100 indicates that I'm properly questioning all aspects of the RC as it relates to the nature of dreams with respect to reality).

      Day 1

      Attentiveness: 5/100
      Quality: 50/100

      Thoughts: Man. This RC is hard! No wonder so many people kinda give it up. I would say my attentiveness towards the RC ran in 5-15 minute bursts, but I would quickly forget about it for an hour or so before jolting myself aware again. Also, the observations towards gravity were very 'forced' and 'awkward.' It's the same kind of feeling you would get if you were learning a new scale on the guitar; at first, you practice very intentionally and meticulously with the hope that it will become more natural in the future. Similarly, the observations I make with gravity with respect to my body feels very forced. Hopefully, this will improve in time. For the duration that I was RCing today, I was quite proud of the quality for the first attempt.
      There's certainly a lot more to take into consideration than just feeling weight on a body part.

      Night 1

      Let's see...last night I vaguely recall around 3 dreams, but I only noted 1 in my voice recorder. There were several opportunities in my recalled dream in which I could've implemented the gravity RC. Got to keep this in mind.


      Dream 1: Searching for a Training Crank

      I was in a classroom, similar to my computer classroom is high school. There was an unusual amount of desks inside the room, cluttering it. My father apparently was apart of some OP training faction, and was with his friend, who I noticed was also in crazy shape. His friend was running on the treadmill, and his legs were moving so fast they were a blur (Should've questioned this). Desiring crazy physical fitness too, I asked my dad for a way to get in better shape. He recommended some kind of resistance crank that would train my endurance. I apparently heard him say the crank was in the front pocket of his gym bag, but my cousin, who was also in the room at the time, corrected me, saying that the keys to his truck were in the front pocket, and that the crank was in my father's truck. At this point, he called me a dumbass. I tried to retort with some lame joke.

      There were so many desks in the room, I had to crawl under them just to make it to the exit (opportunity for gravity RC?). Outside, it was dark, and I was looking at the driveway of my home (should've noticed that the inside of the room I was in wasn't actually a room in my house). Going to my father's truck, my hands were shaking trying to unlock the door with the keys. The darkness was very unsettling for some reason, and I had a feeling that someone was going to come up from the street and mug me. The truck was extremely cluttered inside. I was going to use my phone as a light source, but apparently it died. I ended up not being able to find the crank.

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    4. Dream Guides (DEILD)

      by , 03-14-2016 at 01:11 AM
      Ritual: I thought it might be nice to get lucid again, so I read DV before bed, though my motivation was considerably reduced when I realized that the time change had caught me unawares, and I was going to bed an hour later than I had intended! Also drank some sage and mugwort tea before bed. Those are the only relevant factors I can think of. WTB at 3am, woke 9:15am with dream.

      DEILD: I came out of an NLD and started going over it in my mind, when it dawned on me that I had not fully woken up. I was in a hallway carrying a large package; to confirm, I tossed it in the air and sure enough, it hovered for a moment before drifting back down. It occurred to me that maybe I should take up the habit of tossing things into the air in waking life as a kind of RC. But it would have to be something smaller than a large box, something more like a coin or small ball. I produced a small black ball and tried again. To my amusement, this one behaved as if gravity were operating normally. Maybe not such a good RC unless I actively intervene: I tossed it again and concentrated on holding the ball in the air. That worked well enough. I resolved to spend more time in WL trying to move small objects with my mind.

      I exited the building and thought I might try a TOTM. Even though I had just reread the list before going to bed, I now realized that I couldn't remember any of them. Thinking hard, I finally recalled the one about the dream guide.

      "I'm ready for my dream guide!" I shouted. I've never had a dream guide before, so I had no expectations. I shouted a few more times until a woman showed up. She was of hefty build, with straight shoulder-length dark hair, and looked to be in her late forties. On the right lapel of her uniform-like black jacket, resembling that of a hotel clerk (or more to the point, a tour guide) was a name tag reading "RUSH." There was something very blank and bureaucratic about her demeanor that immediately put me off.

      "Take me on a tour," I instructed.

      "A Grand Tour?" she asked. Lately I've been reading about the Grand Tours eighteenth-century travelers would take in Italy, so I assumed this was merely waking life residue.

      "Take me on a tour of Hogwart's," I proposed instead.

