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    1. a better week.

      by , 10-29-2019 at 03:11 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Jamie Dreams

      First one. The dream is entirely white. In a white bedroom and Jamie visits and reassures me that everything is okay and she's still around.

      Later in the week I dream i go to visit her, but she treats me like a stranger. She has a completely different look and basically tells me to get lost... hmmm.

      almost lucid

      Just with a group of people outside on a street during daytime. Everything feels fake and I announce this is a dream. everyone around me scoffs at the idea but we keep going about our business which I forget what it was.

      C again

      Something to do with C wanting to talk to me. I forget what it was about.


      Was hanging with D from work. We were in a crowd of people I had to make some excuse to leave. But D didn't believe me and started following me home. We walked and wound up at some park that is similar to one I remember in chilliwack. We start doing something with a branch of tree which makes sense to us at the time I guess.


      I just woke up from this one but it's freshness is gone. I was staying with someone in olds, A girl was there but can't remember who it was. Something about not being able to smoke in the house. We are both waiting around for... I don't know what. eventually we have to leave, and walk around olds for a bit.

      I wind up in some classroom or something with lots of children playing strange games. I one there are 5 sections of kids seated in a few rows of chairs. One kid is given something like a bright coloured shoe horn or something. the kid with the thing is supposed to get up and walk around until he/she picks someone and then hands them the object. So I get picked, at first i wonder why I'm an adult playing this game, but just go along with it. I go a section over and give some girl the object and then sit in her place. I don't really see the point in the game.
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    2. Recall still bad.

      by , 10-15-2019 at 02:49 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      Work dream

      Working with C, not THAT one but a girl who moved to greece. In this dream she is trying to hook me up with a girl. I say the girl is not single and C looks disappointed and unhappy for me.


      Dream of running into C,(yes that one). In this dream I was going in my house and she was close by. she managed a weak smile, but she looked really rough, like cracked out or something.

      Jamie dreams

      *sigh* In one dream she is in a car with my brother and i am in the backseat, feels like i suddenly don't belong on the same level as her... another dream where she is unhappy and not talking to me.

      honestly, I'm just the same as I always am. Still don't know what the problem is here.
    3. hmph

      by , 08-27-2019 at 04:20 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Strange Friend

      I was out on the street by my house, but it was different. Walked by a guy that used to work with my dad and was a family friend. I go inside my house for some reason then back outside to talk to him. He looks different now. He's acting drunk, sketchy and really mean towards me. Can't remember specifics though.

      Later i was suddenly in my childhood town. I went by and old friends house where a park was nearby. I saw his brother but he also looked very different. But we recognized one another anyway. I kept asking him about my stolen bike. He said it may be around somewhere. I went inside his house and his other brothers were there. We started talking a bit but that's all I remember.


      I dreamed C and her sister were posting selfies on facebook. I kept getting a very sick feeling from them, like they were slutty and on lots of drugs. Sure enough when I woke up for real they posted new selfies that day.

      Jamie dream

      Dreams of Jamie were really scarce this month . This one i went to visit her but she seemed really unhappy with me. I miss the good dreams


      I was downtown in some large city that was a combination of a few cities I have lived in. I got off a tube train and went to something like an AA meeting. But instead people were talking about bible prophecy. I had to leave and got back to the train platform and was smoking just before I got in. I had to go back to the meeting room for some reason. I went in and decided to stay to eat. As I walked in the door a man said to an extremely short mentally disabled girl that there was a $10 bill on the ground. She went looking for it but couldn't find it. While I was trying to get food. she grabbed me from behind as if I had stolen it. i was trying to shake her off when I woke up.

      Crazy Vampire dream

      I lived in an apartment building with some vampire dude. The whole building was a place for vampires. We were room mates and good friends. He had a vampire girlfriend, But her friend downstairs who was also a vampire was somehow feeding them both energy that was making them evil. After the girl from downstairs left, my friend had a super evil dark face take over his face. H)e seemed to be fighting the evil force off. It was like he was fighting off a transformation if the guy was a werewolf. After fighting it off, His girlfriend followed the friend downstairs. I told him it was her friend that was trying to poison him further. He agreed so we both followed his girlfriend downstairs into the apartment. The rooms were so dark inside that you couldn't see. Her friend smiled at us and said we couldn't follow them into the dark as there a pretty big secret going on. She took his girlfriend by the hand and led her into the darkness with an evil smile. I looked at my friend and the dark force tried to overcome his face again. I want more dreams like this
    4. Wow.

      by , 08-13-2019 at 03:39 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Jamie Dreams

      I had one dream that was very hard to remember. Just one with her in it. she seemed very concerned about me.

      In another dream I ran into her at the bar we first hung out at. She was with a group of friends she went up to me and said "If there's anyone who needs a hug it's this guy."

      One other dream she changed her profile pic to a steering wheel? okay.


      Dreamed I was at a house party. After a while someone was killed and the dream rewound until the murder happened again. The third time I saw V from work there and we started talking. I noticed C staring at us and she looked sad. okay can she please not show up anymore?


      I ran into C's sister somewhere and said, "Hi," just too be friendly. she was mad at me and said I made a comment earlier about her ass... Not like me to say something vulgar like that.


