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    1. xxii.

      by , 08-11-2018 at 10:24 AM
      Non-dream stuff - Woke up at about 9:30 and got up to write this long non-lucid dream, that I've split into 3.

      Dream part 1:
      I remember being at the place that used to be a store, on the ground floor of my childhood home. in the dream this place was just a room, like a dining room. An old school friend of mine was there and he was sat down at a table and I had been too but now I was preparing some meals, like sandwiches for a trip. I remember I made 8 buns and 4 of something else. I distinctly remember putting the buns in kitchen paper and folding pairs over themselves.

      Then I remember needing to go to the bathroom or needing the attention of my dad or one of my siblings for some reason, and they were in the bathroom. I remember it was dark. The previous room was bright, it had a light on or something.

      Dream part 2:
      Then I remember being underground, at a subway train station. I was walking toward where I knew the platform to be in the dream. It was a long journey, it felt more like I was at an airport terminal, in that sense. I remember thinking the way was through a certain place but it was just a bread shop and actually it was a dead end full of bread stands. I turned around and went toward some stairs up that then had escalator stairs down...

      I remember being at the platform now. There was a massive red train waiting at the platform but on a rail that wasn't right next to the platform, then another slightly taller but much much thinner train was arriving, and everyone was thinking this one was gonna stop and be the train to take them where they needed to go. I thought maybe it would be, too, and got closer to the edge as it was going past, but it never stopped. It was a very odd train and I wondered how it even looked inside with the shape it had.

      Looking around, the platform was only one of several. This was in some sort of enclosed valley. Surrounding the platforms were walls of stone but the top was open sky. Past the closest rails was not another platform, but a cliff, and down there were more platforms in different orientations and directions. It was night, but I could see clearly, though I don't remember illumination posts.

      I was annoyed it had taken me so long to get here, and I remember I was carrying a backpack, presumably with all those food things I made. I was looking at a tiny unfoldable map, which I remember being an unsaturated magenta colour, like a light pink, and it felt more like it was for a cd to be in it, but there was no cd. I faffed on with it trying to understand it but gave up and a boy came up to me and mocked me and we got into a bit of an argument and I said something like "this map doesn't make any sense!" at which point the child agreed with a grin.

      I remember I was sitting down now and there were many other sitting down too, seemingly students of some kind. One was arriving now and showing people this transparent but large crystal, with an oblong shape with beveled edges. He said it was part of the research he did with some old guy. Then he addressed a girl there and showed her the crystal, saying like: "this is what your grandfather and i worked on" and she took the crystal into both her hands and examined it.

      At some point I was holding a beer, like a pale ale.

      Now I remember only seeing a machine of some kind. A portable machine, made of glass or clear plastic, and the machine took liquid inputs at the top and they'd go down into larger tubed areas and then down into a tiny transparent chamber, where there seemed to be a mushroom, for each of the chambers. I remember 4 inputs, tubes and ends. The mushrooms seemed to magically absorb the liquids, mostly water.

      Dream part 3:
      Then an instant transition as far as I remember. I was seeing like a film scene but I was in the role of what was a future sci-fi German tank driver. The tank looked high tech and the metal plating had a blue hue. The tank was being dropped off into a warzone in a city in Poland or somewhere like that by a plane or helicopter.

      On landing, the driver looking around for targets, mostly infantry on the ground or on top of buildings. The view zoomed in on a police car that was wrecked, then on a door, and then on some rooftops, as seen from the tank's position. There was some infantry on top of the buildings and the cannon was aimed and fired at the rooftop. Then looked around for more targets and didn't find any so moved on through the road, into a parking lot. Going up the parking lot twisty ramp, met with a mech armed with machine guns and rockets, and it outmaneuvered the tank easily but the tank kept the cannon aimed at it as well as possible; then the mech jumped and latched onto a wall, and the tank was in a bit of a bad position, stuck, and the mech was about to fire its weapons, and took some shells from the tank but without really doing much damage. I remember going "no, no, no" and bailing the tank very quickly. Now I was still the driver but I had some dual machine guns and fired on the mech which quickly destroyed it.

      I continued on foot up the parking lot. Then I saw some agents, and I tried fighting them and did manage to get them but there was a sort of paralyising trap that proved to be difficult during the fight. My memory on the details here has been lost a bit. Then I just remember going out of the parking lot building at a higher tier and it was night but it would be day soon, and I was walking around past the edge of some kind of military base where there were several agents.

      The last part I remember was some mutated war dogs that tried attacking me, and then a worm that came out of the ground and got me. The dream didn't end there but I don't remember what came next.

