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    1. Dream - Crash Bandicoot Mayhem

      by , 08-05-2017 at 10:22 AM
      Date of Dream: SAT 29 JUL - 2017

      Dream No. 163 - Crash Bandicoot Mayhem

      I don't remember what happened at the start of the dream. A Crash Bash arena was simulated into a real life appearance. It was Sky Balls but the maximum number of players was six rather than four. Then there was a Polar Push arena which had three players on it being Polar, Crash and Cortex. I had prompted for the characters to be changed into real life graphics because their original cartoon graphics, I thought, didn't seem to match the arena. Polar was barely manipulated with just his fur being fluffier and cute look overall. Then there was Crash who was made to look really stupid and dumb. Cortex was the worst, looking really creepy, looking like someone who had woken up out of their coffin.

      The dream then simulated the Crashball arena but not with the black surrounding but rather an environment at day time. The players were in the right space and rather, the six ships were scattered around the middle of the arena. As the first player was about to die, my mum came up and asked me why a ball would blow them up when hit. I explained that the player wasn't directly hit... The ball would program the player's ship to self-destruct on them. Afterwards, my mum followed me as we went away from all the arenas. I scaled this wall that had heaps of platforms on it, which I guessed to be simulation of Crash Twinsanity. I don't remember anything else about this dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:

      - None
    2. The artist in the arena

      by , 01-11-2017 at 08:41 AM
      I'm talking to a man, a great inventor or artist of some kind, who's been given an arena to work in. The structure is very white and the sky is very wide and very blue, and the arena's filled with shadowy figures he's been given to work for him, something like automatons, not alive. Human-shaped, but when I focus on them they look a bit like something that's been burned to charcoal, flaking at the edges, except for their teeth, which are white and sharp; inactive right now.

      Until this moment I had a lot of contempt for this man. But he's saying to me, "I'm not an idiot," and that he knows he's already made his last great work. Though he's currently working on a project, and though his masters who gave him this arena have great expectations of him, he doesn't expect to live to complete it. His bitterness makes me think a little more highly of him.

      Working for these things was a mistake. I don't say this to him out loud. There are a couple floating hooded figures with white masks in the arena, and we're both putting on something of an act for them. They're not his bosses, or guards, exactly, but they are effectively monitoring him at the moment. Something more like citizens, as opposed to slaves like him, however honored a slave he might be. He turns off the music he's been listening to while he works, and he's trying to give the impression that he's simply stopping work for now and going to bed as usual, that there's nothing wrong.
    3. Strange Dream 5.20.12

      by , 10-15-2015 at 09:15 PM
      So, last night I had this dream where my brother and I, for some reason, were sent to this island for “punishment” for a crime, or something. This island was no ordinary prison. In fact, they don’t advertise it as a prison so that it wouldn't get shut down. This island would brain wash you into believing that this island was all there is, and that you needed to stay on this island for the rest of your life. You would be provided for, the basics, food, water, and shelter, but you had to work for them. You literally had to pledge your life to maintaining the island and for a reward you would get better facilities. But this was another form of brainwashing, keeping you obedient. You could NEVER leave, you would be shot upon attempt of escape, or worse, you would be captured and then put into the arena to fight for your life. You may face other inmates or traps to survive. You had no rights, and the authorities could do literally whatever they wanted to you. I was put into the arena a few times because I wanted to get me and my brother off the island. My brother was totally brainwashed and was content with staying there. At one point I remember being in the arena and realizing it was a dream. I think I said “bring it on, bitches”, and then had to battle a couple of bangle tigers, which wasn't hard being lucid. Oh, and Bree, you were there, but you gave me a box of used scarves to help me escape, though I have no fucking clue how that would help me…
    4. Dreamer Vs. Dream Guide (LD #166)

      by , 02-05-2015 at 03:37 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I dreamed of my old family beach resort. That is strange, I haven't dreamed of that place in a long time.

      I was in my art history class. I had forgotten to do the homework. We still had [a large amount of time] before class to do the work. I thought about trying to do it, but instead decided to get up and leave class.


      I somehow found myself in a martial arts/combatatives shop. They sold everything relating to fighting here. Guns. Bows. Swords. I remember seeing some of the weapons on the wall and thinking I wanted to get one. I knew that I was in some sense or another 'allowed to'.

