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    1. May 2015 | Short Compilation

      by , 01-05-2018 at 09:28 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -1-Mom and I traveled to Canada City in NW Quebec. The city was free to use; not requiring a passport to enter from outside of Canada as long as you’re within the city limits. We went to a weird, packed restaurant with dumb music and unorganized dancing.
      [New Scene]
      I was playing a hide-and-seek game on a tiny map with 2 other DCs. There also were teleporters in 3 different places—1 at each base, and one in the middle. I was switching rapidly between locations via the teleporters to avoid getting caught. Then, I barely hid in the bushes at the sunny edge of the map(wearing a red shirt, mind you) and got saved by the game timer.

      -2-This guy called “Jackson” was really good at hiding in the woods. The woods were very spread out at one point, but extremely thick several feet above. Another area was just plain thick. The entire area was always well-lit except for the underground areas, which could be accessed via the trees. One tree underground only qualified as a ditch. The others had their own cave system. Or you could climb the trees and hide near the top. Jackson, someone else, and I were hiding in the woods from someone. This happened multiple times.

      -3-At one moment, I was in the US, the next I was somewhere else. There was heavy traffic outside as I climbed the stairs to a large room, where I asked a police woman to tell me where I was.
      She said, “Doom.”
      Me: “Can you show me on a map?”
      The woman pointed to a location on the northwest coast of Scotland. After that, I went back downstairs and woke up.

      -4-In Minecraft, there was a mod that restricted ender pearls so they only worked if they landed on grass. There was an underground section (more like a hollow mountain) where I put stained glass blocks around an entrance from the top via ladder. There was also an area with very high moving platforms supported by columns that extended deep into the bluish-gray fog below. I kept falling off by missing my ender pearl throws between them.
      [New Scene]
      I was using an impossible gun that had simple metal cylinders as bullets. It was a large revolver pistol with 10 bullet chambers. It was impossible because the bullets were of 3 separate pieces—the pointed tip and the two cylindrical pieces, and they fired one piece at a time, turning 10 bullets into 30. Suddenly, I was in a firefight with something. I fired a number of times more than what I thought should have fir in the gun. I shot at knighting in particular. When I reloaded, I did it quickly, and got most of the bullets in. Then, I loaded the last pieces in one by one.

      -5-There were these pig aliens that had guns with millions of bullets in one magazine. Then, the police arrived and fired back unsuccessfully. I was in practically no danger in the damaged parking lot at night that was surrounded by buildings. Eventually, all that was left was no cops, two aliens, and a bomb. Also, there were two mini-TARDISes. When one of the aliens set it off(timer), we all rushed into one of the TARDISes, closed the doors, and waited. Once the small explosion passed, nothing else happened.

      This is what happens to the months that have only sparse content.
    2. January 5, 2015 - (L) | Facility, Britain, Smash, Forest Trail, Ice, TARDIS

      by , 12-27-2017 at 04:35 AM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -(L)-Caught a FA. I noticed the fan was running and the display was on even though the actual thing (outside the dream) was off. I got out of bed, and looked N, and then a gray and white cat got my attention. I walked over to pet it, and it purred. Suddenly, both it and Snickers were sleeping on my bed. (Also, this new cat was about the same size as Snickers)
      -I was inside a cool underground facility in a room with tables full of unrecognized junk. I walked into an adjacent room that was smaller, the last, and the ceiling was a skylight. It was during the night, and I saw some parking lot lights, and the wall of a building. Suddenly, the dream let me know of a person that was walking closer to me with Satan. They were one the floor above me. I can’t remember the whole conversation, but I replied, “Is there a way that can leave without pain or death?” The guy said, “You’ll just look from your window!” I replied, “No, I can’t, this place is underground.” [Skip] Back in the bigger, first room, Alan was sitting in a random, comfy chair. The chair was also 2-sided. Next, we set up some unstable stairs (which consisted of one wooden chair, and the brown rocking chair (comfy) to try to reach the floor above us.
      -Liberty Ridge had a road that came in from the northeast. There happened to be a gas station in the north corner, and another gas station in the east corner. So, we got out of the car, walked into the east gas station shop, and bought some cereal.
      [New Scene]
      I found myself in England with Jeremy Clarkson. I said, “Britain needs more mountains. [Talking a little about Washington mountains and hikes.]” He was like, “Yeah.” It didn’t matter where I was, whether I was standing there, driving somewhere else; all I saw was slightly rolling, green landscape.
      [New Scene]
      So I was playing Smash 4 with an acquaintance. I was Mario, and he was Greninja. He had the tag “Mew2King.” I beat him, of course. The killing blow was a reverse Ore Club hit. The stage was Kalos Pokemon League. Earlier, I saw some notes that M2K himself apparently made. It contained a list of everybody that we was going to play against that day.
      -I spawned (I think) in a forest on a trail, with a backpack. The stuff in the backpack included a huge bucket of pencils, a 5-subject notebook, some scraps of foil, and maybe some food. Along the trail, I dropped the foil, and decided that seeing what was ahead was more important than retrieving the foil. I soon came to a river (deep, fast-flowing) that I needed to cross. There was ice cover up to 15ft from some rocks over the river. I looked around for a couple of sticks that were big enough to help me cross. I found one that was satisfactory, and one that was not. By now, the ice and snow were almost gone, so I started to walk across. Two steps in, and I find a very suitable stick, just standing in the river. A couple more steps in, and I come to a dual-floored deck. (I was now 15ft above the river) I carefully climbed down to the second level, and jumped from there onto a 45° deck slope. Now on the other side of the river, I decided to set up a beacon pillar, since it was getting dark. The light itself looked exactly like a thermal discouragement beam. The dream camera then switched and panned down the river for a while before coming to stop, where a few people were coming. Also I noticed two other beacons from that camera angle.
      [New Scene]
      I found myself in some kind of school, still with my backpack. I had no clue of what I was supposed to be doing. There was one point where I had gotten a writing utensil out, and put it back. Another scene happened, where a young female asked me if she knew me. I was like, “You look familiar…..did you go to KLE?” “No.” “Then nope.” [Skip] The TARDIS appeared in the floor around the TARDIS. They acted similar to black holes, except the compressions lasted for about 3 seconds each. Everyone (all 4 of us) rushed into the TARDIS to avoid the random compressions, but before we got there, compressions tried to kill us. We eventually got in one by one until all of us were protected from the gravitational forces inside the TARDIS.
      Lucid Time: 30-60 seconds

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    3. TARDIS and Dimension Jumping

      by , 06-30-2017 at 09:23 AM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Okay, I am literally typing this out in the middle of the night because this might just be the coolest dream I've had yet. No, I wasn't lucid, but not all cool dreams need to be lucids as far as I'm concerned. Anyway, here's the boring stuff.

