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    1. Airplanes; 1600 Penn avenue; Old buildings

      , 07-26-2018 at 03:37 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      last night I slept 8+ hrs and got 3 cool dreams. In the last one I felt getting some awareness and would have gotten lucid if they didn't call me from work.

      DREAM 1

      I'm visiting someone who lives on 1660 penn avenue. It's on a hill, in wooded area. I decide to go up the hill to look at the white house at 1600 penn. It's hidden by thick bushes and trees. I don't want to get much closer as not to become suspicious of doing something bad. So I decide to take a picture from where I'm standing towards the house I'm visiting and the near highway instead. To show how close they live.

      As I'm looking at the screen of my iPhone, I feel a loud sharp noise. I look and there is a tiny hole right by the power button, and about 5 secret service agents are fast walking towards me. I tell them I'm sorry, didn't mean to cause any harm, as I know they disabled my iPhone with a precision shot. They ask to look at the pictures on my phone to see if I took anything secret, but I didn't. I'm a bit scared.

      A bit later, this feels like a second DREAM 2. But the setting is the same. Except now I can see beautiful green mountains with peaks covered in snow. I know I'm in Colorado. I wish I took pictures of that. As I look closer, a smallish airplane is flying above the tops. It grows bigger and is now doing acrobatic loops around the mountain top. I go uuuuh and aaaah and I'm just delighted. Love airplanes and watching anything flying in my dreams.

      DREAM 3

      I'm walking towards the city square in my hometown. I decide to hang left, not wanting to go towards church. I'm suddenly in different city. I start to look for a place that's close to the street but kinda hidden from eyes of people walking by. Something discreet to have some hanky-panky. I find some structure of walls and I walk to the sidewalk to see if they would see us from there.

      Now I'm starting to become aware. I keep looking. There is a very old wall with steps leading up to it in few different places. Normally I avoid old places because they scare me. But not this time. I'm more curious and I realize it. Makes me happy that i'm not scared.

      There is a rope or something like that hanging from the wall and I grab it. That swings me out while I'm still standing on the wall. On my right, I can see a mesh roof broken on few places, over some large round room. Like a rotunda in a castle. I really don't want to fall in there, but I look inside with interest.
    2. December TOTM - Food - YES

      , 12-08-2016 at 10:18 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night
      bed 8:53pm
      2am - 2x300mgs Alpha GPC
      3:23am - 2x4mgs GM (lol, I messed up here. Took GM at the beginning of WBTB, not when going to sofa. I was wondering why am I getting sensations so soon after going to sofa, haha.)
      3:54 - sofa

      Woke up at 6. Stayed sleeping hoping for another LD. I did get it, then I stayed in bed longer, but didn't get more LDs after that.

      This was a chain of about 6-7 DEILD including the innitial WILD. Lasted about an hour.
      This was different, because I had distinct breaks between LDs, and I even woke up between them being aware of my cats moving about on the sofa with me. Was awesome to be able to count the LDs again.

      Pretty much they all started with me not seeing. But I "remembered" that all I need to do is walk around a bit and I will see again. And that's how it was. I tried to make it daytime in one of them and I almost saw some light coming out on one side of my vision, but I didn't wait for it to finish.

      In one of them, I think the first one, I was moving my head which I thought was in WL, and I noticed the bright spot which I "knew" was my TV screen. Only later I realized my TV was off, haha.

      Between LDs, I was doing all kinds of fun movements. Rocking my body like laying in middle of a seesaw, raising my feet while pushing head down and vice versa, rotating in a circle, rocking from side to side like in a hammock. It's amazing how easily and immediatelly these sensations happen when you just think of them happening.

      Boy, I really do love my entry sensations.

      I also saw some faces, which I didn't in a long time. This was I guess because I took my GM too soon by mistake. I also saw what I call "yellow-green planet". It's an image behind my closed eyes that resembles frozen moon. I noted that I never get lucid after seeing this image, but I dismissed it quickly, not letting something like that stop me from geting a LD.

      I think I was still on my back when I got lucid, but can't recall, only thinking that I will stay on my back longer this time. Normally I would turn on my left side.

      So this is what happened in my lucids, not in order of appearance.

      1. This actually was the first one. I'm walking down a quiet dark street in a city. From a street ahead on my left, huge, sfinx size lionesses start walking out. Before I duck to the next street, I notice they are all females.

      2. I see a street light pole and start climbing on it, hoping for a happy ending. But I can't pull myself up. This is so much easier in non-lucids, haha.

