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    1. clxxxvi. Racey driving, T helps me fight rogues, Death, old level, insane "mom"

      by , 11-01-2020 at 06:57 PM
      31st October 2020


      I'm driving, something like an Opel Insignia or some kind of BMW; an estate or car of that sort, at any rate. It had an automatic transmission but the throttle was under the left thumb on the steering wheel, not on the pedals. Effectively it only had a braking pedal. I remember driving up to a junction which would lead out into a motorway and it had four or five lanes. But the lanes were on the wrong side for where I live now. I was going too fast at first but I find I have to brake suddenly, as someone had spun out of control or was already going in the wrong direction anyway.

      I try to pick up the pace again and find that it's a lot less busy on the road now. I hope that H is following behind me soon. I get into a bit of a race of some kind with two other dream characters, each in their own cars.

      Control of the car felt OK for the most part but a bit wild at times and the road, for a motorway, was surprisingly hilly.


      I'm the oldest version of my rogue from WoW, a dwarf rogue. T is with my on his human paladin and there are several rogues from the Horde skulking about. They try to kill me, opening with a stun but T heals me and they're a bit dumb and don't think to change targets so we just end up killing these two rogues without much bother. Then I spot another single rogue in stealth and I open on him and kill him too.

      All of us rogues had the same tier two helmet look-alike that was very common sometime after the middle of TBC.

      (Recall gap.)

      I'm Death from Darksiders II and I'm in one of the early-game areas, the town I think. I remember walking outside and there's a beautiful sunlight. This is the very tail end of what was quite a long dream of adventure and typical RPG themes.

      1st November 2020

      7:20; dreams from later on were not made note of and recall was lost.


      Midway through a dream, JC was apparently talking to me via steam or something and we get talking about TF2 maps and I tell him about my old CTF map based on the UT "Face" map. This was a map I was making for TF2 that included a helicopter from regular HL2.

      But in the dream it's very different very quickly. At first it looks like my vague memory of the map when I last touched it, but then it becomes very realistic. I walk along a Red Base area which is this vividly realistic Egyptian themed area and there's an open courtyard, slightly raised above everything else, with a square-ish mini garden thing at its centre and the floor here is made up of limestone mosaic tiles of some kind, no bigger than one cm or half inch.

      I walk down some steps further toward the base, making note of a great pyramid centred to this courtyard area and see dunes further beyond in the distance.

      I then turn around and see the opposite Blue Base. It looks like Washington DC's capitol building and has vast gardens and water features and creates an interesting contrast to the Egyptian area I'm in.

      Taking out my phone, I start to try and take a panoramic shot of the bases to show JC but the sun starts to set beyond the Washington Base and it gets extremely dark very quickly and so I fail to take the shot, no less because I also stumbled on a step backwards as I was trying to get the angle.


      Some bit in a warehouse-like place? Like an old 20s industrial building, not sure. Reminds me of old power plant buildings. It seems semi-abandoned but not. There's a character very much like Mom from Futurama and she's talking to a lackey of sorts, a woman in a dress; both of them were in large renaissance style dresses. But then the "Mom" stabs the lackey woman with a scalpel and I'm climbing up along a window's pillar at this time.

      There's something off about it all vs the context and I remark to the character that it seems like a continuity error (also see notes for last DJ entry) but she doesn't care, making some comment stating so. I become concerned she may want to stab me and we are both outside the building now on a semi-grassy area. The area resembled KF2's prison map now. She seems more insane than she perhaps should seem but I somehow trick her into giving me the scalpel while she busies herself disposing of the lackey's body or something, so I simply end up walking away.


      - In waking life, I spoke to HW the day before this dream and he said he'd hoped I'd return to WoW should there be a revival of TBC too.

      - Unfortunately, for most of these dreams I only made some very small notes and so didn't retain certain details I would have liked to have retained, but lately I feel far too tired in the morning to be able to write enough.

