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    1. 2,169 words - selected parts in bold

      by , 06-01-2018 at 10:35 PM
      I'm closing the computer around 7:30.


      I woke up from these dreams and found I had turned in my sleep. This made me think I had already woken up once but when I thought more about it, I realized it must be my first time waking up.

      There was a lot that was OTTOTT. Earliest in the dream, I remember fighting with my Uncle C. I think he was bullying me. I remember swimming in the pool, maybe with my sister. Something about teaching her to swim or practicing going back and forth, but I couldn't remember more. I also remember something with my Dad that's vague. And a part where a woman was serving a wealthy man lemonade all day and catering to him, because he was so wealthy. I think they were married and when he was home from work, she took care of him. The lemonade was in a pitcher.

      I remember being in my high school. There was a meeting* and an art class. The meeting had this menu of things. One was like a religious text**, and contained a part about a character saying something like, "What about me?" I don't quite remember. The meeting had a menu that said studying this religious text was important. It also said that in order to have a relationship, it was necesary to study the religious text, with the name of it in italics.

      I think in the earlier part, Uncle C had to travel somewhere. Anyway, in this part, I remember being in a class room. Something with A S sitting with a paper thing. Kinda vague. I remember that we all had to draw L R's face 10 times. I had been writing on lined paper, but switched to my little note book for drawing. I had 2 packs of colored pencils which I spread on the floor to my left. I was in a regular high school class desk. I had to lean to my left to adjust them. Some pencils were just tiny tips and I had to get them out of the aisle so no one would slip.

      I was ready to draw L R's face really well. Then some how it changed to a computer screen, and I was locked out of the menu that led me to the drawing class. So, I had to figure that out. There were a bunch of menu options pressuring me towards that religious text. One was like an arrow pointing right. Eventually it reached a point where I was with 2 women who were talking. One, the teacher (I think) mentioned adverbs and what words go with them.

      I asked what to do about washing or drying my shirt. Then I was near a dryer and I had some khaki pants but it would cost 7 dollars to run the dryer. I was being angry about this. I talked to my Dad. Apparently if I got change for the 7 dollars it would only cost a dollar or so to dry them so I did that. I went to get a snack from the vending machine, and there were little packs of cookies. I remember J B and M R and J P. So I eventually did that. There was also something about not leaving one's clothes wet in the machine because it will make it yucky.

      After that, I remember getting to a computer lab. It was late. The computers said 12:09 A M. I was not happy that this was cutting into my sleep. I think it was J P who was next to me, and he said every few weeks it was normal to have a weird sleep schedule. That didn't quite ring true. I remember on the computer seeing a page by C in my search options. In waking life we just ended our relationship so it was weird to see something by her. It was as if the search results were mocking her, which kind of helped. They had some words inserted in other words that made a sort of hidden message.

      I woke up from these with a lot of energy, thinking I couldn't possibly fall back sleep. Even though I don't really remember them that well. Okay, I'm glad I got up to write them. Maybe there was some kind of bug in the pool. Oh! In the class part, there was something that said I could have an out of body experience where I met my own personality from the outside. Back to bed.


      It took me forever to fall asleep, but I finally did. I did my waking life recall in my mind and then imagined some stuff while waiting, and even did some left hand writing time. Eventually, sleep came. Glad I didn't give up.

      I remember being in a class room. The desks were in columns and rows, like in high school. The teacher had his back turned to the class, so one of the students behind me thought it would be funny to push the desks all the way up to the front of the class. So he managed, from the back of the column of desks, to push us all up to the front, right up to the teacher's back. I forgot exactly what happened. I know the teacher had been explaining how his name was "Eduardo Doucher" and not "Edward Doucher" and not "Ed Norton" but if his last name was "Norton" it would be "Eduardo Norton".

      I became lucid somehow. I forgot what did it. I just remember standing there, lucid, and realizing there was no way I could stabilize the dream in time. Too bad I forgot what triggered the lucidity. It was only a few moments before I woke up. I remember hearing a drill sound, and trying to get it to turn off. There was some kind of loft thing. It occurred to me that since it was a dream, I could confront the driller, more easily than I could in waking life. But the dream ended.

      Well, I didn't really wake up! I found myself in my bed, in the phase. I could just tell it was the phase, and not the physical world, so I got up. There was vaccuuming or drilling this time again. First thing I had to do was remove my eye mask, which had transferred into the dream. It took some prying. Then, I could dimly see my desk. I almost thought I'd actually got up physically but I looked and my desk had nothing on top. This showed me it was a dream again because I remembered that in waking life my stuff is on my desk.

      On the wall behind the desk was an array of photos, 4 wide by 3 tall. But it was on the wall that goes into my sister's room, not the wall that goes to the side of the house. I read one photo and it said something about fasting, maybe, but I forgot the exact word. I was trying to keep it in mind though. I thought of repeating it out loud, but I'm not sure if I did.

      I tried to open a hole in the wall starting with my fist. My fist was able to press into the wall but only up to my wrist at most. It was fun but eventually I gave up on that, and walked around. Instead of just one room accross the hall, there was one accross, and one between. My sister was vaccuuming one bed. There were three beds, with soft, fleece kind of blankets.

      I thought it would be a good lucid thing to do to try to talk to my sister in the dream. It didn't work out though. I remember the dream ended or shifted and there was a really cute orange cat looking at me. Then the dream ended again, and I was in the phase. I thought it was physically waking up but not yet. I rolled out of body but felt a lot of resistance or gravity. It made it so I couldn't stand up or fly up out of my roof, but I could roll out of bed. Then, the gravity pinned me to the floor.

      This was pretty scary. I felt like it would be a time when I'd experience "bad entities". So I casted a white bubble around me. I had no vision, just all black, but imagined the bubble. I kept trying to crawl a little further, then stand. Every time I tried to stand, I got pulled to the ground again by this gravity-ish force.

      Then I lost the sense of a body but saw a white silhouette thing of white lines kneeling. I felt apprehension. Suddenly streams of words flew over the silhouette's head, from left to right. First it ducked them but then the stream of words got thicker and the silhouette had to fight them off. Then that part ended and I woke up physically, for sure this time.

