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    1. Behind the Medicine Cabinet

      by , 06-10-1972 at 05:25 AM
      Night of June 9, 1972. Friday. Several false awakenings (and likely real awakenings) occur throughout the night.

      Not much drama happens. My dream starts late at night but part of it (or similar scenes) repeat the next morning.

      I go into the bathroom late at night or very early in the morning (before dawn). There is a large fictional (rectangular lengthwise) window on the south wall of the bathroom that almost seems more like a poster or enlarged photograph. It implies that our house is on a very high floor of a skyscraper. I look out the “window” and see that many lights are on in the skyscraper across from our “house”. In one window is the silhouette of a person holding up a knife to another person. One even seems to have someone sleeping with a couple letter “Z” shapes above their head.

      Behind the door of the medicine cabinet, I am aware that there is a city in “another world”. In that city (which may be Chicago or New York), at night, is a large shaggy monster that wanders about the streets, possibly about twelve to fifteen feet high, but of mostly human form otherwise. I hear it roaring in the distance several times. Even though I am supposedly up high and not in the same “world” as the creature on the other side of the medicine cabinet, I have thoughts about a smaller form of the “same” monster being in this world but somehow invisible and able to move things a bit (but not cause that much damage or trouble). He would always be opposite the distance and such from where the “real” creature is and having the most tactile power the closer to the mirror/portal from “his” side. These thoughts are a bit muddled and ambiguous, though. I think about buying a map of the creature’s route (even though it would likely be a random “route” each night) but I would have to go through the hole in the wall to buy it and am not sure I would even fit through. The monster is likely no real threat (as I am supposedly high up as well as the hole being too small for much of anything to get through), but there is still a somewhat eerie (but not nightmarish) atmosphere.
    2. In the Wind

      by , 05-19-1972 at 02:08 PM
      Night of May 19, 1972. Friday.

      In this dream, there was a hurricane occurring and it may be early morning. At the time it started to become more noticeable, I was outside near my Cubitis house in the northern section of the yard as well as walking in the carport, and as the wind became stronger, I somehow ended up holding onto the north-facing incline of the shed roof in the area closer to the entrance and yet not being carried away by the strong wind. (This scene, however, would not have been possible in reality, as the roof was smooth tin and had no features to hold on to.) Most of the roof remained stable and mostly undamaged as well other than at least one sheet of tin flying off. The wind seemed to last a long time. At one point, it is as if I am seeing myself clutching at the shed roof near the apex (peak) or at least lying upon the incline (the entire shed of which my father built) while looking from my disembodied self’s right (by which my perspective seems to be from floating slightly more northward of the scene). I can even see “swirly mostly horizontal curved lines” (as if in a comic strip) that supposedly represent the forces of the wind. I am not sure what the fate is of any other people in the region including my parents. Perhaps I will be the only one left? The thought of being the only person left causes me to wonder how I will get food and fend for myself though there is also an odd sense of comfort at one point, which continues to grow, probably do to emerging lucidity (and being grateful I am only dreaming), though nothing occurs after this.

      Wind most often represents the passage of time or a concern with the passage of time (aging). This dream may also simply represent the waking process while trying to “hold onto the dream state” and not wanting to yet get on with the real-life day’s unfolding. Many other storm, hurricane, or tornado dreams may relate to trying to hold onto the dream state or even a particular level of consciousness, thus a storm comes to wake you (depending on what part of the dream the storm occurs in).

      On a side note, the first actual storm of this time period was Subtropical Storm Alpha (also called Alfa) on May 23, 1972 though I never concluded this was precognitive in any sense.
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    3. Explosion on the Sun

      by , 04-26-1972 at 10:26 AM
      Morning of April 26, 1972. Wednesday.

      I am walking in a large field, apparently in an area in or near Arcadia, traveling north with Steve J, Tina L, Kenneth H, and a few others. The sun is to the east at about fifty degrees altitude and it seems to be about noon or earlier. There is one area we pass that seems to be a cornfield. I do not see any buildings at this point. Much of the landscape is featureless.

      After a short time, part of the sun “explodes” into sparks of about three different small sizes that almost immediately seem to be in Earth’s atmosphere as if the sun was just a large burning feature hovering in the sky not that far away. I hear a sizzling and notice a few small grass fires farther to the east.

