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    1. Noah and the Ark (11-2-11)

      by , 11-03-2011 at 04:47 PM
      I'm helping Noah from the Bible round up people to put on the ark. I find a half-wolf, half-man couple and look at my list. Oddly enough, they made the list, so I tell them where to go. I am one of the only humans who can come. My mother and grandfather must stay behind But I do my duty to Noah, and round up some more "people". We all get on the boat, with our things packed, and I play with toddlers for what seems like forever. Then I check my phone, and text my mother to see if she is still alive. She say "I'm stil alive, but I am less then mortal." I peek out the door, and a mountain is approaching. I grab the steering while and manage the currents and arrive in a cove. We pile out, and are greeting by people. We gather our clothes from where they fell out onto the beach, but I can't find my shorts and tank tops. Bummed, I keep walking. I find a table, where two men are about to sell a bundle of clothes to a woman. I look closer at the clothes. They're my shorts and tank tops! Somehow, they give them back.
    2. "1972, baby!"

      by , 09-01-2011 at 04:51 PM (Land of Crossroads and Memories)
      The first dream I had was really short from what I can remember. I was sitting in a mech, and I was getting a feel for the controls. Suddenly, I heard a beeping sound. I looked around, and then I woke up to look at my alarm clock... It was going off. A little later, I thought I should take the opportunity to try out another WILD attempt, but I somewhat fell asleep through it. I was at a relative's house, and in the computer room I remember seeing my bass guitar and my brother's guitar sitting in there. In the living room, a movie preview on some sort of sci-fi channel was playing, about a guy who was pleading innocent for something and showed a thin layer of his skin being pulled off. His teeth were perfectly straight, too.

      I then was looking at YouTube comments on my phone, and there was some text in the comments telling me that I was dreaming. I text the guy back, asking how this could be a dream. His reason was very simple, saying "1972, baby!" He then proceeded to type in "Hahahahahaha!" and I did as well. I got too excited and woke up, and not even staying still could get me back in the dream. I need to relax more.
    3. grandpa's air force photos; lingerie store; song

      by , 08-25-2011 at 12:28 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was at my great grandmother's house. My great grandma (who IWL passed away about two years ago) was sitting in an armchair near her front door. My sister sat at a footstool near the chair. There were other family members in the house, as if we were having a gathering or party of some kind.

      My great grandma was showing us photos from a big photo album she had. The photo album had black covers, and the pages were letter-size, clear plastic page sleeves, probably with a black "backing" set into each sleeve. Each page had one photograph, which was as big as a letter-size piece of paper.

      The photos were from my great grandfather's time of service in the Air Force. Apparently he had fought in World War II. My great grandma and/or my sister told how my great grandpa would send these photos home in letters. The letters would be kind of cheerful, not hinting at any danger my great grandpa was experiencing.

      My great grandma had put all these photos into a book and then had then captioned each one in the same kind of cheerful, breezy tone that my great grandpa had used in his letters.

      My great grandma now laughed. She said that, looking back on these photo captions, she was shocked at how naive and silly they sounded, and how they trivialized the hard experiences my great grandpa had had in the war. We all laughed.

      My sister took the book. She may have had the intention either of putting the book away or of showing us the pictures, but not reading any of the captions. I asked my sister, a little forcibly, if I could see the book. I wanted to read some of the captions aloud. After my great grandma's story, the captions seemed like the most interesting thing of all.

      I sat down on a footstool on the other side of the room from my sister. I looked through the pages. Some photos had captions on their bottom edges, typed in. Others had captions written on the backs of the photos, scrawled out in big letters with some purplish pencil. Others had a combination of typing and handwriting.

      I now started actually looking at the photos. I was stunned when I saw a photo of a jet fighter, like an F-4 or an F-16. The fighter was on the ground, and it was largely hidden from view by big vehicles like trucks, so I only saw the nose, cockpit, and two rectangular air intake valves on either side of the nose.

      I looked at the back side of the photograph. It said F-15 and something like "Flurry or Fury" or "Fluffy or Fury." The word "Fury" was then repeated. This was all typed, centered, at the top of the page, as if by an official agency. There was a little bit more official text, followed by a lot of scrawled out writing from my great grandma.

      I stuttered to my family, "This -- this -- must be one of the first uses of jet fighters in actual combat situations!"

      My great grandma nodded in affirmation.

      I then flipped through some more pages. One group of photos showed some kind of switchboard area. Women were working the switchboards. There was one photo with a woman with dark hair, in a 1940s style, curly, down to about her shoulders. The woman wore a uniform, but I don't remember if she wore a hat. She may have been wearing small, round eyeglasses.

