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    1. 14 Mar: My guru makes me eat slimy creatures

      by , 03-14-2019 at 11:54 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Rinpoche comes to meet me at a University library. We're supposed to do some research on some books he previously asked me to pick up. He holds my hand and kisses it. I go pick up some more books and I encounter some people, like Axman, who want to know what I am up to. I tell them I am with Rinpoche, they don't believe me. I don't care. But when I join Rinpoche at the table he is already surrounded by other students. I have to seat quietly at another table and just hand him the books. He marks down parts of texts for me. Then we all pack our bags and have to go, but I am not in a hurry, so we exchange some languish looks as we depart.
      Then a colleague comes to me with a video on her smartphone that she wants me to see, about some weird animal sanctuary. Then it becomes like a live hologram in my hands and I watch a nest of hatching eggs as if they are in my hands. Rinpoche comes to me and asks what it is. Then the hologram becomes real and he tells me to eat some of those eggs. First I say I don't want to, because it is some living beings,
      but then I realize it is all just a dream, so no harm will be done. The creatures coming out of the eggs are viscous and slimy with tentacles. He grabs a bunch of eggs with creatures coming out and puts them in my mouth. One I swallow immediately, then he says to chew on the rest which I do, it's kinda bitter and slimy, but I don't flinch and eventually I swallow it all.
    2. Friday, June 29

      by , 08-28-2018 at 08:16 PM
      I am somewhere outside with two familiar others (they feel familiar to me in the dream, though I’m not sure who they really are). The area seems to be dry, open and flat, and desolate. Two cars are parked right next to each other, and there is a man beside one of them (I want to say he looks like the guy with dark hair from Jurassic Park - I look him up right now and confirm I’m thinking of Jeff Goldblum, also thinking that I saw a picture of a man that looks like him yesterday). We are behind this other car and for some reason engaged in a gunfight with this man. I think I have the only other pistol - the other being his. I’ve shot a few rounds towards him, when the slider automatically locks itself in a cocked position, exposing the shiny silver barrel and pronouncing itself out of ammunition. I start to fear, until one of the others tosses me a single bullet. This reinvigorates me, and with certainty I proclaim “I’m going to kill him.” I raise up after loading and I think I only hit him in the leg. He ends up running away. We end up tracking him down to a house. We are in a cul-de-sac, though a fairly long one (with maybe 10 houses). It and its average looking suburban houses seem proportionate but subtly colossal. It is dim, as if twilight. I go to the other side of the street and try to conceal myself somewhat up against a house in which it seems there is nobody home. There is, however, a white truck backed into the driveway. The shadows here make it seem even darker out. I know that what will ensue will be a fight to the death, and I’m apprehensive and maybe slightly fearful. I imagine someone with a sword fighting me with the intent to kill, and the reality of that makes me uneasy. We know that a house on this street is unlocked, and that he’s sitting in it, waiting for us. From on the dirt, I grab some kind of trowel shaped tool with an edge on it, as well as something else that can be utilized as a weapon. Now, the others are up ahead and they’ve opened the front door. There’s a small stone terrace with 2 stone pillars, past which light from the inside is illuminating the others. They are, with swords, fighting an onslaught of what I can only describe as goblin-like creatures. I think the others are one male and one female. One stands by the door and aims to slice the creatures’ necks, while the other stands at the bottom of the few steps, finishing them off. They have created a substantial pile of bodies. I attack a few that escape the others.
    3. The Strangest Couple

      by , 03-22-2018 at 10:18 PM (Creatures of the Labyrinth)
      A dream of mind focused on a romantic couple, and both of them are some of the strangest creatures I've ever seen in a dream.

      The female of the pair had the head of a cat, and the body of a gigantic bumblebee. The species further had five eyes and needle-sharp teeth. The fur of this creature's head was crimson in color, and where yellow stripes would normally be on a bee, the stripes of the thorax and abdomen were instead crimson.

      The male of the pair was mostly just a large, brown colored water buffalo, except for the creature's face, which was disturbingly human, complete with facial hair, and specifically looked to be Spanish in ethnicity. His face was constantly locked in a grimace of mild discomfort and he wore a chef hat. When this creature died it was furthermore allowed to come back to life in it's "true form", which appeared as a disappointingly normal anthropomorphic dog.

