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    1. Stone and Necklace Divinity (with Samuel L. Jackson)

      by , 03-14-2019 at 09:14 AM
      Morning of March 14, 2019. Thursday.

      Dream #: 19,078-04. Reading time: 2 min 16 sec.

      I find a necklace with an ancient stone that supposedly gives the owner divinity. An incantation must be read and spoken to bring about this divinity. (I do not recall the words.)

      I am in a room without much lighting with several unknown people and a big wooden table. I clearly announce that anyone who can make a book come to them (with mental powers alone) has divinity. A priest mentally tries to move a book across a table, but nothing happens. I hold my hand palm down a few feet above a different book, and it quickly rises into the air and slams against the palm of my hand. The tangibility is incredibly realistic. The other people express puzzlement and amazement.

      There is a vivid segment where Zsuzsanna walks around nude in an unknown residence (implied to be where she lived before we made contact, appearing as she was then). The detail is realistic. We embrace. Later, she is dressed and walking with me in an unknown public location, but she does not seem to know where she is. She tells me that she cannot remember anything. I touch her on the center of her forehead, and she shudders and then tells me she remembers the last 20 years or so. (Although this is a projected play on the dream self typically losing conscious self identity, it does not trigger concurrent dream state awareness.)

      I go into an unfamiliar tavern with an unrealistically long counter and heal several people. I see Samuel L. Jackson sitting at the end of the bar. I talk with him for several minutes. His right kneecap is damaged, and he has a walking cane. I touch him on the right side of his right knee and heal his leg. (A similar event happened with Zsuzsanna when we were first together.)

      There is an offset segment that makes little sense about me having a marriage certificate related to Zsuzsanna’s mother rather than her. I perceive it as being under our present house, on the ground with some other items below where we sleep. In a dream within a dream, I ask an unknown person when the real marriage certificate will replace it. (It likely relates to typical distortions of identity in the dream state.)

      My dream revivifies with the Naiad/Oceanid factor. I walk out onto a big beach at night, though the whole area also seems to be indoors with a “ceiling” far above. I run around undressed and barefoot on the water. I enjoy running on the water’s surface even though some of the waves are several inches high and the water is deep. I consider if the splashes of ocean life near the surface are sharks, but there is no perceived threat or wariness. Other people eventually join me. We cheerfully run around on the surface of the water for several minutes.

      Eventually, the preconscious simulacrum appears on the shore, and I instinctively walk to it for the coalescence process (RAS gating). It is an unknown male. He tells me that I was intelligent in not wearing the necklace but only performing the incantation, giving me divinity. I walk with him and others to the exit point of my dream, a doorway ambiguously rendered on the beach, now with more of an indoor essence. Typical water lowering autosymbolism follows. I merge with the preconscious and the remaining dream characters and wake.

    2. 28.4.16

      by , 04-28-2016 at 12:07 PM
      I'm with a group of lads and where doing all sorts ot challanges, next thing I know I get something thrown at me and I don't know what so we all decide to put our boxing gloves on and let the girls take care of us. the boxing gloves are the comfiest gloves I've ever worn in my entire lad, they felt so nice and where designed really well. the girls seemed to like the gloves which is what made them be attractive to me! although it didn't last very long because we went back out side again. I remember being with some guy and we was on some home made slay and we came upto some bill and we went flying down so fast it looked amazing! going down so fast we fell off on the ground, we knock dead bodies and find zombies just laying there on the floor. we where trapped, I jumped over and the fat guy needed a hand but I didn't get him. the fat guy game into the field as a zombie, I start teasing him since he's a slow zombie, I start running away from him, running around him, close to him! i notice how someone tried to throw something at me this time, i unaware ot what it was, but it was some sort of stone and one of the lads asked what colour it was and I said jet back, then we knew who where throwing them, these 2 lads so a get back on our amazing gloves and head Inside to the girls.

