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    1. LD: Real and False TOTM (Making fire and Ice)

      by , 03-14-2016 at 09:06 PM
      Lucid dream from Saturday Night:

      I did an unintentional WBTB where I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep and finally drifted into dream mode. I sitting at a table with Marie, my best friend from high school. I was already lucid I remembered that I really wanted to do a Task of the Month. I was trying to remember what they were. I knew there was one where I had to ask a DC a question. Why was I having such a hard time remembering--I had recently done this one. But I thought it would be fun to do it again with my friend.

      Finally I decided that Task was to ask a DC what their favorite thing was to do in a lucid dream. That sounded right. (Obviously it wasn't right, but now in retrospect, it's nice to have done something a little different since I had done the real Task already.)

      So I said to Marie, "Tell me what you like to do in your lucid dreams?"

      She suddenly perked up at the mention of lucid dreams, "Ahh, lucid dreaming...that's where I like to fly and do flips in the air."

      As soon as she began to talk I suddenly remembered that Task about making fire and ice.

      "That's cool." I quickly said to her. And then said, "You can also do this in lucid dreams."

      I held out my hands. Unlike my dream where I had done this previously I held each hand in a separate cupped position. I concentrated on making a fire. First an orange glow appeared in each hand. I concentrated harder. I wanted flames. Soon I started seeing some detail. But something was odd. I could now see waving orange and yellow flames, but they looked like a cartoon fire. This was quite different that my other recent experience with making fire.

      I thought about trying to make the flames look more real. But then suddenly, the flames felt hot. Very hot. That was different as well. I extinguished the flames quickly.

      Now I needed to make ice. With my hands still cupped separately I concentrated on forming some ice. Soon I saw two shapeless white blobs form in my hands. I knew it was supposed to be ice. But it wasn't very good ice. It didn't even feel cold. I saw that I was close to a freezer. I walked to the freezer and opened it. Inside I saw some ice cubes sitting there in an otherwise empty freezer. I told myself that ice looked like that. So I needed to try again--this time with a good example in front of me that I could model. Within seconds I had exact copies of the ice cubes in my hands now. I had done it.

      With the Tasks done I decided to find a way outside and fly and decide what else I wanted to do. I often make decisions while I'm flying.

      I saw a large open window and flew out. I thought about what Marie had said about doing flips in the air. It had been a very long time since I had done dream flips. I suddenly really wanted to do some. I first tried a front flip. It felt so real as I did it. I tried a back flip next. That one felt really nice. Just a touch of dizziness while the world turned all around me. I did it again. and again.

      Then I noticed that I was on a college campus. I looked down and saw a food stand. This stand had several different kinds of licorice.

      I love licorice. I reached for a package of black licorice. But before I could eat it I woke up.
    2. Three Tasks of the Month

      by , 05-20-2013 at 03:17 PM
      It's been a while since I have had a good LD like this, so I'm very happy about all that I accomplished.

      Lucid Dream/Tasks of the Month

      I was in the jeep with Marsha. We were driving to where this guy lived so I could either pick something up or drop it off. As we were driving I suddenly realized we had gone up the Little Cut. I was surprised. I hadn't realized we were going this far. I hadn't even remembered passing Horseshoe Bend. Right after getting up the Little Cut, we turned right onto a dirt road. The road entered a little canyon, and I remember thinking how pretty this was. I was a little jealous that this man lived in such a pretty place.

      All of a sudden I was out of the jeep. I saw the jeep zip on up the road without me. I had no idea how I had slipped out. I started running after the jeep wondering when Marsha would realize I was gone. And what she would think. I ran through this narrow tunnel area that was really cool and kept on running up the road. Marsha wasn't stopping. How could she not have noticed.

      Somewhere in here lucidity started creeping in. I don't remember a big "blam" moment. But I started doing flips as I was running. I knew I had the ability to do flips. I also knew that I wasn't getting as high in my flips as I often do. I was going so fast...no hovering.

      I finally got to a point where I had full lucidity. And at that point I immediately decided I needed to do some tasks of the month. I had looked at them once at the beginning of the month. I remembered they seemed really cool and right up my alley.

