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    1. An Unusual Nest

      by , 05-05-2018 at 06:43 AM
      Night of May 3, 2018. Thursday.

      In my dream, in full lucidity, I hover in an incorporeal form above a bird nest of mostly straw in early morning daylight. Within the bird nest are about seven gray creatures, with minimal white areas, that are all joined as one mass.

      Looking more closely, I still cannot determine if they are baby birds or kittens, although the form changes from time to time and I can sometimes make out legs or parts of wings. They seem to breathe as one. There is also an association with baby rabbits for a short time.

      Realizing that the autosymbolism is tied in to the typical vestibular system correlation of which is inherent to the dream state itself, my focus shifts very slightly.

      The creatures, still as one singular mass, rise into the air, to become a circle of only sparse fur or hair, hovering about a foot above the nest, and now of only about ten percent of the volume of the original feature. I focus on the change and I think of it as thin gray thread. It continues to hover in the air as a floating horizontally-oriented wreath made of thin thread of the color of Spanish moss.

    2. Dream - Weird And Wacky Events

      by , 05-05-2018 at 04:16 AM
      Date of Dream: SAT 5 MAY - 2018

      Dream No. 322 - Weird And Wacky Events

      I don't remember much of this dream. From what I can remember, I was in some darkened theatre room. Someone was walking around in the auditorium and as a part of the play (taking place in the auditorium, not the stage), we had to hide. I hide under one of the fold-able seats. I forgot what else happened in that scene.

      In a later scene, I was in an unknown outdoor area. I was walking around when I came across my friend NN. I forgot what we did though. The scene after had gross content in it and so I will not be recapping anything from that scene. That's all for this dream.

      Dream Tasks
      - Get Murray back as a regular DC/DG (Achieved? No)
      - Have Logan receive harsh penalties from Dreamy WB due to reckless social behaviours (Achieved? No)
      - Have Kevin M receive minor penalties either from Dreamy WB or myself due to general carelessness (Achieved? No)
      - Investigate where my SML postage has gone (Achieved? No)

      Dream 322: Results (Competition #3)
      Competition Night: 4
      Lucid or Non-Lucid?: Non-Lucid
      Dream Guide: None
      Emergency Team: None
      Eligible For Competition Points: Yes

      Points For This Entry: 0.5
      Calculation Details:
      - Non-Lucid Fragment (0.5)

      + Previous Total: 7.5
      Total Accumulated Points: 8.0

      Since I'm not really achieving any "Dream Trophies" anymore, I've replaced that idea with current dream tasks. These are all the things I have my mind that I want to get done in future dreams. The task will be listed and then stated if it was achieved in this dream or not. Tasks can be cancelled if I think they are no longer relevant to real life events or if penalties have been lifted due to the fact that the person did something to amend their negative behaviour in real life.

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    3. Log 1101 - Orphe's Fate and Wood Man Loop Scraps

      by , 05-05-2018 at 12:30 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Bad sleep, bad recall, bad opportunities for LDs...

      Scrap Group 1
      Playing Elona+ Custom. There's extra translated dialogue pertaining to Orphe's fate. Specifically, that he'd been trapped in some kind of time loop after unsealing that bound demon.

      Browsing the internet. Wood Man's theme from Mega Man - The Wily Wars was sounding repeatedly.

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      dream fragment
    4. Redefining Dream Control as Unrelated to Lucidity 02

      by , 05-04-2018 at 07:52 PM
      Afternoon of May 4, 2018. Friday.

      This entry is for presenting a more concise understanding of some of the material of part one.

      Lucid dreaming does not equate to having control of the dream state or of a dream. In fact, some dream journalists express terror in dreams when they become lucid, with far less conscious self identity control than in their non-lucid dreams.

      Having control of dreams and even of certain processes of the dream state does not require lucidity. It seems to be a result of understanding RAS mediation from early childhood on, to where the virtuous circle effect becomes inherent in REM sleep.