      The woman must not have understood, because she started saying things about temperature and time that sounded like the details of a technical process—brewing coffee, I guessed. I was getting impatient.

      "This isn't working out," I told her. Perhaps I should have been more patient, but she reminded me of one of those blank, automaton-like DCs that never have anything interesting to say. I turned my back and walked away, determined to try again.

      "I'm ready for my dream guide!" I resumed shouting, trying to muster a sense of optimism. Nothing changed at first, but I persisted, shouting about five times before another figure drew my attention. He was a short brown-haired man standing next to a bar, gazing at me with a slightly amused expression. As I walked over, I was startled to see that he was the spitting image of Michael J. Fox. This perplexed me, because I have no particular attachment to that actor, nor did I recall having encountered his image recently in waking life. I remembered that in WL he had developed a terrible disease and I couldn't remember if he was still alive. This DC looked like the younger version of him from the 1980s or '90s, and his cheerful confidence created much more favorable impression than the last DC.

      "Are you my dream guide?" I asked uncertainly. He replied with something casual, along the lines of, "If you want me to be."

      "Let's give it a try," I said. "First, take me somewhere beautiful. Then, take me somewhere that I will find interesting." Since I'd never had a dream guide before or thought much about their proper role, now I was acting on the assumption that their job was to give me tours. In retrospect that's kind of funny.

      As we walk out of the building together, he expresses a sexual interest. I'm surprised at his bluntness, but tell him okay, it's natural that there might be sexual tension between us, I can accept that. He seems relieved, telling me that many of the applicants ruled it out from the start. In fact, a lot of the essays he received closed on that note. I commiserate, noting how even from a purely rhetorical standpoint, that does seem like a terrible way to end an application essay.

      We continue through a park-like setting, and as we descend along a wooded path I see a tree with several conjoined trunks. Emblazoned across it like a light projection is the name of a website, "www.tabu.com." I look again to make sure and the text shifts. "www.tabut.com." I wonder what it means. Is this in reference to the Polynesian word "tabu," the basis of our English "taboo"? [I looked them up as I was writing this and...seriously, it's a big world out there, how could these websites not exist?]

      We walk right to the edge of a wide shallow lake. I realize we'll probably need to travel somewhere by a means other than walking, and let him know I'm familiar with some basic methods: "How are we going to get there? I can spin and teleport, if you like. And I know how to fly."

      He offers another possibility: "See that brown line?" He points to somewhere behind us. I look back, and without thinking about it we automatically start rising into the air and drifting toward a brown line that runs across the grass of the lawn. "That's where we'll transition," he explains. We start gliding toward it, and sure enough, a moment later we are flying across a completely different scene.

      The previous landscape was park-like, but we emerge higher in the air over a vast landscape. Distant hills, distinctive coloring, shades of red in the earth and sky. Everything becomes a bit clearer. "Okay, this is beautiful," I acknowledge aloud. He's definitely succeeded in the first task I set him.

      We drift closer to the ground and I notice an odd detail: an enormous fence of thick horizontal wires strung between vertical poles that must be at least 50 feet high, stretched across a valley between two steep hills. There are only a few of the wires, maybe eight, strung in pairs of two. It would be no barrier for a person at all, or any earthly creature—it's so big it doesn't even obstruct the view—but then I see what it is keeping in. They look like giant green mantis-like creatures, clearly insectoid, but enormous. Despite the monstrosity of the creatures, the enclosure reminds me of a nature reserve. Are the fences for our protection, or theirs? Perhaps both.

      I think about how my second instruction to my guide had been to take me somewhere interesting, and it would certainly be interesting if one of those things got out! However, I decide not to vocalize my thoughts or deliberately influence the course of events, instead waiting to see how things will play out.

      One of the creatures catches sight of us and scuttles over, moving with astonishing rapidity for its size. It crosses several hundred yards in a matter of seconds. It pushes against the fence, snapping at us with its mandibles. It has surprisingly long reach and the wires of the fence are being bowed out by the weight of its body—they hold, but we have to dart away very quickly to avoid the initial attack. I realize the safest course is to fly directly upward, well out of its reach, in case the fence breaks. I can feel my adrenaline pumping and have to admit, that was definitely an interesting experience.

