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    1. 16th of August 2009

      by , 06-09-2010 at 05:40 PM
      Quote Originally Posted by Gothic Fighter View Post
      16th of August 2009
      Watching movies, reading files(ND)

      Note: I donít know exactly but I think that the prison part and the suicide are part of another dream but since both dreams had my grandmother in them Iíve decided to write then under one title

      I am at my Grandparents with my mother and my little sister. I am in the room that is also present IRL. After a while they go home and I remain only with my Grandmother. I am supposed to stay there until the next day. There was my cousin and I had some DVDs with some movies on them (he has a portable DVD Player). Scene changes and I think I am in another room (not present IRL) with more of my cousins, mostly girls. Then I put the DVD in some TV or something. I am acting like Iím paralyzed. I fell out of my chair and I canít coordinate my actions. (Gap) I was searching for some files in a prison with my granny or alone on a laptop or we were really at a prison. It contained some photos, a movie which played directly on the paper and some text. After a watch it and examine it, I decide to look for a popular case (It was a German name, Something van Something). I donít remember well but I think Iíve found it. (Gap) I am standing on a street and somebody tried (and managed?) to commit suicide by shooting herself. My mom asked a female DC if it was ok to put the suicideís leg or body in the fridge to heal (weird, I know). She said itís OK as long as the fridge had 2 watts of power (or another measurement unit). Then she enters what is supposed to be the victimís house but which actually is a shop. Inside she sees a cockroach. On the table in front of me, where the victim is supposed to be, is bread with a red spot on it. End of dream.

      Ice scream, You scream(ND)

      I am supposed to go to the church so I go and I enter there and inside there is an Ice Cream making machine. Scene changes and I look at a TV or I am in it. I am in a place with lots of mud and holes in the ground filled with water. I turn to the left where I see a man (I think it was homeless) walking, and several big construction machines, repairing the road or so. Then I hear something about the poor quality of works in Romania (100% true IRL), this thing being said by the president. After that I go forward, enter the sidewalk, turn left and start going to the church. On the left side of the street I notice a big truck with a trailer going backwards. After this I am being pulled towards the street. I am scared that I could be killed by a car. After some hard tries I manage to hold the fence on my right side. After a few minutes I see a hamster in a transparent ball (yesterday Iíve watched ďBoltĒ), going behind a house. A DC asked me if Iíve seen it. I answer her and then go towards the church. I arrive there and I see the Ice Cream machine. Almost everybody buys an ice cream. Itís a white ball with cherry juice on top. Scene changes a bit and I see a guy talking to a girl about going home and bringing money. The dream either ended here or continued to the next one.


      There is a naked guy, looking in a big mirror which is in a public place. His ďmanhoodĒ is woke up and slightly bent upwards (I donít know why but this remained in my head. No, Iím not Gay). Then 2 or 3 guys come and bully or talks to him. After a while he opens a drug bottle and gives everyone lots of small balls. End of dream.


      Note: This dream has lots of parts scattered in other of my dreams so Iíve made one ďbigĒ one.
      I and another guy, am carrying some drums in a bag. (Gap) Another friend of mine also has drums like this next to his PC which is outside. End of dream.

      Up, up and away(ND)

      I was flying up and kept flying until Iíve reached the clouds. I donít remember what method Iíve used. In most if not all of my flying dreams, I fly on a bicycle or a tricycle (like Jigsawís).

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    2. 14th of August 2009

      by , 06-09-2010 at 05:38 PM
      Quote Originally Posted by Gothic Fighter View Post
      14th of August 2009

      Water Again(ND)

      I was on a road with my sister. We are supposed to go to a river. As a walk forward down the road I see a big lake on my left. After a few second there is a river on my right. I felt scared. (Gap) The river is now a lake. I get a call (not sure if it was on a phone) from my dad which told me to meet him on the other side of the lake. I went to the right and the lakeís surrounding ground is all muddy and my foot gets down into the mud several times. I decide to go back and take a car. Iím not remembering anything from here on.

      Jumping the fence(ND)
      I was supposed to meet my dad which (in DW) came back from Italy. I run down a hill or a small piece of ground covered with grass. At the end was a tall fence. Iíve decided to jump over it and managed to do it. Iíve seen my dad on the street wearing nothing on his torso. I went towards him to hug him. From the left side of the sidewalk were coming two persons and my dad hugs one of them. He is offended but I laugh. After that he hugs me. End of dream.


      (I donít remember much of this dream). I was driving a car recklessly and Iíve hit another car, wrecking its left lights. After that I go to some kind of Repair Garage and I park the car in the courtyard. End of dream.
    3. 13th of August 2009

      by , 06-09-2010 at 05:35 PM
      13th of August 2009
      The Guitarist Dad(ND)
      I am in the entry hall of my house. I am playing the guitar with my dad (IRL my dad doesnít know how to do it). I or he plays the chords G, D, E, A, C, D. The song sounds great. I also think that my dad is actually a famous guitarist in my country which use to play in a band called ďPasarea ColibriĒ (Gap)
      We are in the kitchen. Weíre seeing / talking about some guys in front of our flat wanting to watch us with some binnacles. One of us suggests that lying down on the floor would be a good idea. After I lie down I wake up.
      Note: After waking, the chords sounded great on real guitar with some little modifications on the D chord. :woo:

      The Water Journey(ND)
      Iím with some members of my family and we are following a big ship with another ship/boat/car. (Gap) After a while we arrived somewhere where the ship took another big turn and we followed it. The ocean or sea is so big and the water made so realistic ripples behind the ship. Scene changed and weíve entered a city. I think I was driving a yellow car.(Gap) I see my grandpa but Iím not where they live IRL (at the countryside). I am driving a bike/car down an asphalted road with a great speed but when I want to return up I have troubles getting up again. The road was dirty and muddy. (Gap) End of dream.

      I Need Water(ND)
      Iím going to a stream (also present IRL) to fill a bottle with water but soon as I arrive I notice that I have none. On the ground are lots of bottles but almost all of them are dirty. I go up some stairs and a women (I think it was a schoolmateís mom) gave me a bottle full of water. I wake up.[/QUOTE]

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    4. The Exodus, replay? Task of the Year.

      by , 06-09-2010 at 04:44 PM (LUCIDMAX's max lucids!)
      Beach party with Moses!!