      Most people have the inability (liminal space blindness) to understand that non-lucid dreams are autosymbolic, not symbolic in the conventional sense, which means that a dream’s autosymbolism, especially the induction and waking process, represents the dream state and waking process itself, concurrently. RAS mediation and RAS modulation sometimes utilize waking life experiences, but they do not “represent” them. If there is no waking life conflict, RAS personification will still have the potential to be rendered as a waking alert persona, even in lucid dreams, especially when environmental noise is present, or when biological factors need to be addressed, such as hunger or the need to use the toilet. There are also literal threads (and of course prescience and other transpersonal factors) that integrate into the dreaming experience.

      I have experienced viable lucidity in dreams continuously since earliest memory with no attempt to bring it about. This means that terms such as “practice” and “skills” have zero meaning for me. Additionally, the concept of “reality checks” or “reality testing” I cannot even comprehend anymore, though I have played around with various ideas I have read since childhood. (Some people actually do this, that is, actually ask themselves if they are dreaming at various points during the day. I am not making that up.) If I know I am awake, why question it? Presumably, this is an attempt to utilize the virtuous circle effect, but all that is required by way of the virtuous circle effect is to viably understand the dream state in the first place and to study what one is dreaming and have a feasible approach to working with dreams. “Reality checks” imply not even understanding that the subconscious self is not the conscious self, or that the preconscious, RAS personification, and transpersonal interconsciousness are not, either.

      The Wake Back to Bed Method of lucid dreaming may work for some people due to the change in ultradian rhythm. In fact, any change will cause changes in dream content, including sleeping in a different orientation and especially sleeping in a different house. Facing toward an open window or open door while sleeping is inherently more likely to augment preconscious mediation (and modulation) as a throwback to the survival factor of RAS modulation. A more vivid dream will likely result, not necessarily lucid, but possibly. (Sleeping in a different location may also trigger nightmares.)

      Now I will look into some dream self modes based on these two entries. The more lucid, the more accurate the subconscious self mirrors and models the conscious self identity to where consciousness is perceived as existing in the dream state (though this is somewhat of a misnomer, as otherwise lucid dreaming does not imply being conscious; only holding the awareness of the conscious self).

      The dream self can be non-lucid and control the dream (by way of subliminal conscious self modulation and the virtuous circle effect of dream study with the understanding of key autosymbolism). The dream self can be non-lucid and have minimal or no control of the dream due to preconscious modulation. The dream self can be lucid yet not only not have control of the dream but be in a conscious self state of terror. (I have personally never experienced this other than when my dream’s modulation was biologically premonitory, but many people have written of it as an apparently automatic process for them.) The dream self can be lucid and have partial control of the dream state. The dream self can be lucid and have full control of the dream state by way of the summoning factor (apex lucidity). The dream self can be in a state of lucid omnipresence or being the dream state itself. This is utilized by manipulating waking process autosymbolism such as doors, staircases, or deliberately jumping from a high point as well as “freezing” the perception of vestibular system autosymbolism (for example, willing the manifestation of bird silhouettes hovering in midair - the “frozen bird shadow” effect I have utilized since early childhood, as well as the obsidian owl statue or the “cobra in the hayloft” events of very early childhood).

      Thank you for reading. This concludes the two-part set “Redefining Dream Control as Unrelated to Lucidity”.

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      side notes
    5. Combat!

      by , 05-04-2018 at 05:55 PM
      I was with my dad and brothers outside when we realized my father was taking a while to return.I ran to our old jeep with my brothers, where we found our dad dizzy. Helping him up a bit, i told my brother to drive him to the hospital.

      When we got there, my dad was already in the room with the doctor who said there was nothing he could do and he didn't know what to do. This frustrated me. Than my dad started to look loopy and began saying crazy things. I tried to keep him calm but than he tried attacking.

      In the next part of the dream, i was watching a girl watching tv in her yellow/light pink bedroom. I felt small and hopped onto the white curtains. I climbed it, looking forward to get away. Once i reached the top of the window, i pushed a smaller window open and felt a cool breeze hit my face. It was winter and snowing.