      Some notes:
      • The old school friend was the first potential cue for a RC. He was one of my closer friends during college.
      • As soon as I was underground at the subway station, even before the platforms, it was a good cue to RC because I know that train stations are very rarely that big.
      • The trains were an obvious dream-sign, one of my more common ones. Though it was the first time they had such weird shapes.
      • In the third part, the dream was initially the context of some kind of future world war, like a hundred years in the future or something. The country the tank was deployed to was not an enemy, but an ally being invaded, in the dream context.
      • The final context of the third part was that it was a digital thing, like the Matrix. Because of the contexts, I don't think I'd be likely to have noticed any RC cues at this point.
      • I remember a music playing the last dream part. It was a mix of the soundtrack from the film "Fifth Element" and something else more dramatic. I can never remember music clearly after a dream ends.
    2. [03-02-2017: Eggs, Tanks]

      by , 02-03-2017 at 09:50 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)

      I was in my mother's chicken pens, collecting eggs. The chickens surrounded me and I had to push through the crowd to pick up those eggs. I got three or four of them.


      I was inside a tank, waiting on a hilltop until enemy moves from behind his cover.
      Tags: chicken, eggs, tank
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    3. 06-12-16 Bullets and frags

      by , 12-06-2016 at 01:57 PM
      “Jumping from the roofs”

      I am in a large apartment complex with Sadist Simon. We are in an attic room that protrudes from the otherwise diagonal walls, the windows here are large and fully open and just under the windows there is a small area of the roof that isn’t as diagonal as the rest, in fact it is almost plane. We need to get to the ground and there is a fair amount of distance to the grass below. The weather seems cloudy, but dry and bright and we are going to town once we get down.

      We exit the room and get to the plane spot. At first I look down and think I can simply jump it, but then I get anxious and nervous and think I will most certainly break my legs if I do so. We are on the third (second in Danish terms) floor and the building extends on both the right and left side, sort of forming a horseshoe of the grass below.

      Simon then walks out on a very narrow black ledge on the part of the building complex extending on the right. He does a small jump and land on a wider black ledge a level down before he jumps to the grass.

      I am impressed and slightly jealous of his courage. I walk out on the plane roof – very tentatively – and weigh my options. On the left hand side there is a series of roof tops that progressively make their way towards the grass out towards the road at the end. I make a short run and jump onto this roof section and find it smooth sailing from there.

      The dream repeats once or maybe twice, with increasing levels of anxiety towards stepping out onto the plane section of the red tiled roof and Simon constantly in a confident manner making the small jump that I don’t dare doing. At one point he mentions “I just trust that I will land safe”.

      “A weed field and cops”

      I am coming out of a forest in the middle of the night. Someone is with me, it feels like an apprentice, student or disciple of some sort. It is dark, and it feels cloudy – no stars. In front of me I see a long rectangular field, that seems recently ploughed though also with sprouts of plants coming through.

      In front of the field is a road, which runs next to the field and white farmhouse at the end of the field. The road continues down through the forest from where we are stepping out. I look up and see a couple of cars driving down the road taking parking next to the field, close to the farm house. What stands out is the bright blue sirens blaring from atop the vehicles.

      “Ah the police is finally here” I proclaim to my assistant.
      “What are you going to do?” he responds in a nervous and concerned tone of voice.
      “Well I am going to go and talk to them, put the cards on the table” I say, mustering as much relaxation as I can. I am feeling slightly nervous myself, but also recognise that there is really nothing I can do aside from being honest about the situation.

      So I walk up and find a couple of officers. One of them is a woman, I think the other is a man. I feel they are tense and uneasy, so I hold up my hands in a gesture of surrender putting as much as I can into displaying a body language of truce and no-harm as possible. The officers relax a little as they approach in a cooperative manner and start their spiel.

      “You are under suspicion for growing skunk, and it seems obvious you are guilty.” He introduce. And it seems fair in all honesty. As he is talking the fields we are now waling in have changed to accommodate several metre tall cannabis plants.
      “Ah yes officer, let me assure you that I will provide full cooperation” I start out. And then I think of a loop-hole. The officers think they have struck gold, but they are only interested in skunk. What they don’t realise is that all the plants in the field are simply cannabis/hemp plants and not illegal.
      “I do have a couple of skunk plants in the greenhouse. Follow me” I say.
      They follow and we get to the very end of the indoor section of the grow chamber. Right next to a white door with 8-10 square windows in it is a small square pot of cannabis. The plants are very small and I lift up the pot and hand it to the officer nearest. “Here is the skunk. Now as for the rest of the plants they are industrial hemp plants and as such not illegal, as you surely know.” I say and while the officer look at me confused and disappointed, but also defeatedly accepting my argument. I think to myself that they have no idea that I can get more than high using the industrial stuff seeing as my tolerance have been lowered considerably since my Ayahuasca exposures.

      Dream ends.