      I kept getting mad at some yappie dog that kept waking me up...
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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    5. Yay!

      by , 08-06-2019 at 03:14 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Even Worse recall this week. I've been focused on Fortnite. The cringiest game in the world...

      First dream had C in it. She just seemed happy that's all.


      Jamie is at her computer screen again. I'm inside a dream on the other side of her screen, Her face is giant. She's talking to me and she seems concerned I'll go after C or something, because it seems I've developed a little crush. Don't worry I'll never act on it and I already screwed it up with her majorly.

      a couple other dreams with C in it. One I was in an eediting course on fortnite. Can't remember any details. just that she was there.

      any other dreams are just too foggy to recall
    6. Meh.

      by , 07-30-2019 at 03:03 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Not sure where to start.

      No jamie dreams this week. First week in a long time. C stole the show but I dealt with that.

      Not posting in color because I just want this entry in and want to forget about it.

      Dream 1: C comes to visit me at an art gallery and tells me to calm down or something.

      Dream 2: Before I fell asleep I was having some major stress because I was supposed to meet up with C. In the dream she gave me a big hug, I've never felt so healed from a hug ever, I woke up feeling really good... Stood her up anyway.

      Dream 3: after standing her up, I dream I get a call from C and it sounds like she's crying... instead of talking normally she starts reading one of my messages back to me.

      IRL life C and her sister start sharing angry memes at me on facebook. *sigh* Time for a damage control letter. "I have some serious emotional issues to work on so It's best to be your friend from a distance." It's not a lie it's actually true. Hopefully she won't be bothering me anytime soon. If at all.

      all other dreams were too foggy to recall.

      I want my dream Queen back dammit. Jamie where are you?
    7. more Dreams

      by , 01-23-2019 at 01:22 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Here is a Jamie dream I forgot to add to last entry.


      Me and Jamie are wandering around Voyager from the TV show. We are in a turbo lift but only a small window opens. Janeway is on the other side. She is nice and talks to us but tells us to go around. the turbo lift goes down and we wind up in some construction area. We find staircases and go up them and wind up in the mess hall, where there is an alien race of Jocks or something. Me and Jamie just find a seat and wait and that's all I remember.

      More recent.

      Laundry room.

      Asuka makes me do laundry and for a joke, she is playing a song by nirvana about being in a laundry room. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zknlwXuGJUg I was kind of annoyed because I hadn't heard the song in a decade. Jamie comes up behind me and I didn't notice she was there. she says, "What song is this?" she was asking in the same tone of when I played guitar for her and she kept asking ,"Who's this by? Are you making that up?"


      I am with Jamie but she seems angry. There is a semi-invisible demonic creature on her shoulder whispering in her ear. He lustfully whispers to her. "negative thoughts, negative thoughts, negative thoughts..." She doesn't seem aware of it at all. "I hate you!" she says looking at me.

      Annoying guide.

      Some tall guy with glasses comes into my inner world. He says,"You need to let her go." implying Jamie? Fuck no.


      With Jamie feeling better we both go to a church to seek Jesus out for some help. He is not there. But we sit down anyway on a pugh. It turns into a bed with blankets and we both fall asleep on it.


      I'm on facebook and C has a post I like or something and when I comment on it. Jamie comes out of the computer and says, "I don't want you talking to this girl." I try to explain she's only a friend and she's already with someone. I think jamie calmed down. I'm not sure.

      Thumbnail confusion.

      Jamie makes me look at her profile picture on facebook. She changes the picture to her and some guy giving me the middle finger. Maybe my brother because one of my first entries with Jamie I am in a parking lot giving her and my brother the middle finger as they walk by and aignore me. I've noticed that a lot of recent Jamie dreams seem to reflect my early ones. Like in one entry I am missing jamie by a balcony and thinking about having a smoke with her. And recently she's explaining things to me while we are both on a balcony smoking.

      In another dream she is looking at my youtube channel and I have thumbnails with a purple background. Recently while awake I checked our old facebook messages and she indeed changed her picture with a purple background. Very Strange...

      Jamie explains.

      I'm in some high rise apartment building at night. It reminds me of Tilted Towers from fortnite. I am chasing some people or something when I notice Jamie on an outside landing. She's wearing a mcdonald's manager uniform and for a second I think it's Emily from mcdonald's. but when she starts talking I recognise Jamie. She keeps explaining that she wants to start having real conversations or contact someday, but she needs to sort out some things in her life first. but she does have the desire. I ask, "Do you remember dreams about me when awake?" "Yes, I remember kisses" I'm thinking back to something short I left out last month. where I was nodding off on a bus and fell asleep for a split second and for a short second jamie kissed me. I ask if there's anything I can do (ahould I message her again)" She says no, In fact no one should feel pressured to make contact or send messages. I agree to that.

      Short lucid

      I become lucid in a room. Some east indian girl is there and I spend most of the lucid trying to convince her it's a dream. She keeps saying, "No,No, that's not real don't talk about that."