      3. I'm walking through a town and I remember the "Find a buffet and see what's to eat" TOTM. I look around and there is a large area with tables and chairs. Not many people sitting there, as the event is mostly over. Not much food left either. Some tables have chafing dishes. I grab a plate and load it with prime rib and mashed potatoes. As I walk with it, I reluctantly decide to taste the potatoes. I correctly remember how in WL I made potatoes recently and had really bad dreams that night. These dream taters were buttery and tasted ok.

      4. I'm flying above some modern city. When I see some creatures with black flowing garbs flying a bit above to the right of me. I decide I don't want to have nothing to do with them and I stear left and down. They looked exaclty like thing from acillis's avatar http://www.dreamviews.com/members/acillis/
      Haha, I was wondering when will those show up in my dreams : P

      5. I'm walking in some modern town, which is really fashion oriented. People are wearing fancy clothes. I look at mine. I have hobo-style green pants that are tucked in my light brown socks, haha. Top is also something reticulous and I chuckle at this joke my mind is making.

      6. After a lot of flying above couple different cities, I look at my phone ap. It shows me the map of my route. It's along the California shore, from north to south, not a straight line but making detours here and there. Over central america it crosses over to Atlantic side to Puerto Rico. When I show this to a girl and say it's coast of california, she adds "and Puerto Rico". I think she was from there so it was important to her.

      7. This is the only indoors part I remember. I'm looking for my DJ. Somebody points me to a pile of papers and I find one that says my whole legal name on it. I can read it very well. It's marked with red pen. I'm like WTH? Someone says that P. (my WL store director) read it and corrected it. 0_0 I was speachless.

      8. Oh yeah, sex. Wasn't very satisfactory. I certainly had better ones. But hey, I'll take it : D

      Everytime I was flying, I was able to go higher and faster just by thinking it. I remembered how it was not so easy in all my previous lucids, except maybe last 1-2. This made me even more confident.

      This was awesome and I woke up so happy. Thank you, my subC. Love you! We gonna do this again on saturday.
      Tags: flying, iphone, sex, totm
    3. Futuristic housing

      , 10-27-2016 at 12:03 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night bed 9pm - 3:30am

      DR at 2am, just before I switched from bed to sofa

      I'm waling with someone up the hill, out in the mountains. I point to the far away hill with a ski slope and tell them I just came down from there with some other people. Right now the slope is half melted, but when we were going down on it, it still had enough snow. We were not skiing, we were just returning from somewhere higher up and took the ski slope down.

      There is another hill next to this one with some rocky formations and I poit them out to this other person because they are beautifully colored pink by the sun. Here I remember I saw on a recent show why is it so.

      I point my iphone camera at it and I'm delighted that a snowy hill with some daisies starting to grow make a beautiful foreground for this pink mointain in the back.

      We get to the top and walk by a building. We reached the destination. We were looking for some dormitory/housing for somebody I am not sure who, but space fighter pilots like in star wars cross my mind.

      We are looking for a specific name of the complex so we look around when we get in the middle of it. It has massive rectangular buildings with lots of windows, all standing around a main plaza. This plaza has a huge opening in the middle through which we can see tops of the mountains below. I look for some net that would keep people from falling down, but there is non and I know it's because it would obscure the view.

      I see inside a building. People in it are all dressed in some kind of black uniforms. At first I think they all have their own tiny bed sized room, but now I see cots in a huge dormitory style room. There is a guys in the middle of it peeing, so bathrooms are public.

      In the middle of the building there is empty space and that's where they practice their flying. They fly without any apparatus, just like we do in lucids.
      Tags: camera, flying, iphone
    4. Dream Journal - Iphones Screen Scrached

      by , 01-01-2016 at 09:16 PM

      Thank You For Watching My Dream Journey To Became Lucid.
    5. #42: Grey mouse

      by , 11-28-2015 at 10:18 AM
      I went to bed around 01:30 last night and just now (10:00) crawled out of my hammock, after having been awake for ~20 minutes.

      Grey mouse
      I'm walking in a former school building. You can still easily see that it used to be a school building, but it now serves as a student housing complex. I can't recall having any purpose for walking there. I just keep on going. At some point I see a former housemate from a distance in one of the rooms. He makes a motion to provide me with the right directions. Eventually I'm near the top of some stairs. Right next to it, in a sort of cubicle with very low walls, is a girl studying. She has a bit of a nerdy look about her, a bit of a grey mouse. She isn't pretty, but she also isn't ugly. She's working on something that requires difficult calculations. She sees me and asks me if I can help her with it. Sure I can try. My area of expertise is something entirely different though, so I doubt that I can be very helpful. The area at the stairs is very narrow and more people want to pass from below and after a while someone wants to go down as well. It requires a little bit of acrobatics for me to get into the cubicle. I think another guy, who was behind me on the stairs, is also having a look. I feel like asking me to help her is more of a ruse from her to get my attention. I'm not interested, but I let it slide and attempt to help anyway. We move to another table, perhaps 3 metres away. For some reason I'm holding her black iPhone in my left hand and my own black iPhone in my right hand. On the lockscreen I can see her name, but I can't recall it anymore. It was a slightly unconventional name. I turn her phone towards her to show that I'll need her passcode to get in. She tells me the code. I think it was 1010 or 2222. After a while I tell her this is a bit of a mindfuck, having the same phones in both hands. I wanted to do something on my phone, but did it on hers instead. I went to her pictures. I think there are some old black/white pictures of a baby.

