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    1. Lucidity, My Dream Guide Dies, and a FA

      by , 02-01-2015 at 12:10 AM (My Dream Goals)
      Notes Lucid Semilucid Non-Lucid

      I do not remember anything prior to becoming lucid. This is organized to be written in a chat, so it is sort of a bulletpoint-type organization.

      I was in a grocery store when I realized I was lucid.
      I made everyone in the store sing for a short time
      I ran into MrEnter and PewDiePie in a way I don't remember
      I ran into 2 ladies (actually a sim from the sims 2 and my 5th grade teacher)
      I decided to run around at hyper-speed with E. and P. for a while before realizing I had to stabilize.
      I realized that I was on some sort of gravel parking lot.
      I stabilized by touching the ground, which felt just as it was supposed to: rocky and really shifty.
      I went on to wreck havoc for a while, getting some sort of riot to chase us.
      I found out that my 5th grade teacher was my dream guide.
      I threw her into the rioters, who proceeded to kill her with spears. (oops... glad it's just a dream)
      As chaos goes on, Pewds decides we should get into his car to escape.
      We agree, MrEnter questioning why we need a car in a dream.
      After a while we crash the car into some kind of hill. The car's totaled, but no one's injured.
      We step out to find ourselves on a bright road, no chaos, car nowhere to be seen.
      We all decided to get a Delorian time machine and travel in time.

      MrEnter (driver) suggested that we go to year 104.
      I reply that it is dangerous as that was "Aztec time" (actually in the early 1000s)
      I suggest going to the year 1774, but the others flatly decline.
      Before I have a chance for rebuttal, Pewdiepie (passenger) sets the year to 104.
      MrEnter speeds up within seconds and we find some sort of Native American tribe.
      They wield blowdarts, and look over to us menacingly when we see them. They do not look realistic, but rather like they're part of an animated cartoon.
      They chase us and we quickly drive back to the current year of 2015.
      We find ourselves on the same road.

      I had a FA and next thing I knew I was in a wooden chair with my laptop on a table in front of me.
      I went to MrEnter's twitter feed to find him describing the Delorian part of the dream.
      I note him on Deviantart saying that we may have had a shared dream.
      Moments later he replies saying that it's unlikely, and we just had a shared part-of-dream.
      I tell him about the first part of the dream (before the FA) in the comments.
      I refresh to find that nothing has changed.
      I scroll to the comments to find people complaining about a rushed Animated Atrocity.
      I refresh to see that his twitter feed contains an apology about it.
      He has posted a journal containing the Animated Atrocity apologizing on the fact that it was rushed.
      I check my replies, but there are none.

      I wake up.

      Links: youtube.com/user/themysteriousmrenter (MrEnter's Youtube)
      youtube.com/user/pewdiepie (Pewdiepie's Youtube)
      mrenter.deviantart.com (MrEnter's Deviantart)

      I walked into a traditional-style kitchen to find a man eating a blueberry pastry while a woman in the corner played intense, depressing music on a piano.
    2. Three fragments

      by , 11-09-2014 at 04:49 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      I’m in a house, where a guy offers me a pill. I take it like I was expecting it and go lay on a bed next to a sleeping woman. I’m woken up by him shouting at me from the other room, asking me if I could come there. There was something about ‘3 ounces’, maybe a thought I had as I was waking up. I’m pretty groggy.

      Mom is at the door, very concerned/frazzled because she couldn’t find me. She goes on about how much danger I could have been in.

      Something about Wynne from Dragon Age: Origins.

      Rane ‘orders’ me a baby and two other people?? Picking them up at the drive-through? I wonder if ‘they’ will get long, might have been thinking about cats. I realize this is not what I want at all, and ask to cancel the order.

      When you order someone, you automatically get a twitter name with their username being their name plus a four digit number.


      Sitting at a dinner table, perspective is front to back, I was sitting at the front.


      At the store looking at the shelves. There’s a decoration you hang on the wall with two cats, their tails are entwined and if you pull down on it, a light comes on.

      There are comics on the table and shelves now and I get excited. I remember seeing X-Men.

