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    1. war in croatia

      , 10-04-2018 at 03:27 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      I'm walking through some small stores. I kneel down to a box with old coins and start picking them up to take a closer look. My vision is a bit foggy, but i can tell these are not really coins, no matter how much I want them to be. just some medallions or commemorative tokens. An older lady starts going through it as well and crowds me out. I tell her piece of my mind.

      I start feeling tension in the air as I'm walking towards the corner of a near building. People running. I know the occupation is starting. I think it's nazis, but the armored vehicle I see doesn't look german from WW2. I see the uniforms as I'm ducking in a doorway to get away through some back doors I'm hoping to find.

      I see some civilian man walking inside. One is quite large. I know those are local collaborators, but to my surprise, they are quite gentle, as the big man pushes a woman towards the door with what I think it's croatian hajde.
    2. xv.

      by , 08-03-2018 at 08:42 AM
      Non-dream stuff; couldn't remember any dreams yesterday. Today I woke up at about 8 but forgot dreams so got up and did something before getting back in bed and then remembering the following non-lucid fragment.


      I remember I had a camera-like perception and that I was seeing some recorded footage from a car in New York. People were talking about the footage, and it was like one of those CSI programmes. I don't remember the footage very well other than it was the car going on to a bridge, then making a U-turn and then starting to drive off. Then I was at the bridge place and there was a blonde woman in a red dress, whom was implied by the dream context to be a hooker, and she looked pretty clueless but was related to the car thing, especially given the fact she was in the middle of the initial stretch of the bridge road.

      Then I moved away from the bridge, to a T-intersection with it, or rather that its road made with another, and saw 2 blue camouflage soldiers diverting traffic and telling everyone to not come closer. They had an RPG-Launcher on their left hand and a typical American assault rifle on their right hand, which made me wonder how they would be able to appropriately fire the RPG at an incoming tank or something. They had blue helmets, too.

      In the distance, I saw some skyscrapers, and a certain one behind another had something funny about its logo that was related to whatever was going on at the bridge, but its like nobody else had made the connection, though I don't remember details.

      It was day for the entirety of the dream.

      Some notes:

      • I've never been to New York, and in fact have really only ever seen it in games and police tv dramas.
      • The blue camo soldiers were more than likely some sort of U.N. force.
      • I am not sure that I ever had a physical representation in this dream, so I'm not sure how a RC would have worked.
      • The soldiers looked a bit bored and somewhat agitated at the same time.
    3. Straight outa Benghazi

      , 07-22-2018 at 01:00 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Finally, FINALLY a cool dream and I remember it! Thank you so much. Lately, I'm just so tired, not getting enough quality sleep. Even when I get a glimpse of a dream I just woke up from, it fades before I can remember it fully.

      It almost happened to this one as well. I woke up at night, not remembering any dreams, then it just came back to me, so I retold it to myself while falling back asleep.

      I'm in a commercial airliner with others. There is some malfunction or we got shot at. It feels military. We are crash landing, trying to assess the area and I feel it's hostile.

      I end up with others in rooms from red bricks, that looks like a war zone. We are watching a doorway which has no doors, no paint on walls, only some crumbling walls. I can sense the enemy combatants gathering outside. Some of them are peeking inside. We have no weapons, so I know I have to grab one of them to get his weapons. I go closer and drag one of them inside by his throat. He is no longer moving. I throw his side arm to another person and I grab his Kalashnikov. I'm thrilled.

      (I often get weapons in my dreams, but getting them is always hard. They are never where I know they should be, or they are not working, or there are no bullets, or they are not shooting, or when they shoot, bullet travels 5 feet then falls down, or it has no punch at all.)

      When another bad guy looks through the opening in the wall, I aim at his head and pull the trigger. His head, very satisfyingly, explodes. Yeeey, my gun is shooting and it does what it's supposed to. I know we have only that one magazine, and one more, which I also took off the first enemy combatant, so I aim for the head and squeeze of single rounds instead of automatic mode (this situation reminds me of the movie 13 hours - story of attack on us compound in Benghazi, Libya. Such an intense movie, I really liked it and I was thinking how it would be to fight like that.)

      This way we get another AK and then more. They keep coming and we keep taking their weapons away.

      I like being able to protect myself.
    4. 18-03-18 Assaulted

      by , 03-19-2018 at 10:21 PM
      I was with some other people, being assaulted by what I assume were violent criminals. We were forced to run. I ran past a military checkpoint, where two armed soldiers (women?) tried to stop us at gunpoint. I was terrified enough by the people behind us not to care. These chicks couldn't possibly do anything to me the criminals hadn't already done (not sure what that was).
      Tags: chase, soldiers
    5. Post-apocalyptic world

      , 02-17-2018 at 04:12 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Had a great dream last night, but by later in the morning I forgot everything, except that it was in post-apocalyptic world.