      » I've received a reply from an Indonesian man. He is the supervisor for the internship that I want to do. It's an email and the level of English is just horrible. I can't make much out of it. It leaves me feeling a bit frustrated.

      Updated 11-28-2015 at 10:22 AM by 71740

      non-lucid , dream fragment
    6. #124 - Spoilt rich girl / Chased by a dragon

      by , 10-07-2015 at 05:09 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)

      Dream 1 - Spoilt rich girl
      I'm more of a side character in this dream, where I'm trying to get the assistance of this rich girl but I didn't succeed. The task was something along the lines of cooking for her in order to make her accept you. So a group of my friends who were a team of girls that specialized in cooking decided to do it. The rich girl kept requesting these insanely extravagant meals which pissed off the girl team who demanded that she understands that while she's eating giant chocolate marshmallow fish, there are people out there starving.

      Dream 2 - Chased by a dragon
      I'm in my parents house in the downstairs basement. It seems a bit different, there are three rooms and I'm in the middle room which connects to the other two by a door on either side of the room. I'm trying to plug in a charger to charge my iPhone which is proving extremely tedious. I've connected a whole bunch of extension cables and adapters and climbed to the top of a tall book shelf in the corner of the room in order to plug it in to the wall socket (which is above the shelf for some reason). The charger cord is about 2 metres long and looks really mismatched due to the extension cables. I remember that this also used to be my older brothers stuff. To the left a door opens from the first room and a powerful orange dragon appears (orange is apparently a high rank in this dream - btw the dragons are pretty stupid looking and they stand at human height with short stubby wings). It walks in and causes a ruckus, knocking out the charger from the wall socket which took so much effort to plug in . I killed the douche dragon and absorbed him, gaining his strength. I start climbing up the shelf and plug in the charger once more... Another orange dragon then walks into the room but I decide to hide my presence. It continues to walk across the room and opens the door on the other side leading to the 3rd room. *phew* I'm safe, I thought to myself. Now another dragon walks in from the 1st room, this time it was a brown dragon which is extremely weak. I jump down from the shelf and kill it quickly. I then grab its body and take it with me into the 3rd room and hurl the body at the orange dragon. I don't know why I did this but it got pissed off at me and started chasing me around the room. I dodge around it and have a distinct feeling that I can't beat it. I run into the next room and shut the door behind me, then hide behind the door when the dragon opens it. It wanders into the room and I leap out and run back into the room I just came from. It sees me just as I duck into the room and grabs me but I manage to shake it off and shut the door in its face . This kind of thing continues for a while in a panicky-state until I wake up.
    7. Lost Music (DILD + FA)

      by , 01-20-2015 at 09:41 PM
      WTB 3am, woke just before 7:30am. Although I had set no alarm, it must have been intention that woke me, since I needed to take my car to the mechanic this morning, and 7:30 is when they open. So I drove in, did some grocery shopping across the street, and then walked back home since it's not too far. Returned to bed around 9am and focused intention to get lucid since I'd had such a good WBTB.

      I was at a party in some guy's house. (The "party" theme must be WLR because last night I did the party scene in ME3, though none of the details were similar.) I was younger, maybe even a teenager—I think so, since the guy hosting the party was living with his parents—and wasn't really "me" in terms of identity. I was lounging on the floor with some other kids. A guy next to me joked with someone else about me taking my clothes off, and I reprimanded him sharply.

      Vague scene change; it was the next day, and everyone else was gone, but I was still in the house—only now I didn't have my clothes. Obviously I needed to get them before I could leave, but this was complicated by the fact that the host's mother had come home, together with her young baby. I was sneaking around, hoping not to get caught, because I was afraid of how she would react if she found a nude girl in the house. I didn't recall doing anything inappropriate but she would naturally assume the worst.

      I managed to sneak into the bathroom and thought that from there I could maybe call her from the door and make up some story about how I had taken a shower and now needed my clothes—though I worried that it might be hard to explain how my clothes had ended up in another room, and it didn't help that I wasn't exactly sure where they were. But my anxieties about this were resolved when I looked down and noticed that I was fully dressed after all. (Thanks, dream!)

