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    1. No enchanted wolves on the furniture

      by , 08-16-2015 at 05:44 PM
      There's a very earnest-looking young man scaling the tower of a magician's castle, trying to reach the window where a woman is sitting. He incorrectly believes her to be held captive against her will and is trying to rescue her. She only notices him when he falls. Sounding bewildered, she calls down to him, telling him there's an easier way to get in on the other side of the castle; if he can't find it, just watch the rabbits, follow them. The man walks off.

      Eventually, the woman comes outside to look for him. She finds him pinned between the wall and a black wolf with a white pattern around his eyes and chest. The wolf isn't doing anything particularly threatening. I'm aware that the wolf is the magician, though the man doesn't realize this, and the woman only suspects. The wolf starts acting like he's completely ignoring the man pinned against the wall and walks over to her, and she holds out her hand for him to sniff as if he were a dog. He ignores the hand and instead bumps his shoulder against her as he passes, and walks into the castle.

      Inside, she sits the man down at the table with something to eat, and he says something that makes her laugh and twirl around. She's under the mistaken impression that he's looking for the magician, so she's treating him like a guest. She's treating the wolf the same way, and asks him which room he'd like to stay in until the magician returns. He bumps his head against the locked door of his own room, and she laughs and says sorry, no, that's quite impossible - even though she's fairly certain who he is at this point, she won't have him on the furniture in that shape.
    2. Two escape routes and a rose

      by , 06-01-2015 at 07:05 PM
      I'm walking through the basement of a tower, grey stone walls. There's some kind of chaos going on on the main floors above me, a distraction while I was taking care of something in the dungeon on the next floor down - but now that it's time to go, I want to avoid getting caught in whatever's happening on the main level.

      There's two people waiting for me with two different escape routes - neither of them knows exactly what I was doing here, neither of them knows me personally, and neither them knows about the other. There's a person I work with who'd arranged for a man to meet me by the stairs up to the main floors, but I'm having second thoughts about trusting him. And there's a woman waiting by a wooden door that leads elsewhere; she's not involved at all, she just wants to escape whatever's going on upstairs and is willing to take me with her, recognizing me as a friend of a friend. I believe she would be more sympathetic to what I was doing here, if it came out.

      Deciding to go with that woman at the wooden door, I'm doubling back, passing by the stairs leading down to the dungeon. I debate whether I have time to go back down there - there had been something else I'd wanted to look into down there, though it's not a priority. I start down those steps, but it becomes so dark I can't see, and I have a vague impression of massive chains. I can hear a woman's voice crying. I decide I don't have time to be fumbling around in the dark, and I head back up the stairs.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      A man is looking at a wall recently painted green in an attempt to emulate some other place, and talking to someone about a man he knows, saying that while he wasn't looking, the man went and got married to people so unsuited - people, plural, meaning both the wife and the stepkids - people he'll have to keep secrets from.

      I'm watching light play over the features of the man in question in an interesting way. He's looking at a signet ring with an image of a rose, which he's just removed from a hiding place in the base of a lamp. I'm hearing a kind of tinkling sound like a music box repeating a single measure over and over again.
    3. Green Towers in Cloud Valley (NLD)

      by , 04-30-2015 at 07:18 PM
      Earlier: I heard about a plan for a new kind of TOTM on DV. Someone had come up with a single extremely complex and elaborate task that was broken down into about a dozen different steps, and the number of steps one was able to complete determined whether one got credit for Basic, Basic + Advanced, or Basic + Advanced + Bonus tasks. Someone who managed to complete the entire series would get credit as though it were a TOTY.

      Later: I was at some kind of large event like a conference, and passed by a counter with a placard advertising a program or game called "BRAinixity." A list identified the first three letters as standing for the following descriptors:

      I gathered that "BRAinixity" was a kind of lucid dreaming program, and that these three terms described the magnitude of effects that practitioners might have on their dreams, depending on their level of accomplishment. I inwardly scoffed a bit at the idea that it somehow took a higher degree of effort or mastery to accomplish a "big" effect on a dream object as opposed to a minor "alternation," since I had time and again observed the lack of any such meaningful distinctions in the dream state, but I was nevertheless interested in seeing what the program was all about, so I decided to sign up.

