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    1. Airplaine; Baby; Apartment

      , 09-25-2016 at 12:33 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night bed 9pm - 3:30am

      DR ar 1 am

      Me or someone has a private 747 jet. We are thinking where to take it. Aspen, Cannes. I tell them those places have remodeled their airports so now even big planes can land there. I'm walking around aspen airport outside, on a hill.

      DR2 at 1 am

      We are going to walk somewhere with another person, maybe my mom. She wants to go certain way. We go there and I show her lots of deep snow and I tell her we would be sinking in it. It's so deep, at some places small caves have formed. I look at one of those caves and there is a baby in clothes laying on the ground, moving his arms and legs. I yell at someone to call the cops, there is a baby in a cave. Because of the commotion, a man who was laying behing the baby sits up and is all confused. I tell them to call the cops off, baby was not abandoned.

      Then I'm in some apartment hallway. I witness a conversation between "mom" and another woman, probable a reporter. She is telling "mom", that tha'ts the way to go if she wan't to get custody of kids and make "dad" look bad for leaving baby alone. I realize it's a scheme and I start recording it on my phone.

      DR ar 3:30
      I'm in an apartment in a tall building. Suddenly there is fire and some guys starts running around, trying to get away, without telling us. I look for it and I see smoke. We start gathering our pets. After a while it looks like the smoke is in some distance outside.
    2. Strange Walk July 22, 2014

      by , 07-27-2014 at 06:47 AM
      I'm on my sunset walk with AJ, Cali, Izzy, and Charlie. We're at the last portion of the nature trail when I look where the woods should be, and there isn't a forest! Instead there was a hill.
      I crawl up it, and look down. At the bottom of the hill is a huge blue house with white trim. There's a big burly man around the side of it, clearing out brush. He faces towards me. I quickly duck down and scamper away.
      AJ was playing with the cats on the ridge opposite. "Hey AJ," I say, tablet appearing in my hand, "come watch this video." It's entitled "Stoppibility" and it's about a young girl who dresses up a witch and does bad things.
      There are nicely trimmed bushes lining the gully in two rows. A weed whacker appears in my hand. I try to cut the hedges but the weed whacker phases right through the bushes! I realize I have to destroy them, because there's a demon in Cali.
      AJ finishes the video, and we run to the playground with Charlie and Izzy in hand. I climb to the top of the playground to see the sunset, and see a woman with blonde hair stumbling down the hill after us. But on the horizon are gray fluffy clouds with an orange light pouring onto them from the setting sun. "I will make you patriots!" the clumsy woman yells.
      Then, I wake up.

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    3. 4/15/2014

      by , 04-16-2014 at 04:58 AM

      I was on a ship filled with people when someone threw a homemade bomb into the crowd. The bomb got tossed around like if it was a "hot potato" and it finally blew up on some guy. He went flying and we thought he was dead but he slowly got up and started running off the ship. His head was blown open and I could see his brain. While he was running off me and a girl chased after him, especially the girl but I realized he was too wounded. I said "That guy is wolf food now..." We were then in an island and as we were getting back into a bus, I started fighting people. I beat up a lot of them but then I got thrown off the bus. I was locked out but some girls that were in the bus were nice enough to hand me a few bottles of water. I told the girls I'd be back to help them. I went into a big house that looked more like a motel on the inside. There was a TV playing music and as I walked towards it, I said "I haven't had a sad dream in a while." A fat lady was walking towards me and I asked her "If this were a dream, would I be able to change the song to a song from Tangled?" The replied
      Yes, but it would play before the current song" That confused me but all the talk about dreams made me do a reality check. I started counting my fingers and noticed I had a lot of them. I realized I was dreaming.
      I looked around the house and there were a lot of stuff on the counters. I noticed my dream blurring and getting disoriented so I rubbed my hands and then looked at them to stabilize the dream. I faced the TV and tried to make fireballs but the only results were sparks or embers coming out of my fingers. I thought about maybe taking a pill that would give me the ability to use fireballs but didn't. I flicked my index, middle finger, and thumb, which caused a glowing crescent to come out and fly towards what I pointed. The crescent curved in the way my palm faced. I tried different positions of my palm and the crescent would react to how my hand was. I turned around and went down some stairs into a dark room. I flipped a light switch and a few lights started to go on. I yelled while raising my hands "Let there be light!" and the room lit up. I looked at stuff on the counter and then decided to go back upstairs and into another room where I heard Blacksher calling out to L. Hernandez. The place looked like Denise's room. I saw Desirae on a counter laying down. I asked her why she was there and she said she was sick to her stomach. I asked with what and she said with Vygil or something. She looked really pale. I then went to Blacksher and she was saying something and I wanted her to shut up so ducktape replaced her mouth. She was trying to talk and had green skin. I let her have her mouth again and left towards Desirae. All 3 cats were there and I wanted Lucy to turn into a tiger. I pointed to Bugaloo but realized it was Bugaloo. I saw Lucy and flicked a crescent on her and she started turning into a tiger.