      Now my only challenge was sneaking out of the house. But the dream was even more obliging in that regard. The mother caught sight of me as soon as I entered the next room, and I was afraid that she would respond with horror and alarm at discovering a stranger in the house. Instead, she just called me over in a friendly way as though we were already well-acquainted and she expected me to be there. We went into her large walk-in closet, where she wanted my opinion on some clothes as she changed. She put on a lower garment that was made of two separately patterned pieces of cloth, one for each leg, that fit very loosely like Thai fisherman pants. Attached to the upper part was a horizontal band of cloth, at least six inches wide and several feet long, in a third contrasting color and pattern, that she could wrap around her waist to secure the garment. The cloth and patterns were lovely and I complemented it; she said that she had made it herself. Next, while she was putting on a top, I noticed how beautifully flat her stomach was in profile and complimented her on that as well. She laughed and said modestly that it had just looked that way because she had been holding her arms over her head.

      After that she and her husband went out to an indoor mall and I tagged along. As I glanced around at the various shops, I reminded myself that since we were dreaming I should make sure to attempt one of the tasks, since it had apparently slipped my mind until that point. This made me wonder when I had first realized I was dreaming. I thought back and couldn't figure it out. In retrospect, I don't think I really was cognizant of the dream until that point, but at the time it felt much more ambiguous, like it had been a latent awareness all along. (I get this a lot—I think there is often a latent awareness of dreaming on some level, in which case lucidity requires becoming aware of the awareness!) That might explain why earlier the dream had soothed my anxieties rather than exploiting them, even though I hadn't been aware of directly controlling it.

      I figured that since it was the New Year's holiday in the dream, it would be a great time to try the fireworks TOTM again, since there were bound to be fireworks tonight anyway. Again, it's hard to say if I had really "known" all along that it was the holiday, or if I had only just "realized" this when it was convenient to my goals. I was lucid enough to know that in WL it was much later in the month, but remembered it was still January at least... so close enough.

      I walked back to the front doors of the mall, which were transparent glass, and looked out over the landscape. I didn't see any fireworks yet—it was dark out but it seemed like it was too early in the evening—and I hoped my intention could make some appear. I scanned the horizon but nothing manifested. I decided maybe it would be easier to spark them directly from my hand, so I turned around and started walking through the mall again, willing some kind of visual display to manifest from my palm. This should be easy, since in the past I've practiced summoning all the basic elements, and fireworks just seemed like a variation of this. But again, nothing happened.

      I tried to figure out what the problem was, and wondered if maybe I was too distracted with the music. Here's another case where I can't say for sure when I started singing. Often I deliberately use music in dreams as a way to channel focus into particular tasks, a method that has worked very well in the past, but right now I felt like I was singing for sheer pleasure, and the music was of unearthly beauty. Now that I noticed it, I put aside my other goals for the moment to pay attention to what I was singing. I was using my voice, but there were no real words, just abstract vocalizations emerging spontaneously in a lovely, lilting melody. The most distinctive thing about it was that I was singing in harmony with myself, as though I had several different interweaving voices, at least three, maybe more. I've sung like this before in dreams and once again had to wonder: what does it mean? When the music manifests like this, so complex and ethereal, it feels like it has some primordial significance.

      Most of my attention was now focused on the song, and nothing else seemed so important. I wanted to be in the open air, so I returned to the front doors of the mall and walked through them. I sang for a while longer, until the world around me faded in color and substance and I knew I was waking up. My first impulse was to grab my phone and try to record some of the melody as best I could before I lost it entirely. However, my phone seemed to be stuck on camera mode, and although I was insistently pressing the button and even trying to close the window manually by clicking in the upper right corner (a PC reflex, obviously this doesn't work on phones!), I couldn't get back to the main screen. Problems with tech like this are a dreamsign so I even wondered if this was an FA. However, my main concern right was to preserve any shred of the music intact, so I didn't want to distract myself with an RC, but tried to keep as much attention as possible on preserving the song.

      Even though I now only had a single voice, I was surprised how easily and spontaneously the music was still flowing, and figured it was because I had just woken up and retained lingering traces of the dreamstate. More than traces, I realized, when I woke up again and knew that it been an FA after all. I once again reached for my phone and was gratified that I could now access the main screen. But I was still having difficulties: I looked through all my apps for the voice recorder and couldn't find it! I went back and forth from screen to screen, cycling through them all three or four times, and it was nowhere! I was forced to question if this was yet another FA, even though I was now sure that I recognized everything around me from waking life, and the dream memories and music were fading rapidly. In the past I've sometimes had trouble recognizing the voice app icon because it has such a bland appearance, but I had made a point of remembering that it resembled a microphone.