      -Something about signing a doctor’s form.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    3. 20th Mar 2013 Sectors, Video Games, Tanks, Some Doom mod, Getting twitter account

      by , 03-20-2013 at 07:43 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream 1(fragments):

      I was in some world that was split into sectors with limited movement between them, and i was exploring them. Transportation between sectors was happening from sector map terminals.
      Can't recall much other than that there was sector at one point with video games. There was one arcade game which was about collecting some birds of different colors, last level of it was happening in some cave with big waterfalls and there was ending cutscene that looked like it was made random cut parts of pokemon anime.
      There was also some kind of zombie game, i recall it was happening in some building and also there was some girl being chased.
      Also there was multiplayer game about tanks which happened to have team fortress 2 characters driving them. I was controlling some artillery tank and then i was controlling tank with flamethrower and killing everyone and then spamming 'taunt', but during one of them i was ambushed by one internet person i know and dislike which was controlling some kind of chemical tank that sprayed some green acid or something. My tank exploded and i accidentally pressed quit button instead of respawn.
      Can't recall much after that, i recall that i was talking with someone in forest or park sector then there was something about 'GAX-recording system', whatever it is, it was not used much.

      Dream 2:

      I was watching some video of Doom mod made by author of said mod, it basically added alternative versions of enemies that replace normal ones randomly when conditions are met, mostly making enemies stronger whenever player gets stronger, in particular i recall winged versions of most of enemies and some spire thing that replaced some cacos. Also author was showing the quick ways to secrets on new levels, but he failed to get one of hardest ones properly. Then i was playing that mod and it was pretty hard, at some point later i got into discussion with my friend LV about sonic games and about how new ones are worse than older ones.
      After that i was looking through my YouTube account and decided to make twitter account for some reason, twitter looked entirely different than in waking life and it had cooler design. After i made account i suddenly got bunch of people subscribed to me already(I guess this version worked like YouTube) and i was sending random messages in response to theirs. I added bunch of stuff from YouTube and got lots of levelup points from doing that, which raised my stats to very high values, like around 8k, 10k and 6k if i recall correctly(This version of twitter apparently had some RPG element to it). I got access to some philosophical themed background and then got into argument with dad that philosophy and religion is not the same thing. Then i
      woke up with the sound of thunderclap(which was HH).
    4. Sivason Makes a Movie and Large Deku Tree, Shirtless Twitter, People Want Sex

      by , 12-11-2012 at 05:53 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Sivason Makes a Movie and Large Deku-like Tree (Non-lucid)


      This whole dream is a reflection of my meditation and concepts I learned in the yoga class, or at least the dream trying to attempt the associations through that.

      And it could mean personal stuff as well, but I'm not really good at interpreting that much.

      Sivason makes a movie that involved a lot of abstract techniques in eradicating questionable entities around this really really big tree.

      I reminded me of the Deku Tree from Ocarina of time, but this tree was VERY big. It had this weird vibe where I could feel closure and solace, but it was so still, which is obvious for tree, but still, to have so much energy from something that seemed so inanimate was weird.

      I felt like I was inside of Sivason's movie, and he would narrate occasionally, often telling me a few helpful tips in how to kill these weird creatures. He had a deep and relaxing tone, and he said things nice and slowly where I could actually comprehend everything compared to other dream characters that are just.......sporadic.

      The creatures themselves were scary as hell, there was this snake like creature that has this Oriental Hat of some kind you would see with Dragon cosplay or whatever you call it where people would go under a dragon outfit and march around with 2-3 people sustaining its composition in a parade or something like that.

      It's exterior was a dark blue with some shiny reflections. The hat, or whatever it was wearing, consisted of colors of pink, white, yellow, green, and maybe some red in a few places. I think the solution in killing it was through a high speed and separate circular chain saw piece, and this creature was fairly enduring, even in death.

      It seems that this area with the huge tree is actually FLOATING above a LARGE body of water. And it's like old game graphics looking water where you can see the ripples spreading out, like the picture below if you pay attention to the reflection of the surface Link is above:

      The same snake hat creature I mentioned landed on the water, and while floating, I thought it would at least be devirtualized or something (kind of like in Code Lyoko where the digital sea basically removes you completely if you go into it).

      It takes maybe 5 seconds before the snake starts to vibrate abnormally and splits in half from the circular chainsaw. There was at least one ReDead creature on the floating island, and it could JUMP.

      Just.....it's scary just coming in contact with these slow creatures, but actually JUMPING? That sets the scariness level waaay up. Then there's another weird creature that comes out of dead bodies, and it ends up being some kind of zombified paper mache chicken.