      I believe in this dream my lucidity was low, since it didn't feel as real as previous lucid dreams. I could still control myself, though. As for the Glowing Crescents, I'm going to use that as a way to point to things that I want to change, like I did with Lucy. If I want to change, for example, a tv into a radio, I'll use a Glowing Crescent on it while. I think this will help me with changing stuff.
    4. 3/11/2014

      by , 03-15-2014 at 05:53 PM
      I'm laying down on my bed next to where Ace is. The rat cage is on top of Ace's cage and I notice the rats got out through a hole. I put them all inside the cage and notice that Ace bit Shaniqua. I freaked out and went to some girl's house and asked for help with my clothes. The house was messy and when I got my clothes I left for the vet. I realized I had to kill Shaniqua cus she wouldn't make it. I went into the city and into a parking lot where a security guard told me where I could shoot my rifle. I went but then decided to do it in the wilderness. I went through some offices carrying Shaniqua and my Ruger 10/22. Suddenly, I had 2 more rifles and people started looking at me weird and talking shit so I talked shit back. I took some stairs to the basement where I took a transport platform back to the parking lot. I had Shaniqua in the pocket of my jacket and all the rifles in my hand. I saw a cop and it noticed me so I evaded it. My dream ended when I was walking back to my car.

      In my other dream, I dreamt that I was looking at a counter top made of Masonry. Someone was explaining that they could cut it and make it into a gun. He made it into a pump action shotgun and it reminded me of Counter Strike.
    5. 3/9/2014

      by , 03-15-2014 at 05:45 PM
      I was watching a commercial on wedding dresses. They were showcasing headgear for female dresses. There was a black one with white stripes. The clothing covered the eyes but you could still see the person... like a fishnet stocking style thing. I didn't like it but ten the commercial said "It can also be made into bow ties" and the face cover was off and the headgear had bow ties on both sides of the woman. I loved it and threw my hands up, yelling "BOW TIE!" I was sitting in a salon and Megan and Desirae were there. i knew I was dating Megan and not Desirae. Megan and I were set to go to a party or some sort of gathering. I got up and went to the rat cage. Meek and Juanita were there and there were tiny mice also. Shaniqua was out and on the floor. Desirae was walking and I kept looking at her. I felt like calling it off with Megan because I liked Desirae more. Finally, it was time to leave. I remember handling an old TV on the counter before I woke up.
    6. 01nov13

      by , 11-02-2013 at 05:19 PM
      I had 2 pets, a cat and a dog, and was at a ranch house. I was out in the yard with the 2 pets and T was there. He was upset about us messing around in his garden area. The garden itself was quite odd in the fact that it was modular. T and another were moving large square sections of sod and soil to expand the garden.

      Later i was in the house and instead of pets I had two children. A boy and a girl. I was there reading a Dr.Seuss book to them before they went to bed. After leaving my dream changed to veiw to myself simply being a spectator.