      I hopped out and flew to my freedom. However, i felt a dream presense still lingering somewhere. Watching me. When i landed on the ground i came across a dog that was made out of metal chains that were broken. I pulled him apart as i strolled on my path but than a huge almost chibi like robot entity appeared behind me.

      "Is everything okay? I wouldn't want the person i care for to be hurt..."she replied. "Yeah, im good" i said nervously. "Is that you?"she asked now coming closer."Yeah,I'm KarlaB18!"I shouted impulsively. "You are!?"she replied surprised. I didn't know if that was a good or bad response though so i changed my mind and said "no".

      The place than changed to a large blue cavernous place where she erupted and began to unleash hundreds of spirits on me.
      I dodged the white ghostly spirits as i felt her control putting pressure on me. More and more it started to feel like she was a7/10 hard dream boss. But than i got tired of her putting me in corners as i flew around so i shouted a battle cry and dodged the spirits more accurately and with less hesitation. I than changed my form into asriel dreamurr and began showering the place with star power until the spirits and the girl faded.I woke up with a heavy feeling as if i woke from a nightmare but i found it to be too cool to classify it as a nightmare.

      lucid , non-lucid , memorable
    6. Redefining Dream Control as Unrelated to Lucidity 01

      by , 05-04-2018 at 05:43 PM
      Afternoon of May 4, 2018. Friday.

      Writing an entry such as this is very challenging in a world where almost everything believed and propagated about dreams by the public is fallacious (in respect to my own personal experience since earliest memory). This is mainly due to liminal space blindness, which is the inability of someone to understand the meaning of his or her own dream even in what would otherwise be the hypnopompic disclosure stage, especially when threads of the subliminal conscious self are responsible for much of a non-lucid dream’s content (though this excludes prescience and transpersonal mediation). In this entry, I will attempt to address the widespread misinformation about lucid dreaming at a simple enough level for the average person to grasp. Ultimately, I can only write about what I know to be true and of which I have directly experienced continuously for over fifty years. It is not, and never shall be, a target of debate by the unknowing.

      An unfortunate term I coined years ago has apparently confused a number of people even though I often describe it as clearly as I can each time. “Subliminal lucidity” is an ambiguous term, problematic for most people (especially those who have not had the experience), and needs rewording as “liminal dream control”. This will be a more consistent and technically correct term within the totality of my lifelong work. Realistically however, it is infeasible to describe the dynamics of a condition that people cannot even perceive foundationally, but it does provide a more logical term for the condition. “Subliminal lucidity” is a misnomer, as it was meant to mean control of the dream state in non-lucidity, where the dream self identity has non-lucid ties to the conscious self identify. Of course, dream control itself is not evidence of viable lucidity either, which requires extant current conscious self identity, not just vividness. Some people confuse “vivid” with “lucid”. “Vivid” means the dream seems very realistic, while in contrast, “lucid” means being concurrently aware that it is a dream.

      Ultimately, “subliminal” should not even be used as a descriptive factor of the dream self’s mode, as the subconscious self is already a subliminal persona. A perceived need to use the word to relate the dream self to the dream in contrast to the conscious self identity is probably also a factor of ambiguity that the average person would likely not grasp, as most people seem to misperceive the “I am“ of the dream self as being analogous to the conscious self’s “I am”. I have tried to come up with a better term, but all are taken, for example, supraliminal, as even though it can be used to contrast the conscious self in respect to the dream self, it is only valid while within the dream state, as it otherwise is a reference to being above the threshold of waking life conscious awareness. So far, there does not seem to be a feasible word to describe the synaptic gating of liminal dream control, by which the dream self is non-lucid but the conscious will (not conscious in-dream awareness) is extant.

      I will explain here why this change is forthcoming (with all references to “subliminal lucidity” to be removed and tagged with different keywords depending on the dream). Lucid dreaming does not inherently correlate with controlling a dream. Controlling a dream does not inherently correlate with being lucid. Therefore, the term “subliminal lucidity” is of no use to those who do not have a basic grasp of the difference between being lucid and being in control of the dream state. I have had as many dreams of which I have modulated by way of subliminal threads of my conscious self’s will (not necessarily current, for example in fully controlling a dream without even having any viable memory of the last twenty years of my life), by way of my subconscious self, as I have in various states of lucidity. Here I must still clarify the obvious according to current consensus.

