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    1. October 6, 2019 Non-Lucid

      by , 10-06-2019 at 03:59 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      The dream scene was this giant crowd of people looking at a stage and cheering. I look at the stage to see my buddy Moo up there and he's about to perform a cover performance of Logic, but before he starts he gets out this little ring box, gets on one knee, and proposes to his girlfriend. She flicks the ring up in the air and it lands on her finger and then they kiss as the crowd cheers. Then Moo starts rapping a song. The crowd is now a bunch of rows of seats on a plane but you can't really see the roof or the wings, it's just the seats and we're flying through the air low to the ground. I'm running up and down the aisles talking to various people. At some point there's an old lady on the plane that we think is psychic who sort of mutters to herself that the plane is going down. People catch wind so everyone goes back to their seats and buckles up. We look in the distance and we see this massive explosion going off. We're in the mountains now on some highway system and our plane tips over and is now this 18 wheeler turned on its side sliding down the highway.

      We're now in this factory and someone is explaining out loud that this is a gang in another country where you can come and go as you please. 1/5 of the time you're doing legal work and the rest is illegal stuff. The factory shifts and now it's some sort of water slide attraction but you can also put skewers of meet in the water slide and it'll go through to be cooked. I see my Dad going through the slide and he tells me to get in. I'm leaning over the stream of water trying to grab some skewers to throw them in with us but keep missing. The skewers hit this little catch thing hanging down that let the skewers in systematically. I see some other people riding through the system.

      At some point I'm on a beach with my buddy thomas. The idea is that we're at a festival walking somewhere. We see this girl who we think is a porn star. Thomas decides he wants to get a picture with her so he asks this random person to take a picture of them. The person takes the picture tells me to go stand with them too so I go to the other side of the girl and smile for the picture. Thomas is doing some quick movements jumping around the camera. I throw up a peace sign and the porn star does this weird symbol with her hands like she puts her wrists together and her fingers jut out diagonally. We get the picture and start walking away. We see some attractions and we notice there's this row of computer workers all dressed in bathing suits like it was some perk of the job that they could tan and work there.
    2. There's just so much going on

      by , 05-15-2015 at 03:16 PM
      I'm at a house I don't recognize, with mom, David, AJ, Thomas, Ruby and all four of my cats. It's gotten very late, and it's already dark outside. My mother says, "Aw jeez, we gotta go soon. We might not have time to eat the biscuits." Right as she says that David pulls huge, fluffy, and for some reason already cut open biscuits from the oven. I grab one to eat quickly, as everyone is getting ready to leave. It's not hot.
      David is suddenly in his drag outfit he wore for the play at Christmas. He finds the ruler we have, which has a laser pointer. I take it from him, rather rudely, and show him how to play with my cats with it. He puts it between his "boobs" that are sewn into the dress as a joke.
      Then, I wake up.
    3. 2 Dreams 1 Frag

      by , 11-10-2011 at 10:58 AM
      Dream 1
      I was in my old school's computer room and was listening to my college teacher say stuff about my current project. He said it was due on friday.

      Dream 2
      I was in a futuristic city, the rays of the Sun reflected off the buildings and made the city glow bronze. Three/Four girls (I can't remember) came to me and we started having sex (yeah all 3/4) like a foursome/fivesome. One girl really caught my eye, she had greenish/blue hair and a nice body. I spent most of my time on her.

      I was on the Island of Sodor, yeah Thomas The Tank Engine land and I saw loads of diesels in te work yards. I saw one truck tied to a train that was on a track next to the train. It was weird.
    4. One Weird Scary Dream

      by , 09-29-2011 at 08:39 AM
      Dream 1
      Me and NWA were running away through an area that looked like a silo deposit like the one form COD:Black Ops. Eazy-E was cussing Dre I think. We kept running and I jumped onto a roof and hid from the police.

      Dream 2
      Apu from The Simpsons was being evil, he stole a train, like Thomas the Tank Engine and wanted to do something bad (I can't remember) he wanted to link up all the trains and left Bart behind. Lisa figured out his plan.

      I went through this dream 3 times I think. I this was a dream but I liked trying to link up all the trains.