      More demons

      I'm with Jamie at my house and she starts yelling at me. "Don't touch me." Asuka runs and looks at her. "She has another creature on her." Asuka says and pulls the creature off jamie that I couldn't even see until she grabs it. Then Asuka throws it outside. Asuka does something to heal Jamie for a bit. Jamie grabs my hand and says, "Do you want to hold hands?" and smiles. Me and Asuka just laugh at her, in a good way.


      I'm wandering a large store like Canadian Tire or something. But the place has all been re arranged. I wander to an outside area where a bunch of farm animals are. I chase ducks and rodents around a grassy area.

      Shut up

      That annoying guide shows up again this time when Jamie is around. He keeps saying we have different paths to go on. I tell him hell no, This is the one I'm on right now and I'm not moving from it. He asks if it's such a good path why aren't we together? and points to Jamie. I say I don't know. Maybe it's because we both have severe emotional problems and don't want to harm one another. Maybe she doesn't have room for me in her life yet. He said maybe it has something to do with past life karma, Karma to work out with soul mates. I notice Jamie's eyes then and she looks really sad, i think there may have been a fight earlier, not sure. I said I don't believe in Past Lives. I believe in Jesus so there's only this life and the heaven he has planned. The guide looks flustered at that and says. Where was Jesus when you sought him last? he wasn't even there? I say sometimes Jesus is silent, it's even in the bible. And, where spirits and guides like you have previously told me to give up Jesus came into my dreams and blessed me and her. He's the only one who seems to respect our free will unlike you guides And he helped us when she was possessed in a dream, he put obvious work into us unlike you guys. And go ahead, send me your BS soul mates. I've met some before and weren't even single, or even in my country. How many more deal breakers are you guys going to send me? Jesus Even turned his head away from me when you guys threw Dara at me, so guess what? I gave up on that. And Chelsea? She's not even single and you guys kept throwing me into her dreams when jamie was in trouble. And you know what I find it funny that while you're here telling me to let go Jamie is getting attacked by demons in dreams. you know what I think you're all demons... I was ranting like that the whole dream I think.
    8. Dybbuk

      by , 09-04-2018 at 09:54 PM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Jamie closes the box

      I see Jamie standing in a field behind a big farm house. My dybbuk box is there but GIANT and lying open. Jamie is trying the push the large lid down but is struggling too hard to do so.A 30 ft man with long brown hair and sporting a white and red loincloth - Jesus approaches and shuts the lid of the Dybbuk box.

      Next night

      Me and Jamie are exchanging WALLS of text on Facebook. We are negotiating something but there's too much information to follow.

      Jamie gets possessed

      Jamie is in a graveyard that looks like haunted hills from fortnite. She is beside one of the stone buildings and digging. She places the Dybbuk box in the hole she dug. She begins praying over it. I see a black shadow rising up from behind her. Her eyes change from light blue/gray to dark brown.


      I'm at some party in a town hall or something. There are many rooms though and hallways. I am just hanging around talking to lots of people.
      Jamie with a group of people. She notices me and gives me a dirty look and leads her group down a hallway. I follow them until I notice she is no longer there.

      Now I have to find a bathroom, so I continue down the hallway. I run into some security that says I have to turn back because this part is under construction. I ask them where a washroom is? They say it's outside and in another building. I leave the building and begin to walk outside when my memory fades.


      Forget what was going on earlier. But I was going up some steps in a park that led to a street by the hill when I became lucid. I wandered across the park towards a street. I paddled up and began flying and went across the park towards the street with generic houses. I finally landed.

      I looked up into the sky and saw stars but they were blurry. I tried floating up again and found I could not. A transparent wall formed around me and I began moving fast down the street. Now I was in a train with semi transparent walls, it reminded me of Blaine the Mono, from the dark tower series. "Computer? where are we heading?" I walked up to a panel with a mini map on it that had a blinking red dot indicating where the train was. "Destination: Jamie." Blaine answered.

      Blaine announced that we had arrived in what seemed like a minute later. Doors opened and I found myself in a medevil setting like from Game of Thrones. I was walking behind Jamie now, who didn't notice I was there. She had very fancy hair in the back. There was a braid over the rest of her brown hair on her back and she was wearing black old style leather coat with leather strips on the front and back.

      By the path there was a clearing where two people in raggedy clothes stood leaning on a wooden table with a wooden sawhorse nearby. Behind them was a pond.

      Jamie then noticed I was behind her. She vanished in front of me but a second later she was standing in place of one of the people in raggedy clothes. I jumped up to her and said, "Jamie, I love you." To this she gave a frustrated look. I noticed her eyes were dark brown instead of light gray. Her form changed in front of me and now I was staring at what looked a taller Peter Dinklage, who was now giving me a dirty look. I looked to my left and now she was standing in place of the other person. When she noticed I saw that she teleported inside a person running away. Where she was previously standing was now a young woman in ragged clothes with white hair. The woman laughed and said, " Ah I see we are both in love with people who don't want us." It was here I woke up.


      This is the next night All I remember is walking down the street with a girl. Don't think it was Jamie. it might have been C.


      Some dream where I was at my dad's house. He said something kind of hurtful. So I started yelling a bit at him and making my point. He had nothing to say and left me alone.