      After taking more time and deliberately examining every icon on every screen, completely baffled by my inability to find it, the mystery was finally solved. I found it at the very end of all my apps, where I had placed it deliberately with the notion of making it easy to find, only I had misremembered its appearance: the last OS upgrade had completely changed the graphic to some wavy lines. It was too late to salvage the music. I tried to record the one line of melody that I could still vaguely recall, but it sounded completely wrong. I couldn't get my real voice to match the way the song sounded in my head, either in terms of the general register or even the specific notes.
    8. Photographing the Dragon Moon

      by , 09-11-2014 at 07:30 PM
      Ritual: After five hours of sleep I woke naturally and was determined to make a good WILD attempt. I spent an hour-long WBTB reading and writing about dreams, then returned to bed just before the sun rose. Despite a promising transition phase in which I observed hypnagogic visuals and audio distinctly manifesting, I was interrupted by frequent re-awakenings and eventually realized it was time to turn on my side and enter real sleep. I fully expected to WILD at this point because the conditions felt ideal, but instead I just had NLDs.

      NLD: I had just left a cafe and was walking down the sidewalk to where I had parked a couple blocks away. The sky was oppressively dark, darker than seemed natural, and I composed a couple lines to try to describe it:

      The world cowers beneath an enormous dark,
      Unrepentent and unredeeming.

      I wasn't sure if I liked them but figured I should write them down as soon as I could, because if I came up with a whole structure I could always come back to it and work it into something better.

      As I entered the parking lot I noticed the moon. The last few days have seen a huge harvest moon, but this one was even bigger, with that sallow yellow hue that tints it when it is still low in the sky. Moreover, the pattern on its face was unusual: it resembled a winged dragon, drawn with iconic simplicity and in a rampant position like a figure on shield heraldry. I felt an urge to photograph it.

      I opened the passenger side door, left it open, and sat down on the edge of the seat to brace myself so I could try to frame a good clear shot of it on my iPhone. I thought I felt movement and the image was bouncing around on the screen, the moon lost among some trees now. Was the car driving off with me? How inconvenient! I reached to the side and jerked up the emergency brake, then returned to my attempt to take a picture.

      As I held up the phone again and looked at the image on the screen, I was more alert to the possibility of movement this time, and yes, I was able to confirm from it that indeed we were moving, and this was preventing me from taking clear photograph. Bad car! We were now driving rather quickly down a city street so I scooted fully inside and managed to get the door closed. (I realize now that in the dream the car door was hinged in the back and opened backwards, flat against the side of the car, rather than being hinged in the front and opening outwards as in WL.)

      Once the car door was closed I wanted to get control of the car back, so I awkwardly climbed over into the driver's seat. A towel seemed to be wrapping around my feet and impeding me, but with some effort I managed to get myself seated appropriately so that I could take over the driving. I had been planning to do some other things before leaving the quarter of the city that we'd come from, but by now we had driven away too far for it to be convenient to return, so I decided to just go home instead.

      After that I was waking up, but there was one more scene where I was standing next to a tram and again wondered if I wanted to return to the area I'd been in at the start of the dream. Once more I decided not to, since I couldn't be sure the tram would go to the right place either, and I was at that point under the impression that it was the tram, not my car, that had driven off with me.

      Then I realized with exasperation how absurd it was that dreams continually present me with situations that are extraordinary by the standards of waking life, yet I usually don't recognize them as evidence of dreaming. Why not? "I guess I just don't find them strange" was all I could come up with. Later I realized that I was at least still half in a dream state as I had these thoughts, and didn't realize I was dreaming then either.
    9. September 2013 - October 2013 Dream Journal Entries

      by , 12-03-2013 at 06:49 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Sitting in Lunch and Comparing Electronic Devices (DILD)


      I had the intention to do a recording of using IamCoder's Halovision plugin for sleeping prior to a WBTB and then after a WBTB. However, since I'm not used to waking up so early after only attempting a WBTB a few weeks ago after months of just focusing solely on reality, wasn't able to get the motivation to move the laptop near the bed.

      Made me realize how much sleep is more enjoyable when you stop making a habit where you would prefer to wake up as soon as you hit that tra

      I'm in a school cafeteria, and based on how my senses were in the dream, the atmosphere or condition of the dream in general was fairly milky and blurry in some aspects. The tile flooring consisted of a milky violet color with black rubber or colored cement separating each square by maybe half and inch to an inch wide.