      That last part was interesting. I was the silhouette and I think the stream of words was my troubling thoughts.

      I woke up and recalled what I could. Now, time to go back to bed!


      I couldn't sleep again. now sleepy. Will try to sleep now. Weird night.


      Finally got back to sleep. I might have got another hour or 2 at most. Now that I write this, it's around 8 A M. I had a pretty vivid dream.

      I remember being on some kind of cement walk way with railings that walked out over a body of water. I was at the end of it. But I forgot what I was doing. (Something with a sugar cereal?)

      I remember that I recorded some kind of dialogue with my family or my friend S S's family. It was on my phone. He seemed appalled that I had recorded it. So I turned it off before he could realize it. I hadn't recorded it for a bad reason.

      I remember seeing my Nana, maybe Nanny F, and other relatives. Uncle C was there, and he kept smoking a cigarette. I saw the smoke, and it was near by, but I couldn't smell it. This is my dream sign, but I didn't catch it. I got annoyed but figured it was vapor or something (which is also dangerous though).

      I remember these plat forms that were floating or on water. I remember Krillin from D B Z wanted to train because I was very strong. Something happened where I got up stairs and corned by Frieza and 2 big minion guys. I remember seeing Frieza's face in beast form where his head was really long. I tried to escape them and got cornered at the end of a corridor up stairs. Frieza began to charge an attack to shoot me and I saw the energy ball form.

      I must have become lucid because I remembered that one of my dream goals was to form an energy ball or an aura, to defend myself. I tried, but nothing happened! Like usual. But, to my surprise, my efforts nullified Frieza's energy ball. I saw it totally vanish. So that was pretty cool!

      I remember going back down stairs and there was a vision of a green lizard head guy I kept seeing. But he seemed to be staying put. However, there was a black lizard thing which was much bigger, that decided to come after me. I'm not sure if I maintained or lost lucidity, probably lost it. But I had the sense it was a video game. I had a Nintendo 64 controller and escaping the beast seemed just as easy as pressing the pause button. However I think it still continued to chase me. I don't remember how that ended. Maybe the Frieza part came after this, and that's how. I'm not sure.

      I don't know if there was something with G D or if that was in my head once I had woken up.

      That was all I remember even though these seemed eventful. I was so groggy from all the insomnia that it took a while to start recalling the dream. I think there was one more part I remembered at the end but its not in my head any more.


      I don't know if I will sleep again because its already after 8. I might nap today and that could be a chance to get lucid. Or, I will just get REM rebound tomorrow night, or both.

    2. Dream Journal Entry #1: A Curious Girl, Aztec Battle, Weed Hiding, and Dog Riding!

      by , 06-01-2018 at 04:31 PM
      I'm leading two youths through a town: a little girl and boy. The girl asks about the development of her breasts so I nervously redirect her attention to a restaurant. She says she would like to eat at 'this' restaurant instead, and points to one called "Rational and Action". We sit down and the girl tells me that the burger has changed since the last time she'd eaten there.

      I'm falling off a cliff, so I hang onto a ladder. Options in text form appear before my face, one asking for me to jump, and the other asking me to climb back up. I choose to jump and reach for a thick green vine on the cliff. I use the vine the anchor my feet onto the cliff and begin to pull and walk my way up over the cliff's edge. When I reach the top, I am standing before what seems to be an Aztec ruin. I walk through a gate entrance into an open square laid with brick. Suddenly I begin fighting humanoid creatures dressed in silver and gold armour with many weapons. I defeat them all, but the last is able to nick my right index finger and I notice a gaping red cut crossing from the left tip of my finger to the top right of my palm.

      I'm in the basement smoking weed with some friends and I have the need to hide my weed. I try to grind the weed and place it in a bag to slip through a crack leading outside in my shower, but I can't grind fast enough. Instead I put the weed in a tupperware container, stash it in my bag and leave to go to school. An old man, dark, with long hair, stops me and tells me how to properly organize my backpack so that I can efficiently hide the weed. He also gives me two dogs to take to school. One to ride, and one that protects me. I think 'Isn't it going to hurt the dog?' but I step over it's back and sit down anyways. The dog takes off at a high speed, running with joy and it's joy and speed make me giddy with excitement. The road turns from county fields to town streets.

      Total LD's/Dream = 0/1 = 0%

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    3. Dream - Independent Explorer & Vibrant Homeworld

      by , 06-01-2018 at 01:38 PM
      Date of Dream: FRI 1 JUN - 2018

      Dream No. 346 - Separated Sections

      Dream 346 A - Independent Explorer
      I don't remember how the dream started. From where I do remember, it was in this completely unknown area and I was on some sort of abandoned pirate ship on a secluded lake in a really nice forest. Murray came up to me but I forgot the specific aspects of our interaction. It wasn't really a direct interaction but rather as I was walking to get off the ship, he was walking behind me. He appeared in his Sly 2/3 character.

      There was a sub-scene playing where this time, it was an all grey room and the bed was this weird looking ottoman that was large enough to apparently be a double bed. There were no sheets or blankets on this bed either, only rough textured pillows. I was already on the bed and Murray, also Sly 2/3 appearance, got onto it, on the available side. He reached his lower arm out to me and raised his upper arm, like he was trying to spread his arms out for a hug. I moved in towards him slightly and so indeed he encased me in a hug.

      It then went back to the main scene of the dream. Once I had gotten of the pirate ship, which I realised was a reference to the 5th episode from Sly 3, Murray wasn't with me anymore. In fact I looked back and he was leaning over the rails of the ship, waving me off. I could tell that his physical gestures were signalling for me to be careful and take care of myself.

      As I went further and further away from the ship, I became more and more curious. I was now to explore this surrounding tropical cross jungle forest. Even the dream added some ambience, making the environment around me completely quiet. I was walking ever so slowly down the yellow sand and stone track; and then that's all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream 346 B - Vibrant Homeworld
      The dream had started me off in what was a simulation of a Spyro 3 home-world. The home-world that I was in was called Mango Hills. The music playing in the background was that of Sunrise Spring and the sky was a beautiful purple shade transitioning to blue and then some yellow/golden shade. The grass was a blue-green colour and the hills were yellow and had the consistency of the inside of a mango fruit. I ventured around the home-world for a bit when I came across an area that resembled the Fireworks Factory.