      I said, again in surprise, that this was one of the first groups of women to be used for something like strategic or technological operations.

      Dream #2

      I was walking into a really busy clothing store, coming in behind a big group of people. There were racks full of clothes as soon as we came in the doors. The people in front of me kind of filtered out to different areas of the store. A little girl in a cheerful-patterned, red and white dress followed the people.

      I basically went to some set of clothes racks with panties on display. There were some other people there. Two were a couple, a young man and a young woman. They both looked kind of well-off. I was afraid they would think I was a pervert for being here. I also worried whether the parents of the little girl I'd seen would think I was a pervert.

      Dream #3

      A song. A guitar played a nice sounding, strumming melody with a solid, but relaxed rhythm. I took this to be the foreground music. Then another stringed instrument (???) Would come in occasionally and add a little riff that sounded a bit like that "Brazil" song from the movie... um... Brazil, by Terry Gilliam.
    4. 02-10-10. LD #1 - "Pasta"

      by , 01-27-2011 at 05:31 AM
      I'm in an unfamiliar kitchen, it's small and cosy. Maybe underground. I'm reading the instruction on a box of pasta when I suddenly think "I wonder if this is a dream?". I look away from the box and back again to see if the text changes and when it does I grow increasingly excited looking away and back, away and back repeatedly, marveling at the changing text. I shout out: "I'm dreaming! Oh yes I am!". Now I'm in my sister's bedroom at my mums house. I wonder what I want to do with my new lucidity and go bounding out jf the room as if on moon boots or in low gravity... as I do so I get too excited and awake.
      Tags: mum's house, text
    5. Dream Journal: Lucid Dream #2!, Fragments, 2 FAs, WILD, TV Shows

      by , 11-22-2010 at 04:59 PM
      Dream 1-- DILD! *Dreamsign: HSfriend* Task of the Month

      YES!! I finally had my second lucid dream after trying to induce lucids for over a week now! I'm so psyched because even though I'm officially attempting to achieve lucidity through the WILD technique, I'm managing to recognize my dream signs while in the dream state! This is really encouraging because these dreamsigns recur so much, and are so common that if I can really start consistently seeing them as such then I should be lucid almost all the time! Also, I think it helped that I was thinking about the task of the month as a something to do after I became lucid because I completed it as soon as I became lucid!

      The dream starts off with me walking down this open field at night with no one around me. I am walking on grass, and I can see a bunch of stuff in the distance, but I have this feeling like I know exactly where I am going. I keep walking for about a minute and eventually find myself sitting on a porch with Dean, William and an old man. I look over at Dean and he is lying down on some stairs, and I think that's typical for Dean, who would normally come over to my house and just sleep on my couch.

      Will, the old man and I are talking about some important topic I can't specifically recall right now. Suddenly there is this loud noise to the right and it's this truck that is trying to back into it's logical space. It's making a lot of noise and it has to go through a long, drawn out procedure of getting through this tiny space in order to park. It pulls forward, and shifts positions and goes back. It's hard to explain but the entire process takes about 2 minutes to complete. After it's done I l walk over and see that the truck has compacted to the size of a normal car, and I think that is really weird how it all happened.

      When I go back to talk to Will, I recognize him as an HSfriend (friend from high school) and immediately I become lucid! I tell him that I am lucid and that I have full control over my dream and I can do whatever I want right now. He sits and just looks at me silently. I then tell him that I have always looked up to him and that I think he is really cool. He says "whoa." I don't know what else to say so I walk past him and find another of my high school friends, Sean. He walks up to me and says "I love you, man" and gives me a big hug. I say "I love you too dude, thank you." When we are hugging, I close my eyes and things go black, which causes me to start to lose lucidity. I remember that I can spin around, so I start to spin but my brain sort of comes back into my body and I can feel my body spinning in a dream while my body is remaining still on the bed. It feels really weird because I have the sensation that I'm spinning in the bed while I'm not moving at all.

      Dream 2-- PassObs Degrassi

      So I'm watching an episode of Degrassi, and everything seems to be going according to the Degrassi-esque drama, but I'm passobs the whole time. I'm just the camera watching all the action, and there is a line of thoughts that follow as the scene progresses. After about 30 seconds, the characters all change and the storyline becomes something really weird.

      In every episode of Degrassi there are usually multiple stories that progress in segments and the show will switch from one story to another constantly. In one of my stories, Abed from the show Community thinks that he is gay so he is going into a doctor's office to check. For most of my dream he is waiting in the waiting room looking around nervously. The last Abed scene, a doctor in the form of Chevy Chase (who is also in Community) comes out and tells Abed that his results are ready. There is a close up of his face looking worried, and then a far-away shot of him following the doctor through these two glass doors.