      The two were in love, though the female had qualms about dating a herbivore, though this issue was solved when the male was suddenly killed and subsequently reincarnated.
    4. Flying to a Library as Casper the Friendly Ghost

      by , 06-21-2017 at 10:26 AM
      Morning of June 21, 2017. Wednesday.

      I am in my bedroom in Cubitis (where I have not been in real life since the summer of 1978). There is not much furniture present other than a bed. My room is full of very shiny small gold nuggets and gold dust with a few piles of gold coins. It seems to be nighttime.

      I do not consider that my bedroom being filled with gold all over the floor from wall to wall is unusual in any way. I also do not consider that it is unusual that I am Casper the Friendly Ghost, in cartoon form. Wendy the Good Little Witch is visiting. There is no direct association with humanity at all.

      Snorkledorf, the Freakies Cereal character, though not associated as such by my dream self, is approaching from the west. Wendy and I know that we are in danger. He will most certainly eat all my gold and then eat us. We decide to flee. Wendy and I fly northwest, and although I phase through the wall as I am flying because I am a ghost (though I often do this as my more conscious-self-based dream self), Wendy does as well, which puzzles me briefly. Perhaps she quickly used her magic wand. For a short time, I am thinking that she could turn Snorkledorf into something else, but that might not prove to be feasible.

      We both fly north now. The area is no longer like rural Cubitis but not like a city block, either. The houses are close together, the backs of the houses facing each other, with shared backyards (an interesting dream distortion). Somehow, the area seems familiar or at least “correct” to me (even though it is entirely unique) and I decide to fly to the library. Wendy is no longer with me. I get the idea that Snorkledorf might be able to track our direction using his sense of smell, but that concern fades.

      In the unfamiliar library, I am “myself” to some degree. That is, my dream self identity is now human but there are not many threads of my current conscious self identity, though I have no dream-self memory of having just been Casper the Friendly Ghost. I discern my fictional dream self as when I was around twenty-five (even though I had not been in Cubitis since age seventeen). I “know” that the library is north of my home in Cubitis, the other side of Highway Seventeen from where the plant nursery would have been in reality (as well as the opposite side of the highway as my home was). As usual, this is the first time this fictional layout has ever been rendered. There was no public library in Cubitis.

      I look westerly at a tall wooden magazine rack and see a variety of magazines and comic books. I think I might buy a book I see in about the center of the rack, which is a graphic novel of perhaps sixty-four pages, though it feels thicker when I stroke the slightly irregular spine with my right thumb and index finger. Even though I am not familiar with its content and it does not seem all that interesting, I decide I will buy it as I read the price on it as $1.13; a dollar and thirteen cents. My dream self does not consider that, being in a library and probably not part of an ongoing book sale (though there are book sales at our local library in real life), that I could not buy it even though I plan to.

      I turn around and lean down upon a heavy wooden table to read the book more closely. There are a few other people seated at it, including a very chubby short-haired unfamiliar male on my right (south) of about twenty. As I lean upon the table while turning a couple pages of the graphic novel, the heavy table begins to tip to the point where its top is almost diagonal to the floor.

      “I’m sorry,” I say to the small group of people, as I catch and pull the table back upright before it is fully on its side.

      “If you could harvest that energy, you could solve the global energy crisis,” the chubby male says formally but cheerfully. I wake.

      • The gold in my Cubitis bedroom uniquely symbolizes all my dreams that I had documented and decoded in my youth.
      • Snorkledorf in this case symbolizes so-called dream interpreters. They “eat” (read) someone else’s dream without knowing what a dream is (what gold is for). They “trumpet” (as does Snorkledorf) an irritating out-of-tune fallacious “interpretation” with no understanding of personal value or experience or true meaning.
      • Being Casper and flying is a waking symbolism precursor. Flying is the main anticipatory form of waking from a dream. Some “experts” believe this evolved from our ancestors falling out of trees while sleeping, but other “experts” have other theories, such as unconscious confusion of the physical body being horizontal in sleep while residual threads of the conscious self identity are rendered as upright in the dream state. I am more inclined to believe the second theory.
      • $1.13, the cover price of the graphic novel, relates to how long I had been sleeping, an hour and thirteen minutes, a format I picked up from watching the timer on our DVD player so many times over the years. The graphic novel itself symbolizes being in the dream state.
      • It is curious that the personified preconscious (though already coalescing into my emergent consciousness) said “harvest” instead of “harness”. (“Harvest” would imply getting electricity from plants, thus I suspect it means on one level that I should eat more green vegetables for more energy.)
      • Thinking that Wendy could transform Snorkledorf with her magic relates to a conversation Zsuzsanna and I had prior to my dream. Neither of us have any answers for what is really wrong with much of humanity, regardless of how many times we had discussed it. This also relates to a recent analogy I came up with. Being an Internet dream journalist with over fifty years of experience is like being a heart surgeon with a detailed personal diary and additional book on anatomy. In the night, a person comes in through the window and scribbles in the margins “explaining” how the human body is run on hamster wheels…