      It was afternoon within the dream seeing how it was fairly sunny outside by looking through the glass windows. The seating arrangement in the cafeteria consisted of long light gray tables going horizontally in perspective of you looking at this text and light gray circular flat seats supported by a curved J shaped metal attached to the bottom railings of the table.

      I noticed that I'm wearing an general outfit similar to a High School get-up I had horrible sense of fashion in. It was a maroon polo-like shirt with black jeans, joes, and a black wind jacket of some sort. I proceed to an empty seat where to the right was an individual that had a long-sleeved shirt under a gray shirt. Sitting down, I take out a random object out of my pocket, and I started having a small conversation with the dream character.

      I noticed he was similar to someone in waking life that I used to know a little bit in High School, he had an enthusiastic demeanor. I held the electronic device and noticed it's similar to the Zune HD I had. I wasn't paying too much attention to it, just tilting it in a semi-circular motion and noticed the same dream character was listening to something on what seemed to be an iPod.

      Wake Up! (DILD)


      I felt someone's fingers touch one of my eyes to try and open it, and I hear a familiar voice.

      I decide to pretend that I was sleeping, though it seems the dream character knew I was awake. She decides to say "Wake up!" in a casual tone, and I tilt my head and feigned usual sounds when a person is being bothered in their sleep.

      I hear her footsteps trailing away from me, and I hear another female's voice. After things seem quiet, I open up my eyes and I was resting on a white sofa. Its composition was fairly flat and square-like and barely round on the edges. This environment feels very peculiar....too lazy to update on this...

      Lady Spares my life (DILD)


      Shooting people

      Lady almost shoots me but spares my life. Oh, I'm so going to remember this one, hopefully.

      • Mutant being with pulsating heart external from its body
      • Metal Tank with Spiked Wheels grinding everything up except me
      • Coming out with an injured arm
      • Hiding from a female and her group of men that apparenty want to kill me
      • I try to kill the men, but they just won't die
      • Eventually get trapped and I'm held at gunpoint by the lady
      • She smiles and walks off without shooting me
      • I sit there still looking perplexed on what happened just now



      Metal Tank of Death (DILD)


      I believe I'm wearing a warm colored dress-shirt, maybe a milky yellow color that's tucked under a gray dress pants. I'm wearing a gray suit as well along with a brown belt with a silver or brass colored buckle in the middle.

      My hair is shaved off, and I find myself in a dark area. I don't really pay attention to confirming if I'm dreaming or not, this is just one of those dreams where you decide to get absorbed into the adventure instead of destroying the environment and being confused on what to do next.

      the floor consists of milky and faded yellow tile flooring, and there seems to be small hallways, almost built like a maze. I'd presume each hallway was about fifteen to twenty feet wide, and I find myself lurking around the corners.

      I have a dark gray gun in my hand, and I can't really make out all the details because there's several yellow lights in random patterns on the ceiling. After walking a bit, I noticed there's a fairly large entity in front of me about twenty feet away.

      It looks like a mutant, completely disfigured body composition, and I'm wondering just what it actually is. It seems to have a face, but this face looks like it has been mutilated, and it's hard getting its visage in good detail.

      It consists of an dark apricot skin complexion that's stretchy and a bit flaccid in a few areas. It almost looks like it's dead, or just pretending to be dead. I noticed that it's heart was external from its body and was still beating.

      The heart had a dark violet color, and was pulsating in a slow but strong frequency. Things shift and there's a metal tank with two cylinder shaped wheels going horizontally that have small spikes on them.

      I make a run for it, and the machine grinds up the weird mutant body.

      I can't remember what happened next because I wasn't expecting to get a lucid.

      I got an iPhone....wait, just a lucid dream... (DILD)


      I was taking an hour nap from attempting 71 minutes of image streaming. I did 3 hours of it 2 days ago, and it's amazing how quick things come by in my mind lately.

      I'm inside of a house similar to the one I'm currently in, and I go outside and go around the side yard and end up talking to two dream characters. I don't know what I was going to mention to them, and I end up being distracted by the mailman that comes by.

      He's an elderly man, but seems to be in pretty peak condition for his age, and he gives me a brown box with my name on it. I go inside the house and open it up and realized I've been given a free iPhone!

      Some dream character that looks like a relative of mine started to state that someone merely glued all those pieces together and managed to make the phone look like new. For some reason, this prompted me to realize once more that this is just a dream.

      My enthusiasm was sapped, good bye imaginary iPhone!

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    10. Allan's complex

      by , 09-08-2013 at 04:01 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      It was daytime.

      I was indoors, and saw a little pool. It was double the size of a little kiddies pool. It was filled with spring water to treat people with Eczema (I saw a story on the news a few nights ago about this).