      it was different this type of dream, there was 2 other girls and I fell in love with one. something bad happened but I'm not sure what but we went to my dads house in waking life ( I don't see him anymore) and it looked different the staircase an all. I had a dream about lucid dreaming once again, I was in some room, I seen a playlist and I scrolled through the playlist and seen WILD so I clicked and listened to it and then I took the head phones back off, as I have lots of trouble with WILD. Now, I am talking to a man and he says "if you dont work hard for something then you don't really want it" this is my favuroute thing about the dream, even though it's a short sentence it felt powerful. So since we did something wrong I go down to apologize to my dad for our behaviour, he is alot different in my dream, he's more gentle, more understanding, and I told him what he had done, he was not happy about it but then he whispered to me "I've done bad things too" and this made me feel a whole lot better. as I mentioned I don't see my dad in waking life, I seen presents on the side thinking they must be for me, but I didn't really pay attention to it. me and the gang are back out and we hunted a snake and killed it, because we turned into wolves!
    3. N5: Playgrounds and textbooks -_-

      by , 08-13-2015 at 08:36 PM
      I can't remember most of this...

      So... Apparently, Sabrina Collins from Raising hope was at a playground... She was blonde, and was holding a game show... It was an obstacle course for little kids XD
      Then I dreamt that my 7-year-old neighbor was writing a book in the style of a school textbook.
      There was more to both the dreams, but I forgot.
      I think that at some point I dreamt about a stone.
    4. A black door

      by , 11-04-2014 at 08:18 PM
      I'm listening to a man die while I remain in hiding. I'm thinking that maybe I should have moved sooner and saved him, even though I'd have risked being seen - but I don't have any particular emotion about this, except maybe a little irritation at myself. I've been sent into this old stone ruin of a fortress, and I'd intended for only five particular men to be spared. Now I'm down to four. It's not ideal, but I'll have to live with it.

      I couldn't hear her very clearly from my hiding place under their bed, but the woman who stabbed him said something to the effect that he should have recognized her. Some personal revenge thing - none of my business. Now I'm seeing the sort of smoke haze of colors passing before my eyes that I associate with life leaving a body. I watch it dissipate in the air, and I'm irritated at the waste. Waiting around is pointless now - and the woman should be directly above me. I stab up through the mattress.

      When she dies, my perspective shifts. I'm floating in the void, with this massive black slab of a door in front of me, as wide as it is tall, some kind of geometric symbol across it. It's standing on this sort of grid far below, like a chess board where all the squares are black, with the door as a line across the center of the board. There's a few gravestones occupying some of the squares of the grid - that's new. I realize immediately they represent the previous targets the door sent me after - one of them must represent that woman whose death brought me back here. The door's saying something in my head about bringing it wisdom for the dead.
    5. Manei tries to summon the Angelic Dwarven Guardian (LD #121), Destroying the Lucid Barrier (LD #122)

      by , 10-15-2014 at 01:21 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Well... good night last night. Took me an hour to type this up.

      I was driving along in a mountainous region supposedly on some family vacation with my parents. The sky looks to be a very deep shade of blue and I think there were some planets in the sky. The mountains we are on don't look very earth-like either.
      The mountains are made out of a light brown/tawny rock and covered in moss that seems to flow over them like water. Exotic fern-trees grow in some of the more level areas but the mountains are fairly jagged.
      The road we are driving on is narrow (two lane) and built up on this really high end, futuristic looking bridge. Eventually I saw that we were coming up on a settlement in a valley.
      It was a very small settlement. Two houses, one of the houses is very modern with a big glass wall on the front and a solar array on the roof. The other one looks older, being made of bricks with a circular drive out front. There is also an old fashioned well and a park with swings and a play structure.
      My parents said that we had been driving for awhile and that we should pull over and eat lunch as a family in this park.

