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    1. An Unwarranted Treasure Hunt

      by , 07-25-2018 at 01:25 PM
      Morning of July 25, 2018. Wednesday.

      Dream #: 18,846-05. Reading time: 1 min 20 sec.

      In the morning, Zsuzsanna received a message about a contest from an unknown sender, but I am wary. Although it seems like a legitimate competition at first, it turns out that a gangster had buried a jewelry box near our house (that in my dream is first a variation of the Loomis Street house and near the southwest corner, though the sidewalk is not present.)

      Eventually, several unfamiliar men are near our house. They look for their buried jewelry box for the valuable items inside. I see them as intruders and realize at this point that it is not a legitimate contest, but that unknown men were using an area of our yard to hide their loot from other criminals.

      I hit two of them with shovels, but I think they might have guns. I want to protect my family, but there is no logic in not letting them get what they want and leave without bothering us, so I wait. My family remains inside our house during this time. Eventually, the gangsters are no longer present.

      Our house changes into a version of our present home. Two female police officers are in our kitchen. Each of them is wearing a blue bikini and a black trench coat, which makes me think they may not be real police officers.

      I go outside to see them digging in two areas of our backyard. There is a police car parked there, and that could mean they are real police officers. I ask them if they are real cops. One of them looks at me with an annoying glance, saying that people only use the word “cop” on the Internet. I remain unsure if they are real officers, but I slowly wake as it now seems as if they are gardening rather than looking for loot.

      When I was in middle school, a female bus driver, as my schoolmates were boarding, was angry upon hearing someone say “cop.” She said people should not say “cop,” because it was disrespectful.

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    2. 11-5-14 Dystopian gladiator chase scene

      by , 12-04-2014 at 07:23 PM
      I lived in a country where all people were killed once they reached the age of thirty. However, once a year three convicted criminals were released from prison into an abandoned city, where they would fight to the death. The last man standing was allowed to live a normal lifespan. I was apparently one of the three, and I was being chased relentlessly by the other two men through a dark, overgrown alleyway. Ivy climbed up the walls of the brick and steel buildings.
    3. Lucid Dream #90 and some other things

      by , 06-03-2014 at 03:46 AM (Lucid Time!)
      Fragment: I am trying to create a solar system. I create a star but fail at creating planets to orbit it.

      I am at some kind of gathering in an unfamiliar home. I cannot recall exactly who's it was or what the party was celebrating exactly, but it's not important and does not interest me. I do however that it felt like I was near my own home, as if I was in the same sub or something.
      What I do recall was that this home had a very large basement, being much larger than the above ground portion of the house. I never fully explored the basement but from what I could gather it was three or four floors deep. I couldn't identify any of the dream characters as friends or family.
      There was however a very annoying dream character, a young boy who kept on complaining that he was hungry asking me for various food items. At first I tried to politely direct him to the food trays set out for the party, but after awhile it became clear that his intentions were not to get any food but rather simply to annoy me.
      I cannot recall what happened for some time after that.
      I was still in the same dream, and was in the deepest reaches of this multi-leveled basement. I encountered a trio of dream characters who stood out from the party. They were wearing dirty clothes and overall had a very rugged thug-like appearance.
      And sure enough, they start to harass me. It starts out with verbal taunting, and then they grab me and hold me against the wall. I become partially
      lucid at this point. The two smaller thugs have me held against the wall, and the biggest one (presumably the leader) is preparing to punch me in the jaw.
      I spit in his face.
      He swings his punch, but I duck out of the way. He punches through the drywall behind him. I push the two smaller thugs away and float up away from the wall. What then proceeded was a long fight with the thugs where I dominated. After they were thoroughly beaten, I began making my way back up out of the house.
      This was strange as well. I floated just about a foot above the ground, and instantanieously smashed any doorway I came to. I passed other partygoers who looked on in amazement and confusion as I floated by. I eventually found my way outside and became properly
      lucid. I looked at a nearby house and decided to manifest my dream guide, but instead found that I was waking up. I tried to hang on to the dream for some time. (I'm not kidding, I fought waking up for probably a whole minute.) Before properly awakening.

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    4. Drug Cartel Virtual Reality

      by , 04-30-2014 at 09:15 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I am vacationing somewhere in the Caribbean when some man steals my wallet. Another man tells me that he knows that man is working for a drug cartel and knows where I can go to find him. What followed was a long chase across several islands utilizing planes and boats. We eventually cornered the man at this unassuming resort where the man who had been helping me explained that they were actually part of the same drug cartel.
      The thief gives me my wallet back and states that this was actually just a plot to get me here. The resort manager opens a secret trapdoor behind the desk and leads me into this basement area. Once down there, he explains that this is not a drug cartel at all, but rather an international secret project to develop the first virtual reality simulation.

      There is this girl with a robotic arm who has supposedly built the first prototype of the machine. The machine is huge, and I did not get a good look at all of it. But what I do recall was the room where you entered the virtual reality. It was a concrete room (because we were in a basement, duh) with wires and tubes running everywhere. There were four metal chairs, and there was a large chrome disc mounted on the front wall of the room. Several wires are clipped onto the outside.
      And of course, I have to be their test subject, that being the reason they lured me all the way out here. So I sit down, and they place this small nose-breather thing onto me with this blue fluid running through it. Supposedly, it is supposed to help stabilize the VR link. robot arm girl fires it up and a beam fires out of the silver disc.
      The room begins to distort and change. When its done, all i can see is the four metal chairs sitting in a black void. Two people phase into the other chairs and explain that they are agents sent in after me; the machine malfunctioned and locked me in. It also altered my perception of time, and now with every second we experience, an hour goes by. They let me out. I wake up.