      Fell asleep at: 10-11:00ish

      Woke up at: 2:30 AM

      I was in my home when suddenly I find it: The TARDIS. I inspect the humble machine, and having not watched the show (I know what the TARDIS does but the dream worked with it differently), I'm curious. And I think, "inter dimensional travel? Okay, let's start small before we do anything drastic." And I use the TARDIS to send me to a parallel version of my house. Nothing was too drastically different, but then I notice something, a box with candies and junk food. I quickly take the foodstuffs (Without suspicion, since I was just in a parallel universe and I probably looked like that universe's version of me) and bolt it for the TARDIS.

      If I haven't told you already, the little telephone booth was in my washroom. Maybe another interdimensional traveler found his way to my dimension before being stuck there when I took it. Or my dream just sorta threw it in there.

      In one of the parallel universes I had to distract DCs by means of drawing attention away from the TARDIS and how out of place it was. They made it to the washroom to do some laundry where I maintained conversation with them until they left the room. I then hopped back thinking I didn't have much time left. The DCs represented my sisters.

      I then wind up at my school. I step out of the washroom containing my precious when I wind up getting myself lost. See, in the real world, I have a pretty shit sense of direction. Tell me to go somewhere and it'll take me forever and a minute to recognize what you're talking about. I'm not stupid -- even though I have the reflexes of a sloth.

      Anyways, it was getting dark out but there were still people running around. Apparently some kind of big event was going down. There were carts, unfinished rides, and crowds everywhere. Feeling like I needed the assistance I found my friends Shanna and Rudy as well as a parallel version of me. And I say something along the lines of, "I am an alternate version of you, me. I come from a dimension where everything is the same, but different, and I need your help. I don't know where to find the washroom that contains my TARDIS. You know what that is right Shanna?". They tried helping and were pretty cool with the fact that I was from a different world.I mean, you can't really argue with that when you see an exact clone of somebody in terms of personality and appearance now do you?

      It is also worth noting that parallel universe me had longer hair. That helped differentiate us.

      But after some time had passed and I felt like we were getting no closer to finding the TARDIS, I eventually split up with the crew. It was a mad dash to the TARDIS and I was running around all of the school's grounds to find it. Daylight had come, and I eventually found the "appreciation center". A place with high ceilings, a podium, tons of small sofas, and tall windows where the sunlight streamed in. It was apparently a lounge/book reading area.

      I go back outside and go through the bushes when I see an old man copying my movements. It wasn't anything too scary, as he was just mocking me for how stupid I looked. I did the same and made an old man voice that went along with his movements. He walked off, but after that the dream ended.


      1. This has been the longest regular dream I've had so far. Even though it probably happened on the first REM cycle of the night.

      2. Dimension hopping and stealing from parallel universes with no consequences was both fun and exhilarating.

      3. I can always count on my friends (And myself) when times are tough. I know that probably wasn't a major theme throughout, but I thought it was too heartwarming to pass up. Thank you subcon for not trying to make me feel bad.
    4. Gilbert, TARDIS, Bucket Fillers, and Yule Ball

      by , 01-25-2015 at 06:16 PM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      January 25, 2015 (With CZ)

      Gilbert's Safe Too!!

      I was in a post apocalyptic-ish world. In this world (we were at my house back home), only my dad and I had survived out of my family. Well, and Bina, my kitty. We had gathered with the remainders of our neighborhood at our house and out neighbor's house. We share a driveway, so we had built a wall of sorts around both properties so we could safely travel between the two houses. We had also connected them underground somehow in case it was ever unsafe to go above ground.

      I had gone outside on a normal supplies run one day, and thought I saw a flash of brown and white. I thought of my other cat, Gilbert, whom we hadn't seen since the disaster. I was so hopeful but also a little terrified that he wouldn't be him. He was also outside the walls... I wasn't allowed to exit the perimeter without explicit permission and a buddy to go with me. But I jumped the fence after checking, and found that it was indeed Gilbert, and that he was normal, if not a little frazzled from being on his own for the few weeks it had been. I called his name, and he perked up and ran toward me, jumped over the fence. I got back over the fence as well, and couldn't find him. I called his name again, and he shot out from the other side of our house, and went into our garden. I went to the door, opened it, and again called his name, and he came shooting into the house. My dad picked him up and scolded me for going outside the fence, but I could tell he was so happy to see Gilbert alive. Even Bina came up and licked him and like huddled next to him (they pretty much never get along, true brother and sister pair haha).

      Look, a TARDIS!

      I was at my field placement school, and my class had a horrible substitute or training teacher. My mentor teacher was in the room and sitting next to me, but we weren't allowed to interfere in any way. But this guy was doing things all wrong. None of our classroom norms were being upheld, and he didn't know what our "I agree" and "I disagree" hand gestures were, so he got confused and that made the kids confused. He had us chant something when we gave the "I disagree" symbol, which completely defies the purpose of having a hand gesture (being that they don't talk when they do it, disrupting who ever is speaking). I was so pissed. We finally got dismissed for lunch, and I followed the kids out to the playground. I saw one of my old high school friends there. Her hair was the length it was in high school, but I knew her hair was much shorter now, s I was a bit confused. I asked her about it, and she said, "Ohhh, yeah... those photos were all really old, it's grown out since then." And I was still a little confused, but just shrugged it off. She mentioned a new movie coming out that was going to be really interesting and insightful, and then I had to go inside to eat my lunch.

      I went to the staff lounge, which ended up being completely empty, so I went in search of other teachers. Where were they all? I ended up finding a new teacher's lounge that I hadn't even known existed! Someone spilled something, and I offered to clean it up. I had to find the paper towel, so I was looking in the cupboards. By the time I got to the spill, it was already cleaned up, so I put the paper towel back. The teachers were all gossiping about something or other, so I left as soon as I finished my lunch. I'm not one for gossip in the professional setting.