      I looked over and saw that I was at this park. I saw a few guys sitting on benches or standing nearby. I boldly walked right up to one guy and started talking to him. He was about 20 and looked at least part Indian (India), but he had blue eyes. I wish I remembered what I said, but his reaction was really rude. I decided that he would be a good one to do the basic ii task on (Telling a DC they are not real).

      So I looked right at him and said, "Whatever...but guess what....none of this is real....you're not real...this is a lucid dream."

      He wasn't phased. He kept up his rude comments and said something like, "Well you can take your lucid dream and shove it right up your ----."

      I said, "Okay fine then". And I stepped a few feet away from him. This would be the perfect chance to try out another task (Light myself on Fire). I held my arms out in front of me and concentrated. Within seconds I could see flames start to rise from my arms. Since I was in bright sunshine I worried that it wasn't enough to be that noticeable. So I concentrated harder and soon I could see flames all over my body. They were still a little dim, but they would be noticeable. So I then looked over to where the rude guy was sitting so I could get his reaction. He had a surprised look on his face. I then noticed that I had set him on fire as well. I looked around again and saw that his friends were also on fire.

      "Take that." I said to the rude guy. I was hoping the fire would scare the crap out of him and humble him a little.

      The fire wasn't hot. I couldn't feel it at all.

      The friends started laughing at this whole thing. I could tell they thought I was amazing and clever for setting the fires with my mind. The rude guy, on the other hand, wasn't laughing. He was freaking out. He acted like his fire was actually hot and was trying to put it out on his head. Finally I put all the fires out and decided to do another task since I was still fully lucid.

      I remembered I wanted to try the Lay an Egg Task. I knew that would be simple to do, yet had that fun unknown factor. I squatted on the ground and squeezed a little. Nothing happened so I squeezed and pushed a little harder. Suddenly I was worried that all I would manage to do would be to go poop. I didn't want that. I stood up again. I realized that I had my clothes on. I decided to reach down in my pants to see if I maybe laid an egg and hadn't realized it.

      Sure enough, I could feel something down there. I pulled it out. It was a clear plastic ball about 2 inches in diameter. On it were some wiggly eyes. There were a few loose wiggly eyes beside it. Okay, that was interesting. I set them down on the ground and reached down to see if there was anything more in my pants.

      This time I pulled out a handful of those little plastic letters with the magnets that people put on the fridge (or at least used to when I was young).

      I tried again. This time it was a handful of plastic blue things that I wasn't sure what they were. And there was also a dice.

      I was going to do it again, but I noticed the rude guy walking by. I went up to him and put my arm around him and started walking with him. He didn't seem to notice at all. Then a guy that was supposedly a friend of mine went up to him and told him that I was interested in him and that I would like his phone number. The rude guy acted surprised and asked, "Are you sure she would go out with me." My friend said, "Of course." And the rude guy got a little excited at that point and fumbled in his pockets to find a piece of paper on which to write his phone number on.

      But at that point I could feel the dream fading from me. I was a little sad, but knew it was alright since I had done three tasks and I need to write them down before I forgot.

      The next thing I knew I was standing next to Marie who was sitting on a corner couch/chair. I looked at corner of it and saw what looked like cream colored black widow. It didn't have an hourglass, but everything about it looked like a black widow. As I got closer I could see that it was a very big spider....bigger than any black widow I had seen. Suddenly I was afraid. Marie had short shorts on and her exposed leg was just inches away. I told her we had to kill this spider--that it could be every bit as poisonous as a normal black widow. I got a book and tired to smash it against the wall, but something got in the way and I couldn't squish it all the way. And suddenly it was two spiders and they were both huge.

      And at that point I woke up with my heart beating a little fast.
    3. LD: Kicking Darth Vader

      by , 11-14-2012 at 05:48 PM

      I did have a lucid dream last night...and i did do a summersault in the air. So I got the Task done...on the last day of course, so it's almost lik eit doesn't count. But I guess it's better than doing it tonight.


      I was jumping on a trampoline. I was suddenly partially lucid. The dream faded. But like before I was able to force the scene around me so I was back on the trampoline. As I jumped I noticed tootsie rolls on the trampoline bouncing around. I thought. "Yes, this is a dream I can eat candy!" So I started eating the tootsie rolls. (This obviously wasn't my best LD or I would have realized that I didn't have to be satisfied with toosie rolls, and I could have created chocolate truffles or something that I enjoy more. But surprisingly the tootsie rolls tasted pretty good to me.)