      The front room of the store was cramped with all the weapons and gear. I made my way into the back room that was almost completely empty.

      I then ran into a group of about a dozen martial artists, proudly wearing white uniforms and black belts. They asked me how good I was with a bo staff and gave me one. I started spinning it around, as I did telling them that I've never had any formal training or practice with one. I just used to have a stick and I would use it for play.

      They then asked me if I found it funny when I was teaching new students if they got [two similar stances] mixed up. I told them about how (IWL) I've been attending Taekwondo lessons for four years, and I still got [those stances] mixed up sometimes. Because I was making mistakes and open to learning I didn't find it annoying.

      They didn't seem to happy with this answer and left me there.

      Then the shop owner came up and told me that I was here because someone had challenged me to a fight. He said that he couldn't tell me who because my challenger had chosen to remain anonymous until the fight.

      I asked him what the rules of the fight are. He told me that it was totally open. Any moves were fair-game. The only rule is I am not allowed to bring other people in with me.

      He gave me a different outfit, a black martial arts uniform and told me to head up to [some cave] where the battle would take place.

      I teleported outside. I became lucid around here and realized that I wanted everyone to hurry up and get this fight on, with all the short-lived
      lucidity I've been having, there was no way we were going to see some action.

      The cave was out in a snowy tundra in the mountains. The only way into the cave was a rope bridge. It seemed to be made out of these tough vines of some sort. I couldn't really tell. It led into a cave. Inside the cave was mostly filled with water. (Very cold water, since tundra and all) but there was a small platform, about 20ft around in the middle that the bridge connected to. There were a couple of waterfalls coming into the edge of the cave and a couple of holes in the ceiling where sunlight shown through like a spotlight onto the main floor.

      There was another bridge that came from the opposite side of the cave. There were all of these people on the opposite side that were watching, including the guys that were in the back of the shop from earlier. It didn't take them long to send their opponent across. Some of them had even set up tents and what not.

      So, you already know I was supposed to fight Manei, my very own dream guide. But I didn't know that just yet. (TBH I didn't pick up on it until halfway into the fight.) Because when she came across, I hardly recognized her. She had cut her hair short (not really short, just short enough to lay flat on top of the head.) She wasn't wearing her headband. Though I guess what threw me for a loop was the idea that Manei had picked a fight with anyone. She's always given me the vibe that she was something of a pacifist.

      But the reason I didn't recognize her was the fact that her energy/aura that I usually felt seemed completely absent. It was strange, and I am still not 100% sure that the character that I fought was her.

      She tried to taunt me into attacking first, but I remained quiet and motionless. Eventually she just charged right at me, winding up for a big punch right in the face. It was like facing down a charging bull.

      I simply sidestepped and tripped her with one foot as she came in. I honestly did not expect that to work at all. She fell forward but managed to catch herself. She got to her feet ready to fight again. She went in for a couple kicks. I noticed that her form was horrible, she wasn't guarding her body and seemed off balance.

      When she moved in for a punch I was able to duck under her. I was coming around to elbow her in the back when I realized that I was fighting Manei, and what I was about to do could really hurt someone. I tried to think of another way that I could end this fight quickly without really hurting her. I for some reason thought of how in Avatar, that one girl (Ty Lee was it?) can Chi-Block her opponents and paralyze them without hurting them.

      I threw a couple of random quick jabs to her back and (Because lucid dream) it worked. Her right arm was completely paralyzed, hanging limp at her side. She came around with her left and tried to punch me. I grabbed her with my left and twisted her wrist around so that she was off balance. Two more jabs with my right arm and both arms were paralyzed.

      I stood back and looked at her. Her hair was long now, but undone and messy. For some reason the dream became really detailed here. I could see every detail in her. Her facial expression, full of aggression. Her arms, that she was already starting to get feeling back in them. She was opening and closing her fists. I could even see her breath in the cold air of the cave. The cave itself became more detailed too. I could now hear the waterfalls and see little crystals inside the stone floor.

      The fight dragged on for a few minutes of interlude combat. She didn't manage to land a single solid hit, despite giving it her all. I didn't land many hits either, I was being very careful not to hurt her.