      I remembered it all much later in the afternoon, while watching TV and seeing a dog brought back recall, even though there was no dog in the dream that I can remember.

      ...I grab something from invading soldiers, run to the cliff over the ocean and want to throw it in the water to neutralize the threat. But the water is too far from there, so I run alongside the cliff until I feel like I have to throw it, because they are catching up to me. I throw it and it would have fallen in the water, but there are some sand banks and it falls on one of those. I believe though that it's far enough and they won't find it.

      One soldier chases me across the sand dunes with some grass on them. I see a hole in the side of the dune,bit smaller than the size of a laying person. I squeeze into it and I'm watching the soldier and his shadow as he is looking for me. He stands right next to my hiding place and I just hope he won't find me.

      Before all that, someone threw a revolver into a huge pile of sand. I'm looking for it, because in this lawless world weapons are valuable. Before that, there was something about a wooden walkway in the large body of water.

      I wish I remembered more.
    6. pow

      by , 12-30-2017 at 03:37 AM
      It was dark, I remember looking up at the stars before a bag was put over my head. By the time I came to, I realized that the room I was in was huge. The cold cement floors were nothing compared to the empty warehouse I now sat in. A soldier walked up, "How are you doing today?" I blinked as the soldier continued,"As of today you are a pow, that means prisoner of war. But now you're with us and safe." The man untied me and set me free from the chair I was sitting in. The next thing I know I have joined a group of people, there was a man handing out what looked to be packages of food and water. Another soldier (could not tell if male or female) led me around. There where fields everywhere (which I thought was kinda odd), then as we arrived at one I noticed a small bush/tree right in the middle between the two gates that led into the field. I must've looked confused as I looked between the tree and the soldier becuase the soldier offered an explanation," yeah we call that the tree of life becuase its right in the middle of a field, isn't that funny?". End of Dream
      Tags: field, gates, pow, soldiers
    7. [07-11-2016: War]

      by , 11-07-2016 at 09:28 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      It was a warm summer day. With younger sister we were in some beautiful coastal city. Then suddenly we were in our house with with rest of family, we were sitting on a sofa in kitchen and talking about something. Suddenly we've heard sirens and everyone started to panic. Soldiers quickly approached our house and started a shootout. Planes were dropping bombs on my house and it's surroundings. Avoiding bullets, bombs and explosions I've ran into a doghouse, picking up some old pistol from second world war era. With dog we were sitting quietly. The dog looked at me and I saw that he somewhat smiled to me. I heard someone coming closer and pointed my gun, awaiting.
    8. [11-09-2016]

      by , 09-11-2016 at 08:43 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      It was a really dark early morning. It was during a winter, there were snowdrifts on the roadsides and there was some ice on the road. I left my house, but I wasn't wearing any jacket - I only had a gray shirt, black trousers and black shoes. I went towards my old school, there was something important I had to do. I had troubles with walking and breathing, I scrambled towards the school. On the way I saw some people going there too, I thought "Last year in technical, and now I have to get back to previous one for a year!". I finally reached the school and immediately saw some people I know that shouldn't be there.

      This made me realize that it's a dream. I left the building for a while and saw my car standing at the parking lot. I went to it and inside I found some paper sheet with strange calculations written on it. The handwriting was identical to mine. I got back to school and looked around. I thought about meeting with someone, but that wasn't enough to summon her. Instead I chosen to talk with someone else - a tall blonde haired woman wearing a white dress. I said that I have something to deliver to her and we went outside. As we were going to car, she got scared of me and ran away to school. I tried to chase her but I slipped on the ice. I got up and went back to the building, in search of that woman. I searched on the hallway, in toilets and then I found her on the corridor. I told her that I don't have time for such fooling around and I have to deliver that package. We got to my car, I showed her the paper sheet, folding it before so she wouldn't see calculations. I told her to sign it with an x and go Roth me towards warehouses. As we moved on, I noticed someone following us. I thought about removing that dude from my dream, but somehow he was resistant to my powers. However, he wasn't resistant to telekinesis. I gestured and thrown him far far away. Then we entered the warehouses. Instead of giving her that package, I persuaded her to make it out with me. I didn't knew that it was a military warehouse, and as we were doing it, soldiers appeared and surrounded us. Then a loading screen with warehouse appeared. I found myself in some corridor going to warehouse. Instead of entering I went through doorway that was behind me. A map appeared, there was some sunny valley. I chosen it and got teleported to some dark grove. I summoned that woman. She was a bit different, as she had brown hair this time. I saw myself from third . She was scared of me and the grove and started running away. I chased her, throwing fat monsters with long horns away using telekinesis. I got her and after a while oh talking we made it out again. I have lost lucidity.

