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    1. The night I conveened with the Gods... And was one.

      by , 03-22-2017 at 04:22 AM
      I walk into a room that contains a large bridge. Either side of it was darkness, but only for a while, it eventually ended at a wall, a dark navy blue-ish stone. In the middle of the bridge were men and women in battle armor, all unique, all with their own personal weapons. Their armor was gorgeous. One woman wore maroon, another blue, one green and so on, it was awesome. I look down and see cloth robes worn in a type of roman fashion. Understandable, I am no god nor warrior. I approach them, and one speaks, "We aren't sure what exactly is happening, we just know a war is coming against beings of evil, and we gods lesser to the creator, and those humans who have ascended to god-hood are also here. Thank you for coming"

      I say "But I'm neither? Why am I here?"

      Everyone turns to me in shock, and one screams out in anger "Not only is the strongest of us a living human who ascended, HE DOESN'T EVEN KNOW HE'S A GOD!"

      I guess he was born a god.

      But this is one awesomeeeeeeeeeee dream. I'm a god? And not only that I'm the strongest? No way.

      I say "Well, where's my armor? Why am I just in a basic robe?"

      The woman that spoke first draws out her spear, and jumps back a few feet from me. Then lunges almost faster than I can see and jabs me with the end of the spear. I hear a loud explosion, and feel air behind me get forced even further behind me due to the sheer force of the blow... But the spear didn't even break skin.

      "That's why" She says.

      before I can reply my vision changes. I'm now looking through the eyes of someone else, and they're coming from the other end of the bridge, and I see myself. Not only am I wearing robes, but there is a golden thorn-crown on my head. On my back? A golden Bo staff, beautiful. I take it off my back and do a two spin, and end the spin with a fighting stance. (I find Bo's fascinating, and have even practiced with makeshift ones all my life, practicing the spins and stances)

      My vision changes back to normal, and I see the figure. It is some being made from smoke, and looks mighty. He attempts to speak to us, and I wake up.

      I am seriously [--] this close to recreating a part two of the dream lucidily and actually fight these beings. Cause that was the most badass dream I've had to date.
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    2. Dreamer Vs. Dream Guide (LD #166)

      by , 02-05-2015 at 03:37 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I dreamed of my old family beach resort. That is strange, I haven't dreamed of that place in a long time.

      I was in my art history class. I had forgotten to do the homework. We still had [a large amount of time] before class to do the work. I thought about trying to do it, but instead decided to get up and leave class.


      I somehow found myself in a martial arts/combatatives shop. They sold everything relating to fighting here. Guns. Bows. Swords. I remember seeing some of the weapons on the wall and thinking I wanted to get one. I knew that I was in some sense or another 'allowed to'.

      The front room of the store was cramped with all the weapons and gear. I made my way into the back room that was almost completely empty.

      I then ran into a group of about a dozen martial artists, proudly wearing white uniforms and black belts. They asked me how good I was with a bo staff and gave me one. I started spinning it around, as I did telling them that I've never had any formal training or practice with one. I just used to have a stick and I would use it for play.

      They then asked me if I found it funny when I was teaching new students if they got [two similar stances] mixed up. I told them about how (IWL) I've been attending Taekwondo lessons for four years, and I still got [those stances] mixed up sometimes. Because I was making mistakes and open to learning I didn't find it annoying.

      They didn't seem to happy with this answer and left me there.

      Then the shop owner came up and told me that I was here because someone had challenged me to a fight. He said that he couldn't tell me who because my challenger had chosen to remain anonymous until the fight.

      I asked him what the rules of the fight are. He told me that it was totally open. Any moves were fair-game. The only rule is I am not allowed to bring other people in with me.

      He gave me a different outfit, a black martial arts uniform and told me to head up to [some cave] where the battle would take place.

      I teleported outside. I became lucid around here and realized that I wanted everyone to hurry up and get this fight on, with all the short-lived
      lucidity I've been having, there was no way we were going to see some action.

