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    1. Journey to the White Rabbit Pt.2

      by , 04-16-2019 at 05:00 PM (Moo's Wild Cranial Rides)
      Journey to the White Rabbit Pt.2 (DEILD)


      I was in the middle of a small dream about something I cannot recall and notice as my feet start lifting away from the earth I was firmly planted on that I am dreaming. Lucid, I hid the ground and darkness engulfs me. I try to shout "Clarity Now!" but I feel that I'm still too connected to my real body and saying it any louder will wake me up. The small whisper seems to have worked but as I start thinking about waking up starts getting me nervous about losing lucidity.

      All of a sudden I see a dream forming in front of me, my brother appears laying in his bed. It forms with the air rushing past my ears and I step into it without hesitation for some reason. I remember for ending up in another bed adjacent to my brother's and immediately leap out and wake him up. I then remember to stabilize the dream and I look at my hands noticing at least two extra smaller fingers on my left hand. I laugh and rub my hands together. I then set out on my first task to find the white rabbit. I remove a black curtain that is acting as a door and start saying "White rabbit, white rabbit where are you white rabbit", through the looking glass indeed.

      I waltz downstairs and as I turn the corner there is a small rabbit staring at me, this little brown guy was not the white rabbit I was looking for however. I felt that this was a trick and started to ask the rabbit for the code. The rabbit reaches for something with a paw so I bend down and into my extended hand it lays down a torn piece of paper.

      I quickly try to read the paper but realize it's in some language I cannot understand with bizzare symbols I have seen in no form of communication before. One word stands out and as I look at it I see it shape bending into the rabbits request, "FOLLOW". Unsatisfied I ask the rabbit again for the code and he simply spits out the other half of the paper charred to a crisp.

      As quick as lightning the rabbit lunges at my arm and starts trying to pry my flesh from bone with his vicious little teeth.Still being lucid I attempt to make the evil rabbit simply disappear as I've done before. I grab it by the nape of his neck and shout "You are not real disappear!", nothing. I try and try again but each time I become more hopeless.

      The last time this happened what did I do? What was different? I thought to myself. A distant memory hits me about needing to visualize it disappearing somehow through some action. Excited my gaze shifts like a lunatic around the room to find something to achieve this task with. The window pane in the door catches my eye and ,as I raise the rabbit to the heavens, I envision his disappearing as I force him through the window. My arm gains speed and my wounded hand whips this fury fiend's neck. Thud. No shattered glass. I start panicking and wailing the rabbit into the window.

      Realizing that for some reason I've manifested rabbit proof glass to sabotage myself I open the door and launch the rabbit onto the front step. Why didn't I do that sooner? Why did I choose the violent option? I was here to talk with a dream character not scare, maim, or kill one. Realizing I am failing my goal for this lucid dream and disgusted in myself I watch as the poor thing scurries under a bare bush my blows have obviously wounded the tiny creature badly.

      With just his head exposed I no longer see a vicious monster but a small innocent rabbit. As he crawls carefully out from the bush I can see a massive open wound. Before even getting the chance to feel like a bigger jackass his fur moves in waves towards it engulfing and healing the wound. Amazing! ...Wait, I'm in a dream still don't lose it now man. I manage to convince myself of my situation as I watch the rabbit hop into one of my shoes on the step. When did I leave that there? Wait. Is he trying to hide from me or ambush me as soon as I step outside? I murmured as I returned to thinking about the small demon it was just a few moments earlier.

      I quickly open the door and turn the shoe over and out he plops on the step. Phew! He didn't attack, we both probably thought, I backed away and left the door open as an invitation to enter. An apology for my hasty reaction, I thought. He looked me up and down then hop after small cautious hop, it wound it's way back to the side of the note I had dropped. I see what looks like a smile appearing on his cute face. "Finally!", I rambunctiously shouted, "would you be so kind as to help me find the code?".

      My realief does not last however as the once cute grin expands further and further. I froze in fear, I couldn't believe what I saw. In the place of what used to be adorable (but painful) buck rabbit teeth stood a giant army of razor sharp stained teeth between a set of snarling lips that had extended to fit their new tenants. He can't harm me, I'm in a dream, I'm in a dream dammit! Somehow despite the horror in front of my I start to relax a small bit and as if he noticed my fortunate transition his fur turned black.

      I sat still engaged in a small staring competition with the beast for a while, not out of fear any longer, but the apprehension that if I moved it would chase.What felt like an eternity passed and still, nothing. Screw this I have to get something done in this lucid dream I can't waste this opportunity I've worked hard to get.

      Starting to feel like I'm losing lucidity I remember what someone wrote in a guide and I shift my focus around to try and maintain the dream. As I break eye contact with the beast I hear a snarl come from it's jowls. I hastily made my dash out the door but before I could slam it shut he wormed his way out beside me on the step. Without so much as a thought I grabbed the little cute bushy tail, the only thing cute left at that point, and flung him back inside. Success! Two little fiery red eyes peered back at me from the other side of the door.

      After all this a sane person might have stopped the hunt for the white rabbit, I however have no claim to sanity and even more so I was upset to have this lucid dream wasted by my foolishness. Whipping around I try run down the street hollering yet again "White Rabbit are you out there?! I need to speak with you Mr.White rabbit." Thinking that if I put more emphasis on the colour of the rabbit I'd be less likely to have a run in with another beast like before.