      So I ate and jumped and then I started doing flips. At that moment I remembered that the Task of the Month was to do flips oin the air. So I continued for a while, flipping and trying to stay in the air for longer than normal.. I have always liked doing dream flips so I felt that this was using my LD wisely.

      But after while I suddenly wanted to do something really different. I don't really remember how it happened--if I created it or it just appeared. But suddenly I was in the Death Star. I was looking down at a very large meeting. I could see Darth Vader sitting in the middle of this huge group of people all sitting around him in this stadium like setting.

      I decided that I wanted to have some fun. I was feeling very brave and in control. So I flew down to Darth Vader and kicked him in the chest and then quickly flew back up and out of the stadium.

      It was so uneventful that I purposely waited for someone to start chasing me. Finally I was aware that one of the head guys was coming after me, and I felt a little thrill of excitement.

      And then I woke up.

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    4. LD: Talking to a Cat

      by , 10-16-2012 at 03:34 PM

      Lucid dream:

      I got off of a bus. The sidewalk was soft like a big matress. I remember doing summersaults and flips as I moved along toward my destination.

      I was looking for a shop where I could use the restroom, but I couldn't find one.

      Next to the sidewalk was a canal where there were kayaks. I decided I wanted to go kayaking. I saw a kayak with a paddle. I reached for the paddle. but ended up dropping it in the water.

      I decided that I would just fly. As soon as I was in the air I realized I was dreaming. I thanked myself for being so aware. I hoped that this meant that flying would now always trigger lucidity. As I flew I thought about what task I wanted to accomplish. The only thing that popped into my head was one of the tasks that I thought was on MM which was talk to an animal...or something like that.

      I ended up in a building. I was in the corner of a room. I looked around and couldn't see any animals. But I knew if I just kept looking with the expectation that I would find some, then they would appear.

      I turned around and saw that the room was now filled with cats. I went to a group of them that were eating. I asked them to talk to me. But they kept eating. I saw an especially cute orange tabby. It was making a mess with its food.

      I told it, "You need to talk to me. Say......um....'I'm sorry for making a mess.' ".

      It looked up at me with big green eyes and said, "Sorry...."

      I wanted it to talk some more, but I felt myself slip out of the dream. As I felt myself slip, I told myself that I was probably going to just have a FA, so I would just need to remember that and become lucid again.But when I woke up I felt myself in bed, so I figured that I was really awake.

      In retrospect, I believe it actually was an FA.

      So I need to really pay attention so I can stretch my LDs out.

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    5. LD: Dream Flips, Rescuing Animals, Jumping Rooftops

      by , 10-15-2012 at 10:12 PM

      When I woke up early this morning I didn't remember any dreams. I had a chance, though, to do a WBTB. As I laid back in bed I had 40 mintues to go to sleep and dream before I had to get back up. I thought about trying a WILD, but I knew that it would increase the chance of not getting back to sleep at all. I knew that I had pretty good luck at drifting off and becoming lucid not too far into the dream.

      I had decided that if I got lucid I would try three things. First, do dream flips. Second, I would try to find a character from my story. Third, I would try to jump from rooftop to rooftop.

      Lucid dream:

      My first memory in the dream was free falling. I was with two cartoon characters (more realistic ones). One was a lady and the other a younger girl. We were in a city and falling down toward the ground. I must have been remembering how much fun it was in the last LD, because this was very similar. Though I wasn't lucid, it was a very familiar experience. It is a wonderfully good feeling rush.

      I don't know what triggered lucidty, but when I realized I was dreaming I was in an apartment building. I was standing in the kitchen. I immediately remembered that I wanted to do the flips. So I started jumping in the air and flipping. I tried to really pay attention to what it was like. I remember seeing the room spin in my vision. I don't remember ever noticing what it looked like before--I had just noticed how good they felt. I started with back flips, then switched to front flips. For the last one I noticed I got too close to the wall. I was afraid that I would bump right into it. But then I decided that since this was just a dream that I didn't actually have to bump into anything if I didn't want to. I completed the flip and saw that the wall was further away that in had been.