      After awhile, She didn't want to fight anymore, she wanted to wrestle. I put my hands into my pockets. She ran right at me ready to grab me and take me to the floor. When she got in close, I jumped back, and landed on my back, feet in the air. She jumped for me and I kicked her up and behind me. I heard a splash sound. By the time I got up I saw the spot in the water where she had gone in.

      I began to notice that she wasn't coming back up. Either that kick or the cold water had knocked her out.

      "Huh... man... that water looks cold!"

      I jumped in and fished her out. Despite being fully lucid, she seemed impossibly heavy and I was barely able to lift her out. I managed to get her back up onto the arena. She coughed up a bunch of water.

      For some reason or another, I had to carry her across back to her family. And my oh my, I wish I had a smaller dream guide. One of the martial arts guys came over to me, the oldest and most experienced. He told me that it was customary for dream guides to fight their dreamer at least once. He gave some reasoning behind it, but I didn't find it very valid, or think that it applied to me and her.

      He also told me about how you might expect that most of the time the guide would win, but in reality it is actually about 50/50. In most cases it really depends on the personality of the dreamer/guide rather than their position.

      The last thing that I remember was her little sister of about six years old (or who I assumed was her little sister) running up and asking if she was okay. She had gone unconscious again. I told her that she would be fine. The dream ended and I woke up.

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    5. Not the best recall

      by , 11-10-2014 at 08:39 PM
      Okay so at some point I decided to try a WBTB, so I started my little alarm clock program and went to sleep. Once again at some insane time.

      Ended up sleeping through the alarm (wasn't loud enough), but still had a few dreams, only one I can actually recall.

      non-dream dream lucid
      Overthegun is here, and he's streaming and he's got >1000 viewers. He's talking a bunch of nonsense.

      Later on, I'm in some arena that kinda looks like a pokemon arena. I see a fireball come towards me from the sky, and it lands near me revealing a pokeball, which releases a mewtwo or something.

      Woke up around 1400! Need to sort this out!

      I've been slacking on ADA yesterday and this is the result.
      Need to get more motivated.

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    6. The Facility

      by , 11-19-2013 at 10:42 PM (HunterX's Dream Journal)
      (Had a brief nap this afternoon to make up for lost sleep and had this dream. It was remarkably well-formed compared to my usual napping dreams.)

      The dream begins with a short fragment involving a room similar to my current university accommodation, which is connected to some form of multi-level arena in a black environment. It is possible the whole thing is a video game of some sort. This quickly ends and shifts to the dream proper.

      I am visiting some form of day-care/community centre that I have apparently been attending regularly ever since I was a young child as part of my extra-curricular activities. Unlike all of the previous times I have visited, I am promptly called aside and informed that there was a hidden agenda to the centre the whole time.

      It turns out that all of the activities in the centre have in fact been a form of training, and the centre is a facility at which they train secret agents and arm them with technology that can produce almost paranormal effects and abilities. As we tour the underground areas of the facility I am told that all of the uninformed subjects are periodically given tests in which they are exposed to shocking or otherwise psychological scenarios to measure their reaction, after which they are given an amnesiac which wipes their memory of the incident. Taking all of this remarkably calmly, I state the logical conclusion that I have also undergone these tests and don't remember them. I am then shown a tape of who I assume to be a very young version of myself being shown a video of some sort (though I wasn't able to identify the content of the video). In the tape I appeared disturbed by what I was watching, but was able to make it through the whole thing. I inquire as to why the amnesiac is used, to which the researcher explains that the psychological evaluation is based on the assumption that the subject is experiencing the scenario for the first time, not knowing the content nor the existence of the test itself in advance, to allow for comparing changes as the subject ages. I then proceed to perform what I assume to be some form of agility test in which I carry a tray of items down the hallway we just walked through without dropping them.

      The dream shifts and I am sitting with several people who I assume are other subjects who have been informed of the situation next to a large blast door similar to the ones in the corridor I was walking through in the last scene (it may be the same location, but I am not certain). The other subjects are laughing at a form they discovered - it appears to be some form of alias sheet in which an agent can design a new identity for upcoming missions, but it has been filled out with a rather childish description of some kind of monkey-themed superhero, possibly by one of the younger subjects. I point out to the other subjects that despite the author not being present he may be in another 'instance' of the same room (for this scene it is as if we are in an online game in which only some of the users are present in any particular instance - I think I also catch a glimpse of a list of online users partway through), and briefly contemplate to myself whether or not the author in the other instance would be able to observe the sheet of paper floating around as the other subjects hold it.

