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    1. From Drinking to the Gym

      by , 09-22-2018 at 04:56 PM
      I'm at a bar with several friends I know. We are laughing and having a good time right outside the doors when a cop car shows up. It's just pulled up on the street watching everyone, and doesn't have any lights on, yet. One of the guys and I don't like being here with the cop and we can't get back through the doors right behind us so we decide to pretend like we're gay and hold hands while walking around to the other side of the building (don't know why that was the best idea in my head). As we begin walking, we can hear the cop car behind us slowly following. I get really annoyed at this as why would he need to follow us? Eventually, as we round a corner, the cop stops and turns back around and we make it to the other side to head back in. Inside is a new atmosphere from when we were first here. Now, everything's quiet, and a group of people is arguing over some contract. I walk downstairs to find that a lot of people are sitting quietly all over the floor, like they're hiding from the people upstairs. As I keep walking down a hallway, I emerge in a large gym. a group of guys I don't know is testing out some of the equipment. I walk over as they are testing the floor mats which look to be memory foam. A guy drops a heavy weight from shoulder height and it lands with a highly muffled boom, like the sound of a cannon firing from outside the building. This is a good sound, though, meaning the foam dispersed the shock of the weight really well.
    2. The Perfect View

      by , 09-21-2018 at 06:24 PM
      I'm with a group of friends in a house where someone is making breakfast. At the time, though, I'm more concerned with getting drinks ready for tonight so I go out and reserve 10 drinks from some kind of vendor guy. Later, it's nighttime and I'm walking through an abandoned factory area, and I know I'm being tracked by a girl I know who wants to eliminate me. I stop outside one of the buildings trying to spot any movement. When I don't see anything, I start to get freaked out and run back to the dorms which are apparently close by. I run up to her room to find the door open, but no one in her room. I quickly walk away down the stairs. Eventually, I come back to the house to find everyone drinking. I go back to the vendor to get my reserved drinks, but he tells me they're all out. later, I'm walking down the road in my neighborhood. I feel happy and decide to run with my hands out to my sides like an airplane. I really feel like I could take off, but think it looks weird so I stop. I continue walking down past the turn into the cul-de-sac when I'm greeted with an amazing view. It's the sunset just above the mountaintop with green fields covering the hills at the base of the mountains all the way to where I'm standing. A few trees droop into the moment as well framing it perfectly. All the colors are vibrant to the point where I ask myself if I'm dreaming. I do a finger push reality check but it fails on me.
    3. Lucid! Attempted Meditation (Briefly) - September 21

      , 09-21-2018 at 12:53 PM (ZAD's DJ)
      Sep 21 2018

      on the phone again

      8 light downstairs intruder dream/fa (more detail later maybe)
      problems remembering other nls through night
      In 9, living room couch, sth about stalking (m & f) kpop stars, some kind of weird light texhnology
      Become lucid walking to dark hallway/foyer! look at hands, etc, but loud vacuum left on in office, examine then ignore. remembered to do math! only +, 2 up to abt 23, felt confident, grabbed front door (light coming thru) but before fully opening shut and thought about where i wanted to teleport (some part of my mind still doubted it would work bc of the light). i opened the door (v realistic) but it was just the front yard/street. tried to spin teleport, couldn't. walked towards sidewalk, started getting fuzzy, dropped to knees around curb and felt concrete while doing a little math again, worked! got up walked along sidewalk on other side of street a bit and tried to transform my body (i wanted to grow 4 arms, didn't). I had a plaid pattern (blue/white) button down shirt on. after both of these (drop to knees, transform) the scenery/sidewalk path changed a bit. at this point i was
      coming up on a large glass souse with i believe a tin roof, shape was a mix between office bldg, church, and warehouse. i could see no furniture inside, and it was dark so i decided not to go in (also think there could have been a rowdy kid playing on my side of the street). i kept walking and remembered my goal to meditate. i passed under a tall pine and sat/lay back on the sidewalk doing a little math and taking in my senses (sight and touch, sound was negligible). to my left on grass were amazing curling fern-like leaves that were covered in dew (they were coming from the grass, like a different type of grassgrowing through). i unfurled some of the leaves and the dew felt nice (not cold, just damp). I decided to look up at the sky - vision became immediately blurry until i stabilized some more. sky was beautiful, and as i had been doing the whole time, i just reflected on how awesome it was that this was a dream and i was conscious in it! after maybe 10 more seconds i awoke. deild attempt but no dice

      I wrote all this beforehand last night, interestingly:

      Ch, F are triggers. DCs tell me I'm dreaming Do math, then spin teleport (clearly)!