      I found myself in my house with younger sister and that woman. We took out rc cars and drove around my room.
    9. Escape

      , 09-08-2016 at 03:34 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night bed 12am

      Bad dream
      I walk into a room to see if a person is still sleeping. The ceiling fan is going really fast, faster than it should. The room is dark, just a bit of light coming through closed blinds. I flip the switch to shut it off, but it goes even faster. I can feel the air on my face. I know some entity is doing it and there is no way I'm gonna go into the room to check on this person.

      Later on
      Latin America. Drug lord is caught and his people are lined up at the wall. I am one of them but I'm also shooting them with an assault rifle. There are old people and women in there and I figure that government soldiers are trying to wipe the slate clean. Now I am the druglord, I walk out with my hands up, holding some paper and somehting else in my hand and they are about to shoot me.

      Some kind of a theater, stadium seating. We are getting away from there. Me an 3-4 others are escaping through a city. Dodging police, busting holes in the wall to get through, creating distractions, looking at the faces in the crowds to be vigilant of those that want to stop us.

      After we get to where we were going, we need to get back. This was getting tireing.
    10. [27-08-2016]

      by , 08-27-2016 at 01:27 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was in a city, in some lair of evil scientist. There was a woman in late twenties with me. The evil scientist was a bald man in mid thirties, he was wearing a labcoat. There was a huge square table with some chairs in the middle of the room. The scientist chased me with a chainsaw around the table. He killed the woman first. I grabbed everything from the table and thrown it at him, then I thrown some chairs at him. Without any other objects to throw, I decided to fly away. Bursting through the rooftop I flied to some fortifications that were swarming with soldiers. I flied around fortifications, avoiding everyone.

      Then I was back at the lair, escaping from that scientist. Again I thrown all the objects, then when there was only one chair left I grabbed it and started smashing the man. He was completely surprised, I was so mad that first I killed the evil scientist then that woman that was there. I thought that it's not the best ending. I appeared in the lair again, this time the man wasn't aggressive. He just stood there with his chainsaw.
    11. Hazmat; Church

      , 04-30-2016 at 04:01 PM (Turquoise Dreams)

      Bed 9:45pm - 7:20am

      Woke up at 2 from first recalled dream, but didn't write it down, instead I retold it to myself every time I woke up.

      DR 2:15am

      I am with lots of others in some place we are trying to escape from. We all have to go through some kind of a obstacle course that looks like child's playground. It's going slow because only 2 lanes of people are formed and only 2 people are able to cross an obstacle at the same time. Some don't know how to since some are quite elaborate and others in the line behind them are trying to tell them how to cross it.

      It's my turn and I am on some elevated platform with steps going up and I have to align something so I can squeeze through a hole. I make it with my partner and on the other side we approach large white wall with large medium dark brown, shiny door. We enter and it's wery dark. All i can see is that we are upstairs and going down on wide and tall stairway. Walls are white. I ask others who are escaping with us what is that place and I'm told it's a church. I feel trapped again and going through some low, winding, round ceiling white corridors I'm telling my partner we need to find an exit quick and I know he he anxcious to get out of there as well. There is a door with red EXIT on top and we quickly, but not too quick as not to raise suspicion walk to it and get out. There was some church staff inside just watching us with mild smile, so we didn't want them to stop us.

      It's nighttime outside. I'm walking alone. I suddenly feel lot smaller as if I was walking crouched so I'm not seen by others. Some soldiers start walking by, military vehicles full of soldiers. Everybody is dressed in hazmat suits. Even their armored personel carriers and trucks are wrapped in military greens and khaki, and even their wheels look like wrapped in paper. I get scared but I'm hoping that they are going to be filming a movie. It's interesting that I sense that most of the sodiers are females.

      I think I better return to the "safety" of the church and I turn around. As I'm walking I know I made a good choice because I see civilian cars stopping other civilians and taking their wallets and even pushing some of them inside the cars and taking them away.

      DR towards the morning
      Long and detailed, but don't remember it as much.

      Something about my friend scheduled to be there at 2 but she thought she is scheduled at 2:30 and her friend was already waiting for her to have a date in a bar. So I called her up to tell her but someone else took the phone from me and she talked to her instead.
      Tags: church, soldiers
    12. [10-03-2016]

      by , 03-10-2016 at 04:23 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I was running around an enormous pine forest. I was wearing my forestry uniform, and there were lots of people in the forest too. There were forwarders loaded to the brim with huge pine logs. Our task was to take necessary measurements and count the timber volume. Most of groups finished rather quickly and only I had to count ever-growing piles of timber.

      Second dream

      I was a soldier, fighting on a battlefield. Three were grenades and rockets flying all round. I was trying to jump from a fence to a building site, but a grenade destroyed it and I had to find another way. I shot a few other soldiers and finally got closer to my destination, but I was shot. I lost my strengths and fallen on the ground.
    13. Communication and a journal

      by , 01-29-2016 at 08:59 PM
      (Though not lucid, this first one was about dream control.)