      The dream shifts again and I encounter another subject who has been turned into a child as a prank by way of a body-altering edible substance the facility has developed. They are visibly put off by this, but to my knowledge the effect can be reversed. After a short scene shift I enter a gym in which another subject promptly explains to me that the child had been an arrogant jock and he wanted to get back at him somehow. He also explains that he used the substance on himself to give himself a more athletic body as some form of poetic justice. He makes a comment to me as he leaves (which I am no longer able to remember) and I respond in the affirmative, before promptly eating some of the substance myself that I had been carrying around (it taking the form of a pinch of sugar-tasting grains that I had been carrying on a spoon) for an unclear reason - it is possible I had been intending to use it on him but changed my mind, or that I ate it to hide it, but neither is certain. I change, but I wake up before I am able to accurately observe what I look like.

      Partway through the dream I had a dream fragment in which I was walking through an airport or train station of some kind while on a family trip, though I am unable to place it chronologically within the dream.

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    7. 13th Nov 2013 Some good recall, video game mix and fights

      by , 11-14-2013 at 02:41 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream 1(fragments):

      I was going on streets and then through some other place.

      Dream 2:

      I was playing some game that was somehow a hybrid of video game and forum game where at times i controlled character and at other times posting actions in some thread. I was going through some places and then there was a eastern style temple where i talked to a few characters and then enemies appeared and we had to fight them.
      Later after going through a few rooms i had to go through a few corridors, which looked frozen. Game turned into an fps and lots of enemies started spawning, including some frozen skeletons. Then after corridors there was circular frozen arena place, it had two floors and kamikazi bug kind of enemies started spawning all over the upper floor and jumping down. I got up and managed to hold the wave off and defeat it.
      Then level continued into dark storage place, which also looked frozen. There was alot of boxes and view switched top-down. After a while of going around an ambush got triggered and enemies started appearing everywhere, including gnaars from serious sam series and kamikazi bugs with which i dealt earlier. The place took a few attempts and i've had to reload save game.
      Next up, i reached place that looked like frozen junkyard of some kind where i had to fight more enemies, then i noticed that my max hp glitched out and i had only 2 segments max, and boss fight was coming up as well. The boss fight was apparently fight against Dante, just like in DMC4, even the place was same. Except my max hp was crippled by a glitch and fight went on slightly differently at first. Attacks were somewhat passive and easy, managed to empty half of boss hp without getting hit. Then fight become more difficult, he started using alot of aerial attacks and also started summoning cannon balls from serious sam series, which were rolling around. Soon i failed.
      I returned to previous save before fight and started exploring area more. I've found a house at the edge of frozen junkyard. In house there was some dude who had aura of darkness and i've talked to him. He summoned kinda bear like creature that was apparently a healer of some kind and i had to escort him, also there was a dark princess who joined as well. We were going through frozen junkyard and new kind of enemies appeared, wolves made of ice. I easily was able to deal with them by just smashing them apart with pure strength, then more appeared and started focusing on bear creature and ignoring me. I get annoyed and grab like 8 of them at once and smash them into ground, which causes some kind of magical symbols surrounded by red glow to rise from ground and create some kind of barrier. The dark princess said that it's very rare for that to happen and that i must be really strong if it happened.
      Then random cutscene started showing that back at temple area white and red mage conflicted. One was on balcony, another on the ground and they started a fight.
    8. 10th Nov 2013 Video game mix

      by , 11-11-2013 at 02:25 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream 1(fragments):

      I was going through some locations and apparently i broke some kind of law of that place and everyone was thinking i am crazy or something.

