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    1. xv.

      by , 08-03-2018 at 08:42 AM
      Non-dream stuff; couldn't remember any dreams yesterday. Today I woke up at about 8 but forgot dreams so got up and did something before getting back in bed and then remembering the following non-lucid fragment.


      I remember I had a camera-like perception and that I was seeing some recorded footage from a car in New York. People were talking about the footage, and it was like one of those CSI programmes. I don't remember the footage very well other than it was the car going on to a bridge, then making a U-turn and then starting to drive off. Then I was at the bridge place and there was a blonde woman in a red dress, whom was implied by the dream context to be a hooker, and she looked pretty clueless but was related to the car thing, especially given the fact she was in the middle of the initial stretch of the bridge road.

      Then I moved away from the bridge, to a T-intersection with it, or rather that its road made with another, and saw 2 blue camouflage soldiers diverting traffic and telling everyone to not come closer. They had an RPG-Launcher on their left hand and a typical American assault rifle on their right hand, which made me wonder how they would be able to appropriately fire the RPG at an incoming tank or something. They had blue helmets, too.

      In the distance, I saw some skyscrapers, and a certain one behind another had something funny about its logo that was related to whatever was going on at the bridge, but its like nobody else had made the connection, though I don't remember details.

      It was day for the entirety of the dream.

      Some notes:

      • I've never been to New York, and in fact have really only ever seen it in games and police tv dramas.
      • The blue camo soldiers were more than likely some sort of U.N. force.
      • I am not sure that I ever had a physical representation in this dream, so I'm not sure how a RC would have worked.
      • The soldiers looked a bit bored and somewhat agitated at the same time.
    2. weird sculpture my fault; man walking in front of me

      by , 05-11-2011 at 11:43 AM
      Good morning, everybody. My sensation of the first dream wasn't quite like any other dream sensation I've had, although the dream itself seems kind of usual.

      I had the dream in something close to a waking state. Upon "coming to" and realizing the dreamlike quality of the perception, I could feel the "dream," as if it were sticking to the back of my head.

      I took NyQuil last night, as I've had the flu. I think I've had a similar "back of the head" sensation after taking NyQuil in the past. But not the weird "awake dreaming" sensation.

      This may partly be because of the book I'm reading, The Measure of Madness, which includes stories of people who committed crimes due to hallucinations or delusions.

      I've wondered how a delusion or hallucination would feel different from a dream. I think my brain was trying to accommodate me to some degree by showing me an "awake dream."

      Dream #1

      I was in some kind of restaurant that looked like it was part of Lever House. There were glass walls on my left side, showing mild daylight. The floors were stoner or concrete. Something about it now feels to me like the lobby of the UN as well.

      I sat at a table with someone like my boss. I was told that the reports I had put together provided weird instructions. The result was that people ended up making a weird structure. The structure was now behind me.

      I now stood at the back end of the structure, looking along it. It was a weird sculpture made of black iron or some kind of black-painted metal. The metal was made to have the rounded shapes of things like cartoon trees and shrubs. But it was all featureless and black, and it was all tilted 45 degrees on its side. There was also some kind of garbage all over the place, like white packing-styrofome sheets.

      Dream #2

      I was out in the city very late at night with a group of rich people. The people were all a little bit older than I. There was one pretty girl. The people all felt a lot classier than I.

      We were walking near my office. We might all actually have been heading to my office. At least I was. It was like I had to go to work.

      As we walked down a side street, some apparently random guy got in my way. He was tall, pale, and white, with a short, red beard. He was slightly overweight. He wore dark jeans, a long-sleeved, striped t-shirt, and a baseball cap. The shirt and cap were some kind of dull green-brown.

      The man would walk really close in front of me, slowing me down. I would try to get out of his way, but he would move back into my way. I would try to slow down, hoping he'd just forget about me. But he would walk a certain distance ahead, then constantly look back at me over his shoulder.

      The group of people were about 10 meters behind me. They were talking and laughing. I realized they knew this guy, and that they found the game he was playing on me kind of amusing.