      Pat, pat, pat. I hear someone but as I look towards the source of the footsteps I see nothing. Pat, pat, pat, pat. Inching in closer and closer and at a increasingly hurried rate but still I see nothing. My ear rings as I hear just one footstep with an thunderous boom that sounds like it originated from inside my ear canal
      . I wake up.
      lucid , memorable
    2. Monday, January 7

      by , 01-29-2019 at 08:17 AM
      I am outside somewhere. It seems dim or dark. It’s almost like I am watching this scene, as opposed to in it. There is a horse, and the horse is pulling a cart or something. There’s someone on the cart, directly behind the horse. I now watch as the horse begins to give birth. Once the foal is birthed, the scene (and me too?) rises into the night sky. Something slowly changes into an image of a rabbit/rabbits. (*this scene is oddly psychedelic and definitely inspired by the little bit of Watership I watched last night). Now I am laying in bed or asleep. There are OBE sensations for a while, until I open my eyes. There is something slightly different, either the scene or my perception. I know that this is an OBE or a dream state. I walk out of the room and into the dark kitchen, where I see on the oven that it is 1am. I then make my way to the front door and open it. It is night, but with the illumination that comes with heavy snowfall. There are a few inches on the ground (*just like in real life) and it is still coming down. I walk out on the dry strip under the roof’s protrusion. I have the notion to rise up into the air, but when I try I cannot. Now, I think I wake up in bed.
    3. 21 Jan: Sex with plush toy, someone wants to hurt me and directing dream characters sex

      by , 01-21-2019 at 01:33 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      At my room, feeling horny, somehow I start having sex with a giant plush rabbit toy. The notice I have the window curtains pulled open and lights on and some neighbors could be watching, so I stop and close the curtains embarrassed.

      Later some cops knock on my door with a warrant, do a search and find nothing. Then a food inspector comes and finds spoiled food on fridge. I wonder why would that be a problem, then think he might associate that with the fact I used to sell some food made at home. But who and why is trying to frame me?
      I go out and come back by subway at night. I get out at a shady station and regret immediately when I see lots of shady guys looking at me. I decide to go back and get out at another station. But when I am going back to the station I feel a needle on my buttock. Shit! I run all possible scenarios through my head and I panic. I try to get to safety inside the station before passing out, but I start loosing my consciousness and my last thought is that I am screwed.
      I wake up.

      I run a bar. At the end of the workday, I take a look at the deck tables and chairs an I find a leather jacket some lady forgot on a chair. I go around asking the people who are leaving but belongs to none of them. I check the pockets, besides 20€ it has some papers and two plane tickets. The name on it is of my neighbor Maria. I call her, no answer. I take the jacket to my back room.
      A Japanese friend comes by and leaves a video we shot months ago. It is of me and other biologists friends doing some experiments and acting out for the film. Looks funny, but my mom is concerned when watching it, as we manipulated bacteria and biohazard material. I tell her we followed the protocols and that it was safe. Alex also comes by and asks me something about the graffiti I used to do. I tell him I don't do it for years. He says he is thinking about doing some activism with graffiti.

      Then I am all alone and decide to test my magic abilities (telekinesis and such) to tide up the room. I lift my friends jacket in the air, make it zip itself and get into a hanger all by itself. I am amazed by my level of control, so I decide to amuse myself further.
      I summon two characters, male and female and direct them like a movie to do this and that and they follow strictly. Obviously I end up directing them into sex. I tell the guy to undress the girl, do some oral sex on her and penetrate her. He is quite good at doing it but I notice the girl is not feeling comfortable as if not wanting it. I wonder if what I am doing isn't actually rape. I expected these dream characters to be like hollow robots, but they are actually very human and I feel very uncomfortable and stop the whole thing.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    4. xlvi.

      by , 10-08-2018 at 09:29 AM
      Non-dream stuff - A couple of non-lucid fragments. Had initially woken up at 8 with no dream recall and then slept with the weak intent of dreaming a bit and woke up at 9 with these.

      Fragment 1:
      I remember being in a house, it was well-decorated and it was my house. There was a window to the outside and there were cars passing by but they looked like they were from the 50s.

      There was a woman here and I was talking to her. We were discussing her situation, and the fact that she had no husband. In the dream context I was not in the role of my "self" but of a character, and my dream self had a wife who'd passed away years ago. I was telling this woman how she was "no less of a woman to the Republic for having no husband". In the dream context the Republic referred to the government, as if the Roman empire had lasted up to this point.

      I remember she was sat on a couch which was red, but I don't recall its shape; and I walked around the room as we discussed this issue. I don't remember what either of us were wearing.

      Fragment 2:
      I was walking in a forest. It was definitely Autumn/Fall; though the forest had a lot of canopy which covered from any light, even in a large clearing area I was walking through, there was sunlight and it was orange, as were all the leaves both on the trees and the ground. I distinctly remember the feeling of walking through the leaves with my feet, but do not recall what I was wearing.

      I got up to a little mound and there was a ramp that looked like a bridge that had never been built, there being a tiny bit of road but then a lot of large cobblestone flags scattered around. The stones were very round as those found in lakes and they were a brown-ish colour.

      I went over the mound and on the other side of the bridge thing and there was some sort of metal bin; it was square and again, brown and orange in colour. It was upside down and I tipped it up toward this ramp and I remember either hearing a voice or thinking about it and how it reminded me of a trap you'd set to catch small animals.

      Sure enough, shortly after as I got up to go back the way I came, I saw a rabbit, its fur creamy and brown; I thought it would escape but I got close to it and remarked to it about its cuteness and touched its head, surprised by the fact that the rabbit was allowing me to get that close. As I pet the rabbit it turned almost cartoony with a smile. When I was walking back the way I came, I saw a few more rabbits of the same likeness.