      Being lucid, in consensus terminology, means that the subconscious self is aware that it is in the dream state to where many more viable threads of the current conscious self’s identity, desire, and will are extant than in non-lucidity, but in stark contrast, controlling a dream means influencing features and content, including by the summoning factor (both subliminally and non-subliminally). One does not depend on the other. I emphasize this because many people propagate the mistaken belief that dream control only occurs with being lucid. In fact, a person’s dream self can be lucid without having any control of the dream state at all (for example, lucid nightmares). A person’s dream self can modulate the dream features and content over that of the preconscious factor or RAS precursors without having any awareness of being in the dream state, and typically for me, without even having any memory of what a dream is. A full understanding of this is required for coherent thinking about dreams in general.

      The falsehood of lucidity equating control must be dissolved for one to develop a full understanding of the dream state. Dream control in non-lucidity has been continuous for me since early childhood and over time, has developed by way of the virtuous circle effect. Additionally, the conscious self identity’s expectation is a major part of a dream’s autosymbolism, of which I have understood the meanings of for over fifty years. This is important because there are a number of people, including a number of religious zealots, who believe that a dream can never be controlled or influenced at all even in lucidity. What they express provides proof that they have zero understanding of either lucidity, dream control, or even hold a basic understanding of dreams. Neither the truth nor even a thread of truth is even visible to them. All they could do is deny what they could not even comprehend (liminal space blindness).

      In part two, I will try to simplify the information in this entry with a more concise approach of certain concepts and a list of possible dream self modes, of which are otherwise inherently transient through the different stages of sleeping and dreaming.

    7. 464 words

      by , 05-04-2018 at 05:31 PM
      2018-05-04 - .pdf

      ^^ please click above PDF to see them ^^ (I do that so that I can insert images more easily)

      Thanks for reading
    8. Walmart stuff DILD

      by , 05-04-2018 at 04:46 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      While lying in my bed feeling tired I doze off for a few and find myself in walmart. My father and I are at the cash register and are going through the scanning part. As my father is about to complete his purchase he tells me to go get my stuff that I was going to purchase. I am confused because I do not recall ever going through the store to buy anything. I told my father where?

      He points to where there is a pile of things that I would never have gotten. I am confused as I have no memory of getting those things and putting it there. I then question that I must be dreaming and realize not to long ago I was lying in my bed. Upon this I return to being awake.
      Tags: father, walmart
      lucid , non-lucid
    9. Alien planet; Lucid flying

      , 05-04-2018 at 03:31 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Alien planet

      I'm standing on a street, looking at the traffic at a busy intersection. I realize I'm on an alien planet and I am one of them. The cars are wider and have 3 wheels, 2 at the front and one in the back. The back wheel is not always touching the ground, as the weight is concentrated on the other side of the vehicle. I could swear humanoids have 2 ears that look like Shrek ears.

      Dream 2

      I'm on a vacation with lots of others. Walking around the perimeter of an island. There are hotels and activities.

      Lucid flying

      I become lucid and decide to fly. I look at near tall buildings and I want to go to the top. I start to hover and as I go higher and faster, I get so friggin happy and I realize, that this way I could make it all the way to the moon. That has been my dream for a long time. But I promptly forget about that and I see even taller buildings. When I reach the top of the first ones, I aim to those, not sure if I can still go higher. But I can. When I reach those, I see in the near distance tops of some very futuristic buildings and I want to reach those. Here is where I lose lucidity. Oh wait, there was some lucid sex here somewhere. Hrm, I wish I remembered more of that.

      Note: Not sure why I'm so obsessed with flying higher and higher. Sometimes I spend my whole lucid on that. When instead I want to just go around, exploring.
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      lucid , non-lucid
    10. Dream - A Civil Way Of Waking Up

      by , 05-04-2018 at 02:36 PM
      Date of Dream: FRI 4 MAY - 2018

      Dream No. 321 - A Civil Way Of Waking Up

      I don't remember what happened at the start of the dream. From where I do remember, I was paying a visit to my old house with the family but someone else was living there. My parents were talking to the guy when I had to go to the bathroom. The guy came to the door and made some weird comments.