      A woman with short light brown hair was currently signing up for the BRAinixity program, and I was standing next to her waiting my turn. Since we were going to be on the same team, we exchanged introductions. She had a strong accent that made me think she was from Germany, and said her name was "Lalla." She explained that it had originally been longer, but that she had shortened it when invaders had attacked the valley where she lived. I understood her implications: under the circumstances, a long name would have added brief but unnecessary delays to social interactions. "Yeah," I joked drily, "You don't want to be standing there waiting for someone to finish pronouncing your name when you should be running away."

      She finished signing up and the woman behind the counter began to take my information. I saw that I was on the "Cloud Valley" team—all the teams were organized by fictional valleys of various names, each of which accommodated about eight team members, judging from the number of lines on the registration card. Each team member was assigned to "Towers" of a particular color. Only the top line on my team's card was still blank, and since I was the last person signing up, I didn't have any choice as to what color my towers would be. I looked closer to see what color towers I'd be getting and saw "Green" next to my name, which pleased me, since green was what I would have chosen anyway.

      "Green towers in Cloud Valley," I said aloud, liking how poetic it sounded.
    4. The man in the glass, Hightower, chain of command

      by , 03-15-2015 at 08:42 PM
      There's a human woman who, when looking at a particular vampire through a mirror, would see a reflection of him that no one else could see - or rather a sort of different version of him, seen far off and from a distance, performing different actions. She's never been sure exactly what this means. He believes that she's been seeing something like his soul, or another side of him - he saw it as something like a hope for salvation. Right now, though, he's leaving town; he's loading luggage into a car, and both he and his sister are dressed in a drastically different, more formal style than she's ever seen them wear before - she thinks of it as out of character. But it only seems that way to her because they're destroying the personas they've been using with these particular identities and creating new ones, and she's never seen them do that before.

      She's standing on the sidewalk, talking to his sister, and she's saying, but what about those visions of "the man in the glass" - how can the two of them just leave her without finding out what her visions meant? The sister says those visions were just illusions that he's ready to move on from.

      I'm in a fortress that's been evacuated, watching a woman who's been advising me as she treats this survivor we'd found lying unconscious in the hall. Now that she's conscious again, my advisor comes to me and says we're in luck; the woman's the head of a noble house and she considers her loyalty as being to the throne itself, not to any particular claimant, so she's willing to pledge her sword to me. I'm aware that there was some previous meeting that had declared me the legitimate claimant to the throne, and that's what's determining this woman's decision, not that we've saved her life; if the meeting had declared in favor of someone else, she'd be supporting that person instead.

      The character side of me is surprised by this statement about pledging her sword; I say to my advisor, what, again? I'd had to find three noble houses to declare their swords to me, I'd managed it, there'd been a ceremony - that part's done now, isn't it? My advisor can't believe I'd say such a thing; exasperated (rightfully so, the observer side of me thinks), she explains that I need all the swords I can get, especially now as we're making for Hightower - I have a mental image of entering a military encampment and seeing the top of a round tower of brown stones in the distance. I see her point now that she's said it, and I think about the route between here and Hightower, and all the noble households located along that route. I hope we don't have to repeat the actual ceremony each time.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      I'm part of a group of people protesting some issue, focusing on a sort of police force in a particular community but with broader implications. Trying to figure out how best to handle this, I enter the mind of the man in charge of the police force, trying to see what would sway him, what approach he would listen to. I find that the problem isn't our approach, it's that nothing coming from this source is going to sway him - even if my group convinced every last person in the community to unite and speak up, this man sees our community as a problem to be solved, a situation to be managed. If the police force is going to change, it needs pressure from someone else.

      I travel to the mind of that man's superior, a political position. He's more sympathetic to the issue in the community, but he won't act just based on sympathy; it's important to him that he make "impartial" decisions about where to focus his limited time and resources. If public opinion among the area he serves as a whole was pressuring him to focus on this issue, or particularly influential groups or political powers, then he would focus on it. He considers this the most responsible approach.

      Following the trail of political influence, I eventually come to the ruler of the country. He would be surprised to be asked about this issue at all; he considers it outside of his jurisdiction. This is the church's responsibility.

      I come to the leader of the church, the equivalent of a pope. She also believes this isn't up to her; this is an issue for each nation to decide.
    5. Faust and a god's tower

      by , 01-31-2015 at 08:21 PM
      A production of Faust, I'm going over a written list of the scenery needed for each scene. One scene is described as the Altar of Hell, and I have a mental image of Faust being pinned to a circular stone by two demons; that's the contract signing scene. The next scene is set in a field surrounded by trees, and my perspective changes so I see this as the audience would.

