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    1. Fragment

      by , 05-15-2015 at 07:59 PM
      I'm standing in a place covered in snow that I think of as "at the edge of all things" - although all I can see is snow to the horizon, I'm thinking of this place as a kind of boundary line. I'm with a woman wearing a black fur hat, and below it some strands of her hair have come loose, the wind keeps blowing them into her face.

      I've just said something half-joking to her to the effect of, it's fine, I'm used to traveling. I'm thinking about the way I arrived in this reality in the first place, tracking her.

      She, entirely serious, says something to the effect of but if you do this now, you won't ever be able to stop.

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    2. A black river and a yellow wreath

      by , 05-02-2015 at 05:04 PM
      I'm wading through icy water, tracking someone down. It's dark, the water looks black, and there's this mist in the air, I can't see very far. There's bodies floating in the water, wrapped in cloth. There's another man here with me, he calls me by the name of Logan. I'm focused on the dampness in the air - it caused problems earlier when we couldn't get a fire to catch.

      Thinking about fire makes me see another time, standing in a large stone hall, standing off to the left of the woman presiding over some ceremony, having to remain still throughout her speech, wearing armor, uncomfortable. There were rows of people arranged in front of us, and as she called each of them up she'd hand them a lit candle, symbolic, but I was looking at those candles and thinking of them as never enough to hold off the chill.

      Back in the icy water, we've found the person we were looking for in a little area surrounded by bare trees. He's standing off to one side and watching an old woman perform some kind of ceremony, something like a funeral for the old ruler here - I have a vague impression of something strung up among the trees, either the last ruler's bones themselves or at least something representing them. She knows who we are. She tells me that just because I've killed the old ruler, that doesn't make this place mine. The territory is passed down through the blood, and there's still someone with the elf blood to inherit it - the man we've been tracking down. He's not related to the old ruler, and he's more human than anything else, as is she, but that doesn't matter; this territory will remain in the hands of his people, not mine.

      The man in question objects to this - this is a situation being forced on him. He tells me he's sorry. The guy who'd tracked him down with me makes some sarcastic comment, telling him to quit the humble act; but I believe him, this isn't something he'd wanted. Nonetheless, the old woman's in the right; there's nothing I can do here, we've lost. I tell him it's all right. It's only when I speak and hear the tone in my voice that I (the dreamer side of me) realize he and I (the character side of me) had been sleeping together; we're most likely going to have to end that now.

      The old woman resumes her ceremony, now involving him. It doesn't take long, just a few words. There's a wreath of pale yellow flowers which he accepts from her; as soon as the ceremony's done he drops it and it falls apart in the water. I'm thinking of the moment I first met him, when he'd been locked up in a cell.
    3. Moss-like pelts and an old gate

      by , 02-15-2015 at 09:31 PM
      A woman and I have been tracking some thieves who stole the animals that her people raise - creatures like elephants but smaller, and with a sort of moss-like fur that grows on their backs and the top of their heads. Now the trail I've been leading her through ends at a beach. We're too late. Their ship is gone. But I'm able to pick up a mental impression of it and relay it to her - the tigers that they stole are in cages, but those other creatures have already been killed. The thieves only wanted their pelts. She sits down in the sand and starts to cry.

      As we make our way back the way we came, over a mountain path, I'm attacked by some creature - it happens fairly often in this region and I take care of it easily, hitting it over the head with my staff and expecting it to run off again. She'd been hanging back before, but when she sees this she comes rushing over, though I don't think of that as necessary; she starts beating the creature, far beyond what's necessary. I stand back and watch.

      I'm a demon - the long sharp teeth and writhing cloud of darkness make it hard to miss - but as we make our way down the other side of the mountain, I'm watching her and thinking that the people who tell stories about today will take one look at her and assume that two demons came down from this mountain.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      I'm traveling through a dream with her, but at the moment we've come across an image of myself in the distant past, before I became a demon. I'd been speaking to a man dressed in armor standing in front of a sacred building, and that past version of me is saying something to the effect of, yes, I'd very much like to learn more about our people. It had been a rare opportunity - it was rare enough to meet another of my kind at all, but this was far beyond that, I'd jumped at the chance. I watch that past version of me follow the man in armor into the building.

      This isn't what I brought her here to show her, it's just one of my memories intruding on the dream. I intend to continue down the road we're on, to take her to our actual goal here - but she wants to see more of this memory. So that's what we do. We follow that past version of me into the building.

      Inside we're in a stone corridor; there's no sign of that past version of me or the man in armor. While the outside of the building had looked the way it had when it was new, the inside is a ruin from much later in my memories. But there's a few objects out of place, things that had been looted by the time it got to this point. I kneel down before one of them, a mirror made of bronze. I say to her, "It's a gate-"
    4. Lies and Nadja

      by , 02-08-2015 at 10:12 PM
      I'd been accused of a crime I didn't commit. The charges have been dropped now, but people have formed their own opinions about my guilt or innocence. On the sidewalk I'm confronted by a group of men in dress uniform, most of them middle-aged. They call me monster, and disgusting, and one of them says, "He saw what you did," indicating a younger member of their group.