      “Get out of my room”

      I am standing in my room. It is a rectangular space, very bright white walls from the sun shining through the panoramic window that spans the entirety of the end wall. My door is open and all of a sudden my uncle Kurt comes rushing in. I get embarrassed. The room is very untidy, there is loads of stuff on the floor and both the doors to the floor-to-ceiling closet lining the wall opposite the window are open and it is a mess in there. I step away from looking at my closet and turn to face him and as I do my father comes in close pursuit of my Uncle. I step up and start walking towards them. “Get out, OUT!” I tell them firmly as I raise my arms, stretch them out with palms raised towards my Uncle as I gently start pushing them back out of the room.

      “Your room is very untidy!!” My dad starts, but I ignore it. I feel nervous and anxious, my heart is raising and my thinking seems flustered. I see this as an opportunity to stand up for myself and claim my own space, and do with it what I want.

      As soon as they – in particular my uncle – are out of the room the doors slam shut violently. I am shocked and experience a surge of adrenaline travelling up my body and I open my eyes widely. I look about as the thought arise this must be because of the draught, and as I turn my head even further over left shoulder I see that the window is indeed wide open and I get the picture that this is the case for the entire house.

      The dream ends.

      “You are the tank”

      I am with a small party of people in a typical WoW style set-up, though I think we may only be four. I think I am both of the people having the discussion that plays out in the scenario, though it is observed from an external disembodied POV.

      We are standing in a somewhat dark living space. It may be a combined kitchen, lounge and living room and there is loads of different objects placed on the tables and other surfaces around us. We have just returned from a raid or a mission of some sort and we have had success, though there is a feeling of excitement running around, a result of our recent experiences having been hairy and risky.

      I am discussing with a tall, lean (but muscular) and black haired guy. In writing this I think I take on the agency of the other person, though still from a disembodied perspective. I am explaining to the tall guy that he actually took on the role of protecting us. He seems a bit disappointed, or maybe surprised at this and we rummage around in the space and find a shield. I hook it on a 2D figure of the guy, who is now also the person and across his chest is written something along the lines of “Focus your attention on me, I shall protect my allies” or similar. I walk about a little more until I find a helmet and put it on the figure, finalising his initiation as the tank.

      Then I walk about trying to find DPS gear, which starts out with a black leather tunic.

      The dream ends.

      “My men have it handled”

      This dream primarily took place from a bodiless observer perspective.

      In this snippet I am involved, might even be leading a band of outlaws. We are on horses and approach a transport protected by a fair amount of warriors on horses. There is of course a medieval feel to the scenario, which takes place in a fairly barren – with sporadic blotches of grass –, rocky and jagged mountain pass. It feels like early forenoon under a sunny cloudless sky.

      As we approach the carriage the dream shifts immediately into the wagon. In it is a fat, balding, hedonistic and cynical noble, lying down amongst pillows blankets and mattresses in soft warm lighting. He is dressed in a soft grey robe of sorts and he seems to be gorging himself on some sort of food. He oozes content for peasants and lesser subjects. He is approached by an advisor of sorts, who explains that the carriage has come under attack, with some concern in his voice. With some arrogance, and mild irritation at the disturbance the nobleman responds “Bah! This rabble is no match for my trained men.”

      There is a shift in narrative. I am now embodied in one of the guardsmen protecting the carriage. I am standing on the road in the jagged scenery observing the carriage and horses driving away up a fairly steep mountain road. I am with my comrades and the noble and we have all been stripped down to our underwear – which is white boxers all around. In the air a heavy vibe of embarrassment and defeat is palpable. For some reason we have to climb a vertical strip of cliff, it is almost as a wall, as on the top it is completely flat and plane. From where I am climbing up I experience slight difficulty in getting up to the flat plane. A thin layer of snow covers the edges of the precipice and aside from this the planes are covered in a thin layer of water where the light grey surface of the rock doesn’t take up visual space. The wall-like cliff side I have just climbed curves backwards to my left and I get a vision of a castle-like town over my left hand shoulder. The embarrassment arise as a result of knowing that we now have to go back and report the encounter to our leaders here.

      End of dream.
    4. (March 6, 2015) Fragments

      by , 03-06-2015 at 07:35 PM
      from what i can remember, I was in a large building with a group of people trying to stop a tank that was made of legos i think, so we took the drive chains off it's wheels and that was really it. Another part i was walking to a class and the ground was covered in snow. in fact i only remember seeing the one brick building in the snowy landscape without anything else around it for miles. just the building was in view

      this bad recall was my fault(of course) for moving and thinking too much upon waking before i had time to get the dream in m head. some useful details can be pulled though.
    5. Driving a tank, new OS

      by , 01-15-2015 at 06:55 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I saw myself from the top down view. It was in the grassland plains, some trees could be spotted in the distance. I was hatily entering a tank with some soldiers. We tried to escape from the onslaught, but they shot us down. Next I saw it again, this time however we escaped, smashing some trees down on the way. We tried to drive through the mountain road, but an avalanche stopped us. When it came down on us, I saw everything from my perspective again. I couldn't move, and felt the weight of snow lying on me. I had troubles with breathing. Then I think to myself I should secure the road from avalanches next time!, stand up and throw the snow away as if it was quilt.