      Dream 3

      I was War For Cybertron Megatron leading an attack on Trypticon. Which is weird because both are Decepticons.

    5. I'm Failing to Dream of a White Christmas

      by , 12-12-2010 at 08:26 AM (The Lab Notebook)
      Awake, Non-lucid, Lucid, [Commentary made while awake]

      [Another really long entry, but it's a really good one this time. Sorry for taking up so much page space again.]

      I'm on the playground of my elementary school. It's dusk, and there are lots and lots of kids and teenagers on the playground, some playing games, others just milling around. I see one group of kids playing something that they call tackle football; it involves one person on the team holding a bowl of green beans and others holding and occasionally eating spoonfuls of the green beans, while the entire team moves around the field. Curious about the game they're playing, I approach the group.

      “Are those green beans?” I ask.

      “Yes,” someone in the group says.

      The group spreads out a little, and I see that two of the people in it are P. and Thomas
      [, who first appeared in my dream dated December 7]. The instant I see him, I know for sure that I'm dreaming. “Thomas?” I say, looking at him. He acknowledges me. I'm pleasantly surprised to see him again, and amazed at how completely real all the people around me look. Throughout the rest of this dream, I make a special effort to pay attention to the environment around me, including paying attention to the physical sensations of touching things whenever I can. I'm aware that if I don't, they'll stop existing and fade away.

      I start wandering through the playground, heading back toward the school buildings. P. and Thomas are following me. It's now fully dark, but the playground is still crowded. I end up on the sidewalk of the street that runs along the south side of the school and passes the kindergarten before the dreamscape shifts on me.

      I don't notice the shift itself, but I find myself walking through the streets of a charming, slightly old-fashioned downtown with square, orderly blocks. There's no one else around. I stop and turn around, attempting to summon P. and/or Thomas by expecting them to be there. It doesn't work; I'm all alone. I shrug and continue exploring. As I had in the previous scene, I continue to notice and marvel at how vivid, detailed, and realistic the environment around me is. Everything looks and feels exactly like reality, yet I know perfectly well that I'm dreaming. I can even feel the asphalt and pavement under my feet.
      [It didn't occur to me until I had woken up and was lying there, recalling my dream, that I must have looked pretty funny wandering around in public places with no shoes on. ] I remember one of my lucid goals and attempt to walk through a wall into one of the shops. I try it twice, but it doesn't work either time; I'm not surprised at all to discover that the wall is just as solid and “real” as everything else in this dream world. As I continue walking, I think, Wow, this dream is really stable and seems to be going on for a long time. What should I do here? Oh, yeah – the Task of the Month is to hit a DC with a snowball. I'll have to go find a snowball. But there is no snow in this setting, and the weather is clear and bright.

      I pass a small shop front on a street corner, with a red brick facade and a walk-up window where you can buy things. I recognize the woman inside as Lisa D., a real-life friend. I stop and talk to her. I say, “Lisa, do you happen to know where I might find a snowball?” She invites me to come into the shop through the door on the side. I stand just outside the door.
      [I don't know why; recall is a little vague here.] The small shop is actually a short truck, which is backed up to the brick facade with the window in it with its back cargo door open, forming the interior space. Lisa starts up the truck and starts driving it away from the facade and along the street. I walk quickly along with it for a little way, holding on to the frame of the open, narrow door on the side and keeping pace with it. Then I step up into the truck through the doorway and ride in it. I say aloud, “I could float along with the truck, but when the truck is moving, why make the effort?” I vaguely remember another person being in the doorway with me, but if so, I don't know who it was.

      I ride inside the truck as it drives up into the mountains. While sitting in the truck, I hold onto the handle of a plastic bucket, feeling the sensation to ensure the dream remains stable. The truck takes me to a town on a mountaintop. I'm on or near a different, fenced-in school playground
      [I think; again, my recall isn't very good here.] I can see buildings on the tops of nearby hills, and I think I catch a glimpse of a patch of snow on a distant hilltop, but I'm not sure.