      - In the dream with the bases, it's interesting that the sun did set beyond the capitol building, as this would appear West to me (and so should the sun set there) and Egypt would appear to be Near East to me. Although I have had many dreams of sunsets and the like, I can't really recall any other instance where the sun did set so quickly and where everything turned darker than night.

      - The mosaic floor was particularly beautiful and may have come from having recently seen an interesting mosaic mural near where I live, which is unusual for this area, but the rest of the Egyptian theme came from something else; I'm not certain what prompted the capitol building's appearance but either way, both sides seemed to represent West and East in some sense.
    2. clxxxv. Supermarket, Red creature, Alien

      by , 11-01-2020 at 06:30 PM
      24th October 2020


      A bit in a super market about buying toilet roll. I wanted the same one as we had last time but I couldn't find it. I found some Cushelle branded roll which was apparently cotton but it looked too thin anyway.

      I think HD was a cashier, I seem to remember her ponytail.

      (Recall gap.)

      A monster creature of sorts. I remember he spoke and said something. He was a very vivid red colour and sort of made up of tendrils. He had to be defeated by some specific means by I've forgotten the details.

      26th October 2020


      In the earliest part I was in some kind of tower block. I was there with someone else at some point? I tried breaking into a flat from a maintenance area, looked like ventilation ducting but on a large scale. I took my boots off here, for some reason; but some goblin or gremlin came and stole my boots and I couldn't react in time but just carried on. I remember noticing I did have my regular clothes on and for the rest of the dream I was in bare feet. It had bothered me at first as it would in waking life, but I ended up getting used to it as I simply had no other choice.

      I remember going up to the top level of the building. Reminds me of the stairwell at the old home. I met two admin-like people who worked here, there was an office. I wanted my boots found and tried to demand that they do something about the creatures like the one that took my boots.

      In some later part of the dream I'm on a ground floor and there are quite a lot more people around. It's some kind of large lobby area. Reminds me of big hotels and airports in some way. I met a priest and he was corrupt somehow but I don't recall the details about it.

      28th October 2020


      I'm apparently stranded on some high tier corrosive planet. There's a purple tinge to the atmosphere and I'm in a semi-cavernous area. I try to contribute to someone's build with some rock blocks but Xenomorph-like creatures come out from a lower area and I deal with them one at a time, but I'm not sure what I used. They each looked like a mix of between a Praetorian and a Drone.


      - When I woke up from the tower block dream, I was a bit surprised by how consistent the dream had been with the detail of my boots being absent. Lately I have noticed that dreams are having more consistency in terms of "continuity" (like on TV shows, etc.) I remember in some other recent dream I made a non-lucid comment to a dream character about how what they were doing wasn't abiding by dream consistency or something like that; I can't remember if I did already make note of that dream or not. That dream I had recently in a desert area with the troops was particularly consistent with itself too, for the most part, I think I may have made a note about it there too.

      - I've recently had thoughts about an old Alien game which may have been part of why they featured in one of these dreams. I have been wanting to get that game working again but haven't really given it the time of day to manage it. But there are other reasons they may have featured in that dream; I often think I should go and look at more of Giger's work but rarely actually do, as other things end up taking prominence in my mind. I suppose there's a theme here of things getting pushed back in terms of priority...
    3. clxxxiv. Supplements, Playing catch

      by , 11-01-2020 at 06:10 PM
      21st October 2020

      There was a big dream from my first awakening but I couldn't retain recall.


      In a shop with H. There are big standing fridges, the type with glass doors. We are looking at some supplements or something and H points at a few different ones. I want to pick something not too expensive. I think some of these are vitamin B supplements.


      In an old warehouse building? Dark and dingy. But I'm here with a girl, she's white, about my height and age, maybe older, she has loose hair, fake blonde or blonde. Reminds me of Ellie from NCIS and other characters of similar archetypes. We're both naked and aroused as we're playing some kind of sexy game of catch. At one point she's taunting me playfully and because she sticks out her arm towards me I grab her by the arm and pull her toward me. She laughs in her defeat and we get more intimate.