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    5. An Unlikely New Episode of “Lost”

      by , 02-25-2017 at 08:25 AM
      Morning of February 25, 2017. Saturday.

      Although there was more to this dream, there are only three significant (and more discernible or less surreal) stages.

      In the first main scene, John Locke and Jack Shephard of the “Lost” television series are in the jungle. They are being pursued (over time) by a large creature they originally were trying to discover more about. I am not sure if I am meant to be “in” the episode though I am not directly part of this particular scene.

      John and Jack quickly make their way to an unusual building that seems cylindrical. (I watch the scene while facing the building from at least ten feet away.) The entrance is a set of double doors that are each semicircular on each hinged side. The creature’s head and long neck comes in snakelike through the doors before they are fully closed. The monster manages to swallow John Locke whole as Jack looks on from a short distance.

      I am then at a meeting. The writers of the episode are present. It seems that the episode is still being filmed (which I assume as I am then in the supposed episode after this scene).

      I am then sitting in the back seat of a car with Kate Austen in a parking lot late at night. She is on my right. However, I am confused by the nature of this scene as I first assume that we had been swallowed by the creature that swallowed John Locke and that I am supposed to be seeing the inside of the creature (perhaps its throat) instead of what I see to be the inside of a car. I especially focus very vividly on the small triangular window over Kate’s shoulder and I even ask her if we are supposed to have been swallowed and are now in the monster in this scene (though no director yells “cut” though maybe this is a practice scene). I am trying to work out if this (the small triangular car window) is meant to be one of the monster’s gills or if we are really in a car. If so, the “effects” leave much to be desired.

      Over time, “Kate” is more like a younger version of Zsuzsanna. I am still confused as, even though Kate and I were supposed to have been swallowed in this “Lost” episode scene, it seems more like I am just sitting in a car in the large parking lot of a mall with no film crew around.

      • Kate becoming (or already subliminally implied to be) Zsuzsanna is an example of the otherwise less active preconscious (in the second-to-last dream of a sleep cycle) “correcting” itself.
      • A parking lot is autosymbolism for a specific level of awareness in liminal space and the subliminal realization of the body being inactive while asleep.
      • The snakelike creature swallowing John Locke is a typical coalescence factor and although it causes my dream to shift into a different scene and somewhat clearer level of awareness, it is not an immediate waking precursor. However, as the scene after this involves a meeting with the show’s writers, it still potentially implies a very partial awakening, validated by the last scene being utter confusion in liminal space (the nighttime parking lot scene which builds on emergent memory of being in bed with Zsuzsanna).

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    6. 15 Mar: Creature at my window

      by , 03-15-2016 at 11:31 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      My dogs are barking furiously outside, I'm having a hard time falling asleep...
      Then a loud humming sound makes everything shake like an earthquake. And a white light shines through my blinders. I feel dizzy and confused. I go to my window and try to see where this light and sound come from, through the spaces in the blinders. I see a pair of beady red eyes piercing me. I jump back with fear. Then I realize the blinders are half open and the creature moves to the side of the window that is now exposed. It is greenish, with a big deformed head and those really scary red eyes. I pull the curtains and move on to another room. I convince myself that I am safe, he cannot enter the house.
      I wake up in the morning and go outside to look for footprints under my window, just to confirm my vision was real. But I see no marks. Instead, I find all my clothes I left hanging to dry overnight, all over my garden and a lot of chaos in general, like a storm hit the place.
      Then I really wake up in RL.
    7. [Dream #17 - 2/3/2016] Shadow Stuff & Transformations

      by , 02-05-2016 at 06:17 AM (The Book of the Multiverse)