      This somehow led me to becoming lucid. I ran into Manei, who had taken on a youthful form, she was about 8. She then turned and ran and I came after her. I chased her across the playground structure and she went down the slide.
      "Come on! Go down the slide!"
      "mmm... Ok."
      I go down the slide, trying to rack up a little bit of dream stabilization along the way. I recall the slide being a reddish color, and having scuff marks on it. Before I reach the bottom, she says something else.
      "When you get to the bottom, don't stop!"
      I slide down and when I come off the end of the slide I go forward a little bit because of my momentum and land on my butt in the wood chips. For some reason I seem to sink into the wood chips.
      "Good, I had to make sure you were still (able to act like a child). The Dwarven Guardians who run this place really like that."
      "I'm going to summon the Angelic Dwarven Guardian now. Now you won't be able to see him because (He exists across the fourth dimension), but (He will be standing right in front of you) you will be able to communicate with him through thoughts."
      Manei changes into her base form (goes through puberty in a couple of seconds) and begin concentrating on summoning him. The dream begins to shift, I have a false awakening, or a scenery change, can't remember. Anyways, I'm in my bedroom. The wood chips I was laying in have become my bed. I lose some lucidity.

      The dream scene changes again. I am now in the basement of my house, standing. Manei continues concentrating for a minute or two and then all four of our family's cats (including the dead one) show up. Our youngest cat is particularly interested in whatever she is trying to do. He meows and rubs against her leg.
      "Rrrrgh! No! (Facepalms) That's not what I meant to do!"
      The dream carried on for a minute as Manei became frustrated in her attempts to summon this being, and I just sort of stood there patiently waiting to see what exactly was going to happen. I began to feel like the cat, the young one was somehow a representation of the being we were trying to summon. I tried to lock onto the cats energy and he and I engaged in a staring contest. I could feel something else in there. I could see it in his eyes. I was about to tell Manei that she should change her approach when I woke up.

      5:10. Let's go back.

      I had a dream where I had gotten a job at a superstore, like Target or Wal-Mart. I was the Janitor and my job was to clean the interior windows on the office walls in the back. My boss (a grouchy, short, fat, black haired man) gave me a toilet brush that had been dipped in soapy water.
      "Get your ass moving now!"
      I walk into the back of the store and begin scrubbing the windows. I haven't been told that I have to dry them or anything, and wasn't given a towel, so I just scrub them clean. The first office is really easy, but the second office, for some reason, someone has splattered a muddy brown substance on the window. I couldn't tell if it was mud, chocolate, caramel, or *shudders* something worse.
      Regardless, I'm the Janitor, and I guess they have to put up with stuff like this, so I just push past it. I start scrubbing but my brush gets contaminated with the muddy substance. I'm not really cleaning anymore, I'm just moving the dirt around. I decide I will go back to my boss and tell him that I'm going to need a bucket of soapy water.
      I start walking back across the store floor to the front where my boss is; in the front. I don't get very far until I come across my mom who is shopping. She tells me that I really should put on some pants if I want to impress my boss, and I realize that I am wearing a shirt and briefs.

      Lucidity hits me like a brick wall.
      There was this weird part though where the scenario repeated itself semi lucid. I was in a library this time, and my boss was a female, but no less grumpy. I went through scrubbing the windows, but there was this extra part where I was trying to clean the brush off in a drinking fountain in the back of the library.
      Regardless, I had a false awakening. As my eyes started to open, I could tell I was in my bedroom.
      My lucidity was clear enough to remember that I had gone to sleep in my college dorm room. I did a nose pinch.
      "Yeah! Just what I thought! A false awakening!"
      Something felt odd about my bedroom, like everything was reflected to the opposite side.
      I started to get out of bed and I took note of how dark everything was. I decided to turn on the lights. The dream glitched here and I was instantly over at the door, facing as If I were walking into my bedroom. I flicked on the light-switch and nothing happened. I flicked it up and down two times, and nothing happened.
      "Wait... don't light switches not work in dreams...?"
      The light flashed on blindingly bright for a fraction of a second. I heard a loud scream, then everything was black. I could feel myself falling for a few seconds.
      I false awaken. After one false awakening, I was ready to catch the second one, especially if it was to be in the same place as the first. I was in my bedroom. It was dark. I looked at the floor to see that it had been extruded down about 20 feet and filled with water back to the level of the original floor. The weird part was, all the furniture was sitting in place on the surface of the water.
      I recall the water being dark and murky, and seeing a large shark or predatory fish of some sort in the water.
      I must not have been fully lucid because I felt trapped by it. Eventually a blurry-faced dream character in a tiny yellow inflatable dingy came in, rowing with a wooden paddle. When they came up to my bed, I pushed them into the water and stole their little boat.
      I rowed into the guest bedroom for some odd reason and the clarity and mood of the dream picked up significantly. I thought that I was in a surreal painting or something. The water here was very shallow, six inches at the most, and clear. There were brightly colored fish in it, and the carpet flooring had been replaced with wood.
      There was a waterfall flowing from a bottomless pitcher suspended in midair, down a wooden desk, then onto a wooden chair into the floor below. For some reason, there was also a coat rack with a couple of bird cages hanging from it, with brightly colored birds in them. Some of the cages were open and a couple of exotic dream-birds were circling around the room.
      There were vases of flowers everywhere and lily pads in the water.
      I saw a turtle in the water. The turtle had mosses and grasses growing on his shell. I asked the turtle if he would protect me from the shark that was in the other room. He then created this little explosion of bubbles and a tiny fish appeared. It was black and brown with yellow spots. He told me that the fish would protect me.