      Rating : ★★★★☆

      Date : 3rd June, 2010

      I was on a beach party. The beach looked exactly like the image above, but there was also a cute little wooden beach house. I was along with five of my friends. All of us were in swim suits. I looked at mine. The were knee high drawstring trousers or something, colored blue, with a white image of a palm tree.
      There were really fierce waves. I mean REALLY fierce. The wind was strong enough to pull us out of course, and the waves rose more than five meters high. It was a cloudy day, but the sun's rays were just visible through the gaps in the clouds.
      I could hear a far off seagull's cry. We started to play beach volleyball, but the wind was too fierce and would cause the ball to go astray. Somehow, all of us found that extremely funny. We started to laugh, hard. We were laughing without stopping, without any particular reason except the ball's going off course. We laughed so much that it started to hurt my stomach, and tears came into my eyes. Finally, we hiccuped ourself to silence. Spontaneously, out of nowhere,
      I became lucid. Perhaps it was due to the fact that I live in a city in the middle of the desert, and that we rarely get such strong waves along the coast line. Whatever, now is not the time to wonder WHY I became lucid.
      There wasn't really much scenery there for me to stabilize, but I did it anyways. I used all of my senses, including activating the sense of taste by tasting some sea water. When the dream was stable enough, I spun in a circle and rubbed my hands. The clarity was already pretty good, so it didn't have that much effect. But the experience was life like, or perhaps even more vivid than real life.
      I walked around. I did not want to do something too exciting early in a dream, a golden rule of mine that works like a miracle. I used to instantly start smashing up stuff but it killed my lucid dreams, and not long after I learned my lesson and became more patient.
      I walked up to my friends. One of them, a guy, said, "Hey, see those waves, Max? They seem pretty big. Think we will get a sale on those?"
      Another one, a girl, replied, "Yeah right, everyone knows that summer sales are only on laptops. Besides, where are you gonna stash a surfing bear in that apartment of yours?"
      "Hey," he replied, "at least it's not as big as your belly, it doesn't need an acupuncture every half hour."
      I was laughing hard, again. But for the fear of losing my lucidity to their one-of-a-kind conversation, I intruded and said, upon suddenly remembering, "Guys, do you know where Moses is? The one who parted the sea?"
      Every one started to gape at me, like I was mad or something. Another girl said, "Like. duh! Don't you know that he is on vacation in Hawaii right now? Man, you gotta buy some fashion magazines, you know that?"
      "HUH?! Moses, the spiritual kinda guy, in a fashion magazine?! Are you kidding me?"
      They all start to look at me weirdly again.
      "Anyways, tell me which direction is Hawaii."
      They look at me in even more surprise.
      "Dude, this IS Hawaii."
      "Ah, I see. So then where is Moses?"
      "He is on the clearing around the forest. He was helpin' lil' kids to cross the ocean, you know. To make sure they don't fall into the clams at the bottom."
      "Okay, thanks for the info."
      I use the rope method to pull myself toward the end of the forest. I feel a tug around my waist, and I quickly transport to there. Then, I start to run, looking for Moses.
      WHOOOSH!!! A loud sound came up from ahead of me. The ground started to rumble. The wind suddenly became a heck of a lot faster. I actually had to use telekinesis on myself, imagining me glued to the ground, to avoid flying away with the wind.
      Then, the whole sea in front of me split apart.

      Wait, wasn't there a condition? Shit. Wait up!! WAIT A FUCKIN' SECOND!!!
      I snapped my fingers, and stopped time. I did that by imagining a movie being paused. Everything became perfectly skill, and a little blurred, or shadowed. I had suddenly remembered that Moses need to part the Reed sea, not jut any random beach.
      I tried a trick I had never done before. I concentrated any summoned a large banner that could be poked in the ground. But before writing anything, I did a reality check, stabilized more, and rubbed my hands again. I am taking no chances.
      I use my finger to write something up. But I see that I have written a jumble of random words that make no sense. No matter.
      I cause the letters to morph and re arrange themselves, something like Tom Riddle (Voldemort) does in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. The words now read, "Welcome to REED sea!"
      Not exactly what I wanted, but it was good enough. I planted it in the ground, and believed what it said.
      I unfroze time. Now, the sea was blood red. Maybe something related to the similarity between "Reed" and "red".

      Oh well, as long as it's a sea. The sea in now completely parted. Great! There goes another task of the year!
      But, Moses seemed to be having some trouble keeping it parted like that. Don't know why, buyt I went there to help him.
      I was standing on sand, which was supposed to the ocean bed. I built an invisible wall on both sides to keep the water from flowing in.
      "Whew!" , said someone near to me. It was Moses! He was in a white robe, with his hood down so I couldn't see his face. He was also wearing a golden armor on one hand.
      "Thanks for the help, kiddo. You could become a better Moses than me."
      "No problem. Tell me, do you only go around parting seas and stuff?"
      "No, but I am famous for it. Say, do you want a new dream guide?"
      "Yeah, I came here to become your dream guide."
      "Sorry, but I already have one."
      "Oh, that vampire brat?"
      "But I am much greater than her. I can show you the mysteries of universe. I can lead you to the divine. I can make you spiritual. Your dreams will be the strong hold of good."
      "Wow! Thats amazing. Leona never did that. Can you really do that stuff?"
      "Of course I am. Who do you think I am?"
      "Right. But the me something. Can you fight?"
      "No, I am a good guy."
      "Can you kill monsters?"
      "Can you turn into a vampire?"
      "Are you a hot young lady?"
      "No, of course not! But that doesn't mean I am.........pleasurable." (PS sorry if anyone was offended by this, but as you know, it was just a dream, nothing else.)
      "Sorry, but I am totally into women. Tell me one last thing."
      "Do you know how to pilot combat space ships?"
      "No, I don't."
      "Sorry then, but you are just not my type. I will stick with Leona for now though. Come once in a while to give me some of that divine experience of yours, will ya?"
      "Ah, that Leona. That mother fuc**ng bitc*h $/&^#!!!!!!"
      "Whoa there! You're Moses. You are not suppose to curse like that. Only teenagers can do that."
      "This is the 21st century, dude. So long, bi*ch!"
      He disappears into thin air. Oh well. I have to wake up now, before I forget the task of the year. I force my real eyes open, something I can do even since I was not lucid dreaming, and wake up.

      Oh and by the way, my exams have finished. They went real good. I am expecting at least an A in all of my O'level exams. Now I will regularly update my DJ. More dreams to come soon! ^_^

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    5. Zombie Slaughter and Meditating. :D

      by , 06-09-2010 at 04:42 PM (LUCIDMAX's max lucids!)
      Sorry for the late updates, guys. It's just that I am currently very busy with my IGCSE exams. I still have two more lucid dreams in my paper DJ that I haven't typed yet.

      Zombie Slaughter!! And other cool stuff.

      Rating : ★★★☆☆

      Date : 1st June, 2010

      I was somehow inside a haunted mansion. The building was really old, perhaps a century or two. There was a large, open area in the middle of the mansion, where there should have been an indoor pool. Perhaps it was not dug up yet.

      My vision was third person. I saw me, my friend, and another guy I don't know, enter the clearing through a large, shiny bronze gate. We came inside, and started to look around. I saw myself touching the wallpaper of the place, feeling it up. Then, I felt this weird sensation on the back of my neck. The atmosphere of the dream changed. I am sure you all know the creepy feeling when a nightmare's about to start.
      Suddenly, I heard a gushing voice. Then, all of the paths leading out of the place were blocked by heavy iron gates, the kind you see on old metal safes. We all started to panic, and began to run here and there, pounding the doors and trying with all our might to escape. But it was useless.
      The 'gushing' sound grew louder. Then, out of nowhere, water began to pile up. The depth of the water was increasing fast. With nowhere to run, we were going to drown!

      I begin frantically pushing here and there, desperate for a means of escape. No use. I lost consciousness.

      I woke up. I tried to FILD, according to my usual habit, but I was too tired to stay conscious, and drifted back to sleep.

      I was inside a van, along with a detective party. We were investigating a case about a murder that had occurred a few nights ago in a mansion. We were heading towards it.
      We were on a road that was on a cliff. The cliff was very steep, practically vertical. It was very narrow, but we managed to get the van through. The road seemed to be endless. It was very dark, like mid-night. There were no street lamps, or any illumination of any kind whatsoever. Not even the moon, nor the stars. We could only see a little ahead of us due to our head lights, but that was it. Aside for the area that the feeble lamps and the few lights inside of the van were illuminating, everything was pitch-black.