      Second dream

      I was sitting in my room, testing my laptop after installing new OS. Everything went fine, but after a while I've got a blue screen error. The laptop has restarted, and I saw that I've lost most of my files.
    6. Looking for a ghost in a Panzer Tank

      by , 10-09-2014 at 10:37 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Looking for a ghost in a Panzer Tank (Non-lucid)


      I was called for an emergency so I had to go to some pool that was in the top of a huge building. This place was in a very busy downtown, much bigger than Chicago and even New York.

      Despite not being lucid, I believe I flew towards this place and I found there was some sort of weird entity at the pool who was taking the life of many people. There were here some Zelda characters and Queen Ruto was trying to deal with serpeant, who appeared to be very angry:

      Suddenly, she got swallowed by a typhoon that came from within the water and several people and random Zelda characters were drowned. I could see how this typhoon was coming at me, but I was able to avoid it.

      Suddenly, I was told I needed to drive a tank. I was given a bracelet that had a huge logo that it was a red and black "R" I did not feel I wanted to kill people with the tank and I feared I had to do that but I had to do it's will for some reason.

      I glided to a street that had two tanks parked. They looked like panzer tanks:

      I got in and people in there appeared to know it. On the inside, it was very large, there were several sits and hundreds of buttons and little LED lights. I sad in front of the driver's seat. Its steering wheel was like from a normal car, but I saw switches that I assumed it would just fire if I pressed them. Among the group, there were four females and a male, all dressed in military. Apparently, this tank was able to hunt down ghosts and their master, who was a zombie made out of fire, something like this, but surrounded by fire:

      So we got into the tank and I drove to a smaller building. I parked, smashing some cars because we were on a rush. I inform them that I was a Psychic Medium and experienced at Spirit Banishings. I tried to give them guidance in how to protect oneself but they did not listen to me, as the male apparently was a spirit communicator also.

      We got into a small heck house,and the cashier told us that it was $90 each. I wowed with such price but we showed our military ID's (I had one in the dream for some reason) and we were able to go for free.

      As we wandered here, we found no ghost. The place decor was like an old house,with old school furniture, because it was by far scary, in fact, it was very clean and spotless and we found no ghost, so we left and we witnessed other tanks around the city.

      From here, I had a FA and something related to telepathy.
    7. Epic Nightmare: Demons, Tanks, Magic

      by , 10-05-2014 at 03:39 AM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      I watch a plane crash on the television as part of a breaking news story. The last part of the clip before they cut it shows the plane flying away from the crash site. It doesn't make sense to me, so I re-play the scene in slow motion. This time, the second plane is a missile. Both are in fact missiles. Nuclear missiles. I get on my computer and try to find the exact town in England where the crash happened, but can't find it. Just a bunch of English towns. Finally, I spot the wreckage.

      As soon as I see the wreckage, I'm on a bus that's headed right to the crash site. My mom is on the bus, as well as my good friends. Up ahead is an unexpected building, billowing with thick gray smoke. Just pumping smoke out the top of it like it is manufacturing something. Our bus stops at a gate just before this building and a bunch of men with guns board our bus speaking a combo German/Italian language that I can't understand. Through their non-verbal cues, I understand that they must search our bus and everyone on it before they let us go on our way.

      One of the men searches me, but gets upset when he sees that I'm wearing a belt. He passes me to the next guy who also finds nothing hidden. Even more upset than the first guy, he picks me up by my shoulders, and shakes me vigorously as if to get any pills to fall out my ass if I were a drug mule. Fortunately (for many reasons) there is nothing.

      They finally let us all go. I sit down back in my seat, cautious not to draw any unwanted attention to myself. I see my high school sweet heart in the seat right in front of mine and we smile at each other. Then I see several layers of cloth all stacked on top of one another. The cloth itself begins to speak, telling me, "There are many ways to love a woman." Then the pile of stacked cloth lays completely flat on the bus seat, melting into it. Seems like good advice I suppose...

      Looking out the window, I watch as we pass the building from earlier. It is a power plant that burns some sort of smoky fuel, powering the entire town around it. Set up like some post-apocalyptic utopia, the buildings are all caddywhompus, but well maintained McGuiver style. The bus stops abruptly in the center of the town, and everyone is forced off of it.

      I am taken to the front of a tank column and strapped to the front of it as a human shield for the point tank. Definitely not a safe place to be in general, let alone for what I fear is about to happen. Meat shields make me sad, but I'm happy that it's me and not someone else. Completely bound, I tensely watch from the front row of the action as a group of fighters (who I assume are on my side) ambush the tanks. The whole ridge above us seems to have come alive with machine gun fire and anti-tank rockets. Sadly, they are all killed by the tank fire and .50 Cal machine guns.