      Abruptly the environment changes and we are back in a room that I think I recognize from earlier in the dream—but way earlier, the NLD sequence before I even got lucid. I realize the dream is ending, but I'm very pleased with how well this dream guide was able to fulfill my requests. "Can I meet you again?" I ask. His acquiescence is as casual and noncommital as when I first asked him to be my guide.

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    5. DJ#60: Gravity Lucid!!!

      by , 01-03-2016 at 08:17 PM (BlairBros' Adventures)
      YES. Only 3 days in to my gravity awareness practice I have had my first lucid in months. I didn't exactly use the gravity awareness to actually get lucid but I definitely checked my weight and used it to stabilize in the dream. I'm pretty sure I have forgotten a little of what I did in my lucid as I didn't wake up lucid so the dream is gone a little but here is all I do remember clearly.

      Dream 1: I was out in the bush at this large, old house. It was really hot and there was a bushfire warning. I went inside the house and there were two 10 year old kids playing some video games. They asked me if I had played age of empires 3, and when I said I had they peppered me for advice and tips.

      Dream 2: I was at Hogwarts, sitting in the great hall while Dumbledore gave a speech. He started talking about this bookcase in the side of the hall, chained up, and how no one was ever to try and look inside it. Hagrid started chuckling, and when Dumbledore asked him what was so funny he pointed out that with the amount of traps around it and such it would be impossible for any student to break in, unless they knew the secret. Dumbledore glared at Hagrid, and spontaneously I performed a reality check, looking at my hands, and saw an extra finger! Suddenly lucid, I get teleported to an old Egyptian dungeon, presumably sent there by Dumbledore or Hagrid. I wander around the torchlit dungeon, testing out my dream body and feeling for my weight, realizing that my body other than my head felt weightless. I rounded a corner and saw a mummy/monster, I'm not quite sure what happened here but I think I defeated him and completed whatever trial I was meant to in there.

      I suddenly found myself in my bedroom. I went about my daily business for a while before thinking to reality check. I took a while for me to do so as I was convinced this was waking life, however eventually I did so and once again spotted that my fingers were blurry and there was an extra one. Lucid once again, I walked out into the house and then starting thinking about what I should do. I tried remembering the task of the month and could only remember trying to read the title of a book or to change gravity for DC's. Considering gravity is my focus this month I opted for the later. To find people, I went out and got the car, then drove it out into the street. After some questionable driving I ended up a couple of streets away, where 3 people were walking with some balls. I first made the gravity really heavy, so they suddenly collapsed onto the floor and couldn't move. This didn't effect me for some reason. I then made the gravity really light and they started slowly slowly floating up off the ground, again I was unaffected. One of the balls they had had fallen out and was rolling towards me, so I telekinetically zoomed it into my hand then blasted it off away.

      I ended up back in my bedroom again, not too sure how I got there or whether I needed to become lucid again. I once again thought about what I should do, and settled on finding my dream guide. I walked outside my room and thought out "Dream Guide, where are you?" and then I saw an image rush towards me of Sivason's avatar (lol). I yelled out "Sivason!", but then a wave of power rolled over me, forcing me to the floor (just like the gravity effect I was doing on others earlier, except actually affecting me this time) and Sivason disappeared. An image of a large, tentacle Lovecraftian creature appeared in my head, speaking in between high pitched clicks and screams to tell me his name was C'rinka or Jacinka or something like that, can't remember exactly . I asked him for advice, to which he started singing a song that sounded an awful lot like Killswitch Engage, complete with music and all. The lyrics seemed to be pretty generic stuff about love and failure and the world, so unfortunately they didn't stick in my mind.

      I'm not sure if this is the same dream or part of a separate one, but I was at my dad's old house, non lucid. There was some gaming tournament going on with all these people I didn't know lounging around and playing on laptops. I overheard two people in my bedroom having a conversation before I walked into the bathroom, only to find that full of people as well.
    6. Low Gravity

      by , 03-30-2015 at 10:01 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      Daytime/Afternoon and night. I and some others are literally jumping from island to island in some kind of world/planet. The place has lighter gravity than earth, and we (three of us) were always being blown away when the winds are strong. We were in the forests and other places. We were avoiding meeting other residents of the planet. I think they're aggressive.

      Morning. I was in a dorm of some kind. There were a lot of beds in one room that is shared. My name was there. I thought that it was a place rented by our company for us, but I didn't get to use the place since I have my own place. I thought it's a good backup plan though. I checked the bathroom, I think.