      Fragment 3:
      I remember being at a store, it felt like the store under my childhood home. I was buying 3 or 4 things, though I only remember one of them was a cream soda in a beer-type bottle. I was waiting at the till to pay but nobody was coming, and then two other customers were there waiting too, cramping out the space with little regard for personal space, especially with the shopping, since it's a tiny till.

      Someone came to take our payments but even though I was certain I was there first, she served this other guy first and then me.

      I don't remember the part about paying and etc. I do remember opening the cream soda bottle with my hand (i.e. without a bottle opener, which I'm not confident I'd possibly be able to do), the metal cap feeling soft and not at all sharp when I did it. I poured it into a large glass, like one I have in my kitchen in waking life, and then tasting it; it tasted like fizzy cream soda, but very very weakly so. In the dream I concluded I'd poured water in first, but I doubted this conclusion because I'd emptied the bottle, which would have filled the glass.

      Fragment 4:
      A very odd, short, fragment where I was flipping through a book on perspective and it showed foreshortening using a baby's hands and legs, the next page over being something about rainbow dash and a diagram of anatomical orifices.

      • The sudden appearance of and then noticing of more rabbits is directly related to my waking-life experience of observing animals; usually I won't spot any for a while, but once I spot the first one, spotting all the others becomes much easier and almost accidental.
      • When I woke up, the rabbit reminded me of the competition KarlaB18 is running, because it is the image the fast team has, though a different colour fur.
      • The room in the first fragment felt more like the lobby to a bigger part of the house, but it also felt like a living room, as it mostly had displays and a bust statue or two.
      • When I tasted the cream soda I genuinely felt disappointed by the fact it was so watery. I was strongly expecting a nice creamy flavour in the dream. Now I have a craving for cream soda...

      Scoring thus far:
      + Previous Score: 0.5
      + Recall a non-lucid fragment * 4 (@0.5ea): 2.0
      + Help someone in need: 1.0 (The woman in the first fragment)

      = Total score thus far: 3.5
    5. She Takes my Bottled Water

      by , 05-24-2017 at 11:24 AM
      Morning of May 24, 2017. Wednesday.

      Dream #: 18,419-01. Reading time: 1 min 19 sec. Readability score: 64.

      I am in an unknown room (although there is an association, conscious afterthought only, that I am in the west area of the kitchen of our present home).

      There is an indistinct awareness; a possible backstory; of watching what may be a YouTube video made by people with a typical lack of reasonable intelligence. I am only aware of it at times. Its overall content remains uncertain.

      I am holding commercially bottled water. It is a 1.5-liter plastic bottle with a discernible label. It is probably about three-quarters full.

      An unknown dark-haired girl approaches me from the east side of the kitchen, possibly from my sons’ room.

      She wants to know what I have and what the name of it is. I see that the name of the bottled water product is “Watership Down.” I tell her this as I show it to her. I hand it to her, and she takes it, seeming formally appreciative as she walks away, possibly back to my sons’ room. My dream self remains passive and servile.

      My dream segment stems from the concept of dream state water induction and reinduction, where water usually vivifies the dream state (including by being splashed by it), based on the Naiad process, sometimes ritualistically, at the beginning of many sleep cycles. (The video association was probably from audio from a television that was on in reality.) Here, it is analogous to natural melatonin. I do not need more, as I do not need to remain in the sleep cycle. Thus, the preconscious avatar, no longer in service as a Naiad, takes my water away.

      What reveals that this (in addition to what I already know) is the case? First of all, rabbits often live underground, an association with being asleep, and the subconscious self (”below,” “under,” “underground”) not being the conscious self. Additionally, the lyrics from “Watership Down” begin with “Is it a kind of a dream?” (Zsuzsanna sang this to me on a cassette she made before we met.)

    6. Spell's Comp Uhh... What Night are we on?

      by , 08-08-2016 at 03:02 AM (Lucid Time!)
      Tendon problem on my leg from running. Been bogged down with that. Plus my parents and grandparents got in a huge fight (fortunately I haven't been dragged into it but the atmosphere around the house as been tense, further details witheld since its a family matter.) Man something's always gotta mess with my mojo when its lucid dreaming comps. Last time it was KSP, exams and sickness. Now it's ankle injury, family fight (ahem, dreamsign) and inevitably some other third thing to come...

      Night 6

      A dream (more a fragment really) that A college class was taking place in the basement of my house, and something to do with registration.

      Something do with another piece of a bismuth crystal, one that had to, once again be inserted into some kind of alien machinery. This time I even recognized the crystal. It's the one I keep in my room. I attained some level of lucidity here and decided to question why I was dreaming of the crystal.

      Night 7

      A dream that one of my cats (who has a habit of bringing in animals) brought in many, many animals. The basement was full of frogs, rabbits and mice, and they were all alive. Hijinx insued as my mom and I tried to catch them all with butterfly nets and take them back outside. Actually was a very lengthy dream that involved of us disposing of four of the frogs and three of the rabits, at least that I can remember. But was fairly repetative and the details bore me.

      Night 9 (last night)

      I remember I was being attacked by a white horse that was apparently demonic. It was chasing me around some kind of ranch environment. I shot it with arrows and managed to kill it.