      We all start to run, but I go in a different direction more to the northwest (while the others mostly run north). I eventually hide in an unfamiliar old barn which is fairly dark. I decide to squat near a wooden half-wall of a stall. I eventually start to hear what sounds like older ladies talking. There soon seems to be a series of rude critical comments and gossip about other ladies who are likely not present, such as a particular hat being out of fashion, though there are nice comments about necklaces made of daisies and the merits of wearing the “right” cowbell and so on. This seems very strange and the supposed catastrophe eventually seems almost like a false memory within my dream - or at least something not to worry about.

      The “ladies” that are talking (none of them notice me at any point and I do not directly see any of them) turn out to be cows and horses idly chatting in the barn. Oddly, this does not trigger lucidity and I mostly sit and listen to their gossip as my dream fades.

      In a very similar dream or “reset” during the same morning, this time, right after I start running northwest, I seemingly become disembodied while taking to the air and then hover closely over an image of a small seemingly prehistoric lizard (it actually seemed to be a sort of olive-colored Florida chameleon) “frozen” in rock almost like some sort of powerful mystical fossil. It is me. It is apparently who and what I had always been - though maybe I am now in transition. I “realize” this as I wake. It almost seems hypnopompic.

      The lizard scene is a waking precursor as a sunrise metaphor. I am coming out of my being “embedded” in the fossil, analogous to waking, and the lizard represents the circadian rhythms symbol as such because lizards come out to sun themselves on rocks. The chameleon association relates to the dream self “changing” into the whole conscious self.

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    4. The Watching Eye

      by , 04-10-1972 at 12:23 PM
      Morning of April 10, 1972. Sunday.

      This is another childhood dream (age eleven) I have researched anew and was able to validate more information on that I had not recorded everything on originally, something that always pleases me.

      A secret device from either aliens or quite possibly a government (more likely a foreign government in this case, though) is disguised as a basketball which can fly around and take photos and survey (or spy on) an area when needed (at my high school in Arcadia - which I had not yet taken any grade nine to twelve classes in in real life, though I was familiar with the area). I am aware of it hovering near the bleachers “watching” people and it looks like an eye at times. It even “blinks” like an eye with some sort of protective visor being the “eyelid”. No one seems to notice this flying device, which sometimes hovers over a group of people. It is rather an eerie scene, but there does not seem a direct threat and my dream-self does not seem integrated with most of the scenes. There did seem to be a vague “reset” later on (seemingly in a different dream) where someone got to it, thinking it was the basketball in play, and bolts of lightning shocked the player, though I am not sure if fatally.

      It seems this dream was either influenced by, or precognitive of, a Super Goof comic book I had (or came to have) during this time period. I cannot say which, as I did not always document fairly detailed precognition (of the type that is too complex or layered to occur as a result of the “cop out” of pretending it is coincidence) due to it happening too often to bother to keep track of (even a few times a day), though more-so with Harvey comics (rather than Disney-related), which got to be frustrating over time, as this happened with dreams I thought to be unique and write a story about, only to find it was already done in much of the same detail, even a short time previously. The cover date is apparently May 1, 1972 according to one source (I do not think I have a copy of this particular comic book anymore) though the cover date means nothing as comic books usually came out several months prior to any cover date (or at least used to). In this particular case, it does feel as if the comic was already known and had influenced my dream, but again, this is not certain.
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    5. Run From The Volcano

      by , 04-09-1972 at 12:58 PM
      Morning of April 9, 1972. Sunday.

      Whenever it starts to rain, or especially hail, I feel a bit strange and then notice it is not rain, but a volcano erupting in the distance (always south of my Cubitis home) and little bits of lava or perhaps small volcanic rocks hitting the roof. This volcano seems to be in a similar location as another later volcano dream - “Heart of a Volcano”. I leave the house and start to run north (I almost always ran north in dreams when living in Florida, even though the main town itself, including schools and stores, was to the south, because I think I was somehow aware that Florida eventually came to an end if I went too far south though I had moved from the north as well - though there are exceptions regarding dreams where I was looking for a partner of the “mystery girl”). I suddenly find myself stuck inside a tumbleweed-like bush and cannot move much (no bushes or larger plants were anywhere in that area in real life). I just somehow sort of “popped” into it, as if I was just suddenly there as I was running. Later on, I am designing a coloring book (with me as the main character on many of the pages) with this scene as one of the pages (recurring), the line underneath reading “caught in the bush”. The threat from the volcano at the point is almost nonexistent.