      Curtain rises on Marguerite and women of the chorus in the field; shortly afterward Faust enters from the right. In response to what the women had been singing, he sings something satirical about the dangers of love and the unfortunate fools who are caught up in it. This annoys Marguerite, and she turns away and pointedly ignores him. The women of the chorus exit, and Faust realizes how angry Marguerite is, so he jokes around in the hopes of getting back in her good graces, teasing her by singing a humorous song that starts with a verse about roosters and hens. She forgives him easily, and by the time he gets to the chorus she's joined in the song, flirting right back at him. The second verse is about deer and hunters, and she playfully leads him on a chase around the stage. As they exit, laughing, Mephistopheles strolls by in the background, keeping an eye on how things are playing out.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      There are four men, or people who were once men and are now weapons, kept chained up in their sleep. Two 'chains,' really - the collars around their throats, but also something much deeper that's never meant to be removed. I'm removing that second 'chain' from each of them. They wake up as I do so, and their first reaction is to moan about the pain, but gradually they regain a sort of awareness. It's interesting to watch - they're becoming aware of how much of their personality has been stripped away from them, but without actually regaining that personality they lost. Their master arrives then, and I expect them to attack him in revenge - that's the whole reason I freed them - but instead they cower in the corner, just looking at the pair of us.

      Memory gap. Next thing I remember, I've gone semi-lucid in order to pursue that master of theirs. He's closed himself off inside a tower where I shouldn't be able to follow, with an irritatingly arrogant attitude about it - he's essentially the god of this place, it won't allow me entrance if it goes against his will. Or at least it's not supposed to. The tower's a sort of futuristic art deco confection, lots of spheres and glowing purple lights, and I'm flying around it, demanding that it create an opening. With my next pass around the tower, I find an entrance has been created, opening onto a single room containing an elevator. It signifies that this place is as willing to depose its 'god' as I am. I take the elevator up to that man's private sanctuary - the elevator doors open to show me a vast pool lined with twisted white trees without leaves, and quite a lot of statues, including some of himself. This guy is unbelievable. There's a mansion at the far end of the pool, and I expect his mental trail to lead me there, but instead it leads me off to the right, to another body of water, and I focus on a light at the end of a pier.

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    6. 11-5-14 Dystopian gladiator chase scene

      by , 12-04-2014 at 07:23 PM
      I lived in a country where all people were killed once they reached the age of thirty. However, once a year three convicted criminals were released from prison into an abandoned city, where they would fight to the death. The last man standing was allowed to live a normal lifespan. I was apparently one of the three, and I was being chased relentlessly by the other two men through a dark, overgrown alleyway. Ivy climbed up the walls of the brick and steel buildings.
    7. 4/16/2014

      by , 04-17-2014 at 05:19 AM
      In my first dream, I was at some sort of school and they were doing drug tests on the students. We were in a big warehouse looking building and everyone had their piss cups in conveyor belts. G. Romero asked me to piss in his cup, probably because he was dirty.

      In my other dream, I was with a lot of people and we were ready for some sort of attack. People were committing suicide because they thought they wouldn't live through the attack. I ran to a group of people that was about to kill themselves and tackled their leader and took his knives. I ordered them onto the towers we had posted and they ran up the stairs towards the towers. I told this to everyone and everybody managed to get into a tower. Me and a few people didn't have time to get into a tower and that's when water started coming and it turned into ice. We ran away from it and held up while the whole area turned to ice. Creatures started attacking us and we managed to kill one but more took its place. I climbed up a pole and stayed there. Even though there was ice everywhere, I wasn't cold.
    8. Nov. 19 Dream Journal pt 2: The Board(walk) of the Winds -- The Two Towers

      by , 11-19-2013 at 08:06 PM
      This is after I woke up from my first dream. I recited "if it's red, I'm in bed" with great difficulty before simply falling asleep.

      I'm walking in a somewhat active park with someone, and we drove my car there. It began pleasantly enough, but then the person I'm with starts to feel not as well. I say something along the lines of "lets go back to my car and turn on the AC"; but instead, like the actions of a rational human being, I put her in a shopping cart and scoot her around. I find this hilarious after I wake up, for very ironic reasons aside from the thought of pushing an unconscious adult around in a cart.