      I remember attaining some level of semi lucidity and thinking that there was a particular way that I had to dispose of the dead demon horse so that it wouldn't come back as a poltergeist. I remember burying it in the ground and putting a circle of salt around it. I then drew a dreamcatcher web in the dirt. That was apparently supposed to capture the evil soul when it would rise from the ground and purify it in the sunlight, just like a functional dreamcatcher, while the salt prevented the evil soul from circumventing the web.


      The dream continued. I was in some desert environment, but it was like a lakebed or a dried up ocean. Had some fallout vibes. I got attacked by a cowboy guy that was supposedly the owner of the demonic horse. He pushed me down and tried to shoot me with his revolver, but I pushed the gun away from him. I messed with his hand and tried to make him waste all the bullets by shooting them off away from us but he pushed my hand away when he had two left.

      Garnet from SU appeared behind me and I again attained semi lucidity. I thought of the dreamcatcher shield as a personal goal from the comp to block the bullets but I got Steven's shield instead*. There was some fault in my confidence but it worked anyway and I blocked both shots with no cracks in the shield.

      There was some kind of theme/amusement park that we were supposed to go to, but I didn't want to because I knew I was going to lose the dream and wake up because I hadn't been practicing these past few days. I remember thinking to myself "Tomorrow I'll get back to it."

      Spoiler for *:

      I wasn't properly lucid in any of these though though, my head wasn't in it, so I'm only scoring them as NLDs. Apologies to all my teammates who are competitive and want us to win, but it's too much of a stretch to call myself properly lucid in any of these.

      Night 6:
      Frag 0.5pt*2=1

      Night 7:
      Dream 1pt*1=1

      Night 9:
      Dream 1pt*1=1

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    7. Down the rabbit hole

      by , 01-03-2016 at 04:32 PM (Here be dragons)
      I'm with a golden haired man with short, slicked back hair. He pulls me in a car and I have to drive it through a underground parking lot. It's decrepit, the cement is stained and pitted, with the metal bar embedded in it sticking out like bones from a carcass with rust leaking out. Part of it is falling appart, blocking some roads. I try to find my way in it, my compagnon not very helpful. He does give me some direction, and we reach a back-end. I turn the car around, telling the man I won't let him get us into trouble if we need a quick guetaway.

      I find myself in a house with my family, namely my mother, her brother with his dog, and my sister. They were out to the beach and everyone is tired, my mother sleeping on the couch in her still wet clothes with a blanket over her. I notice a piece of paper poking out of her pocket and take it without waking her up. There's in fact two papers: on of them is too wet and desintegrate into a pulp, bu the other is still mostly whole. I read part of it; it's a very heartfelt letter from my father, written just before or after my sister's birth. It's written on a prescription paper, with the heading of the hospital he worked in when I was very young. It's typical of him, and rather sweet. I carefully lay it flat on the table to dry, feeling lot of love for both my parents.

      Finally, I wander outside that room to a living room with french windows opening into a stone terrace with iron-forged garden furnitures. There's a crew of cameramen here, filming what seems to be a business lunch. There's a dozen of people in suit, both men and women, eating an expensive salad in the sun. I'm lurking inside, not wanting to be filmed. I look around the room, there's a desk with a handful of pens and some letters, but I don't pay close attention to it. There's also a big cardboad box. I take off the lid and there's a big, pitch black rabbit in it, on a bed of hay. I pick it up and hold it close to me, it's as big as a cat and very fluffy, with a downy belly. I'm careful to keep it's legs tighly hold so it can't kick, but it's a very chill rabbit and it let's itself being carried around like a big furry baby. I walk to the other side of the room and find a stone wheel going down. There's growling coming from it, deep below. I call in it and something come up; it's sewage, dark and sluggish, with a white mouse swimming in it. I take it out of the sewage, but I didn't caught it properly and it twists out of my hand and fall to the floor before running away. I'm not very sad about it, since it was dripping wet and dirty. I gently put the rabbit down and pat it's head before opening the door for it. It hops out and I go back to lurking next to the windows. One of the people eating, and handsome man with olive skin and strong, patrician features, looks up and away from the lunch and right to me. He seems to recognizes me and his cold, calculated smile turn into an incredibly warm, sweet one. He politly but quickly excuses himself from the table and gets inside. He's tall and broad-shouldered, with cropped, very curly dark hair. I reach up to his face, and he catches my hand, interlocking his fingers with mine. His hands are as big as the rest of him, making me feel small. He smiles and cups my face with his other hand, it feels very warm and slightly rough, probably from calluses. I smile and coyly look away.
    8. Cupcakes

      by , 10-29-2015 at 04:01 AM
      I dreamed that my old pet rabbit was alive. I was in a room that was sort of a cross between an old apartment I lived in when I was 12, and my current apartment. The floors were the old ragged brown carpet from the old apartment... the layout was like the bedroom of my current one, except instead of a regular closet, there was a walk-in closet. I was keeping my bunny in there. I didn't want to keep her in her cage. IRL, her "cage" was really just her potty, and she was able to come and go as she pleased... it was basically just the crate I used to transport her to and from her vet, combined with being a litter pan. She didn't spend much time in there. She actually liked to just lie there in it with the door open, for some weird reason. I guess because it was "hers".

      Anyway, in the dream, though, somebody wanted me to keep her in there. It was way too small and dirty, so instead I kept her in the closet. In the dream, I remember sitting down in the closet and petting her, and playing with the fuzz on top of her head. I miss her.