      New goal:
      Grow 4 arms (separate out)
      lucid , memorable
    4. The Roar

      by , 09-21-2018 at 12:06 PM
      Early evening of September 21, 2018. Friday.

      Reading time: 1 min 56 sec. Readability score: 64.

      During an evening nap, I slip into typical VSC in which I had borrowed a truck from someone unknown. I drive along in an unfamiliar neighborhood but with no focus on its unfamiliarity. The sense of movement, which begins my dream, is vivid throughout.

      I stop near an unknown residence where two unfamiliar women are present. For no reason in particular, I ask the oldest one if she would like to return the truck to its owner. She seems slightly puzzled. I tell her how he only lives about a block away. We talk in a friendly manner for a short time, but I decide to return it myself.

      I start to roll forward down a slope (a common VSC factor in dreams since early childhood) without driving, but I maintain control of direction with the steering wheel (and non-lucid dream control of VSC). I feel good. The street illogically becomes part of a big warehouse.

      As the vehicle rolls into the big warehouse and turns to the left, I see that the street turns off ahead to the right at about ninety degrees, but an internal warehouse wall blocks the view of it.

      I hear a loud roar, reminiscent of that of the MGM lion. A strange vehicle approaches from the opposite direction. It resembles a steam shovel without the cab and with the boom mostly vertical. It seems to be on a rolling platform. I get the impression of rails guiding its direction. The small bucket may serve as its “head.” Its “face” is blank and dark, reminding me of the essence of a television that is not on.

      As it continues to move towards me, I realize the truck I am in no longer has a roof. It now seems like a military jeep. I have no fear at all (even though I am only liminally becoming lucid) and look forward to jumping up, grabbing, and crushing this “creature,” (as soon as it lowers closer to me) which may be a robotic maintenance vehicle for the warehouse, but instead, I spontaneously wake before it arcs down.

      VSC personification as the unknown older woman but then choosing to initiate the transition myself was almost like ad-libbing. It even felt as if I was randomly doing such as part of a self-directed stage play. Perceiving the emerging consciousness factor (though still dominated by RAS) as an “empty” television (as in my “Kingdom” novella of 1990) may stem from recently watching more television than I have in years, though still not as much as many other people. I have not perceived television as a “monster” since before I met Zsuzsanna, though even so, I held no fear here, only the desire to crunch the machine, with a sense of certain (automatic) victory.

      A warehouse serves as a representation of leaving the liminal space of the dream state, typically the last setting of a dream.

    5. Going into the Army

      by , 09-21-2018 at 10:09 AM
      My husband was going into the army and we were becoming close friends with the army srgts and the army wives. We were staying the night at a hotel close by. I asked to borrow one of the army wives clothes since I found myself naked? But then I wasn’t when I was given access to her closet and drawers. I changed and then realized the men were going off to war and expected my husband on the plane. I looked at the army wide and her husband. He was 20 she was 50. I told my husband to wait because I felt that him being in the army would ruin our marriage and I could prove it to him. I asked the wife how many times she had been married. She said 3. I then asked how many were to army men and she looked sad and said three. I said “see! It’s a game they are playing, she’s using the men to live off of. They go to war and die and she gets another one. And I don’t do that I won’t live like that!” Then we left. I thought about taking the clothes I borrowed but decided to change back into my old things and woke up.
    6. close, but no cigar

      , 09-21-2018 at 03:36 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      I know I had dreams last couple of days. Some were even intense, because during day I caught myself thinking that something happened. But I didn't know what. I wish I knew...
    7. Second Zenyatta dream

      by , 09-20-2018 at 07:29 PM (My Robotic imagination)
      I start off playing Overwatch and I'am Zenyatta. I'm hiding from the enemy players by backing myself up into an enclove but they find me anyhow. They didn't kill me but I seen one who looked like a stylized girl with a dark face and red eyes. She smiled at me and I came out as looked at them and they looked at me back.