      No one cared about it, though. We were all having a great time, drinking beer and singing songs along the way. Nobody was driving the vehicle. It was moving on it's own, finding it's own way along the dangerous path.
      Again, the atmosphere changed. We all sensed it. We stopped singing, and held our breaths to listen. A lone wolf's howl, and the screeching of bats. Aside from that, there was dead silence.
      The van suddenly stopped. What the heck was wrong with it? One of our group decided to check it out. We all warned him about the road being haunted, but he just gave us a thumbs-up and stepped outside. We all saw him go the the front of the car. He opened the hood, still smiling. He had a cigarette in his mouth.
      The hood of the van blocked him from view. We hear him doing this and that under the hood for a while. Then, suddenly, there is a whoosh sound, a moving shadow, then silence again. Now, we couldn't hear that guy who went outside.
      We were wondering what happened. We decided to go out and check what was wrong. Five of us got down, and went to the van's front.
      There was no one there. The only thing there was that guy's cigarette, nothing else.
      Suddenly, we hear a lot of sounds, like some one, or something, is coming. The sounds kept getting louder and louder. Now, there was also a deep moaning alongside it, a moan of pain, fear and regret. It was the most hideous sound I have ever heard.
      Out of the dark shadows, figures start to crawl in. Realizing what was going on, I shouted to all of the group to quickly get inside the car. We all scrambled inside, locked the doors, and closed the windows. There were heavy steel bars around the windows, so they could not be broken easily. The whole van was also pretty tough, so there was no chance that anyone, or perhaps anything, could come inside.
      We waited with our breaths held, looking at the figures that were slowly coming into view. Finally, we started to clearly see them. All of them, each and every single one, was a disgusting zombie.
      There were about thirty of them. They all started to cram around the car, clawing at the windows' bars and the gates.
      We were trapped, inside a car that couldn't move, without food or water, and best of all, surrounded by zombies.
      One particularly terrifying zombie managed to get his face through the gap the the bars, and was biting it the thick glass window, which happened to be nearest to me. I could see his face in perfect detail. He had blood all over him.
      Wait a minute, what THE hell is going on? Stuck inside a van with a bunch of strangers? Detective? Me? On a highway? And, what's more, looking at the face of a person who should right now be begging for ambulance?

      I became lucid. Man, my awareness is getting crappy! It took me a lot more time to realize that I am dreaming than usual. Oh well, at least I got lucid.
      I waited a while for the dream to stabilize. I started using my senses, touching here and there, concentrating on the sounds and smelling the air. It reeked remarkably of blood.
      I rubbed my hands. Just to raise awareness, I kept chanting under my breath, "This is a dream."
      This helped me keep my awareness. Slowly, I started to move my whole body. It was functioning okay, no problems. Good.
      While still chanting my mantra, I looked at the face of the zombie again. A while ago, I was filled with dread. Now, it became comical. I laughed at how he was pitifully biting the glass window he could not hope to penetrate.
      I smashed open the window, grabbed his head, and threw him away. He went flying a long way.
      The landscape had changed. I was on a grassy plain, or rather, a grassy hill. I was on the top of it, surrounded by zombies. I thought of summoning my sword, turning into a vampire, or using magic. But no, I was bored by these old fashioned techniques. Though they were immensely powerful, I wanted to do something else this time.
      I imagined a heavy machine gun. I looked in my pocket, and pulled out a small model of it. I looked away from it, expecting it to be life-size when I look back. I was successful. I now had a pretty heavy duty machine gun in my hand.

      Laughing like a maniac, I opened fire. It was great. The machine gun's firepower was awesome. They were falling like hell, but they kept on coming. I blasted apart each and every one of them. A good thing to try to relive stress.
      I constantly fired for about three or four minutes. When I stopped, all of them were down, blasted by innumerable bullets.
      I stabilized my dream again, calming myself down and looking here and there. The scenario had changed again. I was on top of a snow mountain. There was a really strong blizzard going on. I couldn't see very far due to the snow. It was all pure white. Such a beautiful scenery could not possibly exist. I was completely mesmerized by it.
      I went into a shallow cave. It was dry and warm. I could see the view outside. I couldn't believe it. Having lived in a desert all my life, I wished to go to a place like this. It was all so real. So calm. So peaceful. You wouldn't think that I was the guy who was killing zombies with a maniacal laugh just a few minuted ago. ^_^

      Since I was so relaxed and at ease, I thought of trying something that I have been wanting to do for a long time. I stabilized my dream again, and raised my awareness by doing extra RCs, too. I did not want to wake up in the middle.
      I sat down, and started to meditate. I cleared my mind of all thought. I calmed myself down further. Deep breaths. Peace of mind. I tried to leave all of my worries and problems behind. It felt really great, to do something like this once in a while.
      I closed my eyes, to relax myself even more. But I kept using my other senses, to stay in the dream. I felt a kind of buzzing sensation. It was quite pleasant. Nothing like I have ever felt in real life.
      I opened my eyes, and got a real shock. The landscape was not around me anymore. Actually, there was NOTHING around me anymore. I was floating in a void, but it was not black. It was pure white. It's whiteness was dazzling my eyes. I felt as if there was no gravity there, because I was freely suspended in air. The place had no end, no roof, nor floor. Just an endless expanse of space.
      I looked here and there, but all I saw was the same never-ending whiteness. I 'forgot' that I existed in real life, rather, it was as if I really 'live in my dream world, and that it's not just some temporary thing.
      Some kind of invisible force lifted me up. I could feel a kind of pulling sensation, as I moved toward the non-existent sky. I was surprised, but I was not scared. It did not feel as if a single negative emotion existed in this world.
      Suddenly, I was bathed in a bright golden light. It was warm. I could feel a sense of exhilaration. It was amazing. I also heard a strange melody. Not like anything I have heard before. I got very excited. I felt a kind of a vibrating sensation. It was all so strange, but, it was pleasant. It was something I cannot put in words, no matter how hard I try.
      The vibration [got more intense, as did the exhilaration. I was too naive, perhaps, for I woke up soon after that.

      That was my first time meditating in an LD. I have practiced meditating before IRL, but not in an LD. After having an experience like this, I am going to try it more often. I didn't know that it was this cool!
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    6. Playing with fire. Task of the year.

      by , 06-09-2010 at 04:40 PM (LUCIDMAX's max lucids!)
      How to make fire ; A tutorial by me. ^_^

      Rating : ★★★☆☆

      I was shopping outside with some of my friends. We were all going to a certain shop in the distance. The streets were quite busy with passersby. I noticed that one of my friends was wearing a black tee shirt. Seeing this, I did a reality check. I pinched my nose, and found that I could still breathe!
      I become lucid. I stabilized my dream by rubbing my hands. The vision was life-like, and my lucidity was also very high. I looked around for stuff to do, and remembered the Task of the Year. I might as well try to teach those primate humans how to make fire. I walked into a large mall, thinking how to go to that era, and viola! A whole forest was in front of me. There were tall, dense trees all around me. I walked ahead, and after a while, I came to a lake. It was so peaceful and beautiful here. There were all sort of weird plants near the lake.
      I spotted some monkey-like humans nearby. Good. I come near them. They seem to be scared of me. I yell out to them , "Hey! I am Max! Who are you guys?"
      They replied, but in a strange language that I could not even begin to comprehend. What the heck. I guessed they wouldn't know how to make fire. I decided to try it.
      I took a few twigs, and some flint stones that happened to be sitting nearby. I rubbed them together, and sparks flew out of it.
      But the twigs didn't like up. Shit. This is taking too long. I use magic, and just used my fire ability to light up the twigs.
      They were really surprised. The were scared to come close to the fire. But one of them bravely came up, and touched it. He yelled in pain. Seeing this, the other primates started playing with fire too.
      One of them picked up a burning twig, and started to wave it in the air. All of the others did the same.
      It was really amusing, watching them do this. Then a burning twig fell from the hands of one of the guys, and the grass caught fire. In an instant, the fire spread out to the whole forest, as if it was all kerosene or something.

      They all started to shout out excitedly, as if they has never seen a fire before. There were really happy smiles on their faces. They spread out, each in a different direction, and started to chase the still spreading fire. Then they started to make little fires of their own, shooting out fireballs and lighting up trees. I was standing by, watching them play with fire.

      Thats the last thing I remember, because I probably lost lucidity here, watching the whole scene.
    7. Some fragments.

      by , 06-09-2010 at 04:39 PM (LUCIDMAX's max lucids!)
      Date : 27th May, 2010

      I had a short false-awakening. I realized after waking up from a dream that I was still in it. I got up, and started to look around. I was in my room. It was pitch dark. I tried to find my way out, but there was no door where it should have been. After messing around for a while, I give up. I was about to blast apart the whole building, but then I woke up.