      Then, I started wandering around the apartment naked. I recall lying on the carpet on my stomach (still naked) using a laptop. The carpet was the same sort of dull brown that the old apartment had, but sometimes it was also a wooden floor like my current apartment. It was late morning or early afternoon and there was a lot of sunlight... it may have been summer. The bed I was next to was a mess, unmade and covered in clothes. The mattress may have been lying directly on the floor.

      Then realized maybe i should wear some clothing, and put my fleece leopard-print onesie on.

      I woke up and I was cold, so that explains at least some of that dream. It was about 4 a.m. Tried to do visualizations, but too tired and needed all the sleep I could get, so I let it go.

      Then I dreamed I had a roommate who was a huge asshole and then suddenly stopped being one and I was suspicious of it. Tall dude with long blond hair who fancied himself a "metal head".

      Them I dreamed mom and I were driving around the city I currently live in with my brother, and she kept stopping and giving me painkiller injections to numb my mouth. Except they didn't numb my whole mouth. Specifically the left bottom side of my front teeth. My gums were all torn up and bloody there. So eventually she just gave me a syringe full of clear fluid and told me to use it. i asked what the dosage was, and she just shrugged.

      Then... We were on the upstairs part of a store... it had a similar layout and looked a lot like the grocery store down the street from us but also sold clothing etc... I wanted cupcakes. The ones on the upstairs clearance rack near the checkout lanes were gross looking and overpriced. Like $3.99 for 2 cupcakes with the frosting all messed up. The rest of the baked goods weren't what I wanted. I really wanted cupcakes.

      At some point, mom handed me 3 candy bar things. They were really thin fragile sheets of milk and white chocolate split diagonally along the length of the bar. They were in packaging that was simultaneously gold and shiny but also completely transparent. Unfortunately, they were so fragile that I accidentally broke 2 of them, one quite badly. I was worried they were ruined, that nobody would enjoy them that way, and apologized profusely to my mother. She didn't seem to care very much.

      After picking through the shelves of baked goods upstairs (it was really just one display), I went downstairs (the layout of the store was the same as IRL in a lot of ways, but had escalators instead of stairs) to the bakery section, where they weren't much better. I picked through what was there... A helpful employee tried to help me find something, but all of my options sucked, and the store wanted like $18 for a pack of 4 cupcakes. The cupcakes were all in terrible shape - chocolate cupcakes with the blue and green frosting sliding off or mostly stuck to the plastic package.

      Then at some point in between, we were driving around my old hometown, around one of the more run down areas... Brown figured heavily in the color palette... Lots of crumbling parking lots and dried out grass... it was midday, warm and very sunny, maybe it was late summer or early autumn. Mom was driving, I was in the front passenger seat, and my brother was in the back seat. I don't remember much about the car. It may have been my car, but I don't think it was. It wasn't a nice new car, in any case.

      Anyway, I had decided not to use the mystery syringe because I didn't know the dosing. So I had put the syringe in the glove box and was worried the cops would pull us over, find it, and think it was illegal drugs. But I didn't want to just throw it in the trash because I didn't want anybody to get a needle-stick. For some reason I had a cap, like a pen cap, that could go over the needle... I put it on and put the needle back in the glove box. I decided I'd find a sharps container in a bathroom somewhere and throw it out there.

      Then, I was back in the bakery section of the store, still trying to find cupcakes.

      There were big security monitors above the cashiers lanes, and writing would randomly appear transposed over the images and then disappear. At first it looked like it was that the monitor was scuffed up. I reasoned it was actually Security doing it from their office. Like they were "writing" on the images in real-time, although I couldn't figure out why.

      Woke up and thought about the fact that my dream recall hasn't been great and I hoped I wouldn't forget everything in the morning again. Fell asleep and dreamed about writing in my dream journal... In the dream, I had a notebook and pen on the nightstand. And my boyfriend wasn't there for me to wake up, I was alone in the bedroom. I had the light on and wrote in the notebook while sitting in bed. The walls were a sort of warm creamy yellow color, which they are not IRL.

      Then my alarm clock rang.

      The false-awakening dream journaling did actually help my dream recall. I really did basically write down everything from the past two dreams I'd had, which helped me remember them when I woke up for real!
    9. a rabbit with wings (04.08.15)

      by , 08-05-2015 at 02:17 AM

      i saw a small, black rabbit with wings in my room. i thought it was cute and fluffy, but when i held it in my hands its skin felt like sandpaper. i dont remember anything else
    10. The Return of the Rabbit

      by , 10-01-2014 at 05:13 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #242: The Return of the Rabbit

      I’m riding in the back of a Suburban with several of my business partners. “PM” is the man behind the wheel and we’re driving slowly around a dirt loop, listening to the soundtrack from the video game that we’re working on. The music for our battle scene concludes and breaks into a slower section.

      There’s a new part, a soft solo of a guitar-like stringed instrument that I’ve never heard before. It's beautiful! PM turns back to say, “I thought this part sounded fucking badass.” I enthusiastically agree that the new music sounds “all badass”. PM’s driving very erratically but not very concerned about it. I become semi-lucid, noting that this is probably a dream. I start laughing when he plows right over a stop sign
      and now I’m sure that this is a dream. PM is laughing too, and stops the car.

      We all get out and there are several of the guys here, PM, “Leroy”, and probably “Z” as well as maybe more. I put my hand on PM’s upper back/shoulder and kind of massage it, wanting to stay really connected to the dream. “Hey man,” I say, “this is a lucid dream. This is the first time that you've been in one of these with me. I’m really happy you’re here!” I feel very happy to have these guys here with me and I enjoy the swell of positive emotions. I tell PM that I’ll do my best to remember the new parts of the song and that I wonder whether he’ll remember them too.