      A liar, that's interesting. I wonder at first whether this is the actual criminal and if he'd been trying to frame me, or whether he's just someone who heard about the case and was trying to get in on the limelight. But he looks genuinely afraid of me, to such a degree that I realize what must have happened - he must have seen me eating. But in this era, accusing me of being a vampire would be too ridiculous, he wouldn't be taken seriously. So he came up with something more believable to accuse me of, to get me locked up. It wasn't a bad idea, I've been considering burning this identity since this mess started.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      I'm running along a mountain path, mentally shouting Nadja's name. She came to us under a false identity, and then she disappeared in order to avoid being found out. But there was no need for her to disappear like that. I've tracked her to these mountains based on rumors of "the witch of the crags," and once I sensed traces of her, I started calling first the assumed name we knew her by, then her real one, Nadja. Following her mental trail, I reach a cliff. Without hesitating, I jump over the edge.

      Snow-covered mountain peaks far below me, as far as the eye can see. I pause to check if I'm still asleep enough to take control of the flight for a while - yes, I am. Forgetting about Nadja, I turn upward, enjoying the view for as long as it lasts.
    5. Three charms

      by , 02-07-2015 at 09:57 PM
      I'm looking over the meat at a butcher's stall in an outdoor market, examining it very closely. The butcher's explaining something to me, but I'm not really listening - I've come to the conclusion that this isn't what I'm looking for. I duck underneath where some of his larger cuts are hanging and into the alley on the other side. I can hear him shouting at me, and Dieter saying something to him, but I'm not paying attention. The trail of what I'm looking for is much clearer now.

      I walk into a house. On the floor beside the bed there's the dead body of a very large man, with rats swarming over him. The rats' behavior is unusual but familiar to me. They scatter when I come closer. Behind me Dieter asks, "Is it plague?" Plague wouldn't affect either of us directly, but it's still something to be concerned about. He came in too late to see the unusual way the rats were swarming. I don't answer him - I'm focused on something I can feel hidden in this room, somewhere in the chest of drawers. I make some comment about how the dead man had had a family, and "Three charms. One for each."
    6. Faust and a god's tower

      by , 01-31-2015 at 08:21 PM
      A production of Faust, I'm going over a written list of the scenery needed for each scene. One scene is described as the Altar of Hell, and I have a mental image of Faust being pinned to a circular stone by two demons; that's the contract signing scene. The next scene is set in a field surrounded by trees, and my perspective changes so I see this as the audience would.

      Curtain rises on Marguerite and women of the chorus in the field; shortly afterward Faust enters from the right. In response to what the women had been singing, he sings something satirical about the dangers of love and the unfortunate fools who are caught up in it. This annoys Marguerite, and she turns away and pointedly ignores him. The women of the chorus exit, and Faust realizes how angry Marguerite is, so he jokes around in the hopes of getting back in her good graces, teasing her by singing a humorous song that starts with a verse about roosters and hens. She forgives him easily, and by the time he gets to the chorus she's joined in the song, flirting right back at him. The second verse is about deer and hunters, and she playfully leads him on a chase around the stage. As they exit, laughing, Mephistopheles strolls by in the background, keeping an eye on how things are playing out.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      There are four men, or people who were once men and are now weapons, kept chained up in their sleep. Two 'chains,' really - the collars around their throats, but also something much deeper that's never meant to be removed. I'm removing that second 'chain' from each of them. They wake up as I do so, and their first reaction is to moan about the pain, but gradually they regain a sort of awareness. It's interesting to watch - they're becoming aware of how much of their personality has been stripped away from them, but without actually regaining that personality they lost. Their master arrives then, and I expect them to attack him in revenge - that's the whole reason I freed them - but instead they cower in the corner, just looking at the pair of us.

      Memory gap. Next thing I remember, I've gone semi-lucid in order to pursue that master of theirs. He's closed himself off inside a tower where I shouldn't be able to follow, with an irritatingly arrogant attitude about it - he's essentially the god of this place, it won't allow me entrance if it goes against his will. Or at least it's not supposed to. The tower's a sort of futuristic art deco confection, lots of spheres and glowing purple lights, and I'm flying around it, demanding that it create an opening. With my next pass around the tower, I find an entrance has been created, opening onto a single room containing an elevator. It signifies that this place is as willing to depose its 'god' as I am. I take the elevator up to that man's private sanctuary - the elevator doors open to show me a vast pool lined with twisted white trees without leaves, and quite a lot of statues, including some of himself. This guy is unbelievable. There's a mansion at the far end of the pool, and I expect his mental trail to lead me there, but instead it leads me off to the right, to another body of water, and I focus on a light at the end of a pier.

