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    1. xv.

      by , 08-03-2018 at 08:42 AM
      Non-dream stuff; couldn't remember any dreams yesterday. Today I woke up at about 8 but forgot dreams so got up and did something before getting back in bed and then remembering the following non-lucid fragment.


      I remember I had a camera-like perception and that I was seeing some recorded footage from a car in New York. People were talking about the footage, and it was like one of those CSI programmes. I don't remember the footage very well other than it was the car going on to a bridge, then making a U-turn and then starting to drive off. Then I was at the bridge place and there was a blonde woman in a red dress, whom was implied by the dream context to be a hooker, and she looked pretty clueless but was related to the car thing, especially given the fact she was in the middle of the initial stretch of the bridge road.

      Then I moved away from the bridge, to a T-intersection with it, or rather that its road made with another, and saw 2 blue camouflage soldiers diverting traffic and telling everyone to not come closer. They had an RPG-Launcher on their left hand and a typical American assault rifle on their right hand, which made me wonder how they would be able to appropriately fire the RPG at an incoming tank or something. They had blue helmets, too.

      In the distance, I saw some skyscrapers, and a certain one behind another had something funny about its logo that was related to whatever was going on at the bridge, but its like nobody else had made the connection, though I don't remember details.

      It was day for the entirety of the dream.

      Some notes:

      • I've never been to New York, and in fact have really only ever seen it in games and police tv dramas.
      • The blue camo soldiers were more than likely some sort of U.N. force.
      • I am not sure that I ever had a physical representation in this dream, so I'm not sure how a RC would have worked.
      • The soldiers looked a bit bored and somewhat agitated at the same time.
    2. The Smell of Blood In The Fancy Hallway

      by , 01-02-2016 at 10:36 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      The Smell of Blood In The Fancy Hallway (DILD)


      Iím transitioning into a dream somehow, maybe through DEILD when I set an alarm to wake me up. The first immersive sensation that Iím experiencing is the smell of blood. And itís so overwhelming, I couldnít help but wonder whatís really going on. I didnít feel it translated in waking life, even though the smell was potent, and I realized Iím inside a fancy castle-esque hallway.

      Itís grandiose in size, and seems to be highly maintained in spite of the smell of blood engulfing the area. The main attraction of this hallway is the black and white checkered tiling thatís about three or so feet in width. The external tiling from that is your simple dirty vanilla color thatís just as clean as the checkered region.

      I navigate the hallway, quickly glancing over the sections with fancy chandeliers, and the bright little speckles or yellow light with a subtle presence of orange for the rim lighting. I noticed diagonally to the right of me, a female wearing a red dress is trying to get some other male entity off her body. They were grappling her shoulders, and she managed to push them off, and somehow comes to my path as if she knew I was already there.

      She gets closer to me, and she has an uncanny visage that Iím trying to figure out who she could be an amalgam of. I paid attention to my breathing for a moment, and felt at ease with her, but she still looks like the perfect stranger, and yet the moment she was next to me, itís like there was this invisible veneer that diluted whatever feelings of anxiety I had along with the smell of blood that was so dominant.

      I donít think it was an infatuation with her, but more of a camaraderie type of relationship with her that could easily bleed into romantic undertones. Sheís folding her arms together, and hands her hands near her cleavage, and sheís looking up at me with this distinct smile that also seems to be recovering from the previous attack from the male entity that looks like those Las Plagas monks from Resident Evil 4.

      Sheís trying to ease her breathing a bit, and I told her that I thought she was Ada at first glance. I didnít know what I meant by professing ďAda,Ē at first, and presumed later that I meant Ada from the Resident Evil series. Her red dress was pretty interesting even though I couldnít absorb a lot of detail in it. But, I could tell that it mostly entailed of a mťlange of lingerie near her breasts, and silk for the rest of it; mostly the leg region.

      We had a quick conversation where I initiated with a question, and I canít remember what it was in particular, but I do know her response emotionally was being perplexed as to why I would presume such a thing. Weíre running towards the nearest exit, which is literally straight ahead, and the dream transitions to where walking through muddy water thatís thigh deep.

      In front of us is this large brown mountain, and thereís a cave entrance with an uphill to it that eventually looks like stairs made out of stone, or the natural material from the mountain itself. There are a few people inside trying to get us into the cave to escape whatever it is. But for some reason, weíre having a few problems.

      As weíre on our way, some person is shouting from the background of how Shia LaBeouf is needed for something, and the more this is professed, the more I see the person doing this is actually him to some extent. However, this could just be a misinterpretation as the individual was far away from us.