      We walk down a dirt path through some trees and night falls quickly. We’re moving through an industrial area by the water and I think that I’d like to summon Dreamer. I look down to see that there are 4 shadows in the group. Must be me, PM, Leroy, and Z? I hold out my left hand, imagining that Dreamer will take hold of it. I feel something vaguely like a hand, then look down again to see a fifth shadow (in a dress!) holding onto my hand.

      I look over and Dreamer is standing next to me! Her hair is blond rather than purple now and very short, the bangs bluntly chopped almost in the form of a bowl cut. She’s just wearing a shirt and some kind of pants, though, not a dress. We smile at each other. “Hey guys, this is…” and then attempt to introduce Dreamer several times. I’m mortified that twice in a row I completely goof her waking life name before finally getting it right. I feel awful about this, very embarrassed.

      The guys continue ahead and Dreamer and I walk just behind, coming to an abandoned wharf. I recall that we had recent, very specific plans for this dream (to try to heal one another’s sniffles, ha ha…) I ask her whether she remembers and she replies, but I have a hard time understanding her. I move really close to Dreamer’s face, trying to understand her or read her lips or anything, but it’s not working. For a moment I wonder whether there was a kissing task, but no, that wasn’t it, maybe that was someone else’s lucid dare. (Correct, actually -- this was a dare that Dreamer completed a while back!) I quit focusing on her lips and on this mumbling problem, assuming that her speech will sort itself out if I just quit worrying about it.

      As we walk further along the water, we talk about how nice it is to just stroll through the dreamworld. I tell her that I’m glad that we’re getting to hang out in such a stable dream and how relaxing this is. I feel peaceful and happy, which reminds me of the patronus task. I tell Dreamer that I want to try the patronus and she moves close to wrap me up in a hug. I extend my right arm and she places her left hand under my wrist, almost to support it. I tell her that I feel super happy in this dream and that I think the patronus is going to be easy! She enthusiastically agrees.

      Immediately, pulses of blue energy pour out of my fingers and float to the ground in a big ball. And now scampering along the ground near our feet is my bunny patronus. “Oh, he is cute!” says Dreamer. As he hops around, the bunny turns from a blue, glowy patronus into a real bunny. He hops further along the wharf. Dreamer grabs my hand and pulls me along to follow him. We follow him for a while through an old, crumbling breezeway until
      the dream ends.
    11. Going Back Into Kohl's, Camping, and Beta Star Fox Manipulation

      by , 08-14-2014 at 02:06 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I went back into Kohl's for the first time since I quit. It was nighttime. I went over towards the customer service desk side, hoping that no managers would see me. There weren't many people there at all; I didn't see any customers. David (a supervisor) then saw me from a distance. I was fine with seeing him. He said
      "Krista!" and ran up to me.
      We talked for a bit. I had been noticing how different the atmosphere felt there, how it wasn't the same place I got hired at when I first started. I heard a girl's voice I didn't recognize paging on the intercom. I commented on this to David.

      Then, David led me up to this big, tall black stair step ladder that was over by the service desk. He walked me up to the top of it and told me in so many words that since I quit, I had to stand up there for awhile. He then left to go do something else. I felt silly standing up there so I got down.

      I feel as if I encountered David again, but I can't recall any more than this.


      I was with Cherie' and Jeremiah sleeping in these makeshift spaces outside. It was morning, and I was just waking up in my sleeping bag. It was like we were camping. I had been sleeping in this incomplete wooden structure that Jeremiah had built; it's as if the bottom half of it was done, but it was missing a top half and a roof. The structure also appeared to be partially sunken into the ground; you could see dirt from underground pressing against the incomplete portions of the walls. There was also an orange tent next to it that was mine. I had gotten it late, however, sometime after Jeremiah had built his structure. For some reason, I hadn't slept in it in a few days, but instead, I slept in Jeremiah's structure.

      I spoke with Jeremiah and Cherie' a bit. I told Jeremiah how the structure he built looked sunken into the ground; you could see dirt. I told him he was now at higher risk for snakes and pests invading his space. I then thought about how I hadn't slept in my tent in a few days, and my sleeping bag in the tent probably had spiders and stuff in it.

      At some point, I looked at my sleeping bag and noticed a stripe of light brown/reddish dirt on it. I couldn't think of how it got there.


      David was showing me some beta versions of some video games, Star Fox and some other game. The Star Fox beta was originally called "Bunny Adventure", where you played as a rabbit, probably Peppy Hare, in a Banjo-Kazooie type adventure game. A voice was narrating, as if I was watching an ad for the beta version of the game. It advertised the hero as having metal legs, which, in IWL Star Fox, they all do have metal legs. It said other things as well, but I can't remember what. I wondered if there was a full beta out there somewhere of this game since the game play in the ad showed a very complete looking game.

      Then, David was playing the game and making all these things happen that weren't programmed into the game merely by thinking about them (a nod to lucid dreaming). He made this Satan-like boss appear, and
      all these other dark things were happening too. It felt odd and a bit unnerving to watch him do this.


      I know I dreamed more than this, especially in the Kohl's dream. The last dream about the beta game is very hard to explain; it had more of a feel to it than anything that was unnerving towards the end.