      When I was at the Fireworks Factory, members of the Cooper gang started to appear and they looked really weird and scary in this dream. First was Carmelita, then Sly, then Bentley, then Murray. The dream asked me questions about them but I forgot what the questions or answers were. That's all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream Tasks
      - Have Logan receive harsh penalties from Dreamy WB due to reckless social behaviours (Achieved? No)
      - Investigate where my SML postage has gone (Achieved? No)
      - Reach the Gyeongbokgung Palace (Achieved? Partially)
      - Have Dreamy WB or Murray go to console an upset dream character (Achieved? No)
      - In accordance to the "shared dreaming experiment" proceed on locating the moon (Achieved? No)

      Dream 346: Results (Competition #3)

      346 A
      Competition Night: 31 (FINAL)
      Lucid or Non-Lucid?: Non-Lucid
      Dream Guide: Murray
      Emergency Team: None
      Eligible For Competition Points: Yes

      346 B
      Competition Night: 31 (FINAL)
      Lucid or Non-Lucid?: Non-Lucid
      Dream Guide: None
      Emergency Team: None
      Eligible For Competition Points: Yes

      Points For This Entry:
      Calculation Details:
      - Full Non-Lucid Dream (1.0)
      - Non-Lucid Fragment (0.5)

      + Previous Total: 144.0
      Total Accumulated Points: 145.5
      non-lucid , memorable
    4. “Time Trap” Redoux

      by , 06-01-2018 at 09:44 AM
      Morning of June 1, 2018. Friday.

      One dream just had threads from “Time Trap” (2017), mainly the scene where the outside world is shown as changed into a desert in the supposed distant future. It is interesting but uneventful. This type of dream (depending on what time during the sleep cycle it occurs) often has no autosymbolism or even RAS mediation, probably because reflecting on a movie is a specific process with no personal analogies to either waking life or the biological dreaming process and at semi-lucidity, waking process autosymbolism (unless there is a genuine immediate need to wake such as having to use the bathroom or to investigate the cause of a noise) is not a main factor. Most movies, I do not reflect on much later on, but this one actually held my interest at another level. It reminded me a little of the original “Land of the Lost” (1974) and “Journey to the Center of the Earth” (1959). There is no space station present (in the sky) as in the movie, so there is no vestibular system correlation evident.

    5. Log 1128 - Kid Stock Broker and Hero League Scraps

      by , 06-01-2018 at 02:54 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Thursday 31 May 2018

      Just more scraps today...

      Scrap Group 1
      Wandering in a condo complex. I had charge of a kid that I assumed was a friend of my nephew's. Later on, while going down an urban shopping district, we meet up with a supposedly famous stock broker, who turned out to be a little girl. She drags us to the exchange, just to show off her skills. That other kid stops at a pizza/quesadilla stand, where he calls his parents. At the exchange, I review some cheap stocks I supposedly bought beforehand. I then realized I'd lost the other kid. The girl, feeling responsible, goes off to look for him, despite knowing this could cost her big. I try my best taking over for her, reading some notes she'd scribbled down, though this was all way out of my league. During this, some pop song was sounding in the background (only recall part of the chorus had "seemed like only yesterday" in its lyrics).

      At a mall, where a supernatural threat emerged. Rewind. Me and several supposed peers are stopped at the mall's front gate by a guard. Apparently, we were a group of start-up, semi-famous superheroes, tasked with finding the above-mentioned threat. The guard knew as much, and wanted me to show off some powers. I charged an aura, which didn't impress. So, I put everything I had, which finally got a reaction. Cut. Something about One-Punch Man. There was conflict building up among the different ranks in the hero league, especially between A and S ranked heroes.

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    6. Academic Weirdness

      by , 06-01-2018 at 02:40 AM (The Fourth Factor)
      I am in a small classroom in a university, but it’s not lecture I’m attending here: it’s a theatrical performance.

      There are about a dozen of us in the audience, as well as three dogs, two of them large ones, which is almost enough to make the room crowded. Both the main actors are here already too, in the front of the room. It seems they’re performing “Faust”- or something Faust-ish, at any rate. Both the main characters are being played by women, the title role by Hélène Grimaud, although it’s not clear whether it’s actually the pianist or just a well-known actress who happens to have that name.

      There’s also a woman in the back who seems to be involved in some official capacity. She’s the one responsible for checking tickets—at least theoretically. I’m hoping that remains theoretical since I don’t actually have a ticket. The prevailing system here seems to work like train tickets, where the ticket is good for a certain range of dates. While I do have one on hand, it’s good for three weeks in November, and it’s still October now.

      She begins by giving a short speech, which she records using a small camera. Predictably, the smaller dog, which is hers, sticks its face directly in it at one point. Things come to a halt for a bit as the audience makes a fuss over all the dogs and encourages her to get them on film. But eventually, the performance itself gets underway.

      For a while, it’s just the two leads talking, but very clever dialogue. At one point, the Mephistopheles(-ish) character begins asking for members of the audience to volunteer. And, as people begin to get more comfortable, they begin to participate more. Soon—what with the intimate space and the lack of separation between us and the performers— it’s as if we’re a part of the performance rather than just observing it.

      I look out the (partially frosted glass?) wall at a man walking by—he probably thinks this is a rather odd lesson, given that it’s probably not obvious at first glance that it’s a performance. But actually, he seems to be part of the performance as well. He enters the room, placing some notes and a glass with some white wine in it on a lectern, and beings to talk about philosophy.

      One of the audience members comments on the wineglass. The newcomer enters into a hilarious dialogue with them, still in a philosophical vein, all in a complete deadpan. I recall him claiming that he wasn’t the same person he was a couple of drinks ago. Another half-dozen people seem to have joined the audience at some point, which is more than enough to make the room crowded. At some point, I wake up.

      After writing everything down, I fall asleep again and find myself in a continuation of the dream. I seem to have watched the rest of the performance, as well as the lecture taking place in the room afterwards—apparently a Marxist interpretation of diabetes, which I’ve stayed to listen to out of a combination of morbid curiosity and a lack of anywhere better to be. But I have a class I need to get to soon, and I want to get some coffee first, so I gather my stuff together and cut out early.

