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    1. Potion of forbidden knowledge

      by , 12-28-2017 at 09:38 PM
      28 Dec

      My awareness spikes in the middle of the dream, making me pay more attention to the surroundings. I am certain this is a dream and happy about it.

      It takes a bit to recall my totm intentions and in the meantime I decide to improvize and go bananas with dream control. I start a massive onslaught on the dream environment, initially tking all sorts of objects in sight and later doing impromptu room modifications. It seems to come quite naturally although I am not too sure what precisely am I trying to accomplish. The technique is look straight ahead and modify with thoughts the door and everything behind it, and once changed, bring it back to its original version. <possibly subconsciously trying to integrate a version of the portal from Dr Strange>

      Once I have calmed down a bit, I finally recall I wanted to do task of the month. There was a familiar DC running around so I ask him to bring to me the potion of forbidden knowledge. He gives me a light blue medieval type of bottle and I drink the small amount of liquid it contains. Nothing happens for a while, which leaves me slightly disappointed as I was preparing for some sort of false memory revelation to take place.

      I still feel quite euphoric being in the dream and I recall how you can actually use dreams to improve yourself, including physically <quote below>. At this stage I am very enthusiastic and totally determined to use the dream to influence my appearances and get more muscular. Quite conveniently a mirror appears right ahead, so I look at myself as I try to flex my stomach muscles. As if this isn't enough to get me in good shape, I decide to do some crunches and get on the floor.

      I also imagine myself doing crunches every time I have a lucid dream, as a part of a new fitness routine. I do around 10 crunches with great ease. The movements are really light and pleasant, but this seems to exhaust my concentration and the dream soon ends.

      Quote Originally Posted by Harvard Business Review

      If I dream about doing crunches, will I develop killer abs?

      Yes and no: You won’t really get a six-pack just by dreaming, but research shows that envisioning yourself doing exercises can make specific muscles stronger, so you should get a stronger belly than if you didn’t dream about crunches. In general, if you want to improve in waking life, dreams are the perfect place to do it. 
    2. Difficult Steps in Life

      by , 10-01-2014 at 10:43 PM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      Very interesting colors and shapes swirl around as my whole experience for a bit. Then I decide to go to a class I hadn't attended in a while. Some sort of English class, I'm not really sure what it is about yet. But most of the term has passed, and I think it's a good time to check in and see what's going on. I walk into the classroom, filled with college kids, and am warmly greeted by the teacher. I'm flattered she is so nice, considering I haven't been to any of the classes until now.

      I look for my seat, but get a strong urge to use the bathroom, so I step out for a brief break so I can focus better. I go down a hall, and see a stairway. Two people are in the stairway, discussing where the bathroom might be. They don't know, and neither do I. Instead of following them, I trust my intuition, and go a different route, pretty confident that they will also find a bathroom in time.

      I try to go down another stairway, but run into a large group of people, all walking slowly, carrying their book bags and talking to one another. I make my way past them, turn down another hall, and see a urinal at the end. It is strange that there are no doors to the bathroom. It looks to be a room that the janitors must use for something. I go up to the urinal, and am surprised to see that it is actually a sink, with a faucet at the top, and a urinal basin for the bottom.

      I don't want to pee in the sink! So I look around and spot a toilet right next to it. I set something valuable down on top of the urinal/sink, and relieve myself in the toilet, keeping careful watch down the hall in case someone comes this way. Two people turn the corner, so I stop peeing out of respect for their sensibilities, mostly relieved so I'm okay, and go to wash my hands. One of the people goes to use the toilet, and I worry about splash back on my item I put on the urinal, but try not to worry about it.

      Suddenly, I'm misted by a blast of water spraying from some unseen source. Ah, this must be the hand washing water... I wash my hands in it, careful to let some water pass behind me and not to block the entire jet of water so the people behind me can have some too. But they are more annoyed that I'm washing my hands in that water than anything.

      Alright, I better get back to class now. But I'm lost. I have no idea where I am. All I know is that my class room was on the second level of a massive bridge connecting two large buildings to one another. It must be B-Wing. I try to back track my steps and end up outside the building. I know I didn't go outside to get here, but it is sort of familiar, and I think I can get there this way just as well as the other way.

      Walking around the building, I approach a large group of people just relaxing outside, laying in the sun, happily talking amongst themselves. There are a few builders taking a break on the hill, eating their food and enjoying the sun right next to the stairs up to B-Wing. I can nearly see my class room through the doors atop a few tall flights of outside stairs leading up to the bridge area. To my right is a goat with long blonde hair, and a rather human like face. She says hi to me, then starts talking to the builders. I'm not sure if this goat/woman speaks English, or if I can understand goat language really well. I am a goat whisperer after all.

      No time to ponder that now, I'm late for class. So I walk past all this, shoot a quick smile at goat/lady, and approach the stairs. As soon as I take my first step on the stairs, I get that heavy leg thing. My legs feel like they each weigh 100 more pounds, plus like they're bungee corded to the ground, and are now unresponsive to usual motor control. It takes all my effort and focus to move just one foot up to the next step. There are many steps to go, so I use all my focus and concentration to consciously move my legs to get me up the steps in a timely fashion. My automatic movement part of the brain seems to have turned off for some reason, so all of the motion is now conscious motion.

