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    1. Ephigenia, an interrogation, don't interrupt the music, St. George and the dragon,

      by , 02-01-2015 at 10:07 PM
      I'm giving a woman a ride somewhere in a carriage, and when she's gotten settled I knock on the wall twice and we start moving. I go to lower the curtains on the windows, and as I do I catch sight of her fiance out on the street, obviously looking for her. She's already made it clear she doesn't want to be found at this moment. As I'm looking at him I'm struck again by how incredibly dull he seems. I say to her, "On God's green earth, what do you see in him?" I gave up my chance with her so I have no right to judge the man she chose, but still - him?

      She says, "On God's green earth, I won't let you steal my plan. I can't." Either she has drastically changed the subject or else I've drastically misunderstood their relationship - either way, I have no idea what she's talking about.

      Just then, her fiance spots us - I should have lowered that curtain - and he shouts her name, Ephigenia. He is being ridiculously overdramatic, people will think I'm kidnapping her.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      Disembodied, I'm watching my son be interrogated by a pair of policemen. We don't have any legal ties under my present identity, at his insistence - he's old enough now that we look the same age, so adopting him again wouldn't have been practical, but I'd wanted to arrange something, and he'd refused. I'm particularly annoyed about that now, when a legal connection would come in handy.

      They've accused him and his sister - his biological sister, I didn't raise her, hadn't known she was alive until just now - of murder, and he's been repeatedly telling them he's innocent, but they've just produced an audio recording of what is clearly his voice stating that "we" - he and his sister - have been waiting for this since he was nine years old. As I hear the recording, I see a mental image of him at the moment he spoke those words, with a man tied up in front of them. Up until this moment I'd believed he was innocent. Back in the interrogation room, he's insisting that the voice on the recorder isn't his, but he's clearly fooling no one. They've been letting him tell his story, knowing he was lying the entire time.

      I've heard enough. I remove my awareness from the interrogation room. Back in my body, I'm standing in my son's apartment - a tiny studio with a mattress on the floor, cluttered with random piles of clothes and other things. He wasn't doing well. I'm extremely annoyed about this situation - he'd betrayed me, he'd made it clear he was going to cause trouble for me, but for him to simply be removed from the situation like this by unrelated people, that doesn't sit right with me.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      I'm running - as fast as I can manage, which isn't very - along a snow-covered mountain path, trying to hold my throat closed as much as possible. I'm wearing black leather gloves, the blood blends in very well. This isn't the first time I've had my throat slit, so at least this time I know my voice will come back eventually - just the memory of how frightening it had been the first time I had my throat slit still makes me uncomfortable. It's still incredibly inconvenient until it heals. One of my least favorite ways to 'die.' I'm thinking about the man who 'killed' me - a soldier on the same side I am. I don't know why he did this - he enjoys violence in general, so I'm hoping it was just something personal and not something larger I'd have to worry about.

      Thinking about that man's possible motivations prompts a scene change. I'm peeling an orange as a visitor goes upstairs to meet with that man who'll slit my throat. I can hear the sound of an opera recording on the phonograph, and I warned the visitor that it's best not to interrupt while he's listening to his music - I didn't say this, but I'm pretty sure opera is the only thing that man loves aside from violence - but the visitor ignored me. Shortly later I hear the visitor scream.

      I'm looking at a painting with the artist beside me. St. George and the dragon - I recognize that the dragon is meant to be myself. After noticing that, I recognize who St. George is meant to represent too. I say to her, very slowly and deliberately, "George can't save you." Whether I can do anything for her either isn't certain, but "George" definitely can't, despite what he believes.
    2. Faust and a god's tower

      by , 01-31-2015 at 08:21 PM
      A production of Faust, I'm going over a written list of the scenery needed for each scene. One scene is described as the Altar of Hell, and I have a mental image of Faust being pinned to a circular stone by two demons; that's the contract signing scene. The next scene is set in a field surrounded by trees, and my perspective changes so I see this as the audience would.