      We go to the boardwalk of a pier, which actually reminds me of Navy Pier in Chicago. And, like the real Navy Pier, it was ridonkulously foggy. It is starting to get dark at this time, and the streets lights are starting to turn on. We are heading towards Lake Michigan (or, in the dream, a random ocean), and to my left, I can see a giant, jade-colored tower with golden lights rising out of the fog in the waters. I couldn't see the base of it due to the fog/mist; but the way it is situated, it looks like the fog is some sort of a portal, and the tower is rising out of it since I can see the water line, and it is all clear. (Note: Now that I'm awake, I realize that it is very similar one of my favorite pictures I took of a tower in Chicago, which actually did kind of look like it was rising out of the fog -- hey, an excuse to use the attachment feature! -- though, not at this of an extreme as my dream).

      Hello! I'm New Here-20052011604.jpg
      It's the building to the right. God, I love Chicago.
      To my right is another giant tower, only this one is more marble white, and, due to its proximity, I can see the base (which featured columns -- lots and lots of columns). It's situated right in front of a grass quad. It's at this time my friend wakes up. I tell her she overheated (not as in a fever, but as in the cooling fans didn't work), and I figured the ocean breeze would help. I guess even Fake Chicago has winds colder than death. There was a Video Game College to our right in front of the white tower, so we decide to go in and visit.

      Inside, it is pleasantly lit. It looks like a hotel in terms of hallway/room layout, but the actual rooms feature wooden bunk beds like the dorms I've been in. The guy who greets us is a tubby, modern faux-hippy wearing a green shirt half a size too small, dirty orange hair in white-people dreads, and just-as-dirty-ginger beard (not a missed MILD cue alert for me, by the way: it's a very, very specific red that I'm noticing). The dream fades while the dude talks at me.

      The dream picks up again, and I'm back in the same busy park, only I moved backwards in time and it's the afternoon again. I'm next to my car, and it is parked on the street in the same spot as I "knew" from before. In terms of location, if I keep going straight, I'd eventually make it back to the pier again. To my right is a row of dirty apartment buildings; it's similar to the row houses you'd find in San Francisco, only if San Francisco just gave up and started downing whole gallons of ice cream each night.

      To my left is a grassy patch, with a large oak tree (the trunk is maybe a 1.5-meters wide) at my 10 'o clock. Just a bit past the tree, but more to my immediate left, is a decently sized park basketball court that features 4-5 rows of bleacher seats and chain-linked fences. Two of my housemates, E and S, are there, but they are complaining about the gutters around the court being overgrown with weeds. So now, in my mind, I make some sort of weird plan to insert a grate through the sewers where the roots are, cement off the opening while leaving a slight opening, then pulling the weeds out as they grow through the limited opening. Somewhere during the planning phase, I somehow actually do it.

      The dream fades; and then it gets a bit noteworthy.

      I wake up, and but it's not time for me to get out of bed yet, so I just lay there for a bit. I recite my MILD mantra just in case, but I still have the park dream with the basketball court fresh in my mind; so my mind begins to wander a bit about playing basketball. I thought about playing hoops with my friend DR. C!!! (FYI: it is required by law that you tell his name every time due to reasons)... the wicked crossover move I had in middle school... fantasized a bit about what if I was back in high school and I retained all my current abilities... being athletic enough to dunk the ball from the foul line... and suddenly, I wake up again. Apparently, I dozed off while thinking about basketball, only I don't think my stream of thought ever "broke," thus my mind was still busy doing the basketball equivalent of masturbating while my body slept. I'm chalking this up to some sort of WILD, or perhaps a very, very brief step towards LD?

      I drift in and out of sleep a little more, but nothing else happened.