      Dream 2:

      I was playing some RPG game and then was looking through scripts, by looking at code i've noticed that one of options summoned stealth enemies and was causing dialogue variations in the next scene.
      Then upon entering next area game turned into some kind of Serious Sam/Doom mix. Next area was mostly using brown brick textures and was kinda huge maze, there were lots of enemies both from doom and serious sam and then there was an arena with boss at the end which was like hybrid of cyberdemon and red mechanoid.
      Then i've decided to test out coop on same level with SilentEternity and map was going completely different way around the arena and through more mazes, where we have found keycards. On the way groups of enemies were spawning.
      Then we have started next level and our spawns were separate. I've started in grey area with lots of pillars and fought mostly imps and pinkys, but then there were also scientist zombies in closets, randomly opening. Then i've found a wall of buttons and pressed some of them, which caused PC to glitch out. Apparently my PC was also made of various doom textures and it kept freezing. I was trying to fix it.
    9. The robbers of the redneck family

      by , 09-15-2013 at 12:00 PM (The Redeeming Dreamer)
      9/15/2013, 10:05-5:50

      I got off the computer at 8:25 last night. Didn't meditate, too busy talking with my family. Went to sleep at like 10:05, couldn't fall asleep till 11:00.

      Dream 1:

      I was in a town, and there was an arena in it. I went into the arena and forgot the rest of what happened. There was also the number 20 somewhere.

      Wake-up (3:42):

      Got up to go to the bathroom and drink some water. Thought about having an LD and stayed up for 3 minutes till 3:45 (numbers are in order ). Then, I fell asleep around 15 minutes later, and had a "lucid moment". Woke up a few seconds afterwards, probably too excited.

      Dream 2:

      This one was pretty long. I was in a barn at first. Well, a barn that was somehow turned into a bar. I saw these four suspicious people. They were all fat; really fat. One was an Indian guy, another was African-American guy. There was also a fat white woman, and a fat white guy with glasses. They were all staring at me and talking to each other.

      So I left the bar and met my dad. We went to someone's house (a redneck-ish person) that looked EXACTLY like mine! Dad and I stayed there for a few hours, talking with the guy. There was also this cute curly blond daughter the guy had. I think I talked to her. All was well when, eventually, I saw the four fat people again! They were on the back deck of the house. My dad and the redneck guy were in the living room, talking, while I was with his daughter standing, staring at the 4 trespassers. They tried to quickly open the sliding screen door, but I quickly locked it with every lock there was (which, apparently, was that driving lock thing and three regular door locks on the side, more than it actually has). The 4 people then got angry, and entered the house through a secret door that I NEVER NOTICED before (sarcasm) that somehow went into the basement. I started screaming, "THEY'RE IN THE BASEMENT! THEY'RE IN THE BASEMENT!" Our parents and us quickly got up and went into the master bedroom. The redneck guy was trying to open the gun safe, when the four fat people came into the room, each carrying a pistol.

      The Indian guy then started pointing his gun at everyone, along with the white guy. The Indian was talking about something, probably to do with this being a robbery. He pointed his pistol at me, saying, "I'll shoot him!" (or something to that effect) and I then crossed my arms and rolled to the side, thinking he doesn't know where my chest is, if he shot me (lol what the heck was I thinking?). I then realized my arms were crossed and put them behind my back, palm in palm against the wall. My dad then said, "Okay. Let's go sit in the living room and negotiate something." (or, again, something like that) and all the adults left, leaving me and the girl in the bedroom.

      I tried to open the gun safe. It had a fairly sharp point at the top, and the top number was 2000! I then saw the girl go into the closet. I asked, "Why you going in there?" She said, "I don't want them finding me when I come back." I then decided to climb in with her. I then got this feeling we were gonna end up making out, and the dream ended.
    10. 15th Mar 2013 Fragment

      by , 03-15-2013 at 07:33 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Was pretty tired before going to sleep, thus had problems waking up and recalling.

      Though i recall some part of dream taking place in some kind of arena.
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    11. 3rd Mar 2013 Fragments

      by , 03-03-2013 at 07:27 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Downhill recall again, but i think i found what causes it.

      Dream 1(fragment):

      I recall something about seven masks of war that were arguing between each other about something.

      Dream 2(fragment):

      I recall arena of some kind, at the end of the dream there was lucidity switch but my dream self didn't payed attention to that...
    12. 27th Feb 2013 Tomb Raider 2. packing things up, duel

      by , 02-27-2013 at 06:42 AM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream recall from non-lucid naps.