      When I felt I had done enough I decided to walk into the next room to see if I could find the story character that I was looking for. It was a bedroom. The bed was half unmade and had white covers. And it was empty. I looked around the room and saw no one. There was a window. I walked to it and looked out. I was high above the ground--at least twenty stories up. The window swung open sideways, and I leaned out. I decided to go out. As I was sliding myself through the opening, I suddenly wondered if I was actually dreaming because this felt too real. But part of me knew that if this was real life I never would have gotten this far since I get nervous being really high like this. I continued to let myself slip over the edge. I fell breifly before starting to fly. I flew out and above the city for a little while. Then I swooped down and landed in a plaza area.

      A man with long (to the middle of his back) blond hair came up to me. He was excited to see some one who could fly. He told me that he also knew how to fly and asked if he could come with me. I said, "Sure."

      At the edge of the plaza there was a large drop off, as if the city were build on two levels and we had been on the upper level. As we went over the edge, I looked over and saw that the guy could indeed fly too. I was glad.

      We flew over what looked like a zoo. The man pointed down and pointed out that the animals had escaped. He thought that since we had these cool special abilities that we should help try to get them in. I wasn't sure that I wanted to take the time in my LD to do something like that. But I decided that it might be an adventure.

      I landed and saw a young black jaguar. I picked it up and started carrying it to one of the buildings. Pretty soon the jaguar's claws were really poking into my neck. I decided that I didn't want to do this anymore. I set it down and another girl came and picked it up. I looked around for the other guy and couldn't find him. So I decided to go on to another challenge.

      I remembered that I had wanted to jump from rooftop to rooftop. There were buildings around. None were very tall buildings (maybe two story), but I wanted to try anyway. I flew up and landed on the first roof. I ran along the top of the roof to the end. I could see the next building maybe 30 yards away. I got the the edge of the roof and pushed off. I wasn't sure what was going to happen. I knew I could fly, but I was purposely trying not to fly, but just to jump. I easily landed on the next roof. I ran and pushed off again to the next building. The buildings were in a large semi circle (about 8 buildings). I ran and jumped until I came to the end, and then I jumped to the ground. I really enjoyed the experience. I especially liked the feeling of pushing off. I realized this was something I would have to do again and again.

      I was about to think of something else to do when I woke up. I looked at the clock and it was 16 minutes past the last time I had looked at it before I had fallen asleep. I tried to go back to sleep since I had a little time left, but never managed to dream again.
    6. Lucid Dream: Doing flips into the ocean

      by , 02-27-2012 at 10:32 PM
      Lucid Dream:

      I was running around on some docks by the ocean when I suddenly knew I was dreaming. I decided I wanted to do flips off the dock into the ocean and see what that felt like while lucid. So I tried to run to the end of the dock. For some reason the end wouldn't come. I was always about 4 feet from the end. Finally I had to stop running and just take it one step at a time to the end. Then I jumped and flipped. I seemed to go in very slow motion. Slow enough that I could watch the land as it spun upside down around me until I landed in the water. I found that so fascinating that I got out and did it again. This time my flip was faster. It was like the first time my mind really wanted to see and appreciate the motion of the flip. Once it had, it let me do the next one in a more normal speed.

      But that's all the dream I got. I woke up before I could try anything else.

      But I woke up happy because this was my first lucid in weeks. I had been stuck in a dry spell.
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    7. Lucid Dream--Walking through Fire, Bringing a Snowman to life and flying with it

      by , 12-20-2011 at 06:49 AM
      Old LD from 7-11-07

      Wow...I just had a long lucid dream in which I did the Task of the Month again, plus several old ones.

      I had awakened at 5:00 I laid in bed about 20 minutes. Then I got on DV for about 45 minutes (looked at old Task of the month) and then went back to bed. I laid there for a little bit wondering if I would go back to sleep. As I felt myself started getting really tired, I made myself open my eyes and glance at the time--6:32.

      The first part of the dream that I remember is being with my two little neices. They had had a birthday party, and things were still decorated. I was talking to one of the neices (K) and she was telling me about how the party theme was Pirates and how fun it had been.

      I then remember picking her up and jumpin with her, and at the top throwing her up a bit and catching her, then both of us would land on the floor. She loved it and I remember noticing how I could keep doing this and not get tired (Missed the dream sign this first time).

      Then I set her down and started doing back flips. I remember being amazed that I was doing such good backflips and I wasn't even on a trampoline. Then I started doing front flips and I noticed how good they made me feel to do them

      Then it hit me. This was a dream-- I loved doing dream flips because they make me feel so good.