      Once I was back in the kitchen, my mum got really angry at me; apparently I had done something to my dad. My mum was constantly pressuring me to apologise to him. I said to her that my self esteem comes first and that I would do what I saw fit. After many minutes of fighting her, I looked out the window and saw my dad being manhandled by the Japanese army. Just to make my mum happy and stop her from carrying on like a pork chop, I decided to go and stop the Japanese army and save my dad. The dream then moved onto another scene.

      We were now walking along the Dandenong Creek Trail when some guy was constantly sneaking around simultaneously, chasing people that accompanied me, one at a time. My mum told me heads up, the guy could be coming for me next. After a while, I was relieved as no one was coming back. But it was when we came off the track and next to the private hospital that I was caught off guard. For the first part he seemed sober but then suddenly, he came running for me at full speed and the only option I had was to run even faster because he was so close.

      I ended up running up the steep hill, running towards and seeking refuge in my mum's friend GW's driveway. No one was at home to let me in the house and so they guy well and truly caught up to me. In this dream, I came to my senses and was able to act further. As fast as ever, I said something like, “No! Don't kill me! Don't wake me up! No no no no no no no...!”. Still, he was now slowly approaching me, in a threatening way, the widest smirk ever on his face.

      Thankfully, I was still in a clear head-space even though the guy was threatening me more and more. My voice was as fast as the motor of a racing vehicle as I now called for Dreamy WB. I tried genuinely calling first but that wasn't working and so then I just went all out, reciting all these tongue twisters in the process. I'm screaming, “Dreamy WB, Dreamy WB, Dreamy WB, Dreamy WB...!”, while jumping and flapping my arms about.

      Eventually, I witnessed her actually fading into the dream but she had a different appearance compared to usual; one that I can't describe. I do know for a fact though that she was wearing clothes that looked like business wear. At the same time that she was fading in, the menacing guy was fading out of the dream. There was now just a sense of calm and relief. I just spent the next few seconds, blankly staring at Dreamy WB who was standing under the car-port, taking in the fact that I wasn't in danger anymore.

      I then became active in my surroundings again. I said to her “Dreamy WB thank you so much!”, as I ran to her and hugged her. The dream emphasised showing her hugging me back; as it played her pulling me towards her body and fitting her arms around my back in slow motion. At first, she was taller than me in height but as the dream came to an end, she was slightly shorter by a centimetre or two, now resembling the height of the real WB. She continued to keep me tightly locked in the hug until I woke up.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:

      - None

      Dream 321: Results (Competition #3)
      Competition Night: 3
      Lucid or Non-Lucid?: Non-Lucid
      Dream Guide: Dreamy WB
      Emergency Team: None
      Eligible For Competition Points: Yes

      Points For This Entry: 5.0
      Calculation Details:
      - Full Non-Lucid Dream (1.0)
      - 3 Day Dream Recall Chain (3.0)
      - Summon Dream Guide: Dreamy WB (1.0)