      The two kids were still in the room, but they had a handheld radio that another kid was saying rude things over directed at the girl. Then there was another girl there telling them that she was sorry for the way Ghost was acting. That Ghost was just a jerk and to ignore him.
      Tags: children, garden, pets
    7. 9/8/2012: fragments

      by , 09-08-2013 at 03:41 PM
      Can't remember dreams from yesterday (the 7th) at all, just making note of it here. I woke up in bad shape that morning so it probably killed any recall I had. All I have from last night is fragments and impressions.

      I was in some nice coffee shop and my little dog Rat was there too, nuzzling into a doggie bed on the floor by my table.

      Something about Disney World Mario???

      I was making cheese-filled manicotti on the floor. It had some strange ingredient but I can't remember it.

      I was looking at a Tumblr blog for Homestuck but all the images on it were disturbing, and there was an autoplayer on it playing creepy music.

      Some kind of foursome relationship going on between Karkat, Gamzee, Kanaya and Dave (Homestuck). They were all lying together in this big bed holding hands. Not sure what quadrant Kanaya was in there but she was between Gamzee and Dave.

      I was trying out some game with a Skyrim flavor but it had Varric (Dragon Age) narrating the opening scene and the last thing he says is, "This...is my story." I don't know what was going on but hell yeah, I'd like to play a game all about Varric!!

      Can't remember this one too clearly but Keitorin and I were in some club at a not-school along with Fili and Kili, and we were...ahem, 'taking turns' with the guys for some reason. No really, there was an actual reason, we had pamphlets and everything but I can't remember!! It was real fun though, we were all joking and laughing, treating it like some goofy science experiment. Then the dream kinda changes after I look out a window onto this area just outside some castle walls and we're all out there and in some run-down buildings being attacked by dudes on the wall and I'm trying to keep these two kids inside so they don't get hurt.

      notes: *big shrug!* I dunno, but I'm glad there was so much fandom in there. One of these days, I WILL have a chat with Dave, mark my words!

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    8. Took a biiiig nap today, and dreamed this:

      by , 07-26-2013 at 02:36 AM
      Scientists have been cloning dinosaurs, and are in need of volunteers to help raise them up to a certain age. My husband says we can, so we go to this sort of farm where they are keeping the younger, smaller ones little fences just like at a petting zoo. We are planning to get an herbivore, but as we're looking around I come across a baby T-rex that is about 3 feet tall with these huuuge goofy teeth, and I just can't get over how adorable it is and how much it looks like it's got this big goofy smile. So I bet my husband and he is definitely into the idea. We bring the baby t-rex home.

      At first it is all going nicely. I'm really excited and I'm tossing it raw meat and such and only slightly nervous that it will decide to eat us. Then my cat comes sauntering out and I feel stupid that I forgot we have him and that the t-rex may eat him. Even though my cat seems to keep a very safe distance from the little t-rex, I am nervous out of my mind with worry for my kitty. I start calling the dinosaur farm place and begging them to let me bring the t-rex back and get an herbivore, explaining about the cat and my concerns, but they won't return my calls and I can't get in touch with anyone. That is all I remember, and if I recall correctly I actually woke up as I was leaving one such message in the dream.
    9. 7/18/13 - vegas/water