      Looking forJamie

      I was in a park when I became Lucid. I jumped up and flew a bit trying to get a feel for the dream. I remembered to look for Jamie to see if I could get her not possessed. I asked a bunch of DCs if they had seen Jamie? A crow spoke up and said he knew Jamie. He turned into a man and attacked me. Next Thing I knew I was on the ground and the man was holding me down with a giant arm. I tried to push his arm off me but before I can, I wake up.

      C again

      Somehow, I am thrown into a dream with C. We are at what appears to be her house. I am wondering why I am there when I am supposed to be looking for Jamie. Me and C are talking and I make an excuse to leave. She looks really upset that I have to leave. I cave in and say I'll stay and watch some Netflix with her. She cheers up and joins me on the couch. I am messing with a remote that doesn't work at all when I wake up.

      Finally caught up with Jamie.

      I was in an abandoned building at night time and found Jamie crawling around the floor like she was possessed. She looked at me but didn't seem to know who I was. She just kept Ranting about: The boy. The Boy who wasn't leaving her alone.

      Jesus intervenes

      I'm in an apartment building with a large window. Jesus is sitting there with Jamie and she is looking well. Jesus points at me and says that it was my dybbuk box that possessed her. She then looks at me like she is mad at me. Like it's my fault. I realize it partly is, but I had no idea that buying a dybbuk box could possess someone from a dream.

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    9. no.

      by , 08-24-2018 at 03:17 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Dreams over the past few weeks.

      Jamie dreams have all been short and not very active:

      Black space

      I'm Standing in a black space with her and we are both smiling.


      Chatting with Jamie over facebook. We both keep saying something about next week we both seem to be really excited about it.

      Long drop off from the dreams, about a week or more.


      2 fragments

      First one me and Jamie are walking down a street at night time. Second one, she is working with me at mcdonald's and asks the cooker to put down more reg meat.

      This morning:


      Jamie comes up to me and says, " this is us." and shows me a kids drawing of her and me dead with x's over our eyes like we just committed suicide. I'm like, "Um, no!" and I give her a picture of us hugging instead.

      Switches to another scene of a cinematic shot of ambulances pulling up to a house. Then I'm looking through Jamie's eyes and I'm on a stretcher looking at the men wheeling me into the ambulance... Cryptic.

      Other dreams:


      I was in some big university with some people. It was very crowded and I was lost walking the corridors. Some SJW looking girl and her friend were with me and they kept telling me I was going the wrong way.

      I left them and walked into a shower room. In the shower room were a bunch of gay guys wearing fishnets with their goods hanging out. Became lucid here and decided to leave right away. I backtracked a lot and got lost again trying to get out of the university. I found a landing with several staircases going in different directions. I went up the middle one and found a hallway which led to a door outside.

      Outside I flew up to get a better view of the area. The building itself was wooden and looked centuries old. I landed on the ceiling that looked abandoned and wandered inside somewhere. I wanted to try teleportation again. I thought of Jamie and wandered through a few doors. She was nowhere but I saw a hole in the floor to small to fit through. I jumped up and tried to use the hole as a portal. When I tried that the dream ended.

      Not again

      I was flying through a dream portal and landed in a dream with C. "not you again," I said to her and woke myself up from the dream.


      A dream of walking through a vacation resort with a different C. Can't remember much details.

      Strange place

      I was in a grassy field by a large wooden structure shaped kind of like a bowl. I jumped on it and Saw Bjork there. She said we had to get away from the bad man. I looked and saw a throne. I ran to it and seen a scary guy sitting on it wearing a metal mask. He was holding a metal spear.

      Family trip

      I was in a strange place with my dad, my brother and his girlfriend. There was a big chute or slide I had to go down but was too afraid because it was a snow slope at the other end. I wasn't even dressed so I told them I had to find a snow suit. I found a large blanket and wrapped myself in it. I woke up before I could go down the chute.

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    10. This weeks dreams.

      by , 08-06-2018 at 05:46 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      Me and my brother are driving around the country side. We wind up at a restaurant or something. We see moe and his friend at a table. His friend acknowledges us but Moe tries hard not to look at me. After we leave I say we should follow moe because he's heading to some abandoned place to film. My brother says okay and then we drive into the mountains.


      I am in a tunnel like a time vortex that Dr. Who goes into. I see the end of the tunnel and see a dream with Jamie in it. Some force knocks me into a side tunnel and I instead see a dream in front of me with C, who I used to work with.

      Stranger danger

      I'm sitting on a couch upstairs in my inner world house Asuka comes and grabs me and tells me I have to start my shift. She leads me to the kitchen where Jamie is standing around looking sheepishly. Asuka says this girl is my co worker so we better get started making her (Asuka) supper. Me and Jamie look at each other like this is dumb.

      I hear someone downstairs. Another girl who's voice I recognize as C. I leave the kitchen and head downstairs. I see C wandering around but she doesn't notice me. I walk towards her and she vanishes somewhere. I search the entire basement but can't find her. I head back upstairs and then I notice C hiding under a table downstairs in the corner. Apparently she doesn't know where she is and knows it's not her house. I go back downstairs, find a couch and try to light a smoke.