      I haven't really been too focused on LDing these past few days, mostly just from dealing with daily life issues and focusing on work. This has also affected my recall, so it seems. When things calm down again, I'll shift my focus back.
    12. Language Camp

      by , 07-17-2014 at 12:46 PM
      Language Camp


      I am in a language Camp. There are lots of hot girls and I never want to leave. I am not registered for the Camp and they wont let me into the arena where all the activities take place. I try to get in by jumping through bushes. I get out in a forest, its dark and cars with bright headlight come by but dont see me.
      I am in an old house. I can choose between a wasp, an ant and a rabbit as a mount. I take the rabbit and ride naked by the arena. Theres a basketball game going on. I find out I am wanted and flee. As for my last meal I take a chocolate bar.
      I am in an old room where the walls are located in all kinds of angles. The wallpaper is old and yellowed. Everywhere are old toys, a spinner, a rocking horse, etc. . We find a secret lock and pick it. We can escape..
      Tags: camp, house, rabbit
    13. Tea Party

      by , 03-20-2014 at 02:47 AM
      Date: 18 March

      Pre bedish: Vit C, l-arginine

      Not quite the same results with vividness compared to the last time (15th) that used l-arg, but the wbtb did it

      Pre wbtb dream: somewhat vivid but quite evasive for recall

      wbtb: 1/3 latte

      LD1: The beginning memory is quite vague but the dream starts in my parents' place where I shortly talk to dad, some minor awareness about this being a dream that goes away the next moment. A relative comes and I go to greet her but notice that she is shaking, try to calm her down and hug her but she shakes more. I take a look at my hands and for the first? time I see an extra finger next to each one (they are kind of separated yet moving together with my hand). This doesn't quite jolt me into lucidity as I don't give it any thought at all, still concerned about my relative. As I move a bit I finally recall the short lucid moment before and remember I was supposed to be lding. I walk around with no particular place in mind when I feel the dream starting to thin out. In addition, there is this real but dream amplified sensation of hunger in my stomach, which makes the dream even more unstable and me very pissed off. I drag myself forward near some furniture with a rather defeated mindset.

      Then I see dad sitting at a long dinning room table and recall the Mad Hatter Tea Party task. I think my mom was also there, so I turn to the kitchen and tell her to make me some tea. I look at the kitchen but my mom has disappeared. No, just when I need her DC she's gone, I turn around and try to summon her, which should be easy, still no DC. Quite interestingly, I do hear loud noises coming from the kitchen as if she is there - the water running, dishes, etc.

      I decide to summon a cup of tea myself and more like a habit, I move my hands closer as if holding a cup of tea and the next moment I start distinguishing the light tea liquid in between. After a bit, a china cup appears there as well. My mood is super elevated after this - an effective summon in direct eyesight - not what I expected! I place it on the table - its existence is very shifty, where I try to manipulate it into a proper looking and full tea cup. In the meantime, if not mistaken mom comes and leaves a small tea cup at the table. I pour some of the liquid from the large one into the small one. Now everything looks satisfactory. The cups are still a bit shifty now with blue decorations. This is probably the only less rushed part of the dream, where I actually decide to take a moment and examine the picture at the bottom of the cup and memorize it. It is a typical Chinese decoration in blue - a village person with a Chinese straw hat as if fishing barehanded in the river in front of a village. I even get to feel some cool false memories/info about the people that used this cup at this point in the past and their life.

      The next thing I need is a rabbit and I think about one while looking around, then turning to dad to see that he is holding one - a real rabbit, but as I come closer to examine it becomes a stuffed toy rabbit. Oh, well, it's still a rabbit. Now I need the mad hatter and as planned I want to summon Johnny Depp to represent him. This will be a tough one, so I decide to summon him as Jack Sparrow as this role has the strongest impression for my mind. I need to feel his presence, so I kind of shortly turn into him myself as I shout out full of emotion in a deep male pirate voice "Captain Jack Sparrow". A bit worried about the strength of my voice waking me up. This is enough to cause strong thoughts about the character and a JS DC appears in front of me. He's not wearing all the make up, but has pirate clothes and the dreadlocks. Similar to my cup summons, his facial features quickly change to those of a random DC. That doesn't matter now, I notice he wears no hat and if he is the mad hatter he has to, so I think about a hat, see one, then another one that I triumphantly place on his head. Ok, where were we? Briefly lose mental focus, then recall about the poem. I only manage to say the first word and the dream quickly thins out.

      My concentration/mental energy has been rather poor for a deild. I review the dream, conclude that this was probably it for this month, since it will be difficult to go through all the summoning again. I feel tired and decide to just sleep.

      A few short non-lds and then:

      LD2: Weirdly, (or not!) I'm at my parents place again. Initially we are inside and my parents interact with this strange retriever type of dog. But something's totally off with it. It comes wearing some sort of a napkin mask and as I try to ask the dog about it, it seems to be trying to talk - like a person with his mouth shut, he (later she) makes some noises that sound like real words that almost make sense to me. I begin to suspect that this is actually a person undercover. He also runs like a person in the yard and it turns out just that - some French girl is pretending to be the dog.

      We are outside now and some family friends are visiting. I make comments about the way they are dressed. Suddenly, it dawns on me that I am at the same location of the previous dream and indeed dreaming. I wonder what to do and discard the idea of going for the totm again since there won't be enough time to complete the task, yet since there's nothing else to do and maybe it's no coincidence I have another dream here, decide to go ahead anyways.