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    6. Helping a Little Old Stick Insect Lady Cross the Street

      by , 04-01-1972 at 10:01 AM
      Morning of April 1, 1972. Saturday.

      I am helping a “little old lady” across the street in the main part of Arcadia. She is wearing a head scarf and seems friendly at first. However, her arm breaks off and I see that it first seems like a twig from a tree, though is actually implied to be an oversized insect arm (from a praying mantis or stick insect), though I had briefly first thought I grabbed her walking cane by mistake. I look down and she is angry about her missing arm and waving her fist at me. She is then about half my size and mostly part insect (again, praying mantis or stick insect) and part human. I feel embarrassed though only a little guilty at the apparent harm I have done. She yells about carrying the groceries herself (it is one sack of vegetables, I think). This may be related to a time in the past when I may have accidentally hurt a praying mantis or a stick insect.

      The little old woman is an emergent consciousness precursor but does not cross over - literally. That is, I want to help her cross the street while I carry her groceries but her arm easily breaks off and she becomes more like a stick insect (though mostly still human, but about half my height). She acts a little like the preconscious and is probably symbolic of an angry mother. It could be from a real-life event where I wanted to help my mother by pushing the shopping cart (in a grocery store) and absentmindedly hit her leg with it, which of course made her angry. There is an inactive flight dynamic here, as male stick insects can fly very well though the females apparently cannot. Crossing the street is a waking transition metaphor.

      On a side note, I integrated this into a story in real life about not taking candy from strangers and the idea that the dream above was a hallucination in the story caused by drugged candy (even though this does not at all relate to the dream implications). I am only adding this additional note to be as meticulous as possible regarding dreams and how I sometimes used them in later stories.

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    7. The Dog That Saw Ghosts

      by , 03-11-1972 at 01:47 PM
      Morning of March 11, 1972. Saturday.

      I have a small pet dog that barks at unseen things. “The Dog That Saw Ghosts” is almost like some sort of narrative that is perhaps also being filmed (perhaps even a novella) - that I am a part of rather than the usual real life events, but I do not know the dog’s name even though I do think that I heard it in the dream. I do feel like myself, mostly. We never had a dog in Cubitis by that point, although my brother soon had a dog (a female black Labrador) named “Gypsy”. (Brother Earl lived several houses south of us on the same side - east - on Highway Seventeen.)

      He growls at one corner of the room at night. (In real life, later on, I did have a small pet stray dog that I named “Joe” that had the same habit from the dream - growling into corners of the room at night for no seeming reason, which gave aspects of this dream an intriguing precognitive awareness). He growls at what looks like a handkerchief sized ghost floating near the ceiling. Another scene seems to be on the school bus, where he barks at something floating high in the air. (A year or so later, I actually set up a small “ghost” made from cloth and had it hanging down from the ceiling to where you could move it down and back a bit manually. It was some sort of “dream nostalgia”, I guess.)

      I become aware of some sort of special trick that people use to scare themselves. It is related to a dream where ghostly eyes seem to move towards me, very closely, but the effect is caused by my own eyes. It is squinting a bit and wrinkling the nose, so that it looks like “other eyes” are watching you (though you are really only see the “eyes-shaped” outer darkness of your own perspective, the “eyes” being whatever light is coming through, sometimes causing a slight tingling. I had not been aware of the effect until this dream and it does work for me at times.

      I believe part of the idea of this dream, on one vague level, may have been connected to a book which my sister Carol had got for me entitled “The Thing in B-3”. I had it for years but do not even recall any specific details now.
    8. Dogpile

      by , 02-19-1972 at 01:53 PM
      Morning of February 19, 1972. Saturday.

      Around this time period of my life were some of the last but more unusual dog attack dreams. This was also one of my more vividly “energized” dreams of the time.