      Like the snake creature, it had colors of green, white, yellow, and this time, violet. It didn't have "skin" like the snake, but its composition with being a paper mache type of creature resembled the same form of the snake's hat, which was probably paper mache as well.

      Sivason informs me that using a red item kills a certain creature, and then some silverish items kills another creature. So I end up following his instructions and probably killed all of those scary entities.

      Maybe I wanted to go inside of the Deku Tree, maybe not, but I did have a purpose on this island, and maybe I'll check later on through meditation.


      Twitter for Shirtless People (Non-lucid)


      That's right, twitter has some feature where people can post pictures of themselves shirtless, and they can even go topless if they wanted to.

      Or they could link to a picture or video that involves them being shirtless or topless. It was weird, because everyone in the crowd was going crazy on how awesome this was, and I jump in the bandwagon effect and started thinking,

      "GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS!" (not literally, but my emotions clearly portrayed I was sustained by that mentality)

      Me and the group of peopl were trying to find the original link to a video that claimed to have a lot of shirtless and topless people. I don't know if the link ended up being fake, but we were going nuts to find the link location.


      People Want Sex (Non-lucid)


      All remember from this is that there's a list of people who state what they're into sexually, and there's all sorts of random features.

      There's a list that ranks women based on their level of salaciousness, and some even had nicknames like "Scarface." I wonder how she got the name Scarface.......

      Most of these girls names had familiar vibes to them, and a lot of them reminded me of High School chicks I used to know.

      I was kind of shocked how many of these girls would expose themselves so sexually on the internet. There was another girl that wasn't really attractive, but god, her level of being so sexually expressive of herself was out of this world.



      She's showing a picture of herself with two dildos in her vagina and asshole, and she's ramming the the backdoor like there's no freaking tomorrow.

      She's into anal, and some other hardcore stuff.

      There were more girls with slutty profiles and fetishes, but I can't remember them all

    5. Fight with friend's father, Fight with friend

      by , 08-31-2012 at 04:07 PM (Exterminate)
      I remember having two dreams, one transitioning into the second, but I forgot most of what happened

      Fight with friend's father

      I saw some secret government thing I shouldn't have, and then I had some guy come after me, he had a device that if I remember right, was a time machine, but I do not remember. There was a lot of chase scenes, adventure, etc, but alas, it is forgotten. At some point I remember there being a nice, big house, and a butler. The house was where my friend lived, and her dad turned out to be the big villain of the dream. The butler had some issue with the way things were run, and decided it would be best if he left, rather than things change. I remember the fights, etc, ending as I got out of the area, and what I hoped to find there, was not there, I got pissed off that we ran away, to this spot, and whatever it was that should have been there was gone. As I walk through where it should have been, I feel that the ground is mushy so I look down, a root from the tree wraps around my leg, heals me, then the dream transitions.

      Fight with friend

      So I had 2-3 friends with me trying to help defeat this guy who I think had greater evils then just trying to kill me, and one of them was someone I play minecraft with. I have about 5 accounts on minecraft, and I guess I did this last dream under an alias of one of those minecraft accounts, and my friend didn't believe I was who I said I was. She checked my twitter(I don't even have one), and I guess the alias I was on had said a few things during the day, and she checked my main which had almost nothing on it. I told her something like "I never talk on my main, you know that." And she agreed that she does the same, but I got woken up like right after..

      Sorry if that was a bit confusing, I forgot so much of the first dream, I know there was much more to it.
    6. Doomsday with Lava

      by , 05-29-2012 at 11:54 AM
      Alright, today I'd a dream! Also yesterday evening I was ordering L-theanin, so I'll get it probably tomorrow or thursday.

      Bedtime: 2am
      First wakeup: around 9am?
      -dream occur-
      Final wakeup: 11:30am
      Supplaments: 2 of B75

      The dream:

      I was in a hotel with my dad and probably more people. My dad had a air rifle that I tried out.
      Then when I'd got bored of it, I walked around in the hotel, I walked upstairs and met kids that spoke spanish.
      Then suddenly I heard somebody say that lava is coming. So I watched out the window and saw lava coming.
      I started to run higher up on the hotel as I also started to write my last tweet on Twitter.

      That's it
    7. Occupied space

      by , 02-01-2012 at 01:54 PM
      An unusual spattering of dreams from this morning.

      Somebody was stepping on my crotch. It hurt.