      I turned back and looked around the room. My lucidity was slipping and I had to remind myself that this was just a dream. I decided to go outside. I began walking out of my house, and the water floors were fading away now.
      I open the door and take one look. I couldn't help myself.
      Holy S**t!
      The dream world was so bright and realistic. I could make out every leaf on every tree, blowing in the wind. I could see a full, white moon rising in the daytime sky. The sky still had that look that it had in the first dream though, it was a darker blue than it should have been. All of the colors seemed to pop, though.
      The trees in our yard were not quite right though. They seemed to be of different species. The one that is right out the front door was replaced with this one with millions of tiny bright green leaves. And where our pine tree was was a palm tree that started with a single base and split into multiple tops. Another tree was replaced with a giant red and white mushroom.
      As I looked more closely at the sky, I could see a structure in it. I couldn't really describe quite what it looked like in words, but it was made up of these circular nodes. Each one had a rune symbol on it. The rune symbols were connected by large beams with small white lights along the edges. Between those larger beams were smaller intricate spiral and radial patterns, sometimes centering around the nodes. The structure arched across the whole sky.
      Although I couldn't quite tell what it was, I could tell that it was solid, probably made of stone or metal, and that it was at least a few miles up. It had a sort of technological look to it, like the surface of the death star would. But also a very mystical, design. There were a couple of clouds in places obscuring parts of the structure.
      I was a bit taken aback by all this scenery. I almost lost the dream.
      "Keep it together (Jade)! It's just a dream... A very very good lucid dream."
      Then, just when I couldn't taken any more, we got planets. Two of them. Somehow visible past the barrier. Both of them looked earth-like, with atmospheres and oceans. One was larger and looked pretty flat, mostly land. The other was much more topographically interesting with craters and oceans.
      I had to contain myself a second time. I tried to think of something I could do. I then thought of the "Lucid Barrier" and thought that perhaps that huge structure in the sky is my lucid barrier. I should fly up and destroy it!
      Okay, usually in very stable, vivid dreams, flying can be a bit of a hassle. I try not to think about the fact that there is a massive structure hindering my lucid dreaming ability right above me. I start running from my front porch, toward the road. I try projecting my energy out of my hands to generate lift. I can't feel any energy flowing. I look upwards, at the house across the street and try to imagine myself being pulled toward the second floor.
      I jump, and notice that I don't seem to be heading back toward the ground. I feel the energy start flowing from my hands, and my little hand rockets ignite. Classic.
      "Haha! Yeah!"
      All of the sudden I hear a horn. I am now in the middle of the road, and only a couple of feet off the ground. A large white van careens toward me. I get struck on the left and side of the van and spun around by the impact. But it doesn't really hurt, despite the fact that I was hit at a fairly high speed. I try not to let the spin destabilize or change the dream environment.
      The van fares a little worse though, it careens off the road and hits one of the neighbor's trees. The dream character; a black man with dreads gets out.
      "Hey! Watch it! I... You're flying... He's flying!" The dream character yells.
      Something made me realize that the huge structure in the sky was not my lucid barrier. I decide to manifest a physical representation of it and destroy it. I turned around, and in the middle of the street was my lucid barrier.
      It was made out of rings of a pink polished stone, like a target, with a white four pointed star, also made out of polished stone. There was a ring of grey polished stone that connected into a pedestal and a crescent of more white polished stone along the inside of the outer ring. It was actually a beautiful sculpture and I felt a little bit bad for having to destroy it.
      I started to fly at it. For some reason, my flying was a little bit awkward and I was flying feet-first. I wanted to turn myself around, until I realized this was actually perfect. I kicked into it, knocking out the white crescent and breaking the outer ring ring of grey stone. I looked back to see my work, and a little less than half of the wall was gone.
      I felt my lucidity get clearer. Then I realized the reason my lucidity was so clear, and that my mind was so awake was that I was actually waking up.