      Curtain rises on Marguerite and women of the chorus in the field; shortly afterward Faust enters from the right. In response to what the women had been singing, he sings something satirical about the dangers of love and the unfortunate fools who are caught up in it. This annoys Marguerite, and she turns away and pointedly ignores him. The women of the chorus exit, and Faust realizes how angry Marguerite is, so he jokes around in the hopes of getting back in her good graces, teasing her by singing a humorous song that starts with a verse about roosters and hens. She forgives him easily, and by the time he gets to the chorus she's joined in the song, flirting right back at him. The second verse is about deer and hunters, and she playfully leads him on a chase around the stage. As they exit, laughing, Mephistopheles strolls by in the background, keeping an eye on how things are playing out.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      There are four men, or people who were once men and are now weapons, kept chained up in their sleep. Two 'chains,' really - the collars around their throats, but also something much deeper that's never meant to be removed. I'm removing that second 'chain' from each of them. They wake up as I do so, and their first reaction is to moan about the pain, but gradually they regain a sort of awareness. It's interesting to watch - they're becoming aware of how much of their personality has been stripped away from them, but without actually regaining that personality they lost. Their master arrives then, and I expect them to attack him in revenge - that's the whole reason I freed them - but instead they cower in the corner, just looking at the pair of us.

      Memory gap. Next thing I remember, I've gone semi-lucid in order to pursue that master of theirs. He's closed himself off inside a tower where I shouldn't be able to follow, with an irritatingly arrogant attitude about it - he's essentially the god of this place, it won't allow me entrance if it goes against his will. Or at least it's not supposed to. The tower's a sort of futuristic art deco confection, lots of spheres and glowing purple lights, and I'm flying around it, demanding that it create an opening. With my next pass around the tower, I find an entrance has been created, opening onto a single room containing an elevator. It signifies that this place is as willing to depose its 'god' as I am. I take the elevator up to that man's private sanctuary - the elevator doors open to show me a vast pool lined with twisted white trees without leaves, and quite a lot of statues, including some of himself. This guy is unbelievable. There's a mansion at the far end of the pool, and I expect his mental trail to lead me there, but instead it leads me off to the right, to another body of water, and I focus on a light at the end of a pier.

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    3. The Space Tale and the Whale's Game

      by , 08-29-2013 at 11:02 AM (My Humble Collection of Somnigraphies)
      August 29 2013 - Dream Fragment #1 I remember suddenly being jolted awake at my house. I didn't do an RC (very odd, as I've been setting pretty strict rules about how much I reality check, and I hoped that this rigorous schedule would help) and so I went on in an nLD. I remember in some way getting to this flattish house that was very, very luxurious by my standards in waking life but very normal there. One of my friends from WL was there and he asked me what game I wanted to play. I said "Block War" (or something along those lines) and he said, "Teach me how to play Block War!" I carefully explained it to him. (I cannot for the life of me remember the description but it had to do with a whale at the end for some reason) So we played that for a while and then he wanted to go check out my PC, so I showed it to him. I realized there was no mousepad so I tore up the house looking for one and I found it. I remember leaving and then going somewhere but getting murdered before I could do anything.

      Dream Fragment #2 I remember having to go retrieve something and my vision flashing, "Episode 1". I went to this YMCA-type place near where I live IWL, more or less, except everything was different. When I got there I saw some people that I hate from school throwing around a frisbee on an extremely steep dirt hill. I was wearing flip-flops and had to walk down it to see where I wanted to go. I almost wiped out a few times but I managed to get to the bottom. I was then thrown into a few trivial tasks that I cannot remember but at some point aliens invaded and completely destroyed this mansion next to the YMCA and used it as their base. I saw I couple of celebrities walk down from above and come over next to me. They looked like they wanted to fight the aliens, and I agreed, but I said I want to talk to them first (WHAT IN THE HELL WAS I THINKING? I'M NOT A DC!) so I walked up to the front door of the mansion. The door opened into a makeshift council room of sorts. There were about eight normal-sized aliens in the room and like 2 bigger ones, probably about seven and a half feet tall. I asked them what they wanted. Not a good idea. It got me eaten my one of the bigger ones, while the famous people started fighting them. I woke up and laughed really hard at my dream action. I think it was form listening to the newest podcast about treating DCs with respect before bed lol.
    4. Atheist Opera ? (07.04.12)

      by , 04-07-2012 at 04:15 PM
      So, last night I experienced my first MILD LD, YAY! anyway's.. I've almost forgotten everything about it but im still gonna tell you what I remember, okey ?

      Well, I was wondering around in some sort of a Dark House Labyrinth Thing Place when all of a sudden I realized that all of the exits were jammed(the doors looked like some sort of Giant Steel Safe Door's). I was alone at first.. but all of a sudden the urban labyrinth was crowded with people. There was a great panic and everyone was desperate to find a way out!

      I't was then that I realized that none of this was real!

      I escaped the labyrinth and headed outside to the titanic trash yard looking terrain only to find a dark figure asking me how I wanted to summon my subconscious. I thought about that for a moment.. I wanted it to appear in the form of a Talking White Raven, but then I thought it would be hilarious to spawn it as an Atheist Opera xD(it seemed hilarious at the time )

      I remember asking it a question which was however not granted with an answer.. I just stood there and did nothing.

