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    1. 10 Aug: Meeting friends at parking lot, having sex with a friend at his girlfriend's

      by , 08-10-2019 at 09:02 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      At a place that looks like a campus, with dorms. The dorms are mixed and open space. I am climbing stairs to go to my floor and pass by a floor where I encounter Evangelion. He is sleeping on a chair but somehow with his head upside down and I wonder if he is ok. He wakes up and says he's fine. He just likes to sleep like this. He shows me how he does it and I crack up laughing.
      On another floor I meet Vera who is having a party lunch or dinner with friends and family. Carla also appears there by accident and sees me and stays for a little while just to say hello. She is with a dude and has some kid, but I don't think it's hers.
      Then some crazy looking dude comes in without presenting ID and the security guard goes after him. He then shows him some ID, but then continues in a very fast pace, with a hood over his head, looking very disturbed. He really seems to be up to no good. I go to a parking lot to meet some friends on a car who offered me a lift. They are sitting in a convertible. But the driver is Evangelion and he hasn't yet come join us. I see something shining on the ground and see a few little things, like a porcelain jewel box which is filled with pendants made from teeth and gold decorations. It has a nice amount of gold. I also find other things not as valuable, bur ask Zilla for a bag and collect it all. Some dude in another convertible almost hits me while parking. Then almost hits a pole. Then I see Evangelion coming towards us. We go to his girlfriend's house. I end up on a sofa bed with him watching tv and there is an R rated comedy show playing that ends up with a couple trying to have sex but experiencing some technical difficulties. Then he says something like "why we have never tried to solve our difficulties?" And I ask what he means, since we never got involved like that. And he says that's exactly the difficulty we encountered, but maybe it's time to fix it. Then I realize we are both naked somehow and he slowly comes on top of me and kisses me. He always makes me laugh and he does so by saying "oh goodie, you just brushed your teeth". I remind myself that our friends and his girlfriend are in this house with us, I wonder what he is doing, but guess they are in an open relationship and I am too horny to care.
    2. 4 Feb: I am a persecuted android, train station and skipping classes

      by , 02-04-2019 at 02:05 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      It's the future. I am a sentient android. Some bad dudes are kidnapping androids of my type and reeducating or damaging us to become obedient and enslave us. They test us afterwards with a simple reaction test but I fail, so they want to eliminate me because I can't be trusted to obey. Then Evangelion is there, but he is one of the bad guys. He provokes me with abuses to see if I react. I know I have to endure or I am dead, but they can tell I am faking and the procedure didn't go well. I beg for my life, I promise to be good and obedient, but a guy keeps saying I will probably turn against them. So while I am being rounded up by them, I spot a chance to escape through some window and I run, get into some garden. Then enter some door into a building, don't know what it is.
      People react naturally to my presence. So I follow some people and end up in some auction place. To blend in, I look at the pieces with interest, an android would not buy, but could be at the service of an owner. I spot a couple antique Buddha figures and it reminds me something of past lives. I pay homage to the Buddha, feel familiar with it. The walls of the front of this place are glass and I see my chasers looking for me outside across the hallway. I also see some stairs leading to an exit and lots of people going up, so I run to disappear in the crowd and reach the surface exit. I notice I am surrounded by university students. A lady engages with me, asks me what I am studying there. I make up something, she believes. I guess androids also can go to school. Once out, there is a bit more garden and some gates to a road. The road seems to lead to either nowhere or to the city and I choose the city but it is far away still. I go back when I realize everybody is actually going the other way to a subway station. Meanwhile I notice a big dog tied up in the garden and he barks at me in a very familiar way. It is my Hachi and I just have to go get him, but he is in a part of the park that is being locked down for the night. I jump the wall cause there is no way I am leaving my dog there.

      Taking a train in Lisboa at Santa Apolonia station with my dad, but all is so different. He can't find our train, the old line we used to take is no longer there. Instead there are some stairs that bring people in from the houses on the hill. And there are lots of people coming through there so companies have some marketing stands in the way. Today there is a table with offers from some cosmetic and accessories companies. Basically they have boxes and people can take what they want. First nobody touches anything, feeling suspicious or not wanting to look greedy, so I start hoarding it, that's when they decide I have to share and start taking things to. But many ladies basically start ruining some items instead of taking them, like notebooks, on which they write messages and leave it there anyway.
      Some ladies are gossiping and say that Michael Fassbender lives nearby and sometimes they see him crossing the station.