      Night. I was outside a hotel. I was ordering food. For some reason, they gave me a slip, maybe to pay it later. I was planning to pay it on the spot, but oh well.

      I went inside the bathroom. It was very small.


      - Slept at around 2 p.m.
      - Woke up at around 4:17 p.m.
      - Very tired.
      - No alarm
      - I'm thinking of the rent-to-own units sometime during the day
    7. Magical Twins

      by , 03-11-2015 at 11:20 PM
      1PM-3PM nap
      I'm in a bed, in a room that's similar to mine, but outside my room is a mall. The ceiling outside my room is made of glass, letting in light. I can see pretty high up outside.
      As I'm sitting very cozily in my bed, I see a blonde girl at the ceiling. I sit up, worried about her. She jumps from floor to floor, coming down to the ground level where my room is. She grabs the low glass walls at each floor perfectly with each jump. "Don't do that!" I yell. "You'll hurt yourself!"
      She notices me before landing on the ground and walking into my room with a big smile. "Are you alright?" I ask. She nods. I breathe a sigh of relief. A girl who looks exactly like the first one comes in after her. "We're magicians," they say, together. "We can alter the gravity! It helps with our acrobatics."
      "But you didn't then!"
      "We've practiced doing that run a bunch."
      The one who was jumping said, "So I knew exactly what to do."
      "I don't believe that you can alter gravity." I say.
      They grin mischievously, and snap their fingers in unison. The gravity in my room lessens. Everything begins to float, including me and the twins! They easily "swim" around, while I grab the blankets from my bed. "B-But I'm naked!" I say, floating higher and higher. They don't seem to care. They start pushing and pulling me around gently, helping me get to wherever I want to go. I begin enjoying myself.
      Then, I wake up.
    8. Candy store

      by , 03-07-2015 at 09:58 PM
      Backlog: 18 Feb

      Yet another time where I couldn't make myself do a wbtb. Went to bathroom and took some lecithin in the least.

      Slight alertness and not immediately falling asleep, but not quite a wbtb.

      Fragmented recall:

      At some very low level of lucidity, I see these DCs walking backwards, in a way I am playing the forward and backward in time by thinking about it, it's kind of subconscious (but I can relate my attention to that). Then, I decide I want to control back my own movements and go in the middle of the street to jump back and in time. My back jump doesn't quite follow the right trajectory so I jump forward and try to reverse the movement. Some cars are coming but I know it's ok.

      Other stuff happens and get distracted and lose my lucidity. I then have major issues with gravity, in the meantime my awareness goes up. It's super strange it's like I am weightless, floating up and can't stop the movement, so have to hold on to a street pole. For a while, I am like a balloon going up no mass whatsoever. I get lost in thoughts about posting about gravity in lucid dreams and that I am having this weightless problem. Thinking seems to distract me from the issue and I acquire normal weight and am back at street level.

      It's a nice day in some foreign looking town. I remember the candy store task, but at the same time feel that am running out of time. There is a street store with an indoor as well as outdoor section just ahead so I hurry towards it. The outside section has all sorts of nice sweet stuff like sweet rolls, mini panettone, etc. The indoors section sells more candy-like things. There's a DC working there and I tell her to quickly give me the strangest candy and she hands me a pack full of roasted coffee beans with sugar. Not exactly what I was hoping for, I make a mental note and wonder about the taste. Just about to consume them when I wake up.

      A time travelling dream scenario with semi random elements. I see my friends as their younger selves and pay attention to one of them. His present self now appears in front of me and I tell him what I saw.

      Fragments. Awareness gradually goes up as I discuss another time related change of personal in this cafe ahead. What's notable is I see myself in the mirror as a completely different person.

      Can't remember more details but as my awareness gradually increases I detach myself from the situation and just continue walking around with no goal in mind. I end up in some sort of underground/tunnels that look a bit game like (think dwarf city, castles). The tunnels are averagely lit. My eyes tell me I've taken the wrong fork but I become more confident continuing ahead. I feel I am losing lucidity so just for the fun of it, decide to self assert and shout out loud that my body is asleep at this moment. I continue down the tunnel.