      Hopefully now that I started tearing down that lucid barrier my LDs will increase.

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    6. Marathon of the Gods

      by , 07-03-2014 at 02:02 PM
      Marathon of the Gods


      I am an old mayan god and stroll through the rain forest. Everything has an avatar like look. My god friends challenge me to a race and we get ready. We start running and I pass rocks, mountains and different surroundings. I run through forests and deserts. I finally win and I get an old, weird looking stone with red glowing carvings in it. With this stone I have to activate a mechanism but my alarm goes off..
      Tags: epic, god, mayan, race, stone
    7. The Carnelian Brain and Tetherball Flight

      by , 05-11-2014 at 05:16 AM
      A woman is showing me the human brain. It is organic and fleshy, but some sections are metal. She's a teacher, and I'm drawn in to every word. She points out one area that is clearly defined, toward the center of the mass, and calls it the 'carnelian,' which is an orange-reddish semiprecious stone. She then proceeds to stimulate my own nervous system by stabbing a needle into the junction of my upper back and neck muscles. I feel awash with giddiness and strange energy. She passes me a stick, and I flip it several times and set it down. We are in a restaurant, several other women are about.

      I'm in a circle with about a dozen guys, several who are older than I, several who I have a rocky past with. A couple are wearing sunglasses, one has a giant visor blocking his face. We're all talking, the topic, I'm not sure. I write a prayer into a journal, then I realize that everyone has passed it around and read my deep thoughts that were meant for God. Maybe they were meant to be in on it. There's a hilarious and strangely ineffable segment that is of a video my friends made, with mirror-like properties.

      Many people are on a balcony, myself included. A tetherball hangs directly above. To start, the chef at the restaurant I work at (who's funny, young, crazy) tries to do a trick off a ramp on a BMX. He fails. A couple people come out on the floor below. I throw the tetherball and hit one, as we are playing 'dodgeball.' Then, I leap onto the tetherball. My weight makes it start to swing in long, wide circles, very fast. I'm careful not to hit the walls of the room. I twirl around and around in the air.

      Later, a girl asked if I spoke English (in English). Her and another started speaking in Spanish. A co-worker called me a pretty boy (probably not in a good way) and told me if I were to work out, I'd have nice abs. What a confusing ending, as I was abruptly awoken right after.

      Another set of dreams coming off ganj-smoking, so this 'REM rebound' phenomena is startling and incredibly vivid.
    8. Dec 22, 2012 - Red Stone

      by , 12-25-2012 at 10:44 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      A red stone that cancels vampirism. It eats whatever makes the person a vampire.
      Tags: red, stone, vampire
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    9. Battling 8-Bit Bowsers in Another World/Dimension for...an Insurance Company?

      by , 10-07-2012 at 03:37 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in my living room/some weird video game world mixed between Minecraft and Super Mario Bros. I had called some insurance company to set up this thing where if I did something specific, I would warp to the Minecraft/Mario Bros. world and have to kill an 8-bit Bowser Jr. and then an 8-bit adult Bowser, and I'd get items in return. If you successfully killed adult Bowser, you got something like an extra life or something big. And you had to kill them both as quickly as possible, because it was on a timer, which wasn't displayed for you; you just had to guesstimate, which I didn't know at first, but would come to find out after my first battle with the Bowsers.