      Once outside, it occurs to me that I don’t actually know where this class is going to be held. I find my notebook in my messenger bag and look through it, but it only looks like I’ve got last semester’s schedule written here—not this one’s. But I do recall receiving an email from somebody mentioning the class’s location, so I can check on that—but it will have to be on my laptop, since I can’t access that particular account on my phone.

      My room isn’t far from here—it’s in a large building just down the street. I enter and make my way up to my room. It’s a tiny room, and unlike anywhere I’ve actually lived, but it all seems familiar and somehow pleasant. I put what seems to be my cast-iron shrine teapot on a hotplate on the top of a small, precarious-looking shelf to one side of my desk to boil water for coffee and sit down to find the email.

      According to the email, the class is taking place at St. John’s Observatory—so not on campus, then, since I would have seen it if it were. I pull up a map website to find out where it is. To my own amusement, I initially mistype "Kassel"—the place I have apparently decided I am—as "Kessel" (kettle, that is).

      Based on the pictures my search has turned up, the place I’m going to is a greenhouse as well as an observatory: it’s a small building with mostly glass walls, through which greenery can be seen. I’m not sure where it is relative to me just yet, though, and it’s now 17:00, when the class was supposed to begin. Maybe that won’t matter so much on the first day? But then it occurs to me: I’m in Germany. Akademisches Viertel. That means I still have time to get there.
    7. Eating Chocolate Cake

      by , 06-01-2018 at 01:24 AM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      02:40 AM
      Eating Chocolate Cake (Lucid)

      I am at a motel with my girlfriend and we heard banging of footsteps outside and go out to see whats going on. There is a huge swat team raiding on of the hotel rooms and a gun fight starting. I somehow have a gun now which I leave in a holster. I leave carefully with my girlfriend but we are stopped by some police officers and are taken to a table with a guy in a suit and tie for questions about how it went down. The strangeness of the situation makes me consider if it's a dream. This is enough to make me lucid even without RCing.

      I start out by telling the suit guy that I have a gun and putting it on the table. I then tell him to stop and think because this is a dream. He asks how that is possible so I prove it to him by pinching his nose for him. He believes me. I then remember my goal which is to complete the basic task of the month: eat chocolate cake. I reach behind me a whip out a slice on a small plate. It is a basic chocolate cake, not the chocolate mousse kind I hoped for but I give it a try. It is really good anyways! I think about moving on to my next goal but then realize I should have a lot more cake than just one slice since its a dream. I look away and look back and there is a full chocolate cake on the table. I eat it half of it one handful at a time and leave the rest on the table.

      Now, lets summon Juliana. I look and see the Millennium Falcon is around the corner though and run to that instead. Well that is interesting I think I want to explore that first. Maybe Juliana is in the cockpit anyways. I run in but loose some stability since the corridor leading to the cockipit is confusing.
      I loose most of lucidity and the next thing I know I am piloting the ship in 3d person like it's a video game. I am flying around a space station and docking with it. I wake up and know I have to write this dream down. I remember it pretty well but I feel close to the most tired I have ever been. It is 2:40 which means I am less than 3 hours into sleep. It takes me 20 minutes to wake up enough to fully type out notes on my phone and I fall asleep a couple times and I dream some more.

      I am on a cruise ship with my girlfriend. There is a show with a mentalist who also is a motivational speaker. I am sitting up front and when I say one thing to a guy near me the mentalist stops and gives me a look to try and say that I am being rude. I think this makes me a little semi lucid because it just felt weird he would be so dramatic about it. I barely made any noise. My girlfriend and I are chosen to be in the show. We get strapped into a amusement ride with us on rotating seats at the end of a pendulum. We have to answer questions and based on those questions while the ride is spinning and the mentalist will be able to read our minds. The ride gets going and its really a lot of Gs. I like the ride but man it just keeps spinning us non stop while he asks us questions. I actually start to get dizzy which rides usually don't do to me. I can't even focus on his questions. I tell my girlfriend I am going to phase through the seats and fly away. She says something, alarmed. I start to fly out of the seat and wake up again.

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    8. 3,304 words

      by , 05-31-2018 at 06:48 PM
      3304 words
      Off computer at 7:16 P M.


      4:18 A M: This is my first time up to dream journal. I had one or two rounds of dreams that went to RBFA and I couldn't even get a single clue as to what they were about. I tried, because I know I recalled them once I'd woken up. I almost thought of at least making some voice notes but I was like "if I stay still I will get one more detail" and then fell asleep.

      The second round of dreams must have only had a brief awakening afterward because I didn't even get up to use the bathroom.

      My earliest memory from this third round of dreams was that M R and N H were trying to talk me into something. I remember a fridge, and that I had taken the two glass shelves out of the fridge. I put the top one back in, and some food on there. But the bottom shelf from the fridge was still out on the table. Also, there were a bunch of little glass pieces that went with it, which I was trying to figure out what to do with. Stacks of little glass rectangles.

      I also remember a part where there was all this gunk. maybe in a shower. maybe something to do with a beach. I don't really remember now. But I remember thinking it was a bad thing, and should be stopped. However, no one else was really bothered by it. I think I kept trying to clean the gunk or something. It was clearly one person's fault. I guess I moved on when it turned out no one else minded.

      I remember a part where I was standing in the center of a circle with some other people in the middle with me. And lots of people began to circle around us in a big circle. I had the idea they were some kind of demons or bad guys all circling around us. But then the mood shifted and I was talking to one of the guys in the circle. He was taller than me. I was like, "Thanks for letting me use your body!" Because I guess he had let me use his body like a robot. There was another big guy next to him who was also heavy and very tall. I told him he had giant muscles and could defeat anybody. They both went and walked on a track.

      Now I remember this part. Maybe it was earlier. I remember a really light shot gun someone had. And driving in some cars. Maybe something with a smaller gun. Never mind, I can't piece it together.

      I also remembered a part in which I was trying to write down my food. Something with numbers and maybe even a graph.