      Due to all the rough driving, my bindings come loose toward the end of the fray and I make my get away, running as fast as I can before they notice. I dart into the first building I come across and hide up in the attic. I get the feeling that ninja-assassins have seen me hide in here, and are on their way sneaking inside. I have to do something to prepare myself.

      I magically find in my hand a plastic spray bottle with an enchanted liquid inside that causes whoever is sprayed in the eyes to face their biggest fear. I test it on a nearby cat, who goes completely wide eyed, and then rigid for a few moments before moving again. The cat seemed to enjoy this, and now is like my minion. I direct it to the far corner of the room to help warn me of anyone approaching. Another cat walks right up to my face and looks at me like it too wants to get the fear spray. I spray it in the face once, and it reacts just like the first. Before I decide what to do with it, a third cat approaches and I do the same.

      I send one of the cats down the attic stairs to investigate, amazed that the cats are voluntarily helping me through our unusual connection via the fear spray. I am about to spray myself in the face with it, but before I do, I hear someone downstairs. Sneaking down the ladder, there are no lights on anywhere, just a mysterious blue glow. I step on the floor and it is really wet.

      A creepy woman's voice whispers directly into my ear, "The true test is how well you can step quietly through a puddle of blood" Quite a sadistic test, especially since she could've just killed me right there instead of toying with me like this. I see now that the entire floor is flooded with about a quarter an inch deep of blood. I get a quick mental flash back of this same woman killing a bunch of soldiers in this room using knives and dodging their bullets, and then draining their blood everywhere.

      Thinking about her challenge, my feet change from wearing shoes, to slippers, back to shoes, and then to socks before settling on barefoot as I consider how to stay quietest. Barefoot it is then... The cold, sticky blood is really creepy, and not more than a few steps in, the sticky noises give me away.

      She lunges at me, trying to bite my throat in half. I get a clear look at her face for the first time, it resembles a zombie face, with dark red slime and nastiness all around her mouth, crazy demonic eyes, and greasy straight black hair. I push against her chest and stomach to hold her back and get knocked on my back over some furniture. She jumps at me, using her teeth as her main weapon as I struggle to keep her off me. Pushing against her stomach, it turns into a dark empty void like space, but darker somehow. From this void, a second pair of arms reach out to fight me. Struggling with these, I kick at her, only to find another portal open up at her waist from which a second pair of legs come through kicking at me. There is blood everywhere, and she just doubled her limbs while trying to bite me to death. This fact sinks in a bit and I wake up.
    8. 9-14-14 Decapitated snakes!

      by , 09-23-2014 at 08:52 PM
      I was standing out in this big nature reserve by myself. There were lots pine trees and tall grass. Suddenly, this red car pulled up and a lady got out. She went over to a little hole in the ground, and she motioned for me to come nearer. She stuck her arm down into the hole and pulled out this huge angry venomous snake. She handed it to me and told me to put it in the back seat of her car. As I carried it over to her car, it kept trying to bite my thumb. I just tossed it into the back seat through the window. She continued to hand me snakes. We did this for a long time.

      Then she put me in her car and drove me to my friend's house. In their sun room, she had a huge metal tank filled with snakes. Some had fur and were matted with blood. They were all alive and squirming around. There were hundreds of them. It was gross. She would hand me a snake's head, then she would grab its body and pull as hard as she could. The snake would stretch and its back would break and finally its head would rip off. She would then use their skins to make shoe leather.
    9. Escape TO Hell!

      by , 07-22-2014 at 08:20 AM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      A friend and I are chased out of a Tibetan village by angry men trying to kill me with rocks and sticks. We run down a trail through the woods, straight into an old WWII tank, shooting directly at us. The tank shots don't go through big trees, but get stuck inside, and then explode, completely obliterating the trees. The same happens with rocks that we try to hide behind. We turn and run through more of the forest, off of any trail. Two people on a dirt bike are riding through the woods opposite of us, and 100ft to our right. I quickly drop to the ground so they don't see us, but they do. The person on the back of the dirt bike has a fully automatic rifle, and what appears to be lots of ammo.

      We take cover behind some huge trees. I can see through one of the trees, and notice the rifle being aimed directly at me through the tree. So I crouch down as a bullet grazes my back, burning and tearing some of my skin off as it passes. This motivates me strongly to find safety from all this chaos. My friend and I run to a rope-bridge that crosses a large chasm, but soon find that we are now surrounded, people who want us dead on both sides of the bridge.