      Slight apprehension as I feel something coming - just round the corner is a DC with two weird looking creatures much like wyverns. I pass right between them, they pay no attention to me. At some point in the tunnels I remember the candy store task again. Right ahead is a closed retro door and I think: "Why not, a candy store could be just behind it, think about this purposely and go ahead". I am happily surprised to find that the room indeed turns out to be a magically looking candy store. It has lots of colorful items, gemstones and candy, looks very fairy talish. No DC is working here, so I just grab the nearest weird looking small glass bottle full of gem-like looking candy.

      Cute little aquamarine opaque pieces of this gem candy mixed with some sesame/flax seeds. I quickly pour them down my mouth making sure to empty the whole little bottle (meanwhile wondering did we have to consume the whole thing, remembering the bottle of wine task). I feel relieved at this point that I am able to properly chew them, taste them and not wake up. They taste really nice, like a caramelised sesame bar. I enjoy the moment a bit longer before the alarm wakes me up.

      Think there was other cool stuff but can't recall.
    9. Failed RC

      by , 08-08-2014 at 06:03 PM
      I was in a big enclosed public space like a mall and needed to use the restroom. I found the ladies' room, which was a relatively large one with around nine stalls in a single row. I found a stall that was clean and was about to go inside when another woman barged right ahead of me. The next stall I checked had an unflushed toilet, as well as the one after that, and the third one was clean but had no toilet seat. I decided to use it anyway. I stepped into the stall and then remembered, "Wait... aren't dirty public restrooms one of my dream signs? This one isn't particularly dirty but still, I'd better RC." I counted my fingers and saw nothing unusual, then focused on the sensation of gravity and it also felt completely normal.

      I remembered the time that I had failed an RC under similar circumstances and decided I'd better make extra sure. So I focused on levitating, really putting a lot of effort into it, but my feet remained firmly stuck to the ground and even the sensation of gravity or my bodily awareness did not alter or feel any more dream-like. So that was how I knew I was awake... until some time later, when I actually woke up, and wondered how the RC could have failed so completely. The gravity RC is usually very reliable, and even on the rare occasions that I don't levitate promptly, I'll notice that gravity or my body don't "feel" right. On this occasion the illusion was perfect!
    10. A Short LD Where I Float Around My Living Room XD

      by , 04-06-2014 at 05:00 PM (Dreamer's Dream World ☾)
      Woohoo lucid dream! And this time RCs actually worked! It was great, even though I didn't do much in this one (again) -_- This time I got distracted by DCs of my family. I was in my house, in the living room and it was night and only the lamp was on so the room looked kind of orange. Everyone was sitting on the couch like usual and my mom and dad were playing some new PvZ update or something on their iPads and watching some crappy movie. I was questioning where I was and looking around the room for anything strange like I do in RL from time to time and it all looked very similar to the living room in real life. Except for some random paintings on the walls. We don't even have anything on the walls. I immediately knew I was dreaming but had to do an RC to make sure. I plugged my nose and breathed in, and sure enough I could breathe through my nose! Wow! First time I used an RC in a dream. I got happy and repeatedly said out loud I was dreaming. It felt so real when I was saying it that I almost thought I was saying it my sleep in real life XD LDs just feel so real sometimes. Like when I had a nosebleed in that other one (my second entry here) I actually thought I might be having one while I was sleeping lol. And a few other times in my dreams, what I was doing felt so real and I was almost afraid I might actually be doing it in RL like I was sleepwalking or something I did another nose plug reality check again and of course it worked. I was now completely convinced. Then I tried to fly again like in the previous LD and dang, it didn't work again! Even when I tried using my "technique" I came up with that usually works. I don't understand why I haven't been able to fly. It's incredibly frustrating now. Flying was the easiest thing for me to do in a dream before and I was really good at it Maybe my problem is I'm concentrating too hard? I've been thinking I'm not concentrating enough, but maybe it's the other way around. Maybe I just need to relax while I'm thinking about it. Or maybe I just need to practice my dream control. I used to have excellent dream control but I haven't been LDing in a while so I may need to work on it again. Anyway, although I wasn't able to fly, I did screw with the gravity which was hilarious! I was walking on air and I was like "Woohoo, I'm floating!" XD Then Jenny, a close friend, came in and we started reenacting that Gravity movie which was really too funny. I almost thought about trying to change everything to space but then thought no, maybe another time. I kept trying to do more things, but my family kept distracting me which was kind of annoying. I tried doing some other things like changing the scenery, but I couldn't concentrate and the DCs weren't helping. What I should've done was just walk out of the building, but oh well! It was still a nice, funny little dream. But then I wonder what would've been outside...Two non-lucid dreams I had before where the front door was opened, it was foggy outside like Silent Hill or something. It was really creepy. And almost immediately afterwards something bad would happen. Like in the first one, the radio acted up and got all static-y and it almost sounded like the singer's voice was spliced to sound like "You're dead." and it was on a repeat. When I looked outside, there was a man standing there in a suit and when he turned to look at me, he had no face. In the second one, my mom was the one who opened the door and someone burst in and shot her in the head. That was one of the most terrifying dreams I ever had. Maybe in an LD outside would've been different though.

