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    1. 12 Feb: New office job and robbers attack me and mom

      by , 02-12-2019 at 11:01 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Working at a new office. Me and colleagues are in charge of setting up the furniture but we fail to comply with our boss suggestions. On top of that, I accidentally cut the electricity that goes to his table.

      Me and mom we moved to a new unsafe neighborhood. We are at the window and we watch a couple being mugged and the thieves taking their groceries. My mom says she also thinks she heard a girl asking for help at the parking lot nearby. We go check. we find signs that something appears to have been dragged through the ground but we don't see a soul. Then the thieves we saw before come by and I tell them to go away because I know martial arts. I have an umbrella and think about using it as weapon. They guys don't know if they believe me, so one approaches me and I strike. But I don't train for a while and I am afraid I might not keep going so well if they insist. Luckily they are convinced and they let me go unharmed. But my mom is frozen by fear and I basically have to drag her home.
    2. Fragments left

      by , 06-11-2017 at 06:46 PM
      A martial arts group was seeking me. They said they would teach me
      parallel bars if I started a martial arts school with them, and that I would feel
      an experience people felt like when/after they die. I wanted to
      learn parallel bars. In the dream it felt like a cult and I was afraid.

      In a different dream I was doing gymnastics and eating dark chocolate.
      I can't remember if I could taste the chocolate but I think I did a little
      bit, not the same as in real life.

      All else slipped away. Hoping to write my dreams down tomorrow morning. want to
      get back into my dream journal and get a lucid dream. Really wish the dream progressed
      to the parallel bars so I could experience them at least in a dream.
    3. 12/22 thru 12/26/2016 - "Snake Among Dragons;" "Diva Scorned;" "The Thin Lucid Line"

      by , 01-04-2017 at 08:13 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Fragment One
      "Snake Among Dragons"

      I was with a fairly close-knit group of martial artists, meeting with each other about something or other. There was a cop within the group, sitting there in street clothes and trying to blend in with us, but it was becoming more and more apparent that he was there to dig up dirt on our group.

      Fragment Two
      I just remember a cat diving into a pool and being able to sort of freedive and hold its breath for an impressive amount of time.

      "Diva Scorned"

      I was being chased by some psychotic, pistol-packing diva - with her expansive group of henchmen - through a big, fancy hotel setting. I have no idea why they were chasing me, or who my companion was, but I know the orders were to shoot on sight. During the chase, someone was able to take us into their apartment and hide us in a small space at the side of a bed, just as the woman showed up. They ended up torturing the person that was hiding us, and who had absolutely refused to give us up. I can't remember what all they did to him, but at one point, I do remember them taking high-pressure heat to his face - like a modified blowtorch with no flame - and literally burning and blistering all over his face and head.

      Next thing I knew, they were gone and we were back on the run, through the hotel hallways and out onto the scaffolding outside, goons firing a few pot shots at us along the way. Making it down to the parking lot, we looked for crowded areas and tried to stay hidden.


      There was a bright green viper loose in Shaun's house - pretty much just slithering around, wherever it pleased. I did a fairly good job of avoiding it, in the beginning but eventually it struck out at locked onto my calf. The last thing I remember was wondering if I was going to make it to the hospital in time to not die.

      Fragment One

      This one was something about the Tree of the Dead, from the movie Sleepy Hollow. I don't remember much from the dream, except chopping away at the center of the tree, as if more trying to destroy it than investigate it. Just like in the movie, though, I was getting sprayed and saturated with the human blood and gore that made up the tree's insides. I don't remember any encounter with the Headless Horseman, or anything like that - just the tree, itself - though I do know that I had someone with me.

      Dream Two
      "The Thin Lucid Line"

      I was out for some good times with friends, and there was an attractive woman that just kind of fell into our group, after a while, along with some of her male and female friends. The woman and I had been getting along really well, and one of her friends was continuously trying to hook her up, but we all knew that there was going to be nothing going on between us. Throughout the day, I had been driving, and I vaguely remember stopping into a grocery store, before we all went to an apartment complex.

      The sun had just gone down, when a group of maybe 8 of us were walking through the parking lot, and two of the guys - one white, one black - decided to play, what they referred to as "a prank". They, then disappeared behind one of the buildings. A few seconds later, a woman comes running out from one of the hallways, screaming for the police, just as a patrol car 'happened' to be pulling into the complex.

      Naturally, we all scattered and attempted to evade the police. While running through the parking lot, I'd begun to suspect that I was dreaming. Taking one huge leap, I launched myself into the air, and nearly touched the roof of one of the tall apartment buildings, slowly descending back toward the ground. Trying to keep myself calm and get my bearings within the dream state, I took another jump, just a bit more focused, and touched-down to the rooftop. I, then, flew across the parking lot, to the rooftop across from the building I was once on. (I had originally wanted to do the 'Lucid Task of the Month' but I had completely forgotten, by this point.) Now, assured that I was dreaming, I went back down to find my group.