      As soon as I realised that I was dreaming I decided I wanted to do the DV Member Task again to see if I could get more DV members to show up.

      This first transistion is a bit fuzzy. I think I started looking through the house for DV members. I didn't find any. I then decided to head out into the backyard so I could try the "Pet" task from last month that I had never gotten a chance to try.

      I walked through the back room next to a sick looking Vietnamese guy huddled in a yellow blanket. I opened the door and went into the yard. It was my yard form my LA house.

      I saw both my current dog and cat there. I started with my dog. "Hey boy, what do you think of me, huh? I need you to talk to me. DO you like me? Tell me what you think." But he kept sniffing at something in the grass and wouldn't even acknowlege my presence.

      I looked and now saw my cat just a few feet away. I asked her the same questions. But like my dog, she seemed more interested in something in the grass than in answering my questions. So I thought about trying another Task before I woke up.

      The Fire Task. I had to do the fire task. I looked around for a fire. There wasn't a fire in my yard. But as I looked over the fence toward my neighbors' yard, I could see smoke and I knew that there was a fire there.

      I flew up and over the fence into my neighbors' yard. I landed on the grass. The yard looked just like I remember the Franko's yard to look. They had been the neighbors that I grew up by. I walked under their big tree. I could see the Frankos on the patio. I told them I needed to borrow their fire for a moment.

      As I got to the far side of the yard I could see a small campfire. It wasn't very big, and I didn't know if it would actually count as walking "through" fire. but I was just doing this for fun anyway since it was now a new month with a new task.

      I looked down at the fire and took small step and and walked over the fire. Since it was only about 2 feet across, I could only step twice--once with each foot.

      I had wondered if the fire would feel hot...or if it would just seem like I was walking on normal ground. Well, as soon as I put my bare foot on the coals, I realized that this was going to be harder than I thought because the coals were actually very hot and burning the bottom of my foot.

      Still, I walked though. Even though it hurt, it seemed a bit anticlimatic. So I turned around and did it again. It still hurt. I decided that I would keep trying until I could control it and make it so it didn't feel hot to me anymore. On about the fifth time through the fire, I felt that I had achieved that.

      I started walking across the yard back toward my own yard again. Suddenly the neighbors dog ran up to me not looking very friendly [the real Frankos had a dog that scared me as a child]. I decided that it was time to fly.

      I remember wondering what the Frankos must be thinking of my strange visit to their backyard, but then remembered that they were my dream characters and weren't actually thinking anything.

      In my own backyard I saw two large white and brown dogs. I chased them out the side gate.

      I was still not satisfied with my attempt to find DV members so I tried again. I walked around (somewhere near the yard I think) calling out for DV members. I saw this group of people. I asked again if there were any DV memberd present.

      Finally this teenage guy walks toward me from the crowd with his arm up. He said, "I'm a DV member.

      I said, "Great, what's your username?"

      He answered, "T-Arizona"

      I said, "Cool, I think I'll remember that one."

      Then two more guys walked out. One of the boys had two heads, one looked normal, the other had no neck. He told me his username. It was something cool sounding with two words and started with an "S".

      Then the third boy told me his name...which I have also forgotten by now.

      After that I decided to go look some more. I really wanted to find DV members that I knew. I walked inside a building and decided to call out for certain members. I decided to start with Oneironaut.

      So I walked through this crowded building calling out for Onieronaut. Several times I could see black guys that from a distance looked like the right guy. But each time as I got close I could see that I had the wrong guy.

      I finally decided to try another name. This time I called out for CoLd BlooDed. I walked through what now looked like a school building. I called and called, but still got no matches. I even tried CB's real name to see if that made a difference. But it didn't.

      I finally ended up in a hallway by the doors to the outside. There was a group of students there waiting for the bell to ring and for school to get out. There was some teacher by the doors reminding the students to wear their bicycle helmets. The students all repeated a chant about helmets.

      Finally the doors opened. At this point I decided that I wasn't having any luck with finding DV members, so I decided to try another of the older Tasks that I had never gotten done. I decided to do the "Snowman" Task.