      Some other points:

      - There was mentioning of Fallout to some extent as well.

      While Iím trying to navigate the muddy waters, I lose sight of the person that was following me, but I had a feeling she was still with me. At least, she was probably behind me trying to fight through the streaming water. I donít know what weíre doing together, but this person seems oddly familiar, and I canít help but feel we planned out an adventure like this in the first place.

    3. Fragments related to girls and exes

      by , 09-29-2014 at 09:45 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Fragments related to girls and exes (Non-lucid)


      - Someone was at home doing a contest from a newspaper and it seems that is was a very hard challenge.
      - Young with a girlfriend.
      - She saw a CV and asked him out.
      - I was there and I was like "what the heck?"
      - Someone almost broke up with her. She was confused.
      - There were other exes and wanted to break up with them all.
      - She said she loved me.
      - She turned into a brunette five year old with a red dress

      - I said I could consider if she was grown up, and asked for the grown adult version of her.
      -She rushed to the toilet.
      Had two FAs and turned lucid on both of them but both dreamlets flashed through me until I woke up for real.
      dream fragment
    4. 1/16/14 - pregnant girl/yellow air

      by , 01-16-2014 at 10:25 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      Dream Fragment: I was in control of the body of this tall pregnant redhead with a sparkly red dress on with white platform boots who was chasing me saying her baby is mine and I couldn't catch me even though I was running in circles in a relatively small hotel lobby.

      Dream Fragment: This man walks up to me and takes off his glasses and this puke yellow foggy light comes from out of the lenses and booms into us and then we see all this weird shit but I'm still aware of the room around us and I slowly walk away from him because it's freaking me out, but he really wants me to look into the yellow air with him.
    5. Oct 23 Dream Journal: In which rich people are weird and annoying

      by , 10-23-2013 at 08:11 PM
      I dream my life is a Diablo-esque world, complete with (though I don't see it) two giant orbs that represent my life and mana. Most of everything else in this world is normal, only it's not uncommon to find red and blue potions lying around. Apparently, I've been very diligent in finding special blue potions that raise my max MP, and I know I value those slightly more than special red potions that raise my max HP.

      I'm having a conversation with my sister and her wife, and we are just lounging around, Arabian-style, on pillows and cushions. I think I'm congratulating them on their marriage. Suddenly, a pile of treasure appears (MAN I love Diablo world!), and I excuse myself to go collect it. When I go collect it, my high school friend C appears and complains that he doesn't get enough action. For whatever reason, Dream Knowledge tells me that C is one of the best henchmen to have and develop statistically, so I keep him around in my party. He uses a bow and arrow, which I find kind of funny now that I think about it -- C is a big dude, he's a bit of an ass at times, and he breaks every archer stereotype you'd find. Also, we are all of a sudden in a dungeon now, and it's somehow C's fault, so Goddammit C! This dream fades before anything happens.

      In my next dream, I'm sitting at a table in a fancy restaurant for a dinner thing. I'm with (starting from my right) a beautiful woman who I'm related to somehow (Aunt? Friend? Cousin?); a rich, good-looking man who is our host and also trying to seduce the woman; our host's shallow sister, who doesn't really want to be there; the woman's husband, who kinda has a beaten-down-by-life vibe going for him; a space-filler guy who, I'll say it now, does nothing at all in the entire dream except probably be the host's friend?; and the host's father, who is exceedingly old and richer than astronauts. In this snobby restaurant, they charge us $3.50 to go visit the balcony that has a view. For our meal, our host got us each some sort of roasted bird, another roasted bird, and expensive red wine.

      During the dinner, the host gives the woman a red dress (possibly the same one from my Space Nazi dream?) as a present. The woman seems indifferent to it, and appears kind of melancholy at best; her husband doesn't even object to the host's blatant and obvious flirting.

      The old man suddenly needs to use the bathroom, and orders the woman to help him, which she reluctantly obliges. She returns shortly after, announces "he just needed to find the doors," at which the host takes everyone else to go help/watch his father pee/poo (don't ask). Only the woman and I remain seated at our table, where we just drank our wines in silence. Neither of us really wants to be here, and Dream Knowledge tells me that we are both really sympathetic to our respective situations.

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    6. Woman Car Salesperson

      by , 11-09-2012 at 02:11 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Woman Car Salesperson

      I was lying down holding a sexy, long dark-haired woman in a read dress with stringy fringes. Her hair was in her face. This was not a sexual thing; she was helping me select a car (?), but I ended up telling her she was beautiful, and my words changed the meaning of me holding her. Because of this, I had to move away from her to respect her.