      Next dream I really need to try to focus more. Hopefully I can remember my dream goals next time.
      lucid , memorable
    11. Outer space

      by , 03-25-2014 at 07:14 PM
      Barely remember anything of it now.

      I am in some sort of spaceship just flying around. I'm in some vertical giant tube with what seems to be the bad guys of the movie. There's a girl below me trying to open a gate. I increase my body weight to 1000T and let my body fall, killing her. Okay, normal weight now. Now I'm just playing with other skills, changing the gravity, speed, etc. A friend of mine is in the other side playing hide-and-seek and I go through a conduit to scare her.
    12. Flight Into Space, Moon Room, Cheerleader; 2 WILD Attempts Become 2 DILDs

      by , 01-26-2014 at 02:58 AM

      Interesting development tonight! Instead of some previous experiences where it felt like mechanics were involved in countering my lucidity...tonight both LDs felt like I was suspicious I could be dreaming and I was getting nudges of help or clues! I think this was due to my re-inspired self awareness work! Anyway busy today got to be brief. First LD I was sitting outside with a heavy-set black guy with mostly shaved head but a slight fade. For the second night in a row I see something interesting about the stars in the sky (previous night I was just focusing on a good night's sleep and got a fantastic show in the sky that was non lucid; stars lighting up unusually and then became firework sounds behind a cloud and then very clear and vivid fireworks with animation in the sky thinking it was a little late for fireworks - felt like 10:30 p.m. in the dream - and it turned out to be some advertising campaign but so beautiful!) anyway I tell that guy that those stars
      look unusual, the constellation was laid out with so many stars kind of in a shape of a boot and as I was pointing it out the whole constellation lit up (lucidity help#1) and I realized that I must be dreaming but it felt so real but I said no I must be dreaming. I decided to RC by flying up into the sky. Yep! I am thinking what now and think of flying to the moon and I look for the moon as I'm floating high up in the sky. I see the moon and start flying towards it and as I get close I go to land and somehow end up in a big L shaped room that looked like an abandoned club house or game room with items at each end of the L. I think okay is this supposed to be on the moon? Sure enough I'm bouncing around the room with moon like gravity! It is actually a whole lot of fun! After bouncing around for awhile I look at the front door to this big room and I think about what they were talking about in the last podcast and decided I would go out a different way
      and flew up through the roof as if it were not there. I'm floating in the sky again and I look for some interesting stars to fly to and think about the tip from Sivason. As I focus on each star they move a little to the right or a little to the left. Finally I find one that seems to stay fixed and I focus on it as I begin to fly towards it but then I lose sight of it but I can feel that I am deep in space and it feels a little weird like gentle pressure waves rolling against me. I feel lost out here so I decide to teleport back to the L shaped room and bounce around some more. I l
      ost lucidity either here or through the FA that followed. A guy similar to the one at the beginning of the dream was there and had a habit of turning on multiple TV'S...like a compulsion. This was after a normal wbtb about 4 hours in. Woke up from LD#1 around 5am. Did a more lazy wbtb with less SSILD cycles overlayed with mantra that I stop & realize I am dreaming + one that I
      recognize the transition (both were WILD attempts turned DILDs). 2nd LD I was in what was supposed to be my grandparents house. I was helping my grandmother with something in the garage and she decided it was time to go to bed and she went on towards bed and as I passed the laundry area(?) between the garage and the house I spilled something on the floor and it got worse as I tried to stop the spill. I went in to the bathroom to clean up I guess and heard a jingling sound then saw a small white fluffy dog and thought hmm I guess that is their dog. Then I see a taller majestic grayish blackish dog and think that is strange...doesn't seem like any dog of theirs and think this could be a dream. Nudged again (lucidity help#2) I see someone walking towards me in a bear suit and I say now I know I am dreaming! I fly up out of the house and it is daytime whereas before it seemed like night. There is a line of college cheerleaders (male and female) out in
      front of the house performing. Like in one of my HHs earlier where a woman in a skirt had one leg propped up on something provocatively, I saw a cheerleader standing legs split with a "come hither" look and I swooped down to the ground below her and worked my way towards performing oral on her as she grabbed at my junk, enjoying the experience
      but eventually faded back to bed.
    13. Nov 21. Dream Journal: Mountains and Rocks

