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    1. Godzilla

      by , 04-24-2017 at 09:11 PM
      It’s 10:00 am and I am just writing my dreams from last night. Let’s see how much I can remember.

      The most vivid memory is that of godzilla. He is grotesque and large. I can hardly believe a creature like that exists in our world. He is in a swampy area and steps on an alligator or crocodile which crushes instantly like it was some vulnerable, weak little animal. He’s kinda like something from a scary movie and oddly humanoid with shark like teeth full of blood and filth. He growls as he forages the swamp, causing destruction. He seems a little dumb and unnecessarily violent.

      I remember A.W.D.R saying something and I responded to her, then she told me that she wasn’t talking to me. I said something like “Alrighty then, excuuse me.” I wasn’t offended and actually thought it was a little funny. But still, what a bitch.

      I am on a different island looking down at an outdoor stadium that has bleachers coordinated in rows of pastels. Pink, purple, and yellow. The bleachers are kind of flat so the stadium looks more like some kind of concrete valley. It's located right next to a strip mall. I notice Ke.H. there bragging about her ancestry with her cousins. She went to Maui last time, I wonder when she’ll come to my town. I hope she doesn’t want to stay with me. I can offer to show her around but I don’t really want to. I’m sure she’ll find family there, too. I am staring at her and overhear her saying “Do you want to know what makes my car so Hawaiian?” I laugh to myself thinking that if she asked me that I would say, “No. I really don’t.” but then I start to wonder if I would have the courage to say that to her face. I might just say “sure” to humor her and give a little smile at whatever she said next. Although I’d really want to say the former. I’m driving away at this point down a slow going highway lined with trees.

      **In other news, I am going to try a 30 day DJ challenge. I have been slacking on my journaling and have been feeling too lazy to do it upon awakening, even though I really want to do it deep down. So my plan is to post them on here to give me some form of accountability and extra structure. I'll also be posting my results for Stephen Laberge's prospective memory challenge.
    2. 05.17.2016 Annoyed

      by , 05-18-2016 at 08:52 PM
      Took TONS of meds to beat this throat infection. Lost my voice a little, soldiered through it.

      I am in an unknown office, feels like one of those shady real estate offices where people try to get you to buy anything.
      There is so much to do, and I am annoyed. I have to run reports, I have to provide those reports to (someone?). I am walking around in a rush and things keep coming up. Randome people keep walking by me and asking me questions or telling me to do things. I don't ask why; instead I just add it to a mental list of things to do. This makes me feel like I am never going to be finished. I am annoyed and I wake up feeling that way.
      Tags: annoyed, reports, work
    3. #214 - Ankh-Morpork / Kitchen anger / Lucid in the village

      by , 03-22-2016 at 05:47 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream 1 - Ankh-morpork
      I was in Ankh-Morpork (from Terry Pratchetts Discworld novels) and I was joining the Thieves Guild. I remember wandering the streets not far from the Mended Drum.

      Dream 2- Kitchen Anger
      I'm my parents house, in the kitchen. I'm really annoyed at my dad, he did something or said something frustrating as hell. Me and my mum are making breakfast as we talk and she's talking to me about not getting worked up over it, I go to the fridge and, with a spoon, get a gob-full of cream and eat it. It's the same kind of cream they have at the top of non-homogenized milk, but it's just sitting on the fridge shelf without even being on a plate.. And there's a lot of it, like tower of cream.
      My dad comes into the kitchen to make his breakfast, me and my mum finished whatever it was he was going to eat. He starts making bacon and eggs, geeze.. for breakfast, really? I think at some point he was done and I turned on the stove and he puts his hand down without looking and burns himself. FUUU damn it dad! I try turn the stove off quickly, what an idiot. At this point the flattee from downstairs is in the kitchen for some reason, and he has two friends with him. My mum is insinuating to me not to get annoyed at my dad in front of them because it would be embarrassing or something, though I feel the same way.