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    9. Tolkien and handcuffs

      by , 08-09-2013 at 07:43 PM
      I'm traveling, spending the night in an old stone tower. Thranduil's standing watch out in the woods, I can see him through the window. The rain's coming down pretty hard, much harder than it was during my watch and I'm still trying to warm up, sitting up brewing something hot to drink. I'd like to call him back inside, let him stand watch from the window instead, but I know he wouldn't. Everyone's still on edge about that Balrog. I hear voices at the bottom of the tower, one of the Men with us calling to Thranduil, telling him to quit haring off on his own like that. I can't see where Thranduil's gone, but the two Men who'd been guarding the door are looking around the edge of the woods. Then a leather wing covers the window for a moment and blocks my view, something flapping around the tower carrying a rider, and I shout to the others to wake up.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      I'm sitting at a bar drinking something green in a shot glass, when iron handcuffs are snapped around my wrists. Some crime has been committed, something which I'd planned to do. I didn't go through with it, though. I'm innocent. But it's still my fault that someone else carried out my plan, and I'm willing to take the punishment.
    10. 5th Mar 2013 Desert, some Warzone 2100, false awakenings

      by , 03-05-2013 at 12:40 AM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream recall from non-lucid naps.

      Nap #1:

      I was in the desert, searching for something, then i find some place. Suddenly huge cactuses rise from the ground and i start falling.
      I wake up in the bed but room looks different, dream fades out as soon as i move for an reality check.

      Nap #2:

      I was playing some Warzone 2100 multiplayer with LV, we played coop versus 2 AI bots. Game got weird in a way that alot of defense structures were being built by everyone, literally walls of towers and stuff, and we were only at the start of the game. AI was building even faster somehow(cheating?) they had literally bases twice as huge after a while. Then LV got disconnected and i continued playing without noticing it, only to be overwhelmed by AI building towers and bunkers literally near my base in masses. Later i noticed that LV disconnected and shortly...
      I wake up in the bed, room looked normal but there was weird stuff in the mirror(i didn't paid attention to that in the dream though), i was about to do my usual reality check, but suddenly huge pressure was coming from everywhere and there was very loud noise was in my head. Dream ended shortly.
    11. 6th Feb 2013 Sports and Some volcanic place

      by , 02-06-2013 at 08:40 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream 1:

      I was watching some sport videos(something that i don't usually do IWL), there was some hockey then boxing, at the end of the match the winner is very tired, like it takes him full 10 minutes to recover, during which some dude near me starts saying that at the school he was in he had to use alot of money to participate in sports. He opens some sort of wiki and we see very complex list of how much everything costs. Some options include something like 'match vs computer' and 'match vs friends in good mood', and there are also lot of settings such as weather and number of enemies(?). We finish reading and switch back to sport video, dream ends shortly.

      Dream 2:

      I was playing some video game where i controlled some character from top down in some grey volcanic area. There were ridiculous amount of enemies so we voted to tone down difficulty(game was multiplayer apparently). We end up switching it too low and the game becomes ridiculously easy, there's at least 10x less enemies now. I find out that character had ability to walk through solid objects for a while and use it for a few shortcuts. Dream skips.
      Now the game turned into some sort of turn based strategy, it's still in grey volcanic area. I had full map for some reason and only a few units around in the part of area with spikes. Apparently i had to move them through spikes, which were damaging them as they passed them. I scroll the map towards north only to find out that enemy has huge army. Dream skips.
      Suddenly i was in some sort of HQ and i was controlling everything like RTS from here. The base was located in the south part of the map, which was still in the grey volcanic area. There were some areas with lava and there was river(of water, for a change) to the north. I had no idea what to do for a while so base ended up being attacked. Some units barely hold off against the enemy, and enemy was mostly using two types of units: some sort of crude boats than could also move on the ground and some sort of flying units that looked similar to mutalisks from Starcraft.
      Someone suggest me to use towers, so i order some to be built all around the place, mostly near river. What i ordered though were apparently some crude bunkers, which still were decent vs boats but could not attack air, i ordered proper towers shortly. Soon they were finished and started killing enemies with their machine guns. I haven't got all the place covered with them though, because resources were low, so there were still a few places were enemies could sneak through, i ended up ordering some group of units around to between those places to not let enemy through.
      Soon the towers were built all over near the river so enemy had some hard time, then i noticed there were upgrade options for towers. One added second machine gun, other one added missile launchers and third one added some sort of artillery cannon. After upgrading some towers i noticed further upgrade options on twin machinegun tower, one added two more machineguns, second one added some weird gun on top of tower that fired bullets with crazy rate but had low accuracy, third one added twin missile launchers.
      Haven't got to look at upgrades of the other tower lines because HQ got attacked by swarm of bugs which looked very similar to this one. Dream ended shortly.