      I knew the guy was "reverse following" me. I didn't want him to know where my office was. I arrived on the corner with my office. I needed to turn left to get there. The man had already turned left. So I turned right and walked a ways. Then I turned back around and headed to my office. But when I got to my office, I saw the man standing right in the revolving door, waiting for me, staring at me.
    3. The Border Hospital

      by , 07-19-2010 at 10:45 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      At the beginning of the dream a new hospital has opened on the border between South and North Korea. The hospital was created by the United Nations for the people of both countries who cannot afford healthcare on their own. It is supposed to be politically neutral, and it was when it first opened, but the tentions between the two countries have overlapped into the hospotal building and it is now divided. The nouth end of the hospital is declared the territory and property of North Korea and the south end of the hospital to South Korea. While doctors and hospital workers can go anywhere in the building, North Koreans are restricted to the north end of the building and South Koreans to the south end.

      These restrictions were brought about by the North Korean leader Kim Jong-il to prevent people from North Korea from escaping through the hospital and defecting to the south. South Koreans are barred by armed soldiers located in the north end from entering and North Koreans are arrested if they try to enter the south end. Other than these strange rules, the hospital functions normally after some renovations are made to make sure that both South and North Koreans have access to the care they need in their respective building space. This includes two seperate waiting rooms in each end of the building. The name of the hospital in the dream is the United Nations Hospital of Peace, but because it sits on the border of the two Koreas, people generally call it the Border Hospital.

      All of the doctors and care workers who are employed there are volunteers from different countries. This is so politics can be left out and the care of the patients remain priority. I have just finished my PHD in general medicine and I am transfered at my request to the Border Hospital. I am all idealistic and hopeful and actually think that I will be making a difference to bring about peace for the two countries by providing unconditional healthcare for all, and in the back of my mind I think about helping North Koreans defect secretly if I can but I voice my ideas to no one.

      The majority of my work is located in the south end of the hospital, but one night I am very tired after a long day of work and because it is so late I have missed the last bus that would take me to the small apartment where I live on the South Korean side of the border. The hospital is open twenty-four hours a day on the south side, but is forced closed at midnight in the north end by the North Korean army. Since the lobby in the south end is full of activity and people, I wander through the empty halls in the north end. After checking on some in-patients and running a few last errands I laid down to sleep on a padded bench in the lobby in the North Korean end.

      The dream changes from first person perspective to third person perspective. Sometime during the night, North Korean soldiers quietly enter the lobby and take me away in a dark green truck. Since the north end of the hospital was mostly empty of people, no one saw what happened and nothing is said about it publicly on the North Korean side the next day. I am missing for many days before two men from the United Nations come to investigate. Many people in the hospital tell them that they suspect that North Korea has me, but are afraid to make public accusations for fear that they will meet a similar fate. The two investigators do not have many leads when one day they come across the hospital security camera system. Because of lack of funding, no security guards had been watching the system, but it had been digitally recording ever since it was put in place when the hospital first opened.

      The two men review the tapes and on the night I disappear they see men dressed in North Korean uniforms enter from the north entrance of the hospital and take me away. When confronted with the video evidence, Kim Jong-il definantly states that the soldiers were really South Koreans in disguise to make North Koreans look bad. He then invites a few select diplomats to visit all of the North Koreans prisons, but I am not found in any of them. The soldiers in the video are rounded up and questioned but only one will talk after being promised asylum in South Korea. He says Kim Jong-il knew about the security camera system and had been hacking it to spy on the hospital. When he saw me sleeping in the North Korean lounge, he commanded his soldiers at the hospital to arrest me for spying.

      After the defection and confession of one of his soldiers, Kim Jong-il stages a coup and takes over the hospital. After evicting the patients and workers, the North Korean leader tries a take over of South Korea through the building, but the south retaliates and destroyes the hospital, sending North Korea back to their side of the border. No trace of what happened to me after I was arrested is ever found.

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