      by , 07-17-2013 at 11:14 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      My mom tells me that we're going back to Vegas, even though we went last month. She say we're going today and that we need to pack now. I go in my room and get distracted by something, next thing I know me my sister and my mom are in the car driving through Nevada desert. When we get there I get out of the car and realize that I am in my pajamas, I panic because then I realize I didn't pack anything at all! I have no clothes to change into and I'm not even wearing any socks or shoes. I tell my mom this and ask her if we can go back home so I can pack things, my mom says no and that it was a 7 hour drive, but my grandma over hears and says she'll take me back home to get clothes and my mom says okay. next thing I know I'm at my grandmas house, we're entering the front door, she tells me to go and pack everything I need and that she'll cook us some dinner real quick so I go, but I go into the bathroom and get distracted, a cat is licking water that is overflowing from the bathtub, i think someone left the water running on accident so I try to find how to turn it off, the switches are strange, but I finally see an on/off switch and flick it then the water turns off. I leave the bathroom, but then for some reason turn around and go back in, this time my little dog is drinking from the toilet water, it is overflowing, I figure i must've done something to it, so I run and tell my grandma and she fixes it. Again I leave the bathroom and remember I should be packing and we'll be leaving soon, but when I get to the back bedroom I see water leaking in, from a trail that leads back to the bathroom, so I follow it and see it is the sink overflowing with water, but i don't seem to know what to do, I just stare at it until my grandma walks in, she says she'll take care of it and tells me to go pack so I go back to the room and grab a back pack, I throw on some clothes and for some reason decide not to wear my usual shoes, I put on one black vans slip on and then walk out the room and bring the back pack, but then I freak out when I realize I only have one shoe on and go back to the back room and dig through other peoples shoes trying to find my other match. When I find it i go to the kitchen and we eat meat and soup. Then we decide to head back to Vegas. Next thing I know we are in Vegas in a hotel room, I open my backpack and see that everything is dirty, all the clothes, but I'm happy that i have clothes anyway, but i try to hide the clothes so no one see's that they are dirty, but everyone in the room starts to look in and i zip my backpack and put it next to my feet so that they can't get at it and look at it.

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    10. First Lucid! (And I blew it)

      by , 06-16-2013 at 04:52 PM
      Bedtime: 1:30
      Bedtime snack: a cup of hot chocolate with a large marshmallow
      WBTB: 4:45
      Aids (during WBTB): Mugwort tea (1 tsp. mugwort, 1 tsp. chamomile, a pinch of cinnamon)
      Recall: Medium
      Vividness: High
      Awesome factor: Medium

      Dream 1 (fragment): I was walking through an art gallery, looking at pieces that were for sale.


      Couldn't fall asleep for a long time, but remained relaxed enough for lots of hypnogogic images/sounds. One was really strange. I was looking at some kind of scene from right to left, but it was choppy, kind of like playing an online game with lag. I had another vision that is part of a series of visions I've been having for almost a year, which seem like they could be (oh please, can they be?) prophetic. Interestingly, mugwort is believed to induce prophetic dreams/visions (though I wasn't under its influence during any of the past visions).

      Dream 2 (fragment): My sister had connected her laptop to a large widescreen TV to conduct her online classes.

      Dream 3: I was K's house (didn't look like it does in real life). W, I, D, and Aunt J were there. They were telling me about a large green parrot they had seen on TV. They wanted to know what it was called. Someone there had a type of Amazon, so I said that if it looked like that, it might also have been one. But if it was bigger -- everyone agreed that it had been bigger -- it could have been an Eclectus, at which point W had something to say about Eclectuses.

      K was in the kitchen, doing something by the sink.
      At this point, I spontaneously realized I was dreaming. NO RCs or anything memory-induced. I just suddenly became aware that I was dreaming (like I did a few times during a nightmare as a kid, at which point I would force my eyes open). So what did I do now that I realized I was dreaming? Told myself I had to wake up, of course!

      I don't know why I decided the best course of action was to wake myself up, even though it wasn't a bad dream. Maybe it's just hardwired into my brain because that's what I always did when becoming lucid during a nightmare as a kid. I thought I was smarter than this!

      Key emotions: none, really

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    11. A Storm

      by , 06-15-2013 at 04:56 PM
      Bedtime: 12:15
      No WBTB - wanted to catch up on sleep
      Bedtime: snack: goat cheese with garlic
      Aids: garlic (above); low dose vitamin B complex
      Recall: Low
      Vividness: Medium
      Awesome factor: Very low

      Dream 1: I'm at my Grandma's house. Someone has given me two macaw-sized parrots, for whatever reason. I'm walking around outside with these parrots crawling all over me. My own parrots are inside the house, and Aunt H is there with her dogs so I'm worried they'll get eaten, but I can's go inside because of the birds I have on me.