      Nap #1:

      I was watching some Tomb Raider 2 let's play and was trying to WILD at the same time(how does that even works), dad came and was distracting me from both, but shortly joined me in watching the let's play. Soon let's player reached some map that resembled the 'Home mansion' but looked more abandoned and webby. He was explaining that normally this map is easy, but it can get very dangerous under certain circumstances. There were some stairs and then dream 'froze up' like a game and ended.

      I woke up with eyes closed and tried to do an DEILD, unsuccessfully but dream theme remained similar.

      Now i was actually playing Tomb Raider 2 instead of just watching. The mansion was filled with some mafia dudes and i was blowing up everyone with grenade launcher. There was also some cave area and dream ended shortly after.

      Nap #2:

      I can't recall start of the dream, but at some point i was at some hotel with family and we were packing some stuff in cases. They were very heavy afterwards. While trying to leave i noticed that exit was blocked by some weirdly stationary lava. I got some water and turned lava into obsidian, minecraft-style. We were leaving the hotel and there was snow storm, soon we met some people who were not familiar, but looking very important. They were saying something about princess and that i was apparently got to be prince of some kingdom or something. Dream skips.
      I was at the simple grassy arena of some sort, there were alot of people sitting on the grandstand and spectating. I was on the horse and was wearing medieval knight-like armor, also i had a spear. My opponent had same armor, horse and spear. Shortly after we started fight, my point of view switched to some random spectator near the princess. I was watching the fight between both knights, and shortly, they both suddenly transformed into dragons! One was blue, the other was green. The aerial fight lasted a while and the blue dragon won. Dream ended shortly.
    13. Transcendental Turkey Shoot

      by , 11-10-2012 at 04:42 AM
      This was simply the most amazing lucid dream I've ever had. The description is long, but it's as abbreviated as I could get it -- the dream itself felt like it lasted an hour and a half! Absolutely unreal.

      Just the thought of having another LD like this might be enough motivation to last me forever. All I can be is grateful.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #26: Transcendental Turkey Shoot

      I'm a spectator in an arena where dueling teams of wizards battle it out with fire and ice spells. I'm ranting with another spectator about how terribly they're playing. The spectator says that "it's like they have no awareness!" Hearing about "awareness" instantly makes me lucid (thanks, subconscious!) and I run out of the stands into an outer hallway that's filled with dream characters.

      I want to perform the Task of the Month which requires shooting turkeys with 17th century weaponry. I imagine that I have a huge bundle of preloaded flintlock muskets strapped to my back and it isn't long before turkeys start darting around in the crowd in front of me. I reach over my right shoulder, grab a musket, and aim it at a nearby turkey. I carefully aim and fire, the musket thundering and kicking my shoulder. The shot's a clean miss, and the DC's in the scene start running and screaming.

      I toss my old musket aside and grab a new one from my "bundle". I keep catching sight of turkeys up ahead and I run after them, firing and missing time after time. I chase them onto the arena floor itself, the magical combat still raging wildly around me. I skate across a field of ice that's melting beneath the heat of a raging volcano, the floor nearly collapsing beneath me. It's vivid and exciting but what really has my attention is getting one of these turkeys.

      I take a side door that leads me into a golden elevator. The elevator begins rising the moment that I enter and through its ornate viewing portals I see the shore of an island. I sense that this is an island filled with turkeys and I immediately dive through the portal, plunging headfirst toward the shallow water along the shoreline. I manage to float just in time to avoid a jarring landing and immediately spot a turkey ahead in the distance.

      I run for miles, grabbing musket after musket off of my back and tossing them aside each time that I miss or get a "close call" that yields nothing but a puff of feathers. I even manage to cleanly hit 2 or 3 of them, but each time that I draw close I see that they were really just large pigeons. At one point I reach a narrow valley that's painted with brilliant, cartoon-like colors. I laugh, feeling elated and invincible, like I can run here forever.

      After some time I chase a turkey deep underground through an old barrow. Dream characters join me and leave at times, all strangers. Eventually I run through a weapons display area that's arranged around a giant upright sarcophagus, but all the weaponry appears to be from the Egyptian Bronze Age, not the 17th century.

