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    1. running out of titles

      by , 11-20-2020 at 11:51 PM

      Keep doing what I'm doing right now. With the awareness score thing. It's really working out well. Perhaps try to consistently reach over 40-50% awareness.



      The first thing I noticed when I was doing the awareness rating, outside of doing it on DJ of course, is that it's really similar to keeping lucidity inside a dream. Forgetting, then getting it back, forgetting then getting it back, then maintaining it then doing it for longer.


      I've created a sort of a constant rating that I'd give myself moment to moment. It's still getting refined but the idea is working very well for me. It may be similar to other people's own unique take on all day awareness or self awareness or whatever they call it. For now it's something like this

      1 - just got lucid, aware after forgetting
      2 - forgot that you were lucid but you got it back
      3 - repeated 2 couple of times and it's more constant
      4 - more of 3, it's chunked together and majority 50%+ of the duration is lucid
      5 - aware in all or almost entirety - but it lacks control or emotional aspect
      6 - shallow control, identifying emotional aspect while maintaining 5, perhaps you call it mindfulness
      7 - identifying the source of emotion that keeps you from full awareness
      8 - releasing or sort of imploding, or evolving... by simply noticing it and giving it time to resolve it self
      9 - sense of joy and awareness
      10 -


      So I feel that this may apply to lucid dreaming as well. With the initial stage 1 being the act of getting lucid. 2 would be the part where you learn to get it more constantly. 3 would be getting either better at DEILDs, or just maintaining the lucidity for longer and so on. 5 is where you'd know you're dreaming, and the dream's clear and stable and so on... but you simply lack control. That's what I mean by lack of emotional aspect of it. Since the dream control is affected by emotions, if the emotion is unstable, the manifestations are unstable. 6 is shallow control. It's where you might have control over your dream and you are lucid, but you get trouble doing the goals you really wanted to achieve; it's only the shallow momentary self satisfactions (ie. dream sex). And so on. Perhaps the my ideal, or the ideal lucid dreams that people really want to have is actually achieved at somewhere around 8.



      I had a sort of aha moment upon awakening. There was no dream but it gave me some sort of insight. It was like the idea of... message or meaning of buddha? I think it's just residue of just doing the practice of staying away during activities and it really struck some kind of chord within me...


      It's the remembering, forgetting, maintaining awareness. The process of it. It's... I can't even fully describe it now. It's a cycle, a cycle of up and down. You gain awareness, you lose awareness. You gain deeper understanding, yet you face more challenges. You face attachment, you lose attachment. You forget and you remember. The wheel, or karma, or the struggle of cycle of discord and success. To become aware of it, and to free yourself from it, Buddha? But I'm getting off tangent here.



      I got lucid several times in a dream. It was somewhere outside and quite a bright and dry place like dessert but not that dry. More like the backyard but a drier version of that. I remember being there with someone else. And during the entirety of this dream, I was practicing what I'd done earlier in the day. Of remembering to be lucid and staying lucid. I didn't do anything else really. I awoke tired and didn't bother DJing it. So this is all I can remember.

      I was inside a house, on the firs floor. It was very dim inside and I found my mother inside one of the smaller room that was on the second floor I think. She talked about wanting to have another child and I was mad by this for some reason and protested against it.


      I FA or leave the house and I am in a business highrise. It was about 10 story tall glass building, slightly taller than it is wide. I was riding up the elevator on the left side and walking down to the right. I saw one punch man there. Foggy at the moment... recalling... There were about 4 events here. I recall one right now. There was a girl there who I suppose was the villain of the story, I forget even what she was doing now. I became chaseed by something likea monster and ran towards the direction I was in. And eventually I ended up at the exit on the second floor. There was a girl there and OP man. The girl was the one causing trouble to everyone and she looked like a teen or tween, but her actual age was more like 5. Perhaps this was because she wasn't human. He punched her face multiple times and her face scarred and formed weird things but she was alright mostly. People seeing this noticed she might have been the villian and began to attack her too.

      -I'd say recall is about 4/10. I should also rate my recall at the end nice idea!