      I did the right thing, and then she started acting very nice to me, so I started sucking on her breasts hard. Over time she turned into someone with not such a nice figure, and black instead of white. She was wearing panties, and the skin above her panty line up front looked a little flabby. My chick dream had gone sour. Then it turned into a ghetto black guy.

      While I had chosen a car, I don't remember it and never saw it. Eventually, I saw a land rover that I wished I had chosen. It was a light metallic blue. It looked so pretty. Then one side had little dents in it and I wasn't convinced after all.

      That sucked.
    7. Gunfight, Infection, Herbs, Lucid Sex Attempt Fail, Take out, Getting a Job, and Airport Brochures

      by , 07-11-2012 at 04:39 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Gunfight and Fashion Assassination? (Non-lucid)


      I took two tablets of Halls Cherry Cough Drops, each containing 9.8 mg of Menthol. I woke up with an erection, so I guess that's because I had a REM cycle or something like that. I doubt it was the Menthol though.

      I can't remember any romantic or sexual dreams unfortunately, and I believe I slept for 3-5 hours. I slept around 1-3 AM, and woke up around 6:30 AM-6:45 AM Canada time. (So one hour ahead compared to Texas time).

      I'm sucking on two more tablets because I'm going to attempt an WBTB, each 9.8 mg of Menthol as well.

      In case anyone is wondering why I remember so much, it's because I closed my eyes and tried not to think about daily life (though it still was on my mind a few times, but I guess I can get away with that by trying to keep up a daily draem journal that helped with recall tremendously....even though I'm still a newbie compared to some great people with amazing recall like Hyu, Melanieb, Kaomea, and such.

      The color of the atmosphere was orange, so the sun must be now setting at the time in the dream.

      I'm standing outside in a field, the whole dream is blurry, everything is a rush. I'm frantically trying to avoid men who have costumes like the common enemies that I forget the name of, but the outfit itself was the black version of it.

      It wasn't exactly like it, but it didhave some features of it. The grass was very high in this dream, it was a faded brown, and looked like wheat. It probably was as high as to reach my chest. While I'm escaping, I have moments where I'm walking backwards and shooting at random people in the same black outfits.

      I'm using an Assault Rifle on one enemy, and I feel like I'm not damaging him at all. For some reason, I feel as if I get some logic in and realize I have to aim the guy at the guy instead of just firing out of range.

      The gun sounds were diluated and slow, probably because some moments of gun fighting were literally in slow motion. This created augmented pitches of bullets being fired, and I believe I die a few times in the dreams, but had a dream resets each time.

      I finally reach a dead end, and I quickly turn around, things get a little faster, but not too fast, normal-paced now. I see a black helicopter coming in my direction, and I feel like the person inside is trying to shoot me. I quickly aim my guy and the window, but I couldn't see anything beyond that.

      Then I did something crazy, I literally zoomed in to the window naturally. I don't know if it's because I'm still feeling the adrenaline from having to avoid and kill some enemies, random luck, or just a natural skill I never paid attention to.

      The insides of the window of the helicopter went from blurry to crystal clear. Things went in slow motion again as I'm preparing to shoot the man in the helicopter with my new zoomed in HD vision skill. I think the helicopter crashes, but it doesn't explode or anything, it just grazes the ground hard and is probably stopped by a wall.

      The dream shifts to where there are several men and myself inside of what seems to be like an old-fashioned garage. Things still feel sketchy for me at the time. I have a feeling I have to start shooting these men before they shoot me.

      There's a man looking in front of me, he has brown hair, looks like he's in his late 30s, early 40s. He's wearing a jacket, probably gray or a faded swampish green one that does all the way down his ankles or knees I believe. He's wearing some bland shirt and pants as well.

      I presume they were gray too, his visage is what I remember better, since I am aiming my gun at it.

      Back to his face for a moment, it felt animated, like a Oblivion/Skyrim-esque type of animation to it. I believe he had brunette hair, or a very dark red hair, and his facial composition was wide and cheeky.

      He was probably chubby based on his facial composition, but the jacket and everything gearing my attention towards his head instead made it difficult to analyze more before I shot him.

      As I'm getting ready to shoot him, he opens his eyes in shock, and I believe he says something like,

      "No.....he can't do that!!!"

      Too late. Bullet pierced right into his forhead. There's probably a 2-3 second delay time for me to collect my thoughts, and for the other men around us to react to this as well.