      Shadow Stuff & Transformations

      [Fragment #1] I found myself in a maroon colored atmosphere in a school-like setting. There was a skinny African guy and some tall brawny Caucasian man talking in a room behind glass. The Caucasian man spotted me and was coming out to approach me. I wanted to get away but he caught me and asked if I would find the guy "messed up in the head" if he told me a secret about him. The other guy was yelling, "NO NO NO! STOP!" And then I replied to the brawny man;

      MobianAngel: "I wouldn't care if he was to stick a finger up his ass and eat the shit that came out of it. I just don't care! Hell, my fiancé is a psychopathic murderer who eats babies and likes violence! Do you honestly think I would care about what he does?"

      [Fragment #2] There was a girl by the van of the African man's whose balloon began to float up into the air. I went to get it and tried to tie the small bit of string onto her backpack but it flew away once again and she cried.

      [Fragment #3] There was a place in a kind of mall-like shape where people could walk in and their bodies would change to be other creatures as they will gain the powers of the respective individual. There was a section for boys and one for girls. I remember the girls having mermaid transformations and some sort of lancer that can electrify the floor with a electricity infused lance.

      [2/4/2016] All I can remember is running outside of the house because my mother pissed me off and it was raining. The parking lot was exceedingly large and my Shadow the Hedgehog plush was clinging onto me as if it were alive and it would not let go.

      Dream Goal For February

      Spoiler for February 2016 Goal:

      Extended Information

      Spoiler for Extended Information:


      Spoiler for Notes/Summary:

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    8. [Dream #2 - Year 2012] My Encounter with a Shadow Person? - First Lucid Dream Experience

      by , 01-14-2016 at 12:48 AM (The Book of the Multiverse)


      This happened more so randomly and unintentional but I'll talk about it.

      The most vivid lucid dream (if you want to consider it a dream) I had was after I had awoken and went back to sleep one night. I couldn't distinguish if my eyes were still close or open but, I remember laying on-top my mattress in my room. Everything looked the same, and the placement of a couple of furniture pieces were exactly where they were in the waking world. I sadly couldn't move but I could see with my eyes. I looked over the blackened silhouettes of my computer chair paired with another item and eventually from those black shapes emerged a creature.

      Completely black and half my height, shared very similar aspects of the heartless from Kingdom Hearts, particularly the shadows. His hair almost resembled that of a straw hat with a kind of point on top. He had a yellow smiley face logo, similar to the one Impmon from Digimon has, on his chest. He approached me slowly towering me, sporting a wide grin with ground sharp teeth. Through various ways he exploited himself, I knew right away wanted to have sex with me. I wanted to engage in the act with him but again, I couldn't move due to being in a paralyzed state. Eventually before I could do more about it, I was snapped back to the waking world. The perception still did not change from me coming back but the figure vanished from view.

      It was disappointing that I couldn't continue on in the moment, and I was ecstatic about it. About meeting someone/something that normally one wouldn't see in this physical world. But I enjoyed the intensity and vividness of the event nevertheless. I also drew a picture of the creature afterwords but I can't find it at the moment, though I could easily create a new one.

      • Notes — Before I started attempting lucid dreaming, I was more focused on astral projecting. The methods I learned from reading up on WILD and MILD are practically the same methods I used when I was taught astral projection from a former college friend. Excluding the part where I imagine my spirit body detaching from my physical. This event happened unintentionally, but I feel that the habit of ding a routinely MILD - WILD
      seeped into myself doing it automatically without having any thought of doing so.

      Encountering the Shadow creature and wanting to engage is sexual intercourse with him, in my opinion, exhibits a lot of myself and how sexual open I am as a person, especially when it comes to different species. Being that I wasn't at all scared as most people would when being face-to-face with such a being, could explain the fact that in the waking world I do not have fears the ghosts, shadow people, demons, types of fears that exist. Thus, could be why I had such a positive synergy with this creature.