      In the next room I stumble upon a sad, sullen group of friends and coworkers arranged around a board room table. They're being lorded over by some obnoxious stranger named "Rod" who announces that he's taking over our company and that I should "sit down and shut up". This annoys me, and I slap him so hard that it leaves a handprint on his face. He orders me not to do that, and in response I slap him hard enough to send him sprawling out of his chair. The others around the table applaud, and I jog out of the room, spotting daylight up ahead.

      I emerge onto a dirt road and lean against the guardrail for a moment, thinking about how this is the first time that I've ever attacked a DC. I reflect on how thin my justification was and wonder how this relates to dream yoga's description of playing out negative "karmic traces". Unable to really digest the concept of karma in the dream state, I walk further along the road.

      At the end of the road stands a Roman arch with golden light spilling out of the arch onto the roadway. The arch is designed roughly like the Arch of Constantine:

      When I approach the arch, an enormous flock of brilliantly glowing turkeys goes flying through the arch, passing right overhead! It must be hundreds of them. This kicks up a rush of wind that picks me up off of the road, lays me flat on my back, and carries me gently backward as the stream of turkeys goes flying by above me. It's beautiful and serene and I'm overcome with bliss and elation. I can't stop laughing at how incredible it all is.

      The wind sets me down some distance from the arch and my friend A is standing nearby, smiling at my reaction. He asks how much longer I think this LD can last. I say that I don't know but that it feels like it's been an hour and a half. I tell him that I took some B6 and wonder whether that will change the dream's length.
      Gently, I wake up, still blown away by what I just experienced.
    14. Diamond sward vs diamond staff

      by , 07-20-2012 at 04:56 PM
      I find myself on thoutside of an arena waiting for a Mach to start so I can enter, numorus people around me do the same. The only thing that deprecates us from the arena is a short metal fence. I decide to go for a diamond sward when the mach starts. It starts and I teleport inside the fence and onto a parapet like stone ring around the central area (a dirt arena) a chat menu pops up in frount of my face and I "type" /give diamond sword, and a fine sward constructed of blue diamond pops into my hand. With that I am off and anyone in my path I slash with the rare sward and they teleport outside the fence. Then I get to a person with a diamond staff. I know my sward is superior and I swing ofer head but he blocks it, with no hesitation a make a short and fast swing for his chest and I succeed.( As the dream fades the last thing I remember is meeting one of my old friends on the perapit)
    15. 4/29/12

      by , 04-29-2012 at 01:48 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      Adding Up
      I remember being at church with my family. I was sitting at another table beside them. In the background, i could see people walking around and talking and laughing, meaning the service was over. My mom and I were adding up something on our notes paper, I don't know why. I remember asking her, "What did you get?"

      Seven Lanes; Really?
      We were driving home. It looked like I was in third person. But I wasn't looking at just my car, I was looking at others too. It was nighttime. I remember our car coming up to our turn that enters the neighborhood we live in. Instead of just two lanes, it looked like seven lanes; for about six cars were stopped in the last six, for I could only squeeze into the last one.

      There also was a stoplight here where it shouldn't have been. I remember thinking to myself, "this car should do this," or "that car should do that." The car to the right of us got tired of waiting at the stoplight and backed away, leaving an empty lane for another driver.

      I was with my family at my school. We were having some sort of really big event.
      I remember our gym grew into a big arena. I was a cheerleader, so I remember standing in the stands with all the other cheerleaders.

      The event hadn't started yet, so I decided to walk outside. For some reason my cat was walking around outside, so I picked her up. I carried her around to the courtyard. I heard a buzzing lawn mower behind me. My cat tensed up, scared of the loud noise.

      There was some steps up to a door leading to a classroom from the outside. I decided to walk up the stairs and enter the door. As soon as I did, my other cat (who's been missing for about a year) jumped onto the platform.
      My cat tensed up again and hissed at him. The other cat cocked his head to the side. I ran through the door and the other cat followed me. I reached some sort of dressing room that was inside the arena. My sister Ken was inside there holding what looked like a baby. Some kind of radio was on. I walked over to a table and put my cat down. Then the black cat jumped onto a table.

      Then my cat got so mad she blew up into what looked like different colored boxes. Weird right? The black cat did the same thing. I stood there, my mouth open, with Ken still listening to music.
      Then I woke up.

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