      As luck would have it, I walked out of the school and into a snow covered park. There were at least five snowmen in the park. At this point I was also suddenly with my childhood best friend M. I looked at the snowmen and wondered how hard it would be to bring them to life. I decided just to look at them with the expectation that they would just start moving. And sure enough, the one closest to me started twitching. Then it turned so it was facing me, and then started moving toward me. It was smiling, and I felt no fear that it would suddenly become evil and attack me.

      I looked around and saw at least four other snowmen now moving in my direction. When the closest one got to me, I decided that I wanted to go flying with it. I told it to turn around so I could climb on its back.

      After I was on its back I told it to fly. As we took off in the air, I remembered my friend that I had left behind. I knew she was only a DC, but I just felt the need to be polite, so I called back to her to get on the next snowman and to follow me.

      At first I felt cold being on the snowman and flying through a winter sky. But I remembered how I had been successful in changing the temperature in past LDs. I told myself that I would no longer feel the cold since it was just my good imagination making it cold in the first place.

      Gradually the snowman started feeling warm beneath me, and the air became just cool and not cold. It was perfect.

      Then suddenly it was night. We were flying low and past buildings that were all covered with Christmas lights. I remember a building that looked like a City Hall that was just beautiful. We flew so close I could almost touch the lights.

      There is a transition here that I don't remember.

      But the next thing I remember is that I am back in a building looking for DV members. I believe it was an arcade. I could see out the window that it was still dark outside and I could see Christmas lights.

      There were no DV members in the arcade, so I walked into the next room. There was a long skinny swimming pool there, the kind that makes a current that people can just stay in the same spot and swim against it..

      I looked down in the pool to see if anyone I recognised that there. But I saw this man--he was bald and scarred and was very white. It disturbed me, and I suddenly felt myself start to wake up. Instead of fighting against that and staying in my dream, I suddenly realised that I had dreamed such a long LD that it would actually be a really good idea to wake up at this point and see if I could remember all of it.

      So I let myself wake up.

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    8. Lucid Dream--Making trees walk (sort of)

      by , 12-20-2011 at 04:37 AM
      Old LD from 5-23-07

      Yes--I had a Lucid Dream!!

      It started in my neighbor's backyard. I was talking to my friend N who supposedly lived there. We were discussing the problems we had with our yards. As we stood there in her yard, I could see right through the chain link fence to see my whole yard. Both of our yards were very large. They were all sandy dirt and had junk laying around.

      I commented on how messy our yards looked. I said, "Look at how my yard slopes. It's hard to have a yard look neat when it isn't level. You're lucky yours is level."

      But as I looked at her yard, it was only level where we were standing, all the rest was uneven with ditches and hills.

      Then I looked at the green plants growing. I pointed it out to N. I said, "You see all that green stuff that looks like grass? Well, it's not. Those are baby tumble weeds. They are going to grow up to be huge and ugly, and when you try to pull them up, you'll get all scratched up with their stickers.

      She then said she wasn't sure what plants I was talking about.

      I said, "You can see them better if you fly over them." And at that point I started to hover in a horizontal position a few few off the ground and started flying over the little tumble weeds. "See..?" I said.

      She looked at me and smiled and said, "C----, you just like to show off."


      I was dreaming. Of course, because I was flying. Funny that I had a bit of a delayed reaction in figuring that out.

      The first thing that comes to my mind is to complete the Advanced Task. I needed to find a tree.

      I looked over into my yard and saw two poplar trees. Unfortunately they looked dead. I didn't think I could make a dead tree walk around. So I kept looking. In the far end of the yard I saw another poplar.

      I stared at it really intensely and willed it to pull up its roots. I could see it start to come up. I could see its roots emerge from the dirt. I then willed it to walk. It started forward.

      As I watched it move, I realized that something wasn't quite right. I looked closer at the tree's roots. Under the roots I could see little wheels. The tree wasn't really using its roots to walk, but intead used little wheels that it hid under it's roots.

      I thought to myself, "Will I get credit for this? Maybe I should try again."

      So I looked over at another poplar tree. I stared at it until it too came up out of the ground. But this tree, instead of trying to fool me with its roots, just had wheels....and it wheeled itself away.

      I started feeling like I had to hurry. I started pulling up tree after tree at this point only to find that all my trees had wheels and no roots at all.