      Date : 28th May, 2010

      Another very short lucid. I tried to FILD. I entered SP really slowly. Then, I entered dream state. But my eyes were stuck half-way. It was like seeing half reality and half dream. I tried to force my eyes open, but they wouldn't budge. I caught a glimpse of my 'dream' room, but nothing else. My eyes were too heavy too open, and I fell asleep again.
    8. Battling my own sword.

      by , 06-09-2010 at 04:39 PM (LUCIDMAX's max lucids!)
      Devil Jin

      Rating : ★★★★☆

      Date : 26th May, 2010

      I was inside a castle. There was a gigantic ball in full swing going on. I entered through a large hallway, which was made of fine, polished marble and extremely subtle silk hangings, which were blood red with a black dragon crest in the middle. The pillars of the hall were made of pure gold, with an amazing spiral design.
      I went inside the main ball room through a large gate, which was also blood red and had golden fixings, patterns and handles. A chauffeur opened the gate for me. I entered, and was truly exhilarated. There was a fine carpet, huge enough to cover almost the whole of the ball room. There was a platform on which a band was playing. It was a sad, deadly tune, which filled me with despair and horror.
      I walked ahead, somewhat enjoying the scene. There were rows and rows of tables neatly arranged in a line, with every delicacy you can imagine. Waiters were bustling here and there, carrying goblets of a wine like liquid, which surprisingly looked like blood. I took one from a waiter, and took a sip. It tasted really weird, but also very pleasant.
      I started to look around. Somehow, I felt at ease here, like I have been to a lot of balls like this, and was used to the luxury and finery of it all. In the middle, couples were gracefully dancing to the tune. All of the the women were unimaginably beautiful, and the men were extremely handsome and suave.
      I saw a hanging nearby, and my eyes fell upon the black dragon crest. Due to my habit of RCing whenever I see the color black, I looked at my fingers. There were ten on one hand, and seven on the other.

      I became lucid. A good practice which helps me have long LDs is that I never to anything very exciting right into the dream. I though of trying a technique I thought up. I created a banner, and wrote "This is a dream, do not lose lucidity!".
      It was quite difficult to write, but I somehow managed it. I made that banner hover in mid-air, so that it was always in my field of vision. That way, I would become lucid again even if I lost lucidity. I was successful. Every time my eyes fell upon the banner, my lucidity ricocheted, as did my clarity and the sharpness of the dream.
      I started to notice the environment around me, to get it more detailed. There were all sorts of decorations, but all in that same black and blood red color scheme. I tried talking to some DCs. I asked a girl nearby, "Hey, where is this place?"
      "Hollywood.", she says, and walks on.
      A little amused, I try to talk to some more DCs. Around this time, I noticed something really odd with all of the people around me. Their skin was extremely pale. Almost as white as pure snow. They had a "demonic" look in them. And their eyes were cat-like slits.
      Something clicked on my mind. This is a vampire's party. The whole castle is filled with vampires!
      "Like it?" A voice said from behind me.
      I turn around, and see Leona standing there. She looked the prettiest of them all. And the most "demonic" among them. Everybody halted in their tracks. She came up to me.
      "How do you like it? This is my ball."
      "Whoa! This is YOUR ball? That means, this whole castle is yours?"
      "Cool! But.......How come the people here are all vampires?"
      "They are just DCs, to liven up the party."
      'But why VAMPIRES?!!"
      "Because I like it that way. Anyways, wanna dance?"
      "Yeah, sure."
      She leads me to the center of the room.

      I lost lucidity. I was just dancing along with Leona, my mind completely blank and carefree. I forgot what was around me. I seemed to dance for a long amount of time, truly lost in the beauty and the perfection of the whole scene. Suddenly, a large banner flew up in front of me. It read, " Y #E$* DB&G# " (or something like that)
      I thought, "Weird. Why is it flying in my face?"
      I remembered something. Wasn't I the one who made this thing? In which case, WHY did I make it? I suddenly remember the reason, and
      become lucid.
      I was still in the same scenario. My dream landscapes usually don't change much, even if I don't pay attention to them. Don't know why.
      Now, all of the guests were looking at me and Leona. They had a killing intent in their eyes. Why did they suddenly turn hostile?
      Each and every one of them was now coming towards us. While I was panicking, I saw that Leona was wearing an armor, the same as before. She was grinning. What a blood thirsty DG!
      I summon some armor for myself too. Leona takes out a sword. It was the most beautiful yet strangely mysterious sword you can imagine. It was a long thin katana, somewhat like mine, but it was bright blue, and a silvery white aura was flowing out of it. There was also something "electric" about it.
      "Cool! Where'd ya get that?"
      "Shut up and fight already."
      "Oh yeah!"
      I take up a stance. I don't summon my sword, fearing me getting killed by it again.
      "What's this? Where's your sword?"
      "Ah..........I........like to fight with my hands."
      "Yea right."
      She grabs me, and opens up a tear in the fabric of space and time in front of us. She jumps into it, dragging me along. In an instant, we are on a large island in the middle of the sea, with very few vegetation and trees.

      "We can practice with peace here. Now, what's up with your sword?"
      I tell her the whole story. While telling the story, my eyelids were dropping, as if they suddenly got a lot heavier. It felt like I wanted to sleep, and very badly. But I forced myself to open my eyes.
      I was still on the island. Maybe Leona understood whatever I was blabbering while semi-lucid, because she had a serious look on her face now.
      "Well, summon your sword."
      "You ass, how'd you plan on fighting without it?"
      "Maybe you are right."
      Using the expectation technique again, I summon my sword. It was the same. And there was that black fire and that vibration again.
      "Whoa!" Leona said. "This sword is totally made up of your negative thoughts and emotions. Quite a dark one. You sure you wanna control this thing? Try settling for something easier to control
      "Nah, I'll take my chances, if it's really that powerful. But, what do emotions have to do with dreams and swords?"
      "Man, it's hard to believe that anyone could be so ignorant. Your WHOLE dream is effected by your emotions. Try thinking of something that brings tears to you."
      I did so. Suddenly, heavy rain started to pour.
      "See. Thats the influence of you emotions."
      A catastrophic explosion. I was nearly knocked unconscious by it. There was Devil Jin again. He was looking at me with a leer.

      "Okay, time for some real excitement. That girl over there can only tell you so much about me. Listen up, kid. You wanted a really powerful sword, didn't ya? This sword.......is me. Or I am this sword. You created me without knowing it. You were fantasizing about being dark and evil and stuff while creating this sword, that's why you got it like this.
      "That lady was correct. You ARE really dumb. Anyways, it's like this. You played just a little too much with darkness. So I am here to test if you really are fit to control me. If you defeat me, I will not come up again, but if you lose, you're gonna lose all of your powers. And that includes flying. I am starting NOW!"
      'Wait, wha....???"
      "WATCH OUT!!"
      Leona grabs me, and teleports a good distance away. My vision is like I am viewing everything from underwater. Jin had been behind me, and was about to cut me in half, when I was saved by Leona.
      "Whew. Thanks."
      "Shut up and fight!"
      I run toward Jin, with almost unbelievable speed. In an instant, I am right in front of him. I punch his stomach, but he catches my punch in mid-air. I hear a voice behind him.
      "Did you forget that I am here too?"
      A flash of blue. Leona was behind him, and had slashed him quite deeply. He was surprised.
      I touched my tattoo. I EXPECTED the transformation to follow after I did so, and so I transformed.
      It was a little painful. Again, I grew black wings. My hands and feet became razor-sharp claws. My eyes become those slits again. I suddenly feel a burst of adrenaline and power.
      I looked around a bit and saw that Jin had healed up, the wound on his back was closed as if it never was there.
      Leona slashes him a few more times, but all of his wounds heal up in an instant. He grabs Leona by the face and flings her away. She was surprised. I used my crappy telekinesis to slow her down a bit, and she was able to stand up and came to a halt.
      "Shit. I underestimated him."
      She stopped time again. We both rushed at him, and he was standing still, as if paralyzed. Too easy.
      He disappears, and appears right behind us.
      "Heh, I can move from one place to another so fast that the time taken for travelling that distance is zero. It's equal to stopping time." (Note: I don't exactly remember what he said, but I am sure he meant something like this.)
      I use magic. The familiar rings appear on my hand again. I wanted to try one thing I didn't do before.
      I touched the water symbol, and the wind, both at the same time. An immense wave of water flowed out out my hands, followed by a fierce wind that directed it towards my opponent. The force of the water was so great that he smashed into the wall behind him, leaving several deep cracks in it.