      I feel there's a dream reset here, because the man I shot in the head was in front of me again. Maybe I was shot somewhere after shooting him the first time.

      I aim my gun again, but this time it's a slightly different weapon. It's a semi-automatic I believe, and I aim for the guy's head again. Same reaction he gives me, and he dies.

      I don't see his head being splattered on the floor, just a bullet wound that gets pierced into his head deeply again. I believe the dream resets again at some point, but I'll just skip those because it'll just lead to confusion on the recall.

      After I kill the same guy in front of me, I believe I shoot the other one to the right in front of me as well after he heard the gunshot. There's one guy on the left of me, and I threw a cold water bottle at him as a distraction.

      I see that there's an open entrance to some random room within the garage, and as I'm getting ready to get out of there before things get sporadic, I lied to the man and said there's a bomb inside of it.

      I don't really wait to hear his reaction, but seeing as a lied, no explosion happened.

      This part gets weird, I'm in the mental conflict of whether or not I've shapeshifted (dang it Alyzarin!!!) or if I'm inside the body of someone else other than myself, or if I'm watching someone move around.

      The girl that I feel I'm the embodiment of looks a lot like Azula from the Avatar. She has the agility like Tai Lee, but then again, Azula herself is in a completely different league than Tai Lee with her tact and all that.

      I honestly believe I'm Azula right now, and this is still occurring in the same dream too. I'm trying to run away from whoever it is that's chasing me. I don't look back at all, and I have to move around these really small gaps that would require someone with a petite structure to even wiggle through fast enough.

      And Azula's body is the perfect match.
      I find it weird that I would take on a female persona....hmm, don't mind at all.

      There's definitely someone chasing me, and the person is a female as well. But now I'm confused on whether or not it's Tai Lee from Avatar: The Last Airbender, or another person taking on the visage of Azula.

      Both of us are wearing the red outfits in the episode of Avatar where Zuko, Azula, Tai Lee, and Mai were at beach for a temporary vacation while Ozai made plans for his world domnition thing.

      I'm moving around, and I feel very flexible and sexy in Azula's body. All the walls are gray, and the flooring is tiled and has either a very light gray or white color with a faded hint of gray.

      Sorry if I'm getting to specific with simple things like that, but I need to start paying attention to things like this more.

      I'm really high above the ground, and I'm going around corners in this really narrow route I'm taking. It feels like I'm in a maze or something, since I'm constantly going left and right, and having to go back to a certain location to create a mental map of where to go next. There's some areas high off the ground to walk and brace my back against to carefully sidle to the side to here and there during my escape.

      But I couldn't just stand there, or rather, have my legs on the sides of the wall to keep myself high off the ground for too long, because the same girl in the red outfit following me has tentacles as arms. These tentacles with really huge suction cups have a light pink color to it on the bottom.

      As for the top section of the tentacles, it was probably dark violet, or a very dark shade of pink. She extends her tentacles to my feet, very smart thinking there, and I believe I try to spread my arms out and hold on to the sides of the walls with my hands.

      I don't really feel a grip from the tentacles, I feel like I've shifted consciousness to where I'm just a spectator, and the body of mine manages to do some tricky moving to get her feet from the girl's tight grip with her tentacles.

      My consciousness is shifted back into Azula's body, and there's finally some surface to walk on, and I believe the female with the tentacle arms is gone now. I see the body that I'm in from a different perspective, and Azula slowly elevates her body upward from being on the ground after trying to get loose from the lady's grip. Then I'm back in a first person view again, and I see some kind of red dress in the center about 10 feet away from me.

      To the left of it had some black text on the wall or like the stands where a first place winner would be at the center and higher than 2nd and 3rd place being on the sides.

      Anyway, the words were "First .........." something something. I get a feeling that this is some kind of fashion company brand of clothing in front of me.
      I start formulating that the lady with the tentacles was trying to assassinate me for some reason when I woke up to recall this dream.

      DAMN IT! I know I remembered what was the rest of the fashion name brand when I woke up, but it started to fade away too quiickly...ugh......

      Something tells me that this was associated with someone I know here on DV....maybe someone is the daughter of some CEO of a prominent fashion company?

      Hmmmm, and the color of the red dress being the only set of clothes standing out in the middle reminds me a lot of Kaomea for some reason. But it's probably just all silly stuff, and maybe it's because I was glancing at Soap Operas like the Bold and the Beautiful and the Young and the Restless hours during the afternoon.

      Hm....I wouldn't think Kaomea is the daughter of said CEO, so I guess I'll just put this dream as random since I don't like interpreting non-lucids anyway.