      The thought didn't cross my mind to use any powers such as flying, teleporting or morphing. Talking to my subconscious seemed to be the most fascinating thing to experience in my dreams.

      Suddenly, I felt an immersive urge to talk to two of my friends about what had happened, when all of a sudden I had teleported to a place where my friends where at the time :O They where climbing a balcony of some sorts. The brick built apartment complex was in the color of of brown and grey and resembled a titanic version of the small apartment residence of Sienna Gardens, Edinburgh of where I had once lived.

      Before I could tell them anything, I was suddenly awoken by the dog...

      Sweet Dreams..
      Tags: dog, labyrinth, mild, opera
    5. Fragments for July 28-29 2011

      by , 07-31-2011 at 04:52 AM (Sailing the Noosphere)
      1. I'm attending Cincinnati Opera's production of "The Magic Flute." It seems to take place in a great hall instead of the traditional auditorium, and our seats have rather bad views. However, the ambiance is very nice, a candlelit affair. Plates of food are brought out with appropriate themes for every aria, and each patron is given a book with explanatory notes to the action.

      2. I'm playing in a chess tournament at the local library, and I manage to win the whole event. I get $100 from a large roll of cash as my reward; I notice that there are ticket stubs and coupons attached to the end of the roll as well. I start to browse the library, which has recently expanded its collection to include food and wine. Little samples can be "checked out" for tasting purposes. I sample a decent white wine, and as I do the old lady who organized the chess tourney asks me to complete her bridge foursome. I'm reluctant, but I eventually agree and text my mom that I'll be late to meet her.
    6. Fragments for June 29 2011

      by , 06-30-2011 at 09:00 PM (Sailing the Noosphere)
      1. My friends from a recent RPG campaign have gathered to perform a work of music I've written. I am leading the ensemble with a marimba, while C.W. plays flute, V.W., K.R., and M.G. all play various percussion instruments. The work is energetic and the conductor is very much into it; there's an extended section of dueling percussion soli.

      2. I get a bulky letter from a great-aunt and uncle I hardly know, and on the outside is written something like "If you love us, you'll be much more important." We go to visit them at their sprawling southern plantation-type home, approaching through a huge bluegrass field with a great oak tree as a centerpiece. The great-aunt sees me from across the field and beckons to me; I run away, although I'm not sure why and am a bit embarrassed.

      3. I'm in downtown Cincinnati with my brother for some reason, when I realize that I'll miss the opera if I don't go home and change into nice clothes. The crowds outside Music Hall are horrible thanks to the traffic of a Reds game and ticketing problems at the venue. As I walk to the ticket window, MB. T. and her friends jump out of a car and begin to walk behind me. I double my pace to avoid them, but she calls me and I turn around to hug her anyway. A random acquaintance from college, Jessica B., remarks "smooth move," but no one else present thinks this remark is appropriate.

      4. I again run into MB at a games club/cigar making club?

      5. I'm playing pro baseball, which is serious business in the dreamworld. I miss an important catch, which leads our team to a loss. I am summarily expelled from the team and jailed. In my cell, I get a call from another criminal asking if I want to sell drugs. I act like I have some to receive visitors, then take advantage of the open gate to run like crazy. I get shot but keep running anyway.
    7. Dream Journaling to Lucidity and Civil War Fragment

      by , 07-27-2010 at 03:06 AM (Sailing the Noosphere)
      1. I'm watching an old couple do a live broadcast of some comedic radio show. They only get a couple of lines in, the last of which is "He's always so polite," before I false-awaken into my bed. I start to write it down in my dream journal, when suddenly I hear "Habenera" from Carmen blaring in full orchestral beauty. This causes me to check my dream journal, and sure enough, my handwriting is unstable! I get lucid and try to stabilize, rubbing my hands together and feeling the bed beneath me. Things are solid and quite real feeling, and I try to engage as many senses as possible. I start thinking about where to take the dream while still stabilizing, and this continues for a good twenty seconds. However, I lose control before I'm able to do anything.

      2. It's after the civil war, and my embarrassed family is ordering drinks from our former slaves who are now free employees of a restaurant.
    8. Grocery Opera and Two Fragments

      by , 07-21-2010 at 09:46 PM (Sailing the Noosphere)
      1. I'm doing my grocery shopping and wander down the frozen food aisle. Suddenly, all of the TV screens in the isle start to synchronize and launch into a 15 minute presentation about a certain brand. I watch, dumbfounded, and I remember feeling rather convinced. At the end of the presentation, I start to move, but from the end of another aisle a stage flips out. It's filled with opera singers who proceed to launch into a Handel oratorio. To my surprise it's actually rather good, full of humor and some bawdy behavior (such as men kissing) that strikes me as inappropriate for the era. When the show is over the stage folds back into the aisle and I continue shopping. At the end of my purchases, I get confronted by several employees for tipping the produce scales and trying to cheat on the price.