      by , 11-21-2013 at 11:28 PM
      Bad night's sleep, horrendous recalls. This is what I can remember for the first part:

      Bxcxgds. EWRaf asgdsgkldj blaskfj? Adgldskgj!

      I woke up at maybe around 2:00 or 2:45 and was couldn't fall asleep due to various things on my mind. So I worked on some things until 3:30am and tried to go back to bed. Still took me a long time to fall asleep, but at least this recall isn't complete gibberish:

      I hiked up a mountain. It was at times forested, and at times dry rock -- totally different climates. At one point, I came across a boulder. It wasn't particularly immense or unique-looking, but it felt overwhelming, as if there's a really dense gravity field to it, and it feels like I'm thisclose to it all the time. It actually felt a little like the dreams I'd have when I have a fever.

      I'm not sure if I reached the top, or how long this went on. Eventually the dream fades, and I wake up.
    14. Sat Oct 27 (11:30-8:07)

      by , 10-27-2012 at 08:08 PM (Glieuaeiel's DJ)
      Rain, Rain (7:00)

      I'm walking up five or six stories' worth of stairs with my dad and a friend of his. Somehow I take a wrong turn, and end up going up an outside staircase, rather than the indoor one we were using. I can seed Dad and his friend through the windows, sometimes. I decide that I'll just continue up this way. Maybe I'll even beat them to the apartment. But it's raining outside, so I have to try to hold my clothing in such a way that it won't get too wet.

      The apartment's pretty nice. I meet some more adults there: acquaintances of my two companions.

      Sexual Debut (8:03)

      I'm walking along the sidewalk with a group of college acquaintances, listening to their conversation about wall jumps. Apparently there's a special kind of wall jump that many people from my house can do. One guy in the group is particularly good at it, so they want to see him do it again. He obliges: he jumps about a dozen feet straight into the air, then pushes away from the wall using one foot in such a way that he does a backflip before landing again. It's all very smooth and nonchalant; he controls his momentum somehow by moving one hand in a circle. The others are impressed. "Just how high can these wall jumps go?" one asks.

      "Well . . ." he says, and he jumps again. This time he jumps all the way above the roof of the building (two stories up), and I'm not sure what he's going to use to push from. But he somehow curves around in the air over us and lands on a high tree branch on the other side of the sidewalk. Then he jumps again, doing another backflip and landing on the roof of a parked car.

      That was amazing. And so dangerous, but he made it look easy. I had no idea that humans could--wait a second. I don't care how real this looks, I know for a fact that humans /cannot/ jump more than about three feet vertically. If he can do that, then I can set my hand on fire.

      I spread my fingers in front of my face and watch as they artistically catch fire, dissolving into nothing and blowing away on the breeze. Then my hand goes, and my arm. I'm turning invisible. But my body's still there; I can feel it. Somehow this realization makes me decide that I should have sex. [Note: I'm not actually lucid at this point. I guess because I never did an RC, the moment of lucidity passed as quickly as it came.]

      Spoiler for sexual content:
      • There are a lot of very loud birds outside my bedroom window. I decide to try to view the sound as peaceful and relaxing, rather than irritating. [Perhaps this actually happened. IDK.]
      Tags: gravity, home, sex, water
    15. Tues Sep 25

      by , 09-25-2012 at 05:23 PM (Glieuaeiel's DJ)
      Ceiling Parade (LUCID)

      With a cheer, the students start walking. It's time for the "Walk the World" parade, which is what it sounds like, except most of the time you're walking on the ceiling. First, the group starts walking up a side wall in order to get to the ceiling. I'm worried about this, since I'm not sure my dream control is strong enough to defy gravity in this way. I get to the ceiling, but I'm at the very back of the parade, and I keep falling behind as we start to walk through the halls of the building. Even though I'm trying to speed walk, I'm still not fast enough. But then, somehow I change my mental approach to the situation. I'd been concentrating too much on how hard it is to walk on the ceiling, when I should really try to take it for granted and enjoy the experience. So I do, and suddenly I'm easily able to keep pace with everyone else. I even jog for a bit and pass a few of them. I hope this isn't a really formal parade where I'm supposed to keep my place in line; if it is, they'll probably be mad at me.