      I got back to my classroom just as the kids were coming in. But only about half the class came in. Apparently, the class was getting split up. I was teaching on group, and my mentor Teacher was teaching the other group. We each had one of the usual TAs with us. At some point I was writing something on the board but before I got to the board, I noticed the bracelet on my hand (the one that says "I will question reality" on the inside of it) and Paused. I held the hands up and noticed that I had a ghost middle finger. I am dreaming! I looked around the class and shrugged. They were all only Dream Kids anyways, so I left the classroom. As I walked through the halls of the school toward the main entrance to the playground, I debated what I should do. Should I try to incubation task, or my personal task, or the TOTY? I also wanted to start the three-part task as well, and I decided to go with that one. My first one was Advanced Summoning, so I wondered if I could used that to help my incubation of creating a TARDIS (including the insides). I exited the building and looked around expecting to see a TARDIS. In the grass field in the distance, a TARDIS materialized out of thin air, accompanied by the sound it makes. I was about to fly toward it (which would be my second three-part task) but while flying, it started to move around and I couldn't catch it. Then I noticed that the light at the top was flashing red. I knew that was wrong, and then the TARDIS turned into a red phone booth and then vanished again.

      I stood there in the grass, and willed again that a TARDIS Would materialize, this time adding to my thoughts that it would be right in front of me. This time, a blue, accurate TARDIS materialized with sounds included, right in front of me. I touched the wooden walls and inspected the signs on the front. They had gibberish on them, which I would have to work on fixing if at all possible. I made a mental note to look up the exact words they should be, so I could memorize them and hopefully this would make it so that the words would be more accurate in my dream. Now for the big task... I opened the door... And discovered nothing much on the inside. Well, I knew what else to work on next time, too. I vaguely wondered if I was doing this "incubation" thing right...

      I closed the door and discovered that the TARDIS had attracted a herd of nerds, who were trying to climb the back of it and steal it away. I yelled, "IT'S JUST A PORTA-POTTY, BACK OFF." But the nerds wouldn't have it. I lifted the TARDIS away from the nerds, but they clung to it and traveled with it. Fuck, these guys are persistent. I then hit one of them with a rubber mallet that materialized in my hand mid-swing (internally thinking that this was pretty cool and I'd never tried it before, so I was just a little proud of myself~) and they scattered. I patted my TARDIS-In-Progress and was about to jump off to do some flying and advanced flying, when
      I woke up.

      I fell back asleep trying to pull myself into a dream where I could summon a Pegasus, but these two string of smaller non-Lucids happened instead:

      Bucket Fillers

      I was in my class again. This time, everyone was writing a short piece about the things they liked in other people. Each student had another student assigned, so that everyone would get a nice letter to make them feel better. This was our little Bucket Fillers activity for the week. When the students were done writing, they would put the letters into their friend's cubby. I was walking around the classroom and watching all the kids be all nice and bubbly to each other.

      Yule Ball

      I was walking to the Yule Ball that was being held by the Quiddich team here. I was going to meet Zukin there, because we had just gotten our tattoos, and wanted to rest before the ball. I passed a huge group of toga-clad undergrads, and enjoyed watching how drunk they were. I asked if they were warm enough, but they all said, "Oh, yeah, we're fiiiinnneee." I shortly got to the Union, where the Yule Ball was being held. I was all the way at the front table where I would pay for my ticket, when I remembered the Zukin and I had decided not to go anyways. I looked around, got embarrassed at my little mistake that no one else could possibly know, and left.

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    5. Beach Fun

      by , 12-31-2014 at 09:24 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      December 30, 2015

      I've Gotten Soft

      I was a wolf, and was worried that I'd gotten soft, because I was hanging out with a bear and a beaver. But then some bad human was scheming something; he wanted to catch the animals where I lived by laying traps for them.

      I switched to being the beaver or some other small mammal, and warned the wolf that what the bad human brought to our home was going to seem like it was a good thing, but was actually going to destroy our world... But the wolf smelled some pot pies on an island across the river from where we stood. I think we had been on a railroad track, right next to the opening of a tunnel. When we got to the small island with the pot pies on it though, we started pulling weeds because we wanted the place to be beautiful. This somehow foiled the bad human's plans, and he was moaning and grieving back on the train tracks.

      I woke up from this random and short dream, but wasn't ready to get up yet, so I tried to fall back asleep. I usually have my best dreams at these moments... I wasn't disappointed. I had this dream next:

      Beach Fun

      I was on a beach with my family. My brothers and I were playing a sort of shooting game, where we had to see how close to shooting each other we could get without actually hitting each other. The guns suddenly turned into those nerf dart guns after a squabble where I apparently shot too fast consecutively. My little brother shot me and the dart stuck right to my chest. Then I shot my big brother three times; in the arm, the neck, and the hip.

      After our battle, we all wanted to go for a walk along the shore. But we had a lot of stuff out with us, so we had to go take it to the car so it would be safe. The car was all the way at the back of the parking lot though, so we had to walk a ways. Dad said he would bring the car around after the first load of stuff, so that we wouldn't have to walk so far next time. I spotted an open parking spot much closer to the beach, and suggested we just move the car there.

      On the way to the car, I looked into the woods to my left and noticed huge giraffe replicas. I'm talking like seven-story building tall giraffes. There were maybe 6 or 8 of them, all posed as if walking to the beach to our right. They looked just like real giraffes, just much bigger. To my right, there were some large pelican statues. One of them had its wings out as if beating them to scare enemies away. For some reason my big brother then hatched out of a giant egg near the pelican statues. I was a bit confused, but he seemed to think it was totally normal. We crossed a small pedestrian bridge that was more like a large log over the water, and the ground shook momentarily. I looked up and saw the neck of one of the large giraffes moving. I was scared that they were coming to life and were going to smoosh us, but they didn't. It looked at me, then moved back to its original position and everything stopped moving again...

      At this point, my consciousness was slightly shifted; I was The Doctor, but I was still me. If that makes sense. I looked in the woods to the left again, and saw about five Tardises. I blinked, and they were gone. I was very excited, because another Tardis meant there might be another Time Lord than me! My family all went back to the beach area, and I snuck back out to the woods to find the other Time Lords. It was dark now, and when I saw the 5 of them again, I was so exstatic. I wasn't alone! But as I drew nearer, they started morphing from blue Police Call boxes into red Phone Boothes, and I paniced. They all started randomly phasing in and out of Tardis, and never seemed to stay as a Tardis by the time I reached them.