      I am walking out to the backyard and fairly close to the back of the shed my father had built. Some of the area seems as it was before he built the shed. I notice the somewhat bony remains of a dead dog halfway between the railroad tracks and the edge of the backyard prior to the more weedy area (which we later used for a garden). We also had bonfires in the area in real life during one time period. It is otherwise more featureless in my dream and seemingly slightly more elevated.

      My dream takes on an unusual eerie mood, a sort of “antiquity” (or sense of “alternate time” - slightly reminiscent to the eerie feeling I got when watching “Jason and the Argonauts” the first time) that seems to begin to dominate my dream. I notice that a smaller dog seems to be guarding the remains for some reason - from the other side and facing me. The dog soon notices me and begins to growl menacingly. The ghost of the other dog rises up from the bones and seems to pose a threat as well. Soon, both dogs (the “dead one” possibly being a golden retriever and the other at least part Labrador but two-thirds the size of the first) run towards me. I turn and flee into the carport and dive into the front doorway (which apparently was already open) and wake just as I contemplate the idea of the dogs getting to my feet and legs, which are still just outside the doorway. I wake with somewhat of a jolt, but it is an interesting sensation as if I was actually leaping out of my dream’s residual energy. I anticipate the feeling of the dog’s teeth on my feet and legs but this never actually occurs this time, although I have felt severe pain in similar dreams.

      As stated before, dogs are most often rust-colored or black in my childhood dreams, and almost always invasive to my in-dream freedom, both lucid and non-lucid (though more common in lucid ones). My wife also had very similar associations with such dogs.

      On February 18th, the prior night and into this morning, I had watched “King Kong vs. Godzilla” (1963) on Channel 13’s “Shock Theatre” (though found it very amusing rather than scary in any way) as well as the first fifteen minutes or so of “The Mysterious Doctor” (1943) starting from 11:30 pm (apparently about a headless ghost) before falling asleep. However, it is more than likely this dream was influenced by having seen “The Hound of the Baskervilles” (late 1950s version, I think) at an earlier date.
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    9. The Mole Cricket Birth

      by , 02-14-1972 at 08:14 AM
      Morning (and afternoon) of February 14, 1972. Monday. Valentine’s Day. (Last resupplemented for clarity on Friday, 1 September 2017.)

      A stomach virus had rendered me very ill. I had severe stomach pain and my dreams were, as can be imagined, rather unusual.

      My main dream involved me being in surgery at an unknown hospital. A bright light overhead sometimes seemed to make my head hurt slightly. Over time, there were at least six doctors of both sexes working on me from both sides of the cold metal table I was lying on.

      Over time, I seemed to be “pregnant”. I am not sure how I, as an eleven-year-old boy, could be pregnant, but this seems to be the case or at least the association. The surgery I am undergoing seems to be related to my apparent “cesarean”. I am somewhat wary of what is to come as I lie on my back hoping the pain will ease off.

      Later, I look down at my navel as I feel my pain defined more densely in one area of my abdomen. From out of my belly button emerges a large mole cricket. (Mole crickets were common where I lived and I used to pick them up a lot and let them tickle me by trying to “dig” between my fingers though it was never painful). As I watch, there is a bit of blood and sand around my belly button as it crawls out. Apparently, I will not need surgery now, as the “birth” unfolded without a need for a cesarean. I am not quite sure what to make of it all. Congratulations to me, I gave birth to a mole cricket. Intriguingly, the pain was gone in real life after this dream.

      An earlier part of another dream of this date was also odd. It involves some sort of thin wooden female idol about eleven inches high (somewhat African in appearance, but also somewhat Maori-like) that is continuously moving about, rotating and bending (vaguely reminding me of mosquito larvae in water). It seems to only be able to bend at the waist. It seems to be “dancing” to a reggae instrumental version of “Puttin’ on the Ritz”, sometimes with an “uh uh uh” human chorus. (It was at least partly but loosely based on the “Sesame Street” cartoon “Water!”, which, at the time of this writing, has the YouTube ID of LEoy_Kaglxc). It soothed me over time, almost like a healing ritual. (There was an association with the “Water!” cartoon possibly due to being partly dehydrated, though I seem to recall an additional similar short film which I cannot trace.)