      There was another part in a restaurant with an Indian man like K. He was making an egg sandwich on a griddle. At first I don't think it was a griddle but it became a griddle as I started at it wondering why he had just cracked raw eggs onto a plate like that. He put a sheet of bacon the size of a slice of bread, and then cracked 2 eggs on the bread, and I think some cheese. I remember tasting some of the egg white but it still needed to cook a little more. Still, it was pretty good. He said how that was a really cheap way of making it and so he could profit more from selling that, than if he cooked it another way.

      I don't know if there were details in the middle here. But next thing I remember is being in the dining room with a family. The Dad was mean to the kids and wife. It was the last straw because he had been mean on a regular basis. This meant it was time to call the lawyer and get the Dad out of there. I ran for the phone because I knew the dad would physically try to stop me. I remember the rush of running. The phone was near by and I managed to find the lawyer's number on a piece of paper as I ran. I almost wondered if there would be no point, because I didn't have the lawyer's number.

      As I ran, I made an appointment. The dad was chasing me. To get ahead, I jumped down the stair well, from railing to railing, down a few flights. I got to a floor with a pool table and went in there. That was where I was supposed to meet the lawyer and discuss things. What a relief, I made it, without the dad catching me.

      Then I was more focused on the people playing pool. The pool table had some different elements to it. Almost like a mini-golf course, but as a pool table. Not quite but it just had some segments. People there made some pretty skillful pool moves. (I just got a flash back of the earlier dream with the gunk in the shower, and a woman saying it didn't matter.)

      Eventually the dad caught up and brought us this raccoon thing. He handed it to me because I was supposed to take care of it. It curled up in my arms and went to sleep. (I think its from observing the rabbit in the yard for a while last night.) The raccoon thing seemed to go to sleep though and it was supposed to sleep 10 days. I wasn't sure if it would sleep all 10 days or wake up. Or what it would need. There was a little house for it. I wondered if it belonged in the fridge.

      The dad got a big dispenser of water. He called it "carbon water" and it was the only kind of water I could feed the raccoon. This worried me because it was going to be expensive. (Was there something about brushing my teeth?) So we sat around and drank the carbon water I guess. But something theatrical happened and a bunch of bubbles floated up. They contained the word A7 which was the name of an ion. (Something like that, maybe A7+.) It was really fascinating to see all that happen. Then there was a really steamy cup of tea. It was under the table at first so I thought someone had a cigarette, and got ready to get mad. But the tea was just the thing making the steam, not a cigarette, making smoke.

      There was also some other magical stuff like presents appearing. Because I didn't think it was a dream, my mind actually shifted the whole thing so it became a movie. This way I would believe it was waking life, because that would be more likely to happen in a movie scene. It looked like special effects. Then I found myself sitting and watching the movie.

      There was a woman in the chair to my right. She was saying how her boyfriend was workaholic and would never just relax and hang out with her after a movie. I turned so I was facing her and started to try to talk about my recovery from workaholism. Partly to be nice and partly because I was single and wanted her to like me! She didn't face in my direction which I guess meant she would have felt bad to talk with me due to having a boyfriend.

      I got up and walked some ways away. Up some hills. Maybe through some snow. Thinking about the woman there, feeling off about it. And I was still thinking about the animal but I forgot if I left it in a tree or still had it. Anyway, I walked so far that I realized I'd gone too far. There was a train heading back to where I'd come from and I sprinted towards it. Just barely made it. It turned out to be a bus, on train tracks. I thought I'd have to go all the way around to get in, but there was a door on my side. When I got in, I barely made it. I had to grab the door and yell to the bus driver to slow down. He must have been on a schedule, and that would throw off his schedule. I explained to him gratefully that its my first time using this bus. He was nice about it.

      The rest of the people on the bus looked shady, like gangsters. I was kind of nervous and sat towards the back. We ended up playing more pool. I guess the bus just transformed into another pool hall, because dreams can do that. I don't know why I am dreaming of playing pool. I haven't played pool or even seen a pool table in years. Maybe my dreams are suggesting I go play pool! The table was divided into sections again, unlike a waking life pool table. People were doing all kinds of tricks like blowing on the pool balls and putting spin on the pool balls. I also noticed that no one used the triangle. And if they did, there would have been 2 triangles worth of pool balls. Anyway the first guy who went used the pool stick differently. swinging it from above. I was like, "Cool style." Someone knocked the cue ball in. I forgot every move of the game but it was very vivid and interesting to watch. I think round 3 of dreams (which was this round) is usually my most vivid and eventful so if I take any Alpha-GPC or Huperzine-A it should be between rounds 2 and 3.

      After that there was something else about whether or not a woman would like me. And more lucid dreaming tips. I remember R S leaning back with his hands near a bubbling pot of water. He was a master lucid dreamer, in this dream. And the Lucid Dreaming tips were naps, RC's, and 2 other things. The guy said that besides, that, nothing made a big difference. I wanted to impress the woman.

      Then I think was when I woke up. Nothing I can do now to re-gain those first or second round of dreams' dream details. Some of the second round may have trickled in to the dream journal. But I am thinking through them and I fall back to sleep! If I got up to write it would seem premature as I wasn't done thinking of them. So its definitely a "double bind" but there will be lots of dreams in the coming days, weeks and months and even years. Okay, back to bed.


      8:20 A M: Great. I managed to get some sleep. It took a little while to fall back asleep and I almost doubted I would. But, I did! I had lots of short dreams and snoozing.

      I remember something with trying to get on an A C A phone meeting. They said something about how I would have to press any key to skip the main menu and go straight to the meeting. I figured everyone would start to do that, and skip the main menu. I remember a fellow traveler, maybe named J, calling me. We talked about some stuff. I said something about how if I isolate too much I could return to old behaviors or an addiction. I think I remember a poster on the wall. In the walk-in fridge, there were a bunch of milk jugs. However, all the milk jugs were opened and partly drank out of. I thought it was weird that they had all been used a little bit, instead of people just using one all the way. It was like the walk in fridge at my house in college. The milks had the light purple label which means 1% or skim milk, I forget which. I wanted some milk but decided they wouldn't be any good, due to having been opened. They looked spoiled to me.