      The cave was out in a snowy tundra in the mountains. The only way into the cave was a rope bridge. It seemed to be made out of these tough vines of some sort. I couldn't really tell. It led into a cave. Inside the cave was mostly filled with water. (Very cold water, since tundra and all) but there was a small platform, about 20ft around in the middle that the bridge connected to. There were a couple of waterfalls coming into the edge of the cave and a couple of holes in the ceiling where sunlight shown through like a spotlight onto the main floor.

      There was another bridge that came from the opposite side of the cave. There were all of these people on the opposite side that were watching, including the guys that were in the back of the shop from earlier. It didn't take them long to send their opponent across. Some of them had even set up tents and what not.

      So, you already know I was supposed to fight Manei, my very own dream guide. But I didn't know that just yet. (TBH I didn't pick up on it until halfway into the fight.) Because when she came across, I hardly recognized her. She had cut her hair short (not really short, just short enough to lay flat on top of the head.) She wasn't wearing her headband. Though I guess what threw me for a loop was the idea that Manei had picked a fight with anyone. She's always given me the vibe that she was something of a pacifist.

      But the reason I didn't recognize her was the fact that her energy/aura that I usually felt seemed completely absent. It was strange, and I am still not 100% sure that the character that I fought was her.

      She tried to taunt me into attacking first, but I remained quiet and motionless. Eventually she just charged right at me, winding up for a big punch right in the face. It was like facing down a charging bull.

      I simply sidestepped and tripped her with one foot as she came in. I honestly did not expect that to work at all. She fell forward but managed to catch herself. She got to her feet ready to fight again. She went in for a couple kicks. I noticed that her form was horrible, she wasn't guarding her body and seemed off balance.

      When she moved in for a punch I was able to duck under her. I was coming around to elbow her in the back when I realized that I was fighting Manei, and what I was about to do could really hurt someone. I tried to think of another way that I could end this fight quickly without really hurting her. I for some reason thought of how in Avatar, that one girl (Ty Lee was it?) can Chi-Block her opponents and paralyze them without hurting them.

      I threw a couple of random quick jabs to her back and (Because lucid dream) it worked. Her right arm was completely paralyzed, hanging limp at her side. She came around with her left and tried to punch me. I grabbed her with my left and twisted her wrist around so that she was off balance. Two more jabs with my right arm and both arms were paralyzed.

      I stood back and looked at her. Her hair was long now, but undone and messy. For some reason the dream became really detailed here. I could see every detail in her. Her facial expression, full of aggression. Her arms, that she was already starting to get feeling back in them. She was opening and closing her fists. I could even see her breath in the cold air of the cave. The cave itself became more detailed too. I could now hear the waterfalls and see little crystals inside the stone floor.

      The fight dragged on for a few minutes of interlude combat. She didn't manage to land a single solid hit, despite giving it her all. I didn't land many hits either, I was being very careful not to hurt her.

      After awhile, She didn't want to fight anymore, she wanted to wrestle. I put my hands into my pockets. She ran right at me ready to grab me and take me to the floor. When she got in close, I jumped back, and landed on my back, feet in the air. She jumped for me and I kicked her up and behind me. I heard a splash sound. By the time I got up I saw the spot in the water where she had gone in.

      I began to notice that she wasn't coming back up. Either that kick or the cold water had knocked her out.

      "Huh... man... that water looks cold!"

      I jumped in and fished her out. Despite being fully lucid, she seemed impossibly heavy and I was barely able to lift her out. I managed to get her back up onto the arena. She coughed up a bunch of water.

      For some reason or another, I had to carry her across back to her family. And my oh my, I wish I had a smaller dream guide. One of the martial arts guys came over to me, the oldest and most experienced. He told me that it was customary for dream guides to fight their dreamer at least once. He gave some reasoning behind it, but I didn't find it very valid, or think that it applied to me and her.

      He also told me about how you might expect that most of the time the guide would win, but in reality it is actually about 50/50. In most cases it really depends on the personality of the dreamer/guide rather than their position.

      The last thing that I remember was her little sister of about six years old (or who I assumed was her little sister) running up and asking if she was okay. She had gone unconscious again. I told her that she would be fine. The dream ended and I woke up.