      I became non-lucid here. I suspect that I had a DEILD in the process, and the dream continued with a new one. I wasn't lucid. All I was doing was fighting Jin without knowing why. Leona, whom I forgot was my DG, swing her sword in a horizontal, circular motion. Huge shock waves cam from her sword, and hit Jin simultaneously. With each hit, he was pressed deeper and deeper into the wall.
      I became lucid again, after thinking for a while about who was that girl helping me. Then I remembered. She is my DG!
      Jin was heavily injured. I wanted to end this soon. I looked over at Leona. She understood, and threw me her sword. It flashed in air for a bit, and I caught it in my hand. As soon as I touched it, all of my anger and hatred flew out of me, and was replaced by hope, love and warmth. Heh, as expected of Leona's sword.
      With a burst, I rushed toward him. He was almost unconscious, being injured that badly. I am ten meters from him. Five. One. Clang!
      My sword hits and invisible barrier. I see Jin smiling.
      "You can't cut me with THAT sword. It's not made for you to control."
      Maybe he was right. But I saw a way around it. Throwing Leona's sword back to her, I quickly put my palm on his face. Good. At least I can reach him.
      Since he won't be defeated by that "good" sword, I decided to try something else. My view switched to second-person here, as if I was right beside myself.
      The rings were still there near my wrists. Almost instinctively, I touched the symbol for darkness.
      I don't really always know which symbol I am pressing, but by EXPECTING that symbol to be pressed, I can use magic a lot faster. I am not sure if those symbols even remain the same, because text and the like changes in dreams, right? But since it's all Japanese or something, I can't understand.
      Again, the dark fire came out from my hands. With my left hand, I slashed him through the middle. My claws were sharper than I thought. He was sliced clean in half. He turned to dust, and vanished.
      In the spot where he was standing, there was my sword. I heard a disembodied voice.
      "Good work, kid. Guess that's it for now."
      I picked it up. It was normal again.
      Leona was right beside me. What THE heck? Wasn't she a good distance away? Oh well.
      "That really IS one tough sword."
      "Yeah, better than that emo sword of yours. What's with all the love and warmth and the goodness thing? I mean, you're WAY more evil than me."
      Leona grins. I see her blood red vampire eyes for the slightest moment. "I need something to keep that evil inside me. This 'good' sword acts as a cancelling thing. Without it, you'd be dead one minute into each and every one of your dreams."
      But I didn't get to ask more. I could feel a sudden vibration inside me. The vibration get's stronger and stronger, and my vision starts to blur. I try to spin, but I have no control over my dream body. The vibration gets even more violent, and I wake up.

      PS sorry for the late update, guys. I am quite busy here with my exams, for the moment. They will end one week from now. Look forward to daily updates after my exams finish!
    9. Demonic Sword!!!

      by , 06-09-2010 at 04:37 PM (LUCIDMAX's max lucids!)
      Sword Goes Outta Control?!!

      Rating : ★★★☆☆

      Date : 24th May, 2010

      I was in a large and luxurious shopping center. There were three floors, and a lot of shops with weird stuff. I was with two of my friends. We all were eating a burger and drinking coke, and going around window shopping. (For some reason, we couldn't buy anything because we had only three million dollars.) I am walking a little faster than the other two, excited by the shops and the stores. We are on the topmost floor. There is a spot on the floor so that if you stand there, you could see the outside scenario and the entrance to the shopping center. I look out, and was surprised by what I saw.

      It was exactly like the image above, and the dragon was the same, too. I was a little amazed, but not enough to turn me lucid. Excusing the whole thing as movie props, I look down the glass window, seeing the entrance. It was normal, alright. I could see a lavishly decorated Mercedes Benz as a prize for a draw displayed in the front. I think, "Cool. I think I saw something similar in real life................huh? Real Life?! What's that supposed to mean?! This is.......This is a dream!"

      I become lucid. Wow. Cool RC. Anyways, the vision was not really clear, and the dream was unstable. After a round of the usual clarity and stability exercises, everything becomes crystal clear.
      I get an idea. Why not act like a freaky monster and kill all the people here. They are just DCs, after all. I summon my katana again. I feel a rush of energy through my body, and a great sense of excitement. Rushing towards the nearest DC, I slash him in half. I see the same black flames around my sword again.
      The surprised DC splits in half, alright, but after a while, a clean cut appears in the wall behind him, extending from one side of the center to another, slicing the whole building neatly in half. All the DCs there start to scream. I was surprised. I didn't intend to swing with that much force.
      I studied it closely. Everything was same, and it was vibrating and shaking, as if trying to get out of my hands. I could see the words "Espada el Diablo" shining and glowing brightly.
      Now I could feel a deep, dense, and dark aura from it. I could hear faint screaming from inside it. Now seriously considering destroying the sword, I look about for a means to smash it or something. As soon as I let it go, it breaks free of my grasp, points towards me and

      stabs me in the stomach. I was very surprised. I had never heard of a summoned object doing so in a dream, going against the dreamer's will. I could feel pain in the wound. It was very realistic. I could also feel the wound burning. I start to faint. I rub my hands, but nothing happens. I spin, but instead of the dream stabilizing, I fall to the ground. Not good, at this rate I'll wake up! I was helpless. I kinda hoped that Leona would come again, but she didn't. I was losing consciousness. I looked at the sword again, and saw this.

      Devil Jin. He was standing there, leering at me. In his hands was my sword. He started to laugh. A cold laugh that chilled my very bones. He took one last look at me, and swung the sword at me. An immensely powerful shock wave, and I wake up.

      What THE hell is up with me? Too much fantasy, I think.
      lucid , nightmare , memorable
    10. Got owned by Dante. :/

      by , 06-09-2010 at 04:30 PM (LUCIDMAX's max lucids!)
      I get beat up....