      There's a part that's open to the yard like a garage with lots of tables and all the family & friends DCs walking around and being super loud. I try to summon a cup again, this time one appears on the table where I'm standing. Also, in the distant end of the garage is another table with two large tea pots. I bring the cup over there, but it fills up with sugar as I examine the items on the table. I guess that's enough for a tea party and decide not to mess with the stuff anymore. The light in the garage gradually goes down - this is also the end of the garage, near the wall. The DCs make their way around the table, taking part of the tea party. I need the rabbit and without actively summoning it, notice that on one of seats around the table is actually sitting the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland (1951), wearing the playing cards type of clothes. He is animated, which is strange, but I'm just happy about the summon and wonder what to do about the mad hatter. Again, unexpectedly as I look to my other side I see the mad hatter (1951). It takes me a bit to actually realize that I'm looking at the mad hatter from the movie. What is even more interesting is that I get this very convincing memory that the clothes that he is wearing in the dream are the correct ones - and he is a wearing green! (later checked to find out that it's the right attire). The dream becomes extremly dark at this point with one last effort I make all the DCs repeat with me the poem-like thing I prepared for this event :

      "Lucid dreaming,
      what's the meaning
      something's flying in the sky,
      awesome feeling
      rabbits speaking
      why, Ophelia, why?"

      The dream is gone and I end up with a short session of SP (being unable to move, while feeling my physical body, seeing only darkness). I wait it out, thinking I must have been on my back (slightly to the right but yes) and start telling myself about the dream.

      DEILD: I expect to wake up, but involuntarily deild back instead. My mental continuity is messed up and during this part I shortly believe that I haven't left the dream at all. I examine the mad hatter character residue who turns into normal DC. I go outside and wonder what to do as there still might be some dream time, briefly question if it was ok to do another task, where I think about going for toty. I decide to go ahead. Some background DCs and me are in the yard now. There's a small black hound-like dog running around that distracts me and I try to ignore it as much as possible, while thinking about the beanstalk. I see some sort of bean-like seeds on the ground and take them, looking for a good place to plant them. I open my palm and see them undergoing many changes - all sorts of colors and shapes and try to make them a particular sort of beans again. After some struggle they look like dark red beans and I place them on the steps where there is a lot of muddy soil and cover them with it. One stone's hanging above and I think it will mess up how they grow, because of my thoughts. Anyways, I start to think about them growing and they grow into small shoots. The dream fades.

      Note to self: All of the actively summoned objects were shiftier than the rest of the dream (cup, rabbit, js, beans)
    14. Santa Claus, Bringer of Storms

      by , 11-09-2013 at 04:04 AM
      Original Journal Entry - Feb. 1st, 2002:

      Santa Claus was actually an evil overlord who derived his power from people giving him pennies (thus granting him control over them). He caused storms and floods that destroyed entire villages. But we robbed him of his power, and he became a decrepit old man who traveled around with a family in a station-wagon. One of the little girls in the family learned his power, that is, to clap her hands and cause thunderstorms. The station-wagon then floated magestically across the ocean, into the sunset.

      Original journal entry dated Jan. 31, 2002:

      I had a dream that I was in a grade school fighting demons with an iron, and was afraid to stand still too long because they would come up through the floor. It had the Gundam pilots in it, for whatever reason. Then there was something about a woman being a train on train tracks going through a flooded city, and meanwhile I was a juvenile delinquent trying to set myself straight and failing miserably.

      I lived in an apartment with the old dude from Men In Black. And then I was taking care of my pet rabbit, and for some reason the radiator was in the bathroom. I was cleaning her cage and set it next to the radiator, and somehow she got out of the cage and into the radiator. I managed to get her out but she was VERY badly burned, and really cut up, so I was flipping out and my mother (who was suddenly there for some reason) was telling me to cut it out because the burns were only third degree (?!) and she wasn't missing THAT much skin. Then mom woke me up (in real life) to tell me that she had let my rabbit run around on the deck for another hour or so. Then I went and checked on my rabbit (this is awake, in real life) who was remarkably unburnt and had all of her skin. *shudder*
    15. Dream talk; strange drawings

      by , 04-10-2013 at 02:14 PM
      Total Sleep time: 7+hrs

      Dream recall method: none, was very sleepy today

      Dream talk1: (Bf woke me up about an hour after I fell asleep, he was having a nightmare) At that point I realize I have been spending my sleep time dream talking to myself, this time I remember that it was about DV and TOTM, etc.

      Dream2: I am in our old place again and have made some drawings. I look at these, one was just ocean waves that were moving by themselves and I found that really cool. On another one, there were waves again but the printer was out of ink. I think I have used some kind of computer program to do those. When I focus on the drawings, I see different shapes starting to form, one was an aligator/ raptor, and on the next one two superheroes jumping in the air.

      I am supposed to give one of the drawings to my mom and she will help me sell it. It is a very accurate and beautiful drawing of a brown rabbit and a grasshopper on top of it. As I give the drawing to my mom she discovers a hidden (Freud's favorite) p-word there.I don't think you could see it there, but she starts turning the drawing around until it is clearly visible. Oh, we probably won't be able to sell it then.

      Movies and games-rabbit-grass-jeffrey-foltice.jpg

      Fragment3: I remember looking at some crayons in different colors, maybe they were part of the previous dream, not sure

      Dream4: A friend of mine, she has a dog in the dream. The dog becomes unmanageable and grabs me somehow, does not let go. After a while I get away from its grip and try to hide behind someone of my DC friends. I wait for it to go away. Then we are supposed to go back home and my bf gets on the bus and so I must get on the bus as well. There is a girl who shows us her schedule and the activities she has planned. This is because we have to meet her later?

      Fragment5: I was being explained something about the HI lights, can't remember

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