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    1. [22-01-2017: 9th competition night

      by , 01-22-2017 at 11:16 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I saw some underground cavern with small, blue glowing crystals. There was a whole society of intelligent chinchilas. They have gathered in the middle of the cavern. Chinchilla elder had some sack with glowing crystals, all of them were arguing until he made them quiet and said about prophecised end of the world. Suddenly water started gathering in the cavern. I turned into that elder chincilla with crystals. Everyone was escaping, but I decided that it would be for the better if I dive deeper and drown.

      Suddenly I found myself in my home, barricaded. Looking through windows I saw legions of zombies smashing everything on their way and going towards my house. I tried to move from bathroom to kitchen, but there were two zombies in the hallway. I ran past them, but doors to kitchen were barricaded too. Suddenly my sister with grandma opened them and helped me close them so zombies won't get us.
    2. Work Dreams and Too Small Cages for Too Many Chinchillas

      by , 10-24-2014 at 01:56 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at work. Everything seemed quite dark. It was very early in the morning. I was working with this guy that came from another department to learn the bakery IWL. I was filling all these drawers that filled up this tall cabinet-looking thing with things we would need for the day. I was trying to go fast because I had a certain amount of time to be finished with it.

      I then had to take a break. I went and laid down in a bed for my break. I think I was talking to the guy who was still working as I was falling asleep.

      I looked at the clock to check the time, and break was about over. I got out of the bed and continued what I was doing. I then had to go do something else, so the other guy had to take over.
      "You know what to do, right?" I asked.
      He nodded a yes in response. I hoped he wasn't insulted by my question. I then "remembered" that he did that all the time, so of course he knew how.

      I woke up and it was weird; I didn't feel like I had fallen asleep at all. It was only an hour or so later than when I went to bed. I was burning up, so I turned the heat down and went back to sleep.


      I was in this area, I believe it was a basement, that had these small cages filled with, what I called, "chinchillas", though they looked more like small white mice. There was also one with white cats in it. The chinchillas and the cats were all different sizes; some were big, others were quite small.

      I saw that a medium-sized chinchilla had escaped. I went to scoop her up to put her back in the cage. She bit my palm pretty hard, and it hurt! I carried her over the the cages regardless. I then noticed how small the cages really were; they were small and narrow, and the chinchillas were shoved in there so crowded up. There were two cage doors that would slide open and closed, one on each side of the cage. The chinchillas in the cage were trying to escape by sliding the doors open. I put the one back that I had gotten back inside the cage. The others kept trying to escape. I didn't blame them, but I didn't want them to die out there either. I thought about using different primary colored wooden building blocks (ones I had when I was young IWL) to build on some more room. I laid down a few blocks for a foundation when I noticed that another had escaped, this time a much smaller one. I couldn't find where she went, but then, I saw that a medium-sized white cat had also escaped. She was stretching, as cats do. I hoped that the cat didn't eat the chinchilla.


      I was getting up for work. I was in my room in the house I grew up in. Ugh so early...

      I was then at work. I wasn't quite sure what I was supposed to be helping with. Shannon was there, this other woman, a tall, kind of fat Indian woman, was also there; she was also supposed to be a manager. Christian was there as well, an assistant manager from another store. There were also a couple of regular employees there as well. I knew there was this new thing where I was supposed to move these racks over to this certain area for the managers to transport to another store via driving this weird, short truck. I moved the things that needed to be moved.

      I then realized I really needed to pee. There was a bathroom "stall" that looked like the tall racks, only hollow on the inside with a toilet. You could see right into the stall. Ugh...I really needed to go. I made sure no one was paying attention, and I went into the stall. It was very small and cramped, and I could see outside (it was like looking through open blinds). I then saw Christian was there. I quickly pulled up my pants and exited the stall so he wouldn't see. I talked to him for a bit. He was about to drive one of those weird trucks. I had a nervous feeling while talking to him (he is actually pretty attractive IWL [yes I know I'm married; I have no intentions of getting with him], and I can tell he finds me attractive too). He then got in his short little truck and started to drive away. I waved, and another man in another similar looking truck that looked like it had a green interstate sign for the side of the truck waved back. I waved again as Christian's truck went by.

      Then, Shannon and the Indian woman pulled up slowly in their truck, very close to me, then drove away. The Indian woman looked at me as they went.

      I then wanted to try to pee again. There was this box next to the rack/bathroom stall that looked a little bigger than the rack/stall. I had a feeling you were supposed to push it in there when you wanted to use the bathroom, because then, no one could see you. Someone had already done that, I think it was Nicky. They were in the now covered stall. I still had to pee.
    3. Cloudy grounds

      by , 08-26-2013 at 10:26 PM
      I was walking in the fields opposite to the road by the Jernhatten hill, with my sister, brother and father. The ground is covered in snow and the air is foggy as if it were clouds, or white barely-moving smoke. I scoured off to find a place to get a bit higher up, and found a little hill which let me see above the fog. It looked like the top of an overcast when you're looking out the window of an airplane, but with trees sticking up and swirls of fog soaring upwards and dissolving. Looked very heavenly. I went back down from the hill and as the swirls of fog engulfed me, it looked like a thousand faces screaming in agony. I didn't take much notice of that, and walked onwards with my little sister. We found a tree with two chinchillas in it. I reached my hand up, and one of them jumped onto my glove. I took it down and stroked it across the back. I could feel the rough fur as my gloved hand slid across it.
    4. tumblr / Looking After Pets / Dream Lesson

      by , 10-15-2012 at 03:10 PM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      I have a friend whose dad shut off the Internet at her house, so she only has Internet access when she's at her mom's house. She went back to her dad's house yesterday. Anyway, I had a dream last night that I was on tumblr and saw a post she made saying that her dad turned the Internet back on again. I woke up disappointed because it was only a dream (we mainly only see each other online because we live a couple hours apart).

      I went back to sleep and had a dream that I had to look after a few pets for my friend Giana (even though they aren't her pets IWL). I had to look after five various rodents (a hamster, two very tiny chinchillas, and two jerboas. They were kept in a big cage, which I was keeping in my room. The problem was that they kept escaping from the cage; they managed to squeeze through the bars and out of the cage pretty easily. The chinchillas (which were roughly the same size as the hamster and jerboas, as opposed to actual chinchilla size) especially liked to escape. One of them even tried to bite my thumb when I carried it back to its cage (again); it was kind of uncomfortable, but it didn't hurt.

      In another dream, I had to select a "teacher". I chose Kayleigh, my tulpa. She started throwing dodgeballs at me, and I didn't know why, so she told me she was doing it because I had to learn that nothing could hurt me because I was dreaming and that I shouldn't be afraid in dreams. I guess I was supposed to take that advice and make myself believe that, though I still didn't really get what was going on. The dream felt rather vague when I woke up, too.

      I know she was only trying to help me improve my dream control, but I don't think I really learned anything from that "lesson". It does seem like something she would do, though...