      Later, there was an Occupy protest in my town. Somewhere in the world, 4 more people were killed, and Wikipedia was going to mention the fact. This brought the worldwide toll from 96 to 100, quite remarkable considering this was supposed to be a revolution - but mostly, of the mind.

      I'm suffering from sleep paralysis, unable to turn my head more than 10 degrees, or was it 25? I'm apparently facing up, grabbing my laptop and going on Twitter, tweeting about the fact I have "testicular" sleep paralysis. Well, my fingers still can move, but when I try to turn my head, I start shaking like a wildman.

      Shaking. Just shaking.

      Facade - a giant room, chandelier on the top, wooden with big gates at the sides. Some kind of medieval fortres or university.

      I go on my computer again, this time on the website Weather Underground. I see that there are two tropical systems: one near Australia, and another over western Lake Michigan. How unusual for this time of year. The Great Lakes storm's name is Isabel, retired in 2003. Here it is a tropical storm, about to do an outside loop, and track into my area in four days. By then, it will have weakened.

      That's odd - it actually is expected to rain Sunday.

      Later, or possibly earlier. I'm reading some source material about Asperger's, and hypermasculine disorders. Where have I encountered this before?

      I awake to the sound of my alarm.
    8. 3 dreams

      by , 01-31-2012 at 08:56 PM (subconscious excursions)
      2:59am: i had somehow acquired a brown horse. i rode the horse while walking my dog, who wasn’t frightened of it like she is with horses in real life. in this dream i was living with my boyfriend, so the walking we did was in his neighborhood as opposed to mine. for some reason i decided to make Twitter accounts for both the horse and my dog.

      after i write this one down i fall back asleep.

      ?am: i was watching a new episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. there was an invasion of dragons in Ponyville, who lived in normal modern-day houses and some wore modern clothes. Discord came back as well, and when the mane 6 attempted to confront him, he put Rarity and Twilight to sleep and made Rainbow Dash retarded. Rarity and Twilight, not yet fully asleep but very groggy, stagger back to the library where they decide that taking a bath might help, but they collapse on the floor before they can get into the bathtub. meanwhile Fluttershy was attempting to stand up to one of the dragons.

      somewhere between 5:30am-6am: i was walking my dog through the apartment complex next to my neighborhood like i usually do. we stop when we hear a strange, faint trilling sound. suddenly two male deer come rushing around a building straight for us. we duck out of the way and they stop in a grassy area behind where we were originally standing. the sound repeats; and two female deer also almost trample us to join the males. a few seconds later their handlers appear (the ones who were making the sound to attract the deer), a man and a woman, and begin showing off the deer to interested bystanders.

      i reach out and begin stroking one of the deer’s fur, and it rears up on its hind legs and wraps its front legs around my waist. i think that its hugging me and say so; one of the handlers then tells me that its trying to dominance mount me.

      i leave and am now walking along the dirt path alongside the drainage ditch that separates my neighborhood from the apartment complex. i run into one of my coworkers who is also walking her dogs (which she doesn’t have in real life), a very small black chubby dog and a medium-sized black/white/brown dog that behaves aggressively around Angel. i ask my coworker if she knew who the deer handlers were. she doesn’t but does know that they usually bring llamas to the apartments to show off and entertain people with instead of deer.
    9. And people leave your group D:

      by , 01-22-2011 at 01:20 PM
      I dreamed i had a group (on a site, i think it was Hyves, a dutch version of Twitter/facebook, the "stay in touch/meet friends sites)
      My group was about Anime Fans.
      I checked everyday how much member i had.
      first 20, next day 19, and suddenly 15.
      So i started to scream:" WHY DO PEOPLE LEAVE MY GROUP?! WHYYYYYYY!"
      (i got really angry )

      and then it ended.
    10. Dream fragment from mid August 2010

      by , 08-20-2010 at 10:14 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      I am in my parent's basement and there are hundreds of people there, all holding hands and spiralling around me. It is a physical and visual representation of a new internet fad that is like twitter but consists of short video clips. Someone starts a post on a certain topic and anyone can respond with thier own video clip or something like that.

      The scene changes and I am outside in a park somewhere but the same thing is going on. I am viewing the video twitter clips on a laptop but there are still people holding hands and spinning around me.

      There is a part about someone not being able to post because they are South American and I protest and start a new video twitter about it. Many people get in line behind me to use my computer so they can also post their protests.

      Near the end of the dream some celebrities show up to join in but the only one I can remember is Michael Bolton.

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