      I've finally figured out how to work with this house. I've begun simply telling it, out loud, what I need from it - not exerting any effort or willpower, just a statement. "House, we need x thing," and the house takes care of it itself, without any effort on my part - simply informing the house what's needed instead of trying to control it. Amazing what a difference clear communication can make.

      I'm talking to a servant girl in a room about the size of a closet where she both works and, I'm surprised to learn, sleeps. I ask if she'd like her own room, which of course she does. "House, we need a spare room." I walk out the door and find a new room's appeared, though it's dark and half-finished and covered in dust. "A nicer spare room." Now it's something suitable for living in - and I don't think I looked away, and there didn't seem to be any transition. One moment it had the first appearance, the next moment it was completely different. The girl explores the new room, exclaiming over it. There's a little bundle of fake white roses in a bowl of sugar.

      There's what I think of as a wildfire at the edge of the house, just small patches of burning grass but I know it'll grow if I'm not careful. I have the impression this is the result of carelessly reshaping things, creating vulnerabilities around the edges. I have the house stop the fire, and though the fire's stubborn, it goes out as I walk towards it.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      A servant girl came running into a room at the back of the household after hearing one of the other servant girls shouting, but I grab her at the door and stop her. I can hear voices outside, and I recognize the voices of some soldiers who were causing problems with that second girl earlier, somewhere more public. They were reprimanded. Clearly they resented it and want payback. Realizing this, I admire the girl who came running to help; she's small and only armed with a kitchen knife and completely outnumbered, but she doesn't hesitate. Very noble.

      Unfortunately for both of them, I'm in a hurry, so I'm not going to let her go help her friend. I'm just here to track down an object that belongs to me and which was stolen long ago, and which she stole from its most recent owner - a leather journal with a star on the center of the cover.

      She showed me her room where it was hidden and ran off as soon as I released her, and I start looking through the journal, full of brief observations and sketches I'd drawn. I stop at the sketch on the last page, Jules sitting in a chair with his head tilted back. I feel like there's something foreshadowing about this. And while I'm looking at it, I hear an old man's voice as if he's looking over my shoulder. He makes a comment that makes it clear he recognizes Jules, and then asks me, "Did you follow me?"
    14. Alls fair in war and more war

      by , 01-20-2016 at 06:49 PM
      D1 - In large manor house, mostly white walls. A brother and sister are having an incestous relationship. I try to rescue the girl as I belive her to not want this to be happening idk seemed like the thing to do. They are making out.
      I invite the brother to come to the game world. We enter it, its really weird, I think I saw this world before.
      Cliffs of sculpted white, high up above crystal clear water, a bit wavey.
      We enter a portal to the game world and I take his level so I have special abilities in the game world.
      Once I have taken his powers I can seal him in the game world. Bye Bye.
      I then make out with his sister Oo not sure she won on the deal there lol

      D2 - I enter another gameworld with my new powers available. I zoom across the world and arrive floating into the enemies camp.
      A large grid of marquees housing many american troops of an other era, with white uniforms.
      I reach a unit that are torturing captured soldiers. the soldiers have been wrapped in some kind of blankets, like a spring roll, so they cannot move. The torturers prong them with large forks and blood streams out. I kill off the torturers.
      Another person a boy with powers floats in. An american captain is there, he admires us for our powers and wants to befriend us.
    15. Unexpected Outcome

      by , 09-02-2015 at 03:02 PM
      Morning of September 2, 2015. Wednesday.

      I am a semi-active part of an unlikely scenario. It seems to be a group of soldiers that are attempting to rescue at least one hostage from a foreign military group in a forest. It does not seem to be related to a war, just an isolated incident, perhaps.

      The events are not that defined, but the enemy is on the other side of a linear cluster of trees. At one point, an M60 seems to be held by an enemy just past a couple of trees. This potential threat seems unrealistically delayed, as there is no drama or action as far as I recall.

      Somehow, it seems to be agreed that the leader of the hostile group will meet the others in a clearing near a jeep. Several minutes pass and I see the supposed leader coming out of the trees. He is apparently not carrying any weapon. His slightly oversized clothes (perhaps as if from starvation, as he looks fairly thin though not muscular as would be expected for a soldier) are torn and his body is somewhat muddy.

      A young girl appears out of nowhere and seems to be some sort of unlikely leader of some kind - it does not make that much sense considering the region supposedly being fraught with danger. The man holds out his hands and holds the girl’s hands in a gesture of recognition and respect as well as hope. It looks as if he can barely stand up straight. This is an unusual and unexpected outcome because the leader of the hostile group turns out to have been the one supposedly being held hostage and he is seemingly very thankful to be out of his position of leadership of the militant group. No drama ensues after this even though there may be enemy soldiers in the woods beyond wondering what is going on.
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