      Then, when I walked out of the walk in fridge thing, someone talked to me about getting a job. They were saying how smart I was, but they couldn't hire anyone to work on the crane. I was thinking, 'Good! I don't want to work on a crane!' Then instead of a person, there was more of a voice talking to me. I could tell I was hearing a voice from the sky, but didn't know it was a dream. The voice was telling me some different things. One thing it told me was an earlier part of the dream I had forgotten. It was because I couldn't remember the earliest part of this sleep cycle's dreams, and it actually told me what happened. However, I don't remember it now! Unless it was the milk jug part. But I remember it then, and it rang true.

      There were parts where I was starting a subreddit called r/nojob or r/dontgetajob in addition to other subreddits like another sub-reddit for being anti-cigarettes. I was in my room from senior year of college. I remember looking on our big screen T V from the couch, which was up, and to the left. It was really hard to see anything at that angle and it got kinda frustrating, trying to work like that. At another point I was in my room with my 42 inch TV hooked up as a monitor. Something about using the correct kind of cable and a tutorial about that.

      In yet another part, I was in this one house by the ocean. The ocean was so blue and went on forever. It felt like I was on the very edge of the world. There was something about how I had to go talk to the guy next door so I went over there. He was an African American guy with a beard, like Mr. T. I saw another person interviewing him from outside. They talked in a totally un-known language but as they spoke, a female robot voice translated everything. (I forgot the exact words.) I didn't know it was a dream but it was so vivid. I remember the guy had a huge mansion. And I remember going and walking out to the side of the stone patio, which went right up to the ocean, too. There was a little mini pool thing but it looked like it went down in a whirl-pool. I thought of it as a jacuzzi and wanted to jump right in. It was so vivid. The sky was bright blue, the ocean was waving, it was really vivid.

      Next I was going to use the bathroom, I think back in the same house as above. I saw my sister so I knew she wasn't in there. I went to go to the bathroom and then saw one bedroom and then beyond that, another bedroom. In the 3rd bedroom I saw purple legs standing on a pillow. It was my cousin J. I tried to close the door and use the bathroom but I didn't go in the stall. I aimed for a hole in the floor. I missed a lot and was going to have to wipe the floor up after. My cousin came to the bathroom right then and I saw her eye, looking in to the bathroom. I covered up, and didn't want her to see that I had peed! I just couldn't figure out how to use the stall. I yelled at her about it, like, "Don't look!" And felt bad for yelling. I felt like I had to push her away. Luckily, it was just a dream. (This is why I am trying to train myself to RC every time I go pee.)

      I remember a false awakening where I was walking around a building. I wanted to go pee in a corner somewhere and go right back to bed, without waking up too much. My goal was to keep dream chaining and try to get lucid, and go explore that ocean. Unbeknownst to me, I was still in a dream already. I found a corner that I almost peed in but then there was a heavy guy who came out of the kitchen, like 50 feet from the door I was at, walking into a cafeteria. So, that plan was blown.

      When I woke up physically, I realized there was a bathroom that was easy to go to. But it took a while because my mind had still carried the impression of there not being a near-by bathroom.

      My last dream was about looking for the next season of Dragon Ball Super. There was something cool about Vegeta and how he could freeze time and rewind to where everyone was standing around him, and someone said something mean to him. Then re-play the scene but do it differently. I remember looking on-line because a new show had been released every day. So I was trying to find it up on You Tube. I think it was Sunday in the dream. That led me to a message board, where they had video game links. Someone replied to my question in Spanish with a link to a web-site that would have a Pokemon game. My attention went to that. I remember looking at a Super Nintendo Controller, trying to set up the buttons, like in an emulator. The titles to the paragraphs were in Spanish but the rest were in English. One was a silly gossip article about how Charizard fell in love with Manta Something. I woke up from that thinking that I'm trying to avoid gaming, so I can't actually go set that up. Then I realized it had been a dream.

      So, those were a good amount of dreams. My recall on them was pretty good. I am glad to have slept in so much. For me its much more of a success to sleep in than it would be to wake up early.

      I am beginning to be a little down about how I'm falling back to sleep after the first round of dreams lately, without writing it. And usually, forgetting much of it. So, although I think its healthy to have a balance between sleep and dream recall, I might start to think of some way to avoid forgetting those first or second rounds of dreams. But also it will probably come back to me naturally, once I allow myself to get the rest I need. because some nights, I would be recalling that first round of dreams, and at the end, have plenty of energy to get up and write it.

      Oh! I also remembered a dream detail of going through my phone and trying to convert the audio format of my voice recorder (m4a I think) to mp3 or vice versa. That detail came back to me later in the morning, when I thought of my phone.
    9. Scary Roller Coaster

      by , 05-31-2018 at 05:21 PM
      Matt and Alec were on a discord chat with me. Matt asked me a bunch of questions about alec. I was mad at him cause I said some things about alec's social skills while alec was on the channel the whole time. Then Alec and I had a talk about it afterward. He sent me a message saying he likes french toast and has other interestes besides programaming such as cooking.
      at an amusment park and the rides were ridiculously high. Some friends and I were all of the sudden climbing a really high roaller coaster can suddenly became scared one of the cars would run us over on the track. We slid down a beam of the coaster. klefstad was in some of the arcade games
      Then I was in a locker room where they demanded to shave every part of my body
      Was at a family party and had apparently just completed some sort of hunger games like task. people applauded me and my aunt ask if i wanted anything and i requested white tea. my cousins took a hit form a bong
      was in a restaurant and had an idea a restaurant where the waiter doesnt go to you but you go to the waiter. and thats why they call him a waiter becasuse he is waiting for customers to come to him. somehow we ended up getting thrown out of the restaurant
    10. Day 110: Breaking the System

      by , 05-31-2018 at 02:53 PM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Fell asleep at: 12:00 AM

      Woke up at: 7:30 AM

      Dream 94: securityguard.exe has stopped working

      School cafeteria; daytime, in line for lunch. I remember it perfectly, macaroni and cheese, bread, corn, and PB&J. The line was getting shorter by the second until I reached the register. The PB&J morphed into a grilled cheese, something I thought was odd but never acted on it.

      Approaching the register I see not a lunch lady, but a female security guard (One that I'm familiar with). She tells me that I couldn't have the grilled cheese because I already grabbed a mac & cheese. This made no sense to me seeing as I saw three kids walk by her with both a grilled and mac & cheese.