      I was inside a school. Bright atmosphere mostly white colored floor and walls, lockers and etc. It was a school of magic now that I recall it. More moderny feel where the students were dressed more normal. It was either me in this story or I saw it through the eyes of a girl who was our protagonist. I'll just call her Mia for the sake of convenience. Walking down the hall, first day of the school. From the left wing of the entrance of the school and walking straight to the back of the school to find my locker. The lockers were strange. It wasn't like the ones you'd find anywhere. They were transparent and you could see the inside. I suppose half of them weren't even lockers. Half it were just public resources that you can just take out and use for yourself. A sort of a open library or cache of items that had magical properties imbued within them.


      I'm recalling more now. It was around the 5th row to the back of these invisible lockers. Actually invisible rather than transparent. They were just stuff hanging on the wall but not actually hanging. Walking down the locker to the right, there's some chaotic event going on. Stuff are going missing. And they're looking at me...


      Gotta cut it short now... Girl at the very end, villian behind all this. A guy with some morphing ability, fight. Re-run of the dream. With events playing differently.


      Overall DJ awareness score

      20.90 %
    2. Spider gang has infected our house. Dog house. Driving car with old classmate

      by , 11-20-2020 at 09:11 AM (DJ of lucid goals and how it goes)
      I'm at home but everything is not alright. There is a big monster in the jacuzzi. The monster is like a big pile of slime but more structure and an outer layer of skin too. There is a body part that is going out and there is a big eye on it. There is slime leaking next to the eye. The monster's gang is called the spider gang. The monster is having upsight over us so we don't take the secret thing on the upper floor. Me and dad are going to take it anyways. Dad gives me a key that is able to unlock the door to the next floor. I try to but the key hole is very deep so I have to put the key in to it's maximum length. It doesn't work at first because it is reverted too. After I have turned the key to the other way it works. I look on the jacuzzi and notice that the monster is aware what I am doing. I quickly walk to the lower floor instead. I talk with dad and he says that there are other openings with a voice that tells me that we are being eavesdropped by the monster and he looks in the direction of the windows on the lower floor. I try to climb out through the first window but he says that he meant another one. I walk to the window next to the kitchen and open it. There are many details and a vase that I have to move before I am able to enter. I climb on the gutter and reach the roof. I keep on climbing on the roof until I reach the front of the house. There is a ladder and the roof is getting unstable. Dad, who is already inside tells me to jump to the ladder. There are some tense moments where I don't think that I am going to make it. Everything I grab is unstable. I grab the ladder and it starts to move in another direction. I grab the roof on the other side of the house and I am able to drag myself up. New fragment. Dad and I am running from an angry mob. I think Rick (from Rick and Morty) is the leader of the mob. New fragment. There is a spider and a fly on a wall. Dad says that the spider is tougher than the fly. He pinches the spider and squishes it. He puts back the broken spider on the fly. The spider is given life again, or it was never dead and hunts the fly as it runs away.

      Notes: That was eventful. I watched a video of a spider eating a fly some days ago.

      I'm driving car with William from middle school. I know that he is annoying but I think to myself that if I am nice to him we can be friends. We go faster than the allowed speed. William tells how I drive wrong when I make a mistake on the road. I have to put my hand on the road in order to increase the friction so that I don't go off in the sharp curves (I don't know how I was able to do that in a car). William and I come to some kind of park where families are. Another friend of William is there and we talk with him.

      Notes: I don't think I have ever dreamt about this William. Some days ago I talked about him with mom.

      I'm in a barn with hay, other humans and dogs in it. I go down on my knees and cuddle with a golden retriever. It is trying to use me as a height so it can jump over the obstacle that is holding it in the barn. I go away to the other dogs and cuddle with them instead.

      Notes: Dogs have been a theme in my last dreams.

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    3. Log 2030 - Mars Flight Attempt WILD Loop

      by , 11-20-2020 at 05:55 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Finally. After a week and a half of nothingburger, I got another LD.

      Spoiler for Kinda long; Some NSFW content:

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    4. Break today

      by , 11-20-2020 at 01:47 AM
      Going to take a break from DJ today. Just overall very tired and sleepy. I think I may have caught a cold yesterday or the day before. Giving myself a rest is part of the training. I'm going to love myself and my body by giving it proper rest.