      Wrist Infection (Non-lucid)


      I'm sitting down with a group of people, probably all females, and the place is kind of darker than it should be if we'er in a classroom. I can't really pick out distinguishing features of people's visage, but I do notice my father is coming from the back.

      He goes up to a random girl that's two seats away from me. He's wearing a grey vest, and he has some hair under his pits. He's sweating a lot, and he has his glasses on.

      He's telling her about something on her wrist that she has, probably looks like an infection because there's slightly bigger bump on it. My father disappears, and then the dream shifts to where I see pictures of what I assumed to be the same girl. She was overweight, and I'm not sure if her face was like a mole or something.

      I'm sorry, but she wasn't attractive to look at in the first place.

      Most of the pictures involved her being in a forest, and her hair was dirty blonde as well. I would say her age was around mid to late 30s.

      She mostly wore a big white shirt, probably to conceal unwanted creases of her stomach from showing, and wore black sports long pants.

      Chopped up Herbs? (Non-lucid)


      Someone helps me chop up some herbs. The dream itself had a Runescape-esque kind of setting to it, but it still was a realistic setting for me.

      It feels like I'm walking around a house made of wood, and it's very fancy too.
      Lucid Sex Attempt Fail (DILD)


      I took another 2 tablets of the Halls Cough drop, so that's another 19.6 mg before the WBTB.

      I don't know how I do it, but something makes me do a nose plug reality check. I was able to breath through, and I had a "wtf" moment when I did realize I was dreaming.

      I think I was trying to call out someone's name before I was lucid. The room that I'm in is very bright and has white walls and floors all over. Things are a little blurry, but as soon as I rub my hands a bit, things become vivid now.

      For some reason, as I'm headed to exit through a door, my thoughts were,

      "Eva's Bedroom"

      "Eva's Bedroom"

      "Eva's Bedroom"

      "Eva's Bedroom"

      I kept doing this affirmation until I finally opened the door.

      No fucking bedroom, but I do get a garden. It's nice and green, bright and sunny.....DON'T FREAKING TELL ME I'M HAVING A HAPPY DREAM LIKE KAOMEA IS.



      Dream fades before I could decide to do anything else. I feel your pain Kaomea. This really sucks! I think I really was on the verge of a happy dream.

      Oh, and as I was waking up, I felt myself on the edge of the bed I'm sleeping on, literally. I convinced myself without thinking to not worry about it, and my body had this urge to just go ahead and lean over, but I knew I would hit the ground, I would most likely fall straight head first in waking life.

      But I think this was a false awakening, and I do a nose plug reality check.....but I think this was somewhere between the dream above, because the lucidity was very short, obviously because I was too damn horny to find a bedroom.


      Oh well, still have 5 Cherry flavored Halls tablets, and two more packs with 9 in each, so maybe better results tonight. n_n

      Ordering Take Out (Non-lucid)


      I think I'm driving some kind of vehicle, and my mother is to the left of me. I go to where you have to pay first when you made your order. You have to pay in quarters, and the paying medium itself sucks.

      It's this close from falling off, and when I do insert a few coins, the slot was in the wrong position, so the quarters were not recognized in the little screen that showed the price in increments each time you put a quarter or whatever small change inside.

      I grab the coins out of the awkward spot, and put them inside the right place, and it starts recognizing everything.

      I forget what I ordered though.
      Getting a Job (Non-lucid)


      I go up to another slot machine, and I wanted to book in confirming that I arrived at the place on time. It said "10:9" or something like that, and I assumed it meant I worked from 10 AM to 9 PM.

      But when I looked at my white card with various times on it, it said "9:9." I try to find someone to ask if there's some kind of mistake, and a person finally explains to me what it means, but it still doesn't explain the abnormality. Then I see some short man wearing glasses, a gray suit, a light gray dress shirt underneath, and some long black corporate office style pants.

      He looks Indian based on his skin tone, but he has a classic American accent. He elevates his nose and mouth a bit, and I just know he's going to be pissed off. He asks us with a slightly elevated tone on what we're doing here just standing.

      Obviously this guy is our boss, and I politely respond to him that I wanted to make sure the amount of hours I'm working is right. He goes back to a normal tone and realizes the situation I'm in. I eventually asked him if I can work part time.

      I think he's skeptical at first, but he smiles and says that I can. But I don't think he understood what I requested. I didn't mean part time just for the weekends. I mean part time for everything, and not full time for the week or anything like that.