      I kneel down, and draw a symbol I've never seen before, looking mostly like a 4. As I draw it, I say something about "We will be safe". It glows a bit. I trace it again, saying the same words, and it glows more. I repeat that a third time, semi-aware that we will be shot in a matter of seconds here on the bridge. The symbol glows brightly, radiating light all over, and I am immediately transported to Hell!

      Standing on an invisible energy floor in the middle of a ring of gnarly floating rocks, glowing red and on fire, this whole mass just floats far above what looks like the ground level. Lots of other flaming / glowing rocks float around, most are massive, the size of multiple cruise liners. There are stone bridges and passageways leading from one to the other. I feel safe here, because I doubt any of my attackers would actually go to hell, even if it was just to kill me.

      I seem to be alone in Hell, no one else around. All I hear is flames, and the creaking of really hot rocks. It all looks quite amazing. I walk down a rock staircase to a lower level, and find myself face to face with a massive demon. About 15 times my height, very thin, his feet and hands are massive blades, and he appears to be completely composed of strong metal. He steps on me, cleaving me in two rather effortlessly. Instead of dying, I find myself in one piece again nearby this same beast. Mostly still feeling happy to be free from those people shooting at me, I'm not afraid of this demon at all. Sensing this, he walks away disappointed. I walk along a rock path, either side of which is a vast expanse of molten rock, glowing bright orange and yellow, gently undulating as it flows around. I come across another giant demon beast. This one looks like a combination of a pit-bull, the incredible hulk, and a giant boulder with massive spikes on it. This demon is bulging with muscles and thick, rough skin, mostly black, but glowing red in the creases. Kind of the texture of a massive tree with big chunky tree bark. He has big spikes on his shoulders, and lots of pointy fangs, sort of drooling as he growls at me. Since I went to hell to be safe, I'm not afraid of him. He charges me, and I just watch to see what happens. He bites me, eating the top half of my body. Everything goes black for a bit, then I re-materialize right in front of him again, just watching curiously. He too gets discouraged and leaves. They seem to only enjoy mauling me when I'm afraid.

      I explore around a bit, taking in the massive mountains of glowing spikey rocks, and rivers of magma. The whole ambiance of this place is a rather soothing red/orange/yellow color. I find it pleasing to my eyes.

      I then wake up to my room being only a degree or two below body temperature, and I've sweat through everything. A similar temperature perception to the dream.
    10. Pokemon Academy; Geurilla Warfare and the Dewey Decimal System

      by , 11-25-2013 at 09:17 AM
      Original journal entry dated Dec. 16, 2002:

      I had this dream that there was a Pokemon battling academy that was high tech, and the kids battled through computer simulations. There was a reactor on part of the campus and during certain hours it was unsafe to be near so a kid of pretty high rank was assigned to guard it. Anyway, during a spat, one of the kids made the super-intelligent decision of getting behind the fence and left a penny there. The head prof. freaked out when she saw it and severely punished the guard. And then there was more stuff, but I don't remember what the stuff was. The end.

      Original journal entry dated Dec. 21, 2002:

      I had a dream that I was a guerrilla-warfare librarian and I was trying to get my certification. I had to fulfill a lot of requirements, do training, and take a computer examination AND a field examination. For some reason, the cast of "Sonic The Hedgehog" was there. And my commander was Crow, from "Mystery Science Theater 3000". I have no clue why. But I got to drive a tank, so I didn't really care. And then there was something about Sailor Moon, but the thought of Usagi driving a tank scares the hell out of me.
    11. War; World Tree; A Parade of Ghosts

      by , 11-11-2013 at 09:28 AM
      Original entry dated Feb. 16, 2002:

      I had a nightmare that I had a daughter. I don't remember much about it except that it was quite bizarre and I was very unhappy about many things that occurred in the dream.

      I had a nightmare about a huge war in a desert, and a lot of people died, but I think that's more along the lines of the typical "post-apocalyptic" dream if not for one of the characters in it. I was 12 when I had it but the girl I met was so compelling that I still remember the dream. She was dressed in blue and had long, straight brown hair and dark, intense eyes. She was in her teens in the dream, but had an oval, almost classic face that was too sad for someone so young. She saved my life. In the dream, there were spaceship like planes that were black and flew very low, and tanklike things that transported weapons. I was almost crushed by one but she threw me out of the way. I can only assume that she died, but the whole scene was enveloped by the dust kicked up by tank-treads.

      I had another dream about a bunch of people testing a plane. It looked kind of like a flat triangle. Like a stealth-bomber, but not quite, there was something decidedly different about it. In any case, the test backfired and the plane crashed and burned. Luckily, the pilot didn't die. I can't remember if he was badly injured or not.

      This was followed by another, very long and vivid dream, which I'm going to try to actually do justice:

      A tree towers to dizzying heights, wreathed in clouds. It is held up by a pillar of massive, mossy trunk. Through the tangled roots springs a city, its buildings sprouting like mushrooms between the toes of a giant. Grey and fading, the tree and city are cloaked by dusk. The strange slant of the sunlight causes the shadows to pool in strange places.