      My one lighter doesn't work, so I reach into my pocket and try another lighter. It doesn't work either. I see a green lighter on the table but i can't roll the thing that trikes the flint... C emerges from under the table and offers me a light but I wake up.

      Moe again

      A dream about being at moes wedding. Everyone is partying.


      An HH flash of a pink heart As I wake up.

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    11. short dream

      by , 03-23-2018 at 04:09 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      trying to log more every day. I had a tough time getting to sleep only remember one frag.


      This dream was abstract it was like I was in several places at once. In one dream i can hear Jamie all around me but I can't see her, actually it's like she's just outside the dream looking in but still in communication with me. In the dream I am looking at a girl I used to work with at McDonald's C who I can't tell if she's talking to me or someone else. She seems happy about something or me being there? I can't tell. But I can hear Jamie outside of the dream saying, "WHO IS THIS GIRL?" I try to re assure Jamie that there's nothing to worry about since I don't work with this girl. At the same time I can't take my eyes of C who happens to be very good looking.

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    12. A dream

      by , 08-26-2017 at 03:03 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      I was close to finishing an overnight shift. Me and G were outside doing something with a large sign. We tried putting it up but it was too tall. There was a large black pole I couldn't even wrap my hands around. I told G that it's unsafe for me to climb. He was standing on some part of it and I told him to get down. He seemed frustrated by that.

      Dream flashes around when I'm done my shift. K is inside and is supposed to give me a ride. I'm outside sitting somewhere having a smoke. C from the other store I used to work at and what looked like her sister walked by and I said "hello,". C touched my shoulder and said, "Meet me back outside but wash your hands first,". I thought it was weird she would touch my shoulder. I go inside and wash my hands and go out the same door. I'm having another smoke. I am looking around the parking lot waiting for her but she is nowhere.

      I eventually walk around the other end of the parking lot and spot C still sitting inside wearing some jacket. I knock on the glass and wave. She comes out with her friend that looks like some other girl from the north store, but when I go to say hi to that girl she looks like someone else. There are these weird bumps by parking stalls that we sit on. She hands me some really old paperback book on grammar. She pulls out some dictionary and starts reading it. For a second I think of bringing up the Carlos Castaneda books, that if taken as a spiritual science fiction makes for an interesting world to delve into.

      I am truly puzzled why she would ask me outside to just look at one of her books. I realize it's been quite a while since I've seen her so I ask her how things have been. She says fine , rather quickly and abruptly. Not wanting to talk. Okay, so I just stare at her for a moment. She looks briefly annoyed by that and goes down to her book. I am getting flustered at this point. She doesn't want to talk or catch up, or interact in any way. I am about to leave and find K for my ride home because I am rather bored when I wake up.
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    13. Getting recall back slowly and Viatorem?

      by , 06-08-2017 at 11:24 PM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Peanut butter cups are now my official recall aid.

      Ok computer

      In a weird room with some nerdy guy on a giant computer. I was trying to search for music but he ws stopping me. He went on some gaming forum and I was watching him scroll through it. Pretty boring.

      Wal mart

      I'm working wal mart again but all the workers i know from mcdonald's work there instead. We are trying to stop a flood from from the top shelves. We use Styrofoam stuff? not sure.

      I go to clean the vestibules and notice that the sisters from the north store are there, C and C. they are still young beautiful and up to no good. The taller one notices me and smiles. She waves. I shyly wave back and go in between the doors to clean. They keep popping their heads around the corner to get my attention. I find it funny.


      I was in the same area as the previous dream but I was in Trooper's car (he's a youtube Vlogger documenting his life in vegas as a poker player https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSKG_qk60r0) I have Bjork's music on in his car. It's a song I seem to know in the dream but I haven't heard it while awake. He gets in and starts driving he then notices the music and then violently shuts it off.

      Bus Terminal

      I'm walking on a street near the bus area in Lethbridge. I'm with some girl who's taller than me who has long black or brown hair around or past the shoulders I think, kind of thick hair and sporting large sunglasses. She's like a cross between Jamie and Kaomea. She goes up to a taller guy which may have been Data and asks him for something. I get mad at this for some reason (My dream self is extremely dumb in social situations and likes to run his mouth). I say something like she seems about as deep as a bowl of soup... lol I'm so mean for no reason. She starts protesting and walks after me asking what my problem is. I keep ranting myself for some reason, get to the curb and wake up. If that's viatorem I'm sorry, I don't really know what my problem was.
    14. Shower, Desserts, Stitch, Medicine, Kaomea Search, Embarrassment, Back-stabbing, Aly MSN, Crown

      by , 04-01-2012 at 04:54 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Shower, Desserts, Stitch, Medicine, Kaomea Search, Embarrassment, Back-stabbing, Aly MSN, Crown


      Dream 1: Shower in Bedroom

      I was showering in a bedroom in a house that looks familiar to me, except that the shower literally was in the bathroom.

      What I mean by that is that there's shower head on top of a bedroom ceiling spraying water for me to take a shower. Even though there are people around me, I don't really mind being naked getting myself wet and clean for some odd reason.

      There's this Asian woman I believe who is coming in, and it looks like my father is helping her check the house out. My mother was there too, should've done a RC there, anyway, the Asian woman was kind of cute.