      Glad that was just a dream.
      Airport Brochures? (Non-lucid)


      Bleh, don't really care much about this dream. I'm inside a building, with white tile flooring. The walls are made of glass, and I think there are some fancy stuff hanging on top, but I'm too busy looking at someone to get the details of what's above.

      The girl looks like someone I know in waking life, let's call her Am.

      "Am" apparently did something bad in college, don't know the exact reason, but her mother looks ashamed of her. "Am" has to go to the airport to hand out airport brochures, something like that.

      Too lazy to tell the rest.

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    8. 5/28/12 DILD: A Party of Sorts

      by , 05-28-2012 at 03:07 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      Type: DILD (FA)
      Clarity: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

      I was in a dream. I remember it having some sort of red theme to it. All of a sudden, a thought sprung through my mind. "Wait, is this a dream? I could be dreaming!" Excitement rushed through me. But then the dream started to fade, every time I would blink I would see my room, illuminated by the morning sun. And then, the dream was gone.

      "No!" I thought. I layed there for a second where I awoke, staring at the wall. But then somehow, a pixelated line ran across my line of vision. "What the heck?" I thought. "Wait... what if this was a false awakening?"

      I did the nose RC and I was lucid!
      From where I was laying, I sat up and tried to get out of bed as slowly as possible. I stood up in my room. It wasn't as vivid as I had hoped.

      I wanted to stabilize. But I forgot to do the crawling technique. So I just looked up at the ceiling and shouted, "Give me more vividness!" Nothing. So I tried again. "Vividness, now!" Then I tried, "Clarity, now!" Nothing.

      I don't remember doing much in my room, or how I got outside. But I remember walking up through the grassy field, not really looking at anything but trying to find my Dream Guide. I felt that I wanted to fly just a little. So I pushed off the ground as hard as I could, but I didn't really get anywhere. It was just like jumping on a trampoline really. So I tried again, this time with more gusto. While in midair, I closed my eyes and imagined me floating. Sure enough, when I opened my eyes, I was hovering about 2-3 feet above ground. "Pretty cool," I thought. But then again, I've always done this in dreams. I glided a bit up the field, then landed.

      I saw a group of people inside what looked like a plastic space ship looking thing. I entered it, and yep, there were indeed some people dining. I saw a group of people and decided to go talk to them.

      I approached them. They all looked at me. I can't remember what I asked them, but I think it was something about my Dream Guide. They shook their heads. I also asked them about one of my fears and how it could be solved. One of them sighed (a fairly skinny lady with brown hair, and wore a red dress with dangly earrings to match), and mumbled something. I don't remember what it was.

      The dream sped forward again and I was at my school, still lucid. The same woman in the red dress was here, but she had a sour look on her face. She didn't like me for some reason.

      There was a ton of people on one of our soccer fields, probably having a party. I saw a group of people and I walked up to them and see if they would tell me something. I don't remember the things they said to me, though.

      I remember running up to the soccer goal, and a soccer ball was in front of me. I yelled, "Soccer!" and I tried to kick the ball as hard as I could. But something stopped me.

      I then lost lucidity. I thought that I had woken up at my school. "Darn it!" I yelled; unaware of the people still around me.

      I never regained my lucidity, and woke up.

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    9. Castle Infiltration & Lady in Red Dress, I'm The END, Short Seats

      by , 03-31-2012 at 02:57 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Castle Infiltration & Lady in Red Dress, I'm The END, Short Seats (Non-lucid)


      I took a nap that ended up being a little bit too late to take one.

      Dream 1: Castle Infiltration & Lady in Red Dress

      I'm starting out in an awkward position to conceal myself in this dream. This dream had a few resets and moments where I was close to being caught.

      I remember being side a fancy area with gray tiling and gray brick walls, and there's red carpet in the middle of every path to walk on. I hear a man talking about something to some guards, but I can't remember what exactly.

      I had to be really careful of the guards, because they had some weird formation that apparently preventing them from having gaps whenever they turned their back at me.

      I remember there being some reset in the dream when I was caught because I underestimated the guards.

      Here's something new, most of them were blonde females in red latex outfits. I don't know if I should be afraid of them, or fantasize their amazing bodies in this dream, but they looked like serious business.

      After the guy is done talking, I put myself against the wall, slowly moving to the left to see that he's this close from me, but because the area I'm in an area for things to be hung up as decorations, he doesn't bother going through the mini-hallway.

      I see what's near the hall way, and I head outside to the door to the right of me quickly before the guards turned out.