      I think this place was owned by UFC fighter Allan Belcher. I was looking to go to the toilet and I saw a few cubicles to choose from. I sat down on the toilet and was having a shit. The toilet I was sitting on did not have any walls around it, so anyone could see me. A friend of mine was in front of me, looking on his phone. There was also a guy to the side of me. He was showing me how to set your iPhone to low power, and set the right settings for me. I handed the phone to Josh, because it was his phone.

      I think this was a dream I previously had during the night, and remembered it while trying to remember the dream I had just woken up from.
    11. Don't know where going (bar), election loss my fault, banned from iPhone

      by , 06-20-2013 at 03:35 PM
      I started out driving from work toward a bar. I was going to meet a man there I know a bit from work, and don't really know and don't really like on some kind of date or happy hour. But I wanted to call it off, and say another woman would attend in my stead (this is a woman I do not know in real life). I did not know the direction to this bar but was driving there any way, though I did not know where I was going. I was desperately trying to use my phone to either get directions to this bar or to call this man to call it off, confused which.

      In mid dream, my husband showed up and he was now in the driver's seat, and he was telling me that I would not be allowed to use my phone or iPad any more because he needed all our data plan for himself. And while I thought this was harsh, I accepted that I deserved it. I had caused the loss of the election - it was all my fault - I felt profound guilt. In the middle of this discussion though where my husband is saying how I lost all my phone privileges, I interrupt him to say that I now have to use my phone to either look up directions to the bar or to call the man I was going to meet to tell him that I am not coming but another woman is coming instead.

      Side note: I found the references to my two dreams from June 6th in this dream fascinating. It's like this dream is a continuation and spin off of those dreams:


    12. us against the world

      by , 04-21-2012 at 08:18 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      I'm in a random bar, so I'm a little unsure about my surrounds and what not..and I call myself putting an 8 ball back on the table, and it rolls off onto another table where people are playing poker at. I apologize, and head elsewhere. Someone shows me something on their phone for a second, but I forget what it was. I remember bending over to to get something, and then I felt something in my back pocket. I turned around and there was a guy going for my damn phone!

      I started chasing after the guy as he bolted outside, sliding over hoods of random peoples cars. I yelled at a guy to help me, and we both were chasing him but we couldn't catch up. I thought about getting in my car and running him down/over as I saw him in the distance throwing my phone up into the air and catching it.

      "I bet you wont come and get it where I'm at now", he taunted. I went over towards the run down section of buildings with overgrowth and trees, and noticed several black wolves. I decided it was best to just take my car. I got in, and drove over there, and the guy was no where to be found. I said to myself "fuck it", and got out. The two biggest approached me, snarling and showing teeth. I quickly looked in my car for any scraps of food, but I didn't find any. I grabbed a twig off the ground and put it up to the dogs mouth. It ate it and relaxed. WTF, okay whatever. I got a bigger stick and tossed it and it retrieved it for me. Looks like I'm no going to get mauled by dogs after all. I played with them for a while longer, and named the biggest one "mad dog" and the other one "killer".

      There was a old lady with a shot gun that was hanging outside of a trailer who was ready to kill. I told her I was looking for a guy who stole my phone. She said if I could escort her kid to a different bus station then she'd tell me. You see, this place was getting evacuated for some reason, but the numbers were limited or something. So, I really didn't have a choice.

      We came up to this patchwork of barbed wire, wood and other crap put together like a maze or something. It looked like we were heading through something out of fallout. I told Mad Dog to take the lead, because I had a bad feeling. We continued on down this narrow pathway when all of a sudden we were surrounded by dogs. All breeds, all looking blood thirsty. Some kind of way they had us separated. I mean it had to be like 50 dogs in this narrow ass pathway seperating me, the girl, mad dog and killer. I tried to move and stay calm. They just growled.....noting was happening, so I continued. One of them bit the crap out of me and I yelled "attack!". All of a sudden, we're in this gladiator styled arena, and the dogs are humans. It's complete carnage at this point, and I'm running to find a weapon. I see a chain on a pole and I leap up and grab it, wrap it around someones throat and break their neck before I even hit the ground. A few no-hands cartwheels later I'm in full "come at me bro!" mode. I was just owning DC's with that damn chain...and soon as I thought about mad dog, he shows up unscathed. The battle was brutal and we basked its glory. We never did make to that bus station. Oh well.

    13. Running in Czech

      by , 03-10-2012 at 02:25 PM (Tomas's DJ - "Exploration of the inner Self")
      I was having short afternoon power nap testing my REM-Dreamer...

      I am in Czech, but seem that only for a short time....
      It is a beautiful sunny day... it feels like spring....