      I finally managed to catch one of them as it was blue, but then Emma Stone walked out of it and the sound of flushing came to my mind. They were all just porta-potties, and I'd just been too excited. Emma was drunk as all get out, though. She was stumbling and looked like she was going to vomit again. I helped her get to her cabin, only about fifty feet from the potty. Her mom was inside, and they both thanked me so much and almost worshipped me for some reason. They invited me to a festival that was happening the next day, but I was already going with my family, so I declined.

      Flash forward to my family and I leaving the spot on the beach again. My mom and I are in Yukatas, and we are headed for the festival. The parking lot was lined with all sorts of stalls, and my mom wanted to take pictures of me all over the place. But I couldn't see any of the giant giraffes anymore. This made me suspect I was dreaming, so I looked down to my hands, and noticed I had an extra pinky finger on my right hand. I was dreaming!

      I wanted to set off a firework, which was perfect, because I was at a festival. There were usually fireworks at these things, right? I looked behind a few stalls, because that's where I thought they would have fireworks stored for later. After a few stalls, I found a stash. I grabbed some of the biggest ones, and stuffed them into the folds on my Yukata. Normally, they shouldn't have had any business fitting, but it was a dream. Yukatas are apparently like a Tardis; bigger on the inside.

      I decided to wander for a bit, and noticed something fishy about the trees all around me. I shuffled behind a bush, and inspected the bases of the trees. They turned out to be made of metal. The trunks were cut into strips at the bases, and then bent outwards slightly to create a slight fanning out. It was kind of beautiful, in a way. I appreciated the artistry and patience of whoever could have created a whole forest of metal trees that looked so real.

      I wanted to set off the fireworks now, but it was still light. I closed my eyes and willed it to get dark, envisioning the sun setting. When I opened my eyes, it was still light, but when I looked through the metal branches and leaves of the trees above me, I could see the sun moving fast through the sky. In about 20 seconds it was sunset. The sun slowed a bit, and the sunset lasted a few minutes, it was beautiful, but the trees blocked a lot of the colors. Soon, it was dark enough for fireworks.

      I hopped on over to the beach, flying through a small path in the woods that lead to the water. I stuck the fireworks in the sand near the water (but not close enough for them to get wet), and realized I had no matches. I could have tried sticking my hand in my pocket... But I wanted to try it Roy Mustang style. I went back to the tree-line, and snapped my finger a couple times, expecting there to be fire when I did. It took a few tries. When I was confident I could summon the flames this way, I aimed and snapped a bolt of fire at the fuses for the rockets. It worked, and this made me want to try other things with fire...

      (Backstory required here... When I was a kid, two of my friends and I would spend our time creating elaborate fantasy worlds in which we each controlled an element and ruled over a kingdom. I ruled over fire, and even made a whole story back this world. Anyways, I wanted to try some of the things "I" could do in this fantasy world of mine)

      I wanted to try making a disc of fire that I could stand on. I'd spent so long thinking about how these things worked while writing the story, so I just did what I had imagined many times already, and it worked pretty well. It was familiar and nostalgic. I held out my hands and there it was. I moved it up, down, side to side a bit before stepping onto it.

      But I remembered the fuses on the fireworks just as they went off. I also wanted to follow the firework so I could watch from the inside, so I shot off after it. I'm not sure if I was flying with the flame disc or if I'd just left it hovering there. I caught up to the firework, and then it went off, and it was so cool. It wasn't so much firework-looking as just flashes of color blinding everything else out of my vision. It lasted a lot longer than a normal firework. There was a sort of pinkish orangish background haze around me, and lots of lines of colors shooting out from where my feet were. Some shimmers and sparkles, too.

      When it was over, I just hovered in the air for a bit. I was a little dazed, and felt the dream destabilizing, so I tried rubbing my hands together. I've never tried that to keep a dream, so I wasn't sure how well it would work. I just then remembered a dare I'd seen for anyone. I wanted to get into those dares. The only one I could think of, which randomly popped into my head then, was to fall from a height without slowing down, or something like that. Something about hitting the ground at full speed.

      The dream was a little fuzzy, but the rubbing was helping a little bit, so I darted over a bit so I would be above the sand, and not the water like I was right then, and hovered for a bit. This took a lot of mental preparation for me; falling is maybe my biggest fear, and it's that way because of a dream I had when I was little... So even though it was a dream, I still felt scared and in danger. I had my hands balled into fists, so I decided that the signal to fall would be un-clenching my hands and spreading my fingers... but the dream destabilized again and I woke up.
    6. #55 - Tardis + Rescue/Sex/Rock throwing

      by , 11-13-2014 at 01:06 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: Non-dream
      Blue: Non-lucid
      Red: Lucid

      I had a near WILD experience again last night, the 3rd I've ever had. I was lying in bed after a WBTB at around 5ish, I could feel some intense vibrations, I could hear them buzzing too. I could also see some slight visuals starting to manifest, like a small light in a sea of darkness. The whole thing was short lived as I once again screw up the transition. I also noticed my jaw being clenched up and offset in an odd position as I was coming out of the experience, I do a few reality checks to make sure I wasn't having an infamous SSILD false awakening but I wasn't sadly .

      Dream 1 - Tardis + Rescue
      Me and someone else are planning to steal the Tardis (for those of you who don't know what this is, it's the time travelling police box from the Doctor Who series), we look around for the area where it's supposed to appear. We seem to be peering through a window into an area that is so indescribable... Like a 70s trippy visuals effect was going on in the background and everything was floating. Now I'm somehow in a library but it looks extremely similar to my kitchen. I see a book outside that contains more information on the Tardis, I go outside to read it. I seem to be sitting down on the bricks by the doors where I usually sit to relax on a sunny day, a crew member from the Tardis walks past the glass window behind me, he has his daughter with him. The crew member scowls at me. I find a box that contains lots of little books in it for reading to little kids and babies etc. They're the same as what I read to my daughter in WL, and I think to myself how I should have stolen these instead of buying brand new ones. I think about this and decide that this a dumb idea. I read through the books for about a minute, they're worn out and missing bits of the cover photo. I then blur into a new scene where I'm trying to save a girls family from a guy with a sub machine gun. We're in a woodland area that has tall thin evergreens and light brown dirt, it reminds me of American-type forests (at least from what I've gathered from movies). The crook is hiding in a wooden-log house, I can't remember what happened but somehow I win against him, I realize now that his weapon has no ammo. He says something along the lines of "I guess it still counts as a criminal offense...", insinuating that even though the family was never in danger he will still get in trouble. The girls family is no where to be seen, and it's now the girl who I was actually saving (some kind of dream screw up in the plot). The girl runs up to me and hugs me, I feel like she's my daughter. A woman nearby comments on me saying "That's what you call a good role model".