      I think there was another instance where I was hiding in the mini-hallway again, but this time, I was leaning at the right side to see the guards and the guy interacting with each other.

      Since they were closer to the exit, that meant I could hide on the other side.

      The area that's next to the mini-hallway I was in was formatted into a square, so there would be guards at each corner, but since they all gathered to listen to what that guy was declaring, I quickly went to the left side of the square hallway.

      I see the blonde females in red latex suits move the opposite direction, and I quickly leave out to the door.

      Somewhere along in those moments, there was one female who got closer to where I was hiding inside the mini-hall way with decorations and red carpet.

      She actually came into the small room, and instead of staying there and making her tell the other guards, I quickly dash towards her, grabbed her neck, held it really tight, and then stabbed her in her stomach.

      I didn't pull the dagger/knife out, I was still holding onto her neck, and slowly helped her descend to the ground. I believe she had brown hair, the type that had a shine to it, and her face was sort of pure with a light apricot skin tone to it.

      She was wearing a red dress, not a latex suit. But because I was worried that someone might've heard the dagger penetrating through her, and her coughing blood once, I didn't bother to ask who she was before she really died.

      She was completely different from the guards, she didn't have any weapons or anything, she just came in at the wrong time. I look her dead body, gazing at her cold and blank stare at me. She still has her mouth opened, and there's blood dripping out to the side.

      Her skin tone started to become even more pale, and her arms are spread out. I couldn't do anything but leave the area.

      If you want to talk to me, and make yourself less likely to be killed or injured, at least don't wear the same color as the other female guards!

      Why am I killing people so recklessly in these dreams?

      Dream 2: I'm The END, Escape from Bicycle

      The title may be a little confusing, but I was "The End", I'm sure I was because even though things were in third perspective, I could feel myself being him.

      He's basically this old guy who is supposed to be remarkable with sniper weapons and hiding overall in Metal Gear Solid 3, and if you managed to get him to cough up some items, you can get the camouflage that has the best percentage to conceal yourself in the game I believe.

      I'm in some desert area, and there's a guard base. Since I'm using the camouflage of his that can alter to most environments, I didn't have to worry about guards finding me.

      There's wide and big light brown tiling format I'm on that matched the sand's color.

      I was prone (still in third person perspective), and there's a guard in front of me. I'm near his feet, I ponder if I should grab them and make him trip, but I decided to quickly stand up and grab the back of his neck.

      I could feel how hard "The End" was choking this person from behind, I can feel the vibrations and the guard having no chance against him.

      The guard falls to the floor, and then I find myself shifting consciousness somewhere else. The dream shifts to where I'm trying to escape an area full of guards and tanks with machine guns and turrets attached at weird parts of them.

      There's a set of bicycles lined up at a bicycle rack, and most people are trying to escape, but none of the bicycles are moving, something is locking them.

      It seems that the guards didn't care I was there anymore, because they're busy running for their lives as well. I was in a large and dark garage, probably where they stored their weapons and vehicles.

      It opens up, and a guard that looks like a soldier in desert gear is getting on a bicycle, waiting for the garage door to open up. I see there's a bicycle next to him, and as he heads out, I quickly rush to it.

      The bicycle was blue I think, and one of those with the curved metal handles at the ends. I'm trying to pedal, but I have to pedal too much, and it's not really going fast to compensate the effort I'm giving it.

      I tried shifting gears so that it would be a little harder to pedal, but it would not go faster. While I'm riding awkwardly, there's some person to the left of me trying to get on a bicycle, but he can't ride it because it's locked somehow.

      He asks himself, "What the hell is going on?"

      I don't know if he was asking me, because I was too busy trying to escape whatever it is I'm running from.

      Dream 3: Short seats At Lunch

      I'm waiting at one of the lines at a random school, and I take a while on what I want to buy, even though I had enough to eat on my tray. I go to the cashier, but I can't remember paying for anything.

      I sit near these group of people, mostly females, and the seating is really awkward, the seating was really low for comfortable eating.

      I basically sit there feeling like a dimwit, trying to come up with a way to make myself seem normal around these people.

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    10. Hiding and Shooting Guards, In Store, Ada Wong (Lady in Red), House party, Sensui, MGS2 again..

      by , 01-17-2012 at 03:34 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)


      I started to remember more dreams as I was typing the first 3.

      Dream 1:

      I'm inside some area where there are several mini-water thanks. The whole setting has a brown color to it with shades of black etc. I think the floor had a little water on it.

      There were these guards that looked similar to the ones you see in MGS2 when you get to the part where you're in Arsenal Gear.