      Date — Somewhere around the year 2012

      Went to bed — N/A

      Woke up — N/A

      *Time logged — N/A

      Total sleep — N/A

      Stress level throughout the day — N/A

      Techniques/Practices — I been doing methods of MILD and WILD for a bit before this event occurred.

      *Daytime — N/A

      *Recall — N/A

      *Inducing Method — NA

      Dream Signs — My bed, my room (being that it wasn't shown to be altered in any way), the exact same placement of furniture

      Perceived Length — 5 minutes

      Emotions — Curious, Happy

      Awareness — Hard to say. I was aware that such an event doesn't normally occur in my world (the waking world), but it wasn't much of an importance in my mind to really focus on.

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    9. 3 fragments

      by , 03-20-2014 at 01:31 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      Fragment 1. Trying to make peanut butter. I put in various peanut-butter flavored things but it’s not coming together well. I wonder if it’s not just easier to use something like jarred peanut butter or PB2.

      Fragment 2. Loitering around outside our apartment. I look around to see if anyone is around. I spot an open envelope in one of our parking spaces and go over to pick it up.

      Inspiration: Me looking at our mail yesterday.

      Fragment 3.
      -A princess is kidnapped and kept in a cabin. When she tells her kidnapper that she’s one of twelve sibling princesses, he’s surprised/disappointed.
      -She gets rescued/swept away by her mother and father, who are revealed to her to be some kind of ghostly bird-like creatures.

      Notes: I’ve been dreaming of our house lately and it’s weird for me, since I normally do it so rarely – but I think I can attribute it to practicing awareness (even though I already had to be aware when I made the house into one of my memory palaces in the past).

      I slept deeply last night and woke up one other time without recall. I have two days break from exercise starting tomorrow so hopefully I’ll get some good rest. Also worried I’m sleeping too much (about 9-10 hours apparently), and that I should stop drinking my energy drink.

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    10. A Lucid Dreaming Movie

      by , 03-08-2014 at 02:15 PM (Exploring My Mind)
      Two dreams remembered last night, the first being pretty hazy. The second, however, was both more vivid and more funny in terms of what it meant.
      I was at a house I didn't recognize with a bunch of friends I didn't recognize. Apparently we were trying to hide from some creature that was hunting us down. I hid between a small spot next to the wall behind a table. Sadly, that's about all I remember from this one.

      This second dream was rather interesting. I wasn't in the dream at all, I was more like an observer to what was happening. In a way, it was like watching a movie. It seemed to be about a blonde-haired girl who was working for the police. However, as the movie progressed, weird things started happening, and the girl slowly came closer to becoming lucid, as it turned out everything going on around her was a dream. However, there were multiple things in her dream to try to keep her from getting lucid, including a sinister woman in a business suit. In the end, I don't remember if she ever got lucid or not. This dream was pretty funny though in that way, because it's like I was trying to convince myself that this was a dream, but the fact that I was watching it like a movie made it less obvious to me. Still, I take that as a good sign. Like, scratching the surface of awareness in a way.

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    11. Monster Beneath the City

      by , 03-03-2014 at 08:24 AM
      What I can remember of the dream starts off with me talking to my boyfriend. We're in our apartment and we're talking about moving somewhere together, but I tell him that I have a job that I have to go do first. I have to go to a different city and investigate some strange disappearances where none of the locals can figure out what's happening. I walk over to my laptop at this point to check my email, as I at some point earlier had emailed the mayor of the city I was checking out to try to make accommodations for living arrangements. I noticed the mayor had messaged back and I was stressed out to realize that it was my ex, and the message he wrote was this:

      Hello [Name],

      You know you're always welcome here. I have made arrangements for you to stay in the best place I could grab for your temporary visit. You know I look forward to seeing you.

      It made me a little antsy and my boyfriend even more so in my dream, but I told him that he knew I had work to do, so go I must. There's a brief period where I'm packing up my things, and then the dream skips.

      It now goes to my ex and some other man at the city. It almost seems like old-timey western, but with a high flair of Victorian steampunk. The second guy present is rather lanky and tall, and everything about him is dark. He's dressed in all black and with a bearded face, dark hair, and the only thing bright about him are his green eyes. It's night outside, and him and my ex are standing just outside a fenced area and just inside is a baby elephant. It's walking around inside as the two men talk. They discuss my coming to town, and the stranger looks very happy while my ex does not.