      2. I'm at an awesome kid-focused science museum with tons of demos. I recall fingerprint powder, wind tunnels, and infrared cameras. There's also a flight harness to simulate low gravity, and I put it on to fly effortlessly around the room. I'm a little big for the apparatus, though, and I'm constantly on the verge of crashing.

      3. I'm competing in the Winter Olympics, where there's now an "extreme skiing" event. This is done as a co-ed event, starting with a beauty contest where the female half of the team shows off her assets. The other part of the event is a breakneck downhill race where the course goes through moguls (and wooden stairs). I finish in second, right behind my female partner, so we win the gold!
    9. Nighthog's Journal: 18th June 2010

      by , 06-18-2010 at 04:49 PM (Nighthog's Dream Grind of the Mind)
      17th I had some dreams but they were miserable and non interesting and I just didn't feel like doing anything with it. So kinda just left them in the sewer where they belong.

      June 18th were more pleasant though.

      Battle fragment:

      I tried to actually recall this dream in my last dream and was helped by something that showed me how this one scene actually went rather than the way it was reconstructed falsely.
      The fragment was that there was some kind of battle. It was a adventure setting and at this one point I'm attacked by this blast of water flying from this other person like a large pole hitting me and some other people standing together. The water attack kinda came out from nowhere as a surprise.

      The strange alien concert

      At a stage or rehearsal in a team or orchestra we are to play some kind of music. The tune and beat is simple and monotonous continuity of the same over and over again really. I wasn't really impressed with the whole thing and ain't all to interested in playing my own part that consists off having this club and beating it against my strange leg that looks enormous. It sounds like some large drum. DOM.DOM..DUM....DOM.DOM..DUM. This I'm beating for a while and then kinda strangely get semi-lucid while doing this and kinda start to miss how the whole song or tune is going. I'm just beating at it mindlessly not having attention that the song had actually changed and I was supposed to either stop or alter my beat to something else. I just thought that I don't for **** sake know how the song is supposed to play.
      Soon a woman starts to yell for my attention as does others in the musical. I'm not listening to them. I've messed up the whole song it seems. We were playing for this large audience in a orchestra it seems.
      The woman snaps at me about getting it together or something with doing it correctly. I snap at it. I'm not going to take any shit from anyone if I did this wrong. I didn't want to be here playing this stupid music that I know nothing about. I yell back that I won't play shit or take any comments like that and am going to leave. I just snapped up from my chair and walked off the stage on a rush to get away.
      They could do nothing but stand there as I walked off.
      I heard the crowds have a little uproar about it. They didn't like something they paid for to just end like that.

      I walked away and then meet up or realized something or something I don't really specifically recall went to walk back by taking back with me this something that I placed on the scene. Looked like some kind of statue of something ugly. People wondered what the heck did I bring back with me to the stage.
      I went back to my seat and then started my part in the whole by playing my tune off the drum beat. People just looked at each other wondering what was going on. I kept playing my tune and soon the others seem to pick up and start to play the song again. Now my real part in this gets started. I have the statue kinda crumble down as I change my beat and start to play otherwise and differently. The others quickly went to follow how I was altering it. It was getting more speed and variety. My hidden part was revealing itself. Inside the statue was this woman. Though not human, she was really alien looking and 'large'. She was somewhat blue coloured and then had a body of a snail type down below but on the head she had these large fins of kind like humongous ears. She wasn't ugly or disgusting or anything but beautiful in her alien particular way.
      She started to sing as I would have been her. I was the one singing and brining forth the words and tunes but I was still the one sitting beating my drum tune and looking over at her who was bringing out the voice. It was a majestic opera singing voice coming out singing in some Italian or the sorts.
      Everyone were just chocked at her voice and the tune we had going went more and more in tune which each other to accompany the singing and we had a full awesome opera pop going.
      I was just feeling how good this was and people were getting into it and cheering. All kind of lasers and lights and flashes etc started to beat with it all soon enough.
      We are playing a awesome song and I love it myself but so do others I see.
      Soon my view goes to show the country and then further to show the planet and you can see something like a fire spreading everywhere with lights spreading out the whole night-side of the planet that we are in. The people of the whole planet are getting the news and getting up at the night to listen all over.
      I hear the song play and soon hear it fade as does my view as the dream fades to a end.