      Studying at a university abroad with friends: Zilla, Licas and some others. Our math teacher is horrible, so we decide to skip his class and meet at the movies. We discuss how stupid it is that those classes are mandatory. We arrange ways to escape classes multiple times without being noticed but we have an enemy that does his best to expose us. Once he finds me on the street, he is on a car, he films me with the phone, but I film him back. If I am exposed so is he. The campus is totally high tech, with hologram concert shows in the hallway of new upcoming bands and other dazzling tech stuff.

      I live in an improvised room at an attic, a really cozy place, which has basically a mattress on the floor and where I can't even stand up. It has a skylight as only window and I have the company of pigeons.
    3. 03 Jan: future genocide

      by , 01-04-2015 at 12:53 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I am in London, parts of it are flooded. I meet Evangelion by chance. We spend some time together, we flirt and end up kissing. Then he asks me if I would have an affair with him. I'm undecided. It's been one of my fantasies, but when we kissed, I felt nothing. I honestly don't know.

      Some guys in power have decreted the elimination of most part of the human population. Only the ruling elite and a few selected slaves are allowed to live. Everyone else is supposed to die. I think the argument is to reduce humanity's footprint on the planet and restart a society with a much smaller population. Many people volunteer to die for that cause, but those who don't are hunted down and become fugitives with no place to go.
      I'm one of those fugitives. I become part of a non-organized resistance that sabotages whatever it manages to.
      I and a couple of others end up breaking in one the places where volunteers and captured people are killed. It's like an underground slaughterhouse. People seem mindless, maybe drugged or just in shock, naked and shaved. They go through something like gas chambers, because we then see the dead bodies being taken on conveyor belts to automated dismembering and chopping machines. I don't know what they do with the remains, I just find out a way to blow up the god damn place.
      Then we keep on running. We infiltrate a city of people with permits to live. We somehow manage to talk to one of them who might be willing to help us get a permit, but he to seems a bit spaced out or drugged. He explains the procedure to get the permit and basically it's impossible to get it, except getting a fake ID of someone who had been allowed to live but died for some reason and that seems to be way out of our reach.
      So we keep running. Until one day we are caught in the middle of raid in a farm we came across. A militia that hunts down the fugitives apparently found a big group of them in this place. My friends were caught in the middle. I am using a dry toilet outside and away from the main house, so they haven't found me yet, but I see from the distance that the guy in command of the militia is one who has caught me before and raped me and thought he had left me to die (but I didn't). I plan not to let him get away, but that might imply I sacrifice my life to kill him. He is coming closer to where I am, he will find me in a minute...
    4. 12-18-2013 Nuclear Meltdown

      by , 12-19-2013 at 10:59 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Non-Lucid , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      TTT at Home:

      I'm playing a game of TTT. Me and a friend of mine are in my room. Enemies are scattered around the house. My friend leaves my room and dies. Soon after, a sniper walks in and i manage to kill him. However, a team arrives and I'm quickly captured. Then my room suddenly turns into a classroom. I walk out into my hallway and start walking. As I pass one of the rooms, i see the teachers assistant doing work inside a shack in the room. I make it outside and start walking down a road. I drink some tea and start jogging. As i turn the corner, i see some friends of mine at a sort of fortress road block. I have an urge to pee so i start doing that and a biker comes around and gives me a weird look. Then a bike with no rider slides into the grass next to me with the rider running after it. I then head up to the fortress.

      Nuclear Meltdown:
      I'm inside a giant floating sphere somewhere above earth. Inside the sphere, Experiments are being done with nuclear materials. Something goes terribly wrong and i see a clock telling me how much time i have until an explosion happens. As the timer ticks down, i hear Asuka (that lady from evangelion) screaming in the background. I then get in a pod and eject at the last moment. The next scene, I get a zooming view at some sort of Hive structure in space. These are huge structures, this must be where a majority of people live. I then see a business man of high status in a futuristic, dark, and interesting room. He starts talking about the destruction of earth due to the reactor incident and simulates it by pouring his coffee all over a map. He says that the public doesn't need to worry about it now, they only need to see the aftermath.