      In another previous dream, there was also a concern for the imaginary loss of my father (who seemed to be missing but actually was there when I was ill), who actually did die on Valentine’s Day, though years later in 1979. I had also been thinking a lot of my sister Marilyn who died on the 13th but Valentine’s Day in 2014 in Australia where I live now. (I had an unlikely idea all my life that my sister Marilyn and my father would die on Valentine’s Day but probably in different years and this idea became oddly enhanced when it was her that first told me of my father’s death in the middle of the night, waking me from sleep, though I had certainly never told anyone about this idea.)

      In real life, my teacher came by after school (I had not gone due to my illness) and gave me a large cardboard box full of Valentine’s Day cards from nearly everyone in the whole school (including from schoolmates of whom I am sure did not even like me).

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    10. The Rose in the Prism

      by , 02-06-1972 at 08:06 AM
      Morning of February 6, 1972. Sunday.

      This was one of my more vivid and seemingly meaningful dreams of this time period. It had a profound long-lasting mood and added color and introspection to several days that followed. It seemed to have a very distinct feel to it, somewhat like “Picture It, Strangely” (September 26, 1969). As with that dream I tried to make a more coherent story after the original documentation, but of course, due to the surreal nature of dreams, “proper” stories are highly unlikely unless much content is removed, which kind of defeats the purpose of dream study in the first place. In the way that a dream uses composites, unusual or unlikely associations, time shifts, illogical or impossible events, linear stories are not typically feasible.

      I am in my fifth grade class on seemingly the last day of school. It also seems to be the morning of a weekend. Danny H is standing in front of the class and is given a special award. It is a fully transparent vertically rectangular prism, somewhat like a small column; a crystal with a red rose inside. However, this award seems to be some sort of “put-down” or sarcastic act of some sort (or perhaps a gag gift related to his feminine nature) rather than a sincere gift or award to him (and I perceive that a couple of our classmates are even snickering, including John C). For some reason, I mostly seem to be standing to Danny’s left (facing south and viewing the rest of the class) though my classmates do not really acknowledge me. The enclosed rose seems perfect and “frozen in time”. It is vaguely somewhat like the concept of an insect in amber, I think.

      Danny H, though, seems very cheerful and appreciative and says “Thank you”. A short time later, he says “it’s dusty” and blows on it a bit.

      Suddenly, a great wind filled with dust overcomes the class. All of a sudden everyone is much older. Everyone has aged to such an extreme, it seems like they are close to death. They suddenly all appear to be seated at a large rectangular wooden table in a business office (though bilocated in the fifth grade class via one viewpoint) and it seems to be the distant future and everyone is sort of gray all over and covered with dust (in a somewhat unrealistic way, as if they had not moved for fifty years though while still remaining alive). Oddly, I seem to be “swept” from the scene, remaining my own age, but still viewing everything. I am aware that Susan C had been working in real estate much of her life (which turned out to be precognitive).

      It should be known that wind almost always represents the passage of time in my dreams, often in a precognitive sense. The rest of it likely represents my somewhat disconcerting transition to middle school.

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    11. When the Moon is in the Seventh House… (Personal Version)

      by , 02-04-1972 at 08:04 AM
      Morning of February 4, 1972. Friday. (Original version, fully explained.)

      Message: “Let the sunshine in” / “Wake up and enjoy the day and don’t dawdle in the dream state even if you can fly while sleeping”

      My dream starts out with a partial focus on last Sunday’s total lunar eclipse of January 30, 1972. I am firstly outside in the front yard in Cubitis, but as my dream ends, it seems like I teleport into the southwest bedroom. (I am also not as aware of my physical body as in other dreams.)

      Prior to my dream’s sudden outdoors to indoors scene shift, the moon, which is in the northwest area of the sky (the same location the sun was in my dream “The Day There Was No Sun”), becomes sort of dark. I am not sure if there is going to be another eclipse or not. Eventually, the moon somehow seems to become a giant crow or blackbird.

      This giant crow crashes through our roof, directly into our large sliding-door closet in the southwest bedroom (where my school clothes are kept in real life). The giant crow has somewhat of a cartoon-like appearance. He seems to have an expression of puzzlement and frustration and I get the vague impression he is now “too fat to fly” as relating to the “moon being full”. He fills our entire closet with his bulky body, which is several times the area and volume of our hall closet. I am aware that this event means “when the moon is in the seventh house”, seemingly meant to mean that our house is the seventh from an implied starting point, though I am also aware it is the first line from the song “Age of Aquarius” (which ends with “let the sunshine in” continuously repeating).