      (Recall gap.)

      Then I'm on my own and I wander toward a dirtier area. The dream starts to mix with BL and there's some area I can't get through because it's claimed and has locked doors. I hear people talking beyond the doors, making plans. I decide to try and dig my way around into their town.


      Walking up a place like the nearby bridge over the station. Rest of recall gone.


      - Although most of my recall of these fragments is very limited now, I still have a bit of the visual recall of the dream in the warehouse. Despite it being a dark and somewhat empty place, there was light coming in through some windows near the top of one of the walls. In a way, this warehouse has some resemblance to the gym space where I had a lot of PE lessons.

      - The warehouse area seems like an odd place to me for something erotic to happen, as I tend to be somewhat averse to dirt, but in the last year I have had to get into dirty areas more often because of helping H with work. The girl's presence and our interactions may have been some metaphor of our relationship manifesting itself in the dream. I often wish I could be more romantic as in that dream, but I am often too tired and too preoccupied with my internal worries to feel like I can initiate something like that properly.
    4. Dream where I was trick or treating with a fat girl and fat woman

      by , 11-01-2020 at 03:52 PM
      I had a dream last night where it was Halloween and I was trick or treating. I was dressed-up as a football player and was wearing a helmet and shoulder pads. I was going to houses with a girl who was probably 11 or 12 years old and was fat with shoulder length brown hair and was dressed as a princess. Her mother was with us as well and was really fat and had long curly brown hair. They were not people I know I my waking life. We were trick or treating in a really big subdivision where there were lots of houses closer together.

      We kept going door to door and getting lots of candy. The girls mother was definitely in charge and was telling us what to do and also kept telling me to make sure that her daughter was getting candy when we were walking to the door in big crowds. She was really concerned for some reason that people would not see her daughter and give her candy if we were in a crowd. As we were walking around, the mother would grab me by the arm and get in my face if I did something she did not like. She was definitely a redneck and also a chain smoker. She seemed to smoke one cigarette after another as we walked around.

      As we are walking around, I keep seeing people I went to high school with out trick or treating in their costumes. They all look like I remember them looking when I was in high school in my waking life. When I see them, they know me and I know them. I found this part of the dream really odd since I do not know who the woman and girl I am walking around with are and the neighborhood I am walking around

      After we had gone up and down all of the streets, the girls mother told us it was time to go. She then led us to a small red 1980ís Toyota pickup truck with a black camper top that was parked on the street. When we got there she fished out her keys and then unlocked and opened the passenger side door and then told me to give her my helmet and bag of candy so she can put them in the back. I stand off to the side so the fat girl could get in the truck since she was shorter than me, but her mom grabbed me by the arm and pulled me toward the truck and told me I was sitting in the middle because it could mess up her daughters princess dress.

      I get in the truck and scoot across the light brown vinyl bench seat to the middle so the girl can get into the passenger seat. Her mother then reaches in and puts the lap belt around my waist and gripes about having to buckle me in herself while she tightens it. The fat girl then sits down in the passenger seat and her mother carefully buckles her in to make sure the shoulder belt doesnít mess-up her dress and lets her have a few pieces of candy before taking her candy bag and then slamming the passenger side door shut.

      The girl and I wait in the truck while she puts my helmet and our candy bags in the back and then stands in front of the truck and smokes a few more cigarettes. I notice something smells horrible in the truck but figure it is either that the truck smells since it is old or that the fat girl has body odor. It is not comfortable in the truck with the girl because I have my legs on a hump straddling the stick shift and the truck cab is small and the girl is fat and her body is pressed against me.