      Rating : ★★★☆☆

      Date : 19th May 2010

      I dreamed I was in my room. It was normal here. I couldn't tell it from real life. I was busy doing preparations for the trip to Alaska. I packed my clothes and stuff, inside a teapot. They all just shrank and zoomed inside the cup, fitting easily. It was almost like magic. But that was normal. Teacups are used as suitcases in real life anyways, I thought. I also remember putting in a toilet seat inside, for some purpose. When I had finished, I went out out my room. In real life, I have made a mental note to do an RC every time I open the door to my room. Following the habit, I look at the wall clock that hangs near my door. 1:30 pm. Quite normal. Oh yeah, I have to look twice. Almost lazily, I looked again at the clock, thinking that it was a waste of time. The time was now 1:15. Hmmmm, that's odd. Maybe I read the time wrong before? Oh well, I will miss my bus to the airport if I don't hurry. So I continue out again, but I find that the door is closed. I pull it open again, but no go. Now seriously doubting reality, I decided to nose-pinch. I could still breathe!
      I become lucid. I tried to sharpen my view. I spun around. I didn't feel dizzy, but my vision was certainly a lot clearer, as if some kind of fog had been lifted. I looked at my hand, just for extra lucidity. There were seven fingers in both hands. Again, my lucidity increased quite a lot. I open the door to my room again, but it was locked. I didn't want to do anything particularly powerful or exciting so early into the lucid. So I just kicked it away.
      But I was now inside a roman stadium. I was never good at history, so I probably didn't know what was going on. There was an audience in high benches all around. There were gold fences around me, but the arena itself had a floor of dirt, mud and clay. In the distance I could see split air-conditioners all around. Good. I don't like being in hot weather anyways. I was wondering what to do, when I noticed that the walls of the arena had cages inside them, and there were large tigers caged inside. They were wearing black and gold armor, and quite heavy ones at that.
      Suddenly, a stage comes up with a commentator on it. He grabs the microphone, and shouts, "Battle of the warrior! Start the fight!"
      Cool. Just what I wanted. Even my dreams know my preferences.
      The bars of the cage disappeared into thin air. A lump of raw meat landed near to me. It was a bait. Smelling the meat, the tigers in heavy armor rushed at it. One of them took the meat and swallowed it whole. Now they were looking for food elsewhere, and spotted me.
      My dream was destabilizing. I can tell when it's so because it starts to slowly fade/blur around the edges and then disappears whole. So I rubbed my hands. The faster I rubbed, the more the dream became clear. At last when it was clear enough, I did the nose-pinch RC again. I could still breathe.
      The tigers were now circling me. I summoned my katana from thin air, expecting it to be in my hand when I look at it again. I decided to name it Darkness. If you look upon the description, it fits, really. It slowly materializes. But now there is something wrong. It feel heavier than before. There are black flames already around it. What?! I didn't do anything yet. Also, it was harder to control than before. It started to vibrate a little. But when I touched the sword, I really felt a kind of sadness and a thirst for killing. When I put it away, it was gone, but as soon as I held it again, there was that feeling again. And all the time there were black flames wrapped around it. Strange. True I had it only once before, but why is it so weird?
      All this time I was pondering about my sword, the tigers were standing still, as if time was frozen. Now everything snapped back to reality. Dream reality, more like. I decided to fight using my sword, and just ignore the unusual behavior.
      One of them jumps at me. What was that guy thinking? I love special effects during my dreams, because they are the only times I get to do stuff I can not do in real life, and I try to take as much fun from them as possible, not start meditating and go around asking my DC's or even Leona about life. Get to the point, fighting.
      I am a pretty peaceful guy IRL, y'know.
      The tiger is now an inch away from me. I slash him, but the only thing my eyes can see is my hand blurring for a millisecond, and then back to the normal position. So this is what it felt like to have supernatural powers at will. A deep slash appears on the tigers middle, and he drops, making weird noises in pain. I take pity on him, because even if he's a DC, I don't like killing animals. I look away from him, and back again. Now he is completely cured, and small as a kitty. He meows a thanks. I said out loud to him, "Now go away before I unleash my passion of kicking kittens."
      Though I was kidding, he fled. I realized I couldn't fight the others. I just don't like animals in pain. So when I look back at the whole bunch, I expect there to be a large number of skilled ninjas. My best technique is the expectation technique, because it always works for me. Indeed, there are about twenty or so ninjas now. One of them comes at me, wielding a white katana, which is more like a dagger. I disappear, and appear behind him again. My favorite move. He hangs in mid-air for a second, and then his body splits cleanly in two. If I made them all like real men, there would have been a lot of mess, so I just make dust shadows. Fun to kill, and they don't make a mess.
      His body turns to dust and disappears. Enraged at the fall of their comrade, they all rush at me in sets of five or four. Too easy. I was going to use flash step again, but at the last moment my sword felt real heavy and started to vibrate quote violently. What's wrong with this thing?

      PS you might be wondering that how come my LDs are so long? Well, a picture's worth a thousand words, so divide all that text by thousand and you get a frame of the whole video clip. In short, it takes much more typing to describe the dream than it takes to experience it.
      Now the ninjas are dangerously near me. But I don't care. I can fight without my sword as well. I punch the one in the front in the face, and he flies back a long distance, hitting a wall and slumping to the ground. I beat all of them in about five seconds, and that includes the other ninjas as well.
      I was still in that same old Rome style arena. And the audience was still there. With the ninjas out of the way, I decided to check what was wrong with my sword. It was still emanating that dark fire, and still was heavy and vibrating. The more I looked, the more there was to see. To give you guys an idea of what my sword is like, here's a pic:

      But my sword is pure black instead of shining metal like the one above. I had never looked at my sword up close. There was the silver line along it's middle, alright. But now near the hilt, and on the blade, were engraved small words, reading "Espada el Diablo", literally meaning "The Devil Sword". Something to do with Bleach, I thought.
      Suddenly, a sharp pain pierces my back. I got shot! No wonder I did, standing in the middle of an arena looking at my sword. I looked at my attacker. He was Dante, from Devil May Cry.

      What the HELL?! I DO NOT play Devil May Cry!
      "Surprised?", he says. "I figured you would be pretty strong, having defeated Nero."
      So that's what it was all about.
      "Wait, you got the wrong....."
      He suddenly fires on of his guns at me. It was a direct aim at my head. I use my other favorite, rather instinctive move, tilting my head slightly to one side. Why, you ask? Because it looks cool.
      "I have got no time to kid around, and I don't take shit from anyone except cute girls. Just fight already."
      "As you wish."
      I stabilize my dream again, just to be sure. That way I won't drop unconscious in the middle of the fight.
      "Just to warn you, I am not that Nero guy. I am way ahead of him."
      I see. No matter, I will defeat this guy as well.
      I wait for him to make the first move. He suddenly appears on my right. What?! He was in front of me! Wait, he is still there! Two of them? The main one fires two simultaneous bullets, which I barely dodge in time. The copy, which I took for as being weak, kicks me hard in my side. It hits me, and I go flying over, smash into a wall, and fall to the ground. What the hell is with this guy? It's not like I am that weak or something, but this is damn crazy.
      Instantly, he is standing by my side. He points a gun to my chest.
      "I told you, I am not Nero."
      He fires, aiming squarely for my heart.
      A flash of blinding white light follows the blast. In real slow motion, I see Leona, in a dark cape, fly between my a Dante. Moving lightning-fast, she grabs the bullet heading towards my head in mid-air with her finger and thumb, then grabs me and flash steps a distance away.
      Now I notice that she is also wearing an armor of some sort. It's black and purple. Nice combo. She smacks me on the head.
      "OW! What the hell do you think you're doing?"
      "You are pathetic. Asking for a DC that powerful and getting beat up."
      "Hey, I didn't summon him, he came by himself."
      "Yeah, and you didn't long for a strong opponent all this time, did you?
      "Tch...............what an idiot. Can't even control your own emotions."
      She disappears from beside me. Now she is face to face with Dante. I get up to help, but my body is paining to much to even stand up. I feel a kind of vibrating and a burning sensation.
      "Just stay where you are. I'll take care of this guy."
      Hearing that, Dante says, "I'm sorry missy, but I don't really fight with girls. How 'bout we get a nice drink instead?'
      "Don't underestimate me." she says, glaring at him. In third person, I saw her eyes contract to cat-like slits, her expression angry and cruel. Her eyes were red again.
      She disappears from view. I deep wound appears on Dante's right hand. He drops his gun in pain.
      "I told you, don't underestimate me."
      Leona is behind him! He quick jumps back a good distance away, grinning.
      "I see what you mean. Sorry, but I'll have to go all out against you. No hard feelings, 'kay?"
      He disappears, and so does Leona. They are so damn fast, I can't even see them. All I see is just faint blurs, bursts of Dante's gun, and sparks of light. They finally stop. Dante is on one knee, panting. Leona is still unhurt, and is smiling. Dante gets up.
      "I'll have to use my ultimate technique."
      Suddenly, there are ten Dante-s all around Leona.
      "This enables me to make copies of myself, each as strong as me."
      They all open fire. But Leona is too fast for all of them. She defeats each and every single one of them in a flash.
      "Copies, eh?"
      Now there are countless Leona-s there. They all are moving independently. One of them says, "Then how about this? This is time control. Each and every one of these is me. That's because to you, I am here."
      Another one says, "And I am also here."
      Dante is standing in shock. He can't begin to comprehend anything. Time freezes. Or rather, Leona freezes time. But there are about 20 more Leona-s there. What the HELL?!
      One of them says to me, "I am freezing time every time I freeze time, creating loops of time freezes. That way, each and everyone of myself is behaving independently, is controlled by me, and can attack more than twice at once. My ultimate technique."
      This is too much for me to grasp. All of the Leona-s jump up, and send a huge wave of energy at Dante, who is frozen.
      I can see the instant the shock waves hit, and then feel the power. One of the shock waves, when I was hit by it, split my body nearly in half when Leona used that move. To think a single person would receive over 20 of those. The explosion was unfathomable, and Dante disappears, totally wiped out by the extreme explosion.
      I was losing control and vividness. I knew I couldn't hold on, the pain was too great. That was a powerful blow.
      "Hey Leona! Just tell me one thing, are you my DG or someone else's as well?"
      "Ah, you are worried after reading those posts on the forum, are you?"
      "How'd you know that?!"
      'I am your subconscious after all. But no, it's definitely not possible for two people to have the same Dream Master, thats coz DMs are manifestations of you personality."
      "Really? Does that mean my personality is girl-like?"
      'What an idiot! Don't you see any other quality besides being a girl? Never mind. I am only your subconscious. Yours only."
      "Sounds more like a love confession, you know."
      She punches me in the face. But there is a smile on her face.
      "Thats another couple of week's of hell training for you!"
      I couldn't do anything anymore. I feel my whole body shaking, then vibrating violently. I try to rub my hands, but nothing happens. I feel like I am floating in a void. I don't remember anything after that. Dozed off to normal sleep, I guess.
    11. The Log (old)

