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    1. Vague suggestions of lucidity.

      by , 11-06-2016 at 05:12 PM (Awake to take in the view...)
      A few days back, there were two nights in a row where I was having dreams like Inception or something. Essentially, I knew that I was dreaming, but then I would have false awakenings inside of the dream. So I would think that I was awake, but I was actually still sleeping.

      In one particularly memorable dream, I was part of a laboratory experiment on sleeping. The idea was a bit absurd, now that I have my waking brain to analyze it: If I drank water during a dream, when I was thirsty, would I still be thirsty upon waking? I fell asleep inside of the dream, and took a nice long draught of water. I woke up inside the laboratory dream and found that no, I wasn't thirsty anymore! The scientists were all excited, and so was I. Then I woke up for real, and realized how cool that was. Unfortunately, I was still thirsty, so I took a drink of water for real.

      Experiment result: If you are thirsty during a dream, you should just fall asleep inside of the dream, and drink water within that dream. xD Or just wake up and drink water for real.

      In another dream, I think I knew I was dreaming and so I flew, but I wasn't conscious enough to think of anything more than that. -_-

      Last night is a bit more hazy, and I have an insane amount of homework to do today so this will be a quick summary:

      - A little girl who was left behind on a haunted island (with spirits and such) finally got found, rescued, and reunited with her loved ones. I think that I helped her somehow, but I honestly don't remember. I had a degree of lucidity in that one.
      - Another dream happened where I became lucid while driving a car through some mountains. Decent amount of city around me. I was singing and thought it would be a brilliant idea to practice my singing voice in my dream, where nobody could hear me. However my logic wasn't working too well and for some reason I thought I was actually singing out loud and was going to wake up my roommates. This caused me to wake up and realize I wasn't. -_-
      - I was in some sort of theater, and asked everyone in the room something like, "Hey! Who here knows they're dreaming right now?" My brother was there, too. I was hoping that someone else would remember, or maybe there'd be a shared dream or something, but I honestly can't remember what anyone said...
      - I was watching some sort of advertisement, and there was this girl in a swimsuit who was sort of attractive except she had one of those gross spray-on tans.
      - I have a vague memory of some sort of romantic/sexual dream, but I sadly can't remember it. Maybe I'll have a continuation of that theme tonight? :O We will see. That would be awesome!

      You know why this night was so successful, though? Affirmations plus sufficient sleep! The night before, I told myself I WILL lucid dream tonight, and I guess that determination worked its way into my subconscious. Plus Daylight Savings Time helped a TON. Woo!
    2. 003: Insulting midgets

      by , 04-15-2011 at 03:48 PM (Tides of Sleep)
      April 15, 2010

      Went to bed at 11:30pm, woke up 5:30 and hit the snooze till 6. Remembered entire dream without trouble, woke up feeling strangely frustrated without explanation. Motifs of school, travel, searching. Woke up extremely thirsty, carry over of this into dream. Also went to bed in a tight shirt, carry over into dream. Somewhat boring.

      Entry 003
      I'm in the tan leather seats of the van I come home in everyday, complete with the same driver who has his trademark limited English. For some reason Kevin and Neil aren't there. I get the feeling I've fallen asleep in the car and we've veered way off course. We were supposed to be going home, but I have no idea where we are now.

      We stop at one of the typical little bazaars lined with questionable stores. I sift through a couple piles of clothes. I'm looking for a new shirt, my current one is very uncomfortable. I'm wearing a uniform, not quite my school one, but some kind of uniform. I can't find any clothes, so I get back in the van. My shirt is so tight and uncomfortable I start to take it off while still in the van, then suddenly realize how inappropriate that is. I pull my shirt back down, embarrassed having being caught in the middle of a huge lapse in judgement.

      When I get home, I go straight to my bedroom and find a bunch of my friends sitting in a circle around my rug. I start to loudly complain to them about a reading assignment in class-- A story about Sir Lancelot. I start to insult the author as if he is still living, while simultaneously being aware that he died in the middle ages. I talk about how he's only 3 feet tall and mock him for being a midget. I have an image in my head of a dwarf in a brown friar's robe and a ring of hair on his otherwise bald head. I pause my rant to try and drink water from an overlarge can, but it's like gravity is holding the water to the bottom of the can. A few drops fall out, but I can't drink no matter how hard I try.

      I awaken.
    3. 06 Oct: Stuck on false awakenings

      by , 10-24-2010 at 04:52 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      During a 10h flight.

      14:30 GMT+2

      Stuck on false awakenings
      I wake up because the airplane is landing. After crossing the dark night in just a few hours, it’s daylight again. I feel incredibly thirsty and groggy. The airplane windows are huge and I can see a wide panorama while we’re landing. I find that strange and I do a RC. I find I’m still asleep but I don’t manage to wake up or to change dream or anything. It just keeps going and I feel stuck.
      Finally I wake up. I see daylight again but the windows are still wide. I do RC again and find out I’m still asleep. Thirst persists as well as discomfort grows but once again I cannot get out or wake up. I decide to let it flow and see where it leads. The airplane is landing on a small road with fences, gardens and houses on both sides. It keeps going until it stops by the side of a building that looks like a bus or train station. Everybody gets out of the airplane and I’m the last one. When I pass by the cockpit the pilot and co-pilot are already outside to and so I lean to check the instrument panel and so on. The co-pilot says to the pilot that I’m taking a peak at the cockpit and warns him they left the key on the ignition, so the pilot comes to me and asks me if I’m not planning to steal the plane. He is half joking and half serious. I respond “of course not, how could I fly this even if I wanted to?”. Then we leave to the nearest village, me, pilot, co-pilot and another girl who was left behind. The co-pilot says that everything is so compact around here that sometimes to go from one street to the other you have to cross through someone’s backyard. He tells me he has started a biodynamic garden just close from there but people keeping running over his vegetables and ruin everything. I find that all bizarre but the fact is to cross to some nearby cafés, we have to cross a sports field. We pass under some Japanese banners hanging over a door and enter a café. I remember I’m so thirsty and I see a bottle of water on some couple’s table, but I have my sigg bottle and go instead to the toilet to fill it in the tap. The pilots moved on, so I am just with this girl. I notice she is Japanese. Then as I drink the water I remember again I am just dreaming and what I really need is real water.
      I wake up. Exactly as previous times, but this time it is night. It doesn’t matter, I can still recognize I am still dreaming. I do RC again and confirm. I am starting to feel desperate. I can’t go out of this loop. I think about people I know, people I love, family members. I call for them. They establish a link to the awaken world and I finally wake up.

      7:20 GMT+9 - wake up

      The airplane is not yet landing but flight attendants are about to serve breakfast. It is day light outside and windows are normal. I see my sigg bottle of water and kill my thirst. Soon I was landing in Japan.

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