      Now I'm at a previous place I used to work at. It was the job center on Tallmadge that was next to Midway Lanes that shut down 4 years ago.

      Anyhow I'm working and doing mundane things and then something happens and and some kind of virus is floating around. I'm outside looking around and some parts of the scene is blurred beyond sight. There are people around me and we are ushered into the building. I'm walking around trying to find away out of here but it was to no avale. Ither the doors were blocked off by guards or the exit would be out of reach like on the ceiling of a vaulted room. At some point and time I feel something touch my neck and I go to flange it off but hit something round and hard. I looked to see what it was and it was an Orb. I'm Zenyatta..again! I see that I have many of them, way more then nine and wanted to get rid of some of them by telling the dream to reduced them but I began to see image and pictures of stuff like landscapes, houses, myself and so forth and realized that each orb is a memory. I let them be and follow me and realized now I can control people and get out of here.

      I know that Zen has a move called Discord so I found someone who was yelling at a kid and tried it on her. I drew something red in the air and flung it over onto her head and she got quiet and sat down. It works! I floated up to the kids and ushered them out of there and down the hall to safety. There is more that happened here but can't seen to recall it much. All I can get was it was something about my mom being there and she was walking down a hallway to the double doors at the other end where the guards were at.

      Anyhow I was in another place with people then woke up out of that dream.

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    8. I am Zenyatta!

      by , 09-20-2018 at 07:06 PM (My Robotic imagination)
      I have recently began to watch people on youtube play a popular game called overwatch. It is a causal/ competitive type of game where you play as Heroes, each with a different role and moveset. As I was watching through the videos one character stuck out from the rest. The streams picked an unknown character who had spheres at the bottom of the screen, two on the right side and two on the left side. They were floaty as the unseen character moves and jumped around and at time would they would rotate around in a circle. I told myself that this will be my go to character if I do managed to get overwatch. I couple months down the line I decide to get it and it this is where the character introduced himself to me. His name was Zenyatta who is an Onmic that wants robots to live in harmony with humans. He is a peace loving and kind robot but will defend himself or others he feel obligated to protect with his Orbs that are controlled by his mind.

      With that said he is now my main character and from playing the game so much hear is what happened in my mind.

      I start this dream of, doing random things. It was daytime outside and a white, cloud overcast was upon us. I forgot alot about what happened at this point but I do remember me walking around outside. I was going down a sidewalk and I tripped and fell over something. My hands landed on something round and metallic and the heel on my hand con caved it. I looked to see what it was and it was one of Zenyattas Orbs. There was an indent where my hands were at. I was a bit disappointed at the fact they would dent this easily. These are supposed to be powerful balls of energy are they not? As I thought this the Orbs reformed as though they were made out of aluminum. I got up and realized that the Orb floated down from around my neck and it was trying to stop me from falling. That could mean only one thing, I was Zenyatta. No way.. I looked at my hands and they were robotic like his. I am! I floated Hindu style out of there.

      Now I was in a car with the figuerine of Zenyatta. It was a model of him but somehow it got broken and I was trying to put it back together. Some had fallen to the floor of the car where you put your feet at and I was down there, gathering up the bit of plastic and pieces.

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    9. The Triangle Room

      by , 09-20-2018 at 05:59 PM
      I'm in a small room with some other people sitting on a bench. The bench is up against a wall running the length of it, and the other two sides of the room are glass, forming a triangle shaped interior. I realize I'm dreaming just because of the vividness. I look at my hands and try to slow everything down. My vision feel constrained for some reason. I drop to one knee and try to ground myself by doing the finger push. It works pretty well, with some slight resistance at first. My vision, still constrained is bothering me so I reach up to my face to find I am wearing sunglasses. Taking them off makes it much better, and I have my peripheral vision back. I also take off a hat I was wearing and makes my vision better as well.. Remembering my dream intention to talk, I sit back down on the bench, about to call out to the dream, when I suddenly lose lucidity.
      Tags: bench, room
    10. Mysterious Magical Man