      In another story, there are these two people who are apparently cheating on their girlfriend/boyfriend with eachother. In one scene they are having sex and it looks like the scene from fight club where it's really blurry and slowed down. You can't really tell what's going on but you know they are having sex and one scene will kind of mold into the other. I see her totally naked and I have this thought like 'I don't think they can show boobs on this show' but that doesn't stop the dream. The boobs and the woman's body morph into the guys face and suddenly they are in a different sexual position. It's hard to explain, but I remember paying attention to how the bodies morphed and how her boobs became his nose. It was really interesting to watch and observe.

      In the last story, I was actually involved, but I can't remember it that well. I am running down a long corridor with black and white checkers on a marble floor beneath me. The corridor is rather narrow and I can see that it gets smaller up ahead. I am running and at first it doesn't seem like I'm making progress, but somehow I imagine that there are people in the opening, which makes me complete the journey really fast. I guess I took my mind off the corridor situation, which made it a non-issue. When I reach the opening there are HSfriends again, but I don't go lucid this time. We all talk for a while about a problem going on in the house we are in. It's really dramatic and we all have to search for something, but it's too blurry at this point.

      Dream Fragment 1-- BC Movie

      I just got home from Boston where I was watching the Yale/Harvard football game and visiting my friend at BU. While at BU I was thinking about how I went over to BC during my college tours and had to compare the two campuses.

      In my dream, I am walking on concrete in no specific path, but once again I have this feeling like I know where I am going. It's raining/drizzling but I don't have the feeling like I am getting wet or that I am cold at all. I walk into this building and there are students sitting in chairs facing a TV screen. Also, there is a woman who is standing behind a podium and looking out at all of us. she is obviously a representative for the college. All the kids sitting are watching a movie, and I decide to remain standing behind all of the chairs. I adopt a wide stance and I remember thinking about how wide my stance was and naming it "solid." I physically tried to avoid watching what was on the TV because I didn't want to get sucked in. This is what I do in real life now. I don't watch TV and I don't watch movies because they drag me into the PassObs state so well. I try to RC all the time now when I am typing up my dream journal because I will realize that I am not even paying attention to the noise of the keyboard or the feeling of sitting in the chair!!

      Suddenly, I am talking to H. Huffines because he was one person that I wanted to visit while at BU who I never got a chance to see. I was thinking about him in real life. His dad also talks to me, but I don't remember to go lucid. I can't remember the dialogue, but it was nothing special.

      False Awakening 1-- Pam offers me a Job

      My alarm clock goes off at 5am to remind me to WILD. I remember that I am supposed to WILD and so I remain still and fall back asleep. I have a False Awakening in my bed and I turn to my side to see my mom's friend Pam on my laptop with glasses on. She is looking through e-mails or something and starts talking to me without looking at me. She tells me about this job opportunity she has as an actor's apprentice. I would follow him around and do his dirty work and get him shows and all of this stuff. The whole time I'm in passobs just not really "there." I don't look around, I have a lot of thoughts just swarming through my mind and I don't say anything. I wake up.

      False Awakening 2-- Lawyer in my Den

      This dream is scattered and happens directly after the first false awakening. I am a lawyer and I'm representing this client who I think is disabled. I don't specifically remember the facts of the case or why I am trying it, but I do remember looking through this light blue notebook filled to the brim with papers with all sorts of legal words. It's just passage after passage of what the client is saying, what the law is and other arguments. I try to read over these very carefully, and I actually start to get a photographic memory of what all the contents are as I'm flipping through the book! At first, I'm reading this outside. I'm in a chair and I'm leaning back with the notebook in my lap. there are about 6-7 pages that I read front and back. This clues me in to the whole case and what is going on.

      Suddenly, without warning, I sit up and I am in this large comfy couch that we have in our downstairs den, which is a living room basically. I am talking to a client who is sitting in a chair at a table that is correctly placed in the layout of my den, and he isn't looking at me. He is looking to the left according to how I am looking at him, but it's straightforward for him. He is white, stocky, grey haired, and he looks rather sad, he had a light blue sweater on. We start talking about the case and I basically ask him a list of questions that I feel would apply to this case. The more questions I ask, however, the more I become passobs because I analyze the question I am asking, I analyze his answer, and I'm in my head about what to say or do next.