      Dream 3 - Lucid in the village
      I'm in the town area of where I live (it's part of the city, but there's so many trees out here that you wouldn't know it) and I'm walking by the bird cafe. There's people milling about and I start to tune into the fact that I'm dreaming... It comes slowly, the awareness building in me until I attain lucidity. Everything around me is crisp and detailed, really vivid. I can feel my arms clearly, I decide to walk forward and as I do so I notice a decreases in stability. Hm, I focus on the sensations in my arms which are intense.. Like all tingly and fuzzy. I start trying to think of what the TotM is but just can't seem to get access to my memories. I think I've stabilized enough now, I continue onwards and think about the TotM more. Eventually the feeling in my arms fades and I lose stability again, I then wake up.

      So close Emnition! Was a pain to be lucid and not be able to remember anything. It was really good for a lucid though, lots of detail like there was an old granny sitting on a chair by a table outside the cafe. Also there were people passing by in front of me to cross the road. Anyways, next tim
    4. Green eyed monster

      by , 10-29-2015 at 02:16 PM (Here be dragons)
      I'm at university, talking with a working group about a course we share. We resolve the issue and everyone get up and prepare to leave. We get out, it's still pretty early and we walk to the bus stop. We have to go up a slope, as the university is sort of sukken in the hill, and pretty decrepit. We pass close to some bushes between the university and the sidewalk, there is someone here, hidden. I go to him; he's scared by people picking on him because he's nerodivergent; I guess it's some sort of autism. I coaxe him out and walk him home. It's a rickety flat, very narrow and full of corner and half levels. There isn't a real bedroom; it's the living room, with two mattress throw in and bad, hash lighting. His mother is here; she's a stereotypical hooker, with bleached blonde hair, trashy makeup and black, lacy lingery. She's with a man, who doesn't seem happy with her son and me coming in. The boy have picked up some cookies while walking in the appartement and share with me, his mother is spitting venom at him. I try to be polite and told her that if I knew she had compagny, we would have go ty my place. She turn her glare on me and the situation feel so weird that I realise that I'm dreaming. I immediatly stand up and try the finger through the palm RC; it doesn't work, but I'm so sure that it's a dream and angry at her that I don't care. I tell the mother that she should care about her son more, and at least not have lovers hidding in the closed while accusing his son to bring girls in the flat under her nose. I take the boy hand and storm out. I look back at him when we reach the sidewalk, and he transformed into David. I smile and go to kiss his cheek, but he turn his head at the last moment so my lips land on his instead. I laught and playfully push him and he wrap a arm around me. We walk a little as I think about what to do, then I really that the sun is setting, and that the sea is on the other side of the road. I remember thet I wanted to take Eli to the beach, and we cross the road. I've been to the beach enough in waking life that I'm confident it will feel the same, and I use my usual technique of putting my hand behind my back to call him, but it take a long time for me to feel his hand in my and I call him louder in my head, telling him he's missing everything. He finally show up we the sea reach my knees, but instead of taking my hand he push David in the water and I'm dragged in and both swallow and breath in some water. I choke on it and it feels the same as waking life, cold and burning*, and I start to panic and blacking out.

      When I come back up, I'm in a flat, way nicer that earlier, and alone except for a small animal that looks like a cross between a wolf pup and a kitty. I pick her up and hold her close to my chest, it's my totem. The dream feel weird, loopsized almost. I get out of the room I was because the mirror covering the whole wall is really enerving to me and look for Eli. Something enormous jump in front of me, wearing a caricatural mask of a african man, scaring me. I grab the mask and rip it off, starting to really get pissed off. Eli, still wearing is costume, give me a cheeking smile, but I'm too annoyed to find it funny. "Really Eli? Really?!" He try to kiss me and I wake up.

      *When I was very young, I got caught in a rolling wave and my mother had to pull me out before I drowned.

      Eli is a jalous bugger. I was really ticked off when I got up, and we talked about me having dream friends and how it doesn't change my love for him.
    5. Boating, Army, school, and annoying Dream Guide (LD #13)

      by , 10-20-2014 at 02:09 AM (Sharpshoey's Lucid Journey)
      The dreams happened the morning of 10-17-14

      Dream 1
      I was at a lake boating with my family. I was on my uncle's boat and my aunt brought another boat and they tide a rope between the two boats. People went tight rope walking across. Then my uncle took me tubing and he was going really fast. All the sudden, I went flying into the air, the tube went with me. I somehow wasn't scared and when I landed it didn't hurt or jolt me like I thought it would. The tube stopped next to land and I was next to a girl who's sister I was dating (in the dream). I was cheating with her on her sister and she said, "I can't believe you uncle fell for that trick." I realized then that I had unhooked the tube as my uncle was in a turn so I'd go flying.