      Then she says I will only acquire both food items if I prove to her I'm a true Christian(?). She asks me a couple pretty easy questions but one ends up tripping me, "What is one famous Christian Russian philosopher?" I don't happen to know any Russian Christian philosophers myself, so I end up guessing.

      Then she breaks.

      For whatever reason, her face is frozen with her mouth wide open, and speaking in tongues. Her gaze is locked straight on me as I try to get away from her. She doesn't move an inch, but she's still speaking in tongue. I end up leaving the school building with my lunch.
    11. Pufferfish Lady

      by , 05-31-2018 at 02:41 PM (Random Awesomeness with Drop Therapy)
      FRAGMENT 1:
      In the first fragment, I was listening to the end of The Chosen Priest and the Apostle of Infinite Space by Bull of Heaven in my art class at school. It was a sad sounding piano ballad narrated with a father telling his son he was sorry about something.

      Fragment 2:
      In the next fragment, I was outside an apartment I was staying at. I saw a really popular husband and wife walking into a limousine, surrounded by people. The wife, instead of just saying no to show her discontempt, puffed her face up to arround twice the diameter until it scared the husband into not going into the limo. I then ran away from the apartment, but I gave up and went back. 8 hours seemed to have gone by in 8 minutes. I walked in, saw my fat, miserable dream family watching TV, saw there was no room on the couch, and sat down on a mat on the opposite wall. I then played this

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      non-lucid , memorable , dream fragment
    12. Dream - Room Wrecking Vlog & Journey To The House

      by , 05-31-2018 at 01:13 PM
      Date of Dream: THU 31 MAY - 2018

      Dream No. 345 - Separated Sections

      Dream 345 A - Room Wrecking Vlog
      I only remember scattered scenes of this dream. The first scene consists of my family along with my brother's friend Dom in an unknown suburban area. We were discussing Dom coming to sleep over at our house. At first, he sounded okay with it but after a short while, he didn't seem to keen... I noticed that he was losing confidence about something. I thought he did know where to go and so I hopped into his car with him and he was driving. That scene ended there.

      The second scene I can remember is my parents checking out my bedroom for a future clean but they didn't do much in there. The scene then tended to repeat itself but this time with Logan from SML. He was walking into my room, wearing his yellow Jeffy t-shirt and there was a big vlog camera behind him, like if someone were to shoot a TV show in there... But then Chilly wasn't there... But neither was the camera floating. I don't know who was behind the camera.

      Logan was doing his typical SML vlogs where these days in real life, he tends to do some disturbing stuff. In the dream, he started walking around my bedroom, which was bigger and differently arranged than in real life. He was pointing at things and sniggering. He came across these blown up stick shape balloons hanging off the side of a raised wall unit above the foot of my bed. He goes to the vlog, “Ah, so these are balloons that she's gonna use to celebrate a birthday party with her dream guide”. And then he turned very naughty. He paused and then said really fast, “Imma pop' em!” and he sliced a knife through all the six balloons, leaving them all wrecked and deteriorated.

      He did more to ruin my room but I forgot the specific bags around. He was throwing bags and shoes around, taking things down, he was making my room a complete mess. In the next scene, I walked in to my room, he wasn't in there anymore. It was indeed a mess that I walked into. I walked around carefully to assess the damage and when I saw the diminished balloons, that took the cake. I started crying and was asking myself in a badly distressed tone, “Why?!”. I was most distraught that I couldn't celebrate the birthday with Dreamy WB anymore, I forgot whether it was mine or hers.

      The last scene is messy in my memory. I was in some unknown shopping complex and there were various people from Killester and Chisholm there, including teachers. On the top floor of the shopping complex, there was a performance precinct there. The staff was some American lady but I don't know anything else about her. I was going to do a performance as well as a few other acts as well. That's all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream 345 B - Journey To The House
      I don't remember how the dream started. From where I do remember, I was on the Eastlink track near my house. There were a small group of Camelot and Killester girls there, all wearing red t-shirts. Two of the girls I can clearly remember are KK and RKi. RKi had spoken to me about something but I forgot what exactly it was that she said. I think I mentioned that I was looking to go to someone's house.

      Murray had then appeared but I forgot how and why. He appeared as a hologram, half way between his Sly 4 and Sly 2/3 appearance. In this dream, he was somewhat strict towards me. I had felt though that Murray wasn't physically with me and that I would have to find a way to reach his house where he'd fully look after me.
      As a sub-scene, I was envisaging what it would be like there, it was Murray actually tucking me into bed, under a white and magenta bed-set, and giving me a kiss goodnight. Everything in the room was pink and some furnishings almost resembled the Geisha house from Sly 4. The sub-scene had then changed and it showed me riding really fast up the hill on Wellington Road with the strict holographic Murray back in play, hovering next to me and keeping up with my riding pace, pointing up ahead.

      Then it was back at the actual scene and I was riding my bike on the trail. The holographic Murray was keeping pace with me and I was talking to him. I told him that I had to go home to get something. When we arrived at my house, he stayed in the driveway while I went upstairs to do whatever I needed to do. My grandma was in the bathroom and she was being really annoying in this dream. The stuff she told me to use in the bathroom was gross and so I will not go into detail. She wouldn't stop talking and so at one point, I unfortunately had to yell at her. It was something like “Baka! It's getting dark, I have to leave!”. She was still chewing my ear off about the gross item and so I just ultimately walked out on her.

      It was nightfall when I successfully got downstairs again. I went into the garage and into the cellar, which wasn't distorted in this dream, to pull out my bike again and I felt nostalgic doing this. When I was back in the driveway, Murray attached himself back to a close radius around me and my bike. He was still strict but now to a lesser degree and seemed more quiet and relaxed. I rode down the court and went the usual way I would leave my local area in real life. In the dream, my goal was to get back to the track which ultimately lead to Murray's house if I rode down it for long enough.

      I ended up on Haverbrack drive and it was now actually night time. I could feel this energy coming off Murray like he was greatly concerned for me. Apparently because it was night time, if I wasn't careful, all these bad criminals would come out of their houses and try to assault me. Luckily, as Haverbrack drive was the main road throughout the area, it had street lights. There were a lot of minor roads to cross in order to stay on the footpath but I had to stop because heaps of cars would come out of them. I made pretty good judgements about when there were no more cars and the holographic Murray would also help me cross.