      The cops had everyone rounded up. There were two black cops and one white one - the two black cops acting nonchalant and, ridiculously enough, carrying basketballs as if they were trying to appeal to us level (while being racial stereotypes, obviously). They started putting us in their cruiser and the white cop turned to me and started making bigoted remarks. Still lucid, I just laughed at him and said something smart, in return. Becoming instantly defensive, the cop pulled out his gun and shot me in one leg. It felt like a light punch, and ultimately didn't faze me at all, in terms of pain. The act was, though, irritating, and it caused me to laugh directly in his face, at his futility.

      I said something like "you fool! This is a dream. This is My dream! You think you can hurt me, here??" I then held up one hand and challenged him to shoot me in the hand, just to prove to him (read as: myself) that I could override the pain. He looked at my hand, and back at me...and then he shot me multiple times in the Legs, again. It caught me a little off-guard, but I focused on ignoring the pain and what little discomfort came about had immediately disappeared.

      Again, his defiance irritated me, but caused me to laugh at him through grit teeth. I was just just about to go completely OP'd on him, when I felt the dream beginning to fade away. I didn't even try to fight waking up, though, even though I would have enjoyed tormenting this DC, and I just let the dream slip away while I awoke.

      I've noticed some recurring themes of racism and fascism in my dreams, lately. Makes sense, really. I've been taking in a lot of politics, and playing games like Tomb Raider and The Last of Us, which contain a lot of such situations. No question as to whether waking world media is seeping into my dreams. Lol.
    4. I ken-do that

      by , 12-28-2016 at 12:36 PM
      One dream blended into another, I was at a work place when a guy with a bald head and glasses came in.
      He lifted up my clothes revealing a black and red silken kimono apparently a martial arts garb. He too was wearing similar garb.
      We had a friendly bout discussing our fighting styles and I threw him to the ground. He asked me smilingly to come with him to help.
      They had a problem with some people trying to takeover their operations. He was a farmer Oo.
      I headed out to a muddy farm yard, where I was assailed by many ruffians. they circled me and matrix style I got hold of a kendo stick
      from somewhere and started battering them. Swirling the stick I hit many at a time. Eventually the battle was over, it was quite fun.
      A large lorry had drawn up in the yard with a big old guy in it. He asked if I could come with him to sort out some more problems.
      I woke up.
    5. Don’t Forget the Donkey inside our Mattress

      by , 12-25-2016 at 06:25 PM
      Afternoon of December 25, 2016. Sunday. (Last clarified and resupplemented on Sunday, 10 September 2017.)

      In my dream, as I am lying in our bed as it is located and oriented now in our present home on W Street, and possibly in late morning, there are concerns expressed by others (seemingly unfamiliar people) of whom I am unsure are present in our bedroom or speaking via telepathy from another location (though I do not perceive them as imposers). I falsely remember that we have a pet donkey that lives inside our mattress. I am unsure if he has eaten recently, perhaps not for weeks. The area he is within is possibly locked, and I hear someone asking if the lock is locked. I do not think the donkey is ill, though I am unsure. I get the impression of a cage being inside our mattress (almost as big as our mattress), and within that cage, the supposedly full-sized donkey. Regardless of how absurd and impossible this situation is, it seems logical and serious to my dream self. (This is vaguely similar to my recurring forgotten pet dreams, where I become aware of a pet in my bedroom, usually on the opposite side from the foot of my bed, that I may not have fed in weeks or longer, yet perceiving it may still be alive. The pet is often a guinea pig or rabbit in a cardboard box that is open at the top.)

      In an unrelated scene in a more vivid but less detailed setting, an unknown female approaches me in a white martial arts outfit. She kicks me in my stomach (without any discernible motive other than practicing her martial arts) as I am standing (facing south), seemingly in the room where my computer desk is, and I simultaneously wake with the stomach jolt (which mostly only happens when I am sleeping on my side and is not as intense as my hypnopompic back spasm which can happen in any position). It does not hurt and is not even unpleasant, just a spontaneous movement of the abdominal muscles upon waking.

      The meaning of this dream is very obvious to me. It is completely unrelated to waking life regarding any symbolic significance, being primarily rendered around the waking transition as many dreams are. It is yet another incidental rendering of subliminally anticipating the hypnopompic kick though it was a lesser abdominal jolt in this case. Both the donkey and the female practicing martial arts (of whom probably represents Zsuzsanna being in bed with me, though she really does not kick me with a hypnopompic kick when we are sleeping) represent the same potential waking prompt. Incidental associations relate to our son doing martial arts in real life and possibly the “Little Donkey” Christmas carol (though my dream self does not typically have a viable memory of what year it is let alone the date of December 25th in this case).

    6. LD #295: Taekwondo and Deadpool Clones

      by , 06-03-2016 at 03:44 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I started Taekwondo a little over five years ago. I did the same with proper lucid dreaming practice. And for anyone who reads my dream journal, they know that random martial arts fights break out. (Often with me a participant) The one thing setting this apart from other common themes is that the martial arts dreams (I use the term martial arts as a general term since some of the moves used are clearly not taekwondo) is that they are often tied to semi lucid or lucid dreams, while other dream themes. Space themed dreams, for instance, are almost always non-lucid.