      The moon represents the dream state (as well as circadian rhythms in relationship to night and sleeping) and the link to the unconscious self. It flies but “falls” and becomes a part of my day to day waking reality by reminding me I have to get up and go to the closet to get dressed for school.

      The “silly” giant crow is a projection of my dream self as simultaneously both an upsized and downgraded flight symbol (flight being the dream itself, the fall being the natural waking mechanism), cartoon-like to represent the "unreal” nature of some dream types and giant because of trying to focus more on my dream, frustrated and puzzled because my dream is over (waking transition).

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    12. Source of the Nile?

      by , 02-01-1972 at 03:53 PM
      Night of February 1, 1972. Tuesday. (This was possibly after midnight into February 2, though one of the first of nine longer heavily documented dreams.)

      In my dream (age eleven), I am somehow aware that my home in Cubitis is, for whatever reason, “the source of the Nile” (which of course makes no sense at all in any context). (It seems probable that our water pump is somehow partly responsible though it is in a slightly different location in reality relative to its place in our front yard). My house is more isolated than in real life and possibly located in a different place farther south, though still in Florida, apparently. I am not aware of our next-door real-life neighbors at any point (or the orange grove on the north side) and in fact, seem to be the only human presence in-dream for the most part. Somehow, the part of the Nile River that we live near (or which is coming out from near our water pump) is only eventually like a stream about six feet wide at the most. The main scenes seem to relate to being outside and watching the water flow, albeit, somewhat unrealistically. In fact, the water seems to be bubbling at times as if it is boiling. However, it is not actually boiling but just displaying an apparently normal feature of the Nile River. I am not aware of any potential danger (such as crocodiles). Not much happens other than looking at the river’s surface and sometimes hearing the low-volume bubbling sound. (Another unrealistic aspect is that the water seems to sometimes mainly flow towards the banks rather than forward with the supposed current.)

      This dream seems to be at least partially linked to the “prototype” (first version) of my “Deer Monkey” dream element, so as such, I have decidedly placed the online “Deer Monkey” entry with this set and moved the date heading to this one, as it mostly is the same in description. The only real differences are that the “deer monkey” seemingly lives near a trailer park rather than near the (faux) “Nile River” as in the version from this set and in the later version seems to perhaps be the only one left in existence (“deer monkey” as mentioned in my other entry as being wrongfully titled in my childhood dream journal - even though that was technically the name my dream presented - as I had not yet caught on for whatever reason of how two-word terms were properly used - as it was an unusual type of deer rather than a monkey so technically should have been called “monkey deer”. Up until the early 1980s, I still had a cassette with the sound I tried to vocally mimic from my dream, which sounded a bit like a peacock - and perhaps was influenced as such).

      Newly researched and updated June 29, 2015. I am still intrigued by how dreams typically get as many things wrong as possible (even regarding something as simple as how water should be - although certain dream types are far more “realistic” concerning physics) other than in validated remote-viewing and precognitive events (though which also sometimes join as otherwise unrelated composite events).

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    13. Three witches then and later and the house of straw

      by , 01-22-1972 at 10:54 AM
      Night of January 22, 1972. Saturday.

      There was a connection between an older dream of three witches and the later (last known version) “Straw House” dream. The “main”, extremely vivid (and semi-lucid) straw house dream was on January 22nd, 1972 (age 11) during the middle of the night. This version was influenced (mostly in “atmosphere”) by a vaguely similar scene from the television movie “Something Evil”, where the character of Marjorie Worden absentmindedly wanders through a large enclosed vineyard or nursery. In this highly aware state in my dream, I found myself moving towards a very large house made mostly of straw.