      Dream 2 - Sex
      Fooling around with a girl, shouldn't need to go into details. We were in my home though and it was daytime.

      Dream 3 - Rock Throwing
      I'm on a beach and I'm getting chased, I run across rocks and sand, leaping acrobatically around. I leap onto the edge of a ledge a few metres high and hook my leg into a crevice to support myself. There is a girl reading a book on the top of the ledge not even noticing me, and there's four people below me on the beach who were chasing me. They're looking up at me, I throws down at them and they throw a few back. I catch 2 of the bigger rocks and hurl them back, 1 of them cracks into 3 rocks and hits 3 of the people on the top of their heads. I can feel myself slipping ever so gradually as the feel of the dirt on the ledge slides a bit. I decide to get a better vantage point, and swing myself into the crevice I'm supporting myself on. It's tight and dark, I'm lying flat and there's no room to move. I shouldn't have even been able to get into such a place. The entrance is horizontally oriented and is only open a crack, I seem to realize though that I won't have trouble getting out if I just realized a certain something (slight awareness increase), but I wake up.
    7. Nov 16 Dream Journal pt 2: Time to enter the DANGER ZONE!

      by , 11-16-2013 at 10:40 PM
      I woke up from having to go pee. When I crawled back in bed, I decided to practice reciting "I'm going to be dreaming" mantras for WILD practice. It usually takes me a really long time to fall asleep, but I think I was out within seconds. So that endeavor didn't go as planned.

      Dream two plopped me in a situation where Dr. Who (Matt Smith version. I'm team Tennant. This confuses me.) is having a witty argument with some other dude in a chic suit and vest. There is a problem with space time or whatever the dire situation is at the moment, and I vaguely recall the argument is about how much crappier the Doctor's TARDIS is compared to the other guy's device. I think the other guy called the TARDIS "it's a time tomb" derisively -- not the biggest burn, but it's the one line I remember.

      ANYWAYS, something something, because now they time-materialize the other guy's machine into what looks like the garage in my old home in Canada. Dream Knowledge tells me that in the room next to it is some sort of walk-in closet (I recall a lot of clothes hanging in the room), and there's Mallory Archer and a really old man in a wheelchair (he's someone's father based on Dream Knowledge), and Mallory is just berating the old man because she's drunk. The scene switches back and forth between the Archer scenes and Dr. Who scenes (though they are in the same universe), and I know whatever situation it was is being resolved.

      I wake up, and regret the life decision to watch the Archer Top Gun remake on a loop before going to bed.

      I attempted keeping a WILD mantra going for dream three, but my brain turned into a five-year-old and kept asking what Archer's first name is. I kept thinking "Sean?" even though I know it's not right. Clearly, my brain refused to let me sleep, so I hop out of bed.

      It took me all of 15 seconds after deciding I'm up for the day and leaving the warmth of my bed that my brain goes "Lol! His name was Sterling."
    8. Lucid, TARDIS flying, house vibrating, Sith base

      by , 09-06-2013 at 11:56 AM (The Redeeming Dreamer)
      9/6/2013, 10:10-6:25

      Regular Dream Lucid Dream Awake

      I went to sleep after meditating, repeating the mantras, "I remember that I'm dreaming when I'm dreaming," and, "I remember my dreams when I wake up." During meditation, I repeated those mantras, too. I took a drink of water, went to the bathroom, and went to bed with the air conditioner on.

      Dream 1:

      I remember a Sith base, and people running around it. I was watching from the ceiling, but it was really a camera dream, without me being in an actual body. I watched as the base was apparently under attack.

      I woke at 3:21 (with a reality check of course). My dog seemed to need to go outside, so I went out with him. It was cold out there. As he took a piss, I looked up at the stars, and tried to sort out any constellations I could find. None. I then got back inside, drank some more water, took another piss, and went back to bed at 3:26. I couldn't really sleep because I was thinking of too much about my dream from last night AND my dog was barking a lot. I eventually got frustrated and put him in my neighboring room, where my grandma was sleeping. I eventually got back to sleep.

      Dream 2:

      I remember playing Empire: Total War. That is all.

      Dream 3:

      This one was a false awakening. I went out of my room and started reading a book on the living room couch. Then I started noticing that the house was vibrating! I went downstairs into the basement and noticed that the house wasn't completely on the ground. It was lifted up slightly by a piece of wood. "That must explained the vibrations," I thought to myself. I probably thought the boiler was making the house vibrate, combined with the house lifted up slightly.
      (In real life, it probably was the train passing.)

      I eventually noticed the illogical sense behind this, and turned lucid. A sudden rush of energy and vibrations came over me. I heard a sound similar to a helicopter starting up as I turned lucid, too. I suddenly imagined the TARDIS (probably as a reality check). I suddenly saw the TARDIS levitating off the ground, and me, as a camera, rotating around it as I lifted off the ground. I then tried to do something else, but I "pressed the wrong button", and accidentally opened my real eyes. I woke up to the sound of my dog barking again.
    9. Dumbily-Wumbily

      by , 08-25-2013 at 04:09 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      This series of dreams were a little disappointing. I am embarrassed at how sloppy I've become. I made a number of mistakes and really didn't get anywhere with my goal. At least I got multiple lucids!

      I took a longer WBTB than usual (longer than 5 min) with this one and got on Playstation Home Doctor Who pack and explored the TARDIS a bit trying to take in all the visuals of the inside. I think it would have been helpful if I had actually summoned one up or just materialized myself straight inside versus making the blue box first. I was worried about insomnia when I went to bed as I was super wakeful. I had to use my technique for falling asleep and abandon any lucid induction. I was surprised to DILD but with Galantamine it's almost effortless the first few hours. I really need to concentrate on my techniques after my mini awakenings instead of just falling back to mantra. It works... sort of, but I think the experience would be much better with a little more focus. A lot of times I just want to get back to sleep as fast as possible but still try for lucid. Mantras seems to be my fall back method during these times.


      #216 - 3:25AM - DILD

      I have an FA and find my self getting some coffee. The set up looks like work but its a checkout line at Wal-Mart. I try to grab a Styrofoam cup but they are dirty with holes in them. I move the to other side and see some clean new cups. I get coffee from the dispenser. Mary, the janitor is standing next to the coffee machine. I nod at her and walk away sipping my coffee. (No physical sensation or taste)

      My cousin starts texting me while I am walking and though I cant read the words I seem to think that I know what we are saying to each other.