      She's wearing a white dress shirt along with a black or grey business shirt. Her hair is pure black, and her skin done is brown, but only slightly.

      While I'm showering, there's this guy that looks like R, a friend of my father, who is next to me. I don't really pay too much attention to him, since I'm still showering. My mother, who somehow is still in this dream, was saying something to my father that he could turn off the T.V. with the remote.

      I make a hand motion to her to make her stop, because the T.V. isn't really bothering whatever he's doing, but she's not seeing anything I'm doing, so instead of feeling awkward, I stood still for a while, and then went back to showering myself.

      The dream shifts to where I'm outside now, and I see the same Asian woman inside riding a Jeep or some variant of it. Apparently, she's a real estate agent, because I see "For Lease" signs in the trunk of the vehicle.

      The vehicle had tinted windows, but it was late afternoon, so the glare from the sun helped with seeing through things. I believe she's parking to go to another house.

      That's all I remember for that one.

      Dream 2: Desserts, Desserts, Desserts!

      Now that I recall this dream, I do remember Alyzarin telling me something about Cheesecake Factory one time, and how she went there, oh well, I didn't see anyone familiar or anything like that
      I'm going inside a store that makes cakes, pastries and all sorts of deserts. I head to the left, and I see cheesecake, and they have.....


      I go get a knife, and the samples are in bite size squares. I was confused if it was sharp cheddar cheese since it did look slightly orange, but I stack them laterally on the knife.

      Someone tells me that I shouldn't go overboard with the amount, but they said it in a joking manner.

      I start to eat these bite size pieces, but I don't recall tasting anything.

      Dream 3: Creature Looks like Stitch From Lilo & Stitch

      Lol, before I tell this dream, when I saw Stitch, and wake up to recall this, I automatically thought, HAWAII!!! Kaomeaaaaaaa!

      I'm in a cave, it has a mystical feel to it. There's water pouring, and I believe the sound is associating with the online alarm site I had playing of "Water" to help me sleep (like using a white noise).

      The area that I'm in, it was like a natural spiraling path going downwards. What I mean is that there's this huge vertical rock in the middle, and there's rock plates forming together to make a spiral around it as surface to walk on

      The best example I can use for this is that it was similar to the environment that Emil went to in Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of a New world where he was close to the final fight against Alice and that lover of hers, Decus. (The area is the
      Ginnungagaap I think, yeah, I know long word, I had to google that myself, even though I beat the game several times xD)

      The atmosphere was calm, tranquil, and it felt so empty. I see a creature, who has various shades of blue along with a very short composition. It looked like Stitch from the show "Lilo & Stitch," but it was so weird looking that using Stitch as an example is the best way I can try and describe.

      I think it had tentacles on its face, but that's something I'm still not sure on. Apparently, someone tells me that I have to go to it when I want to get something changed. I don't know what exactly, maybe a change like body change, or maybe a change in emotion, I wasn't given much insight.

      I do go towards the creature, and I do it slowly, it turns around, but I still can't make a good facial description of it.

      I can't remember too much on what happens next.

      Dream 4: Medicine?

      This dream seems to be me in a stop animation production scene, because the only things I saw were hands popping out of random small doors near the floor, probably to help with concealing human involvement.

      The hand is doing random things from throwing objects, or placing something in the middle.

      The flooring a gray and there's white lights on top, your usual long and vertical white lighting placed laterally on the ceiling.

      I think I kick around a few objects and continue moving forward somewhere. Then I see a sign that says Medicine, but in horrible spelling, like "Medisone" or "Medicoone," somewhere around those words.

      Then when I'm past this area, I look back and there's this random person sitting down. I've seen this person in my dreams, but it was a loooooooooooong time ago, and he's just sitting there doing something. Then he tries to throw objects at me, ranging from green pencils or pens.

      I dodge all of them, and I'm using the door in front of me to deflect most of them anyway. I grab a pencil/pen, and throw it back at him, and we continue doing this for a while until I got bored and left.

      At least it wasn't Kaomea throwing a pair of scissors at me. I'm joking Kaomea!!!!!

      Dream 5: I will find you Kaomea....

      After moving around to my sides a little bit from the WBTB time finishing from me recalling the previous 4 dreams, I feel this sensation that I'm being elevated, or that my body is getting more lighter.

      I've had times where I felt I would lose connection with this sensation, but I just kept still to finally arrive somewhere. I knew I had to have been unconscious for a while, but the Rain music that was continuously playing for a while helped with awareness.

      I wake up, I already know that I'm dreaming because I felt the sensation of going into the dreaming plane. I wake up in a random house.

      It was a small bedroom, and I look a window to see that it's close to raining outside, I feel like I'm in a basement because the window was one of those where you have to peek a little higher to see what's going on ground level.

      I look at the T.V. that's nearby me, and I'm seeing the Saving and Loading Screen for Resident Evil 4. There's nobody playing it at all, so I just watch in curiosity to see if this automatic movement of the game activating would give me a message.

      When the game finally loads, I see Albert Wesker, and soon I realize it's the Mercenaries mini-game that is being activated by itself. I try to look at the white font text on the screen to see if the T.V. was trying to give me a message.