      Dream 2
      I am in the army and B, K, and L are there with me. We are going into battle and I am scared. I am about to go but B, K, and L go before me so I'm the last to go. I feel like a wimp because two girls went before me. When I got to the battlefield, it was already cleared out because the groups before us, who were upperclassmen, already took care of them. I was glad I was younger. I then figure out it was actually a practice course. There is a lake and a cabin on the other side and everyone is wading into the lake. Then we are all camping in the mountains and I find a bomb in my bag. I am very observant and I notice every little detail and others notice that about me so they want me to get the bomb turned off. I end up figuring out the bomb is just a fake to scare people.

      Dream 3
      I am in English class and I'm not paying attention. I never have a clue what is going on and I'm not doing the class work we are supposed to be doing. M is next to me and I call a guy buttery or something as a joke. Everyone laughs and says that's really gay. I am worried because I have no clue what we are supposed to be doing in the class.

      Dream 4
      I go into my mom's room and I say I'm going ot bed. I ask what time it is and I look at the clock. The time is in fractions so I just ask my mom. My mom said just to add them together and said the clock wasn't really working. I didn't want to, I just wanted to know the time so I looked at other clocks. A bunch of clocks said different times so I went to my room and looked on my Ipod. It said it was 5:00. I knew it had to be later than that and then I looked and it was a time for a different country. I finally thought this was weird and I did a nose-plug RC. I wasn't that surprised that I was dreaming. I went outside (it was now daytime) and my brother came and started throwing cardboard knives with tape on them at me. (in my last lucid DC's started attacking me too) I thought they were dangerous. I ran down my street. told myself my Dream Guide would be in a certain house because those people had moved and he ended up buying it. (IWL the people are moving) I ring the doorbell and step inside. There is a small Chinese guy and his wife is sitting on a stool to the right. His wife says something. I ask if he's my Dream Guide and he says yes. I don't know whether to ask him to teach me to fly or how to get LD's and I shake his hand. I want to ask him how to fly, but he takes me to his kitchen. I look back and my brother is outside the door, looking mad. D and P are sitting on some chairs in a circle. My brother is invited inside too and stares at me but doesn't attack. We are having a meeting, and my "Dream Guide" (not sure if he actually is because I lost lucidity because of him) says to do something, (speak maybe? I'm not sure) you have to make him laugh. I was mad because I just wanted to be taught how to fly. (I think I lost lucidity) The others were telling hilarious stories and I was worried because I suddenly couldn't think of anything funny.

      I couldn't recall any dreams because I was woken up super early and even if I had remembered some dreams, it wouldn't of mattered because I wouldn't of had any time to write them down.
    6. Annoying neighbor won't allow me to connect with Spirit

      by , 10-15-2014 at 10:25 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Annoying neighbor won't allow me to connect with Spirit (Non-lucid)


      I was living in a huge house, massively big in fact, because the den where I was was about the size of a football field. It was made out of wood and it felt like it was somewhat abandoned because the ceiling was falling appart. It looked like stables in a very bad shape, but for some reason we were living there and despite the condition of this house, we had high end furniture at it:

      There were several kids living with us, I believe they were neighbors but they were living at the house with us. I was trying to get ready to do readings, as I had a lot of orders waiting, but the kids were making a lot of noise and I could not work.

      I was pretty upset, as the first reading was a medium reading. I could see the Spirit who was my client's mom, and he was trying to communicate with me throught clairaudience but I was not able to hear him because all the noise that child was making.

      I complained to my wife that I needed to work, but she said he was a neighbor and that I needed to wait.
    7. 'Murica Day

      by , 07-04-2013 at 05:29 PM
      I had a dream where I was roaming around a neighborhood. I think I was at school at some point.