      [I think] The scene shifts again, and I'm walking around on the campus of a community college. [Day residue; I walked back and forth across my real community college campus several times yesterday.] There's no one else around. This community college campus has slightly more traditional-looking architecture than my real one does, has a different layout, and there are more plants around and they're more mature, making the campus greener than my real one. This is a pretty campus, I think. I'm still admiring how vivid and "real" my surroundings are as I explore them, and I'm still looking for snow, but not finding any.

      [Dreamskip? Another scene shift? I'm not sure, but the next thing I remember is that] I'm walking through the interior of a large, recreational building. I'm in a spacious, high-ceilinged indoor space with two swimming pools in it, a large, deep one and a smaller, shallower one, at right angles to each other. There are people in this room, many of them kids, walking around, swimming, and getting into and out of the pools. In one corner of the room is the entrance to a child-care room, which is full of brightly pastel-colored play equipment with little kids playing on it. It's separated from the room with the pools by glass walls. One of the glass walls has sticky gel letters on the inside of it, so that they look backward from outside the room. I can still read them backward, though. When I first look at them, I read them as “Children Sno” and think, Yay, snow! Then I approach the room for a closer look and realize that I've misread them; they say “Children Glo.” I leave the room, walking on the path between the narrow end of the larger pool and the longer side of the smaller pool. As I walk, I complain aloud: “There's no snow here! I mean, I know I've lived in Southern California all my life, but come on! Can't I have some imagination?” [I was complaining about the fact that, even though I wanted to complete the Task of the Month, my mind wasn't creating any snow in my dream world. The explanation I came up with for this observation was that I've never spent a winter in an area where it snows, so my mind can't re-create snow very easily, because I've only experienced it in real life a couple of times, so I don't know what it's like very well.]

      Outside the recreational building, there's a courtyard or patio where a large group of people are having a celebration or reception. I walk among them without speaking to anyone. No one takes any notice of me. There are folding tables with paper tablecloths and lots of food set out on them, including oatmeal cookies. [I wish I'd thought to try one! This was the first time I've had the chance to try dream food while lucid, and I missed it! Dang!] Still in search of a snowball to throw, I decide to try summoning one by reaching under a small table of food next to a wall, without looking, and expecting a snowball to be there. It doesn't work. When I look, the only thing under the table is a small, open-topped cardboard box with some kind of party supplies in it, like paper napkins. [I note that in my attempts to summon people or things in this dream, I did not have the same quiet assurance and confidence that it would work as I had at those times in the past when I successfully summoned an object. I wasn't truly focusing on it or believing in it this time, which, I think, is why it didn't work.]

      I get up from looking under the table and look around at the people celebrating. I sense that the dream is about to end. I close my eyes, hoping to use that method of teleporting to get to another environment. I just end up looking at the inside of my real eyelids.

      Side notes:

      This dream came at the end of a very bad, emotionally draining day and a late night. I was too tired to really try to induce a lucid dream. All I did was get up for a minute or two and go back to bed right before I had this dream, do a minimal amount of affirmations (maybe one or two), and wear my cardboard-square wristband on the inside of my right wrist, which I hadn't worn at all in a while. It may have been one of these things that caused such a long, vivid lucid dream, or maybe it was just the fact that I'd had a bad day and wanted to escape from it all (even though I consciously told myself before bed that that was stupid). I sure did feel a lot happier and better after waking up from my dream, though.

      After waking up, I realized two things about this dream:
      A) Expecting to be able to summon a snowball was stupid because, unlike the seed pod that I successfully summoned before (see entry dated October 26, 2010), a snowball doesn't naturally exist as a discrete object. You have to make a snowball yourself.
      B) I was surrounded by DCs several times. I could have talked to my subconscious and asked for the answers to the questions from my exam that I missed because I had studied those subjects months ago, forgotten about them, and failed to review before the exam. (I'm not saying for sure that it would have worked, but it would have been fun to try. I'm curious to know if it can work.) I actually thought about doing that before I went to bed, but I didn't even think of it while I was dreaming. The only thing it occurred to me to do was to hit a DC with a snowball. Silly me! I will have to add “ask a DC about stuff I should know, but have forgotten” to my list of goals.

