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    1. 18-07-05 Vision of Coast, Can't Feel Snow

      by , 07-05-2018 at 03:44 PM
      I've been tripping balls for much of the morning/noon but remember almost none of those dreams.

      The first 'episode' I had was when I saw a street scene (a vision, nothing happened and I wasn't there physically) at what I knew was the sea. Like, the coast of Belgium. Probably somewhere between Blankenberge and Knokke.

      In the second dream, I walked onto my balcony, which was covered in snow. I briefly wondered why there was snow in the middle of summer, but I didn't care too much. I noticed when I picked up some snow, I did not feel the cold. I proceeded to rub snow all over my body (I was bare chested, it's hot as hell right now) and noticed I couldn't feel anything at all. It felt amazing.
    2. Demon Possessed Corpses

      by , 02-10-2016 at 01:20 AM
      There was a battle between humans and demon-possessed human corpses. After fighting off the demons in a few locations, me and the crowd of people I was with settled into a large house near the coast that faced an inlet. There were only a few of the demons roaming around there. I had no weapons and could not fight the demons so I would close the door of the house to keep the demons out. I was very scared of them.

      I don't remember the exact moment I became lucid but I had frequently been taking trips to the locations where the demons had been conquered. I had been flying to the locations and then hovering around trying to find out what was going on with the demons, why they were invading and why there were so many of them. I eventually realized I was dreaming because of the flying and floating. Even though I realized I was dreaming, I was still caught up in the story of the dream and worried that my body was sleeping in a place where I was vulnerable to demons. I took a couple flights through the sky but mostly hovered and levitated around the house, showing the other people, including my parents. My parents did not like it, but a teenage girl did like it and was very excited to tell her mom. None of the other dream characters could fly.

      Some of my flying attempts were unsuccessful and I would jump up and gently land on the floor. I had to maintain a relaxed concentration to hover or fly well. I was so excited about being able to fly because the demons in their corpse bodies could not fly so it was the perfect way to avoid them. I also thought I might use powers like shooting energy out of my hands to fight the demons. I did eventually realize that since I was dreaming there weren't really any demons, and that was kind of disappointing. At times the dream became so ordinary, just me being inside the house with the other people, that I had to convince myself that I was still dreaming. I did so my telling myself that if I weren't dreaming anymore I would have remembered waking up, and I hadn't remembered waking up, so that is how I knew I was still dreaming. Then I just looked around at how real everything looked.

      I eventually lost lucidity and the dream continued until I woke up.
    3. Seaside flight and a giant tk maxx

      by , 04-10-2014 at 06:13 PM
      I am in a small commercial jet plane, with members of my family, and we are flying over norfolk, from west to east. It is a lovely summers day as we fly low over the shoreline.

      I don't see any Seals in the water but i turn to my niece Nelly and say "look out for the Seals" at which point the sea then gets the occasional Dog swimming in it, sometimes with its owners, often without.

      I then spot a hippopotamus in the water, then another, and another, of which i point out to my niece again. And then all of a sudden we see Polar Bears in the shallows, white to begin with, but then the colour degenerates to a dirty brown colour, but there are quite a few Polar Bears in the water.

      Suddenly my niece shouts "look, Pigs!" and sure enough, in the shallows are pigs wallowing in the sea water, several of them. And their all dark brown pigs.

      The place suddenly begins to bank left and plunges down towards the sea, but narrowly missing it as the plane rears back up again. As this happened i could feel my stomach being pulled backwards, like it does on a rollercoaster or, quite fittingly, on a place which is pulling some trick moves in mid air, the acceleration seemed tremendous.

      I then wake up, no recollection at all, then halfway to walking to the bathroom this plane dream came flooding back to me, and shortly afterwards when i sat on my bed i breifly recallled another dream, less intense but still interesting to a degree.

      It appears i am in Norwich on a shopping trip, nowt unusual, happens all the time.

      Wherever i am i have a very good vantage point of the city, i can see over it for miles, but one building really stands out, a massive abstractly coloured red and black building, which is apparently TK Maxx, and for some reason i want to go there but i am unsure which roads to take. I can see quite a few roads leading off into teh distance but i am very unsure which one to take, but internally i decide to use my iphones satnav to guide me.

      Interesting I say? well yes, because it appears i am viewing this dream through some kind of Instagram filter, X-Pro, giving my dream the feel of a cross processed look, which used to be a photography thing back in the day of 35mm film, we processed c41 film in E-6 chemicals, or vice versa, to make the colours a bit more funkier, now all you need to do to get that look is swipe a touchscreen on a mobile phone.

      Interested if anyone else experiences colour shifts in dreams, this happens a fair bit to me, i sometimes even see monochrome in my colour dreams. As a side note, i have had a camera in my hand since the 80s so maybe thats why i dream like this?

      Oh, and i never have and never will shop in tk maxx, i just dont like their stores, too cluttered and confusing.
    4. The Wash, sidenotes.

      by , 04-08-2014 at 06:25 PM
      The Wash is the square-mouthed bay and estuary on the northwest margin of East Anglia on the east coast of England, where Norfolk meets Lincolnshire. From Hunstanton you can see Skegness from 10 mimes away across the water. When the tide goes out, mudflats appear to go on for miles across the Wash, giving the notion that one could walk from HUnstanton to Skegness, of course you cant really as there are deep channels in the wash.

      But my dreams do not see things this way.

      I dream of The Wash often, not surprising as i spend a great deal of time around the coastline of the Wash, at the nature reserves of west norfolks Snettisham, to the sandy dunes of Wells Next The Sea further along its northern shores.

      Standing on the beach of Snettisham you can clearly see the towns of Boston and Skegness from the other side, where i usually stand, on a very clear day you can see the Boston Stump, as well as other features of the landscape, over 10 miles away.

      However, in my dreams this distance is less than a few hundred feet, i sometimes see the Lincolnshire side as being seperated only by a small stretch of water, closely resembling a river than the sea, but most of the times i dream that i am actually walking from one side, in norfolk, to the other, in lincolnshire. Curiously enough, as i begin walking across the mudflats in my dreams, i often find trees and bushes along the way, as well as other hikers coming from the other direction.

      This isn't a nightmare, i do not fear that the tide will come rushing in and catch me offguard, it never does, in fact i feel so serene doing this, as the sun beats down on me, the warmth on my skin is reassuring.

      In one or two dreams of the Wash, there are even houses, and what could be called a holiday resort, right in the middle of these mud flats, complete with amusement arcade, small fairground rides and typical beachside fast food and sweet shops (candy stores in yankee speak =)

      These dreams occur often and i am always left feeling quite satisfied after these dreams, and i dont quite know why.