      Suddenly, I am in my living room on the floor next to the couch. I still have my coffee in my hand but I am not really drinking it. I am in contemplation and I feel something is off. I am drinking more caffeine? This isn't a good idea if I am going to go back to bed and try to get lucid. SHIT! I should always RC after any awakening I do a nose plug but don't really put thought into it. I don't even know if I blew threw or not. Then, I hear someone going out the front door. It's my wife. She tells me that she is going outside to get something and I can hear the keys jingle in her hand. No. She should be asleep. That's not like her at this hour. I AM dreaming! I walk to the front door and remember to pause and take in the detail. I look at the door and notice it is very different than waking reality. There is a large window in the middle of it. It's wooden and the paint is weathered and peeling off. Then I forget this and rush outside because all I want to do is get in the TARDIS.

      Outside the air is cold. Always the air is cold in lucids. Why is this? I enjoy the feeling of it, but I begin to notice that I feel really odd like I have a head cold and there is cloth wrapped around my head, chin to top. It feels heavy and I try to ignore it. I wonder if something is happening to my body in bed. I suddenly feel myself lying on my back and there is nothing on my head now. No don't want to do that. I focus and continue to walking with no other distraction. There is a street lamp to the right and void to the left. I let control slip a bit and just allow myself to wander in a random direction believing I will go straight to the TARDIS. I realize that I am walking barefoot but this time I feel like I am wearing shorts with a hoodie instead of the usual underwear only. Suddenly, I feel a sharp and realistic pain in my left foot and assume I stepped on a peddle on the sidewalk. I let out a whispered, "Ouch!" And grab my foot for a moment. I am shocked at the vividness of the pain but quickly put it out of my mind. I come around to the driveway side of the house and stop. I think it should be appearing now and can faintly hear that unique sound of it's engines. I get several brief and dim images of the TARDIS spinning in flight and appearing in various positions in my driveway. Suddenly, I hear the explosion of a gunshot from somewhere behind me. My physical body jerks in reaction to the sound and the dream breaks apart waking me up.


      #217 - DILD - 4:29AM

      I hear my son crying and my wife gets up. The light is on but I have a blanket over my face and lying on my left side. I try not to move because I think I am trying to WILD and I am still in the same position that I laid down. Something feels odd. I can feel the air of the ceiling fan on my face and my breath is not obstructed in the least bit. Then, I hear an electronic robotic buzzing sound from behind me and the blankets vibrate like a strong wind is blowing. I immediately know that I am dreaming and do not feel frightened. The sound stops.

      I get up and am in the kitchen. I see my wife standing there in the doorway looking very sexy. I grab her and we passionately kiss like its the first time. After a moment, I remember my task and let her go. We can do this later. There is a coffee pot full of coffee on the edge of the sink. I laugh. What is it with coffee in my dreams? I spend several minutes aimlessly searching the house for the TARDIS but don't have any real focus.

      Then, I see the front door, but it's not a door at all. It's a large mirror. I run to it intending to dive head first. I pass a DC. Was it my daughter? She says something but I am focused on the mirror. I can see my reflection as I get closer. There are two of me but for some reason I think it's normal. Then, as I dive there is no reflection and I focus on reaching beyond. I get stuck at the waist for a second and wiggle through. I stand up and realize that I went from a very clean and tidy version of my house to a very dirty and messy version of my house. I look around still trying to find a TARDIS but suddenly, the dream collapses.

      I try to DEILD but find myself stuck in bed. I realize my head is floating and not touching the pillow. I roll into the floor and stop. I am in another bed with my head floating. I roll again, fall once more and stop on the floor. I suddenly wake up.


      #218 - DEILD? - 4:47AM

      I either wake up or have a FA. I berate myself for letting awareness slip again. I mantra, "I am dreaming." but suddenly realize that I either I never really woke up or I went straight into a DEILD. I say, "I am still dreaming." (from the times maybe there was not so much a gap after all.)

      I am in the kitchen again. No... a different kitchen. I see a very large fridge and decide to turn it into a TARDIS . There only seems to be one light source in the middle of the room and the area the around fridge is cast in deep shadow. Feeling the fridge, I circle around it into the void phasing past cabinets and walls. I am blind now but my physical sensation is vivid. I imaging how the outside of the TARDIS should feel and it quickly takes shape. When I think I have it, I open my eyes. The sensation of my eyelids feels startlingly real. I pause a moment but realize I am hugging a huge blue box.

      I excitedly step back but it just looks like some wardrobe with solid wood doors painted TARDIS blue. I become annoyed and obsessed with getting it at least somewhat right. I spin the front around and try again. I just want to see "Police Call Box" on the front before I go in. When I spin it back around there is some cheap ass black label with white random letters on it. Something catches my eyes and I look left. There is the damned Police Call Box sign handing from the ceiling above the kitchen sink.

      I decide to let that go and turn my attention back to this half formed TARDIS. To my dismay, the blue box has turned to a type of plastic cardboard. I try to straighten it out and shape it back into a box but not matter what I do, the entire process is clumsy and the material becomes increasingly floppy and weak. I stop and realize the humor it in all. I take a moment and just laugh at it. Then I let out a mocking "WHOOOOHOOO!" I enjoy the sound of my dream voice and shout out again. Laughing I say something Doctor Who-ish, "Dumbily-Wumbily." I just laugh at myself and suddenly wake up.

      The next time I wake is around 7:50AM with no other recall. For some reason I thought I had 4 lucids. The feeling of forgetting something is maddening!

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      lucid , false awakening , memorable
    10. Wurlman and the Junk TARDIS

      by , 08-14-2013 at 11:44 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #212 - 2:31AM - DEILD

      I wake from some dream and DEILD. Almost immediately, I have a false awakening and find myself lying on some raised bed in what looks like a mobile trailer with other test subjects around me. The scene is similar to a mobile blood drive with donors but I already "know" that we are going a Galantamine study. Then, I see a hand come in front of me from my right and I instinctively shake it. I turn to see who it is and am shocked to see Wurlman smiling at me, "Hi. I am David."
      I tell him that I know who he is and I immediately think that I have to be dreaming. I say, "This has to be a dream... We are dreaming." Wurlman just laughs with delight and says, "Yep!"
      I say, "Shit dude! You did it!" I am so glad that he is lucid too.
      He smile again, "Yep!"