      by , 09-20-2018 at 05:55 PM
      I'm watching a scene unfold from a third-person perspective. A small group of people is walking through the desert-mountains. The leader of this group is a mysterious figure to everyone in the region. He is a small person, only the height of a one or two year old, and his legs are malformed but uses magic to walk. He is clad in dark clothes including a mask over his face (colors maybe not the best decision in the desert?). His group is stopped by a large force of armed men, demanding to know who he is. The guy slowly removes his mask, and everyone on the other side is surprised by the reveal, saying his name which I forget. The mysterious person doesn't plan on leaving them alive to tell the story, though, and begins dispatching the men through magic, throwing them left and right with the wave of his hand. Some have already gotten back into a vehicle and are heading back into town situated down the plateau, where we are at currently, and into a narrow valley. The guy uses magic to slice away half the mountainside causing a landslide of sand and rock to ensue. I am now viewing events through his eyes. He jumps high into the air, almost flying, towards the landslide area. He sees a few men still running, having narrowly escaped the landslide. He drops down to the ground in front of them immediately throwing them with magic. Another car comes up from the town and stops after seeing the guy. He ends up throwing the car as well. I feel this one a lot more clearly as I am now in place of the person. I make a fist and punch the air causing the car to be flung backwards with great speed. After everyone is gone I start to walk back. I have to pass through a gate which appears to be electrically charged. Knowing that I can take the electricity, I grab on to the top and hurl myself over with no problems.
    11. xl.

      by , 09-20-2018 at 02:10 PM
      Non-dream stuff - I wrote most of this non-lucid dream on a tablet while cooking lunch, as I didn't get a chance to do so before that. Managed to remember a lot of detail, but not some missing bits from transitions and the like, unfortunately.

      I remember being some place outside. I was getting a big weapon. The poor memory I have of the outline makes me think of a black bfg. I had a small van like the one my partner has. It was a cloudy and grey day. I put the weapon in the back of the van.

      I remember the presence of my middle sibling and I think we spoke at some point, about the weapon. It was very rare and valuable.

      Then there's a transition and it implied I took it some place else. I was now in my "lair" and I was a dinosaur/monster like something out of the game Monster Hunter. The weapon was on a rock, safely secrued somehow and I remembering seing an orange glow on its outline, like an item pickup in a game.

      Then I looked at the top right corner of a visual interface and it said 33,000,000 or so, and it was money I had.

      Another big black monster that looked like a Komodo dragon or some sort of lizard appeared and he wanted the weapon. I remember he had a deep voice but I don't remember any words. He wanted to take it by force so we fought for a bit and he tried to attack the things making the weapon secure, without much success. I think he ended up scurrying away.

      I then was in a human form and in a black mustang-y type car, seeing it from third person like in many free roam games, and I drove at some speed toward a "waypoint" where I would find the black lizard. I was driving through a city and it was a bit dark at first. I got to a wide river, and I remember I could see an industrial estate type place across the way. I couldn't cross with the car and "remembered" I could summon a jet, so I summoned a bomber jet and got in and took off; the city was more like a complex megapolis now and it was a clear and sunny day.

      Somewhat unexpectedly I wasn't controlling the jet too well, and had a few near-hits with buildings; there were drag forces I don't remember noticing before when flying these in games and the tall and branched buildings made it difficult to navigate at high speed but after through the mega city jungle I was arriving over my waypoint so I jumped out of the jet, landing somewhere near my waypoint, which was a bunker entrance. It became night again and there were military personnel that didn't look like they were going to let me inside but they didn't threaten me with their weapons so I rushed through the entrance, into some dark and dimly lit concrete halls. The few lights that existed were weak fluorescent lights.

      There wasn't much staff inside this bunker and I seemed to have lost the guards. In this section of the dream I can't actually remember what form I took, possibly alternating between human and lizard form; but I found the black lizard in a small room behind a classroom place that had window panes to an "open" underground area. It was still very dark but there was bright blue light from the large underground area. I assumed some kind of high tech generator though I don't remember looking.

      The black lizard was smaller than before, but though he was the same one as before, it was like he was younger now, hence his reduced size. I remember confronting him with more agression and likewise back at me. I also remember thinking "why couldn't he just pay me a few millions for the weapon", also making me wonder how much money he had, which I assumed to be a lot.