      The first set of white font text while Albert Wesker is busy shooting Las Plagas enemies seems to appear in Spanish, and I couldn't understand anything from that.

      The next sets that I recall seemed to be making fun of how Albert Wesker's intentions in ruling the world someday with non-zombie invasions.

      (Because in Resident Evil 4, Las Plagas did not make the host into a zombie, it just controlled them and made them look like they were like zombies with red eyes and everything, but they still kept they're human traits. The only think that would be different is that they looked a little bit more darker).

      After a few seconds of watching Albert Wesker shooting, I get out of the bedroom, then I find myself in the small hallway in my apartment. It was dark, but looking ahead I could see that the blinds near the front entrance where glowing a little bit with light. It was a gray light, and I knew it had to be raining or something.

      Before I advanced any further, I stay within the exit to my bedroom, and was close to a few light switches. I didn't notice it at first but the light switches were on the right instead of the left like they were in waking life.

      Since walls where narrow in this hallway, it was enough for me to tempt myself to jump, and spread my legs mid-air to rest on my back on the right wall.

      Basically I had one feet that stayed in place on the right side, and extended my other leg to left side. It felt kind of weird for me to do this, I think I even managed to stick to the ceiling looking down on the floor!

      But that moment lasted for a few seconds, and I'm back to resting my back on the wall with my feet helping me stay off the ground.

      I take my right arm and move down a little bit to feel for any light switches, I try to turn both of them on, nothing.

      "Right," I told myself.

      (I said that in one word because it validated that I was dreaming because the light switches didn't turn on).

      I felt the dream starting to fade, and I forgot to do a stabilization technique, and got out of tune with my dream body for a few seconds.

      I find myself back in waking life for a few seconds, but I didn't move or anything, I just see the back of my eyes are gray and has that type of gray mystical field of vision that's wavy and everything, and then I get back into the dream. (DEILD)

      I put myself down back to ground level, and as I'm getting closer and closer to the door to get out of my apartment, I believe I check the blinds first before I go in blind faith of where the door will take me.

      I see it's just like a replica of my apartment, so I go outside, but not all the way. I feel something to the right side of me, like one of those one strapped bags, but it felt like my laptop case to the right side of me.

      I didn't pay attention to it too much.

      It was still raining, and I knew this was because of the "Rain" setting I had on the Online Alarm clock to play was white noise in waking life.

      I told myself with confidence, "I will find you Kaomea....."

      Since I knew I was near my apartment environment, and since I don't have that much power to just summon up a portal or something and go to Hawaii or even the Alaskan beach shared dreaming location we set up, I decided I should at least use my ability to run fast.

      I prepare myself to run, but before I could even feel the sensation of the rain hitting my skin, the dream fades again.

      I wake up again, but I still keep my eyes closed. Since I'm in the intermediate state with being half-awake, half-asleep, I categorized this dream with "Resident Evil 4" in my head, because of what I was doing watching the T.V. in the dream.

      I relied on that categorization to help with the potential DEILD I could have, but I ended up being unconscious for the next few sets of dreams.

      Dream 6: Embarrassment

      The dream starts off to where I'm hanging out with a girl I never hanged out with before, I don't even know why I didn't do a RC, because I haven't been with someone to hang out with for a long time.

      She looks a lot like Chelsea, one of my group partners in my first Biochemistry course when we had to do a presentation on a certain drug.

      I'm not going to say what exactly just to remain slightly anonymous from her.

      Chelsea is wearing a light blue shirt, and is wearing dark blue sports shirts. After walking around with her for a while, she tells me while smiling,

      "Hey, instead of me and you going to a hotel together, I think it's best if I go back to my dorm room."

      You.............did.....not....just.....tell....me ....THAT....in front...of these.........people!!!

      Since we were near a small crowd of people, (I realized I was inside of the Hookah station, or something like it. It's bar near a few fast food areas, don't let the name fool you.

      The reason why I'm presuming I was in the bar is because when I was looking at Chelsea, I looked outside with my peripheral vision, and saw the narrow street lanes, and it had to be outside near college main and the intersection).

      A couple of guys made the "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh" sound and laughed a little bit after Chelsea told me this.

      I don't know why she would tell me this, or what the hell we could be doing for her to say that we should basically go back to where we live.

      To save myself from embarrassment, I told her,

      "Yeah, I have to go to a tutor at 7PM."

      She acknowledges it, and we go our separate ways. I don't pay attention to where she's headed, she most likely vanish because I doubt that was the real Chelsea.

      I leave the bar, and the dream environment is a little different, I go to my right and move forward, then I find myself stuck between a lady trying to move her car out of a parking spot, and it was really narrow that I was forced to wait for her.

      Her car was green, and pretty generic in its composition, and she's moving the car slowly because there's two more vehicles to the sides that are too close to her car. It ends up causing a dent on the front side of her vehicle, but she doesn't seem to care.

      By this time, I couldn't tell if I was still stuck when she was backing up, I probably just stoon on top of one vehicle to see how this woman is going to back up without damaging the other vehicles.

      Dream 7: Back-stabbing

      I'm in a dark area, seems like your classic creepy mansion. The room I'm in had a fancy carpet in the middle with some fancy stuff and bookshelves surrounding it.