      by , 06-09-2010 at 04:28 PM
      The log (DILD)


      I was running from the door into my house towards the gate, but the gate was not there. Instead of a gate, a large log was in its place. I ran very fast towards the log and jumped over it, but i realised that it was supposed to be a gate. So i turned around and did a RC (finger push) and my finger went through my hand. I could see my skin break because of my finger and i did not have any blood. At this point i realised i was dreaming, so i decided to attempt to shapeshift. I stretched my arms infront of me as i attemped to transform. My finger nails started to take on a claw like appearence and my skin started to go light red. But i decided to give up as i was getting nowhere and the dream ended.
    12. Afterlife (old)

      by , 06-09-2010 at 04:27 PM
      Afterlife (Non-lucid)


      This dream is connected to a dream i had previously, but i could not remember much about the previous dream.

      I died in the previous dream (i can't remember much, but i died after using a missle launcher that launched nuclear missles) and i woke up in my house. My house was pretty much the same as in real life. I can't remember how i discovered it but it turns out i was dead and i was in the afterlife. Because of this i decided to go flying around the house (i don't think i was lucid). I had problems staying in the air while i was flying, but i remember it being fun. After i got tired of flying around the house i decided to go into the garden. But my garden was very different from the one in real life. The shape of the garden was pretty much the same, even though the place i use to make bonfire's was gone. The fences and the trees surrounding the garden in real life were gone, they were replaced with three large buildings (the types you would see in cities) that were very tall. I tried to fly up to the top of one off the buidling's but i kept falling back to the ground. After i tried doing this for a while i woke up.
    13. First Lucid (old)

      by , 06-09-2010 at 04:27 PM
      First Lucid (WILD)


      I was in my house, there were primary school children looking around the house. They were brought to the house by a teacher that used to teach me lessons in my old primary school. After wondering around the house for a while i decided to go to my room. As i entered my room i decided to pinch my noise and tried to breathe. I could breathe through one of my nostrils, but i could not breathe through the other one. Then i decided to do one more reality check to make sure i was lucid, i pushed my finger through one of my hands and it went through. So i knew for real i was lucid. To make the dream more vivid i rubbed my hands together for a couple of seconds, but for some reason the dream did not get anymore vivid. I then jumped out of the window in my bedroom out onto the ground outside, i jumped again above these trees outside of my house and i was teleported to another area. The area i was teleported to had brownish hills and evil/dead looking trees, the sun was setting in the sky. I started to jump around this strange place until i saw this house by the sea. I did not think of the house and decided to try flying. I jumped up really high in the air and i put my hands forward like superman and flew above the clouds. I then decided to fly up into outer space, so i flew up. But as soon as i got above the atmosphere the dream started to fade and then i woke up.

    14. Battling Nero with my Vampire Powers.

      by , 06-09-2010 at 04:20 PM (LUCIDMAX's max lucids!)
      Time to test the newfound Power!

      Rating : ★★★★★

      WARNING : a VERY epic dream!

      I was trying to WBTB. After waking up from a sleep for two hours and spending the last half hour on MILDing, I laid down at my bed. About after fifteen long minutes of staying still, I felt myself entering SP. At first, I only heard whispers, and something like wind blowing. Soon, I felt those waves of vibration going through my body. My hands and feet felt numb. I soon lost control over my limbs. Now I can see flecks of light darting here and there. They grow, join and multiply, forming geometric shapes and symbols. These shapes joined together to form objects. I could see a clock, a pillow, a pen and a hammer.
      Now a whole scene forms around me. I am inside an old building, or perhaps a storehouse. Everything here is broken and dusty. The place is three floors high, and quite large. I concentrate more and more, and I can see everything in perfect detail now. Just to be sure, I rub my hands, and start to feel here and there. Now the experience becomes life-like.
      I thought I might as well try to use some weapons. Bleach style. I concentrate on a sword, and it starts to form in my hands. It starts as a hilt of black color, then a silver guard materializes. After that, the blade forms. The blade is pure black, darker than anything you can imagine. Along it's middle runs a thin silver line. It extends, until it forms a curved, extremely thin black katana.
      I decide to try this baby out. Nearby is a pillar made of marble. I swing my sword, and it passes right through it. The pillar remains intact for a second, and then a smooth cut appears, and it topples over. Amazing, like a warm knife through butter.
      I decided to fight using this. I go out, expecting a large army to be outside the door. Indeed, I see a large number of monsters, perhaps a thousand or two, gathered in front of me. I grin. Battle time.
      Like a mad warrior, I run up to the whole army. They scatter before my blade, totally powerless. Their pathetic iron armor is no match for my sword, and I slice through them easily. I stab, jab, cut, and dice them. It was epic.
      There were still a lot of them. Good. I use magic again, and use it to merge fire with my blade. Suddenly, flames erupt from it. It looks as if my katana is on fire. I swing my sword, and everything within it's reach gets devoured by the unstoppable fire. I jab my sword into the ground, and flames spread from that point in a circle, instantly burning up anything within 20 meters radius.
      I start to lose lucidity. Not good. Again, I focus on the environment, and do a reality check to make sure my lucidity remains high.
      While I was stabilizing the dream, the monsters had rushed at me, and were a foot away from me. In a panic, I touched the tattoo on my arm. Everything pauses, as if time was frozen. Then my tattoo starts to spread throughout my entire body. A burst of ki energy follows my transformation, which is enough alone to knock down an elephant or two. I start to morph. I see my transformation in 3rd person view. My eyes become cat-like slits, and turn red. My nails turn into claws. I grow two inch long fangs.
      Now my view is back to first person. I feel an amazing rush of energy, a feeling no drug can provide. With a speed that even my own eyes can not register, I cut through each and every one of my enemies. They all stand for a moment in shock, and then split neatly in two.
      Too easy. I want more of a challenge. My hunger for blood can not be satisfied by these mere peons. I go inside a castle, expecting the ultimate boss to be there. I open the door, and find him already waiting for me. The guy is ---------