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    7. A collection of memories disguised as history

      by , 12-20-2013 at 10:51 PM
      Two middle-aged spinsters are visiting Rumpelstiltskin/Gold just before attending some event, but he's busy with a delivery of some sort. The room where they wait for him holds a collection of various objects behind glass, and as they look around, one of them says, "Richer than the (some family name beginning with A) brothers!" The objects behind the glass are personal mementos from over the centuries, arranged and displayed in such a way as to look like a collection of history - playbills and tickets, a photo from a political protest that changed history, old forms of currency, all neatly labeled with places and dates and short descriptions. But I'm looking at the objects as a disembodied observer with Rumpelstiltskin's mindset, with fond memories of the actress depicted on that playbill, and a woman at that protest, and the profit I made when that country changed currencies. (Although I'm thinking of it as a collection of memories that stretches back centuries, the oldest items I actually see are only from the 1800s.) I think to myself, 'and I could sell it, if I chose.' As if convincing myself that I could part with it all, if I had to.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      Fragments - someone involved in some industry that's often glamorized in movies, intelligence or organized crime, mentally contrasting his actual day to day life with the ridiculous movies. A rich and powerful woman who's sleeping with the hired killer who works for her. Overdue library books, a trilogy by an author who's written 156 books, these ones with covers showing caves with stalactites that remind me of fangs. Rumpelstiltskin again, spending a summer at a country estate belonging to a brother and sister he knows, looking out the window and feeling someone's suffering, the potential for a deal; following it, and finding someone in the garden, reading a journal that had belonged to Belle.
    8. 07/05/10 Battle Against the Three

      by , 07-07-2010 at 02:19 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Note: Tonight I wanted to do some more training with Vegeta. Vegeta has said if I really want to improve, I need to come train on a regular basis. I'll just have to see if I can keep my motivation up. So I won't go into detail on the training today, but I will just say that we did a bit more practice on what we did last night and then moved on and did the one with the drones… which I had thought was something Vegeta made up, but I have been told that is also from the Ranma 1/2 series… except in the series it was actual bees that Ranma caught, here they are small robot drones. This makes sense… Vegeta really likes the series Ranma 1/2… Next, I planned to track down someone who needs their heart healed. Inside, I am a healer... and I think it has been having a negative effect that I haven't been doing that kind of healing much lately. I also wanted to take a closer look at the locked book. I successfully slipped into a WILD…

      My bedroom was dark when I woke up. I rolled over and got ready to go back to sleep. But first a reality check. I discovered this was a dream! I got out of bed as I became fully lucid…

      I thought about my next goal. I used my first dream training with Vegeta, in which he once again did some amazing time dilation. Several hours of training fit into only about an hour of waking life time. Maybe even less than an hour. It takes a little time to actually fall asleep and get into the dream state even with the aid of meditation… Now I wanted to track down someone who needs to have their heart healed, to have their inner flame restored. First I asked myself who I wanted to try to locate. I remembered an individual referred to as Xildron, who I found out about from another dreamer. It seems that Xildron used to be a dragon, but got in a fight that ended in his death… and then some idiot resurrected Xildron as a human, which didn't make him very happy. It seems his energy is also unstable creating hostile behavior… I want to find him to stabilize that energy (the way I now see healing someone's heart) then he will be as he was meant to be. I'm not sure if I have enough information to track him… so instead I just tracked down the situation, which would no doubt lead me to someone who needed healing. So with that goal in mind, I opened a portal. I focused on allowing my tracking ability guide the portal to somewhere that my abilities would be needed. A portal opened and I went through it…

      On the other side of the portal I found myself in a forest. It was a beautiful place. I walked through the forest for a while. The forest was filled with the sounds of singing birds and a gentle breeze blew through my hair. I wondered if my portal had gotten me anywhere near a situation like the one with Xildron… I didn't see anything that looked right. I decided it didn't really matter. Q keeps telling me I can't heal everyone, so I just have to focus on the ones I can find. So now I just needed to find the individual in the area who needed to have their heart healed. I walked through the forest for a while longer, just enjoying the setting. The forest slowly thinned out as I reached a rocky area at the base of a mountain. A cave opened into the mountain side. I approached the cave. Maybe the person I was looking for was in there. I wondered who might be living inside a cave. I entered the cave, making sure to remain silent as not to disturb anyone.