      To make matters worse, all the background in the dream suddenly went out on me. Everything but myself and about 8 wheeled trees was a flat light blue. I felt like we were in a computer--like the Matrix-- and someone had messed with the background color.

      Then it messed up again. I was now trapped in a dark blue room. I had to get out. I ran at the wall with the intent of slipping right through. But I hit the wall.

      After several times of being unsuccessful, I decided to try something different. I thought if I closed my eyes, then I wouldn't be fooled by a wall that wasn't even physical to begin with.

      So with my eyes closed I ran at the wall. I ran further than I thought I needed to go and started to feel like I had made it, then blam. I hit it with the top of my head.

      I tried two more times with my eyes closed.

      But after no success. I decided to just do flips--like I often do in LDs.

      As I did the flips I felt so good. I remember thinking, "This feels so good, why am I bothering to do anything else at all in my LDs. I should just do flips the whole time."

      So I stayed in the room completely content for the next few minutes just enjoying the sensation of dream flips.

      Until I finally woke up.
    9. LD--First time in Outer Space

      by , 12-14-2011 at 11:50 PM
      Old LD from 5-9-07

      I had a lucid dream last night!

      I actually woke up this morning about an hour and a half before I had to get up. I thought back and was frustrated when I couldn’t remember a single dream. I wasn’t feeling very tired, but I made myself go back to sleep so I could squeeze out just one dream. I usually can do that, even if it is just a short dream—and that’s all I wanted—just something that I could write down in my dream journal. It didn’t even matter to me at that time if it were lucid or not.

      I did go back to sleep. And I did dream. I even had a lucid dream. The problem was that it was a very long complex dream. When I woke up, I thought, “Oh my gosh…how am I going to be able to figure that all out.

      So I started by writing down all the things I remembered doing in the dream, lucid or not. Then I tried to sort them into the “before I became lucid”, “while I was lucid” and “after I was lucid” parts.

      Then—I sorted through each section and put it together the way I best remembered and the way it seemed to make the most sense. And I actually think I did a pretty accurate job considering how mixed up I felt when I first awakened.

      So after all that, here is the dream:


      It started non-lucid. I was following Jeff. He was walking toward the back of a building and was about to go in a side door. I remember passing a large sand castle that was by the door. I had no idea where Jeff was going, but I felt I needed to go too.

      We went into the building. I believe we were separated at this point. I remember sitting in what looked like a waiting area. I remember this boy (about 12 years old) showing me some of his drawings. I then was watching something on a TV screen.

      I’m not sure of the transition here. It may be that I was watching something on TV and then I was suddenly there. But next thing I remember was standing next to a large ferris wheel. People were climbing on it. There were ladder-like things to get to the seats.

      Suddenly the ferris wheel starts spinning. I start seeing people falling off of it to the concrete below. I felt horrified. I thought that surely it was killing them. I didn’t want to be seeing this.

      So—I decided in my mind that the people wouldn’t die. One by one, they picked themselves up off the ground and brushed themselves off and walked away. I felt much better.

      Then I remember I was climbing the ladders on the ferris wheel. I was thinking, "If I were dreaming I could climb this with just my hands." --(that is something I have always liked to do in dreams—use my upper body strength and pull myself up things without using my legs). So I start climbing the ladder with just my arms. I remember it actually felt good. I could feel my muscles working but it had the satisfation of a good stretch.

      Then it hits me—finally—that I actually am dreaming. Then I thought, “Of course I am—duh—it takes me long enough to figure this out.”

      So I did the first thing that came to mind. I started to fly. For some reason I didn’t think about doing the Tasks at all. Instead I thought about how I really wanted to make this dream into a complex story line. I wanted to make it my story. But I decided it might be easier to start with something like Star Wars. I have always wanted to have a Star Wars LD anyway.

      So as I flew I decided that I needed to be in space. And without any effort I was suddenly soaring though the stars. It was so beautiful and incredible.

      I thought about how I had always wanted to do that, and I had never been able to do it before. I had read about others doing it and wondered how they managed to do it because it seemed to be a difficult thing to do. And I was so amazed how this just happened naturally for me in this dream.

      I also thought about how everything was just too quiet. I wanted to hear a soundtrack. But I wasn’t able to get music going.