      First, we start talking about the complaint and the laws surrounding the issue. He tries to direct me to pages where he addressed certain concerns Im brining up, but as Iflip through the pages I realize that all of the text is blurry and jumbled (a new dreamsign) so I stop trying to look. I just converse with him directly about the issue and begin asking him surprisingly poignant questions that I had never heard myself ask before. Things like "Do you admire his situation? Would you trade your life for his?" After this question there was a long silence. I stopped to think about what I just said, and I was really analyzing his face to gauge his reaction. He didn't say anything and I prompted him to speak, but he, in a whispering voice, said "I don't know."

      Dream Fragment 2--

      I'm on a Balcony alone. I'm looking down at all the clothes I am wearing and find myself getting really self-critical. I realize that I haven't shaved in four or five days and I start thinking about how unattractive that must look, and how stupid I am for not just getting it done. I start taking off my pants and realize that I have three pairs of pants on. The outer layer is a blue pair of sweatpants that says "Harvard" down the left leg. Underneath these pants I have my gym shorts, which I wore to sleep tonight. And underneath that I have some under armour to keep me warm. Interestingly, this mocks the amount of pants I was wearing around for the past two days in order to stay warm in the 30 degree Boston weather.
    6. Dream Journal: Grandparents, Chess, Lower School

      by , 11-14-2010 at 06:39 PM
      Dream 1-- Gettin Girls with my Grandad

      So it's me, my dad, my grandfather, and my grandmother. We are walking around some place that isn't distinct. There isn't much going on in this dream. Basically we walk the same path over and over, as if it's like a level in Mario that you keep playing until you win.

      In this path, I find different girls every time and it's like I approach them really easily and casually, with confidence that they will just want to talk and we will get along. We talk for a little bit and then I bring the girl up to my dad at first. I say "Jeff, Sarah, Sarah, Jeff" they shake hands and then my dad makes the whole situation awkward. I have this feeling like I did the whole thing wrong that I if I could do it over again I would do it better.

      Restart the level.

      We are walking again and I see this really attractive blonde girl. I walk up to her and we start talking. I then bring her up to my dad and do the "Jeff, girl, girl, Jeff" routine. And the same thing happens. This time when I go through the sequence though, I notice that my grandfather is with us and could provide an alternative approach to the problem. It's like I'm in Ender's Game, where I keep replaying this level and trying new things.

      Restart the level.

      We are walking and I spot this amazing brunette. We start talking, and there isn't even anything going wrong when I talk to the girl. She and I are getting along really well and I'm like introducing her to my Grandfather just to seal the deal in a way. So I walk over to my granfather, and his face looks tanner and darker than usual. His teeth are more golden and it's like his face is almost blotting out the sun from the angle I'm looking at him. It's glorious and weird simultaneously. Anyway, I do the whole introduction but this time its "Mel..vin, girl, girl, Melvin." They shake hands and my grandfather starts teasing her and having a good time with her, it's great! He's the best wingman ever.

      I think this represents how I see my dad/grandad in real life. My dad is socially awkward most of the time and doesn't handle conversations with attractive women very well. Instead, he will just gawk at them from afar and comment at how beautiful they are. My grandad, however, is the most social person ever. He will just talk to whoever is in front of him. I know he is cool and outgoing, and my subconscious obviously agrees! Awesome, now I have gathered some more information about how I feel.

      Dream 2-- Playing Chess with the Wrestling Team

      So, I used to play Chess. A lot. It was my main passion for about 2 or 3 years. I would go to tournaments and they would all follow basically the same format. There would be a bunch of people just spread out across a wide open room. They would set up a line of chess boards over these white tables, and there would be two chairs on either side. It was always the same.

      In this dream, I'm playing chess against somebody I can't remember, but I'm 99% sure he was from my high school, which is a DreamSign I can't seem to remember to RC when I see!! He pulls out this black clock that has a little screen, and he obviously doesn't know how to use it or what the rules are. He tells me to set it for thirty minutes, so I set it for 20 each and tell him we will get 10 extra minutes at a certain time in the future. It didn't make sense at all, but he bought the excuse.

      We start playing, and as we are playing, the pieces disappear. This reminds me of when I used to play mental chess, where you had no pieces on the board but you would just write down moves to double-check what move it was, etc. So, the dream seems to fast forward to this really weird position, where his king is in the corner. I can't tell where my pieces are or what to do, so I take a really long time thinking about the situation. I'm trying to checkmate him, but as I analyze the situation there doesn't seem to be a move.