      Dream 2: I'm at what is probably supposed to be my parents country house, but doesn't look much like it. There's a storm coming. My cousin C is looking out of the window and he says something about a funnel. I take it to mean there's a tornado forming. I try to get everyone to go to the basement, but no one is listening (IWL I'd likely be the one looking out the window and not wanting to go downstairs). My cousin then goes outside...

      Dream 3 (or possibly another fragment of dream 2): I'm in a house with a long dining room combined with a living room. The table is on the left side and a sofa on the right end. A bunch of my family members are there. I have this binder with very colorful, whacky hairpieces that I'm looking through. I take out one that has a mask attached. My goddaughter wants it so I let her have it, but later I want it back so I start looking for her. My cousin L, her mother, helps me but we can't find her.

      Key emotions: worry, frustration

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      Tags: pets, storm
    12. miniature King Kong, kittens, and lizard

      by , 04-29-2013 at 11:12 AM
      I dreamed that I got these pets for our kids: a miniature King Kong (real one), a couple kittens and a lizard. The King Kong was hugging the kittens not gently enough. My husband wanted to know why this choice of pets, and I explained that I thought they would keep things lively.

      I at least know why the kittens. We went to a dinner party last night, and the hostess was telling us about a cat she was watching for friends who used to menace a fish in a bowl (the fish was also those friends). When they came back for their pets, they said they had in the meantime adopted three kittens.

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    13. Mon Dec 24 (2:48-11:39)

      by , 12-25-2012 at 01:48 AM (Glieuaeiel's DJ)
      Cat Surgery

      I walk into the basement to find an unfamiliar young man sitting with some of my parents. He's holding one of our pet cats, while my dad holds the other. [IRL: The other cat died, actually, about a year ago.] The other cat (a white one) gets away from dad, so I go after it. Evidently something is being done to the cats which they don't like, but which is good for them. Eventually I find the white cat and bring it back downstairs.

      Now the stranger is sawing off the cat's front paw with a hacksaw. My parents assure me that this is a necessary surgery, since the cats' paws never healed right from that time they fell from a great height. I remember that event; it was somehow my fault. [IRL: No such thing has ever happened.] Despite my parents' assurances, I still think that this operation will probably kill the cats. Which is a real shame, because I think this first cat in particular had a long, eventful life ahead of him, in spite of his limp. The man finishes with the first cat, and we give him the second one.

      Later, the first cat jumps up onto the couch next to me. I'm shocked to see that he has both front paws back already, and they don't seem to be paining him at all. Do cats have some kind of regenerative ability?

      Manual Roller Coaster

      Right up ahead, my sisters and I see the entrance of a big covered slide. We dive right in; I'm last. It's a sort of man-powered roller coaster: the idea is to crawl through as quickly as possible. Visibility isn't so good, so sometimes a sharp curve will take you off guard. Then suddenly I reach a long downward segment that I can just slide straight down. This is a blast! A bit later, I accidentally run into my sisters, who apparently just ran into each other. The youngest one apparently tripped because of an unusually long, sharp turn (something like 720 degrees), and then we all crashed right into her. Still, we extricate ourselves in moments and continue the ride.

      At the end of the ride, there are a bunch of computers. You can type in your identification and it will tell you how long it took you to go through the ride, and how you compare to that day's other participants. I got 611th, which I think isn't too bad. Then I talk to my sisters, and it turns out the youngest one got 609th. I hadn't expected her to do better than I did! I'm a bit put out, but good for her anyway.

      Exclusive Buffet

      I'm eating dinner with some classmates at a big restaurant. We're having an important conversation, when suddenly someone comes out on the stage at one side of the room. The person talking to me has his back to the stage, so I try to shush him so I can hear what the woman on stage has to say. I realize I seem a bit rude, but surely he'll understand. A few other actors come onstage, and they start performing a play.

      I have only a moment to feel surprised before a bulky, intimidating man comes up to our table and starts taking away our plates, whether or not we're done with them.

      "I'm sorry," he says firmly, "we're closing now unless you're part of the club." He has a bit of an accent.