      Nero from Devil may Cry!
      I was surprised for a bit, because I don't really play DMC that much. But what the heck, as long as he puts up a good fight.
      I rush towards him wielding my sword. He catches it with his bare hand. WHAT THE HELL?!
      He brings out his own sword, a bright blue, beautifully curved one. He slashed at my head, but I dodge it in time. Concentrate! He disappears. I bring my sword to my back, successfully parrying his strike. I was so used to this move with the training from Leona. He throws his sword high into the air. I was surprised. He grins, and takes out double pistols, one in each hands, and opens fire.
      What's with this guy?! His aim is absolutely precise. I deflect most of the bullets with my sword, and avoid the others. I see an opening. If I can just keep avoiding and deflecting his bullets, maybe I can come close enough to attack him directly.
      I decide to test this theory. Swiftly moving and using a series of flash steps, I come up close to him. He fires five or so more bullets, all of which I neatly block with my sword. Finally, I am right in front of him. I expect him to be surprised, but instead I see a smile on his face.
      "Like I said......Amateur!"
      Oh Shit! I had forgotten about his sword. He drops his gun, and his sword, which had been air-borne all this time, falls right into his hands. He blocks my to-be-fatal slash with it. I grin.
      "You're the amateur here."
      I put my palm to the unsharpened side of my blade, and give it a little push. A huge shock wave comes out of my katana, severing his sword in half. The whole castle collapses. He is surprised. The top half of his sword falls down, and he can not see anyone there. I had flash stepped behind him.
      I say, "Like you said, amateur!"
      I pierce his back, and then slice it, so that his whole body is cut in half. He turns to dust and melts away.
      Man, that was an exhausting fight. My vision starts to fade. But I am too tired to do anything, and it looked like my LD time was over. I tried to spin, but it didn't work, and the dream faded.

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    15. My dream guide is a VAMPIRE!!

      by , 06-09-2010 at 04:19 PM (LUCIDMAX's max lucids!)
      Leona = Vampire............. = ME?!!

      Rating : ★★★★★

      Note : This is a more detailed version of my previous post in the Lucid Experiences section.

      Fragment : I am riding the bus home. The whole bus is empty. There is a raging storm outside. I take out a cigarette, and take a puff from it.

      Fragment : I am on an endless bridge. Walking. The bridge never ends. No purpose, no goal. Just walking ahead.

      I was on an ocean liner, travelling to Hawaii for some reason. The view was beautiful. There was the sea all around me. I suddenly feel the urge to go to the bathroom. I find the ships toilet, and go inside. It was quite spacious, and exotically decorated to a light pink tint. I found it luxurious. I found the door to a stall, and
      Inside was a man, no a zombie. He had one arm missing, and blood was gushing out of his mouth.

      I ran back, and now was on a tropical island, with a lush forest, standing in the middle of the sea. Shit! Trapped! Sea on all sides! Anyways, I run away, but the zombie is still chasing me with that horrible limp of his. I went into the thick forest, hoping to find some cover. Bad idea. Now I can not find my way out. Plus it is so dark here that I can not see a thing. I can only listen to sounds. There are some incomprehensible sounds, but nothing else. I wait suspiciously, but nothing happens. So I walk in a random direction, hoping to get out of here. As soon as I took a step, the zombie jumped at me. I ran back, and somehow could see everything better than before.
      Now, there is a whole bunch of monsters, including ogres, chimeras, and every other disgusting monster you can imagine.
      The absurdness of the situation dawns upon me, and I become lucid. All the monsters suddenly charge at me. Too easy. I use super speed, that their eyes cannot follow. I disappear, and reappear behind them. There is a pause, and they slump to the ground, unconscious. Being used to Leona's speed and strength, these guys are small fry for me.
      There is still a large number left. Attack in numbers, huh? I take a pill out of my pocket, and flash step right into their middle. I quickly plant the pill in the ground, and flash step again to a good distance away. I snap my fingers, and the pill suddenly blows up, with a blast that could have turned a mansion into a pile of rubble.
      No go. I have killed a lot of them, but they don't stop coming. I need more destructive power. I use magic again, and those rings appear on my wrists. They are black rings, outlined with silver and having symbols inside, each standing for a different magic power. But these small rings are small scale only. So I put my left hand closer to the rind on my left wrist, imagine it sticking into it, and pull it away, making the rings larger. Now they start to turn and revolve around me. The symbols inside them start to rotate. There are ALWAYS the same six symbols ; fire, water, earth, air, light and darkness. Trust me, I have drawn them in my DJ upon waking up, and Googled it. They were that because I am greatly fond of those symbols, so they were bound to appear there.
      My vision starts to fade. Oh shit! Got too excited! I calm myself down, touch here and there, and concentrate on the environment to stabilize the whole dream. I am successful.
      I touch the light symbol, and immediately, my whole body starts to glow. Then a bright golden hemisphere starts to expand from me, engulfing everything. The monsters are twitching in pain. The light covers the whole island. It blinds them and tears them apart.

      Then I touch the darkness symbol. A wave of pure darkness follows the light. It eats up anything and everything it touches. Or rather, wipes it away, leaving not a single trace.
      Then the hemisphere of light starts to shrink. It vanishes soon. Now I can see blood and dead bodies every where. But they are still coming in large numbers. What THE hell?
      I have no time to react. They grab my legs and arms, preventing movement. One of them, a guy with a shark's head, bites my foot. Ahhhh!! Another one drives his horn deep into my stomach. Blood is pouring freely out of my wounds, and I cough out some of it.
      I was so embarrassed, caught up in the same situation again. And again, there was that flash of white light, and I found myself beside Leona once again. But this time, she did not defeat my enemies, merely rescued me.
      "You still have a lot to learn. And here I thought you were doing pretty well. Can't you tell they are all illusions?"
      "What are you talking about?"
      "Come on, a number of monster that survive double magic attacks, and at that level? Surely even you had noticed."
      "Oh yeah!"
      "You didn't notice, did you? Hmph. See that small guy over there, the one in black robes? He's the main one."
      "I see."
      Summon a sniper rifle, one that seems made by aliens. I aim quickly, and fire. A blue ball of energy flows out at a great speed and hits the guy squarely on the head, blowing his head off. At once, all of the monsters disappear, by turning into dust and being blown away.
      "Phew. Thanks Leona!"
      She moves closer too me, with this seductive look in her eyes. We are alone here in the building.
      Weren't we on an island in the middle of the sea? Oh well. She moves closer to me. I feel myself completely numb, unable to move. I was mesmerized. She puts her hand on my cheek, bringing me closer. I close my eyes. I could feel her warm breath. And then, I feel a sharp pain in my neck!
      I open my eyes, and see that she bit me. I could see my own blood pouring out of the wound in my neck. There was this amazing pain there. I pulled away.

      "What the HELL do you think you are doing?!"
      "I am sick of watching you getting beat up and coming to save you all the time. That's why I have decided to give you some of my powers."
      "Some of.......your powers?"
      "Yeah. I just made you a vampire."
      "Vam.......wait, WHAT?!"
      "Yeah, what's there to be shocked? In fact, don't you feel something in your body?"
      As soon as she says it, I became aware of a burning sensation in my neck, where there were two holes, that looked like they were made by fangs. Then I felt a VERY hot liquid moving down my neck, into my veins, then into my arms, and finally my whole body. I writhe and twist horribly in pain. The pain was very realistic, and agonizing. After what seemed like ages, the pain finally stopped. I looked at my hands and feet, and they were perfectly normal (or as normal as they could be in a dream). And now, I feel a rush of excitement. My body feels very light, and my movements become much more faster, more powerful and smoother. It was an amazing feeling, better than steroids.
      "Well, now you're a vampire."
      I am still too shocked to grasp anything.
      "But.....wait a minute, I thought only vampires could turn others into vampires. And what's with the neck biting and drinking blood and whatever?"
      "Ah, about that. I guess I haven't really showed you my true form yet, have I?"
      Then she stands up, and I notice for the first time, a vivid tattoo on her arm. She suddenly puts her finger to it, and it stars to expand, until it consumes her own body. After a few moments, she turns into a flying monster, one with fangs and wings and those narrow, slit-like eyes. I was either too shocked or excited by this, and I was slowly losing control. Maybe she sensed it, and she shouts, "To turn into a vampire, just touch the tattoo on you arm!" And then, the dream fades.
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