      After entering this structure (somehow in order to “escape” from the three witches from a much older “anniversary-type” dream and who I do not actually see in this dream - I sense they are invisible and had followed me from a store in the town of Arcadia), I run swiftly through the seemingly infinite but narrow halls of straw (with a subtle doorway of additional minor detail every several feet) that glow with a very eerie radiance. I vividly feel the slapping of various strands of straw on my face as I run. I am not afraid at that point - it almost seems, eventually, like an unending state of freedom and beauty. It goes on and on for some time but I do not tire. I greatly enjoy the imagery and mental clarity and unusual lighting and atmosphere. After a time, however, I find myself emerging from the structure and see that it is actually quite small from the outside. From a deeper level, I find myself manifesting a Tyrannosaurus rex in a fairly close area. (It was very common for me to be aware of the mental creation of anything that chased or threatened me, with little exception other than a few apnea-based dreams, usually associated with a dragon - knowing that I did it on purpose either to thrill myself or to cause a change in dream awareness or even out of the urge to wake myself after “sleeping too long” - my most lucid attempt being the Pepto-Bismol-colored triceratops tulpa semi-dream and all-night dream states. I notice from the writings of others that most people seemingly do not have this memory of instigation - yet mine is often clear even in non-lucid dreams.)

      Apparently, the dinosaur had been there all that time (false memory through my own awareness of instigation of such). This is similar to the older dream ending where I was in a store and the three very short, very old “witches” (wearing scarves over their heads and shawls, and all nearly identical) all carrying Easter baskets filled with food, and somewhat cartoon-like, walked near me, giggling (cackling) in a mischievous way. I ran from the store and there was also a tyrannosaurus that appeared near a lesser-used back-road. In both of these dreams (after self-instigating my own chase), I did the same thing. I dived into tall weeds and remained still until I awoke. In my later dream, it was the tall weeds near the railroad tracks seemingly in back of my house. This implied that the straw house was associated (being in the same general location) with the rabbit shed my father had built in real life. Interestingly, this and similar dreams had a very clear physical awareness of being outside in tall grasses, even a sense of outside air. The residual sensations such dreams held were quite intriguing, as if the mind refused to fully integrate itself into the real environment (even the actual body positioning) until the last possible second.

      See also: “Your Greatest Fear”
    14. "Hello Goodbye"

      by , 01-11-1972 at 05:41 PM
      Morning of January 11, 1972. Tuesday.

      This was a more vivid scenario related to the “Fear No Evil” movie from 1969. (See also this link.)

      I am at a fancy unknown restaurant with Susan R. For some reason, the Beatles song “Hello Goodbye” is playing in a 1920s band style (as if from a false in-dream “memory” of the song having been released and becoming popular in 1922). This is connected with a car accident relative to my (in-dream only) 1922 red Phaeton. There is some ambiguity regarding the ghost of Susan R after the car goes off an embankment and crashes, leaving several smaller sections (and she or her remains seem to have vanished at one point) - and there is also the presence of the “mystery girl” at one point (though mostly in shadow and not more definitive in rendering). This was at the level of paranormal dreaming that was directly related to my eventual real-life destiny regardless of the strong movie influence. I am not threatened or injured at any point. The movie is not set in 1922 so I am not sure why this came to dominate this dream theme other than the small antique car in the movie which is slightly similar to the 1922 red Phaeton of earlier dreams. The mystery girl, though somewhat eerie, does not seem threatening or demonic as in the movie’s parallel theme.
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    15. Valley of the Lizards

      by , 01-08-1972 at 07:08 AM
      Morning of January 8, 1972. Saturday. (First version.)

      I am in some sort of “hidden” valley in an unknown region, perhaps even implied to be on another planet (though dreaming of being on other planets is quite rare for me). It may also be an “undiscovered” part of Florida. The lush valley seems to have its own special type of animals, many of them unusual and “giant” species of lizards. At one point, I am floating over the scene. I seem to be the only human presence around, disembodied at times. I do not seem to be in danger at any point.

      One of the giant lizards seems to have some of the characteristics of the Cheshire Cat from the Disney version of “Alice in Wonderland” (from 1951), including the bluish and purple stripes around its tail and body (and perhaps even the ability to vanish with the “grin” remaining). I do have an association with the idea of a “Cheshire lizard”. The lizards do not seem threatening at any point. They are not really that much like genuine dinosaurs and not really like the popular imagery of dragons either (even though one title considered was “Valley of the Dragons” - though that was an actual movie from 1961).

      It is possible that this dream was inspired somewhat by movies like “Journey to the Center of the Earth” (from 1959) where real live lizards were made up to look like “dinosaurs”.

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