      Sidenote: My computer's spell check didn't underline guesstimate. Wut. Is that a real word, really?

      Anyway, so I warped into the Bowser world, and it looked dark with grey stone blocks. Bowser Jr.'s 8-bit self started hopping around, so I hit him repeatedly until he disappeared. Then, adult Bowser came up and started to hop around, and I hit him a ton of times, but I didn't kill him in time and was warped back into my living room. I did get some items, however. It looked like they went into the Minecraft quick access inventory that appears on the bottom of the screen. Little notes popped up too, saying what you got. I remember the screen saying
      "You got 3 light brown torches!", which looked like candles in my inventory, like my texture pack shows them IWL, only they are white IWL, not light brown.
      I got another item as well, but I can't remember what it was.

      I was frustrated that I didn't beat him in time, and that's when I understood that he was on a timer. I had really wanted whatever awesome item that he was going to drop. In fact, I felt like it was something I needed, because I was so desperate to get it. I got on the phone with the insurance company again to frustratedly, frantically ask about beating the adult Bowser. I remember sitting on the couch as I did this.

      There was a point where I was in an area with a very realistic looking grey rock wall, and an older lady with short salt-and-pepper hair, and I realized I was dreaming. I just couldn't figure out what to do with the lucidity. I wanted to talk to the lady, but about what? I wanted to do something productive, not just fly around, but actually do something, but I couldn't figure out what to do. I felt I was losing the dream, so I focused as hard as I could on my surroundings. I thought of changing my scenery to being on the moon or something, but I was scared I'd wake up for some reason. I just couldn't focus on any of my lucid goals.

      I eventually lost the lucidity, and returned to the dream I was having before. I battled the two Bowsers a few times, and I do think I eventually killed the adult Bowser, but I don't remember getting any invaluable items.

      I then was standing on top of all this grey stone, and I dropped my phone. It completely disappeared; I didn't see where it landed. I was with someone else too, though I'm not sure who, I just know it was a guy. I started to look around frantically for my phone. I looked underneath things in the area, in cracks and corners, but it just wasn't there. This couldn't be possible! I just couldn't imagine where it went. I really needed it for something, I think it had something to do with the insurance company and the Bowser world.

      I was then walking around in what I suppose was a very well-lit locker room. The guy was no longer with me; I was alone. I saw this HUGE group shower, but no one was in it. I knew it was probably for athletes. It was glassed-in, and I saw multiple, removable shower heads mounted to the cloudy glass walls. I slid open one of the doors, and looked inside. The shower was absolutely huge, and the tiles were beige. There was this really big off-white seat in the middle. It looked like an over sized dentist's chair with a sheet covering it. I wasn't sure what that was for, I assumed the people who showered here must sit down and shower, or get some kind of crazy massage or something.

      I left the area and went into what looked like a lobby. I saw 3 young teenage girls walk by. They all looked and were dressed differently, but all of them had long, slightly wet hair. I assumed they were the athletes that used the shower.

      I then went back to the area that I lost my cell phone in (the guy I think was back with me at this point), and took this thing that doctors use to look up your nose and in your ears, turned the light on, and used it as a flashlight to try and find my phone. Shining it around helped me see the places I couldn't before, but the phone still couldn't be located. -_- I also saw this small black box with a red light on it, and for some reason, that meant my phone was being charged, which made me think someone had stolen it. I said this to the guy that was with me. I was irked.

      We then went to a lost-and-found area. A lady was in charge of it. I asked her if she had found any phones. I described mine as being blue; in fact, I pretty much was looking for my old phone. In the dream I caught this, and didn't think it sounded right, but I couldn't really figure out why. I knew I was describing my old phone, not my new one, but I just couldn't wrap my head around the whole thing. Anyway, she said she had found some phones, and showed me the ones she found, which were all hooked up to chargers. They were all blue, as the one I had described to the woman, but none of them were mine. She then pulled out another blue phone, and lo and behold, it was my phone! Yay!! I took it and thanked the woman, asking where she had found it. I can't remember what she told me.