      I theorize that because I began lucid dreaming and taekwondo at the same time, Taekwondo became mixed up in that phase of heavy learning in the beginning with lucid dreaming, and is now pretty much a permanent aspect of semi-lucid and lucid dreams. Probably should feel happy that I hadn't started say, driver's ed at the same time I began lucid dreaming. Then my life would be a never-ending string of car-crash dreams.

      I remember being on the main street of my town. We were under attack by deadpool clones. I think there were 6 or 7 of them, and they all had numbers on their foreheads. They were made by an evil comic book antagonist who was 'testing them out' on our town. I also remember there was a school bus loading up kids who wanted to take them away because deadpool was rated 'R'.

      I reached into hyperspace and pulled out the anti-regeneration sword from the comic. (The one I saw on Death Battle) I started fighting them. I remember each of the deadpools had a different aspect of the deadpool amplified. One was super fast, one was super strong, one was extra crazy, etc. The one that was extra fast ran around me and there was a one punch man reference where he tried to kick me and I just held up my fist and his momentum carried his no-no zone into my fist. I think the dream even went as far as to show the 'technical difficulties' screen for a few moments afterward.

      I recall at one point attempting to throw a lamp post at them, but super strength has never been my forte in dreams and when I tried to throw it it dropped before it made it to them.

      But there was also logic that since they were aspects of the deadpool they all had 1/7th his intelligence of the original and were all as dumb as bricks. That's how I was able to beat them. I remember I got onto the last one who had a blue and black costume instead of red and black. He was supposedly the boss guy. He said something about chimichangas and pulled two burritos out of his pants. He bit two of them and spit out grenade pins then threw them at me. I dodged by hiding right next to my taekwondo studio. I distracted him with a poster of a naked woman that I pulled from hyperspace and threw my sword at him when he was distracted.

      He didn't die though, he just became neutral and stopped attacking, and seemed completely uninjured. He made some kind of fourth wall joke, but in the dream that translated into saying something about the dream and making me
      lucid. (I had already been semi lucid.)

      I remember blue deadpool walked off. I was standing outside the taekwondo studio. (I think it was on the wrong side of the street though.) I was lucid, but I was in a bit of a daze. I didn't know quite where I wanted to go with it since I wasn't expecting to be lucid. There were a few people standing outside waiting to be let in, none of whom I recognized from WL. One of them was this really old lady who was only about 4 feet tall and hunched over on a cane. She had a white belt uniform and she said that it was sparring class today, me vs her. It seemed like she was so old and frail she shouldn't be able to lift her leg to kick, but I could tell something was about to happen.

      Sure enough, her opening move was to leap several feet into the air (additional note: dream martial arts usually seem flashy and impractical. If you've ever heard someone say that the martial arts in movies are flashy and impractical to make for a good film, well those also seem to be the moves that are used in dreams. Probably because dreams are a visual representation of a conflict or aspect of yourself, like a movie. They're not meant to be like waking life. But I just punched deadpool in the groin, and distracted another with a pin-up poster. Who am I to talk about this.) and attack me with a bunch of kicks. I blocked all of them.

      Me: [I knew it. A trick!]
      Her: [Hmph! Everyone I know falls for that.]
      Me: [I haven't been around as long as you, but I'm no fool.]

      She kept attacking me. I played defensive, waiting for her to make a mistake, leave an opening, or just get tired, but she wouldn't have it. I tried going outside her range, but she was too quick to close the gap. Eventually I saw her let up. Jumping snap kick threw her through a loop and tagged her chest. She jumped back.

      Me: [I can't believe someone as good as her fell for that old trick.]
      Her: [This is the same one who *garbled* Jonathan. Shouldn't have placed my expectations so low.]

      I tried to put my foot down. I could tell the fight wasn't over and might have escalated from simple martial arts to including dream powers. But for some reason my right leg was stuck to my pant leg in a weird dreamlike way that left it bent and I was stuck standing on one foot.

      Her: [Well put your foot down! Fighting Stance, let's go.]
      Me: [I can't... well... this is embarrassing.]

      She came over and helped me by putting a magical golden paperclip on my pant leg that would supposedly stop that from ever happening again. I guess the fight was over.

      She said something and the dream scene shifted to the beach from my first lucid dream. The old woman said something about reconnecting with the past. I lost the dream the moment after we transitioned and woke up.
    7. MILD day 1

      by , 06-26-2015 at 07:05 PM (The Nightly Dreamer)
      Fell asleep at 00:00
      Intention: "I have lucid and memorable dreams every night"

      Woke up with an alarm at 7:00, recorded this fragment:

      The Road:

      I'm walking up a road with my mother. The road is your basic asphalt road, and it appears to be a road that I know well IRL. My mother says something about cars, and a red SUV appears from nowhere and almost runs me over before parking on a dirt road that branches off the main road. (Memory gone)

      Went back to sleep, then woke up at 9:15 recalling this fragment:

      Martial arts embarrassment:

      I'm in the martial arts studio, and its a black belt only class. The ceiling is much higher than IRL, and there's a large stone slab extending from floor to ceiling where the weapons rack should be. The Instructor(Master Pattison) says something, but I don't quite understand him and continue with my form. I then notice that everyone my rank is leaving, so I sneak out behind them. While walking through a hallway with bright light at the end, Pattison spots me through the glass door behind me. I feel embarrassed, and he orders me to perform the combat form Ro Hai(which is a rank above me IRL). I feel my mother behind me, and Pattison looks up and says to her:

      "It's alright if he makes mistakes, but it isn't if he tries to hide them."