      "You don't have to do this," my ex says as he watches the little elephant graze around inside the fences. The other man just laughs and keeps his gaze ahead as well, "Except I do have to, she stands in the way of my future plans." Not long after the man speaks, a small area of earth crumbles in on itself just behind the elephant's back feet, and it cries out as part of it slides in. It recoveries briefly and prepares to pull itself out, but it cries out again as something seems to grab onto it and drag it inside the hole. The cries of terror quickly die out and are instead replaced with low squelches and gurgles. The two of them stand there a little longer after the sounds die out before the stranger says, "And this will help me take care of the problem."

      It then goes to me once more, perhaps the next night, getting settled in my temporary place in my pajamas, and for some reason I have brought my dog Chad with me. I am putting away some of my stuff when I find a note in one of the drawers in the bedroom. It's from my ex, and it's warning me that someone is trying to kill me and that I should check for something I didn't pack and hide soon. I don't see anything unusual in my bags, so I go looking through drawers until I find what seems like a large slab of raw meat, and it completely reeks. Who knew how long it had been in there! I was going to simply remove it and disregard the message when I heard and felt a low rumbling in the floor near me. Extremely frightened, I grab my dog by the collar and run to the bathroom that's interconnected to my bedroom. I shut the door quickly and sit on the floor with my pet, my arms wrapped around him and my heart beating through my chest.

      The loud crack of large wood splitting comes from the room and I wake up just as I actually see the shadow of some large creature from the crack underneath the door.

      Amount of time slept: 2 hours
    12. High School Bookstore

      by , 08-23-2013 at 08:36 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in some sort of a bookstore. I was reading a book. It's inside a Catholic school (DBTI?). The lady cashier (librarian) asked if I have a book like it, and clarified if it's mine. Not, it's not. I returned it, and she said it's overdue. I have to pay 21 pesos. I imagined it was already two weeks since I borrowed it, and I thought I was renewing it all this time. I gave her money, but she said, 'Only four [pesos]?' I took more money out of my pocket, and counted two 5 pesos and two 10 pesos, and decided it's a total of 21 pesos.

      I looked around for more books, and found a lot of colorful, hard-bound books, but decided not to borrow.

      I was watching a story before my eyes. An alien. I transformed into a creature. I howled.

      I was in a house. B showed up and we did something like a one-arm embrace or pat, then he went somewhere in the house. R was writing and signing something on the table. He said something about ignoring B. I wondered how can I do that if we're in his house.
    13. Neighborhood Pool fiasco with vampire coffee detours

      by , 05-11-2013 at 02:10 AM
      Vividness: Around 6-7/15 (10 being lucid) (From the night of Wednesday, 5/8/13)
      Awareness: 6/10
      Sleep times 11:05PM, 6:56 AM, 7:20AM
      I am at a pool (one I am not familiar with) and there seem to be many people (indistinct blurs, I don't exactly focus on the detail here) running around the edges. Somehow I gather that there is an 'evil spirit' that transfers through contact (my subconscious can't make up it's mind: sometimes there are many and I'm made to believe that they're devouring people, sometimes just one) and chases you around endlessly. I remember running up the stairs of a mini tiki hut by the side of the pool, and getting jostled as people crowd up in the small doorless frame. I get tagged a few times, but feel no effect and immediately get someone else as the running in circles cycle continues.

      At some point I'm at a pool I used to go to as a child, and the water level is a few inches about the floor (so the entire surface of the pool, concrete and all are covered with at least 6 inches of water, the pool parts going down to 14 feet). I am splashing along the edges of the pool and seem to glimpse sharks near the bottom of one of them. I notice that the water is very sparkly and pale, and the concrete has a bleached look about it. This was the middle dream, then the pool location switches back to the first.

      More running around, then (about 453632626 hours later my mind realizes if I'm getting chased I can actually LEAVE the premises) the focus switches to there being bombs in either the pool or one of the cars in the parking lot (a flat gravelly area with dense foliage on all sides, not a place I recognize). I'm trying to think about where to go, and glance over at the suddenly enlarged entrance to the pool to see a mass of people trying to leave and drive away. I notice my dad and mom, and as I do so there is a movement out of the corner of my eye and all the cars drive away, leaving one empty white SUV conspicuously parked near me (at least the passenger side was). I usher my parents out of the building, and I recognize slight fear and confusion on my dad's face as I single him out in the crowd.