      I then was sitting in the back of a moving car with this guy I know IWL named Matthew. I haven't seen him in a long time IWL. Anyway, I noticed that he kept looking over at me and staring for a bit, then looking back. At first I wasn't sure if he was staring at me or something else, since he has a girlfriend he's been with for years I wasn't sure if he'd stare at me that way, but he kept doing it, and I knew he was staring at me. He started to bring his hand up to my face very slowly. It was balled in a fist. I started to close my eyes to nod off and sleep, and as they were closing, he gently stroked my face with a couple of his fingers. It felt nice.

      I then woke up.

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    10. Think I've dreamt about this place before

      by , 09-02-2012 at 04:12 PM
      I'm in the UK and I'm doing business in some stone walled house, antiques everywhere, a golden chalice over the fireplace. I don't remember what business I was doing.
      Later in that dream I start playing with the local kids, then I stand on top of some weird elevated boulevard.

      After that (I think) I went to go to a Three Days Grace concert (used to be my favorite band) and before it started, I was standing near that boulevard and talking to the band members. I saw nothing strange about this, or the fact that the drummer was using a guitar hero set. When I went to the concert with my friends, the performance room was tiny. There was maybe 300-500 people there. Then I noticed there were other bands playing right next door. My friends who went with me loved it but I was kinda bored. The redeeming trait in this dream is that I finally experienced some music in my dream, though it was nothing extraordinary. Still cool since I don't remember ever dreaming about music.
    11. Moonstone Mystery

      by , 07-10-2012 at 11:48 AM
      What is the meaning of my moonstone dream?
      I was in a building that wasn't exactly school. But there were classes. I was 20 minutes late to a class, that seemed to be of music. The teacher was familiar, as she was my music teacher many years ago. She told everyone to get out the assignment. I said that I forgot to do mine, and she just smiled and seemed okay with it. We all gathered in a circle, each sitting in a chair. She grabbed a basket and claimed it contained moonstones. She handed me the basket and said I could keep them all, or share them if I wished. I passed the basket around and everyone took one moonstone. When it got back to me, there were a few stones left, and one was sky blue. They said I could keep the rest. Then a cloud of smoke that was pink, yellow and orange, started traveling upward, emitting sparks. Then I woke up.

      **Side note: I have been trying to develop my psychic abilities recently, and wonder if this is revealing something important. Thanks for all your help.
    12. My Subconscious Wants Me to Exercise

      by , 07-03-2012 at 03:47 PM
      -I walked around my school looking at people and talking to them. One girl complimented me on my looks. She said if I worked out I would look great.

      - I was waiting in line to try to pull Thor's hammer from the stone when some people started to mock me. I was trying to ignore them when suddenly one of them hit me in the back. I proceeded to beat him to the ground.

      I know this was dream control without lucidity because the guy was twice my size and the fight was similar to the ones in my day dreams.
    13. The Elder Places

      by , 05-21-2012 at 03:43 PM
      I seemed to be in a magical fantasy land, where some of the Dungeons and Dragons type creatures were real. I remember seeing the trees and rocks come alive for sure, and I think there were some other plants too. The trees were treants walking around and talking like normal DCs, as well as the rock creatures. The rock creatures were golems. I interacted with some and talked to them. I should have wrote it down earlier, kinda sketchy now. There was something coming towards the group of them that spooked all the creatures, they ran away from whatever it was and locked themselves behind a steel gate. The gate was set in a high stone wall that circled and enclosed a large area. I never seen what spooked them, but they slowly came out again when it was safe.

      Later on, I was helping these two massive stones set one on another, they were a foundation for a building. They could talk, but didn't move. Actually the lower stone was wobbly, and I was trying to re-secure it in its position so it would be stable again. These stones were huge though, they must have weighed at least 20 tons each. They were taller than me, and bigger than I could reach across. Dispite their immense size and weight I could still move the one I was working on. I was talking to the stones as I worked, but don't remember what was said.
    14. Frags

      by , 08-12-2011 at 06:48 PM
      I was on a football pitch I think wearing a Manchester United kit. I was lining up before the match and I made a thorwing action and smiled. Then I threw something at a building I don't know if it was the same dream. But I remember laughing and saying "Ohhhh!"
    15. Save the Population

      by , 08-10-2011 at 07:09 PM


      Recall: poor

      This dream had a lot of jumps, and I will just put in the bits and pieces that I remember.