      I remember that this place serves a buffet until 8:00, when the actual fancy dinner starts. You have to pay extra to be part of that, or something. And now it's 8:00, so we have to go. On the way out, some of my classmates snag something from the dessert station at the buffet. That's a little rude of them, since technically we're not allowed to eat anything from here anymore. Good thing I got my dessert earlier. Outside on the sidewalk, I hear some other classmates complaining about not having eaten a full dinner because there was nothing good at the buffet. I'm glad I avoided that problem by eating plenty, even if the food was pretty unremarkable.

      First Day of Classes (LUCID)

      I get up later than usual and hurry to find breakfast. I pass one of the dormitory suites, where apparently someone has set up a small continental breakfast. Interesting, to see such a business here. I get some food there. Then it's time to find my first class.

      A lot of time has passed, so when I go back into the hallway, I see a gigantic line of people coming out of the suite's main entrance. It goes all the way down the hallway and down a staircase. I'm glad I missed the line, but suddenly I realize that so many people in line means these are probably the people who get breakfast immediately before heading to class. So I have very little time to collect my things and find my class. I hurry down the staircase, trying not to jostle the line of people too much.

      [about 6 classes later . . .]

      My next class is titled something like "Practice Session." My guess would be that that refers to a free slot for me to practice my instrument, but that doesn't make much sense, since I'm not a music major and this is not a conservatory. But in any case, I have to find the classroom, which is called the MUSIC room, appropriately enough. But the name "MUSIC" is actually some kind of alphabetical index of where to find the class. Like, I need to find floor M, then hallway U, etc. I suppose the music department thought they were very clever when they designed this room numbering scheme.

      I'm hurrying down a surprisingly dark corridor, feeling rather lost. I think I'm on the right floor, but I can't find "U" anywhere. Suddenly, I come upon a library, where my orchestra conductor is talking to some of her students. Well, it's good to find other live people here, but I don't really want to talk to her right now, so I avoid them. Consulting my class schedule again, I realize that my next class isn't even in the MUSIC room. I've had about three other classes in there today, but this one is somewhere else. That's a relief, until I realize that the room shouldn't just disappear if I don't happen to have a class in it right now. But I don't have time to worry about that; I have to find this other place.

      It strikes me that today has been an inauspicious first day of classes. I had been hoping that after last quarter (which was very stressful) I would have learned something about avoiding stress and staying calm--but alas, it seems like I have not. Especially since I seem to remember that I skipped most of one of my classes this morning because I had to finish an essay that was technically due last quarter.

      My map has a sort of sticker on it, labeled with the name of the place I'm looking for, but it's way out in the middle of nowhere, and the map doesn't show any route to get there. I'm not convinced that's the right place, so I wander around some more. Then I realize I'm just pretending that it's not the place because it's much farther away than I expected. I should just suck it up and go there, even if it will take a while. Looking at the syllabus for this class (which is a small, staple-bound book with a brown cover), I notice that there's even some advice printed on the back cover: the professor says we should leave for his class within ten seconds of the end of the previous class if we want to make it to his class within ten minutes of the alleged start time. I start walking, but then I realize I'm not carrying a backpack or any school supplies at all. And I have only fifteen minutes until class starts. I might make it on time if I keep walking there, but I'll definitely be late if I go back to my room first. I wish I could just "Accio" my school supplies so they catch up to me while I'm walking. Of course, that's just wishful thinking--

      --but then I realize that I'm dreaming! Sweet! Okay, I can fly back to my room, get my stuff, and fly to class, and still be there with time to spare. So I set out to do just that. [On my way to class, I lose lucidity.]

      The route to class turns into a dirt hiking trail. I try going straight to the classroom, but the path leads under a giant boulder, and I discover that there's not enough clearance for me to squeeze through. Backing out, I make my way around the boulder instead. There are two young boys jumping around on the rocks, shooting at each other with what I identify as laser guns. One shouts at the other, "Mister, show me your ID card!" Clearly, they're imitating the adults from around here, the security guards that watch the entrance to the secure facility in which my class takes place. Okay, I should try to find the guardhouse so I can gain entrance to the facility. There's a small wooden cabin across the road that looks promising.