      + Previous Total: 2.5
      Total Accumulated Points: 7.5

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    11. Lost

      by , 05-04-2018 at 09:58 AM
      I arose out from my body in my bedroom as usually. It was dark as usually when I travel at night, but I adjusted that and I saw everything in soft gray light. First I had to do my task with my daughter- she asked me to try to wake her or pull her out of her body- I tried but I failed. Seeing that it doesn't lead to anything, I went out of my house... and I got totally lost. It looked as if I was dropped in some kind of dungeon with dangerous looking animal like more or less humanoid beings. I raised up my aura and as tired as I felt, I even became intangible(ghost like) to them. I went through this dungeon to nicer surrounding, then to some city.
      In this city I went to big building in which there was maze of corridors and stairs, but only a few rooms. I walked inside of this building for hours(subjective). I got to highest possible point and there was room where very shabby looking man slept... the room was stinking, it was full of rubbish. I accidentally switched the light and I heard murmur of that man as if he was disturbed from the sleep... I decided that it will be better to leave. After longer time I found my way out. I was in some kind of village where people lived in very small houses. Even roads were narrow. When I looked behind, the big building was no longer there. And I walked again. I felt tired, very, very tired of everything, of existence. I felt, that it would be nice to get back to my body and sleep. I probably overdid concentration on "here and now" because I was somehow unable to lose consciousness... I was staying conscious on inertia. If I wasn't so tired I would be very glad of that. It was morning, maybe alarm clocks will wake me up.
      I stopped to walk and started to meditate, to clear my mind more. And my surrounding abruptly changed. I was standing back in my bedroom. The very air was shiny, sparkling... it looked and felt like I went from astral dimension to mental dimension. I wasn't feeling so tired anymore. In my bedroom, I didn't see my wife sleeping there... But in mental dimension I didn't find anybody after more than 30 years of experimenting yet. I looked on my physical body and decided to go back- I went inside of it and woke it.

      Today I was going to sleep very tired and at that I tried to do OBE... Well it showed.
      When I looked on clocks I found it was only 00:30... I was out of my body for only about 20 minutes. Felt like 7-8 hours for me.

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    12. the winged cane toad is not my pet

      by , 05-04-2018 at 09:02 AM
      Morning of May 2, 2018. Wednesday.

      My dream self is sustained in liminal space in a setting that is implied to be outside at nighttime, rendered mostly as a featureless field with short grass. I am sitting in a lawn chair. My orientation is subliminally perceived as facing north. Several unfamiliar people in the area are also lounging on lawn chairs.

      On my right, I see a cane toad on the ground about four feet away. It hops up in slow motion and lands softly on the right arm of my lawn chair but does not touch me. I consider if people are wondering if it is my pet, but I know it is not. I am not contemplating any venomous nature of the creature and do not see it as a threat. Still, I do not want it near me.

      It somehow ends up on my left side, on the ground and about three feet away. Its body begins to make unusual movements. Its back is featured somewhat like a beetle’s elytra, though unusual irregular butterfly wings partially emerge from its sides. Its back flexes upward but the wings do not spread and it does not fly. It reminds me very vaguely of the two large fly ashtrays my father bought in the 1970s. (My parents never smoked; the fly ashtrays were kept as a bizarre novelty and decoration.) It almost seems to have the essence of a kitten regarding its interest in me as perhaps seeing me as its master.

      A subliminal focus is preventing the completion of the RAS modulation. Something very similar happened in a dream of February 10 of this year, also with a cane toad, but that one was carried about in slow motion by the wind. It is subliminal dream control; an otherwise lucid mechanism that I am utilizing in non-lucidity. In addition to the subtle vestibular system correlation (though the cane toad’s wings are never fully spread out for flight), it seems likely to be based on the typical softening of the core RAS factor otherwise rendered as a snake. Otherwise, cane toads and toads in general are not very common in my dreams, despite being associated more with vestibular system correlation than a snake would be (though as a snake is the core RAS modulation factor, it does not require the additional vestibular association). For cane toads, my online journal at this time only features them in four entries inclusive of this one, two from 2018, the other two from 2014 and 2013. The subliminal RAS softening is additionally evidenced by the cane toad being oriented on my right (as waking orientation within a dream is most often to my right when I sleep on my left side, since my right side is then more exposed to my real environment) - then inexplicably to my left.

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    13. 5/1/18--5/3/18 (L) | Tower, Tornado, Alien Ships, Flight

      by , 05-04-2018 at 03:11 AM (Fantastical Adventures)
      I was in a store where I met a woman that told me I could take any game for free, as long as I had beaten that game before. I could also take as many copies as I had beaten the games.
      [New Scene]
      I was in the student center, about to go upstairs to room 293 for a halloween-themed class. There was a hexagonal, black tower going straight up next to the stairs. It had purple lights.
      [New Scene]
      Played Wii Sports in my old house. I thought about making the game in Dreams. Later, I played Breath of the Wild, and I was in the eastern sea.