      I find myself being shifted to another environment, and it looks like I'm outside of the mansion or castle or whatever, and it's still night time.

      I realize my back is being braced against a huge column, and my perspective is a little weird for a moment.

      Imagine bracing yourself behind a wall, you can't really see much behind you unless you do some peeking to the left and right, but for me, it was like I was staring at myself bracing against the wall.

      There's this huge Black dude in a Black long jacket. It looked like the Black dude from one of those Resident Evil movies, but that's just using a general comparison.

      He's guarding the area in the middle of the 4 columns placed in a square formation. And he's looking at the area I'm hiding in, but he doesn't know that I'm there. Oh, and he has a really huge freaking weapon, like a really huge Shotgun.

      All that he's doing is turning his body right or left, and when he does that, I peek in the opposite direction. I waited for a while to advance, but it seems instead of shifting to the right (he just shifted to the left), he takes another shift to the left.


      BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! The shot literally demolishes the whole column I'm next to.

      I barely dodge the shot by taking a small dive to the ground when he finds me out, and I try to hide to the column to the left of me, but that would be useless since he's already found me out.

      The dream resets to me bracing against the column again, and I knew the guy would to those random formations where he shifts his body to the same direction twice.

      I still was detected by him, but instead of trying to fight him I told him,

      "Look, I already know I can't defeat you, that's impossible right now, can you at least show me who is your leader?"

      Without even answering, the leader shows up out of a dark area. He looks like Steve Carell with glasses on.

      Now that I'm awake recalling this, you have to be freaking kidding me....LOL...so much for looking like a fearless leader.

      He doesn't say a lot in this dream, I'm just explaining why I'm here.

      I tell him that I wanted to be part of his group, because I have intel from an enemy of his who thinks that I'm only working for him, and told him that I would be back-stabbing the other leader, which is Steve Carell.

      He doesn't really take it too seriously, since I am working for him, but I didn't tell him that I'm only helping both sides for my own benefit, but I don't know for what though.

      He talks, but it's like he's saying random shit to make it look like he understands me. He starts pointing at something like he's comprehending what I'm saying, but I just ...I just... lol, really?!!?

      This guy is a leader??????

      To be honest, if I was lucid, I would've just woken up from this fail leader. It's not Steve Carell that I was disappointed in, it was just that when I barely dodge a shotgun shot from some tall Black dude, you'd think that their leader would be a little MORE bad-ass than that?

      Not the glasses man, not the glasses, it doesn't help with your "evil" visage.

      Dream 8: Alyzarin

      I wake up (FA), and I go to my laptop, and I go on MSN, and find that Alyzarin is online. (She's going somewhere at the moment, so she couldn't have been online, but I guess I was too excited to tell her what happened lol).

      We chat around a little bit, and I forgot most of what we were talking about.

      Dream 9: Crown

      I believe I'm Link (this is just a video game simulation most likely), but just a weird version of him. He's like a variant of Windwaker's Link and other Links I'm presuming, can't remember exactly on his facial structure.

      The dream is pretty vivid, but I didn't really pay too much attention to the environment, except for the fact that it seemed I was in a city that was in the sky (Skyward sword association probably, but I never played it).

      Someone awards me with a golden crown, I didn't really think of it as anything useful, but the text below (like you would see when you get an item from a chest or person) said that wearing this crown allows you to double the speed for you to use an item or a weapon.

      I just run around like a dimwit, trying to test out this crown I'm wearing, and there are command prompts on what actions can help you use it's function. I saw the Wii remote animations on the top screen while playing the game.

      Don't remember much after I recall myself dashing like crazy in a random area of this sky city.

      Dang it! Again with these False Awakenings!!

      I wanted to take another attempt to sleep again, but it's 10:24 AM right now GMT -5:00, so I might as well put this as an entry now.

      Damn it, I was lucid, had the intention to find Kaomea, but forgot to do stabilization techniques.

      But again the lucid dream was vivid and looked stable, I just don't understand why the dream started to fade. Maybe it was from adrenaline, but I didn't feel any kind of rush, the least I felt was just anticipation of find her.

      Well, no use complaining about it now...it's already done and gone.

    15. The President Would Like To See Noah's Ark.

      by , 11-06-2011 at 11:37 PM
      I am in a tiny classroom for kindergarteners, but I'm with Chellie and Aaron. I am seated facing them, they are seated forward, and all three of us are quoting lines from funny videos we've all seen. Chellie faces the blackboard at the front of the class and goes to say something, but doesn't seem to want us to hear it. She has her hair in two blonde braids and grabs each with her hands, making another video reference which I find hilarious. She looks around to me, clearly not expecting anyone to hear what she'd said, and laughs with me about it.

      Later, I'm the President of the United States, and am in some huge dark room where a number of large items are on display. I understand the items to be important relics and artifacts collected and saved by the American government. I'm casually playing with a straight bass that is twice as tall as me, when my butler shows me an artist-drawn picture of Noah's Ark, another artifact the government apparently has possession of. I get excited at the prospect of going to see it, and we change rooms, but the dream moves to a different scene, and I don't see the boat.

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