      It started getting darker as I progressed farther into the cave. I adjusted my vision as the darkness became too deep to see well. The cave descended farther back, past a couple of passages leading off to the side. I stayed with the main passage. I finally reached the end of the passage, which was a large chamber. The flicker of torches illuminated the chamber. There were three individuals there. There was one on the left who had reddish skin, which looked like they might be scales, black hair that was basically a long mohawk, that went halfway down his back. The hair flowed down between two horns that were curved and had nasty looking points. He had ratty looking blue jeans on. The person on the right was dressed in black robes. I could not see anything of the thing's face or any other part of his body. Just glowing eyes… and those were glowing with a silvery light. The third man in the middle had normal caucasian skin, long hair that was a really light blonde or maybe silver, and he was decked out in nasty looking armor. The armor looked a lot like the armor in this picture, without the head piece and the lion insignias on the chest weren't lions… they were dragons. The colors may have also been different… I can't remember the exact color of the armor. All three of them appeared to be glaring at me, although it was hard to tell about the one in the dark robes…

      I completely ignored the fact I was being glared at as I scanned each of them for a possible spark. The two on the outside didn't have any spark, or at least none that I could see… The man in the center had a spark… I could see that for certain. The man in the center needed to be healed, but I didn't see anything that could be done for the other two. I knew immediately that the other two were going to cause trouble for me when I tried to heal the third one. Now I walked farther into the room until I was right in the center of the chamber. Up until now no one had said anything, all three of them had continued to stare at me. Finally the one in the middle spoke. He spoke in a low growling voice. He asked me who I thought I was, and what did I mean by intruding in their lair. I said I had come to see him. He laughed a laugh that was completely without mirth. He said he had no business to discuss with the likes of me. He said I had made a fatal mistake by coming here, because now I could not be allowed to leave. I found myself under attack.

      A massive blast of flames came from the demonic man on the left at the same time as the ground was cracking open beneath my feet, an attack coming from the cloaked figure on the right. I jumped into the air with quick reflexes I didn't realize I had. I found I was flying into the air, the chamber was much higher than I had thought. I flew through a large hole that led all of the way to the surface and out into the open sky. The three people from the cave followed me out. Three attacks came at once… fire, lightning, and ice. I spun quickly and did 3 rapid Whiplash spells, sending the fire at the ice, the lightning at the fire, and the ice at the lightning. That didn't interfere with them for long… All three of them came at me all at once. I made a dive to the ground, falling like a rock and then pulling to a quick stop as I landed. Three massive energy attacks were right behind me. Witchblade formed armor over me at the last possible second before the attacks hit. There was a huge explosion that forced me down into the ground. I felt an immense force pushing me down, it lasted for a short time, and then it stopped. When I finally extracted myself from the ground I saw the blasts had left me in the middle of a large crater… I could hear the three men laughing up above, saying that foolish human should have known better than to intrude. Time to try something else.

      As the three of them were laughing, I flew up from the middle of the crater fully covered in my Witchblade armor. I used the spell song Crush 'Em by Megadeth. I hit the demonic entity with a blast of gravity that forced him back into the mountain, forming a crater there. "Heads I win, tails you lose! Out of my way I'm coming through! Roll the dice don't think twice, and we crush! Crush 'em! Now we lay you down to rest, you'll never be more than second best! Step inside you're in for a ride, and we crush, crush 'em!" The gravity had him pinned to the mountain. I heard him cursing loudly about how he intended to burn the flesh from my bones slowly for that. Almost in the same move, I hit the cloaked figure with a blast of gravity which forced him into the ground, forming another crater right next to the crater made when I hit the ground. More cursing. More threats of torture and death. Meh… I've heard it all before, been through some of it. I heard them saying this would not hold them! It didn't need to hold them long, just for a bit while I used a healing spell on the third one. One more blast of gravity would have to hold the third one while I did the healing spell. I had the song Crush 'Em going in the back of my mind to keep the gravity fields supplied with energy. I could hear the song playing in my mind, or maybe in the physical area around me. I couldn't tell if the others could hear it or not.

      The third man cursed fluently at me. I ignored his threats, too. I focused on the healing song Devour by Disturbed. "I will devour you, take all the pain away. I cannot stay my hand, from reaching out so that I can empower you. For all eternity. It seems to ease my mind, to know that you've brought meaning to my life." That was going just fine until the other two were breaking free. I tried to divert more energy to holding them, but that interrupted my healing spell… and the action proved to be too little and too late. They were both free now. They attacked me and I avoided their attacks, there was an explosion of flames and some energy behind me. The third man, the one I had come to heal, was right in front of me now. He grabbed me by the front of Witchblade. I looked into his eyes and did a scan. I found an image of a dragon there… A bluish green dragon with beautiful scales and wings, like this picture, but the dragon had three heads…

      The man spoke in a low and angry growl. He said he didn't know who the fuck I was or where I had come from, but now I was going to… He stopped short as he noticed my telepathic scan. He roared at me to get the fuck out of his head. A portal opened and he threw me through it before I realized what he was doing… I hadn't been expecting that move, I had figured he would try to kill me… As I felt myself falling through the portal to an unknown destination I woke.
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