      It seems like it has taken so much time to climb the stairs that the class must surely have ended by now. But I push on anyway to prove to myself that I can overcome this obstacle, and also because the teacher might still be there so I can talk with her. Is it an English type of class?

      /// I interpret this as I know the next steps to take in life, but they're hard. Although no matter how difficult they are to take, I can do it, and there's something important to be learned once I've taken these steps. Also, if I weren't so distracted by bathroom things, I could have learned what I needed to by now. Focus!
    3. Cersei

      by , 08-26-2014 at 07:48 PM
      I started questioning the dream in a fairly dull IRL-based scene, and then questioned why I was questioning it - but I did eventually become lucid. Once becoming lucid, however, I as Jaime immediately started looking for Cersei.

      (Side note: this was an interesting level of lucidity. Fully lucid in most respects - lucid about the fact that I was dreaming, lucid about my ability to control the dream, no desire to stick to the previous dream storyline - but I wasn't lucid about my own identity. On top of that, I only started playing Jaime's role when I became lucid - up until that point I'd been my IRL self. It's standard for me to play the role of other people when I'm non-lucid, but I'd thought that conflicted with lucidity - apparently not.)

      I was still in a room that was meant to represent my IRL home, but it had no doors, which I understood signified a resistance against me taking control and changing the scene. I had the feeling I had to get out in a hurry if I wanted to maintain lucidity. So I turned around in a full circle in order to create a door that would be there when I turned around again. It was a wooden door, rounded at the top, and when I opened it I saw a scene that was meant to represent my IRL neighborhood.

      I closed the door, called out to Cersei, and opened it again, understanding that this will have changed the location it links to. Now on the other side of the door there's a dark stone enclosed walkway with large windows overlooking a castle courtyard. Better, but this isn't the place I was looking for. I have a mental image of a glittering gold-and-white castle that I want to get to, where I expect Cersei to be. I try again - I close the door, call to Cersei, and open it again. The scene on the other side of the door hasn't changed this time - it's still the dark stone walkway. I decide that this means Cersei must be in this scene somewhere, so I walk through the door.

      Recall gets increasingly shaky after this. After walking through the castle a bit I found Cersei in the courtyard, and after a short conversation she took me to a rowboat that we'd both have to row - she gave me some explanation involving the word 'knowledge,' and I made an (apparently less than successful) effort to remember her phrasing so I'd recall it after I woke up, it seemed symbolically important. The boat carried us briefly along a waterway running through the castle, and I think I began losing lucidity at this point. There's a memory gap, and very little recall after that - before I woke up I'd wound up back in an IRL-based scene, and I'm unsure how much lucidity I had by then.

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    4. Strong fever nightmare

      by , 05-29-2013 at 10:28 PM
      I had a cold some time ago and I experienced some really strong, feverish, nightmares. Going to share them here and maybe some of you have had similar experiences. After i had these I kind of put down the dreaming for a while as the power of them scared me. Clearly a downside of getting better at dreaming, all dreams become stronger, no matter good or bad.

      Dream 1
      I was floating in darkness. Just complete and empty darkness. In the darkness there were bubbles. Bubbles of knowledge floating in a calm and dark eternity. Among them I was floating. I could not choose were to float, I just did. At some times i passed through the bubbles of knowledge. And the knowledge were so strong, and so terrifying. It felt like my mind was gonna burst like a soap bubble. And then i had passed through. But then there were another bubble of terrible knowledge.

      I can't remember what knowledge they contained, just that it were very strong and very powerful. I woke up covered in sweat and with my heart racing.

      Dream 2
      I woke up and I was completely convinced that there was a snake beside me in the bed. I could feel it. It was there. I did not dare to move. Then i jumped out of the bed and ran across the room and lit the ceiling lamp.

      There were, of course, no snake there. But it felt so real, and was so vivid.. Scary as fuck.

      That's it! Is it normal that the dreams you dream while sick is stronger and darker then normally? Because I never experience nightmares normally.

    5. Dad's desire for knowledge

      by , 04-01-2013 at 06:12 PM
      Before bed: exhausting cooking and late staying guests

      Total sleep time: 7 hrs

      Dream recall method: two keywords noted

      Fragment1: I was in a building in one of the rooms there was an improvised fitness center. I was considering whether to enroll but it was somewhat expensive, 11 per session. I think I agreed to give it a try and started doing some exercises. I really enjoyed moving around.