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    3. some annoying guy distracted me from my lucid goals.

      by , 08-02-2010 at 02:01 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)


      vague sex dream

      Annoying guy

      (i felt throughout the dream that this was Summer Dawne)

      I remember being outside with some guy who kept wanting to use my computer or something. I wouldn't let him and he was being an ass about it. I went into my house and found him in a computer room. I told him to get off and leave. Then i shoved him out the door. I go to my room with my computer and find that he's there. Now he looks like a punk kid with a leather jacket. We have some discussion where i tell him to leave once again.


      At first i was exploring some caverns with some guy. we had flashlights. for some reason we go outside and plan to go back in but the guy doesn't want me to go with him. I think he's hiding something so I sneak into the place.

      I find some weird cardboard thingies to hid in. the whole cavern is dark. As I move around them they sway from side to side. I wonder if the guy will notice the movement. He walks past so i wait a few seconds to follow him. After I follow him I wind up in some weird room. I hear someone coming so i go and hide in some bathroom and float above the door. A security guy enters and looks at me shocked. I then leave.

      I walk toward an open space and then find myself in a market. I become lucid randomly. I immediately try to orient the rest of my senses into the dream. I put my one hand in front of me. the middle finger is backwards and realise i am fingering myself.... ok. i pull my hand away and then back. now mi middle finger has two fingers pushed together. and when the flex the tip of the finger is joined but the fingers bend at opposite sides.... weird.

      Next sense is taste, so I grab a cloth fabric from one of the stands and try to eat it. It tastes terrible... now i have taste. I try to dilate time by putting my hand on the ground and start counting. i make it to 15 and stop (oops i forgot to imagine each number as a unit of time stretching out). I then called for asuka to come to me since i am lucid. While i waited i looked around at the people walking by. There were lots of asians... but no one that i recognised as Asuka.

      I walked into some store where it looked like a cool video game was being played. just then a brown little yappy dog jumped up and bit my arm. i ignored it for a while and walked into the game.

      I found myself outside fighting with the dog. Sometimes asuka is a yappy dog so I ask it. " Are you Asuka?" it says yes. it turns into a large dog and knocks me on the ground and then turns into a pirate man. "you're not asuka" i said. He laughed and I noticed he had two metal teeth.

      "I came here to put a stop to your doings" he said. "I saw what you did with Battery... that's dangerous stuff. You must be stopped." I was thinking Battery? what Is he talking about? i was using a flashlight earlier does he mean the batteries in the flashlight i was using earlier? As I pondered this the dream ended.

      Llama Dragon

      I remember coming to a fence in some weird farm. There was a tiny llama behind the fence. I went in there to look at it. and suddenly the Llama was on the opposite side of the fence and now it was big like a dragon. It had white fur. I was shocked and ran a bit. It started coming through the gate. Someone said that I should feed it and it would be friendly. I saw a plate with a fried egg or something on it and then i fed it to the Llama dragon.

      AA meeting

      some stupid dream where i get asked to speak at an AA meeting. I recognized and old friend there mark. Anyway i gave out a few sentences, but then i stopped. Everyone started talking about how great my speech was.

      Annoying guy accuses me of murder

      I'm in some construction area with the same annoying guy from the other dreams. He kills someone and says that I have to dispose of the body or else he will accuse me of murder. I comply and put the dead guy in a bag. I carry the bag to a large garbage bin and trow it in.

      I go to some coffee shop and the annoying guy looks like someone i know. He starts whispering in everyone's ear and points at me. I know he is telling them that I am a killer or something.

      bo Staff

      I am in my backyard spinning around a bo staff. for some reason i am doing really well and I'm surprised at how well i can move around with it. I see the one kid who wanted to stay at my dream house. Hes using a black bo staff to make high jumps and stuff. he is pretty good at it. I Think asuka was in the background hanging up laundry.

      Annoying guy gets PWNED

      I am back in town chasing that one guy from the previous dreams. Some how i shield him in a store. He can't get past the barrier i made. But i walk through it several times to piss him off.

      "Serves you right for just coming to interfere" I said and I walked away.

      disappointing camping trip

      I am with my brother and hid gf and we go on a camping trip. We meet up with James. Spend a night and then leave early in the morning. I complain that we should have spent a couple days instead of one night.... since all we do is work most of the year... we should have a bigger break. They don't listen to me.