      Unfortunately I can't remember what happened next in any detail and the dream ended shortly after.

      Notes (going into a bit of dream interpretation more than usual because of the dream's plot/context):
      • To me, the jet, the military staff and bunker are clearly based off my recent experience of playing Just Cause 3. Other elements from games are obviously present, like the weapon.
      • In the dream I did expect the jet control to be a lot more intuitive than it ended up being, but the giant branched buildings were very unexpected, because when I was on the ground I never spotted any.
      • Black seems to have been a very prevalent colour in this dream.
      • Black BFG, black lizard, black car, grey rocks, lots of places of darkness... Of contrast was the white van, the blue or tan jet and the shiny city buildings and blue sky when flying the jet.
      • Of note to me is that I immediately referenced the black lizard as male, and the fact that I was a lizard too, of some other colour, probably yellow or orange, indicates to me that the black lizard was likely a part of my Shadow and that I was playing some sort of Hero role.
      • I find that the Hero as represented by my less conscious mind tends to be too antagonistic towards the Shadow. This may just be a reflection of Hero portrayals in many typical stories. I personally see the Shadow archetype in general as a poor repressed fellow who needs attention or affection, rather than violence.
      • In my childhood pre-sleep lucids, the form of choice was usually a giant black lizard/dinosaur.
      • The last part of the dream has the most significance to me and follows a general pattern that my dreams sometimes take;
      • The underground bunker goes down and deeper and gets darker and darker, which is a common process in my dreams, but the presence of a bright blue light at the end when confronting the black lizard in the darkness was somewhat unusual. I do usually have meaningful interactions with dark characters in these dream stages however.
      • The fact that the black lizard was smaller and/or younger at the end makes me think that it is a part of my childhood that I've lost that I haven't been able to regain yet. As a child I was easily angry and aggressive, which was more or less the behaviour of the black lizard.
    12. Nonvisual Lucid, and Semi-lucid - September 20

      , 09-20-2018 at 01:10 PM (ZAD's DJ)
      Sep 20 2018
      (from phone again)
      awoke 330, no dreams (not a trace)

      [D]nl in hallway then classroom, trying to be sneaky w F, middle school, they have a sub or "numbers lady" helping them, I'm in a desk (shame - naked?), F finds the biology or nursing book, but it's hardbound landscape like a steno book and the papers are warped and barely readable, I'm upset as I need the book, try to show F but now all pages are fine, can't find a warped one (vivid)

      [SL]felt like a visualization/hh at first, but was a dream. in a larger classroom (feels like biology, maybe + lab), clear sight of 2 doors, see dcs walking by doorway and some entering, some of them have ? for faces, become semi-lucid (aware that i can control my surroundings, but not the idea of "dream")? start copying one dc using doorway expectation, a blond plain-faced girl with a loose pony tail. i copy her several times passing through the doorway, some going in some walking on, i look at the other students and try to decide how to control them when one of my copies sits next to me, i get kind of nervous and after a second i wake up

      [L]I'm in bed and I feel like my dog is going to walk on my face (i feel a presence approaching) but i hear the door swinging on the hinges like it's already open and i realize its F. she says "it's me, june" and is being silly. i realize I'm dreaming but i can't open my dream eyes, so i start separating my dream body from what i can now feel is my real sleeping body (or my dreaming physical body, not sure if it was a copy because they were in same position), i separate mostly and tell her to come with me (still can't see except checkerboard hh, but can hear and feel surroundings as i move) i phase thru the wall next to the bed and fall back, flying to catch my fall, hh gets lighter, i float back up and ask "june" to join me again and i wake up. try to hold on to hh but dog wakes me up. whole thing was nonvisual (not counting the hh-like imagery)

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      lucid , non-lucid , false awakening
    13. Strange Bathroom Wake-up Call Dream

      by , 09-20-2018 at 11:44 AM
      Morning of September 20, 2018. Thursday.

      Reading time (optimized): 2 min. Readability score: 71.

      Well, I guess the title is moot, as most of my bathroom wake-up call dreams are strange (which they would have to be to pull me into the waking process).

      My dream self is vaguely aware of my need to use the bathroom, but it is not very urgent at this point. Still, there is the typical eventual false memory of “we do not have a working toilet in our house.” (This is a common dream self perception, which is rendered to trigger the waking process. I then often falsely recall we have two toilets whereby only one works until I am fully awake.)