      Fragment2[important feeling] Somewhere on the way between grandma's place and our old home. I am looking at the the cars passing by. Next to me is my dad, who has a strangely honest moment. He is sharing the contents of his heart, his innermost dreams. He tells me that he craves to one day get to an astonishing knowledge, this knowledge would be completely true and valid, yet so totally different from anything we know, unimaginable knowledge. I compare it then to the knowledge a more advanced civilization would give us.

      woke up, decided to try some WBTB, but was asleep too fast, had two pretty vivid dreams though, one very close to lucid

      Dream3 [very vivid]: I was at my parents's yard, it was dark. My mom was there, a large white rabbit came to us. We were trying to interact with it, but it was a bit stubborn, reminded me of a rabbit I had for a while when I was very young. My mom was forcefully grabbing it, surely causing it some pain, and it ran away. I felt bad for the rabbit and tried to call it back. It came back to me, and kind of like pressed itself strongly against me, seeking comfort.

      Dream4[very vivid, lucid-like]: I just remember finding myself staring at some kind of a yard, where there was a workshop. It felt as if I am lucid, and I had a moment of deep realization of something, I just suddenly understood it, everything (regarding something) made perfect sense to me. As I was watching the yard, I remembered my great grandpa's wood processing workshop, remembering some past memories that belong to me with great clarity and understanding. I noticed the little pieces of saw dust on the table of the workshop. [those memories felt very real, more than usual fake dream memories, yet my great grandpa had been a tailor, never met him]

      Fragment5: I was in a bus with my grandma2, she got off the bus, but left her bag and eye glasses on the seat. I rushed to gather all her things before the driver closes the door. I told him to wait for me to get off but he said he can't wait, I grabbed everything and jump rushed out of the bus door.

      Some ideas to try out:
      I am still trying to find the optimal amount of awake time for WBTB. I have noticed that during meditation if I do it eyes closed, on some occasions I would drift away too much towards sleep, getting lots of the WILD sensations, HH, sometimes vibrations, and I catch myself falling asleep, feeling my dream body take off/separating. So perhaps instead of WBTB, wake up earlier than usual have a tea, meditate on couch, then lay down to lucid? At least worth a try when nobody is around.

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    6. highlighted text and human sacrifice

      by , 08-12-2011 at 11:50 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      There was some kind of temple, which almost looked like an indoor sports arena. There seemed to be a huge crowd of people all around, with pale, cold, white spotlights on the center of the arena.

      There was an altar, which was like a stone cube jutting up from the floor. The altar was burning hot and blackened with heat and smoke. A person was chained on the altar. The person's legs were chained from above, so that the legs were lifted a couple of inches above the rest of the body. The arms were possibly chained to the side of the person's body. The person may also have had some kind of blackened blanket over the torso and upper legs.

      The person being burnt on the altar wasn't just being burnt as part of some religious ritual. The person knew or did something against some powerful people. So the person was being ritually murdered. I may also have thought that something I had done had angered the powerful people. So when they sacrificed the person, it was to punish me. And the person who got sacrificed would know this as well as I did.

      I saw a few white pieces or paper or white screens with black writing on them. The black writing was broken up by occasional words printed in orange lettering. The highlighted words were probably one recurrent word. The recurrent word seemed really important to me. (So of course I've forgotten it now.)

      I saw the altar again. This time I got a good glimpse of the person chained on the altar. He looked like a black-Hispanic man with lightish brown skin. He was kind of muscular. He had "tribal"-style tattoos on his shoulders and arms and, maybe, his chest. He seemed to be writhing in pain. Parts of his body were already blackened by being on the altar -- from either the heat or the smoke.

      I followed the priest from the altar to some other spot on the stage. The priest may have been a man very much like the man being sacrificed. He may also have been a wizard-like figure, with a long beard and dressed in a long, black or brown robe with a huge hood.

      I looked to the altar again. There was now an Asian woman on the altar. She was naked, except for the blanket over her. Her uncharred skin was pale. But she was mostly charred or smoke-blackened. She seemed to be in a great deal of pain. She was sweating a lot and writhing around a lot, trying to get out of the heavy chains.
    7. Defending Akashic Records

      by , 01-14-2011 at 12:59 AM (Dreamjumper)

      A beautiful woman lies naked on an ornate bed sprawled amongst numerous tall stacks of ancient books. I stand shirtless a few feet from the bed and place a few choice books on my shelf. Instead of having sex with the woman I turn away and collect the rest of the books on the bed so that I can return them to the library. Once I arrive at the library I see that it resembles the Akashic Records, which I’ve visited before. The entrance to the Records is spectacular, framed by epic pillars.

      I head inside and replace the books and knowledge that I have borrowed and assimilated. I browse the aisles for a bit and stumble upon a specific dream character jerk that causes trouble within the library, and starts shit with random visitors like a bully. I walk by him and ignore him, but he steps in my path and scowls at me.

      He tells me to never get in his face. Wanting nothing more than to put him in his place I step up to him and jab my finger at him and “get in his face.” This angers the jerk and we proceed to battle, first hand to hand grappling before it escalates into an epic old school sword fight. We slice and duel amongst the many rows of books throughout the library until I finally defeat him.

      As I stand to walk away triumphantly, I realize that I have also been mortally wounded from the battle. I stumble over to the dying jerk I defeated in battle and say “See you in another life, yeah?” I shuffle back to the naked woman in bed, lie next to her, and wake up.