      I am coming from Pavel and thinking that I want to go running.... I actually run home and its lovely and effortless... I am taking deep breaths and it feels just amazing... the freshness and the joy of activity....
      I am thinking that I should contact Zbisek Lhota and we could go for a run.... I also think to myself what clothes did I pack with me.... did I take some shorts???... Then I remember that i did...

      I get home and run upstairs to my room to get ready and to put my phone on the charger...... As I am passing through the corridor, with the corner of my eye I notice my mum and my sister sitting in the living room having a chat. I hear just a fragment, but it makes me think..... my mum is saying something like "it is like if he said... In that night top you look like... (some bad compliment)...." .. i think you pushed a bit too much with this..... (i know that my sister probably said something to her boyfriend.. and now he is upset about it... and my mum is trying to explain to her.....

      I get in my room, putting shorts on and getting ready...
    14. Strangest College Ever (Entry 1)

      by , 02-15-2012 at 05:33 PM
      Note: This is a very strange reoccurring dream where I am in this strange college setting. I wanted to write a journal entry about it because I felt it was interesting that it continued from where it left off. I'll try to leave more entries about this dream if more happen. Everyday starts out the same in this dream. I wake up in a dorm room and walk out to go get breakfast. Every time I walk out of my dorm, the layout of the college changes almost as if the ground is filled with magic. The trees were 400’ high, and some of them were giant mushrooms. The clouds were different colors, spread into a giant mural of color and art. It was obvious that in the realm of existence, you could see all sorts of gases except for oxygen, which made for a strange sort of mist or fog in sort of wispy trails in the air. As I walked past a giant statue of an old man wearing a letterman’s jacket, I realized that the dining hall had moved closer to my dorm today. It felt like being cooperative for me this morning, which was odd because usually the buildings and grounds here do everything in their power to make sure you are late. Shrugging, I strolled into the line, and was served the strangest food. I’m not sure what it was made of, but it looked almost as if somebody had taken the gases in the sky and chilled them down into a slushy solid. It tasted of raspberries and divinity candy. I started to make casual small talk with my friends who were at the table that I was teleported to. Each of the lunch tables in this school were in their own plane of existence. Today, we were in the fire plane, which was unfortunate because I was wearing a suit. I started to flirt with a very beautiful African-American girl who had just started sitting with us. I complimented her and teased her, making sure not to come off as a creep or a weirdo. She was all smiles and giggles, so I took that as a positive sign. I asked her if she was doing anything after class and she shook her head. It was odd because she didn’t say a word, but I knew what she was thinking.I don’t remember what happened during class, it was some sort of magic and science. After class though, I met up with the girl I had been flirting with. We started to slowly dance and take comfort in each other’s arms. Then she started to strip me down until I was in my boxers and she motioned for me to do the same to her. So I got her down to just her panties. We had the most passionate, meaningful thing that probably the closest to sex I’ve every experienced. I am a virgin after all. I then got dressed and she asked me to leave without words, but not in a rude way. She did not want me to get in trouble for being in her room during room inspection. I nodded and strolled to another one of the courtyards. This courtyard was like a giant chessboard, with chairs instead of pieces. I sat at the spot of the black king and played a game with the chairs as if they were pawns, rooks, knights, bishops and such. I then grew bored of this and checked what looked like an iPhone. I had this strange application pulled up on the screen that had boxes with point values on them, and fireballs on some of them with negative points. I tried tap one of the ones with a fireball, but I guess I was in the middle of the game when I tried to start playing again. It turns out that the boxes had questions from my friends around the campus, about their personal lives. I guess it was a campus wide game, because people I’d never met before were posting questions. The purpose of this game was to be a giant mixer game that’s smart phone enabled. I answered a few questions about friends I knew, and then I woke up.

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    15. Day 1 : First deam

      by , 02-14-2012 at 09:42 PM
      So, this is my first day with a dream after my start about one week ago. I don't know if you read it, before I only remembered dreams like 5 a year or so.

      I was using the "Singularity Experience" app in beginner mode (DELID mode). I woken up about 4:30am, when the app rang. I only thought, wtf, I'll quit the app, don't need the sound. Seems not working.

      Maybe after that,cant say that exactly, I dreamed I was at school and my friend or class mate says something like "Mr. [Teachername], I think n00b should get a F, because he always forgets his pencil case". It was in arts lesson. In RL, I don't forget that stuff. After the dream I woke up, but fall asleep again. Maybe it was a false awakening, I really don't know and forget reality check.

      Some hours later my normal alarm started, and I only knew that little above. A few minutes later, I thought only how dumb I was, not trying to get lucid after waking up from that dream and why I quitted the app. Will continue.
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