      The dream ends.
    8. Magic Gerbils (Mini WBTB)

      by , 03-16-2015 at 01:35 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Bedtime: 12:00 (Got in bed at 10:00, wrote in my waking journal for 2 hours. I had a lot to talk about.) I'm also a little bit sick.

      I had a long nonlucid dream. I have no memory of what it was about.


      I had a terrarium where my drawing board is in my room. In it were three magic gerbils. One was pink, one was indigo-ish blue and one was bluish green. They could talk in these high squeaky voices and were as intelligent as any human. They had this little symbol on their side. They kind of reminded me of the likes of My Little Pony or Care Bears or something.

      And while having these guys around, at first glance sounds girly and stupid, they were actually pretty handy to have around. They granted me special powers, and were actually pretty reliable friends.

      I was in the kitchen having breakfast. Since the gerbils were magic and intelligent they could come out of their cage and I could rely on them to run away or something. They would regularly come outside the cage whenever I wasn't sleeping. A government agent jumped out and grabbed me from behind. Another one grabbed the three gerbils and put them into a cage. He started to carry them off.

      "Help us, Jade!"

      The government agent was trying to hold me still while they took the gerbils away. I tried to elbow him but it didn't do much. He just adjusted his grip and held that arm so that I couldn't move it.

      I then thought about martial arts movies and how sometimes they can kick the bad guy over your shoulder if you kick really high. I decided to try that move even though IWL I can't do it. It worked and I knocked the guy out. I ran outside and saw the guy carrying the gerbils, in a cage to the car. I ran up behind him and kicked him in the back. He dropped the glass cage, that broke and the gerbils ran out.

      I forgot that they wouldn't run away, and tried to scoop them up with a cup that I found in the garage. Another government agent showed up and tried to grab me. I dropped the cup in surprise and it broke. The gerbils run out.

      "Don't worry about us! Stop them!"

      The three ran off as a group and went into a hole in the outside of the house. I moved into the uppercut agent. He had a Taser and tried to shock me. I ducked under his arm and elbowed him in the back. He fell over and hit his head on the hood of my mom's car.

      I then saw a fancy old white car pull up and a really old man with a top hat got out. As he got out, I was trying to figure out what this situation was, and remembered that just a few minutes ago,
      I was trying to WBTB. I became fully lucid. I knew that he was the leader of the government agents and I was going to have to fight him.

      I started to walk toward him. He started to walk toward me and took of his jacket to reveal very muscular looking arms.

      "Mr. Free, come to finish this once and for all, have you?" (wat?)

      We kept walking right into close range. He gave a telegraphed punch. I swept into the ground dodging him and picked up a piece of ice off the sidewalk. When He turned around, I threw it in his face.


      He tried to kick at me in close range. I stepped back. He threw another kick, roundhouse this time. I ducked under it and kept moving back. I then jumped back, but before hitting the ground, boosted myself forward with my flying technique and kicked him with both legs. He tried to block but staggered back almost to his fancy white car. I moved in and kicked him in the solar plexus.

      I woke up and my right leg was straight up to the ceiling. I guess my Taekwondo classes don't mesh perfectly with lucid dreaming after all.

      And the reason that I say this was a mini WBTB was that the last time I looked at the clock was 7:33, and it was now 7:42. Meanting that the whole dream took less than 10 minutes.

      I really think that pairing WBTB with MILD is the way to go from here. I've had so much success in such a short time-frame.

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    9. Dreamer Vs. Dream Guide (LD #166)

      by , 02-05-2015 at 03:37 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I dreamed of my old family beach resort. That is strange, I haven't dreamed of that place in a long time.

      I was in my art history class. I had forgotten to do the homework. We still had [a large amount of time] before class to do the work. I thought about trying to do it, but instead decided to get up and leave class.


      I somehow found myself in a martial arts/combatatives shop. They sold everything relating to fighting here. Guns. Bows. Swords. I remember seeing some of the weapons on the wall and thinking I wanted to get one. I knew that I was in some sense or another 'allowed to'.

      The front room of the store was cramped with all the weapons and gear. I made my way into the back room that was almost completely empty.

      I then ran into a group of about a dozen martial artists, proudly wearing white uniforms and black belts. They asked me how good I was with a bo staff and gave me one. I started spinning it around, as I did telling them that I've never had any formal training or practice with one. I just used to have a stick and I would use it for play.

      They then asked me if I found it funny when I was teaching new students if they got [two similar stances] mixed up. I told them about how (IWL) I've been attending Taekwondo lessons for four years, and I still got [those stances] mixed up sometimes. Because I was making mistakes and open to learning I didn't find it annoying.

      They didn't seem to happy with this answer and left me there.

      Then the shop owner came up and told me that I was here because someone had challenged me to a fight. He said that he couldn't tell me who because my challenger had chosen to remain anonymous until the fight.

      I asked him what the rules of the fight are. He told me that it was totally open. Any moves were fair-game. The only rule is I am not allowed to bring other people in with me.