      I noticed as I flew though the stars, that the stars seemed to be more concentrated above me. It started looking more to me like a flat ceiling. But I decided not to let that bother me too much. This was my first time creating a flight through space, and it was pretty darn good.

      I realized that my next goal was to find a space ship. I really wanted to find Darth Vader and confront him. I looked below me and I now saw a white medium sized space craft. It was a dirty white with yellow and black trim. I knew Darth Vader was on that ship.

      I flew to it. I knew that it I flew into it fast enough that I would fly right through the sides and end up inside. And it did.

      Unfortunately (and this kills me), this is the part of the dream I remember the least. Something happened on that ship, but I have no memory what it was. But I do remember the dream suddenly fading.

      I was suddenly back in a house. There was a hallway with a mirror at the end in front of me. I knew I was still in the dream. I also knew that if I ran straight at the mirror, that it would transport me back to space.

      So I ran toward the mirror and was again back in space. I saw the same ship in front of me. I flew right at it. But instead of slipping back inside, I hit the outside. This time it was too solid for me to get it. I was very disappointed. Again the dream faded.

      I was back in the hallway with the mirror. I ran at the mirror again. But this time, instead of going through it I bumped right into it. The mirror was very real feeling. I touched it, and the glass felt smooth and cool.

      I decided that I would just run in to the wall. So I tried again. But I hit the wall. I thought, “No…no….now I am doubting and it’s not working. I have to believe. I have to believe…..”

      So I took a dive and tried to go through the floor. But again my head just hit the carpet. Everything felt so real and so solid. Disappointed, I stood up. I made myself float and started doing back flips and the air. It felt really good to do those.

      Suddenly I heard Jeff’s voice talking to me. I closed my eyes and then thought, “oh no, closing eyes in a lucid dream makes you wake up!”

      I open them. Jeff was standing next to me. We were back in that original building. I had fallen asleep in the chair in the waiting room.

      I said, “Jeff, you just woke me up from a lucid dream.” When I saw that he looked sorry, I added, “But I guess you had no way of knowing. It’s okay.”

      He said, “If it helps, I brought you some ice cream.” He handed me a square container that had some cookies and cream flavored ice cream in it. It was fairly melted.

      I took a few bites and was amazed at how good that tasted to me. Then I thought, “Isn’t there a reason that I’m not supposed to be eating this?” I didn’t want there to be any reasons, so I kept eating it.

      Then I thought, “It’s the sugar. I’m not supposed to be eating sugar. And that’s right—I’m Raw Vegan now! I’m really not supposed to be eating this. How could I have forgotten?”

      It then comes to me—I’m still in the dream! I never did wake up. I looked back in the bowl. All that is left is the melted ice cream at the bottom that is completely runny. I put a corner of the bowl to my mouth and drink the rest of the ice cream. I thought, “This is great. I ate all this ice cream and I didn’t mess anything up!”

      At that point I woke up for real.
    10. LD--Falling/Flips

      by , 12-07-2011 at 04:01 AM
      Another casualty of the forum change. The first half of this dream is gone. Now I know what Jess was complaining about when he said that half of his journal enties were gone. Some just didn't make it through. And I'm only just now noticing. Anyway, here is the end of this LD.

      Old LD from 4-20-07

      I thought, "I really need to believe that I can do this". That helped me get to the top of the 4 X 4 place.

      When I was at the top, I looked the several stories back down to where the girls were standing. I thought, "What would happen if I just let go, I can't get hurt. I want to see what will happen."

      So I let go and let myself fall. As I got down to the floor, I stopped at a float about 6 inches off the floor.

      "Cool" I thought.

      Then I decided to do flips in the air. I did a back flip. Then a front flip. I was going kind of slow, like I would if I were doing it underwater. But it was fun. And the girls were still looking at me in awe.

      Then my alarm woke me up....
      Tags: falling, flips
    11. 27th shared dreaming attempt - whiterains dream

      by , 09-04-2011 at 02:32 PM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      Whiterains dream

      finally got lucid on an attempt night. was in the garden jumping of the steps. i tried to flip and then realised i could and it was a dream. i carried on doing this for a while and ended up just spinning around in the air. then i jumped to another part of the dream and wasnt as lucid.

      other bits i remember are being in a kind of common room and seeing a friend who has just got married and chatting to her for a while. also laughing at the police because somehow they had taken out some kind of country wide computer system