      It became so dark and Murray's energy just seemed to become heavier and heavier, he was really badly worried for me now. Sly appeared out of nowhere as a hologram, in his Sly 2/3 appearance, and pushed my riding direction onto the next side road. There were absolutely no street lights now and it was pitch black. Bentley suddenly appeared as a hologram in his Sly 1 appearance and he was in hysterics, screaming like you would believe it. He goes, “SLY!!!!!! THAT'S DANGEROUS!!!!!! NO! SLY!!!!!!!!!”. Sly replied in an almost shouting tone, “We need to get someone to look after her!”. I then woke up.

      Dream Tasks
      - Have Logan receive harsh penalties from Dreamy WB due to reckless social behaviours (Achieved? No)
      - Investigate where my SML postage has gone (Achieved? No)
      - Reach the Gyeongbokgung Palace (Achieved? Partially)
      - Have Dreamy WB or Murray go to console an upset dream character (Achieved? No)
      - In accordance to the "shared dreaming experiment" proceed on locating the moon (Achieved? No)

      Dream 345: Results (Competition #3)

      345 A
      Competition Night: 30
      Lucid or Non-Lucid?: Non-Lucid
      Dream Guide: None
      Emergency Team: None
      Eligible For Competition Points: Yes

      345 B
      Competition Night: 30
      Lucid or Non-Lucid?: Non-Lucid
      Dream Guide: Murray
      Emergency Team: Sly & Bentley
      Eligible For Competition Points: Yes

      Points For This Entry:
      Calculation Details:
      - Full Non-Lucid Dream (1.0)
      - Full Non-Lucid Dream (1.0)

      + Previous Total: 142.0
      Total Accumulated Points: 144.0

      NOTE: Colour keys for Dream 345 B:
      Colour = Day Time
      Colour = Night Time

      When Bentley was screaming at Sly and Sly replied "We need to find someone to look after her!", I think they were aware of my mum's friend AV and where she lives.

      Baka is what Croatians call their grandma
      non-lucid , memorable
    13. Egg, cuddling, late

      by , 05-31-2018 at 12:07 PM
      1st dream- I laid an egg and it looke like a double yolker. It was smooth and brown and big. I felt the overwhelming feeling to break it open, only to find that it was a plain old boiled egg.

      2nd dream- I was sitting down in a desk like area. There was colton, for some reason he wanted to read my writing journals. To which I refused. Then for some reason I reluctently agreed to. Suddenly we were laying down in a bed, he was flipping through the pages of one of the writing journals when he put the journal down and started to cuddle with me. "Colton I can't you're married." "No I'm not, we are getting a divorce." "Oh, I'm so sorry." He's holding my knee on his side and is curled in towards me as I lay on his chest. "Just let me hold you." I nodded sleepily. The warmth was too much as I fell into the best sleep I've ever had.

      3rd dream- my alarm went off and I turned it off. Suddenly there were these old ladies bickering about whether or not they should wake me up. In my dream I fumbled with my phone realizing I should wake up but I was so sleepy. Then I finally awakw for real.
    14. Little White Clouds that cause Earthquakes

      by , 05-31-2018 at 11:57 AM
      Morning of May 31, 2018. Thursday.

      In my dream, I am back in the Loomis Street house. In this case, my thread of memory of being married to Zsuzsanna is extant, but everything else is absent. There is a vague backstory that develops out of the liminal awareness of being in the dream state, autosymbolism that brings about little white clouds outside of which are only about three feet above the ground.

      To summarize, my dream involves looking outside (from the south room of the Loomis Street house) in late morning and seeing these little white miniature cumulus clouds, again, hovering above the ground, though only in a singular sparse row between the houses, slowly drifting east to west. I feel a very unusual sense of something being “off”, and yet no lucidity is triggered by this liminal awareness. I illogically “realize” that clouds being this low to the ground, even though they are small, will cause earthquakes. An earthquake does occur, and I go into the middle north bedroom (where I never slept in real life). Zsuzsanna and I cheerfully interact. (Obviously, a bedroom, even the “wrong” one, is a dream state indicator, not symbolism or more accurately, not autosymbolism, as dreams are not symbolic in the conventional sense.)

      Earthquakes occurred very often in childhood dreams, usually only the first dream of my sleep cycle, and they were not threatening to me in any way. This developed out of liminal dream control where I would deliberately shake a scene from side to side to intentionally change the setting of my dream (not by moving my dream self’s head but by willing the setting to waver from side to side to bring about a different setting, typically barnyards, forests, train stations, a friend’s house, and so on). Over the years, this was no longer required due to certain advanced knowledge when in the dream state even without lucidity (despite the absence of my conscious self identity), but this still remains an occasional residual factor.

    15. 2018-05-31 some more recent dreams

      by , 05-31-2018 at 10:33 AM
      last night:

      + in the bog/need grass, I say there's tons of it available (in the middle of the country?) fields of it, it will be used to build houses

      + in the house/fence repairs, built-in wall soap dish. It is just a crappy wooden fence around a square piece of land, I'm thinking about the repairs I'm going to do on it. I'm looking at the fine details of the dish, it is roughly shaped wood but quite artistically done.

      + citizenship reception? with NI, repeat visit, just to re-register, say address near grandparent's house in B. Arrive there lots of buses waiting, there are guards beyond rails and I think certain ways are closed. I'm sitting in a side bunch of bleachers and NI is coming I know it's him but his face isn't right.

      previous nights:

      + buying the VW bug "Der D...?" race the woman up the stairs, the seller is talking on the radio, he has several to sell, the phrase "Der D...?" is painted on the side of the car I'm trying to read it.

      + jewelry dealer after climbing down the bin with no food left

      + saving Trimmings from the Christmas tree

      + At the Olympic ski venue, walking up the wide long path up the hill, on the left is a massively long line of people (I'm hoping not for the restaurant, which is where I'm going). At some intersections I wait for the olympic athletes to cross. In the restaurant I find my table with friends from grad school, the food is middle eastern?