      The poll to rule them all....-tengu.jpg

      I think I'm spectating what's happening or playing as the person. I try to shoot some guards, and I think a few die from the bullets, but then it gets harder to shoot them.

      I tried going for head shots on them, but somehow the bullets didn't work, probably because they had those helmets, but it should've worked either way because in the actual game their armor wasn't an issue at all.

      There were a few times where the guards would alert that there's an intruder, and I would shoot a few of them before they made a final report to HQ. Then one guard manages to succeed to call more backup.

      I can't remember what else I was doing in the dream.

      Dream 2:

      I'm inside of a store and I'm running inside and then I as I'm running, I do a dive shot to the floor because I'm hiding from some random DC eating a piece of cheddar cheese or something (the thing they were eating looked dark yellow/ light orange).

      Then I think I go back outside and head for a vehicle to go into, the whole setting was set at night.

      All I remember for that one.

      Dream 3:

      I'm playing Resident Evil 4 again, and I'm still not sure if I was playing as Ada Wong(she wears a long red dress) or actually am her. I do know that I was playing Separate Ways though.

      I started out in the village and normally you start out near the church where you're trying to help Leon not get over killed by the zombies coming inside the house he's locked himself in.

      I run a little bit near to the right to a location where all zombies would come in one at a time
      (I think it's an actual method called the Spartan method or something that you could use as Leon so you won't get raped by zombies), and I see the chainsaw guy come a bit too early. He comes after me and I try shooting him with the Chicago Typewriter, which should've killed him easily, but he just keeps coming after me.

      The poll to rule them all....-image101.jpg

      (Never in my mind did I think that if I shot him in the knee instead, I could've done a fan kick and do more damage than the shit damage the Chicago Typewriter was unleashing in this dream).

      He gets close to me and he starts cutting Ada Wong's head off slowly with his axe, of course Ada is trying to resist, and I even get to shoot the guy one more time before he chops all of her head off.

      I didn't see a game over though, it just restarted by itself. I'm back in the village and I decided to run like hell to the entrance to get to the village, and then turn around and just started to shoot all of the zombies. The Chainsaw guy (Dr. Salvador) is running incredibly fast compared to the actual game.

      He's just running like a retard towards me, and he's not even holding the chainsaw right, he's holding it like a sword I think when he's running
      (if he kept it up, he'd probably cut himself off).

      I aim the gun at him, but I can't remember what happened next.

      Ada Wong...lady in red....the signs are getting more obvious now for me.

      Dream 4:

      I'm inside a house and the house across from me is having their music on really loud. Some DC said they were playing Muslim music.

      Dream 5:

      I see Toguro at 85% of his power (in the English dub of Yu Yu Hakusho) and Sensui in his Sacred Energy Armor. The dream was a bit random, it involved helping Sensui kill Toguro, and then he would be facing me I think.

      The poll to rule them all....-toguro_finger.jpgThe poll to rule them all....-shinobu_armor_1.jpg

      Toguro was about to shoot someone, probably me, I don't know, but Sensui is right behind him.

      I don't know what else happened but Sensui was talking to me about a group of people called "Naturalist" or something like that?

      Dream 6:

      I'm Snake again from MGS2 in his outfit when he used the alias Pliskin. I think I'm from the tanker level, the first level I believe, and I had to shoot some guards from above. Then someone tells me that those guards need to stay alive.

      The poll to rule them all....-mgs2_01.jpg

      So I had to dash towards the guards that fell onto ground level who were above and inject some kind of reviving aid to wake them up before they died. I had to inject them quick because in my mind there was a timer somewhere on the syringe I was using, so the injections weren't really accurate, I even saw a small black hole when I took the syringe out of one guard.

      I immediately go to the far right end of the ship and hide in a cardboard box, but then it turns into a towel, so I quickly had to move my body to cover my whole body. Then I saw a towel to the left of me and covered myself even more.

      As the guards were waking up, some lady who looks like a girl I knew in my AP Government class, let's call her "Dian" I think she was doing some kind of fancy dance flinging her wrists smoothly in front of them, and as they were recovering, they're wondering what the hell is going on.

      Dream 7:

      My father is saying that I should get familiar with the terms my friends are using and says "Boatski." I knew something was wrong here and asked him, "Don't you mean Broski?" And then he has that expression that said "Ooooh" and laughs in embarrassment.

      He leaves, and I see a Blackberry Phone with some small yellow objects attached with clear tape on the bottom. (I guess he was trying to make a Boat out of a Blackberry?)

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