      He gave me a different outfit, a black martial arts uniform and told me to head up to [some cave] where the battle would take place.

      I teleported outside. I became lucid around here and realized that I wanted everyone to hurry up and get this fight on, with all the short-lived
      lucidity I've been having, there was no way we were going to see some action.

      The cave was out in a snowy tundra in the mountains. The only way into the cave was a rope bridge. It seemed to be made out of these tough vines of some sort. I couldn't really tell. It led into a cave. Inside the cave was mostly filled with water. (Very cold water, since tundra and all) but there was a small platform, about 20ft around in the middle that the bridge connected to. There were a couple of waterfalls coming into the edge of the cave and a couple of holes in the ceiling where sunlight shown through like a spotlight onto the main floor.

      There was another bridge that came from the opposite side of the cave. There were all of these people on the opposite side that were watching, including the guys that were in the back of the shop from earlier. It didn't take them long to send their opponent across. Some of them had even set up tents and what not.

      So, you already know I was supposed to fight Manei, my very own dream guide. But I didn't know that just yet. (TBH I didn't pick up on it until halfway into the fight.) Because when she came across, I hardly recognized her. She had cut her hair short (not really short, just short enough to lay flat on top of the head.) She wasn't wearing her headband. Though I guess what threw me for a loop was the idea that Manei had picked a fight with anyone. She's always given me the vibe that she was something of a pacifist.

      But the reason I didn't recognize her was the fact that her energy/aura that I usually felt seemed completely absent. It was strange, and I am still not 100% sure that the character that I fought was her.

      She tried to taunt me into attacking first, but I remained quiet and motionless. Eventually she just charged right at me, winding up for a big punch right in the face. It was like facing down a charging bull.

      I simply sidestepped and tripped her with one foot as she came in. I honestly did not expect that to work at all. She fell forward but managed to catch herself. She got to her feet ready to fight again. She went in for a couple kicks. I noticed that her form was horrible, she wasn't guarding her body and seemed off balance.

      When she moved in for a punch I was able to duck under her. I was coming around to elbow her in the back when I realized that I was fighting Manei, and what I was about to do could really hurt someone. I tried to think of another way that I could end this fight quickly without really hurting her. I for some reason thought of how in Avatar, that one girl (Ty Lee was it?) can Chi-Block her opponents and paralyze them without hurting them.

      I threw a couple of random quick jabs to her back and (Because lucid dream) it worked. Her right arm was completely paralyzed, hanging limp at her side. She came around with her left and tried to punch me. I grabbed her with my left and twisted her wrist around so that she was off balance. Two more jabs with my right arm and both arms were paralyzed.

      I stood back and looked at her. Her hair was long now, but undone and messy. For some reason the dream became really detailed here. I could see every detail in her. Her facial expression, full of aggression. Her arms, that she was already starting to get feeling back in them. She was opening and closing her fists. I could even see her breath in the cold air of the cave. The cave itself became more detailed too. I could now hear the waterfalls and see little crystals inside the stone floor.

      The fight dragged on for a few minutes of interlude combat. She didn't manage to land a single solid hit, despite giving it her all. I didn't land many hits either, I was being very careful not to hurt her.

      After awhile, She didn't want to fight anymore, she wanted to wrestle. I put my hands into my pockets. She ran right at me ready to grab me and take me to the floor. When she got in close, I jumped back, and landed on my back, feet in the air. She jumped for me and I kicked her up and behind me. I heard a splash sound. By the time I got up I saw the spot in the water where she had gone in.

      I began to notice that she wasn't coming back up. Either that kick or the cold water had knocked her out.

      "Huh... man... that water looks cold!"

      I jumped in and fished her out. Despite being fully lucid, she seemed impossibly heavy and I was barely able to lift her out. I managed to get her back up onto the arena. She coughed up a bunch of water.

      For some reason or another, I had to carry her across back to her family. And my oh my, I wish I had a smaller dream guide. One of the martial arts guys came over to me, the oldest and most experienced. He told me that it was customary for dream guides to fight their dreamer at least once. He gave some reasoning behind it, but I didn't find it very valid, or think that it applied to me and her.

      He also told me about how you might expect that most of the time the guide would win, but in reality it is actually about 50/50. In most cases it really depends on the personality of the dreamer/guide rather than their position.

      The last thing that I remember was her little sister of about six years old (or who I assumed was her little sister) running up and asking if she was okay. She had gone unconscious again. I told her that she would be fine. The dream ended and I woke up.

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    10. Displaced Martial Arts Class

      by , 01-01-2015 at 07:01 AM
      Morning of January 1, 2015. Thursday.

      I am back in Florida in Cubitis, in my later childhood home. (1978 was the last time I was there in real life.) It is eventually a vivid environment, but the living room is about four times bigger than it should be. The room my father built into the carport is also considerably bigger.