      I first go into the bathroom that is without a working toilet. After I go to the other one, I “realize” that neither toilet works. (In reality, we only have one, which works fine.)

      Typical indoor-outdoor ambiguity becomes the main factor. (That is, there is the perception of being inside and outside at the same time, very common in my dreams.)

      I notice a toilet beyond an ambiguous outdoor feature of ashes and miscellaneous junk, which is reminiscent of the bonfire location of Cubitis (though I do not directly think about Cubitis). Two unknown cheerful males are also present. I dramatically and cheerfully march over the area to the toilet beyond.

      I need to fix the toilet before I use it (or it would otherwise not flush). I am near its base where there is a mixed-up association with small pipes and where it anchors to the floor on each side. (That is, the two unrelated factors incorrectly combine into one concept.) Two thin pipes on each side, only slightly above floor level, are open.

      I am holding two objects. Each is a narrow connecting pipe of about three inches long, with a small hook coming out that resembles an incomplete miniature leash clip, with two thin strips of metal on each side of which resemble a blunt anatomical forceps. I need to insert each pipe into each larger one in the floor, to somehow connect the clip onto something I cannot directly see. (This makes no technical sense. It seems that water comes up from two small pipes in the floor to flow through the flat base and up into the bowl - even though the extra pipes are vertical.)

      I start by inserting one on the left. It goes in, but water starts spraying out of the top (even though there was no water coming out of the original vertical pipe in the floor, so this makes no sense), as the clip is not in the right place. It has to link to something unseen to keep the pipe in place. I do not consider how ridiculous the design is, as there is no path from the flat part of the base to go up into the bowl. There is also a rubbery piece between the floor pipe and the one I had inserted. It is irregular and pushed to one side. I wake after this amusing annoyance.

    14. The Ticker

      by , 09-20-2018 at 09:44 AM
      Morning of September 20, 2018. Thursday.

      Reading time (optimized): 4 min. Readability score: 63.

      Following vestibular system correlation (type one passive) as dream state induction, this stage of REM sleep is typically with less-directed thought processes, so I maintain my dream self as a passenger rather than a driver in this part of the sleep cycle.

      I place my dream self on a bus (though I have not been on a bus in real life for years). I sit on the left-hand side (subliminal dreaming orientation), about four seats back from the unfamiliar approximately forty-year-old male bus driver. There is not much lighting even though it seems to be morning. I partly rely on my sense of touch.

      The bus is going south, past the intersection of Loomis and Gillette Streets. (An intersection represents RAS mediation in real time.) My mother is in the seat in front of me, appearing as she was in the 1980s. I have no recall of her death in 2002, though I have no recall of my current conscious self identity either. My dream self seems to be about seventeen years old. (My waking-life age is fifty-seven.)

      There are clusters of used tissues, some strewn on the seat to my right, though they may not be mine. My mother had given me a small pocket watch which I also loosely associate with a timer. (The watch thread comes from one of the first scenes from “Anon” from 2018, seen before sleep. However, it is also a concurrent ultradian rhythm factor and a subliminal assertion of the dreaming and waking process. The tissue rendering is the subliminal memory of our youngest daughter throwing her used tissues on the couch as Zsuzsanna and I were watching “Anon.” Carefully and intelligently note the erroneous dream state correlation of couch with bus seat. That has been a common distortion factor in vestibular correlation processes since early childhood.)

      I see the analog watch face clearly, noticing that it is five seventeen. I hold it up to my right ear (subliminal waking environment orientation) and listen to it tick. However, after a time, I cannot hear it ticking, though, at times, there are a couple of discernible ticks before silence again. That annoys me. My mother is surprised, as she had just gotten it for me. I accidentally drop it onto the bus seat. I consider that it had become mixed up with the tissues. However, I retrieve it just before it moves down into the recess between the back of the seat and the seat itself. I vividly feel (without seeing it) with enhanced tangibility, that it is oval, though when I look at it, it is circular. I wind it without looking at it, feeling the winding crown tighten. It ticks a few more times but stops again. I start to wonder what the real time is, as it has only moved a bit towards five eighteen in all this time. (The imagery of the watch face remains consistent, which is an atypical dream state detail, especially when reading text or numbers as here.)