      I look around at the other people and want to do tell them all that this is a dream but I become nervous that maybe we are not really dreaming yet and I will just make a fool of myself. So, I do the ol' nose plug and blow through. I stand up, "OK. Everyone. This is a dream. None of you exist." I catch eyes with one younger large build man. He rolls is eyes at me shakes his head. I find that mildly interesting but have no desire to talk to him. I turn to Wurlman, "Well, let's go." As we step outside say, "Shit niggy. We got lucid." We both laugh and I pat Wurlman on the back.

      It is night time and I look up. We seem to be in the country with very little light pollution and the stars shine bright and numerous. I say something like, "Wow look at the stars." Then remember I had a task to do (Go to Hell in the TARDIS). Since it's dark I feel the need for a light source before we continue. I pull out my phone and fiddle with it to try and get the LED on. For some reason it wont work. Wurlman, nudges me and says, "Dude look." He reaches down beside him and blind summons a flashlight. He seems to be holding nothing but there is a light beam wherever he points his cupped hand. I realize what he is doing and do the same thing. There are now two light beams lighting our way. Feeling satisfied I say, "Well do you wanna go to Hell with me?"
      Wurlman seems totally shocked at this statement, "What?!?!"
      I try to cover it up, "I mean, I have a TARDIS. It's just right around the other side of the trailer.

      I lead the way with out further comment and we walk around. There is a flat bed trailer with a blue box strapped to it. A street lamp casts it into silhouette but I can see that the box looks more like a port-o-potty than a TARDIS. I try to ignore this fact and continue on anyway. We step in and I am disappointed that the inside looks just like a plastic port-o-potty. I say, "AAHHH! It not bigger on the inside." I push on the walls hoping something would happen but it just feels plastic. I turn to the door and back again trying to picture the inside of the TARDIS. Nothing changes. Then I open the doors to leave and see a TARDIS console siting in the open under the street lamp. It looks a lot like the junk TARDIS from "The Doctors Wife" episode.


      I excitedly run toward it but the dream goes dark and I wake up.
      Tags: tardis, wurlman
    11. Allons-y?

      by , 05-16-2013 at 06:38 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      Non lucid false awakening. My ass feels wet so I get out of bed. Glenn from works walks in the bathroom and laughs. He tells me I shit my pants. I take off my underwear and see I'm drenched wet with spatters of brown. I think I must have horrible diarrhea. I wake up on my left side. My ass was out of the covers and got cold.

      #182 - DEILD - 5:26AM - 2 of 4

      The alarm goes off and my wife hits snooze.

      I hold still and concentrate on awareness. I feel someone stroking my hair next to me. I think it is my mom. The TV is on. I hear my dad on my right. I feel like a little child again. I am trying to get lucid. My left leg twitches and my mom laughs at me. She says something about me falling asleep. My dad just grunts a "huh". I twitch again letting my body do its natural falling asleep. I am aware. This time both legs twitch. My mom giggles. My mom? What the hell?

      I realize I am deeper that I thought and get out of bed. I go straight outside out the font door. It is chilly and I feel like I am just in my underwear. The wind picks up. I feel it swirl around me then lift me. I am suddenly sucked off the porch and land in the yard. When I roll over to my back I see the porch light has become super bright. The intense yellow hurts my eyes and I advert my gaze so that I don't become lost in it.

      I wonder around in the yard a bit, looking at the grass, feeling it and stabilizing. I see many stars but for some reason looking up is difficult. It's like my head wouldn't move up and my eyes kept darting back and forth. I wanted to focus on a star and fly there but I just couldn't hold it still.

      Then I remember my original task and proudly proclaim, "I'm the doctor!" I left the TARDIS right around the side of the house. I fully believe myself as I walk around. I can see my back yard and a street light and BAM! A dark silhouette of something like a tall box. Not quite what I had imagined in my MILD attempt earlier but it'll do. I run up to it and when I get next to it, I see its about half my height. It's dark but I can see the police call box sign and the blue doors. NO! Not good enough I reach inside it and pull it apart. It stretches out and becomes big enough to step into. Ah but its just a dark box! I am a little irritated that it's not bigger on the inside with that sweet center console but I'm just glad I finally found it. I decide not to close the door and just imagine that its going to work anyway. I see the scene outside morph and change. It looks snowy for a second then darkness. Then someplace bright and sunny, Then I am flying. I see treetops and stars. Then it gets all wobbly. I can't seem to control it so I decide to bail. I jump out and find myself face down in the grass. There is darkness and confusion.

      I am back in bed. I get up and try to open my eye but I feel like I open my real eyes.

      The snooze alarm goes off.
    12. It's about time...

      by , 09-19-2012 at 03:15 PM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      I finally had another lucid dream! In the dream, I was reading a magazine. The magazine had pictures of miniature light-up TARDISes that people (somehow) used to get to sleep. I wanted one.

      I got the idea to do a spontaneous RC. I looked at my hand and counted six fingers. Fully certain I was awake, I counted again, figuring I had just counted wrong. Still six. I counted a third time just to make sure, and I still had six fingers.

      With no choice but to accept the fact that I was dreaming, I began pacing back and forth across my room (something I sometimes do IWL for no particular reason), talking to myself in a whisper as I tried to recall something that would give it away. The pictures in the magazine had been animated! It had to be a dream!

      I did the first thing that came to mind, which happened to be another teleportation attempt. This time, I decided to use a portal. I traced an oval in the air with my finger. A portal (which looked like one from the game Portal) appeared, but the image was very faint, and the portal didn't work.

      I resumed pacing/talking (as I've learned that doing or thinking nothing can cause a dream to collapse). I attempted to remember the TOTM, recalled something about a dream journal, then remembered that had been last month's task. Unable to remember the current task (and not wanting to waste the whole dream trying to remember), I returned to what I had previously been doing.

      This time, I tried using a door, which I also made by tracing it with my finger. The result was the same as last time, except with a door.

      I woke up soon after that.
      lucid , memorable
    13. Summer Camp

      by , 08-01-2012 at 09:55 PM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      I know, I should be posting more dreams and details here each day. I guess I should try to get up earlier so I can actually update my dream journal BEFORE camp tomorrow. I'm actually doing two summer camps this week - Earth Camp, taking up most of my day, and then music theory camp in the evening.

      Anyway, since I've been so busy between both camps, last night, I dreamt that I was doing complicated chord analysis... at Earth Camp. I also had a few completely unrelated dreams, one of which included a TARDIS replica.