      I look over at the clock and I have 11 seconds, so I immediately make a move that wasn't thought out. Suddenly we move to differently table and the pieces reappear. My opponent then takes one of my pieces, but the move was totally illegal. I call him out on it and it doesn't understand so I stop the clock, which hit zero on my time, raise my hand and call over a TD. This was classic procedure during a tournament.

      The TD walks out of thin air, and happily listens to my request. The opponent moved one of my pieces and should be DQed or have to take his move back and I get more time. The TD says I'm right with a little laughter.

      I look back and the chess set it gone. Instead, there are members of the wrestling team all sitting around in various spots along the table in front of me and on the right hand side of the room. Apparently they are serving dinner, and I know full well that I won't be having any somehow. As they each come out, one by one, with their plates we all comment on the size of their meal. All of these people are in my high school, which is my largest Dream Sign, GRR!! Alex Chuka, who isn't on the team, has a large pastrami sandwich and a bunch of mac n' cheese on his plate. Will Hicks, who also isn't on the team, has a lot of meat on his plate. There are more but I don't remember any specifically except this one baldish kid who was always really intense and didn't talk much. He got a moderate amount of food, and sat down right next to me.

      The whole time I was jealous everyone got to ate but I was also adamant in not eating food and resisting the temptation. Maybe I'm thinking about how I had to cut weight when I was on the team or how I'm on a diet now, either way the whole self-restraint thing was brutal. I went Passive Observer at this point.

      Dream Fragment 3-- Lower School Quizzes

      So I'm back in Lower School, and I'm taking these quizzes that don't make any sense to me. I think this is the first dream I've ever had where I actually attempted to do math problems. I'm in lower school, but the quiz has Calculus questions on it, but I don't register that as weird. I'm taking the quiz and I get stuck on this one problem that has three options for answers.

      I look at the problem, and back at the answers, and back and forth. As I keep switching, in hindsight I can see that the answers would change as I kept understanding the problem better and got a better idea for what the correct answer would be. One answer turned into something that was blantantly wrong, so I could stratch it off the list. The other answers remained possibilities, but I remember finally coming to an assured conclusion after maybe 3 minutes of trying to solve it.

      I think this is a classic example of how text will shift and move when you look at it twice. I didn't pick up the dream sign though. I really need help figuring out how to actually notice my dream signs while I am dreaming! I can see them all afterwards, but that doesn't help!!

      My dream recall was kinda shoddy tonight. I'm trying to do a WILD technique but when I wake up I can't fall back asleep for like an hour!! My roommate breathes really loud and there is the noise coming from the road right outside my dorm room. Either I need ear plugs or maybe I am just not completing the transition phase correctly. I'm going to read up on WILDing today.
    7. Got cheated on? Drown yourself in McDonald's!

      by , 07-17-2010 at 11:22 AM
      So this dream attaches to the previous one about the frozen lake. But I consider them to be two different dreams since I see no segway. Why am I having so many dreams about cheating and stuff?

      I am here in my girlfriend's room cuddling and what not. Everything seems peaceful until she gets a text message. I pick my head up and acknowledge that the phone chimed. But she seemed suspicious. She didn't let me see and she tried to hide her texting way too hard. So I kindly asked,
      "Who is it babe?" and she replied,
      "None of your business!" I grew extremely jealous at this point. So I took her phone and looked through it. She didn't even try to take it away. It seemed like she wanted to show me something but couldn't muster up the courage to say so. I look at her face and her eyes tear up a bit. I then look at her phone. It's a Samsung Behold. Anyone who has owned this phone knows what the messaging looks like. So I see the message she got and it's from a person who she entitled on her phone "Brace " His message read,
      "Well, I got to go." and her response to that was,
      "Ok. Te amo." "Te Amo" means "I Love You" in Spanish. And my heart sank to my feet. I didn't want to jump to conclusions so I asked her, in a very loud voice, if she was cheating on me. She never looked up at me and didn't say a thing. I knew then she was. I couldn't believe what had happened to me. I got cheated on. Man, worst feeling in the world! I was depressed and just didn't care about a thing anymore. So I magically arrived at this seaside McDonald's on the shore of the frozen ocean. The place looked futuristic. I walk forward and a big glass wall gave the people an amazing view of the ocean and their nearby pool. (Why?) Yes, they had a pool. But this pool was steaming, and I could here my parents walk through the doors and saw them head to the pool. I turned around to the register and ordered some food. Only thing was I ordered one of everything on the menu! After a few minutes, I took my tower of food to a seat in the corner where no one would see me in my sorrow. Magically, I finished everything in only a couple of seconds. Yet, I felt empty inside. The End.

      Wow, I need to work on my conclusions haha...
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