      Mostly, I am aware of noise and music from an unknown source (seemingly from an undefined area to the northwest). After about twenty minutes, our oldest son’s martial arts class, as it was when he was a lot younger (as he is about six years younger as well), comes into the house through the front entrance. It is disco music but I do not know the songs (some of which are possibly fictional). The noise and imposition annoys me, yet I do not even question why my son is suddenly younger or why the martial arts class will be held in the room my father built (and it does not even dawn on me that my son has never been to America). I am standing near what would be the eastern wall, near the windows, looking west into the expanse of the living room, which seems to have a slightly shiny and partly reflective floor. (In reality the house had brown floor tiles in every room, speckled with completely different colorful patterns on each tile, some of which had various shapes, including anthropomorphic, much like “seeing” diverse imagery in clouds).

      The real-life instructor asks me if I mind the music they are using today (though it is rare to have music on during the martial arts classes in reality), some of which is The Village People and some other disco tracks. Even though I find most dance music (and much pop music) highly irritating, I say, “I can take it or leave it this morning”, to not create an argument (especially as the instructor looks very cheerful and kind), though the day itself is not related to my mood concerning the music. He seems to appreciate my honesty and willingness to allow the class to continue, and they continue to go into the carport addition, all dressed in white martial arts uniforms.

      What I find is that “noisy” dreams (where there is more of a cacophony) seem to occur more often in hot weather.

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    11. 09/22/2014 - "Breakaway Beach", "What Pills?"

      by , 09-23-2014 at 05:54 PM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Dream One
      "Breakaway Beach"

      I was walking around on the beach, along the base of a cliff-side that approached the shoreline. With the left side of my body hugging the wall, I began to notice that the tide was steadily coming in, toward me. I started shifting my path to the left, getting pushed in toward the cliff by the water which came further and further up onto the beach with every subsequent wave. Eventually questioning just where I was, and how I got to this beach, I realized I was dreaming. I tried to think of what my goal was, once I became lucid. I knew there was something I was intent on doing, but couldn't quite put my finger on it, at the time.

      I was then distracted by the tide, which proved to be continuously rising, and I gradually started to climb up the side of the cliff as the water was now starting to flood the entire beach. The higher I climbed, the more the water level rose. It was soon breaking off large chunks of the cliff beneath me, causing me to scramble further, faster, toward the top. Looking down, I could see that I was a few dozen feet above sea level, but now I could see that not only had the tide come in, to cover the sand, but the clear, green-tinted waters of the shallow beach had turned almost black beneath me. This wasn't because the water, itself, had turned black, but because the shallow ground seemed to have completely dropped away, below the water, meaning that what once was a shallow beach in overwhelming tide, was now a deep, ocean trench. There was no hint of a ground beneath the surface. The water just stretched down into absolute nothingness.

      Getting really disconcerted by my situation, being on a cliff-side over all this open water (which is a situation that always makes me uncomfortable, even when lucid), and with the ominous way this dream was heading,
      I lost all lucidity and just kept trying to climb higher and away from this crazy ocean.

      Dream Two
      "What Pills?"

      I was camping with friends (my roommate, and his wife, I believe. We had all done some camping recently in waking life), and we had some swanky log cabin, which sat out in a clearing the center of the woods. Sometime during our trip, I was wandering around through the woods, eventually rounding my way back toward the cabin. On the way there, I looked down and found a clear, plastic bag on the forest floor. A few, dozen yards away, there was a service truck parked, facing me, which looked like it might belong to a ranger or worker or something. I could see that the driver had noticed me, but didn't explicitly seem to be paying much attention to me.

      Inside the bag, I could what I knew, immediately, were 3-4 pills of ecstacy (which I used to do, back in the day, but I know that this particular part in the dream was inspired by a story my roommate just told me, this past weekend). I discretely reached down and picked up the bag, balling it into my hand so as not to broadcast what it was I had just acquired. Nonchalantly, I set my hands in my pockets and continued off on my walk. When I passed the man in the truck, he watched me out of the corner of his eye. Then, when I had gone by a good ways, he started up his truck, turned around and began following me.

      The more he followed, the more nervous I got. Finally, before making it back to the cabin, I pulled out the pills from the bag and popped them all in my mouth, so that if the guy was a cop, I wouldn't get caught holding them, or seen tossing them. The guy pulled up and actually started heckling me, because he saw what I did, and he was joking about how fucked up I was about to be. I played dumb and told him that I didn't know what the hell he was talking about, then just continued off to the cabin. The guy turned around and left, seeing as how there was nothing he could have done at the time, even if he was a cop.

      When I got back to the cabin, having actually held the pills in my mouth, and not eaten them, I spit them all out. Since they hadn't completely dissolved, I believed I saved myself from having been too messed up, at a time when I hadn't even planned on taking them. The others and I enjoyed the rest of our time, and even had a fun sparring session, out in front of the cabin. There was a point where I was hanging from a wooden platform, by my hands, and I was using my feet to fight off the other two, blocking and pushing them with kicks and evasive footwork. I also remember letting go with one hand, and only hanging by the other, and using that free hand to aid in holding my own against my friends on the ground. We also played a game where we threw sponges at each other like shuriken. LOL. I dunno. It was weird...but fun!

    12. Kung Fu Movie, LD #110: Vveven

      by , 09-05-2014 at 01:15 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I'm putting these dreams in out of order because I like to put lucid dreams last. I actually had the lucid dream at around 1:30 in the morning, and this non-lucid upon awakening.