      I was with a group of like 30 people playing some weird game. I remember it being like tag, but we gave it some zombie reference. We were running around some complex until the scene changed to us all hanging out in this circular area. It was like a 50 ft. diameter circle that we couldn't leave. After awhile we just started sitting down and throwing things at the "it" guy. He was kind of chubby and started feeling bad about what was going on. I felt bad so I changed the game to try and lob the ball into his shirt pocket with his help. So we were kind of on a team instead of just hucking balls at this kid.

      The dream scene changed again, but kept the same people. It felt like a field trip. We walked into this room with a bunch of small black fuzzy balls on the floor. I was jumping from ball to ball in this wet stone room. Eventually there is some hubbub and it turns out some guy is proposing to his girlfriend. I thought it was a stupid place to do it, but she said yes and I was happy for them.

      Another DC and I have to go downstairs for some reason. I am suddenly wearing a helmet and this big coat, even though it isn't cold. We see someone who is in charge of the building we are in. He is looking at the fire alarm and apparently they need to do a fire drill. My buddy and I ask if we can be the ones to pull the alarm and he said sure. We tried once and it didn't work. We started pumping the alarm to see if it would work. I made a Jurassic Park reference by pumping it 3 times effortfully to "charge" it. It still doesn't work so we go to another alarm. Neil Flynn walks up and for some reason I am hiding from him. I am glad I have this helmet to hide in. I avoid contact and we try the second alarm, it fails.

      I head back to join the group and when I reach them, I somehow become lucid.
      I look at the crowd of people and say something along the lines of, "we have to have sex or you will die/the world will end." It worked pretty well. A beautiful girl approaches me and I am suddenly naked. I am looking for a second companion and some dude walks up and asks if he will die too. I said yes, but then I realized he was a dude and told him to leave. A second girl shows up and we have a 3-way for a bit until I lose the dream.

      I don't remember having an FA or waking up, I just started standing in this rainforest cafe looking building. This confused me. I knew I just had a dream, but this seemed so vivid. Mohammed was walking with like 4 people down these stairs. I join with them and ask what is going on. He said some other guy is going to propose to his girl. I didn't know the girl by name and suddenly a photo flashed into my vision and disappeared. She was a brunette in a red dress. The camera shot was from above her and she was sitting and looking up at it. She was a cutie. It looked like a facebook photo.

      I ask Mohammed if all of this is real and he said either yes or he thinks so. I look at a flower that was next to the stone steps. I lift my hand and try to move it with telekinesis.
      It works, and seeing that girl got me in the mood again. I found some girl off to the side and we start going at it. The dream is fading to black, but I can still feel her and I am so close. I am just able to finish as I lose the dream. I wasn't worried about having a wet dream because I could tell it wasn't going to be one. It felt like I was orgasming, but there was no muscular part to it. The pleasure was there, but I could tell that my dick muscles (?) weren't contracting.

      I have an FA, and it appears to have been a wet dream. I was upset because it didn't feel like it would be. I wear my wet boxers to the bathroom of my parents house. My dad for some reason is sitting in the tub with his clothes on and sunglasses. I try to dip back out before he sees me but he does. I try to cover myself, and I wake up for real.

      ...And I was right by the way...nice and dry

      There is one more dream fragment that I can't seem to place:

      We were in the rainforest cafe place with Sam. We had to cross this ravine thing to keep going wherever we were headed. This girl acrobatically jumps on like 4 angled platforms and then lands safely on the other side. Sam was reluctant to go because he thought there would be spiders over there. I said there are spiders here, and I look down. I spot like 5 in like 5 seconds where we were standing. The platform we were on had a comforter on it, and the spiders would walk up and around the folds. I get grossed out by seeing so many and tried to get off the platform quickly. I make it across.

      I am also walking around the stone steps for a bit, and it turns out this place is a minor league baseball training facility. I think it is funny they have all of this jungle stuff also, but I thought it was kind of cool too.
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