      Soon, we're no longer a single trail of people. There are students running every which way all over the building. I notice there are stairs all over the place, which I realize doesn't make sense. No architect would design a building with stairs on the ceiling. But there's not much I can do about it, since I'd have a hard time imagining what a ceiling does look like from the perspective of someone standing on it. There are limits to imagination. Anyway, I see a grinning student cross an intersection in front of me, and I notice he's walking backwards. That looks like fun! So I get in front of/behind him and do the same thing for a while.

      Sometimes I'll take a turn and end up in a hallway with no other students. I wonder if I should be worried about this, but I decide not to be. On one of these occasions, I find myself in a concrete stairwell, and I decide it's time to abandon this parade. I'll challenge myself by trying to find my way back to my dorm room. I feel a bit uncomfortable about not doing any of my declared dream goals, such as setting my fingers on fire by snapping, but I think getting back to my room is more important. So, let's see, where am I? The sign next to the door up there says "6", but that's upside down, so I must be near the ninth floor. And my room's on the fifth floor, so I have to go down four flights--which will actually seem like going up four flights, since I'm upside down. Okay. Let's get going.

      I go around twice without incident (though I feel a bit disoriented), but the next landing is unusually dark. This is the perfect place to try that finger flame thing! I stand still and snap my fingers. Nothing happens except the lights flicker a bit at the edge of my vision. I try it a few more times, reminding myself that this is a dream and I can do anything I want to do. Still, nothing happens. I wonder if it would be helpful to have a small flame from another source to use as inspiration. Where could I get a flame like that? I try shaking my hand to joggle a couple flames loose, but it doesn't work. I try striking my right index finger on my left arm like it's a match (I'm proud of thinking of that), but it doesn't work either. By this time, there are a couple other students on the landing with me. My vision's also gone funny, like there's a second image overlayed atop the first. I try not to pay attention to it, because I think it means I'm waking up. I snap my fingers a few more times to show the other students what I've been trying to do. This time, I can feel a sort of heat and crackling in the air, but there's still no visible flame. Still, I'm a bit excited, and I notice my vision's cleared up again. I guess that small success pulled me back into the dream. But I don't have much time. Suddenly I realize it might be a good strategy to visualize success--try to imagine what it would look like to snap and have flame appear at your fingertips. Imagine how it would flicker, what effect the light would have on the surrounding environment. I have a good feeling about this strategy, but before I can test it, I wake up.

      [I've no idea when or how I became lucid in that dream. Also, I've never lived on the fifth floor.]


      My mom served me way too much food. I'm on a diet, but I guess she doesn't know that, so it's not her fault. Still, I eat only a bit of one casserole, then I get up and leave without explanation. Later, I realize I should have stored my leftovers in the fridge instead of making more work for Mom, but it's probably too late by now.


      I'm playing a platform game with four player characters. One of them is Mario. I had hoped that the other three characters would have some A.I. to use while I'm playing the fourth, but apparently not. I have to switch between the characters myself, and bring them all individually through each level. You can really sense the evil of the enemies at the end of the level. I get Mario through, but I die when I try to use the next character, because I don't know its attacks very well. I try various button combinations similar to the ones in Smash Bros. and the character does a lot of different animations, but I have no idea what these attacks actually do. I try the level again, and I die again. The people watching laugh and ask me why I'm playing such a weak character. Later, I notice that I've been reset to the beginning of the level, and all four characters are back at the start. Apparently this game has a very low tolerance for dying.

      Later, I'm watching Hank and company play the game on hankgames. It's a "highlights" video with a strange title. As the video plays, I come to understand that the unusual word from the title means "dying and then having your dead body killed again a few times." It's funny because it's like adding insult to injury. It happens a lot in this game.

      • inside with a few friends, asking if any of them has a lighter I can borrow
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