      I still haven't been tired enough for an FILD. I even had an alarm set for 3 a.m., but I somehow still wasn't tired.
    8. August 13, 2012

      by , 08-24-2012 at 08:59 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      Travel. Contact with mom and sis. Met them in a mall. They were still waiting for their orders in Avon. Mom was annoyed for waiting for it. 8:30 p.m. Classmate from high school.
    9. Bucket of Phones

      by , 02-13-2011 at 05:02 AM (Reading With My Eyes Shut)
      My Notes

      I awake to my alarm. I remember that I need to get up and wake myself up, so I do. First, I write down all the dreams I remember on my iPod. It's about 6:25 I think. I get up and go to get a drink of orange juice. I see my dad and say good morning. Back in my bed, I try to WILD. Everything goes well for about 15 minutes. I begin feel slightly numb.
      I wake up a few hours later and realise I fell asleep.

      Lisa Simpson is at an old, dirty, and slightly flooded closed outdoor swimming pool. She is trying to get it re-opened. Nelson is also there. He is saying to her she should drink the water, if she wants the pool re-opened. In this dream, the scenery is of a lower-class town. It is the early hours of the morning. Almost everything is made of old stone.

      In the second dream, the scenery is similar to the previous dream. There is a reporter interviewing a 13 year-old gothic girl who is getting married. The reporter can't stand the girl's vocabulary.

      In the third dream, a kid named Joe from my school is with another kid called Ash. They were messing about, but I don't really remember what they did. A kid named Daniel —also from my school— and I are trying to find our phones in a big, clear, rectangle box filled with phones. I find two iPads. They don't look like regular iPads; they have the button on the side, and they appear cheaper made. He hands me my phone. It's an iPhone, but it has a different shape and a orange back cover. I marvel at its looks, as I walk away.
      I've just walked through some doors. I'm holding my school books. I pass a large pot-plant. It has big, dead, white caterpillars on it. Another kid and I both say how gross it is.

      In the fourth dream I'm in a bed. It wasn't actually my bed. Behind my head was a window. It was completely dark. Smoke seeps into the room. My dad walks over and opens the window very slightly, letting in a tiny ray of light. The smoke gets sucked out. I thank him, but I'm slightly annoyed he let light in.

      I don't actually remember the sixth dream, however it is still written down on iPod. Here's the direct quote. It may be messy, since I rushed it.
      I'm at a school bench I think and ash and Joe are still with me. I think I looked at a coldplay cd and thought it was good, but kept quiet because I didn't want to look lame.

      In the sixth dream, I'm with Joel Luke and Brant. Luke says how tall I've gotten. I go under something to grab an old piece of clothing, to compare it to what I'm wearing now.
      We're all watching a film that I've already seen. I remember seeing a strange shape flying through pretty dream-flowers. A sad part comes on, and the theme music to the film Up starts playing. I look to my right and find Joel tearing-up.
      I'm back in the room from the beginning of the dream. I run over to Luke, and am horrified to find I'm not wearing any pants. I run back, embarrassed.
    10. Annoying Dreams

      by , 12-11-2010 at 03:33 PM
      Ok, last night I had a bunch of dreams. None of them lucid though .

      -The first dream that I had: I was at a store with my mom and I was mad.

      -2nd dream: I was dreaming about lucidity (which should have made me do a RC -_-)

      -3rd dream: I was sitting at my computer in this site (again, I should have done RC!)

      -4th (and final dream): I was on a ship, fell off, and PeterPan saved me (That REALLY should have made me do and RC, but oh well)

      And there we go! I guess I need to get into a better habit of doing RCs during the day.
    11. #1

      by , 08-25-2010 at 04:54 AM
      [SIZE="4"][COLOR="Red"][B]Back Off K, I'm Shy[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE="1"][COLOR="Gray"](Non-lucid)[/COLOR][/SIZE]

      [COLOR="Blue"][B][SIZE="3"]Non-Lucid 1[/SIZE][/B][/COLOR]


      [COLOR="Gray"][/COLOR][COLOR="Purple"]I was at the school bus stop waiting, which was odd because my bus is usually there before school ended. I looked over and it arrived, with people already in it, which was also odd. I just walked in and looked around for a seat but I couldn't find any empty double seat so I sat next to my kind-of friend K, I got the window seat for some reason. The bus left and I was just looking out the window bored as I always do but then I felt K brushing up against me, I just looked at her and she stopped for a bit. A bit later she just hugged me, brushing up against me more, I just said. "Could you stop...please" She did after a bit, the rest is kind of a blurr, but I remember getting off the bus.[/COLOR][/INDENT]