      Inside the cabin, I find the teacher for my class. In order to pass the gatehouse, every student has to sign a contract. All of the contracts are hand-written (by the professor), and I can't read mine at all--it's totally illegible. But one by one, all of the other students are leaving the gatehouse to go to class, and in desperation I finally just sign the contract.

      The classroom seems rather like an art studio. There are a lot of heavy-duty tables spread around the room; some of them are pushed against the wall like booth seats at restaurants. It is at one of these latter tables that the professor is sitting, and he invites the class to gather 'round his table while he explains what we'll do in today's class.
    14. Mon Oct 29 (11:07-8:09)

      by , 10-29-2012 at 02:53 PM (Glieuaeiel's DJ)
      • a few different dreams involving swimming pools
      • something about my family's pet cat
      Tags: pets, water
      dream fragment
    15. Thurs Oct 25 (11:59-7:05)

      by , 10-25-2012 at 02:37 PM (Glieuaeiel's DJ)
      Close (7:05)

      I've just come from a formal-attire event, so I'm pretty well-dressed for this birthday party. I'm introduced to a relative of someone from the year above me in high school; they look uncannily similar. In general, I'm seeing a lot of people here whom I haven't seen for a long time. Several of the girls are giving me smiles and hugs and other forms of physical contact. It's a good feeling.

      I walk around the house and find an acquaintance alone in the kitchen. I don't know him too well, so it's a bit awkward trying to make conversation. Later, I run into that relative-of-a-friend again, but she introduces herself to me with a different name. I realize she must be a twin--I seem to recall them telling me something like that. "You must be ____'s sister," I say.

      When I try to leave, I need to recover an ID card from somewhere. But when volunteers at the event were going around using the cards, they managed to switch everyone's around, so we're all walking around comparing cards and trying to find our own. I wish the volunteers had been more careful. I end up holding a set of papers held in sheet protectors, fastened by a key ring. Later I give them back to someone who lives at the house. Apparently they're letters he's received. He keeps them in sheet protectors because of their emotional significance.

      Legacy (7:05)

      Suddenly, Dad speaks up from his workstation to announce that he can't maintain the Quantz website anymore. (This website has to do with geology, not webcomics.) He goes on to explain that he forgot to add a "--" to a statement decrementing a variable, and he considers this a sign of his age. He doesn't want to keep coding, and he thinks it's time for me to continue the legacy. He's going to give me an administrator login. Behind him on the computer is the splash screen for the website, which currently shows an animation of my name, a password field with a blinking cursor, and the word "Soon. . . ." Family-run business, indeed.

      I decide to humor him, so now we have to go outside and perform maintenance on the system. There's a sort of crawlspace near the driveway which is covered in cat litter. Dad says the inventor of cat litter lived here before us, so this crawlspace was the first of its kind. I can't see the bottom, so I take my time lowering myself into the area. It's awkward. The entrance is sort of like an oversized staircase, except that the ceiling isn't high enough so you almost have to slide down on your back.

      Companions (7:05)

      I'm in a neighbor's house. They have a lot of pets. I might even say, too many pets. There's a bird's nest in an upper corner. I can't see what's going on, but from all the noise, I suspect maybe the birds are having sex. There are some cats and dogs, and also a giant rabbit. The rabbit is vocally angry about being locked in a cage, except it's not actually in a cage, it's just lying in the middle of the living room. Someone who lives in the house comes over, and the rabbit hops away. I hope I didn't offend the person by implying that they don't take good enough care of their pets. The rabbit poops out what looks like a hot dog, and the person tosses it into a nearby pen containing yet more pets. Presumably they will play with it. I suppose it would be expensive caring for this many pets, so you would have to be stingy about things like pet toys.

      At one point, I'm playing with my family's cat. He's lying on his back, swiping at me with his claws. I've never understood why this cat never learned to play less violently.
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