      Finally the fat woman is opening the driver side door and getting into the driver seat. She is really fat and I have to move my body towards the fat girl to make room for her so she can close her door. I am now squished between the fat woman and the fat girl. Both of their bodies are pressed against mine and it is really uncomfortable. The fat woman also reeks of the all of the cigarettes that she was smoking while we were trick or treating. When she talks to the girl and I, I can smell the cigarettes on her breath and it is disgusting.

      Eventually, the woman turns the keys to start-up the truck but it is really hard to start and she gets more and more agitated each time she turns the key and it doesnít start-up. While she is trying to start it, the fat girl leans in towards me to see what is going on and bumps into me which causes my foot to get knocked off the hump and brush against the fat womanís leg. She looks down and then grabs my arm and gets in my face because I stepped in dog shit and got it over her leg. I woke up from this dream with the fat woman having her face right in front of mine screaming at me and spitting in my face because I stepped in dog shit and got in on her leg and on her truck. I woke-up from this dream while she was still grabbing me and screaming at me and when I woke up was afraid she may have started hitting me if the dream had continued much longer because she was really angry and only getting angrier the longer she screamed at me.
    5. Japan. Trade your clothes store, young mom. Mini monsters.

      by , 11-01-2020 at 11:32 AM (DJ of lucid goals and how it goes)
      I'm in our kitchen but it is in Japan. There are some people from church in Kristianstad there and they talk about fighting. I ask them if you can punch someone in a special way and one of them punch me that special way when I ask. He punches me so hard that I fall to the ground and can't stant up at first. When I lie on the ground I am supposed to do sit-ups. They tell me to take my hands to protect my face. The right hand is supposed to be just under the nose and the left hand over the nose. Every third sit-up I am supposed to punch the air two times. Benjamin and Samuel show me how to do it. They look very weak and they have a really hard time doing the sit-ups. I walk to the dining room and there are the Japanese family. There are some rings on the table and I look at them. They are bent in ways so you can't wear them anymore. Monica is there and she teaches me how to make a "burva" (In my dream a burva is a small paper cone). I succeed in the first try. I tell her that I will never have any use for this knowledge. She tells me that you must know these things in order to succeed in life. I say something mean about the Japanese family to dad but realizes that they might have heard me. I look around and find that no one is there. I wonder to myself why people travel the world, for example to Japan. I think that it is because humans are good to adapt. Therefore they can adapt to different countries and have a good time at different places.

      Notes: The Japanese family was the rich mom and dad from the movie Parasite. We talked about Benjamin yesterday. I have just seen some bad sides of Samuel and I think that his weakness in the dream is a sign of how I view him. I often have conversations about how most things in school you learn is useless that reminds me a lot of the conversation I had with Monica in the dream.

      I wake up 03.20 and try to wild but fail. It is frustrating that I can't succeed.

      I had an alarm 10.00 and turned on the lamp. I wanted to remember some more of my dream so I went to my bed again and closed my eyes. I dreamt about the two next dreams after that.

      My view is following my mom when she was about my age. She talks about how her seven scarfs disappointed her when she wore them. She and her famiy walk to a "trade your clothes for other cloth store". Someone of the girls is complaining about how poor they are. There is a room with different red and black striped shirts. Mom is becoming a bit crazy and grandma tell mom that she shouldn't have too many red and black striped shirts. I think it is weird to only have shirts of one style in your wardrobe. Mom already has a red and black striped shirt that looks about the same as the ones she takes. Grandma takes the shirts to the checkout and leaves two other shirts and takes mom's shirts. I get a body of my own now and walk to the exit. There is a painting on the ground about how you should not buy things if you can't afford it and a poor man that is standing alone in a store.

      Notes: Mom's family was a bit poor when they were younger. I saw a poster about a store where you trade clothes for other clothes about two weeks ago. I wore a black and red striped shirt yesterday.

      I'm outside our house and I am supposed to find out if the mini monsters are friendly or bad. Me and Morgan see the monsters behind a big house. The monsters comes to us and we wonder if they are evil.

      I wake up 10.45