      A man walks down the street, turning a corner, only to find himself amidst steaming tropical vegetation, a savage jungle. He panics, running blindly, and stares up into a dazzling sky to see something rushing toward him. That was how a nameless man was splattered in the middle of an intersection. The only person who took the time to observe this event was a small girl.

      After pausing to observe this event, the girl continued on her way through the twisting streets. The residents of the city streamed about her in a phantasmal flow of ghosts, fantastic, colorful, distorted, and exaggerated.

      Her eyes lit momentarily on a shadowy figure, and quickly jerked away. She drew into the phantom crowd, which closed around her in a flutter of harlequin rags, and she was relieved to see the figure encompassed by the swirl of paraders.

      She withdrew from the stream of grotesques and picked her way along rambling streets, tiptoeing across melted bricks. She turned to find the shadow, floating languidly above the flowing pavement. It regarded her cooly with bulbous glowing orbs set into a body that seemed to have no substance at all, except for a blurred grey outline. Ghostly animals slunk behind the wilted trashcans, chittering softly from the half-shadows.

      I've broken up some of these dream entries so I can tag them properly. With only 10 tags, it can be a little hard.
    12. 4th Sep 2013 School, Video games and Boss fights

      by , 09-05-2013 at 01:40 AM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Sleeping schedule, where are you. First dream was fairly long.

      Dream 1(fragments):

      I was apparently at school and there was some kind of test going on about which i didn't cared. Then there was something about languages and the fact that i have used english everywhere, then i was talking to some people and there was something about some small red mech things. After that i was wandering around through some other rooms.

      Dream 2(fragments):

      I was playing some multiplayer platformer with some people and we were going through some metallic place full of traps and fighting some robot things. We had jetpacks and at some point there was something about falling down invisible stairs.

      Dream 3(fragments):

      I was browsing some illustrated forum game and then joining it, there were three other players and we were entering some building owned by some organization and then our team had to split up a few times and three of us had to fight some humanoid robots and one of them was one of organization's leaders. The fights were done like in RtD and we had lots of potions.

      Dream 4:

      I was playing some game that was made around shmup creation and it was multiplayer. At first i was trying to figure out how to make stuff and there was some coding involved and i have created some simple boss fight. I've been looking through some other creations and fought some grey spaceship-style boss, and then later i joined someone and she decided to show me some other creation which apparently was 3D boss fight. It was kinda chase, spaceship-like playership vs tank-like boss, on the road. At first tank spammed waves of weak enemies in lines while i had to get close enough to be able to attack him, they died in one hid but there were hordes of them and they all flied parallel. Soon second phase started where tank attacked with aimed shots from his cannon and was speeding around trying to ram my ship, at which he almost succeeded at one point, but as i was shooting him the phase went down quickly. Third phase he fired his main cannon which was some kind of huge homing laser, but i point-blank'ed it after it fired and destroyed the phase in seconds.
    13. 9/3/13 lucid dream- bunch of stuff

      by , 09-03-2013 at 04:35 PM (Dark Kikyo's Dream Journal)
      I had this lucid dream this morning.