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    5. 9/9/2013: fragments: rainbow hair, old people and a criminal??

      by , 09-09-2013 at 04:39 PM
      Mmk, last nights dreams were pretty weird and I can barely remember most of them.

      My mom and I were out in the front yard where there were a bunch of old people, each with a different bright hair color (pink, blue, etc). It was like some gathering but they were all just standing/walking around and talking about Christianity and how my mom and I were a disappointment. We made fun of them together and I said 'awful purple!!' in this manly voice with an English accent and my mom started cracking up.

      Mom with me again, we were in a little seaside cafe. We shared a booth with an elderly husband and wife couple, and they were talking with my mom about her work and planning how they'd help her out.

      I was with a friend (not someone I actually know) in this strange house, and this large puppet/doll with a knife comes in. He's very threatening, but not attacking us, just keeping us there. We're just automatically assuming it must be some creature, like it's not too out of the ordinary for puppets to move around like that :/ But then something happens, not sure what, that makes it fall over and break in the middle. Inside is a creepy-looking guy with glasses and unkempt facial hair. Think he was a wanted criminal?? Anyway, way creepy.

      My friend and I ran out of the house and the area was suddenly way different. We were on this raft in the middle of a body of water that was surrounded by tall buildings and broken down amusement park rides. There were lots of other rafts too, and a few boats. It was very dark, and there was a dense, foggy haze over the whole area and a sense of chaos but I'm not sure what was going on. There were lots of people trying to get to the boats. My friend and I got to one, and sat across from this man who seemed rather cheerful despite the circumstances. He said something about the weather, can't remember. I replied with something like, 'you're not allowed to say that unless you're a pirate!' and we both started laughing.
    6. Criminal brothers try to save reputation of Olympics sister

      by , 05-04-2013 at 02:42 AM
      Had this dream around 3am this morning. It was long and complicated.

      There were these brothers, I think three of them, and they were criminals. And their sister who was an Olympics athlete of sort was being unfairly discredited from winning with false accusations of cheating, and they were using their criminal abilities to try to save the reputation of their sister. And the dream kept switching back and forth between different scenes where the different brothers were, but I had some sense of a cohesive though convoluted plot (but that sense may have been wrong). One of the brothers was at a doctor's office out of some reason throughout the dream. The other two were elsewhere dressed in masks trying to break in somewhere. I think they needed to steal evidence that she was framed and had won based on her own abilities.

      In one scene I was somewhere up high with one of the two brothers. While for most of the dream I was watching it like a movie, but in this part I was involved. So I was up high with one of the brothers, and he was going to fall, and I helped him fall more gracefully. He still got hurt very badly and could not call for help himself, so I called for help for him. While his ribs were being mended they discovered why he was there (breaking in to steal the evidence).

      Meanwhile the brother at the doctor's office was telling the female doctor about it, and he had a nosy audience of a small group of people listening.

      That's all I can remember. None of the character's were known to me, nor does the plot ring any bells in my mind: it does not remind me of anything that happened nor any movie or book. Just a really weird dream.
    7. Runaway

      by , 03-09-2013 at 12:35 PM
      I remember a dream I had earlier tonight:

      I was a teenaged boy (so definitely not myself). I had runaway from home, and had started being part of a bad crowd. The people I hung with appeared much older than me, and hardened criminals. I had a sense that they would not stop short of murder. I felt that I was I over my head, but a self proclaimed mentor tried to persuade me that I was where I belonged.

      Interesting re-occurrence of self-proclaimed mentor idea
    8. Biological Weapons Should Be Handled With Care

      by , 02-11-2013 at 09:10 PM (Golden Tales From The Dream World)

      There wasn't anything really special about this dream.
      Though my friend Hudson doesn't typically make an appearance in my dreams.
      An interesting note is that throughout this dream I was frightened or on edge,
      which is odd because I really should have been, considering the given situation.
      Other than that this was a pretty typical dream.

      February 5th 2013

      I was apparently a part of some sort of criminal organization.
      Our base was at a fort, similar to the one in red dead redemption called fort mercer.
      I'm living through someone else's eyes.
      I'm at a little carriage.
      Apparently one of our members was misbehaving or something, so to punish him, they cut off his lower half.
      I can clearly see his spine sticking out as he frantically crawls around.
      (this is horrifying in retrospect but dream me is hardened mother fucker it seems)
      Now the others, including myself, are afraid that the same will happen to us if we are to screw up too.
      I transition into my room. I'm with my friend hudson, also a part of the same organization.
      With him he has two biological weapons, one powerful enough to wipe out a city, the other powerful enough to wipe out all humans on earth.
      We need to deliver the two of them to someone else, something were eager to do since we're pretty nervous about carrying them.
      We decide to hide the smaller one in the shell of a zippo lighter, I think hudson held onto the other.
      I accidentally dropped the zippo. I panicked, thinking that the vial inside had cracked.
      I quickly examined it and my fears were held at bay, its case was still secure.
      Hudson then took his own lighter and began to make adjustments to my zippo with it, burning certain parts and putting holes in certain parts of the casing.
      I had no problems with this, in my head these modifications were necessary. Then we were off to deliver.
      Then I woke up.