      So, yeah, I'll try to get up earlier tomorrow.
    14. Doctor Who Dreams/Second LD

      by , 07-23-2012 at 01:36 PM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      I went to bed around midnight (kinda late for me) and woke up at some point during the night due to a thunderstorm. I fell back asleep not long after it passed and had the first dream I remember from last night. It was about the Doctor (the Eleventh Doctor, to be specific). I was watching in third-person, by the way. Anyway, he went into this weird, cartoon-like place. It became realistic fairly quickly, and then there was some epic battle I can barely recall between the Doctor and some guy I'm assuming was a bad guy.

      I woke up again at 6:30 and decided to go back to sleep. This time, I dreamed that I WAS the Doctor... and I was just outside at my church. I went around to the side of the building (which is actually my friend's backyard; she's the pastor's daughter and lives next door to the church. Their backyard essentially doubles as church property) to find the TARDIS and Amy Pond. I found the TARDIS right where I expected and entered it. Unlike on the show, it was NOT bigger on the inside. Anyway, for some reason, I got mad at Amy (who had apparently been allowed to fly the TARDIS) for leaving it out in the rain (I'm not sure why; besides, it was barely even raining).

      (It's not really surprising my mind would dream up something like that, seeing as I went to church yesterday and then watched Doctor Who later. Well, it is a bit odd that I was the Doctor, though... I'm almost ALWAYS myself in dreams.)

      I woke up to find it was only 6:45. I drifted off to sleep yet again and woke up without recalling any dreams... or so I thought. I noticed a big Pikachu bead sprite on my wall and couldn't remember it ever being there, so I looked at my hand to see if I was dreaming. I counted five fingers, concluded that I wasn't dreaming, and picked up my iPod to check the time. Well, whatever the time was, it wasn't 103:53. Now, I knew I that I WAS dreaming after all. After the two attempts it took to unlock my iPod (it glitched up the first time), I noticed that I had some apps I don't have in real life as well as a different background. The background was bright orange. Upon closer inspection, I realized it had a picture with rather a lot of text over the top (also in orange, but in a different shade). I tried to read what it said but discovered that it was all in gibberish.

      I put my iPod down and sat up, ready to try some dream control. Despite having full (or, at the very least, a lot of) control over myself, it didn't occur to me at the time that I had immediate LD goals (i.e., completing the TOTM and meeting my dream guide), so I just decided to do the first thing that came to mind. I closed my eyes. 'When I open my eyes, I will be in... Skyloft!' I thought to myself, naming the first fictional place that came to mind. I opened my eyes, a bit disappointed that I was still in my room.

      I remembered that some people unintentionally wake up when they close their eyes, so I checked my iPod again to make sure I was still dreaming. It still said the time was 103:53. I was still dreaming. Being one who likes to sleep in in the mornings, I laid back down and closed my eyes, finding myself back in reality shortly after.
    15. The Donnie Darko Dream

      by , 10-24-2011 at 04:36 AM
      Coming from an earlier dream, I am with a couple very young friends, running through a muddy pond-sized puddle. I avoid some deep spots to make sure I don’t wind up drowning myself, since I can’t swim, and run through shallow waters with the group to join a group of unfamiliar older adults on a lawn on the other side. I suspect they are of some relation to me, but I don’t actually know any of them.

      Lead by a tall man among them, they are reciting some long historic quote which I recognize but haven’t memorized. When they’ve finished I walk around a bit and overhear someone asking another how to install Linux on their computer – they ask, “do you have to use a CD?” I can answer their question, but I feel like I need to drive somewhere. After thinking about it a moment, I choose not to interject into his conversation, and hop in a silver mini-SUV and drive off the lawn, down a driveway that has appeared where the pond was earlier.

      I stop at the road (also replacing the aforementioned pond), still able to hear the would-be Linuxer’s questions. I think about driving off like I’d planned to, then I throw the car in reverse, hop out, and push the car by its hood backward to the group of people, intent on helping out. (Somehow I’m able to drive the car without operating the steering wheel, but I think nothing of it.)

      When I arrive back at the group, I push the car away and find that they’ve all gone silent. One elderly man, an ex-sailor possibly a veteran of military service, stands from his lawn chair and approaches me, and begins reading a script. It reads like a funeral speech, or something you’d hear on Memorial Day. The man’s son was killed/died early in his young life, and the group gathered every year to remember him. However, the man began directing the speech at me, going off the script to tell everyone that I am dishonouring his memory, “standing there looking all cool, wearing the shoes he could have worn.”

      His words were painful for both of us, but the sadness and guilt I was feeling was quickly replaced with anger. I became thoroughly pissed and pulled off my sunglasses, disgusted that he was publicly blaming me for his son’s death. He continued to rant, both of us standing there face-to-face with no more than three feet between us, and I could feel the situation about to escalate. He pulled out an oversized handgun, loading it with a single shotgun shell. Someone came up from behind me and tried to talk him down, as did I, but to no avail. I tried to get closer to him with a kind of diagonal sidestep in the hopes of disarming him, while making it difficult for him to aim at me, but I wound up twirling as I moved. Obviously, I start to freak out because I’m moving much more slowly than I’d intended to, and am expecting to feel a bullet break my skin. However, the ex-sailor appears to have turned into a short dark-skinned boy and is having trouble figuring out how to operate the gun. Since I can’t run, I twirl a couple more times, and someone manages to stop him – I don’t see how exactly.

      I find myself on the road in the silver mini-SUV, and I’m barreling down the road. I am on the phone with the boy that saved my life, and I excitedly laugh that the scene I’d just witnessed reminded me of the movie Donnie Darko. I ask the boy on the phone if he’s seen Donnie Darko, and explain the comparison: if I hadn’t started down the driveway in the SUV, then returned to try answering the Linux guy’s question, I might not have survived – it made sense in the dream. He agrees with a laugh, and the dream ends.

      Earlier dream fragments:
      I am with Chelsea listening to an old woman talking. She is switching between French and English, with a heavy Mexican accent to all her words. I interpret the French words for Chelsea where I recognize them.

      I’m on a train which is driving on the freeway, high above a big city, and the door next to me is open to allow me a clear line of sight to the people driving cars next to us. One person is driving what appears to be a blue-coloured variation of the Dalek suit from Doctor Who, and I call it a TARDIS (without realizing my mistake). I’m incredibly entertained by seeing this as a functioning vehicle.

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