      A Doctor and Hospital

      At a third person view I'm in a hospital looking unto this new doctor that has just achieved a a degree in something and has practised it successfully so that others are asking for comments and advice about it from him. he seems well respected and mostly woman doctors and nurses or the like still studying more advanced things walk by and want advice.
      He had just finished a operation successfully into that stuff and people are also commenting on a job well done.
      I see time shift forward a few years and the doctor from before has now degrees and knowledge into many other things.He is the chief doctor so to say now and everyone are after his advice or help.

      I'm kinda part of the dream soon enough as I follow him to enter a research lab in the hospital. I follow to check him going into a room where some equipment is. It looks new and unused. Seems he has gotten some rooms for to do his own research now. Someone comes in and asks some stuff and he soon leaves but I stay around in the room.

      Soon I walked out into the larger room where large tables where and many papers and some computer equipment. I have my old friend there with me and some others. I see my friend is trying to have something display on the high quality display. Some short video clips and images. He is checking partially out how much better this screen is and just fooling around with it.
      I'm sitting a little behind minding my own time though.
      Soon I see his mother come inside the room and tell him not to do that. He says he won't. He continues as she went out but saw soon again he was still doing it and went to warn him again and the others to not fool around.
      She had some doctors white clothing on her. We all were though.

      I get a idea about following his mother and go to walk out as she did and try to see where she is going. But before I really did follow I saw her heading back with her daughter. She was there to have me do something and was saying for me to hurry up. I was though eating my lunch. Some French Fries. I told her I was just finished my lunch and would be coming right now. She had wondered why I was taking so long. I finished it and went to get up and walked outside the room with her. Dream faded out though.

      Trying to recall first dream

      Inside the dream I was trying to recall what my first dream for the night was all about again. I had mostly forgotten and was trying to manage to get it back.
      The result was that I had the dream play out once again to parts. I was in some Oriental looking house, we had that old style clothing and gear. Or adventure gear. There was something to do but can't really recall but there were many battles involved and I was trying to make sure people were safe.
      Soon I saw the one scene play out and I knew this wasn't correct. I saw Elric brothers from Fullmetal Alchemist >_>;
      The metal dude jumped in front a enemy surprise attack to shield a woman. She was saved.
      I was thinking and looking at this, this wasn't right and soon a woman came along from the corner of my view. "I'll help you recall"
      She grabbed my head with her hands and I felt some energy slightly cold and then I saw the scene play out in it's correct way it had done before. I saw that I was checking out a woman who was down on the floor and making sure she was all right while another person was standing beside us and then from behind from a distance we suddenly were attacked by this other person who we at first thought was on our side and had been relieved it wasn't an enemy. but she did attack us with the water burst on all of us all of a sudden as a surprise. We all just wondered: 'why?'.
    10. Fragments from June 14 2010

      by , 06-15-2010 at 04:00 PM (Sailing the Noosphere)
      1. I'm attending some sort of video game expo, watching a high-production pitch for a game that seems sort of a cross between Metal Gear Solid and Grand Theft Auto. During the demo, one of the military showpieces breaks. The presenter gets angry and shouts, "We'll make a fucking car!" A sports car proceeds to unfold from the wreckage of that showpiece.

      2. I attend a showing of the movie "Beat It," a cartoon parody of Michael Jackson's life starring Wayland Smithers of the Simpsons in the main role.

      3. I am taking part in the chorus of an opera, a modern-day production about the pirates of Africa. The pirate queen is making her grand entrance, cuing a major dance scene; I screw up my footwork, and although my fellows try to accommodate me, eventually the whole number turns to shit.

      4. I'm walking around in Paris, France, when I see two men leave a nondescript building. I go to check it out, and find that the building is both unlocked and the French atomic research center. I do parkour down the stairwells of the building to find a top-secret biology paper (something about genetics, and text so a failed RC) lying about. I leave without incident and take the paper back to my rural research station, showing it to my professor K. (who reacts in IRL character).
    11. Chandeliers, Cotton Candy

      by , 11-07-2008 at 12:13 AM
      Something about... a museum... or some kind of exhibit... there were menacing punk rockers... or really like a combination of that and 50s greasers...

      Me being upset because they turned my sculpture into some sort of weird hanging chandelier piece and it wasn't accurate to the concept drawing at all...

      Something about... I don't know, Broadway opera singers in weird pink fluffy costumes and big fake wigs floating through a giant cotton candy machine.

      Then I was fighting with Mom about plane tickets, she'd bought tickets home for everyone but me...