      It starts out where I am standing in a field, watching over my flock of sheep monsters, when a giant black mechanical dog as big as an elephant comes and starts attacking them. I looked over to see if the defensive tank I build in a previous dream was working to stop it, but it had been left on stationary mode, so I ran up to it and flipped the switch to defensive mode. I jumped on the top and had to hold on as it started charging the dog. The dog fought back with both teeth and guns as my tank like machine rammed at shot back. The fight took us all over the field, and at some point my parents had come in through the north gate (for anyone who has ever played Oblivion or Skyrim, the gate looked like the gates you use to enter in the cities. Yes, I have been playing too much Oblivion lately) and were watching everything go down. The fight got to the other end of the field, behind a gray stone barn, when I realized I was dreaming and went lucid. Suddenly, becoming very tired of a fight I knew would last a long time, I made the dog machine and my tank disappear, and replaced them with a friendly, normal sized, brown dog. The dog was a little too friendly however, and proceeded to push me down and dry hump me until finally my parents came over and the story of the dream continued. My mom was taking me to a church for sunday service, and for some reason we had to wait in an incredibly long line before we could get in. The church was on top of a hill and the line led all the way to the bottom of the hill. We finally made it to the top, and I noticed this teenager, about 16-years-old, kept looking at me on the way up. Before we went inside he offered me a sip of his drink. We got inside and I was ushered into this room, then found myself alone. I went back out of the room and saw an old friend from high school sitting in the next room. She said something to me and after we talked a bit, then I left. I went back outside and left my mom to whatever she was doing, when my fiancé showed up. We walked around where everyone was now standing in groups, talking. The teenager came up to me again and this time he let me have the rest of his bottle of tea. I said thank you and walked around a bit. I took a sip of it, then threw it away because I got a strange feeling that he did something to it. I went up to a tree and stood under it while my fiancé sat down to my right. I stood there, watching the teenager walk around staring at me, and every now and again he would come up and say something to me, making my fiancé look not very happy. Suddenly, the teenager came up to me again, but this time he was wearing a red super hero costume and a helmet, and he tried to kiss me. I turned my head away and said "No, I don't want to kiss you." so he stopped, but he kept standing there smiling at me, when my fiancé got up and shoved him away from me saying "Don't you ever get near my girl again." The teenager came back with a "If she was happy with you I wouldn't keep seeing her standing around looking depressed." I just stood there, listening to their back and forth, then decided to take a walk down to the road at the bottom of the hill. They both followed me and when we got there their spat continued. I was looking at the teenager blankly when three tan creatures that looked like human sized versions of the monster I created in a previous dream, except without the purple spots, and they were wearing armor and were wielding weapons, popped up and started heading for us. I grabbed my sword and announced their presence to my fiancé and the teenager, who proceeded to pull out their weapons and help me fight. The battle didn't last long, but after defeating one of them I turned around and saw them strike down the teenager. I charged it and slew it quickly. My fiancé took down the other as I ran up to the teenager, dropped to my knees, took his helmet off, and held him up in my arms. He was saying how I should never give up against the evil one and defeat her no matter what, then started saying his goodbyes with tears building up in his eyes. I just watched and listened, feeling very helpless and sad, when he closed his eyes and died. I looked at him for a little bit longer then put him back down. The scene of me taking off his helmet, and him saying his last words, started to repeat itself over and over until I finally woke up.

      I don't know what all that about the evil one was, but in the dream I got the feeling it was her that sent the black mechanical dog and the three guys to kill us. Maybe she will make an appearance in another dream, that happens with me sometimes. I really like it when my dreams are continued in other dreams like that.
    14. 16th Aug 2013 Fragments and some vehicle warfare

      by , 08-17-2013 at 12:02 AM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Recall is getting better, i suppose, still need to stabilize schedule though.

      Dream 1(fragments):

      I was on some forums and there was some forum game related discussion. Then everyone had to make some choices in that forum game and then it turned more into some kind of video game.

      Dream 2(fragments):

      I was playing some platformer with abstract levels about a group of some lizards with spit attacks.

      Dream 3:

      I was playing some FPS game and there was something about islands, i was in some complex with some team and we had to find the way out and then find way to leave islands. I took control of some helicopter and had to do a few missions where i had to destroy various objects on islands. Last mission i started about some huge complex of various buildings and i had tons of missiles to bombard them with, there were weird mechanisms that revealed themselves after buildings were hit, including some kind of magnetic field generators and some anti air energy cannons.
      Then i switched over to some modern air plane and had to attack airfield base, i've only had limited number of missiles and after using them i've turned it into some kind of hovertank vehicle and continued attacking base with it's cannon, there were various enemy vehicles protecting the base, mostly using red color scheme and mostly various kinds of tanks and hovertanks. There was also really big 4-legged mecha and two turrets, which i had to take out quickly.
      After being done with that i started using air plane again and flied to different island, where i switched over to another one, which was similar, except it had nuclear bomb. The island the got invaded by exoskeleton creatures that looked like ones from Crysis but some of them were grey colored and they were apparently fighting each other as well.
    15. 28th July 2013 Random MSPA-styleish dream

      by , 07-28-2013 at 10:52 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Not much of recall today, ended up easily falling back to sleep when trying to recall and sleeping schedule got a bit broken again, need to fix it.

      There was some game with story about some kids and their parents, MSPA-style. There were various locations including some blue maze that everyone was going through, in maze there was some talk.
      Then there was some snowy mountain area, through which they were getting using some huge snowmobile/tank hybrids, then on the top they talked to a dragon who was hiding in human form and who tells them some kind of truth about the world. They then moved through few locations and ended up at some kind of farm place, where they met parents again and talked to them.
      Kids went on through more locations, getting some kind of special powers and then reaching some army base. Officer here tried to get them to drink various alcohol drinks and almost succeed, but GWG appeared out of nowhere and started posting some crazy stuff and walls of texts, distracting everyone, and then made portal archway and disappeared through it. One of kids with most special powers realizes something and moves through portal as well, others follow him. They end up getting teleported just barely few meters away from the archway and dragon, that's hiding in human form, facepalms while watching for them.
      Soon they reach some city, with red on white color theme. More cutscenes start and kids's parents end up spontaneously exploding, then some witch appears to be behind everything and the final fight starts in one of the buildings, which ends up being really gimmicky with various challenges.
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