      One final note: Wow. I now have a recurring, original, named dream character who is neither a pre-existing fictional character nor anyone I know in real life, and seeing him made me go lucid because I remembered meeting him in a previous dream, and here he was again, so I had to be dreaming. That's pretty neat. I can't say for sure that that officially makes him my dream guide, though, at least not just yet. It didn't occur to me to ask him if he was one. If I see him again, I'll try to remember to do that.
    6. Cruiser Island

      by , 12-07-2010 at 06:40 PM (The Lab Notebook)
      Non-lucid dream, [Commentary made while awake]

      Night of December 5-6

      I'm attending a service at an unfamiliar church. I'm in the choir. The bishop is there, and he shushes the choir, ending the song we're singing early. Two other famous people are there: Arnold Schwarzenegger and H. [a writer who is on the Internet and likely to search for himself]. The two of them and the bishop pose for a group picture. H. is wearing a big, floppy USC baseball cap. We all tell him to turn it around and wear it so that the logo is showing, or else there's no point in having it on at all. He actually looks more like my real-life friend Victor K. than he looks like H.

      The service also involves honoring some military people. There is a man in a very highly decorated, green military dress uniform there.

      Night of December 6-7

      [This was a long, fun, interesting dream with a really cool setting and particularly good recall, especially for dialog.]

      This dream is set within the world of a TV show called “Cruiser Island.” Cruiser Island is one of a small group of small, tropical islands, very close together, located just off the coast of Florida and connected to each other and to the mainland by bridges. One of its neighboring islands is called Alo Island. There is a large, single-story building there that says “Alo Island Public Hospital” on the sign on the front.

      House #1 is located on Cruiser Island. My family is hosting a sort of sleepover there. I'm in my bedroom, in the top bunk (which is mine), wearing pajamas, ready to go to bed. A boy who's maybe 8 or 9 years old climbs up the end of the bunk bed to get into the top bunk, and we talk. He says he's afraid of some kind of wild animal, and I reassure him by saying that we're in the middle of downtown, and no wild animals are coming here. The rest of the conversation goes something like this:

      Me: What's your name?
      Boy: Thomas.
      Me: Yeah, I thought you kinda looked like a Thomas. I'm (Emiko). (we shake hands)
      Thomas: You know that guy who sings with the Parish girls... I'm his younger brother.
      Me: Oh, you're Dom's brother!

      I decide I enjoy spending time with kids.

      [Note: In the dream, when Thomas mentioned his older brother, I knew who we were talking about and knew that he shared a first name with, but wasn't, the protagonist from Inception. In real life, both brothers sang with the Parish girls, but only once, two days ago. They also have different first names in real life.]

      I'm standing on the floor next to the foot end of the bunk bed. There are two Vietnamese women, a mom and a grandma, who are sleeping on the lower bunk. Two more Vietnamese moms are standing around in the room and in the hallway, along with a whole bunch of their kids. One of the moms says something about how she doesn't have magical Japanese eyes [I don't even know.] and then sternly commands all the boys to go and brush their hair, now, so that they can go to bed. All the girls have their hair in braids or pigtails, so they'll need their moms' help to comb it out. I think, With all these people in the house for the sleepover and all this excitement, my sleep cycle is getting completely thrown off. I'm not going to get a chance to try to lucid dream tonight. That's too bad. [And yet, I still somehow managed not to realize that I was dreaming at this point. I laughed when I remembered this thought upon waking up.]

      I go into the bathroom to toss a few of my stray hairs into the trash can. I don't just toss them on the floor because of all the guests we have in the house. While I'm in the bathroom, I see that my gold cross necklace has fallen into the toilet. Also, I find some bedbugs somewhere in the house, crawling all over some white paper thing. I take it outside, showing it to my mom and explaining to her, as we walk along a sidewalk outside, what they are and what it's like to have them in the house. I say that I'm pretty sure I just got rid of all of them.

      My mom and I continue walking through Cruiser Island's downtown, which looks a lot like San Luis Obispo's downtown, until we reach a small light rail station on the street. We look at the big, dark-blue metal signboard there to find out what its schedule is. We continue walking along the streets, turning at least one corner and passing one more light rail station. The street signs are white on blue like in L.A.
      [not white on brown like in the real SLO]. I talk to someone I pass on the street about which of the streets will be closed for the parade that's going to start soon.