      -1-At my old house, there were fast-moving clouds outside. Also, everyone in the room (10+ people) vanished at once. I heard a gunshot-like sound in my right ear, which caused some minor pain that one would expect to feel after hearing a noise that loud. I wondered what could have caused that sound, as it appeared to have no source. A character walked out of the hallway and responded, "I'll be glad to answer that!" Next, we both jumped out the window. I got spooked for some reason, so I turned upside down and floated.
      -2-I was walking outside near a road when an alien ship fleet became visible in the clouds. They fired some weird stuff at the ground, and had yellow exhaust. Later, I was in a place with ships and buildings. I had to hide some stuff in a place, but I couldn't figure out where. Later still, when I and some other people had to leave by sitting on the couch (teleporter), we set the timer for 300 seconds. In less than 300 seconds, something the building would explode. The result of leaving was taking off into space with Earth, Mars, and Neptune and placing them back in the solar system.
      [New Scene]
      My family was driving somewhere. There was a large shelf cloud taking up a sizeable portion of the sky. There was a weak tornado off to the right, so I started recording. I should have become lucid then.
      [New Scene]
      A scene with my chemistry professor teaching chemistry in an odd building that perhaps wasn't designed for such a thing. After the lecture, I walked outside in the snow and went across the walkway to another building. So many obvious giveaways there.

      5/3/18 (L)
      -1-Outside my old house, I could fly using imaginary pegasus wings. A friend and I flew up to a cloud and found that it was solid. I dug in to make it more comfortable to sit on. It was like digging in warm snow with adhesive properties, and it only stuck to itself. We then used the cloud as a vehicle to float down near the ground where my younger sister was. I asked her if she could see us, and she could. I didn't do a good enough job with the cloud then. Later, there were a few moments of bliss while flying slowly, but it was hard to keep my non-lucid expectations up. I was briefly lucid at same point in the middle of this.
      [New Scene]
      I flew and walked on the ceiling of my grandparents' house. There was a bear on the floor trying to eat me. As time went on, the ceiling and the floor switched gravity repeatedly in a confusing manner, and also switched locations.
      [New Scene]
      I flew into a well-lit concentration camp.
      Lucid Time: 5-10 seconds
    14. Magical May Competition Night 3 - 3/05/18

      by , 05-04-2018 at 02:27 AM (Journeys through Spacetime)
      Scarlet Rose

      I was sitting comfortably in a chair in the sitting room, when I noticed a rather strange thing happening at the window. AJ was sitting in another chair on his laptop, oblivious to my curiousity. A small yet distorted cat was tapping its head against the largest window. Fascinated, I rose from my chair to observe the animal in more detail. As I did this, I glanced at my hand, and I realized I was dreaming. I was filled with a sudden sense of urgency and impending doom, so I hastily prepared to fly through the window. As my hand permeated the glass substance, AJ yelled ‘What the [email protected]#$ are you doing?’. Shocked by this sudden outburst, I halted my action and returned to the room. Frustrated, I attempted to demonstrate my ability to levitate, but I was thwarted when I fell backwards onto my backside. Extremely irritated now, I clicked my fingers and removed several objects from the room. Nonetheless, he was not convinced. Finally, I probed my mind into his brain, and distracted his perception towards his game on his laptop. Fortunately, this worked, but it was too late. I glanced through the window to sight a cream car pull up onto the lawn. Further inspection revealed the driver was a short policeman from maybe the 1950s, distinctly lacking the vibrant green vest that features prominently in Melbourne today. He stepped out of the car, but I knew he was not arresting me. Instead, I flew through the window, and met with him, and now his assistant, a corpulent man with combed back hair, a polar opposite to his leader. Nonetheless, they both possessed a grim expression.
      I greeted them, and flew with them over leagues of countryside, to arrive at a magnificent red rose bush. However, once the resplendent yet macabre blossoms were clawed away, one could see a young woman’s mutilated corpse. Her flaxen hair was besmirched with scarlet as her azure eyes gazed unseeing.