      Instead of continuing south, we are now going north back towards the Loomis and Gillette Street intersection. My dream self does not question this nonsensical reversal. The area does not look as it does in real life. I get off the bus on my own. Eventually, I am in the Barolin Street house (which is in Australia, not America, though I have not lived there in years). I go into the kitchen of the Barolin Street house. (However, there is a vague essence of the Cubitis house as correlating with the living room.) Despite being in a variation of the Barolin Street house, my conscious self identity does not yet emerge.

      I am going to get a new watch just like the previous one. I take it out of a disposable rectangular corrugated foil baking pan (inferred to be from the freezer of the refrigerator even though I do not discern any coldness from the feature) in which an uncooked chicken (for roasting) sits inside. The pan sits on a table. I soon realize that I could have taken the watch out without absentmindedly unwrapping the chicken. I pull the plastic wrap back over the chicken and close it up with Scotch tape. Around this time, I start to wake.

      The watch identifies the emerging consciousness factor, which in my dream, remains just beyond one-quarter consistency, though my dream self anticipates five-thirty. I am fifty-seven in reality (five seven). However, my dream self’s age is seventeen (my age when moving to Wisconsin).

      The uncooked chicken (potential flight as the dream state exit process rendered as not a viable emerging consciousness event) is the final vestibular system correlation in a very passive projected form with the additional factor of subliminal awareness that I am undressed as I sleep. Putting the plastic back around it is analogous to keeping my bed sheet over my body as I sleep. (This was not the last dream of my sleep cycle.) When I was half-awake, I realized the bed sheet had slipped down over the side of my body.

      The bus driver is this dream’s preconscious avatar (not dominant or confrontational as this is not my last dream of the sleep cycle) as well as vestibular system personification (linear). My mother, in this situation, is probably a subliminal awareness of Zsuzsanna (despite the total absence of my current conscious self identity in this dream), as she is the mother of our children (thus I hear variations of “mother” quite often from day to day). It also correlates with the scene from “Anon” where the female voice-over sounded as if it began with “Zsuzsanna” when the holographic watch appeared on Sal’s wrist from the storefront display. However, after “I am an open window…over infinity,” it is “Giguere,” not “Zsuzsanna.” (I did not know this before sleeping.) Additionally, if the movie scene did not occur from the far left side of the television screen, it likely would not have influenced my dream in the way it did.

    15. Waterslide River Run

      by , 09-19-2018 at 07:11 PM
      I'm spending the entire dream trying to find something. I'm picked up in a limo with a bunch of rich characters going to some cool waterpark right by the sea. As we drive up to it, I see that the slides start high above the sea on a pier looking structure, and dump you right into the ocean. Everyone in the limo wants to go, so we all get out and head over to get tickets. Surprisingly, one girl says she's got this and approaches the ticket guy saying that she doesn't have enough money and hands him a fourth of the money needed to cover everyone. I say I can pitch in as well, but the guy accepts it as it is and starts handing out the tickets. The ticket is in the shape of a pamphlet and opening it shows that there are 3 different slides, each one varying in intensity. I start to walk to the slides, but realize I have to walk through a club with a ton of people. As I try to maneuver through the crowd, I get handed items, including a necklace of some kind. The club is narrow and facing diagonally from the orientation that I thought it would. Someone comes up to me and asks where I got the necklace from, and I tell them I don't know. They take it away from me and I go to try and find people I know. Later, I'm watching something about a river flowing down through some mountains with snow banks on either side. People are tubing down the river while a skier dude is skiing down the bank of snow. He eventually jumps off a ledge and into the water. I am suddenly there in a tube going along for the ride. Around a tight bend, I fall out of the tube and try to get back on. I swim as fast as I can, but can't seem to catch up to it. Instead, I get trapped under some rocks in a small air pocket struggling to get out. I'm not panicked, but just want to get away from this area. I take a deep breath and dive underwater. I emerge in a city falling from the sky, but I can use my left hand to shoot a grapple onto buildings to swing from, like Spiderman. I get myself under control and swing between a few more buildings before setting myself down softly on the ground.