      I'm at the pool parking lot still, but deathly afraid and run along the gravelly path that makes way for a cheap asphalt road. Here I am very aware of some of my limbs, and glance over my shoulder every few seconds, moving my neck quickly. I can see a great amount of detail, with flickering lights shining through the leaves behind me and giving off beautiful shadows on the ground (I almost never notice shadows in dreams). There appears to be some pulsating 2-D shape moving along the ground and emitting a strange 'eeeeeeeeee', but my mind deems it nonthreatening and I stumble onwards. I make turns aimlessly and don't really recall the scenery, just the fact that I need to run away and I'm lost. I finally am running down a extremely narrow, lineless road that heads towards a coffee shop I sometimes go to on the weekends. As I run, I meet up with a misleadingly innocuous girl, slightly shorter than me with an average, unattractive face with brown hair and eyes. I somehow learn that she is a vampire (my disoriented brain is trying to tie in with the spirit-monsters from earler) and mistakes me for one as well. We talk briefly, but as we reach the entrance of the coffee shop, she realizes I am a human as a bulky, lumbering male companion of hers steps out onto the road to meet us. She says how they bite thousands of humans every day, and I feel an immense relief, not having realized how scared I was that if I were to get bitten, it would hurt badly (thinking I probably had been bitten before, and either I didn't remember it or it was not painful). I start to run back down the road, and she lopes gracefully after me. We swing our arms at each other, and I block a quick secession of blows with the sides of my forearms, somehow hitting a combo to disable an attack buff (...? even I don't remember or know what I'm talking about here). We exchange some deadly hand to hand blows, and then I have NO IDEA what happens next.
      Talk about crazy sickness-induced dreams, eh?
    14. 7th May 2013 A couple of false awakening mini lucid dreams

      by , 05-07-2013 at 10:58 AM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream recall from today's naps. DILD and WILD.

      Dream 1(fragment):

      I wake up, sit on the bed and think about something for a while, then i realize that i forgot to do an reality check and as i take off headphones i can still hear binaural beats, so i am dreaming, but dream fades out shortly and i wake up.
      I keep eyes closed and try to DEILD(but it takes some time to fall back asleep so i count this as WILD)
      Dream 2:
      I am still in the bed, but i feel something different. I try to open eyes but i can't see anything, i can move though and i take off headphones while still hearing binaural beats. Shortly i feel something move through the room, and shortly this something jumps onto me and i hear a growl of some kind. Then i wake up.

      Note: Way to go after going through (almost)daily 'SP' threads, still an interesting experience though, i wish i could see what that creature was.

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    15. 5th May 2013 Doom mod, Easy bosses, Interesting talk

      by , 05-05-2013 at 10:24 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      I was playing some Doom mod with SilentEternity. I forgot to set difficulty level when we started, but when i checked it was one level below maximum. I asked if i should set to max, but then we decided to leave it as is. The level started outside, then there was enemy base, two other marines were helping us, but i am not sure if they were player controlled or bots. Some parts of the level were some platforming puzzles, like there was one part that required jumping between small rocky platforms in the canyon.
      Later on there were some ruins to which we got through teleporter. There were alot of big powerful enemies, and it were not enemies from Doom, but some weird creatures, one of them was giant thing covered with vines and it was shooting very damaging vine projectiles. After going through the ruins we were back outside and we have reached our target which was corner of the map with a number of bosses that could be fought in any order. The first one was some warrior dude, which was supposed to be powerful, but i had plasma shotgun that fired green flaming projectiles, each shot of which was taking out like 1/10 of boss's health bar. Then there was some big crab-looking boss and big monkey-looking boss, which we dealt with easily as well. I started thinking that we should have upped the difficulty.
      After the game i was posting something on dreamviews and then i was in some dark room in different place and i was talking about something life related with gab, who apparently was male( ). I recall we were talking about something pretty deeply, but can't recall what exactly. Then i got some weird message from bot on Youtube, but it was not just bot, it was official YouTube bot of some kind, and started talking about that. Soon the dream ended.
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