      After the horrific scene, I was somewhat mentally disturbed, but I reaffirmed to myself that I was the detective. I flew on, and realized that the strange behaviour of the cat was intrinsically related to murder. With this thought in mind, I decided to visit a feline psychiatrist. However, I was denied entry, as the man had an exceptional phobia of policemen/detectives. Moderately irritated, I took the opportunity, to transform into a cat, whilst partitioning some of my body to a disturbed female cat owner. Although it may seem paradoxial to be two creatures at once, I was experiencing sight as the cat, whilst I controlled the owner remotely. Finally, after impatiently waiting in the reverberant stone waiting passage with towering ceilings, I could see the psychiatrist. He looked like he came from several centuries ago; he looked like Charles I. His assistant, a man similar to my mental depiction of Mr. Collins from Pride & Prejudice, after having a very strange conversation, notified ‘me’ that the insane psychiatrist was prepared to see me.

      In the cold chamber of an office, I imitated the cat’s behaviour, whilst my human part made some meaningless noises. The psychiatrist then proceeded to explain the symptoms. “This disease is contracted from riding an infected horse. Only from someone else’s horse, not one’s own”

      I suddenly recognized who the victim was. I cast myself back to a few days ago. I was in an unknown town in England, with some sort of festival taking place. One of the spectacles was the ‘bullet gallery’, where supposedly one could look at historical bullets in history. in personal DJ
      Now, they proceeded to complain of the poor quality of the gathering, and consequently, blamed me. Frustrated, I had ignored them.

      Now, in a vaguely sadistic mode, I transformed back to a detective.

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    15. Log 1100 - DILD In WILD's Clothing

      by , 05-04-2018 at 01:28 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Thursday 03 May 2018

      Got a fragment and a DILD to note. There was a lot more non-lucid portions to the latter, and I'm sure several other dreams besides.

      Scrap Group 1
      At a beach with family. We left at dusk, at a time when the tides were rather strong. Warp. At home. Akuma and Ryu from Street Fighter were visiting, apparently to ask me for new pairs of sandals, of all things. Furthermore, me and my brother Arnie somehow knew how to make geta's for the two. That would've taken at least a week's work to get done. In the moment, I could only loan out my nephew's sandals to Akuma (the guy was laughably short).

      WBTB by meditating. Certain distractions kept me up longer than I would've preferred.

      Dream 1 - DILD In WILD's Clothing

      Scene 1 - Another Inner WILD
      The visuals were a bit blurred. I was upstairs in my sister Estrella's place. Seems I had to take care of my niece, Annette. I felt extraordinarily exhausted, enough so to just drop strait to bed. Both Arnie and Estrella passed by eventually, muttering disparaging remarks under their breaths. Meh.

      Somehow, I was of mind to start a WILD. I quickly fell 'asleep' with complete awareness, and with my eyes opened, no less. Took the next minute to meditate, which caused the others to fade from view. I then shrunk myself for the fun of it. Next, I jumped down, and made my way out (or rather, under) the door. Things destabilized. I rubbed hands and concentrated while awaiting a transition.

      Scene 2 - Missed That Kiss...
      The visuals were slightly blurred. I was in an unknown bedroom, dawn light peeking in from a distant window. Just about everything there was white, including the floor, the walls, the shades, and the bed covers.

      I shrunk down once again, first to the size of an action figure, then to only about an inch high. Next, I leaped onto the bed, the creases on its sheets like small hills from my perspective. While gadding about, a gigantic woman steps in view, a nice looking blonde in white pajamas (of course). Perhaps too alluring for someone who'd just woken up, but I digress. She approaches, seemingly unaware of me, if not for her mischievous smile. Indeed, she seats herself alarmingly close to me, and in such a manner so as to shake the mattress as much as possible.

      We greeted each other silently with a mutual gaze. The lady allowed me to climb on her palm. Then, to my surprise, she drew me closer to her pursed lips.
      But alas, I quickly lost hold of the dream, causing another unwitting transition.

      Various forgotten, non-lucid scenes. Something about being in a hotel room with family. Don't recall how this ended.

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