      So I am in/watching a Kung-Fu movie. The dream is periodically glitching between having the main character be autonomous and it being me. That said the main character looks a little like Bruce Lee crossed with my typical dream self. (Bicolored eyes and goggles).
      Anyways, I remember talking to a sensei (Not the person from DV, just a typical sensei character in a kung fu movie.) He was glitching too. He sometimes looked like the typical sensei character with long white hair and a beard. But at other points he looked like this very fat rat type creature.
      Anyways, apparently my character had disowned many teachers before this one for various reasons and was happy that he had found one that conformed best to his teaching style.
      Back to watching it. We were training together, both of us standing on the rocks in the middle of a huge rushing river, doing synchronized movements. There are huge mountains off in the distance.

      There is a part in the movie where this boy and my WL parents came to visit us. The boy was supposedly six despite being about 5'10" and 200 pounds. He had some kind of growth disorder. Also, at this point we were training on a tropical beach.

      Now the climax of the story. The character that I am supposed to defeat is this demon. It kind of looks like the golem that appeared in that dream a couple nights ago, and has red vines wrapped around its body, and is made of dark stone pieces. But this one is much smaller, like 10-12 feet tall.
      Also we were fighting in a very strange location, some kind of birthday party for one of the secondary characters. Nobody ran away from the party. They all made a big circle around the two of us and started taking pictures/video with their phones.
      I think this was actually my second time fighting him. The first time, my character had lost, horribly. He had bloody bandages all over his body from where the vines had hit him during the first battle, and the atmosphere just felt like that of a rematch.
      I am watching once more. The character then closes his eyes and begins 'feeling' where all the vines are going to come from. He then strikes them and knocks them away. Some of them even rip apart and become unusable. It was a remarkably exciting scene and there was some epic Chinese drum music playing while it was happening. He eventually runs at the golem and begins fighting it directly.

      Very odd way of the dream starting. I start to feel someone rubbing my feet and the dream begins to materialize with that.
      So for some reason the dream has decided to materialize like so: I am in a huge mall or food court where there are a ton of people of all different ages, races, ethnicity, etc. There is no more seating available because of the crowd, so we are now sitting propped against the wall.

      And Manei is there, rubbing my feet. Okay, I officially have the weirdest dream guide possible to think: I want the dream to start with me rubbing his feet in some random public place and then we can start talking.
      So lucidity comes on after like ten whole minutes and some very strange dream glitches occur that I can't recall now.
      I turn to her and ask this, knowing that I will get an interesting response.
      "Your hands are so soft! What do you use?"
      "Tomato Juice!"
      "You took a bath in tomato juice?"
      I pause for a moment.
      "Okay, time to do one of the lucid tasks, if I can remember it..."
      I try to recall a lucid task. I recall what I think was one of the old ones, to ask a dream character to tell you a word in another language and it's meaning.
      "Tell me a word in your language and it's meaning."
      "Okay... Vveven! It means god is above. God is love. I love god."
      "You know I'm atheist... right?"
      "I know. I'm telling you the word. Not what to believe."
      Can I get wings for this?
      I get up and indicate that she could follow if she wants to. I want to leave the crowded area.

      Then there is a strange dream glitch. I become nonlucid and see this game set up to be played in the middle of the public place. The game is called 'F**k off, Rabbit!" and you play it with a pack of colored markers and all of these different coloring pages. I don't know how, but it has something to do with the drawing of a rabbit is hidden in each of the coloring pages, and the game is supposed to be very hard.

      I am lucid one more, and still walking out of the place. I look around to find Manei and see her melting into the crowd. Okay, not following. I get outside where there is a vast, clear twilight sky. The dream slowly shifts from the exterior of the mall to my own neighborhood.
      Although the sun is setting in my neighborhood, it feels more like the wee hours of the morning. The moon is rising where the sun should be. The moon also looks huge.
      It is cold. It must be spring or fall. Not horribly cold, but quite brisk none the less.
      I get about halfway down the street and stop. Someone drives past me in a sliver car and looks at me strange.
      Time to do some flying.
      I put my hands down to my side, and project my energy out, the way I always fly.
      Nothing seems to be happening. I can feel my weight starting to come off of my legs.
      I then tried to Jump to start the flying up. I jumped up and floated in the air for a second. Tried projecting out of my hands and felt the flying 'catch' and I was off. I also remember seeing my shadow on the pavement. I think this is the first time I have ever noticed a shadow during a dream.
      I said something like 'Heck Yeah!' and flew over the tops of some houses. I went above the woods behind my sub and turned to look back at it. I was thinking that I might try to fly into outer space.
      Now, a foot massage: weird. A tomato juice bath: weird. But this takes the cake. I turn around to see it and the dream freezes. I lose a ton of clarity and the the image of my neighborhood from above is frozen in front of me. But the strange thing is, my neighborhood is not there at all. Just a blurry black void surrounded by trees.
      The image of my neighborhood pulls back. It becomes evident that it is like a large photograph printed on a sheet of paper. I am now hovering in an empty black void, because the visual of the world has been compressed into this picture. Then, the photograph folds all origami up into a face. I am not kidding, and becomes a floating head that starts talking to me. The dream was literally talking to me.
      "Hey, Woah!, Sorry! I don't know what your sub looks like from above."
      "Not your fault. I was the one who didn't know what it looked like."