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    5. 27 Sep: Sex at a church

      by , 09-27-2013 at 09:13 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I am attending a wedding at a church, but don't know of whom. I'm on one of the last rows of seats, alone and I don't know anybody. Then I notice some guy sitting behind me and he feels familiar so I look back and it's Evangelion. I feel glad to see him and say "hi, let's go out of here", so we go explore the backrooms of the church. We end up making out and one thing leads to another and we end up having sex on a table. A door opens and it's another guy, his cousin or something. I feel embarassed, he doesn't so much and just kind of asks him to go away. But I see the guy is aroused and instead I ask him to stay and then I make it kinky, by involving him in the action. I'll spare you the technical details.

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    6. Footrace and Art Deco Semicars

      by , 01-11-2012 at 07:47 PM

      Woke at 8:30 and fell asleep again.

      I was in this sort of race, but it was a foot race and the "track", if you could call it that, was laid out throughout various hallways and corridors of a large building or complex. It was on multiple floors, and there were no real sidelines; the runners simply stayed on the track and the spectators stayed out of the way.
      I came into the event late, sprinting through the front door of the hotel (The building was a really fancy hotel). There was a crowd (mostly made of men in three-piece-suits) between the entry-way and where the runners start about twenty feet in. I made my way through the crowd as it parted an crossed the starting line just as the whistle blew. Everybody took off, and, just like in a video game, about half of them were already moving faster than I was.
      We all ran the course, doing our best not to collide as we tried to not lose speed on sharp corners. I even took to grabbing corners and using them to spin-turn quickly.
      My memory skips here to the end of the race. It sort of trailed off, so I don't know who won, but me and my dad were in our old truck on our way back home. We stopped for gas and I stayed in the truck where I noticed that a bag of anime tapes I had lost [in real life, I decided not to buy them].I remember clearly a Neon Genesis: Evangelion DVD box set, but it had the weirdest-looking case you could imagine for an Eva DVD set. It looked like something from the "Little House with an Orange Roof" manga. Weird.
      We left the station and started home. The route in mu dream was similar to the route we would take home from my Church's old building, including a certain double-overpass. Just like in real life, there was a car dealership to the left of and before the two overpass bridges. What was really cool was that there was a '57 Bel Air pulling out of it in front of us a ways. Then another. When I looked at the dealership, the whole place was full of these cartoon-colored 50's cars.
      All the way home we passed nothing but 50's and late 40's cars. We were even trailing a yellow-and-cream 50's car, big fins and all.
      As we left the city limits [we live a few miles out of town], it was getting dark we crossed under another underpass right after passing a WEIRD and very tall and very cartoon-looking (think "Meet the Robinsons) 40's-sort-of car. To the left of the road, after the overpass, there were probably two or three dozen of them lined up like at a car dealership.
      It was dark now, and we passed another of these strange, colorful, cartoonistic 40's cars. The difference was that we could feel the wind resistance this time, as if we'd just passed a semi truck.
      Then we passed another, and both we and it were going a bit faster [in real life, this part of the route does have an end-sped-zone]. This time the truck physically shook left and right just after passing. The next time (again faster), the back end even fishtailed slightly. The last time, we had sped up considerably. As we passed it, I braced myself for the delayed wind-impact, but... it never happened.
      And the next thing I remember is the next day.
      At the next race. (In the same building.)

      So it's the next race/day, and the gun sounds, and we're all off. The route is different this time, and quickly takes us runners to a grand staircase leading to the next floor. It's sort of split at the top, and my friend L (Previously referenced as "Elizabeth") is sitting on the small pedestal where the bannisters meet. (Yes, the same friend that I got married to in a dream eight months ago.) For whatever reason, I stop to talk to her, and she is happy that I'm participating in the race. I'm normally reluctant to participate in competitive sport-like events, so I'm happy about it too.
      You can call me creepy (if you must), but as friends we didn't find it weird at all that I tickled her as a parting gesture. [You know, to say goodbye.] She giggled and said something like "Oh, don't do that; I'm still getting over that one time." (She was referring to that dream eight months ago.)
      I agreed and, saying goodbye, I turned to continue the race.

      And I awoke, immediately thinking 'Really???' "Really", because I don't even know L as well as half a dozen other friends in my life, and I haven't seen her much in the past four months.

      And that is the account of my dream on the Eighth of January, Two Thousand and Twelve.

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