      The dream glitches agian. I am looking at this space station in orbit above earth. Apparently the moon was so huge in that dream because it was falling to earth and about to impact it, and that space station was supposed to monitor the event as it happened.
      I can recall the space station having this strange glass pod one one side that I was very focused on for some reason. It looked like some kind of escape pod.

      It was at this point that I realized that I was still dreaming and woke myself up because I wanted to make sure that I recalled the lucid dream.

      Oh, sure. My subconcious can't show me what my sub looks like when I fly above it, but it sure loves to show me what the moon looks like impacting earth and designing these random space stations.

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    13. LD#104: Lucid Dodge-Banana

      by , 08-16-2014 at 11:55 AM (Lucid Time!)

      Fragment: I am in a hardware store. It feels like the hardware store in my town. I am shopping for some kind of screws or bolts to fasten something down.

      I am watching a science show. Something about the planet Jupiter and the surface. As soon as I hear that, I get confused because Jupiter is a gas giant and it has no surface.
      They show a picture of it anyway. Jupiter has a surface made of orange rocks with a river of this sea-green liquid running across it. I can also recall this computer graphic of a space probe falling through the atmosphere and presumably being crushed by the pressure.
      False awakening. I am in my old Taekwondo studio, and it looks like we are playing dodgeball. The studio feels a little bit off. It's dark inside, most of the lights are turned off, and out the windows a strange dark grey haze has set in.
      I recall seeing my belt on the table and putting it on. Not exactly a formality for when we used to do something fun like play dodgeball but whatever.
      I make my way over to the other side of the gym. There are five people on our team and three people on the enemy team. The only person on our team that I recognize is K's brother. The rest of the people on our team feel familiar.
      The opposing team is only three boys. Two of them have blurred faces and are simply wearing uniforms. The third has a green T-shirt and looks sort of like that evil dream character. Though he's smiling with playful aggression and certainly doesn't look evil.

      I turn to K's brother.
      "This is a dream, isn't it?"
      He doesn't respond.

      "This is a dream, I'll just play along. This should be fun, though I might be much more skillful now..."
      The match begins. The enemy team has all four balls. They surrender one to us out of honor and each of the three enemy players has a ball. One guy on our team runs for the ball and gets taken out. Both balls roll back to the enemy team.
      One of the guys throws at me. For some reason, the ball morphs into a banana mid-flight. As it approaches me, I hold out my hand and it slows down. Everything in the room comes to a complete stop. I step out of the way. The banana flies past me.
      I look back to see that one of the faceless guys on the enemy team has been taken out. The remaining two guys target me. I levitate into the air and sort of wave my body to avoid the shot from the green shirt guy. I catch the one from blurry face #2. He is out. I stare down at the green shirt guy and everyone backs off. It's me and him. 1v1.
      He picks up two balls, and takes on a wide stance, ready to jump to the side.
      I hover over to the line. I preform a fake out throw. It barely phases the guy. I throw for real. The ball hits his hand and gets him out. It's over. Our team wins. The green shirt guy says he wants a rematch. I wake up.
    14. Slower Motion Within Slow Motion

      by , 12-09-2013 at 10:06 AM
      Morning of December 9, 2013. Monday.

      My dream, mostly with lucid focus, begins as a sort of practice in martial arts in a building that has a long hallway (south to north). It seems to be on the second floor and seems vaguely modeled after the King Street boarding house though with partial layouts reminiscent of my high school in Florida. Over time, I deliberately do all of my movements in slow motion, which seems kind of hilarious. I run down the hallway (in a sort of leaping run) and it feels very “real” in the sense of the slow motion aspects.

      Another person comes up to me, but I just punch him in the jaw. It seems that he also has the ability to move in slow motion on his own and it is also hilarious as he starts to fall backwards in slow motion but is able to stabilize himself and stay standing somehow - which is good, as he was smaller and weaker and I did not want to actually hurt him. (I actually wait for seemingly a long time to see if he recovers as such as he is falling - or seems to be falling - in slow motion.) Another person decides to make an annoying comment (I can tell this by some sort of telepathic awareness), but (just as he approaches and before he opens his mouth to speak) I deliberately place them into a much slower slow motion than the present ongoing slow motion speed. I figure that by the time others and I leave the martial arts school, he will only just then start to form his mouth into the first word of what he was originally going to say and no one will be there to hear him. That also seems hilarious.

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    15. 8-4-2013 A Snake Beneath the Surface

      by , 08-04-2013 at 06:15 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      A Snake Beneath the Surface:
      I was sitting with people i know from martial arts. We talked for a while. Then one guy started making fun of another for being fat. Next thing i know, a snake is attacking the man being made fun of. He was also sitting right next to me and since i didn't want the snake to attack me, i quickly caught the snake and threw it away from me.

      Other dream fragments: (Well, not really fragments, just what i decided to log last night)
      -I was looking for an ear plug i dropped on the floor. However, all i could find were old ear plugs covered in nasty ear wax.
      -I was in my room, but i left to go somewhere, in the cool summer air.
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